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Sanmina-SCI Volume 1, Issue 5 February 2008

Factory Footnotes Die Cast Tests New Part Cooling Method Inside this issue: Stress Management


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Safety Tip of the Month: There's a painful price to pay if you jump to shortcut the way. • Shortcuts are quick ways to get injured. Choose the safe and proper route or procedure every time. • Think before you act. Consider the possible consequences of risky behavior. • Never climb over rails or barriers. They are there for a purpose.

As mentioned last month, press 206 in the Die Cast department has been moved to make room for the new 1400 ton press that will soon be on its way. A robot was also added to the work cell. Among other advantages, this addition reduced the cycle time on one of the presses’ major jobs by about 10%. While working on this project, however, another potential area for improvement was noted. When a part is removed from a die casting machine, it must be cooled before it can be trimmed. A large part can be as hot as 400 degrees out of the press, and must be cooled to the touch. Currently this is done by long conveyors and large fans. Yet, there are disadvantages to this method. The conveyor and fans take up a considerable amount of space. They also require

several cords to be strung out in the work area, and the fans make the work environment even noisier. In the case of press 206, there simply wasn’t room for a large conveyor and fans. With the cycle time reduction, we also needed to find a quicker cooling method. Therefore, the maintenance and automation department is testing a water-based cooling method. Designed in house, the system consists of a 100 gallon tank with a heat exchanger in the bottom. The exchanger keeps the water in the tank cold, and parts are dipped and cooled in the water. This new system will not only reduce the amount of

floor space the cooling operation requires, but will also significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to cool a part, lower the risk of burns to the operator, and potentially provide an energy savings. The team is still experimenting with the system. However, once all the kinks are worked out, we will likely see this method added to other presses as well.

Annual Awards Days February 21st and 22nd On February 21st and 22nd, we will be having our annual awards days. Awards will be presented honoring safety, attendance, six sigma, service anniversary, and kai-

zen. The official list of associates being awarded and schedule of times will be posted on the bulletin boards (located in the lunchroom, by the em-

ployee entrance just inside main molding, and in the front office) by February 8.

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Stress Management

“Everyone feels stress related to work, family, decisions, the future, and more . . . “

Stress is a normal part of life, and it is not always negative. Yet, good or bad, sometimes it builds up and starts to interfere with your life. If you can relate to this, you might want to check out the ‘Stress Management’ slideshow on It is found under ‘Employee Resources,’ then ‘Training,’ then ‘Career Development.’ Stress is your body’s reaction to the changing events in your

life. The presentation will give examples of what stress may stem from, symptoms, assessment activities that help you rate your current level of stress, and stress management techniques. One tool that you might find useful is keeping a stress journal. Keep a daily record of events that cause you stress, including the important factors that make it stressful and the level of related stress. Time management tools, such as making to do lists,

prioritizing activities, and dividing large projects into manageable parts, are all helpful tools as well. This online presentation can also be supplemented by contacting our Employee Assistance Program, through which you can talk with a consultant about a variety of issues, including stress, financial, relationships, parenting, etc. They can help you consider all aspects of the issue you are facing.

ian attire; we’re having a luau day! The dress up day this month will be on February 15. Pull out the

shorts and Hawaiian shirts, but don’t forget about our dress code!

Dress up Day Learn Japanese— One Lean Word at a Time

Dig through your summer clothes and pull out the Hawai-


Jidoka is building quality in. Sometimes called autonomation or “Automation with a human touch,” it gives machines or operators the ability to detect and prevent mistakes. It stops the process if a mistake is present.

Employee Highlight Name: Terri Ruff Position: Production Control Clerk Description: Customer service; receives orders from customers, enters orders into system, makes sure all required information is present, keeps customers informed on orders (such as status and tracking information). Terri was nominated by a coworker who describes

her as “a real joy to work with.” She is always there and ready to not only do her job, but also to “go the extra,” or help with extra projects. Terri has been here about 14 1/2 years, and says her favorite thing about the position is the people she gets to work with. The customers she works with are located all over the world, and she says this can be very interesting.

Outside of work, Terri loves to spend time outdoors, and says her son’s involvement in sports keeps her pretty busy!

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Christmas M&M Jar Thanks to everyone who donated to the 1st shift Main Molding's "Christmas M&M Jar.” Tony Clausen had the winning guess of 502, just two off from the actual count of 500. There were three other guesses within 5 pieces! The proceeds from the donation, over $50, went to the local Food Pantry. Thanks again to everyone who donated and a special thanks to Tony for donating back the $10 he won with the jar!

One Year to Prepare for Digital Television TransAfter February 17 of next year, the United States will be officially switching to all digital television transmition. This means that if you receive your signal by a regular antenna, and you have an analog television that is not equipped with an integrated digital tuner (DTV), you will need to purchase a converter box to receive a signal. You can check if your television is a DTV by looking for a label or marking, or checking the manual for “integrated digital tuner,” “DTV,” “ATSC,” or “HDTV.” If it is labeled as a digital

“monitor” or HDTV “ready,” however, you will still probably need a converter box. Anyone receiving his or her television signal through a paid service, like cable or satellite, should have no problems at the time of the switch, as these services are DTV equipped already. For more information , visit consumerfacts/ digitaltv.html. To request a coupon for a converter, go to

If you have a suggestion for a book to review or comments on a previously reviewed book, let us know and we will try to include it in the next issue. Suggestions for articles are also welcome, and will be considered based on available space.

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