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All the great events in December. (p10)

Returns! (p6)

Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Bushido Kei Maki Mirai Sato China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baan RESTAURANTS. CAFES. LOUNGES. PUBS. EVENTS

2012 (p28)

Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Bushido Kei Maki Mirai Sato China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baan

PLUS Looks for Xmas parties.






Bushido Kei Maki Mirai Sato China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma FACT M.E. - BAHRAIN EDITION



China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana

FACT’s Festive

All the great events in December. Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor (p10) Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma Veranda Kicks Brunch Muju


Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Janaparadise. La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana AnYamin art lover’s

6 Market 338 Returns


Maki Mirai Sato China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma Veranda Kicks Brunch Muju Jazz Movenpick Hotel Ritz Carlton Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma Veranda Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Bushido Kei Maki Mirai Sato China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Café RESTAURANTS. LOUNGES. EVENTS Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana LegendzCAFES. Plums Rocky’sPUBS. Bennigan’s Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma Veranda


Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La

Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma Veranda Kicks Brunch Muju Jazz Movenpick



388 becomes an culture fair.

10 Countdown to Christmas! All the festive fun in the run-up to Christmas Eve...

Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices


Mirai Sato China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma Veranda Kicks Brunch Muju Jazz Movenpick Hotel Ritz Carlton Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana (p28) La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma Veranda

The Winners...

Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Bushido Kei Maki Mirai Sato China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma Veranda ISSUE 64

Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Fashion PLUS Festive Looks for Xmas parties. + Ali Driver rides the bull! Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan (p70)


Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma Veranda Kicks Brunch Muju Jazz Movenpick 29/11/2012 15:17

FACT Magazine M.E. Bahrain Edition December 2012 Volume 6, Issue 4

28 The Citibank FACT Awards 2012


The votes are in, and the results announced, as we bring you all the winners of the 2012 Citibank FACT Awards!

FACT M.E. Bahrain Publishing W.L.L.

ARTS Ministry of Information


Rami Khalil Editor-in-Chief

44 Studio Ceramics We take a look at the unique studio where our FACT Awards Trophies were hand made...


48 The Hobbit Peter Jackson premieres this month!

Deputy Editor Fashion Writer


Regional Head of Sales Sales Executive Designer Photography Contributors

54 Great Gift Gadgets A guide to buying gadgets as gifts for all kinds of personality types!


58 Lamborghini Gallardo Ali Driver rides the raging bull for blown away!


FASHION 70 Festive Fashion A guide to looking your best at all the Christmas


parties this month!


83 3



The End is Nigh! The end of the year, that is. The end of the world is most definitely not nigh. If you are even slightly worried that the world is actually going to end in December because of some incomplete calendar made several thousand years ago by a civilisation that practiced human sacrifice and sun worship, then you need to put this magazine down, and go find a nice, quiet, dark place to curl up in and mutter away to yourself while rocking back and forth… And, if by some strange chance, the world does decide to implode, all I can say is that it had better do so AFTeR the Gulf release of The hobbit (preview on p.48), because I am not missing that movie, apocalypse or no. And if it’s the same day… well, then while the rest of the world is running around, screaming, dodging meteors and raining lava and trying not to fall into giant cracks between the earth’s tectonic plates, there will be one solitary person, sitting alone in a cinema with a bag of popcorn, watching the new Tolkien movie and praying that it finishes before the walls of

the cinema come tumbling down around him… It would be just bleedin’ typical that the world should end right before some of the best parties of the year. It couldn’t end in January, when all we’re facing is an empty bank account, an oversized belly from overindulgence and guilt-induced resolutions, could it? I’m sure that after the excesses of the festive season a lot of people would welcome an apocalypse… however, it’s all a bunch of c**p, so enjoy the month to the fullest. When you see our Countdown to Christmas Calendar (p.10), you’ll realise there’s so much going on that you’ll never get round it all, but I expect all of you to give it a darn good try. And remember: Don’t feel guilty about eating or spending too much – that’s what January’s for! And just in case you do happen to see a giant meteor hurtling towards earth, and you’re stuck for ideas on how to spend your last minutes, take a look at page 58 – because driving a Lamborghini is something eVeRYONe should get to try at least once before departing this life…

Tony Sidgwick Editor-in-Chief

My favourite story this issue Lamborghini Gallardo This is one of the most featured, and test drives very often, so when they do we make the most of it! The pictures look fantastic, and what a saving up...



News from the

FACT Penthouse

Things are going to be a bit rushed this month, as two of the team, Tony and Zara, are going away on their holidays for Xmas, and so we have to get everything Last month we concluded yet another successful FACT Awards campaign, and you can see the results for yourselves in our Culture section this month... FACT editor Tony has been judging.




Calling all FACT readers… FACT M.E. - BAHRAIN EDITION

Bushido Kei Maki Mirai Sato China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves NirvanaCasa Mexicana Spices Aroma China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian INSIDE THIS MONTH Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Legendz Plums Rocky Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana

FACT’s Festive

All the great events in Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana December. Margarita Mexicana Senor Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma (p10) Veranda Kicks Brunch Muju


Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’ Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Jamsheed AnYamin art lover’s Janaparadise. La Mer La Perle Wave (p6) Maki Mirai Sato China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Legendz Plums Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Nirvana Spices Aroma Veranda Kicks Jamsheed Brunch Muju Jazz Movenpick Hotel Ritz Carlton Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Bushido Kei Maki Mirai Sato China Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang RESTAURAN Legendz TS. CAFES. Plums LOUNGES. Rocky’sPUBS. Bennigan’ EVENTS Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Royal Thai Café Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer Margarita La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Rocky’s Bennigan Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La


Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’ s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Golestan Aroma Veranda Kicks Brunch Muju Jazz Movenpick Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Mexicana Margarita Mexicana SenorFiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Sp


Mirai Sato China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Café Italia Rocky’s Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Yamin Jana La Mer La Perle Waves Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes Takht Plums Nirvana Spices Aroma Veranda Kicks Jamsheed Brunch Muju Jazz Movenpick Hotel Ritz Carlton Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’ Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana (p28) La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Margarita Aroma Veranda Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Bushido Kei Maki Mirai Sato China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Royal Thai Café Legendz Plums Rocky’s Bennigan’ Mexicana Senor Pacos Golestan Rayes s Brasa Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Aroma Veranda Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian Baang Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Royal Thai Café Italia Cico’s Fiamma Cucina Italiana Legendz Plums Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos Rocky’s Bennigan Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana La Mer La Festive Fashion for Xmas parties. (p70) Italiana Legendz Plums Rocky’sLooks Ali Driver rides the bull! (p58) Bennigan’s Brasa Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana Margarita Mexicana Senor Pacos La Mer La Perle Waves Nirvana Spices Golestan Aroma Veranda Kicks Brunch Muju Jazz Movenpick 29/11/2012

The Winners...





What Would YOU Like to See More of in


e’re planning a bit of a re-vamp of the mag in 2013 – a new look for a new year, and all that. So, here’s your chance to have your say in how the magazine looks! What would you like to see more of ? Is there anything you’d like to see less of ? Would a page dedicated to paintings drawn by elephants raise the editorial quality of the magazine? Please send all your comments and suggestions to: Season’s Greetings, and we’ll see you in 2013 (provided the world doesn’t end)!



Merry Market 338 Back again this year is the greatly treasured Market 338, an annual event organized by Al Riwaq Art Space. FACT speaks to Sara Kanoo, the lady in more…


his December is a special month for Block 338. More than 40 top designers and artists from the gulf region are coming together to showcase their work, and there is to be a two-week art and design fair which will mark the second year for Market 338. After its successful launch last year, this event is set to be even bigger and better, and will feature musical performances, pop-up cafes, lectures, workshops and public art installations. Made possible thanks to the huge support of Bahrain’s economic Development Board and the British Council, there is also going to be a specially commissioned design project focused on the theme ‘explore, Create and Play’. In an attempt to encourage interaction with our living environment, Marrakech designers Zid Zid Kids will be working with local children and youth to build two outdoor playgrounds solely through the use of natural and recycled materials.

The Director of Al Riwaq Art Space, Bayan Al Barak Kanoo, said, “An event like this is central to Al Riwaq’s vision of nurturing local and regional talents while providing a platform to promote their work to a wider audience.” In charge of this year’s theme is Sara Kanoo, a Bahraini architect who decided that the market should adopt the premise of a modern day inspired Souq. Sara told us that “Bahrain has a rich history of markets featuring locally made goods, and we wanted to update this to feature modern local talent. One of the things that I love about this year’s market is that there are so many ways to participate. Of course you can shop and eat, but there will also be interactive art, a playscape for children, free workshops for children and adults, lectures, and live music. There truly is something for everyone!” Designers to look out for this month include Fatma Al



“Bahrain is among the friendliest countries in the world for foreigners” A quote from a report which states that Bahrain is one of the friendliest countries in the world

Follow FACTBahrain on

Mulla, Ma’Rockin, La Boutique 92, Pretty Little Things, Posh Bahrain, The Cookie Car, AT Cupcakes Bowtique and The T-Shirt Shop to name a few. You can also expect performances from local musicians such as Al harith, Ryan and Zahid, Khalil Rasson, Sona, May Al Qasim and Alderon (Ali Malik). The build up to this event has been aided by a series of six design-based training workshops. Spanish designers Juan Manuel Vegas and Ananda Pascual; Dubai-based artist Lara Assouad Khoury and Amna Al Rumaihi all led workshops in the areas of product design, fashion design,

typography and branding; and finally The British Council sponsored UKbased Martin Postler and his product development workshop ‘Made in Bahrain’. An extremely well thought out and cleverly crafted event, everyone in Bahrain should really go and show their support to local artists and designers, especially with the spirit of Christmas in the air! GO:







The All-New Range Rover

An Entertaining Show!



hristmas is about joy and happiness and family and eating and partying and… well what about the rest of us with full-time jobs?! I think back to when I was a child with no worries in the world. December was about removing the tray from my sister’s advent calendar and eating the entire month’s chocolate before replacing it; it was about getting excited every time a new present went under the tree; it was about watching the snow fall outside and searching the fridge for my stocking confectionary. changed a lot for me. Perhaps it is



because I have only had four cold Christmases in my entire life, or perhaps it is now due to the fact family no longer live in the same country as me. When I go home this month, what I am actually looking forward to most is seeing a smile on each of their faces at the same time. I am looking forward to over-indulging on every treat passed around the cold hitting my face on the annual Christmas Day walk and I am imagining the awful singing from both my parents during midnight

mass (sorry but someone had to tell you both at some stage). Until then, I will soak up the rest of the Bahrain sunshine left on offer. This year has taught me many things. I have learnt how to drive like a Saudi, eat like an American, adopt the manners of a european and complain like a true englishwoman. I have cried and laughed and sworn and screamed and promised never to drink again. One thing I have learnt is to accept Bahrain as my home so yes, this really is the season to be jolly… perhaps don’t ask me the same question once my yearly January detox has started.




Christmas Countdown The festive season is upon us! FACT gives you the ultimate countdown to Christmas, featuring parties, exhibitions and all things Christmassy!


The Faulty Towers Dining Experience Get ready to laugh your socks off with a globetrotting show debuting in Bahrain this month… STARTING London West End residency, this show is taking place in Bahrain this December, which marks the end of the world tour after also stopping in Europe, Scandinavia and Asia. Once the audience is seated, the show lasts for two hours of fully immersive, highly improvised and concept of the show is that only a third of it is scripted. Those of you who have never caught an episode of the famous television sitcom should really try to do so before this event, as the main characters Basil, Sybil and Manuel are three you Having been touring Australia and Asia since 1997, the show debuted in Europe in 2008 where it received huge praise from the public. Six teams of the cast now tour the world non-stop, and those lucky enough to catch the show in Bahrain will get the opportunity to enjoy an evening of hysterical laughter, ingenious acting, and a 70s-inspired threecourse meal. Of course, everything that can go This show pays homage to the Fawlty Towers TV series written by John Cleese and Connie Booth. Although the original TV scripts are not used in The Dining Experience, the Faulty Towers show has been described as “A two-hour eat, drink and laugh sensation” by the Daily Telegraph; “Quite literally side-splitting” by The West Australian; “Utterly delicious entertainment” by the Edinburgh Evening News and “The wackiest and happiest experience Evening Echo. The event is being hosted at the Regency Intercontinental, where dinner performances are daily from Wednesday to Monday at 7.30pm and lunch shows are at 1pm on Friday and Saturday. Tickets costs BD30 for the daytime show and BD35 for the evening performance. GO:



2 3

4 5 6


Enjoy an interactive afternoon of entertainment and high tea at the Saveur, Kempinski Bahrain from 3-6pm or watch the Christmas Tree lighting at 5.45pm.

Christmas Tree lighting ceremony

Watch the Bahrain Choir perform at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain and enjoy cookies and hot beverages.

Shisha at Bushido

Enjoy a shisha in the ideal setting of Bushido from 4pm onwards. What could be better than a hubbly bubbly, a drink and winter sunshine?!

Happy Hour at Corners

From 12-7pm daily, any and everyone can enjoy a huge discount on all beverages at Corners Pub, Amwaj. A great way to wind down in the afternoon or after work.

Second Circle Poetry Workshop Join David Hollywood and his team of poets for the last workshop before 2012. Bring a piece of your own work to Café Ceramique, Al Aali Mall, from 7.30-9pm.

Pretty Fearless Minds

Lasting until December 13 is the second Bahraini Female Artists Annual Exhibition at the Arts Center – true art from great artists.


Amwaj Triathlon

Cher and Madonna

From 6pm you can join the hotel in commemorating the beginning of the holiday season with their choral choir.

Support all the participants Tribute taking part in the 4th triathlon taking place this more information! weekend, or join in with the Walk Family Festival.


The B-Music Battle of the Bands Final

A musical competition being headlined by Macy Gray. (See right)

A Piece of Cake Open House

Help celebrate this English by coming along to the Budaiya shop and enjoying freshly baked mince pies and warm beverages.

BSPCA Xmas Fete Head down to the fete at the Dilmun Club in Sar to pick up some presents and enjoy some nibbles – all proceeds go to charity.

Ginger Bread House Opening

The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain is offering freshly baked season cookies, gingerbread and much more! Go along to sample the culinary delights.

8 9

The Battle of the Bands Finale ft. Macy Gray! As yet another epic Battle of the Bands competition concludes, the talented Macy Gray comes to Bahrain to herald the winners! BUD Music Live has truly pulled out all the stops this year. Wrapping up the end of the Battle of the Bands 2012, Coral Bay will play host to this epic event on December 7. Now with four bands who have made it through to showing off their musical talents. The competition started back at the beginning of November, where a


Christmas Tree Lights

Make sure you go to the Elite Crystal Hotel to enjoy a spot of carol singing as well as seeing the lights being turned

Christmas Caroling

The Elite Resort & Spa is the place to be today to sing some carols and see the Christmas lights being turned on.

Singing and Celebrations

Celebrate the Sheraton Bahrain in their celebration in lighting up their Christmas Tree from 6-8.30pm. Carols, cookies and hot chocolate – yum yum!

Grape Gourmet


Head to Muju to indulge in some wine tasting from 7-10pm for BD28 per person – great views and a great selection of grapes!


rounds, before being split into two groups. The semis took place at the end of last month and despite many of the bands not succeeding, it was a true showcase as to how much talent we have on the island. One of the main highlights of this evening will be the only and only Macy Gray. Gifted songwriter and time to devote her life to music while also being the mum of three teenagers. Her career actually started back in 2000 with her debut CD once in the past decade. Her debut album was a massive global hit and kicked off a career ride that includes multiple Grammys and MTV Awards, where 25 million copies were sold, and resulted in not only a concrete place in the music scene but also a career on screen as well. Macy will be performing great classics as well as tracks from her latest album . Do NOT miss this. GO:

The Chuckle Club Be part of the spoilt audience and watch three top comics from 7.30pm onwards at the Intercontinental Regency. Tickets cost BD15 per person.




Christmas Countdown 13 Comedian David Ohlala! Fashion Golshan and The Guys Party All the way from LA and

14 Christmas Comedy


Golshan is in the country to put on a night of sidesplitting entertainment… A stand up comedian who performs across the USA, David Golshan is a man worth seeing on stage. A regular in Los Angeles in well-established events such as The Laugh Factory, Comedy Store and Lovitz Comedy Club, David was also featured on


meet David Golshan. Please contact info@

Held at the Kempinski Bahrain, join Ohlala! and celebrate their joint Fashion Party from 8pm.


Love of Self and Others Workshop

Head to the Buffalo Club for one of the best tribute bands to come to the island. Show starts at 10pm – ladies go free and men pay BD5. Ohhh Sweet Child of Mine!

Santa Claus Tea

A little bit of festive afternoon tea, perfect for grown-ups and the little ones as Santa Claus pays a special visit to the kids! BD13 for adults, BD7 for kids.

Hed Kandi

Coral Bay hosts yet another great event – turn to page 22 for more information.

Matchmaker and Shahs of Sunset. This comical genius has also starred in a Shahram Shatarang – the Mockumentary. A current member of the acclaimed comedy troupe Upright Citizens Brigade, you can also catch examples of his work on his website be setting foot onto our lovely little island. For many of you 2012 may have been a pretty rubbish year and you are keen to start 2013 pretty pronto… they also say that you head down to forget about everything for a few hours? The event has been organised by Luxury Events and is going to be held at the Olive Hotel in Juffair. A couple of other comedians will warm up the stage for David and your tickets will only set you back BD10 (for the silver version). Gold costs BD20 and Platinum cost BD30 and includes a buffet. You can buy your tickets from Cinnabon in Juffair and the Diplomatic area. GO:



17 18

Live-Oke with Overnight Sensation

Bring your A Game to enjoy a night where you are the star by singing live on stage with the band from 9pm to 2am!

Ladies Night

From 6pm to 2am, ladies receive free shisha and fresh juices at Yamin Jana. Enjoy the seafront location and a night completely free!

Being run by Kelly Armatage, call 3993 1399 to get involved in this three-hour workshop, where you get to look at love issues and solutions.

Life-Fit Winter Camp

Held at Riffa Views International School, send you kids to join in with a host of activities. Camp last for a week, with two optional start dates.


Christmas Caroling

Check out the Crowne Plaza caroling team every night from 6.30pm onwards, the perfect way to set the mood!

No Tomorrow! According to the Mayans, December 21 is the end of the world… so, who wants to PARTY? YOU only have to Google December 21, 2012 to are a series of websites all devoted to informing

King Hamad Golf Tournament


Free entry for all plus drinks all night for ladies should be enough to entice you down to celebrate Déjà

Head down the Royal Golf Club to take part or support players involved in the upcoming tournament.

20 21

Third Annual Sanitarium Concert Held at the Cultural Hall in the Alumni Club, premier rock concert. Gates open at 5pm and tickets start from BD4.

*If you are still alive... Saturday Dollar Night Dollars that can be exchanged for selected drinks.

22 23

Winter Wonderland

Although many of you may need a well-deserved rest, head down to Winter Wonderland (if you

So, is any of it true? To give you some background info, there has been much talk of late Mayan long calendar. Most of the ancient Mayan account were either burnt by Spanish Monks, but some ended up with Charles V in 1519, which then ended up in the Royal Library at the Court of Saxony in Dresden before being bombed during WWII, although much of it survived (cue laughing). Written between 1200 and 1250AD, numerous astronomical and calendar data points were found including information of eclipses, the transit of planet Venus as well as information on moon motion, stars and the sun. Research scholars have apparently determined that the Mayan long calendar count ends on, which equates in modern language to December 21 2012. THE END OF THE WORLD! After extensive research on the Internet, FACT came across hundreds of websites and events taking place all over the planet to mark this day and, of course, Bahrain is not going to be left out! Teaming up with Candee Productions this month, we have decided to hold our own party on December 21 at Amwaj Marina. Designed for no tomorrow, the theme for the night is Angels and Demons, where you choose the colour according to where you would most likely end up once the world has exploded at midnight. not anyway as we have New Year plans paid for!) but this is still a GREAT excuse to have a enough to wear yet; bring those embarrassing dance moves that you have been too scared to show off; play games and drink far, far too much! GO:

at Bahrain City Centre.

Christmas Christmas Eve! Eve!


Merry Christmas to everyone and huge seasons greetings! FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER



All I want for

Christmas is… This time of year is about eating, socialising, celebrating and spending time with our loved ones. FACT brings you the best places in Bahrain to do ALL those things…

a Nice View WheN it comes to setting, you won’t find much better than Muju. With panoramic windows and a large outdoor deck overlooking the tranquil emerald waters of Amwaj Islands, it’s a truly idyllic location for a day’s overindulgence! The Muju Christmas Brunch includes a festive buffet and a selection of free flowing beverages from 12pm to 5pm for BD28. however, pay in advance and get a ticket for just BD25! Call 1603 3800.

a Great Selection ChRISTMAS be enjoyed at Saraya Restaurant or La Mer from 7-11pm. Saraya costs BD22 per person while La Mer is BD32 excluding beverages. Those looking for a Christmas Brunch can head down to enjoy a selection of amazing cuisine with International food from Saraya, South east Asian offerings from Wok and authentic Italian from Fiamma. The 25th can be enjoyed for just BD34 per person inclusive of a selection of beverages. Call 1763 6363.

Flavoursome Fun FOR BD19.950 the Crowne Plaza is putting on a Christmas eve dinner at Waves and Spices starting from 7pm. Tuck into a variety of seafood, cooked in an Arabic or Southeast Asian style, or perhaps relish the a la carte menu. La Mosaique and harvesters Pub are the two venues for the 25th, where, for BD25 per adult or BD12.5 for children, you can children can enjoy gifts from Father Christmas and everyone can sing-along to some carols. Call 1753 1122.

a Cheaper yet Cheerful Spread The Sheraton Bahrain has two meals on offer this year. Lunch consists of roast turkey to tender sirloin medallions, as well as cakes and festive desserts. Book into Al Safir Restaurant from 12.30-3.30pm, where adults pay from BD16 and BD6 for kids. There is also a special party for the little ones. Dinner is served from 7.30-11.30pm with some additional seasonal dishes to enjoy – BD12.5 for adults and ages 4-12 enjoy 50% off. Call 1753 3533.



a Traditional Meal TRADeR Vic’s is where you should take the family to enjoy a meal full of traditional ingredients, including pumpkin, duck, turkey and Christmas pudding. Chef Andy has created a selection of delicious dishes, which you can enjoy for lunch or dinner on Christmas eve, Christmas Day and even Boxing Day (in case you hadn’t eaten enough!). Make sure you compliment these with one of the infamous cocktails – a perfect way to enjoy the meal! Call 1758 6555.

the Ultimate Brunch ALThOUGh for some people the Bahrain weather may be almost chilly, this time of year is best spent outdoors. The elite Resort & Spa is hosting a brunch on Christmas Day for just BD15 per person and children under the age of 12 get to eat and drink completely free – talk about saving the pennies! enjoy the Christmas cheer outside by the hotel’s pool area, perhaps bring a jumper or two just in case. Call 1731 3333.




Baharat and Bizarre


New Year

Where? Kempinkski Ixir hotel When? 9pm to 2am What? A huge selection of orientalthemed dishes in a gourmet buffet in Baharat. Think live entertainment, including a traditional belly dancer and large selection of sheesha. Also head to Bizarre for fresh music from DJ Monica, where you can countdown the New Year in style. 1717 1000

Celebrate the start of 2013 with a selection of parties taking place all over the island. 5,4,3,2,1…

and the Flamingo Bar

Where? The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain When? Dinner 7-11.30pm, After-Dinner Party 12am-4am What? Starting with a premium six-course dinner, where diners will get to try out duck consommé followed by Canadian lobster, Trader Vics is one of the best places to be this New Year. Unlimited cocktails until 3.45am, dinner tickets cost BD75 where normal tickets cost BD40 with unlimited drinks. 1758 6555

Kicks and Davy Crocketts

Al Nakheel Ballroom

Where? Movenpick hotel Bahrain When? (Call for timings) What? With the theme ‘A Taste of Brazil’, this party includes a show ensemble from London who will leave you ‘spellbound’ with their energetic and colourful dance show. enjoy a carnival atmosphere plus an evening of great food and drinks for just BD65 per person. 1746 0000

Where? Diva hotel When? (Call for timings) What? Kicks’ theme this year is Austin Powers, where you can party with music from the 60s through to 2013. BD25 for chaps and BD18 for ladies, which also gives you an entry to the Davy Crocketts’ Beach Ball. Say Aloha to 2012 dressed in your best grass skirt or board shorts and get free unlimited beverages all night. 1781 0555



Where? Sea & Spa When? From 8pm What? A black and white themed party. Feast on a pretty lavish, international buffet with live entertainment from The Xoul Show – a group of professional soul singers from the USA – and a Michael Jackson impersonator Tej’ai Sullivan – one of the best tribute performers in the world with over 20 years experience. Tickets costs BD65 per person. 1763 6363

Déjà Vu

Where? Déjà Vu When? 6pm onwards What? enjoy a dinner party with family and friends packed full of flavour and live entertainment. Known for its well priced dishes and bustling atmosphere, Déjà Vu would have also just celebrated their second anniversary so join the team in celebrating their time in Bahrain. 1365 7770


Where? Bushido When? Dinner 7pm onwards/ Afterdinner tickets 11pm till late What? A night packed with DJs, champagne and confetti, this is an evening for the romantic kind or those looking to party in style. enjoy dinner with food g for BD75 or just drinks for BD40. Receive a free glass of champagne as the clock strikes 2013. Men pay BD15 and ladies BD10. 1758 3555




Christmas Gift Guide For Her

It pays not to disappoint a female acquaintance during this Day, birthdays and anniversaries, here are some ideas to spoil her rotten this December.

Oil Shimmeriny g be

WINTeR blues ma t upon us, but that does no t mean you have to lose tha r up a summer sparkle. Pick heng oil eri bottle of this shimm her from L’Occitane to help as tm ris Ch glisten under the at lights. The oil is also a gret’s an moisturizer as well so tha added bonus.

LIKe shoes (and earrings, perfumes and dresses for that matter) a lady can never have ‘too many’ bags. This fluffy number from Tod’s is a serious winner. Big enough to fit her life in, this is a great addition to her bag wardrobe – trust us on this, we really know our stuff.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Clutch tmas is…

MICHAEL Michael Kors Boots “TheSe boots were made for walking”… and dancing and strutting and turning serious heads. Give a pair of these to a girl and she will be forever in your debt. Perfect to dress up or down, studs are so in this season and these will put a huge smile on her face… and consequently yours.



ALL she wants for Chrisneeds to this clutch. Seriously, it tree by be wrapped and under the est MMK lat December 24. From the perfect for is tch clu s collection, thi y compact this time of year. Perfectlmight have to u yo ls, tia en to fit the ess rest however! car ry a rucksack for the

Salvatore Ferragamo Necklace WhOeVeR said diamonds are a girl’s best friend didn’t get the whole picture – it should really be ‘Any jewels are a girl’s best friend’! This gorgeous little shoe necklace from Salvatore Ferragamo is a great piece to wear alongside her best LBD. If you can’t afford the pair, then this piece will be the next best thing.




Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Secretly men LOVE to be spoiled at this time of year as well. Here are some suggestions of some gifts to send his way this Christmas, even if he already has everything he needs.

Encounter by Calvin Klein MeN, like women, love to smell good at all times. Calvin Klein’s latest scent, encounter, is designed to introduce a new interpretation of the contemporary, confident man. Faced by the actor Alexander Skarsgård, this musky fragrance is a must try for the modern and stylish masculine man.

Create Your Own Ralph Lauren Polo FOR a limited time only, you can choose from a selection of 13 different mesh colours and embroidery and create a bespoke Ralph Lauren polo for your other half, Dad, brother or friend. With the offer only available at Bahrain City Centre until December 7, this is too good an opportunity to miss out on.

Mr Porter Festive Socks

eVeRY man needs a pair of Christmassy socks and these ones from Mr Porter are just the ticket. Now flip flops are a thing of the past, these little numbers will be sure to keep his tootsies warm while adding a bit of festive flair to the month.

Paul Smith Laptop Case

The perfect size for pretty much any and every sized laptop, this funky case from Paul Smith adds a little bit of the ‘cool’ factor to your average buy. he can also team it up as a man bag, so when he’s travelling, the pockets can fit his bare essentials in as well.

Victorinox Watch

Seen on the wrist of Jake Gyllenhaal in the infamous film Source Code, this ultra cool watch from Victorinox may set you back a little in the fund department but this will probably keep a firm smile planted on his face for months on end. The Swiss Army 241300 has split-time functions, a perpetual calendar and second time zone to name a few features.






Hedkandi Returns! mber! returns to Coral Bay this Dece


fter a long line of successful events this year, this December 16 Coral Bay plays host to the some of the best musical talent to come out of the hedkandi brand – acquaint yourselves with DJ Andy Norman and Laura Fowles, aka The Lovely Laura. Those of you who have never been to a hed Kandi event should embrace the festive spirit and head down to sample some unique delights coming to the island.

Andy Norman

Let’s start with DJ Andy Norman. One of the top headline resident DJs, this man has also been the voice behind the radio of the global house brand hed Kandi since 1999. A truly international globetrotter, this DJ continues to grace the decks in some of the world’s greatest nightclubs in locations such as Australia, Japan, europe, South Africa, Russia, Singapore, North America and the Philippines… and that’s not naming all of them! Andy’s journey to DJ stardom the legendary dance music record store ‘Vinylmania’ in ealing, West London during the late 80s/early 90s. What soon turned into one of the most well-known and respected music shops in the South east of



england, the store was a huge turning point for this DJ. During the late 80s, Andy struck up a friendship with Mark Doyle, the creator of the now successful dance music compilation label hedkandi, at a small West London nightclub called haven Stables in ealing. his talents have been called for F1 Grand Prix in Montreal, Monaco and Bahrain and corporate events for harrods, Selfridges, and Nokia. There seems to be no stopping this man on his road to musical success.

The Lovely Laura

The second act is The Lovely Laura, otherwise known as Laura Fowles. having gained a great reputation after her live performances with big brands such as Ministry of Sound, SpaceIbiza, Café Del Mar, hedkandi and Pacha, this lady isn’t just your ordinary musician. In fact she is a demon on the saxophone. In constant demand, Laura is under the personal invitation of Domenico Dolce, of Dolce and Gabbana, and is always touring the world where she performs at a wide range of their events such as fashion show parties, boutique parties and personal events. GO: information.

Madonna and Cher Tribute




ith one of the judges being our own editor Tony Sidgwick, we really have the DL on who the hottest singers will be in the

place this month, there have already been some excellent heats taking place last month, with some true talent being uncovered. Some of the

2012. The competition has lasted a month, where a host of singers have worked their hardest to show off the endless talents of their vocal chords (although debatable in certain circumstances).

a great rendition of Alicia Keys’s ‘how Come You Don’t Call’, and George doing Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ in Round One. Round Two saw everly take on Michael Buble’s ‘Alone’ and Bryan doing ‘Use Somebody’ by the Kings of Leon, and round three saw another Michael Buble classic ‘hold On’, by Jawad and Sasha did her Fergilicious version of Fergie’s ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’. So… who will win? That’s the answer to the big question that the loyal crowd awaits while the ruthless judges decide each of the contestants’ fate. Now the X Factor UK and US are also drawing to a close with their live shows, singing is very much at the forefront of people’s lives. Make sure you come and show your support at JJ’s every Tuesday where you can see some contestants crumble while others dominate the rounds.

on December 18, where the lucky winner will go away with a whopping BD700 as a prize. Second place will also be awarded BD200, whilst third receives BD100… not bad for singing songs that you love! While others may not be as successful, all contenders will be given free drinks for their performances. Karaoke is a great way for people to let off some steam and, in some cases, discover a talent not many knew they had. The competition this time, however, was purely dedicated to amateurs, with no professionals allowed to enter, which means there was an equal platform for everyone who entered.


veryone has a guilty pleasure for tributes – just think, if you are never going to get the chance to see the real thing, then at least the impersonator can give you the next best thing! At JJ’s this December 6, you are in for a real treat from Catherine Perry. Known for her stunning likeness to Cher and amazing vocal precision that will “blow you away”, Catherine is the UK leading Cher and Madonna impersonator, and is quoted as having “a unique and exceptional vocal talent”. Catherine has also spent time touring europe and America with the Spirit of Cher show, where she performed at a number of venues and events including weddings, pubs, clubs and outdoor festivals with audiences of up to 10,000 people. As well as her powerful vocals, this musical talent also has real Cher tattoos! Due to her popularity, Catherine is the only Cher impersonator from europe to be chosen to perform at the USA Cher Convention – a highly prestigious event that draws in high publicity and, as a result, means she has appeared on many US television programs! her sound and looka-like show features songs that span Cher’s four-decade career, from the 60s to the current day, and she also wears the complete experience complete. To witness the best Cher and Madonna tribute act around, make sure you head to JJ’s on this night. DJ Dave hayes and The Noise will be there to warm up the stage before the main event. GO:




bnl Goes Online Looking after your health physically is one thing, but smart move too! FACT talks to bnl GM Robert Grey about spreading awareness…


s we grow older, our responsibilities increase. No longer young, free and single, with only ourselves to care about and our bodies in perfect health, we begin to realise that insurance isn’t just smart – it’s vital! Picture the scene – you have a family, a car loan, a mortgage, and credit card debts, and you are the only breadwinner in the family. What happens if you’re diagnosed g with a terminal illness and you tlinin e, ou ts that g a p don’t have life or healthcare c e hom e produ , as well insurance? Your entire life all th vailable n about savings are burned up paying are a formatio any. as in he comp for your healthcare, and if that t healthcare is unsuccessful and you pass away, your family is left without a penny or any income, shouldering the debt burden of the mortgage and loans, all while attempting to come to terms with their loss. It’s a sombre topic and a nightmare scenario, but the painful truth is that this has happened to countless families over the years, and this is why many banks now insist that you have life insurance before they’ll even think about giving you credit! This is where companies like bnl step in. Yes, they’re a business, and yes, they’re out to out to do much more than that. They’re determined to prove that improving the general health themselves included. “We see part of our role as being to create awareness of



This is Robert the Café. that, “It explains p inform rovides various ation on issues s as he uch diabete art disease, s, cance r, so on, w ith re and updates gular .”

the population, because we feel that’s something we should do,” says Robert. “It’s not entirely because if we’re insuring healthy people, we don’t pay out so much in healthcare, so the claims go down. But this translates to lower premiums for customers too, so everybody wins!” And it works the other way too. Unhealthy people pay more in life and healthcare insurance, so it pays to look after yourself. “If you’re in poor health through bad lifestyle choices, then your insurance premiums will be higher,” he This is a explains. “For example, if you’re n e x ample of tips o overweight, then your premium n h o w to use exercis is going to be higher. At a the effe e to manage cts of d iabetes, which is certain point if you’re so increas becoming an overweight, then you won’t in health c gly common get insured at all.” time go omplaint as thanks es on, largely The website, at this stage, is to poor not a business tool as such, as choices lifestyle . there are no online applications for any of the products. The purpose of the website at the moment is as a source of information, not just about bnl and its products and services, but also about health issues in general. As a company, bnl also gets involved in community projects from a sponsor’s perspective too. “We actually have a project where we’re supporting identifying diabetes in children, in partnership with the Rotary Club and Al Kindi hospital, where they’ve purchased a bus that has been redesigned internally with various items to keep children entertained, like books and DVDs, while they’re given health checks,” says Robert. “That started last year, and we’re currently waiting for the latest page is the ance insur s, which t uc d to prod l designe ity r l u a c are vide se al pro individu for tomers. cus


of property, you, which is arguably the most important ever insure

thousands of children. All that information will be on the website.” The most important aspect of the brand, in Robert’s opinion, is the fact that all their products have a human element, which is what they’re aiming to promote. “What we are dedicated to is life insurance, savings, investments, and healthcare insurance, because all of those are related to the person. It’s not a piece of property, it’s not a car, or a house, it’s you, which is arguably the most important thing you’ll ever insure, because having property is no good if you’re not around to enjoy it!” GO:








The People


Have Spoken! The Winners...

The votes are in, and the public have had their say on their favourite restaurants, bars and venues for 2012.


s we round off yet another successful FACT Awards campaign, we bring you all the winners and runners up across the sixteen categories. What makes the FACT Awards truly unique, not just in the Kingdom, but in the region as well, is the fact that the winners are not decided by a panel of experts, or by industry ratings. The votes, in fact, come from the most important part of any restaurant – the punters! Yes, it’s the general public who vote for the favourite restaurants in each category, through a combination of voting forms distributed throughout each participating restaurant, and a



system of online voting though the FACT Magazine website, This makes the FACT Awards the best indicator of which restaurants are current favourites among the general public, and which ones need to work on their game to push The votes are then put through a careful vetting process to weed out any cheating. A batch of collected forms from a given venue is checked for similarities in handwriting, voting patterns and so on. Batches of forms written in the same handwriting with the same votes in each one are double-checked

by contacting the people whose details are on the back, and if they don’t check out, the whole batch is discarded. Likewise with the online voting, if a huge number of votes for a single venue come from the same IP address, those votes are discarded as repeat votes from the same source. In this manner, almost a quarter of the votes were discarded this year, giving some indication as to how keen some venues are to win! We won’t name names, but you know who you are… And now, without further ado, we bring you the winners in the 2012 Citibank FACT Awards! FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER




The People

The People

Have Have Spoken! Spoken! The votes are in, and the public have had their say on The votes are in, and the public have had their say on their favourite restaurants, bars and venues for 2012. their favourite restaurants, bars and venues for 2012.


s we round off yet another ssuccessful we round FACT off yetAwards another successful Awards campaign,FACT we bring you all the we bring you the all the winnerscampaign, and runners up across winners and runners up across the sixteen categories. sixteen Whatcategories. makes the FACT Awards truly What makes the in FACT Awards truly unique, not just the Kingdom, unique, notregion just inasthe Kingdom, but in the well, is the fact but thewinners region as is the fact thatinthe arewell, not decided by that the winners areor notbydecided a panel of experts, industryby aratings. panel of experts, by industry The votes, or in fact, come ratings. The votes, in fact, part comeof any from the most important from the most restaurant – theimportant punters! part of any restaurant – the punters! Yes, it’s the general public who vote Yes, it’s the general public who for the favourite restaurants in vote each for the favourite in each category, throughrestaurants a combination of category, through a combination of voting forms distributed throughout voting forms distributed throughout each participating restaurant, and a each participating restaurant, and a

28 26


system of online voting though the system of online website, voting though the FACT Magazine FACT Magazine website, This makes the FACT Awards the This makes theofFACT the best indicator whichAwards restaurants best indicator of which restaurants are current favourites among the are current favourites among general public, and which onesthe general and which ones need to public, work on their game to push need to work on their game to push The votes are then put through a The votes are then put to through a careful vetting process weed out careful vettingAprocess weed out any cheating. batch oftocollected any cheating. batch of collected forms from aAgiven venue is checked forms from a given venue is checked for similarities in handwriting, for similarities handwriting, voting patternsinand so on. Batches voting patterns Batches of forms writtenand in so theon. same of forms written same handwriting with in thethe same votes handwriting withdouble-checked the same votes in each one are in each one are double-checked

by contacting the people whose by contacting the back, people whose details are on the and if they detailscheck are on thethe back, andbatch if they don’t out, whole is don’t check out, the whole batch is discarded. discarded. Likewise with the online voting, the of online ifLikewise a huge with number votesvoting, for a if a huge number votes a IP single venue come of from thefor same single venue the same as IP address, thosecome votesfrom are discarded address, those votes discarded repeat votes from theare same repeat fromalmost the same source. In thisvotes manner, a quarter of In this manner, almost a this quarter the votes were discarded year,of the votes were discarded year, giving some indication as this to how givingsome somevenues indication to how keen are toaswin! We keen some win! We won’t name venues names, are buttoyou know won’tyou name names, but you know who are… who are… Andyou now, without further ado, we And now, without further we bring you the winners in theado, 2012 bring youFACT the winners Citibank Awards!in the 2012 Citibank FACT Awards!




Favourite International Trader Vic’s NO surprises here – for the third year in a row, Trader Vic’s wins the category of Bahrain’s Favourite International Restaurant, though very close this time round. So what is it, exactly, that seals the deal for Traders every year? Well, we think it’s an all-round combination of a stunning venue, great atmosphere, unique and delicious food, and the huge beverage selection available –

a winning formula! With the expansive venue providing a selection of options for the evening, from a night spent in the bar listening to live music to indoor or al fresco dining, or even a banquet table for a lively meal with a big group of friends, all set in the lush green gardens of the Ritz-Carlton hotel, a night at Trader Vic’s never lets you down. This, we think, is why it’s bustling with patrons, week in, week out!

restaurant, Block 338 is a place of many wonders. The outdoor garden is fantastic, and most evenings draw in the crowds for post-work drinks during the cooler months. The menu atmosphere is friendly, relaxed and always enjoyable.

NOMINEES Block 338 Camelot Fusions Mei N Yu Mezzaluna Trader Vic’s Upstairs Downstairs Zoe



Once again, Sato are second place in the category of Favourite Japanese Restaurant. This authentic Japanese dining venue in the Gulf hotel is surroundings, and private dining rooms offer a more intimate setting while the unique robatayaki grill, extensive a la carte menu and sushi bar are also three features to take advantage of.

NOMINEES Bushido Kei Maki Mirai Sato

Favourite Japanese Bushido IF there’s a restaurant to match Trader Vic’s for sheer scale, grandeur and versatility, then it has to be Bushido. Though we don’t know for sure, we’d place money on Bushido being the biggest restaurant in Bahrain! Again, your options for the evening are many – from the expansive upstairs lounge with an outdoor terrace to the restaurant itself, and even the tranquil gardens outside with their own mini-island, the potential for good food and good times is vast.

And the food! Bushido excels in creating the ultimate Japanese dining experience, with a dedicated Teppenyaki room, an extensive list of sushi, sashimi and maki, and a wide range of Japanese fusion dishes to tempt you. Throw in the regular events that take place there, including the recent visit by the spectacular Cirque du Soir nightclub brand, and you have a venue that is a true social and dining hotspot in the Kingdom. FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER





Favourite Chinese Hong Kong OUR ladies and gentlemen! One of Bahrain’s longest-running Chinese restaurants, hong Kong knocks the Gulf hotel’s China Garden off the top spot this year to take its place as Bahrain’s Favourite Chinese Restaurant! And what are the reasons for this new-found glory? Well, great food is obviously a good place to start, and hong Kong has been known for serving up fantastic Chinese food for many years now.

however, warm and friendly service, a cosy and authentic atmosphere and great value for money are all factors contributing to an overall formula that makes it Bahrain’s favourite Chinese dining experience for 2012. What this serves to prove is that nothing is set in stone with the FACT Awards – one year’s winner is another year’s runner up, and hard work and attention to detail pay off – congratulations to hong Kong restaurant!

Last year’s winner is now this year’s runner up: China Garden is set in the lush and tranquil gardens of the Gulf hotel. Known for its delicious dim sum, the Peking duck is also a sublime dish and the venue itself is comfortable and classy. Another highlight is the staff who are friendly, knowledgeable and commendable factors.

NOMINEES Beijing Chinese China Garden Hong Kong Soie Tian



Dining at the Royal Thai makes you realise how high the stakes are for this category. This venue is one of sophisticated elegance, where the setting is hidden and tropical. A favourite among the elite of Bahrain, this restaurant is ideal for perfect occasions with a great, mouth watering menu containing a selection of mostly seafood-based dishes.

NOMINEES Baan Saeng Thai Hash House Monsoon Royal Thai Thailand 30


Favourite Thai Monsoon ANOTheR veteran of the FACT Awards, Monsoon has lined up its trophies like a true champion, winning the coveted title of Bahrain’s Favourite Restaurant in the 2009 campaign, and now claiming the title of Bahrain’s Favourite Thai restaurant for the third year in a row. And it’s a hard one to beat – the venue is without equal in the Thai dining scene, with authentic Asian pagoda-style architecture dominating the interior and exterior of the

expansive venue, and both indoor and outdoor dining available to its guests, with picturesque ponds adding to the atmosphere both inside and out. And the menu is as expansive as the venue – though Thai food dominates other Far eastern cuisines, including Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes to choose from, making for a frankly staggering selection. An experience that’s hard to beat is what wins it the crown yet again this year!




New to the scoreboard of the awards is Fiamma, a classy, traditional restaurant set in the Already commended for their fresh and delicious dishes, this is a great place to enjoy some authentic Italian cuisine. The setting of the eatery is also one that cannot be matched – all in all a fantastic addition to the world of Italian food in Bahrain.

NOMINEES Café Italia Cico’s Cucina Italiana Fiamma La Taverna

Favourite Italian Café Italia ANOTheR restaurant that is practically royalty in Bahrain, Café Italia has now taken the title of Favourite Italian for the fourth year in a row, an unprecedented achievement in the history of the FACT Awards! It also scooped the most glorious prize of Bahrain’s Favourite Restaurant in both 2010 and 2011, which again, is an unprecedented accomplishment. Café Italia’s dining experience is unique in all of Bahrain – with a

modern and yet elegant décor the likes of which cannot be found elsewhere on the island, the venue itself is simply a pleasant place to be. however, add to that an exquisite menu and a level of service that ranks among the very best in dining experience that has earned Café Italia the reputation it enjoys today, as well as the honourable title of Bahrain’s Favourite Restaurant two years running!



Favourite Steakhouse The Meat Co. WITh a name like The Meat Co., it’s apparent what their speciality is. however, the level of ‘special’ that The Meat Co. brings to the steakhouse concept is what has earned it the title of Bahrain’s Favourite Steakhouse for the fourth year in a row! And the competition is stiff – this is not the only high-end steak restaurant in Bahrain, and The Meat Co. fought off some stiff competition from the likes of Plums in the Ritz Carlton and Legendz in the InterContinental to

hold on to its crown this year. We can tell you that it was close though! the all-round package. It’s not just a steakhouse, but a social hotspot, with a buzzing and lively restaurant with warm, friendly and professional staff, as well as a hugely popular rooftop lounge with a DJ spinning house music well into the night. It’s a place to see and be seen, and enjoy a fantastic cut of meat while you’re at it. What more could you ask for?

New to the category of ‘Favourite Steakhouse’ is Legendz, possibly the InterContinental’s best restaurant. elegant in décor, the venue is known for its array of premium meat cuts, grills and signature specialties, complemented by a wide range of international wines.

NOMINEES Butcher Shop & Grill Entrecôte Café de Paris Legendz Plums The Meat Co. FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER





Favourite North-American Chili’s WhAT makes Chili’s stand out amongst this pack of winners is the fact that it is the only international franchise to rank among the best in Bahrain. Given that franchises are regarded with general disdain is testament to how popular and enjoyable the Chili’s experience is that it has won its place as Bahrain’s Favourite North-American Restaurant for the second year in a row now.

And why is this so? It has to be the pure, distilled slice of Americana that Chili’s brings to diners – from and décor decorating the whole venue, to the huge selection of American grills, sandwiches, dishes and Tex-Mex cuisine, all of which arrive in sizeable portions that will Great food, great vibe, great experience – are we noticing a theme yet?

Very popular amongst the American crowd is this venue set in the heart of Juffair. A new runner up in this category, this restaurant has been established as ‘The Best American Food’ in the Middle east since 1997. Renowned for its grilled meals and generous portions, this is the ideal destination for those looking to indulge in delicious American cuisine – the ribs and burgers are a must!

NOMINEES Bennigan’s Chili’s Ric’s Kountry Kitchen Rocky’s Tony Roma’s



This restaurant’s slogan is ‘where the taste of Texas meets the fun of Mexico’. An excellent evening out for all ages, the venue is known for its cosy and vibrant atmosphere as well as its spicy cuisine. enjoy some of the best Margaritas on the island with friends while admiring the sombrero-wearing partygoers displayed on the walls.

NOMINEES Brasa De Brazil Brazil Rodizio Casa Mexicana Margarita Mexicana Senor Paco’s 32


Favourite Latin-American Señor Paco’s SeñOR PACO’S has a special place in the heart of any long-term resident of Bahrain, as they will have spent many a night with groups of friends in this lively venue, laughing, singing, and partaking of the copious jugs of Margaritas that lubricate the atmosphere practically every night. There aren’t many places that can say that they base their success on the social experience more than any other factor, but Señor Paco’s is one of those places. While the menu of

classic Mexican food is authentic and tasty, and the harried waiters are friendly and professional despite their hectic jobs, this is not a place you go for a quiet, intimate dining experience. This is a place you go for good food and good times with friends, and each weekend you can bet there’ll be at least two birthday parties raising the roof to the musician’s live music – a great choice for an unforgettable night!




For the second year in a row, Coral Bay’s Rayes restaurant has been nominated as one of the best eateries in Bahrain. With views of Al Fateh Corniche, enjoy a day lounging by the pool before sampling some of the authentic Lebanese dishes. Popular amongst locals, expats and even many visitors from Saudi, this is a popular location that will continue to draw in the crowds.

NOMINEES Al Abraaj Golestan Rayes Takht Jamsheed Yamin Jana

Favourite Middle-Eastern Al Abraaj ThIS is the third one of our winners who have retained their crown for a fourth year in a row, which is particularly impressive in a country with such stiff competition, and such a highly discerning clientele – because, let’s face it, who are bigger experts on Arabic food than Arabic people? however, it would be remiss to restaurant, as their menu consists of a much wider range than that, with dishes from as far West as the

Mediterranean and as far east as India, with even some of the classic Chinese dishes thrown in for good measure. however, their speciality has to be Middle eastern fare, with meats, grills and Arabic mezzeh by far the most popular sections of its menu. The popularity of Al Abraaj is apparent when you drop into one of their many bustling outlets across Bahrain and see whole families gathered to enjoy the tasty food.



Favourite Seafood The Fish Market BRIeFLY deposed from the top spot in this category last year by La Mer in crown as Bahrain’s Favourite Seafood Restaurant. Situated down at the Al Bander Resort, the Fish Market has been treating Bahrain’s diners to seafood caught fresh every day for many years from their fresh, market-style display,

team of expert chefs cook it to your liking – what’s not to like? The Fish Market is not the most glamorous venue in town, but for many of its faithful regulars, that is exactly its appeal – it’s a cosy, rustic and comfortable venue serving good seafood without any pretension or nonsense, and serving it to an extremely high standard. The results speak for themselves!

Last year’s winner is now in second place, yet that does not take away its high reputation and its status in Bahrain as a hugely accomplished restaurant. With its exquisite seafood, displayed each day, diners can make their selection and have it prepared in a wide variety of ways by the restaurant’s world-class chefs. The views are also some of the best in Bahrain.

NOMINEES The Fish Market La Marine La Mer La Perle Waves FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER





A great restaurant to visit with a group of friends, this Indian

Favourite Indian Lanterns OUR fourth winner holding on to the top spot for the fourth year running, amongst Bahrain’s diners for many years now, serving up excellent Indian cuisine in a lively and authentic atmosphere. The venue itself is as vibrant and colourful as India itself, with live Indian music being played in the evenings country’s culture. Perhaps the most telling sign of the quality of the Indian food in Lanterns is

one worth visiting to sample the delights of true Indian cuisine.

the clientele – you’ll see as many Indians enjoying a feast in the restaurant as you will any other nationality, and they’re the experts! While many Indian restaurants stick to one region of India, Lanterns has a wide selection of favourites from all over the country, with dishes ranging from mild dishes for the delicate palette to the hard-core spicy dishes for the curry connoisseurs, which is perhaps why Lanterns is so popular – there’s something to please everyone!

and the portions are generous enough for you even to take some home to enjoy.

NOMINEES Akbar Copper Chimney Lanterns Nirvana Spices



Still retaining its popularity amongst the residents of the island is Le Chocolat – the ideal place for any and every type of meeting. The wide range of dining options caters to everyone’s tastes, where the option to dine inside or al fresco means any visitor will be spoilt for choice.

NOMINEES Café Lilou Dome Le Chocolat Paul Café Tea Club 34


Favourite Café Café Lilou hOLDING on to the top spot for the third year in a row, this highly unique favourite amongst both expats and Bahrainis, and is often bustling with activity during lunchtimes and evenings. With its burlesque inspiration, the café’s quirky décor is styled after a Parisian café in an homage to the spirit the oversized cabaret portrait and the French-inspired menu all points to a golden-age Paris!

impressive selection of ornate and delicious dishes that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate, from healthy yet tempting salads to elaborate sandwiches and sumptuous mains. equally pleasing to the eye are the products from the patisserie, with a colourful selection of cakes and pastries on display. Café Lilou truly is a feast for all the senses, which is why it maintains its top spot this year.




Although topping the votes last year, Veranda still remains as a unique, quaint yet popular venue. There is a variety of very good Arabic and international cuisine on offer as well as large screens for broadcasting sporting events. Cosy, comfortable and ideal for appetising food – Veranda is

NOMINEES Al Bindaira Aroma Don Vito La Maison Du Café Veranda

Favourite Shisha Café Don Vito DON VITO is a venue unlike any other in Bahrain. Upon walking in, you’re presented with a warren of hidden booths, comfortable couches, private lounges and an outdoor gives the impression of having walked into the underground lair of some Arabian bon viveur. In almost all of these booths and private lounges, both Bahrainis and expats can be found sharing a bite to eat and a colourful fruit cocktail

over a relaxed shisha in the cosy and intimate atmosphere. table, you can take a comfortable seat and choose from the extensive list of fruit juices, cocktails, snacks and grills, as well, of course, as an impressive Don Vito is a place to see and be seen by Bahrain’s young and trendy set, which is why it has knocked Veranda off the top spot to claim the title of Bahrain’s Favourite Shisha Café!



Favourite Lounge/Bar Trader Vic’s/Mai Tai YeT AGAIN, Trader Vic’s and its idyllic outdoor lounge, Mai Tai, claim the title in this category for four years on the go. Added to its achievement in the International Restaurant category, this is a stunning testament to the quality, experience and popularity of this world-class venue. Trader Vic’s has several options for those looking to share a few drinks with friends – you have the bar area in the main restaurant

itself with its live Latino music, you have the outdoor terrace, and then you have the stunning outdoor lounge of Mai Tai and its view of the Bahrain skyline, recently renovated with a new look for the season. The staggering selection of cocktails that this venue is famous for is complemented by a delicious menu of bar snacks, all adding up to an experience that is unrivalled on the island.

This year’s runner up fully deserves the votes it received during this year’s campaign. Despite being amongst many in Adliya’s restaurant row, Block 338 stands out as being one of the best in Bahrain. The outdoor seating is relaxed and ideal for enjoying a couple of drinks or a dish or the internationally-inspired menu.

NOMINEES Block 338 Bushido Déjà Vu Meat Co. Rooftop Trader Vic’s/Mai Tai Zoe Lounge & Rooftop FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER





This infamous pub is actually the

Favourite Pub JJ’s JJ’S Irish Pub is a venue that truly holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Bahrain’s residents – it has been a social hotspot of good times and live entertainment for well over hold on the top spot in this category since the year of the campaign’s inception. Live music comes courtesy of the venue’s resident band, The Noise, who have already become strong favourites amongst the pub’s regulars, earning

themselves a second residency after This is in addition to regular visits by live bands, tribute acts and comedy shows from around the world, and other regular events throughout the year that keep the punters coming back time and again. Throw in the live sport played across many screens around the place, the beer pong tables, pool tables and state-ofthe-art live music venue, and you have the place that really has it all!

its classy refurbishments, has continued to maintain full capacity every weekend. enjoy typical ‘pub grub’ washed down with tasty beverages while watching live music and a great, lively atmosphere.

NOMINEES Champs Dublin JJ’s Kick’s Sherlock Holmes



Probably one of the closest votes of the competition, last year’s winner the Mövenpick hotel Bahrain came in close second to be the runner-up for Favourite Friday Brunch. Known for its amazing variety of food as well as a ‘go-to’ place on a free weekend. hearty food meets brunch heaven!

NOMINEES Golden Tulip Hotel Kempinski Grand & Ixir Kick’s Brunch Muju Jazz Brunch Mövenpick Hotel Ritz Carlton Bahrain Royal Golf Club 36


Favourite Friday Brunch Sea & Spa A shock win for 2012 – a relative newcomer to the scene, having only been running the brunches since last popular Mövenpick brunch from the time ever They have been working towards this moment from the time they kicked set on the top prize. With a massive selection of dishes and

cuisines spread across three separate brunch is simply staggering, with buffet tables and live cooking stations in the Saraya lobby restaurant, Italian eatery Fiamma and Wok Asian restaurant. All this takes place overlooking the hotel’s scenic pool and gardens, with outdoor seating during the cooler months, making for an unforgettable experience that won it the title of Bahrain’s Favourite Friday Brunch.




Bahrain’s Favourite Restaurant 2012

Bushido AND here we have it ladies and gentlemen! A new winner for the most coveted title of all – Bahrain’s Favourite Restaurant – Bushido! This glamorous and expansive Japanese restaurant has been wowing visitors for several years now, impressing with its highly stylised décor featuring Samurai armour suits and authentic Japanese design, its exceptional levels of service and its tempting menu of Japanese and fusion cuisine. From the dedicated Teppenyaki room where the highly-skilled chefs whip up the orders with flair, throwing knives and eggs into the air like it’s the most natural thing in the world, to the extensive sushi bar where a wide range

of sushi, sashimi and maki are created right before your eyes by the well trained chefs, there is an abundance of choice to be had. A visit to Bushido is an experience in itself, with the many options for an evening’s enjoyment, from the restaurant to the hugely comfortable lounge area or the outdoor terraces overlooking the venue’s lush gardens. You can even enjoy a Friday Brunch or a shisha in Bushido’s outdoor areas now – both new additions to the venue’s repertoire. however, that isn’t the whole story, as Bushido has also become known for its nightlife events, regularly bringing in international musical talent to entertain its discerning clientele. Past names include edward Maya, David Vendetta and hanna hansen, to name a few, not to mention regular visits

A visit to Bushido is an experience in itself, with the many options for enjoyment,



by Buddha Bar and Fashion TV DJs. The most recent brought in entertainment courtesy of the famous Cirque du Soir nightclub brand, complete with fire breathers, acrobats and dancers. What this all adds up to is a venue that has it all – an impressive setting, great staff, excellent food and fantastic entertainment. What more could you possibly ask for? Among the numerous accolades it has earned itself are Bahrain’s Best Japanese Restaurant 2011 in the Time Out Awards, one of the Top 5 Bars in the Middle east by, and Second Best Restaurant in the Middle east in the 2012 Caterer Awards, to name a few. It has won Bahrain’s Favourite Japanese restaurant in the Citibank FACT Awards for three years running now, ever since the category was first introduced, but now it scoops the top prize as well – Bahrain’s Favourite Restaurant. Congratulations Bushido – keep up the good work!




The Photo Wall... Memories From a Great Evening!









THIS MONTH YOU MUST... HEAR by Matchbox Twenty ten years for the band.

Studio Ceramics

We take a look at the unique studio where the FACT Awards trophies were made

READ by Justin Cronin The incredible new horror, and sequel to !


The highly anticipated new fantasy based on the Tolkien book.



Creative Art ARTS

Existing as the only establishment of its kind on the island is Studio Ceramics. Zara de Haldevang heads down

the studio and how they were recently involved in the Citibank FACT Awards...


et just off the Shakura turn from the Budaiya highway lies Studio Ceramics, a cute, friendly space in a private villa which offers far more than meets the eye. having now existed for over five years, this modern and tranquil studio deserves more attention that it is currently given. What started as a place where you could pop in to paint your own ceramics has now turned into the perfect location for children and adults looking to explore their creative side. Studio Ceramics is known for a wide range of services including painting, clay and jewellery-making workshops. On arrival to the villa, colour and creativity are two main factors that meet the eye. Finished products such as piggybanks, teapots, boxes, vases, pitchers, plates, mugs and decorations are delicately placed on each of the shelves and walls, while little tables all assembled for activity sit intimately around the studio. Perfect for a children’s birthday party, the team all encourage visitors to create something unique and individual. As well as being available for private bookings, there is a collection of artists who all work on commission to create specific products including wedding plates, teacher’s plates, keepsakes and baby gifts. Recently added to the services on offer is the art of jewellery making. Ideal for creating a personal wedding or birthday gift, you can create earrings, cufflinks and pendants all made of silver, copper, enamelling, ceramics and glass. Studio Ceramics also offers an active



mobile station service, where the studio attends events and invites the public to create their own masterpiece. Once you have finished, the studio then takes your piece to fire and glaze making it food and dishwasher safe. FACT’s annual Citibank Dining Awards took place last month, where we highlighted the best dining and leisure venues on the island as voted by the general public. In previous years we have designed our own trophies, however this year we wanted to go that extra mile and create awards that were exclusive and helped to support a local business in Bahrain. It was an easy decision when the name Studio Ceramics was mentioned - what better than a plate hand-painted by local artists from a local studio? each of the plates has been designed intricately; making sure a professional yet personal technique is maintained throughout their creation. GO:


There is a collection of artists who all work on commission to create including wedding keepsakes and baby gifts.





In Association with Virgin Megastore, Bahrain City Center



By Matchbox Twenty THIS is the latest album from the American band from

back in 2007.

sense. Maroon 5 move far further down the pop road than these guys do. With , it was much more of a collaborative effort between the band as a whole, with each member making his much being written by lead singer Rob Thomas, as with the last album. This has led to a much more versatile, richer and more developed experience as a whole, thus proving that you can teach old dogs new tricks! is a thoroughly enjoyable album that would sound just as at home playing on your car stereo on a road trip as it would as the backing track for a good house party.



Soft Rock


Disco Crash

Born and Raised

Wild Ones

By Bob Sinclar

By Flo Rida

By John Mayer

BOB Sinclar made his name with a unique new sound that was distinctly his own, with

gone down the very predictable route of recruiting a list of A-list artists in a marathon of collaborations, shoehorning his sound into Putting their two cents in on the album are Snoop Dogg, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Hot Rod, Pitbull, Sean Paul, and so on. And in trying to emulate a style that suits each artist, Sinclar has lost that originality

FUSING rap and dance music is no new past few years, facing a hailstorm of criticism after a controversial Playboy interview in 2009. He faded out of public view for a period it this year with this album - one which many critics say is his best to date. - while it still does demonstrate down-to-earth affair than previous albums.

it, albeit a very sophisticated one, and this each track, though well produced, sounding giving it a grassroots touch that show his newfound groundedness. collaboration sounds like it came straight from a Pitbull


out how it feels. It feels pretentious.



the most telling track about his troubled days, with the lyrics telling a story of a fall and then a redemption. A heartfelt effort!

of hip-hop has been going on for years now, with DJs remixing rap artists, and rap artists collaborating with DJs, and so on. However, at no point until now had it been done so completely and thoroughly with this album. Normally, the DJ makes the album and brings in a bunch of urban artists to collaborate - think Guetta or Sinclar et al but Flo Rida has turned it on his head and conceived from the start a hip-hop album overlaid onto commercial dance music. In some places, it has worked well, such as on the by now highly recognisable tracks

features the vocals of Sia, of


In others, not so much, but in general a guaranteed commercial success.




In Association with Virgin Megastore, Bahrain City Center

Horror Fiction

The Twelve By Justin Cronin

apocalyptic novel, , we pick up the story of the remaining California colony survivors and their ongoing lives in one of the last remaining outposts of human existence, the Republic of Texas, a walled city of 300,000 people. Peter and Alicia, now members of the Expeditionary, continue to search for the of the viral creatures that now populate the Then a series of mysterious attacks, and rumours of another city elsewhere in America, begin to herald the coming of a catastrophic showdown that will change the lives of all the remaining humans on Earth forever.



The Further Adventures of an Idiot Abroad

Halftime Walk


By Kate Mosse

is a follow-up

BILLY Lynn is a member of a platoon of

. This time, Karl bases his diaries on his travels doing “The Bucket List of 100 Things to do Before You Die”, largely made up of outrageous suggestions by Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant.

in Iraq which was all caught on camera by news crews. The eight survivors of the battle become national heroes in the US, and are brought home to be paraded around the country to build public support for the war. The 19-year-old Billy is somewhat overwhelmed and non-plussed by all the attention, as the tour culminates in a huge publicity event at the Dallas Cowboys stadium, where the battle-scarred boys are in serious danger of losing control amid the surging

For anyone who loves the simplistic, narrowminded, and yet somehow strangely insightful musings of Karl Pilkington as he embarks on his many adventures, spurred on by Gervais and Merchant, then this is the book for you. Despite the fact that both these books are an obvious ploy by Gervais and co. to milk as much money out of as

Mancunian logic. For example, why

anyone want to

behaviour, but people still do it. However, world view, where a quiet cup of tea in front of the telly wins out any day, its downright daft! This book has many laugh-out-loud moments, making it well worth a read.


threatening to bring on bouts of PTSD... This book was described by author Karl Marlantes as “the of the Iraq war.” has a completely different feel to - the central character in that book is an Lynn is uneducated cannon-fodder. And unlike

between US celebrity culture and sensationalism and the stark realities of war, often with humourous results.


Historical Fiction

by Ben Fountain

By Karl Pilkington

demonstrates his staggering mastery of storytelling in another book that will draw you in, wrap its claws around your neck, and hold on for 564 harrowing, uplifting, mind-blowing and riveting pages. Cronin seems to have addressed criticism of the fact that the main characters never get hurt in by wantonly dispatching any and every character you develop any emotional involvement with until you feel just as bewildered and traumatised as the characters in the book. More harrowing tales of the initial days of the outbreak beef up the story.


SET during the Second World War, follows the lives of several different characters; a young orphan, a French whose lives are swept up in a historical mystery concerning the mythical treasure of the Cathars, which is believed to reveal the whereabouts of the Holy Grail. secret of its location, and he believes that

The last in a trilogy of adventure novels which

was somewhat bewildered by a lot of the references to the previous stories. Having said that, the story itself was fantastic, and warrants searching out the The level of knowledge Mosse has on the subject matter makes her extensive research apparent, and makes for a rich and vibrant story that really draws you in.

keeps you turning the page all they way to the end.







Richard Armitage, Andy Serkis Bilbo Baggins is a respectable hobbit living a quiet, uneventful life, until one day the mysterious wizard Gandalf turns up, followed shortly by a group of sombre dwarves. retrieve a legendary hoard of treasure from the clutches of the powerful dragon, Smaug, dodging goblins and trolls along the way.

Well, to any Tolkien fan, or any Lord of the Rings movies fan, this will be a welcome continuation of the Middle Earth magic that has been sorely missed since the last Lord of the Rings movie was released way back in 2003 (Wow, has it really been that long?). However, this is not, in fact, a sequel to the take place before those of LOTR. Also good news is that, because of the delays in making the movies, director Guillermo del Toro was unable to take on

the project, which means that the man responsible for the brilliant LOTR trilogy, Peter Jackson, had to step in and do it himself. Even MORE good news - despite the fact that is just one book, the producers decided that the story was so rich that it was worth making into another trilogy. and Hugo Weaving reprise their roles as Gandalf, Galadriel and Elrond respectively. However, leading the cast is the much-loved star of the British sitcom , Martin Freeman, who plays the young Bilbo Baggins.

WIN 2 FREE CINEMA TICKETS Can anyone spot the glaring mistake in one of these pictures?




Les Miserables Crowe, Anne Hathaway In 19th Century Paris, a peasant (Jackman) is caught stealing bread to feed his family, and serves 20 years in jail. When released, he breaks parole, but is pursued by a relentless police The pursuit lasts years, and consumes the lives of both men, but eventually all the characters are swept up in the events of the Paris uprising of 1832.

WATCHING: on one of the most popular perhaps the stellar cast might tickle your fancy. This is some serious subject matter, and some serious acting talent, so you know the producers will be looking for some Oscar nominations for this one. It should therefore be worth a watch!

Jack Reacher and intractable anti-hero Jack Reacher, ex-US Army MP, wanderer, vagabond, and general hardass. However, the character, who is generally described as a giant, well over six feet tall and seven Tom Cruise. Fans of the books are already up in arms - can Cruise win them over?

is a

Django Unchained

Soleil shows. Creating something in 3D cinema that represents an actual live show may seem a bit redundant, but when you factor in movie magic and effects, you begin to realise they could create

Django (Foxx) is a slave in the Deep South of the US, who was separated from his wife when he was captured. Bounty hunter Dr. King his wife in return for his own help in tracking down and killing the dangerous Brittle It was directed by Quentin Tarantino...

since Still not convinced? Well GO AND WATCH TWILIGHT THEN...










What to buy your loved ones:

The Xmas Gadget Gift Guide Shopping for presents can be stressful, so we make it easier for you with our guide to the best Xmas gadgets...




The Gadget

Gift Guide loved ones…

For the photographers…

Nikon 1

The Nikon 1 range of cameras are an ideal gift for a photography enthusiast who wants close to professional-level shots without the big costs and bulkiness of a pro-grade SLR camera. These compact digital cameras differ from other digicams in that they boast interchangeable lenses, meaning that you can capture really high-quality pictures on your summer holidays or family gatherings. You can also capture full hD movies, with a lens features on the camera are impressive, and you could spend a while playing around with them all to get the best out of your images.

For the travellers…

the iPad Mini

Any serious traveller will know that when it comes to packing, less is always more – travelling light is the way forward. Therefore, this smaller version of the iPad, with a 7.9-inch screen, in contrast to the 9.7 inches of the normal iPad, is the traveller’s smart choice. While it’s more compact and lighter than the iPad, making it easier to lug around, what’ll really appeal to travellers is the claimed 10-hour battery life, meaning a fullycharged iPad mini should outlast any leg of your journey. They come with the usual 16, 32 or 64GB memory, with the powerful Apple A5 processor and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. 3G versions are coming soon.



For the movie lovers…

Samsung 75” ES9000 On the other hand, when it comes to the bigger your TV, the better. And while there are bigger options than this one – Sony and LG put out an 82-inch and an 84-inch respectively – this Samsung eS9000 stands out for its picture quality and features. For example, it’s 3D ready, boasts the usual connectivity and is outrageously slimline. however, the coolest feature has to be the little camera on top that pops up when needed. Not only does it allow for video chat on Skype, but it also recognises motion so that you can use hand motions to control the TV. Look out for the Angry Birds app

For the gamers…

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Care Package

For the music lovers…

If the person you’re buying this for is a serious gamer, then they’ll probably already have bought COD Black Ops II – it’s the biggest selling game of all time, earning a staggering $500 million within 24 hours of its release. however, it’s still worth buying this package for them simply because of the amazing goodies contained therein. Aside from the exclusive add-ons for the game itself, other treats inside include a remote-controlled drone quad-copter, exclusive weapon camo, and the soundtrack to the game, all boxed in an actual in-game care package crate. Christmas presents don’t come better than this!

Harman Kardon Bluetooth Headphones You might remember these beauties being featured in one of our Lab Techs back in last month’s issue. As everyone in realised that they’d make a perfect gift for any techno-geek audiophile. Not only is the sound incredible and the earphones incredibly comfortable with their light weight and soft padded leather, they’re also wireless, connecting to your iPhone or laptop via Bluetooth. Though pricey, ‘tis the season of generosity, so splash out and make someone ReALLY happy! FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER




Ipad Mini JUST when you think Apple have released any and every possible product they come out with this… the iPad Mini. Despite the fact that there are already a number of similar devices out on the market – the Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire HD, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Blackberry Playbook – this is the ultimate are not better priced, more fully featured and a better value for your tablet dollar (the truth is, they are), but if you are going to constantly spend your time comparing a cheaper 7” tablet to that of the iPad Mini… just buy the iPad Mini. To put things into perspective, meaningless. It is, basically, a small version of an iPad 2. You care about the A5 processor. What you will care about it the carefully balanced battery life and the fact that, unlike its siblings in the iPhone charge this device every damn hour! What it all boils down to is your dedication to the world of Apple. If you are not an iPhone or Mac user,

you are an Android phone user, then go for the Google Nexus 7 – you have no reason to part from your Android ways and go over to the dark side. If you already have an iPad 2 or 3, then you would be throwing your money away to buy the Mini. Many clients have claimed the only reason they have bought the Mini as it fits in their handbag. Solution? Save yourself a couple of hundred BD and just use a larger bag. The bottom line is that, as much as this may be a winner for some, others are better off waiting for the Retina display and an A6 processor potentially coming out next March. Oh and about quite yet.



Very impressed




or man bag






Dell XPS13 Ultrabook DELL is pretty late to the Ultrabook game; with every one of its major rivals already having one or more models on the market. On saying that, is the XPS 13 good enough to make up for its tardy appearance, and the big question is, has Dell learned from its mistakes made with its XPS 14z? resounding yes. The XPS 13 Ultrabook appears to have it all – a 13-inch screen crammed into the equivalent of a 12-inch chassis, classy metal design, good connectivity and specs and a backlit keyboard. One way this Ultrabook succeeds is when it comes to design. With the possible exceptions of the Samsung Series 9 900X3B and the Macbook Air, it is probably the most attractive ultraportal we have seen yet. Its curved, tapering corners and smooth aluminium lid look pretty superb and is nicely complemented by an aluminium black base. Connectivity on this device is rather limited. Unlike the majority of other laptops out there, there is no SD card reader, therefore you will need an adapter to import your camera snaps.

on the Dell remaining charge. When it comes down shines – literally as the keyboard is backlit in white. The keyboard is also pretty nice to type on, with an attractive layout and well-spaced keys. The

Dell may have waited a little too long to break into the Ultrabook world but many will claim the XPS 13 is worth the wait. Its design is innovative; its practical use is comfortable and its battery life is decent. Unfortunately its

box. In its defence however, it is no worse than the MacBook Air 11-inch. The wireless side of things is covered by the usual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi N combo, while the integrated HD webcam does its job. A nice little feature poor viewing angles really lets the side is a MacBook-esque battery indicator down.


DEL XPS 13 EXPERIENCE-METER Happiest human ever

Very impressed




- Poor quality





pictures of Lamborghinis grace the walls of boys and men across the world…” Our Mystery Motoring Expert, Ali Driver, rides the raging bull, and will never be the same again…


here are certain things in life you’ll never forget – the first time you fall in love; the first car you ever buy; the first time you hold your own baby. And then there’s the first time you drive a Lamborghini, and hear its V10 unleash hell a foot behind your head. It’s an elemental sound, working its way deep into your consciousness and reverberating around in your mind like a clap of thunder – which is all rather distracting when in front of you whole kilometres are disappearing in a matter of seconds. The appeal of a Lamborghini is a hard thing to quantify. When you see a man driving by in a Lamborghini, your natural reaction to him is to mutter “Tosser…” under your breath, and make assumptions as to the fact that he’s compensating for something lacking in the trouser department. however, if you’re really honest with yourself, this reaction is a direct result of a single, ugly and yet utterly human base emotion: Jealousy. Because deep inside, you know that if you had the money, you would be that guy. And he knows it too. So he doesn’t mind the haters, because he can’t hear you



muttering insults over the throaty rumble of his 5.2l V10. Don’t get me wrong – there is a large element of posing to the Lamborghini. There’s nothing understated about this car. however, it’s so much more than that. The Lamborghini reaches that part inside all men that will never grow up – the part that will always be thrilled by something exotic, shiny, and fast. And the great thing about modern Lamborghinis is that they no longer kill you. The Lambos of old were wild and unpredictable beasts – every time you drove one, it was a fifty-fifty chance between getting to your destination, or ending up parked upside down in a ditch. At the very least, you could expect a piece to fall off somewhere on the journey. however, those days are long gone, thanks to the intervention of a man who could conceivably be the craziest German (well, ok, Austrian, but that’s close enough!) ever to head up a company in the notoriously conservative and sensible German automotive industry - Ferdinand Piëch. We’re talking about a man largely responsible for the insane Audi Quattro; a man who, as the

TECHNOLOGY chairman of VW Group, decided to buy Bentley, Lamborghini AND Bugatti, two ailing brands and one extinct, in a spending spree of epic proportions when a global recession was looming; a man responsible for the Bugatti Veyron, which was one of the craziest cars ever made, and despite costing a million euros, was never meant to earn a profit. But there is genius behind the craziness. I mean, what could possibly be better than blending the style, passion, exotica and desirability of an Italian supercar brand with German precision, engineering and reliability? Well, here you see the results, and this is just the entry level Lambo. The Gallardo was designed to be a more accessible model for a brand known for producing super-exotics for the uber-wealthy. It was a very smart move. The Gallardo has now become Lamborghini’s biggestselling model, providing a stable platform for production of the higher-end Lambos like the Murcielago, the Reventon, and now the Aventador. The pairing between Lamborghini and Audi, a subsidiary of the VW group, left Lamborghini free to design and create things of magnificence and beauty, and leave middling details like build quality, handling, engineering and reliability to Audi. Many of the Gallardo’s parts are derived from the Audi stable, such as the engines, which are based on the engines that power the Audi R8. This is the second-generation Gallardo, with design cues coming

from the super-exotic Reventon (of which only twenty were made, the first of which was delivered to a customer right here in Bahrain!) which can be seen on the front air scoops and lights. And this model in particular is the Gallardo LP 550-2. This is a special addition to the line-up, as it is currently the only Lamborghini model that is rear-wheel drive. The first incarnation of it was the LP 5502 Valentino Balboni, named after the Lamborghini test driver who specifically requested that they make a rear-wheel-drive version of the Gallardo. This version proved such a hit that they decided to mass produce the LP 550-2 as a new Gallardo model. In order to maintain the driveability of the 550-2, the Lamborghini engineers had to completely re-adjust the chassis of the car, including the suspension settings, the electronic stability programme, the transmission and even the aerodynamics. The best part, though, is that being only rear-wheel drive has reduced the curb-weight of the Gallardo 550-2 to 1,380kg, compared to the 1,410kg of the LP 560-4. From what I gather, the overall effect is to add an element of danger to the whole affair that increases the thrill for the driver, much like Lambos of old. It seems that, being rear-wheeldrive makes the LP 550-2 just that bit more lairy than the fourwheel-drive version. having never driven the 560-4, I can’t personally attest to this.

It seems that, being rearwheel-drive makes the LP 550-2 just that bit more lairy than the fourwheel-drive version.



however, what I can attest to is that the LP 550-2 is a hell of a lot of fun to drive. The soul-stirring sound and jawdropping power come courtesy of the 5.2l V10 engine, which has a power output of 550hp (hence the name). The power is immense – when you floor it at 120, the six-speed automatic gearbox will drop two gears in a fraction of a second, and deliver a surge of power like a explosion at your back, propelling you to 180km/h in literally a couple of seconds. It’ll go from a standstill to 100km/h in 3.9 seconds, and on to a top speed of 320km/h. The word ‘awesome’ springs to mind. But the speed and power of the Gallardo are not, in my opinion, the most important thing about the car. I think the most important thing is the eminent driveability of it. I have to confess to having some nerves when I first set out on the test drive – this was a Lamborghini, after all! however, my nerves were quickly dispelled when I settled into the drive, and before long, I was thoroughly



comfortable behind the wheel. The Gallardo is perfectly pleasant to drive at day-today speeds, and though the suspension is firm, as you’d expect from a sports car, it’s not bone-jarring. When you do want to have some fun, however, you have a choice between two options – Sport and Corsa. Sport firms the suspension, increases throttle response and sharpens everything up a bit, improving the handling for enthusiastic driving. The first thing you’ll notice is the change in the engine note – it revs a little harder, and the sound is all the more delicious for it! Then there is Corsa, which is Italian for ‘track’, and the name speaks for itself really. The car will reconfigure itself for the most extreme performance available, and while this does make the car hugely fun to drive, the very hard suspension setting isn’t something you’d want to be stuck with permanently. And as for the performance, the handling is sublime. The rear-wheel-drive configuration is, in my opinion, preferable to the four-wheel-drive option. Sure, the four-wheel-drive will handle better, but the rear-wheel-drive is so much more fun. Add power in a corner, and the back end will flick out eagerly, but again,

unlike Lamborghinis of old, the car can be brought back into line again with a flick of the steering wheel, rather than sending you backwards into a sand dune. Ultimately, you don’t get the feeling that the Gallardo is waiting to bite you in the ass if you make a mistake. Instead, you feel like it’s working with you to extract the most rewarding drive possible out of it. The 6-speed gearbox on the model we drove featured the robotised sequential e-gear system, with the paddle shifters fixed on the steering column. This did raise one issue, which was how you were supposed to change gear when

you were turning a corner and your hands weren’t at quarterto-three! A minor detail that you’d probably only notice on a track, I think. The interior was an exercise in Italian style, both strange and wonderful. Things aren’t where you’d expect them to be on other cars, and it can take a little while to figure out where everything is. Take, for example, the bank of metallic switches across the centre console, which do things I had no concept of. Or the button to engage the reverse gear which is nowhere near the centre console, but instead to the left of the steering wheel. You don’t mind any of these things, though, because it’s a Lamborghini, and you expect it to be a little “unusual”. So, all in all, I was both impressed and surprised by the Gallardo. Impressed because, well, it’s a Lamborghini, it’s gorgeous, and fast as hell! Surprised, because it was a lot friendlier than I expected it to be. After several hours of driving, I was calm, relaxed and exhilarated, and would happily have driven for several hours more. It’s a car that makes you wish you had a whole continent of twisting mountain roads to drive across. So, for the paltry sum of BD60,000-ish, you get all the exotic magic of a Lamborghini in a car you could drive every day. To me, that’s an absolute bargain! FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER




“American car manufacturers have really upped their game in recent years, not least with the Taurus…” Our Mystery Motoring Expert, Ali Driver, gets his hands on the new Ford sedan.


merican auto manufacturing went through a bit of a dark patch over the last two decades, with increasing competition from europe and Asia gradually eating into the domestic market share, and hurting sales internationally. The good news is, however, that rather than let the industry die out, the US automakers upped their game. Well, first, they got a multibillion dollar bailout package from the government to stop them going bankrupt, but TheN they upped their game. (NOTe: Ford Motor Company did not accept any of the bailout, having arranged their own private line of credit, but did campaign for it on the grounds that the industry collapsing would seriously harm the US economy, and therefore its own business.) The result is a slew of 2013 model releases that really catch the eye. With Ford in particular, you’ve got the new edge, the new explorer, and now this, the 2013 Ford Taurus. There have been some shockers in the model history of the Taurus, but thankfully those days are long gone. This new 2013 model,



we’re sure you’ll agree, is a very handsome car. It seems to have managed a combination of bold American presence and sophisticated european styling, taking a leaf out of the books of its UK brethren like the Mondeo, but still maintaining that US bravado. An almost sporty look is enhanced by the big front grille, frowning headlamps and 18-inch alloy wheels, as well as big air scoops on the front bumper. What’ll strike you most about driving the Taurus, and what’ll appeal most to many of its buyers, is the fact that you literally feel like you’re driving an SUV! A combination of a high seating position, great all-round visibility and the Taurus’s large size give you a commanding presence on the road – you positively tower over compact cars. This feeling is augmented by a very spacious interior, and an expansive dashboard and centre console, which is also impressively uncluttered. This is because many of the entertainment, Bluetooth and cruise control buttons are on the steering wheel, and much of the in-car features are also

controlled through the touchscreen infotainment system. The system features the Microsoft SYNC software seen on most Ford models these days, which has great features like automatically USB into the in-dash hard drive, automatically connecting with your MP3 players, and even voice recognition. We didn’t actually get round to trying that part, but from what we’ve read, it works pretty well. The centre console itself is kept clean and uncluttered by a smooth, touch-sensitive panel that controls things like AC, stereo volume and the like. While it’s pleasant to look at, it doesn’t have the satisfying feel or precise control that physical knobs or buttons might have. To drive, things keep on getting better. On the road the Taurus is smooth, poised and competent, and almost silent inside the passenger cabin. You only hear the engine if you gun it, and very little tyre noise makes its way into the car. I’d go as far as to say that it’s possibly the quietest non-premium sedan I’ve ever driven! Decent performance comes courtesy of the AdvanceTrac electronic stability control and the

TECHNOLOGY torque vectoring control, both of which manage the power and the brakes of each wheel to maximise grip, especially on slippery surfaces. And despite the fact that the Taurus is front wheel drive, there’s no noticeable torque steering when you accelerate hard, and surprisingly little understeer when cornering. Power comes courtesy of the 3.5l V6, which puts out 288hp, and 254lb/ft of torque. The acceleration off the mark isn’t much to write home about, but at higher speeds, the Taurus will move from 100km/h to 140km/h at a very respectable rate, showing that the car was made for motorway cruising and overtaking those pesky trucks on winding roads. The features of the Taurus SeL spec we drove are pretty good – what you’d expect from a good mid-range family sedan. You get electric windows, a six-way electric drivers seat, reverse park

assist and more. The seats are big and comfortable, and the stereo system is decent too. There’s even direct aircon for the rear seats. It doesn’t have blind-spot warning indicators, but it does have smaller convex mirrors built into the wingmirrors that do a relatively good job of helping you spot cars in the blind spots. And perhaps one of the most telling signs on the car’s family sedan aspirations is the boot – frankly, it’s huge! Just to demonstrate, we had our editorin-Chief Tony climb in to it outside the office. “how is it?” we asked. “Surprisingly roomy,” he answered. “In fact, if you could just bring me my lunch, I think I’ll take it in here where it’s nice and quiet, away from you idiots!” he’s still in there, as far as we know… One thing we did love was the little handle on the inside of the boot lid, so that you can open it

you most about driving the Taurus, and most to many of its buyers, is the fact that you literally driving an SUV!


63 63


from inside. It’s a telling sign of the times when cars come standard with an escape plan in the boot for people who’ve been kidnapped! The handle even glows in the dark, with a little diagram of a stick man jumping out and running away! Very graphic… You can almost picture the scene in the Sopranos: “Tony, the rat escaped again! Thought I told you to get rid of that handle inside the trunk?” “Sorry boss…” So at least we know that, if Tony decided to jump out at any point, he could have done so! What I did find a little weird about the SeL spec is the lack of keyless start, especially given that it boasts remote engine start! You can start the car from twenty feet away, but when you climb in, you still have to insert the key and turn it, which seems a little pointless. A push-button start does come standard with the SeL Plus spec model, which is an extra grand-and-a-half,

Who is Ali Driver? 64


and also comes with reverse parking camera, a sunroof and a spoiler. however, the remote engine start is a nice option for the summer, when you want to turn your car on and get the AC going five minutes before getting in. You can just lean out of your office window and fire her up, and when you get in she’ll be icy cool! Overall, the Taurus is the ideal mid-range family sedan. It’s safe, dependable, and extremely comfortable, but don’t expect any surprises. There’s nothing about it that will blow your mind, but you will happily spend many hours behind the wheel without anything annoying you either, which is more than can be said for a lot of cars! At BD10,995, there are few cars in this class that will offer this kind of space, comfort and driveability for this price, so all in all, the Taurus is an absolute bargain! The SeL Plus spec with the extra features is BD12,450.

1. He lives in Bahrain and says he grew up on the streets of Muharraq, but we

4. He claims to be able to change a regular car tyre in under 4 minutes, but




Adding All

the Elements The world is a place of endlessly evolving technology. Zara de Haldevang talks to Saleh Nass from Elements Productions – a small yet successful company taking the


ingest tapes but this has been reduced now. Our RED Camera has been an exciting addition – it is extremely versatile and the images produced are beautiful.” Although there are a number of production companies active in the Kingdom, Elements stands out from the rest through the quality of its work. Saleh added, “We always like to say that we are a company run by opposed to running it as a business. This has proved to be a successful formula in getting people to come back to us and ask us for content. Our hope for the next few years is to keep working on developing our own content and perhaps produce our GO:

66.6FM Red Coin.”



s a m t s i Chr d e v i r r has a ! a r s o l at A

Opening in Riffa Palms soon. @Alosra_Bahrain Alosra Supermarket

Saar 17 697558 Amwaj 16 033773 Durrat 77 770001 FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER






S a y in g

e y b d o o g e l y t s n n i i 2 2 1 1 0 0 2 2 o tto shoes and accessories to make this your most memorable month of they year, because we want our readers to be the best dressed people at the party.




In A Perfect

obe r d r a W Winter The Wish List

Juicy Couture’s signature gold pyramid ring is the charming little accessory your jewellery box is missing. You simply can’t celebrate Christmas without a festive sweater. At the top of our wish list is this divine example brought to us by Stella McCartney, available from Net-A-Porter, which puts a smile on our faces. Not only does it encapsulate the

As the holiday season looms ever closer of our most coveted items, because looking good has never been more important.

colours make it the most stylish Christmas sweater we have ever come across. We are pretty to wear it all year round.

Lacoste took sportswear to a whole new level with what was a brilliantly unconventional collection, making their Fall/Winter 2012 campaign one of their best yet. A neutral colour pallet allowed for the spotlight to remain on shape, as Lacoste’s design team focused on voluminous coats layered over colour-blocked leggings showing that style

For those of you jetting off on holiday this festive season we’ve found a great travel bag by Pull & Bear. There’s never an excuse for trading style for size and thankfully this bag has both.

Fabrication was luxurious as ever, with materials such as merino wool, leather and felt at the helm. We particularly adore this crème cocoon coat, leaving us wishing we’d booked a skiing holiday this season. Maison Martin Margiela with h&M was one of the most anticipated collaborations yet. As people who eagerly lined up at 8am to get their hands on a piece of the collection we can honestly say that all the fuss had good foundation. These plexiglass heels were one of the star pieces and if you haven’t already got your hands on them they prove to be a hard



every fashionable lady should have a fabulous jumpsuit in her arsenal. Chloe gives us this antique rose satin number, from Net-A-Porter, that’s effortlessly chic. It only requires a couple of gold or leather accessories and you’ll be strutting your way to the top of the best-dressed lists without batting an eyelid.

This sweet little box clutch with its gold metal caging by Miss Selfridge may not carry much, but it looks so good we couldn’t care less. Paired with an evening look it’s a tiny little masterpiece that won’t cost you near as much as its designer alternative.

Salsa know their denim, and it shows, with an

Wallis have introduced this snake skin print pencil skirt into their mainline this season with great success. It’s a high shine number that can be styled up or down and will see you transitioning from the

to all body types. Their New Mystery range was created to give you a lift creating the illusion of perfectly sculpted curves. A pair of these will quickly become a wardrobe staple and will stay faithful to you for years. As jeans never go out of fashion it’s important to invest in the right pieces. Trust us, once you’ve bought a pair of Salsa jeans you’ll never shop anywhere else.

A belt has the ability to tie an leather belt by Juicy Couture is a perfect gift for a friend with great taste. Though it may prove hard to give up.

Pull & Bear make another addition to our list with this sweater featuring neon raised embroidery. Twin with a pair of cropped slim

with total ease.

Martin This Maison dy Margiela Cantch is Wrapper clu at it so unique thand out will really st ally any with practic ssory to perfect acce this at s d turn hea ees. season’s soir

We just can’t sa these incrediby no to ly androgynous cool boots by T ankle They’re a greaopshop. add a bad girl t way to edge to you earning th e re of every wort spect h fashion blogg while er out there.

snug casual look that’ll have you riding out the cold in style.

This studded leather shoulder bag by Juicy Couture is the ultimate companion for your day-to-day chores. It carries all your essentials whilst inserting a rebellious undertone to your casual wardrobe.

For those of you with a dark side, Miss Selfridge has a whole collection of devilishly tempting dresses, skirts, cardigans and coats just calling your name. Give a dark monochrome a feminine accessory in a headband. FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER


The Nostalgic Romantic

The search for the perfect New Year’s Eve Dress is over!

As we anticipate the release of Baz Luhrmann’s take on the classic American novel The Great Gatsby, it’s no surprise the roaring 20’s are once again having a fashion moment. This dress by evans has it all. The streamlined embellishments and feminine pleats make it a perfect choice for those with a love for the bygone era.

selection of New Years Eve dresses. Each one of these dresses guarantees

The Queen Bee

Dolce and Gabbana wowed us this season with a collection of baroque inspired garments

from Net-A-Porter is a clear showstopper. In this deliciously feminine dress you’ll be sure to make an entrance.

The Girly Girl

It looks like Santa won’t be the only one wearing red this Christmas. Collette by Collette Dinnigan is a new addition to our wish list, with a pretty lace dress from Net-A-Porter ideal for those described as style aesthetic. If looking as sugary sweet as a box of Parisian macaroons sounds perfect then this is the right dress for you.

The Nonconformist


every fashonista should recognise the name 3.1 Phillip Lim. Designer Philip Lim has taken the fashion industry by storm with his effortlessly chic design aesthetic marked by his renowned offbeat detailing. Wonderfully wearable, this simple cotton and linen blend dress from his Fall/Winter 2012 collection, available on Net-A-Porter, is the perfect dress for those of you who steer clear of the ostentatious and prefer a more casual look.


The Bombshell

Jane Norman is a pro when it comes to making girls look and feel sexy. So it’s no surprise they’ve presented us with this simple but striking structured dress with horizontal panels will

instantly making you appear slimmer. The high neckline gives it a touch of sophistication, whilst the cap sleeves help elongate those petite shoulders.

The Futuristic Fashionista

Always a trusty destination for on trend affordable party pieces, Topshop brings us a dress for those with a penchant for print. This skater dress stands out with you looking like you stepped out of a storefront in the future.

The Muse

As a white Christmas is totally out of the realms of possibility, we’re choosing to wear white instead. Cèline’s cady dress is a perfect choice for those who prefer a maxi. It’s wonderfully elegant without being too extravagant. The high waistline will give the illusion of long legs and worn with heels that will elongate a look best reserved for those with a slim physique and style to the nines.

The Kardashians hit the high street

The Kardashian collection for Dorothy Perkins made its début in stores a couple of weeks ago just in time for the biggest party month of the year. You can expect lot of bling from this highly provocative collection. The and it’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a killer



Dress to impress this year by sending our stylist out to select the latest looks and most coveted pieces ranging from smart to casual, making getting dressed a stress-free event.

Kenneth Cole does smart casual like no other with an immaculately suave look as versatile as it is chic. A sartorial delight, its edgy urban accents paired with a burst of colour have given the classic suit and shirt combo a contemporary makeover. This look will a social event with little need for styling alterations.

Make a lasting impression at this crocodile briefcase by Santiago Gonzales, available at Net-A-Porter. Though it may seem pricey it’s a true investment piece that if cared for properly will be with you for years to come.

When dressing smart it’s important to accomplish the look from head to toe and these patent leather derby shoes by h&M are just the ticket. Their simplicity makes them effortlessly wearable, and not only do they look great but their price is pretty great too.

a velvet dinner jacket and choosing one in an opulent colour will project a youthful roguish charm. Dsquared’s decidedly dapper forest green jacket complements a man with eccentric tastes. Accessorise with a bow tie and slim complete the look.

Salvatore Ferragamo breathes new life into the for the most distinguished gentlemen with impeccable taste. Flawlessly tailored for the boardroom and special occasions, this suit exudes will you in it.



No urban trendsetter would be complete without a pair of leather sneakers. First on our list is this pair by Common Practice. A classic design constructed of luxury fabric, these shoes truly speak for themselves. Because street wear shouldn’t look like it came from the street.

It’s about that time of year when the AC gets switched off and we brush the dust of our coats. So as it gets colder wrap up nice and snug with the help of this knitted jacquard scarf from Pull & Bear.

This look from Topman screams hipster from head to toe. If you too approach your style with an unwavering nonchalance trousers are a bold unorthodox way of introducing pattern and are cleverly offset with a monochrome shirt and matching bomber jacket, resulting in a pleasantly unconventional yet balanced look.

everyone needs a few good pairs of jeans, but just because they’re a wardrobe staple doesn’t mean their quality should be overlooked. Salsa is one of the leading denim retailers and guarantee style and quality with all their products. Their new eR-GO jeans allow for extreme comfort during movement with their relaxed a true revolution in denim.

Lacoste is famous for their lavish approach to sportswear and their Fall/ Winter 2012 collection saw them exceed their already stellar reputation. They mixed oversized outerwear with loose knits, proving style for comfort. For December we’ve chosen this mix media coat for the way it combines luxury fabric with cool urban design. Another favorite is this ribbed sweater with cocoon sleeves, a simplistic design with the ability to stand out without being overly brazen. FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER


We are now online...




Making its mark on the fashion scene is none other than FMH – Fashion Must Have – set in the Nakheel Centre in the quieter area of Saar. FACT heads down to meet the owner Stella Reuter.


espite being open for a mere two months, FMh’s name has already spread to fashionistas all over the island. A multi concept shop which prides itself as only selling labels that can’t be found in Bahrain, FMh is designed to bring in the newest, freshest brands to the island ranging from affordable to high end prices. After the successful launch of the same store in Kuwait a few years ago, Stella Reuter decided it was time to spread the brand to other areas of the GCC. “What makes FMh different to other stores is that the majority of the retail stores here are franchised, which means every one ends up wearing the same clothes,” she says. “In my store there are never more than three pieces per item and there is a huge variety of styles including edgy and chic, all designed for any body type.” Located in the upper-class neighbourhood by St. Christopher’s Junior School, the store is frequently visited and has a fantastic atmosphere. “I want FMh to be the ‘go-to’ place for people shopping in Bahrain. everything has been well thought out in the store, from the choice of brands to the Chanel-esque velvet hangers. I am hoping to bring in the concept of menswear as well at some stage. I also offer the service of personal shopping, where I bring clothes to a client’s house and advise them on how to incorporate new items into their existing wardrobe.” As well as the current services, FMh helps support local designers by showcasing one local designer’s products for a month at a time. “Ideally I would love to open a separate jewellery store but it is important to help bring awareness for local talent,” says Stella. “I am hoping to have the online boutique active by the end of the year so people can place orders without having to come into the store. I would also love to open more shops around the GCC, where I can adjust labels according to the market.”




Wonderful life! life! Wonderful Wonderful life!



FASHION inthe Home

Pottery Barn

Hits BaHrain A new high-end furniture and homewares store has opened in Bahrain, that has a rather unique story behind it‌




Pottery Barn

Hits BaHrain The upmarket home-furnishings company made famous by Rachel Green in US sitcom has now opened up in Bahrain…


ounded in 1950, the company is now based in San Francisco, California, but has stores around the world. In addition to the normal range of furnishings, Pottery Barn also has a brand called Pottery Barn Kids, which creates high-end children’s furniture and homeware. Pottery Barn featured in an episode of Friends, called “The One with the Apothecary Table”, where Rachel buys a product from them, but tries to hide its origin from Phoebe, who hates commercialised mass-produced products. Phoebe ends up changing her mind when she actually sees the store, and ends up buying a whole lot of their items! after the show was aired. however, even prior to this, the company was popular for its high-quality products, some of which we are showcasing for you today and are now available in Bahrain City Centre Mall. These Jewelled Mercury Votives are an ideal table decoration. The in the jewel-toned interior, creating a tranquil effect. They’re available in sets of twelve, with ivory or white candles.



The small ones come in amehyst ridge, tall plum, hobnail topaz or short garnet, and the tall ones come in orb sapphire, footed pink, hobnail plum or sapphire cup. The Red Mercury Pillar Holders are a perfect way to create a warm, festive ambiance. The tall candlesticks of mercury glass come in 23cm, 36cm or 55cm height, and there are also Pillar Candles of hand poured unscented to go with them. This elegant Collection is a great addition to any classy dinner party. Made of substantial nickel with a durable 10-micron-thick includes a salad fork, dinner fork, knife, soup spoon & teaspoon, and comes in sets of two. There is also Antique Silver Serveware, crafted of stainless steel with an heirloom quality. each piece bears the stamp of a descriptive word or witticism. The Benchwright Dining Collection adds a touch of country chic to any home. This solid wood dining furniture combines oversized bolts with slightly rough-hewn poplar wood in a hold drop-in leaves. Also pictured are the

OUR 2ND BRANCH IN ADLIYA Calais Chairs, which are masterfully constructed of solid hardwood and adorned with antique-bronze nail heads. Why not combine the Benchwright Dining Collection with these Jewelled Plates, across the table with textile-inspired gold swirls that curl into a jewel-tone background? Presented beautifully in a gift box, they also make ideal presents. For a touch of class in the bedroom, the Hudson Collection makes your sleeping chamber a cosy


by hand in a deep mahogany stain. The ornately patterned Victoria Print Bedding is embellished with artfully symmetrical botanical motifs on natural cotton and linen.






Time Unwind to

Recreation is just as important in life as occupation! This is your guide to


Our sly monthly round-up of recent Bahrain news FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER




Cucina Italiana Italian Brunch BD25 per person, incl. selected house beverages.

We back in April of this year, and we were thoroughly impressed by the authentic food and cosy atmosphere of the restaurant. So, when they contacted us with an invitation to a soft launch of their new brunch, we pounced! For those of you who don’t know, Cucina Italiana is a relatively new addition to Bahrain’s Italian dining scene, located in Juffair. The venue itself is an intimate and elegant combination of rustic red brick and artworks on the walls, with the interesting added touch of likenesses of Marlon Brando and Al Pucino carved into the walls! So, we know the atmosphere and the food is good, but how does this translate to a brunch, which is something of a Bahrain establishment, and which faces some very stiff competition across the island? Well, I think the best way to describe this particular brunch would be ‘niche’. Whereas other brunches are expansive and lively events dominating entire hotel lobbies or conference suites, the



Cucina Italiana brunch is a more cosy affair that you could conceivably take someone to on a date and not feel overwhelmed by the lively buzz going on around you. Of course, if you want to go there with a large group that is an option as well. They have a large table that seats around fourteen people in its own area next to the ‘Brando’ wall, and can accommodate smaller groups elsewhere around the restaurant. And the food? Well, they made a good start with this particular writer with an extensive selection of Italian cold cuts, from Parma to Caprese, Coppa, and Salami, to name a few. Though all are, of course, non-pork products, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference with any of them – they were all delicious. Though you might be tempted to load your plate at this stage, it’s worth saving space for the mains though. Alongside classics

like Lasagne and roasted Mediterranean vegetables, you also have less well-known but equally tempting dishes like a grilled pumpkin and sun-dried tomato dish, Italian meatballs, Verdure Alla Milanese, which is a dish made with breaded aubergine, and Creamy Dory Alla Livornese, a lively and If you managed to save enough space, the tiramisu is one of the best we’d ever tried, and the chocolate tart and lemon tart were both delicious as well. Though not a huge selection, Cucina Italiana does the dishes on display very well, and for a quieter and more laid back brunch, it’s a great choice.

Christmas Delights Everyone likes a Christmas treat or two – FACT manages to get its hands on a classic gingerbread recipe from one of Cake, to get you in the festive mood... Celebrating their 20th anniversary this month is A Piece of Cake, the oldest english bakery in Bahrain, which currently has two shops – one in Riffa and the other on Budaiya highway. Owned and run by Kim hijris, the bakery is an absolute delight and every product on the menu makes your taste buds go into overdrive. Make sure you head down to the Budaiya branch on December 8 from 9.30am to 2pm, where you are invited to sample the amazing goodies on offer. Picture mince pies, Christmas cookies and a selection of warm beverages. This December Kim gave us an exclusive recipe for our readers to try at home and surprise the whole family with. enjoy – we know we will!

Gingerbread Ingredients 180g butter 125g brown sugar 300g black treacle ¼ tsp salt 1tbsp ground ginger ½ tsp bicarb of soda Method: Pre-heat oven to 170*C/gas 4. Melt butter in a large pan over a low heat. Add sugar and treacle, remove from heat and stir to mix. Add all the dry ingredients and mix to form a dough. Knead until dough looks smooth (approx 1 min.) Roll out to ½ cm thick and use favourite Christmas cookie cutters to cut out desired shapes, (Gingerbread men, trees etc...) Bake on a lined cookie sheet for approx 20 mins or they cool. Decorate using royal icing. (500 grms Icing sugar and 3 egg whites only, mixed until smooth in a mixer and green for festive designs.




Amer Zeitoun This month, we bring you something a little different, as we follow the chefs of Maki restaurant under the watchful who is as knowledgeable about Japanese cuisine as


hough Amer is not a chef himself, he and his brother have been involved in every aspect of the development of the Maki brand, from the restaurant’s décor right down to the ingredients and recipes for each and every dish on the menu. This is why we’ve made a special exception to interview him for the Chef ’s Table, as we watch the trained Maki chefs create two of the restaurant’s signature dishes for us. Amer’s brother founded Maki restaurant in Kuwait ten years ago, and Amer joined the business soon after. From the very beginning, they set out to create a concept that was completely different to anything that currently existed in the region dining experience. To do this, they took their love and knowledge of Japanese culture, and added their own twist to it to create something truly unique. “Ten years ago, there was absolutely zero competition in

company’s use of the family’s olive orchards to bring in their very own home grown olive oil. “The olive oil comes from our family land. My family name is Zeitoun, which means ‘olive’, and our family tradition is olive farming. We don’t actually grow olives as a business anymore, but now we use the family’s olive oil in our restaurant business,” explains Amer. This is no longer that unusual in Japanese cuisine, as with time the Japanese have begun to increasingly use olive oil in their cooking. “We started this a long time ago, and nowadays the Japanese are starting to grow olive trees too, and it is becoming more widespread there, largely because of its nutritional value. Olive oil, especially extra Virgin olive oil, has a very high nutritional value. We’re going to have our own brand of bottled olive oil soon, and we’re going to participate in contests in europe and Japan.” As the chefs begin to create the unique dishes for us, Amer talks us

food,” recalls Amer. “There were two traditional Japanese restaurants

created is the Tarra 2 Maki. If you think that’s a strange name for a Maki, and not all that Japanese, you’d be right. Tarra 2 is one of the unique

Japanese, with lots of revolutionary ideas. We also had a unique décor, with the undressed concrete walls, like you see here in Bahrain, and people were fascinated by it. It was something that was inspired by the Japanese Zen gardens, which have this grey element, and my brother wanted to recreate that.” The “fusion” aspect is brought through the use of things like Middle eastern herbs and olive oil in certain dishes to create a

and was created by his brother and named after his niece, Tarra. Maki Restaurant has a tradition of naming new dishes after the customers that requested them. “If we like the dish, we will make it permanent and name it after the customer! There does have to be a standard. For example, we won’t put beef in a maki or chicken in a roll, there are common standards that we always follow. however, lots of people created successful dishes, and we have around twenty named after people, like Sana Maki, Bader Maki,

interesting element is brought by the



named after a famous Bahraini TV personality, and Noor Maki, named after a friend of his.” Tarra 2 Maki uses a traditional type of Japanese edible paper inside called Umeboshi, which is made from dried Umeboshi plum and has a sour taste, along with other more common ingredients like fusion element is given by drizzling olive oil over the maki. “The olive oil is good with this dish because oil balances out the sour taste of the Umeboshi, and this really ingredients,” explains Amer. The next dish served up is a classic example of the Japanese fusion cuisine that Maki provides, and is simply called Fusion. It’s a typical Japanese Tamaki, or hand roll, which is eaten like a sandwich, but it’s the ingredients inside that give it the international twist. “In terms of presentation, it’s presented in a small cocktail glass, which we use for this hand roll, and then you have the Mami paper, and then you have the French lettuce, tempura, avocado, crabstick, and the cucumber, and roe. And the most important thing is the mix of the sauces which Mami paper is a white pancakelike paper made from soy bean, which is a substitute for the more traditional Nori paper. “What we’ve found is that a lot of people outside Asia don’t like Nori paper, because so we substitute it with this Mami Sushi traditionalists might turn their nose up at Maki’s weird and wonderful creations, but if they do, they’re missing out. Amer and his brother are very particular about adhering to true Japanese traditions, but the unique twists the ‘fusion’ element gives to the dishes are fantastic, and work very well in each case. For any sushi lover Maki restaurant is something that must be experienced. FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER





Dragon Hotel & Resort Celebrations at

Muju Jazz Brunch Hosted at Muju every Friday and overlooking the azure delicious array of International Cuisine complimented by Live Jazz from the South African Lelane Fourie duo! The price is BD25 nett, inclusive of all beverages and takes place from 12PM-5PM.


Corners miss a moment of your favourite sports, comedy nights and great music. You can even test your skills at the lively new quiz night that has started on a Wednesday with resident DJ Stevie George!

Yamin Jana Yamin Jana Mediterranean-style Seafront Lounge is set on the azure seafront of the Dragon Hotel. A Mediterranean infused experience day and night, it boasts live Arabic entertainment and an authentic buffet on the table every Friday.



the Sofitel Although already featured in our New Year Countdown, we thought this event deserved a bigger mention. AFTER Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa has pulled out all the stops yet again to host one welcome in the New Year. The Al Nakheel Ballroom will be transformed to fit in with all guests will be invited to indulge in the buffet laden with international dishes. No event is complete without entertainment, therefore the hotel has made sure the evening is packed with music, live entertainment and, of course, the opportunity to dance away into the early hours of 2013. There are two acts taking to the stage at this New Year event. The first mention goes to The Xoul Show. This talented group contains professional entertainers, all the way from the USA, and are all experts in the world of soul music. Their tribute show relive great hits including My Girl by the Temptations, Signed Sealed by Stevie Wonder, Survive by Gloria Gaynor and Respect by Aretha Franklin. While guests can experience a journey of classic soul from past to present, they can also admire their precise choreography and awesome costumes. of the most talked about Michael Jackson tribute performers in the world. With over 20 years of experience under his belt, this man was born with a very close resemblance to the King himself.


Déjà Vu

The Restaurant... Indulge




Mediterranean cuisine. The chefs use the freshest ingredients inspired by the colourful multi-cultural heritage of the Mediterranean. ENJOY... One complimentary glass of house wine with dinner, Saturday through Thursday, 6pm to 11pm.

The Lounge...

has mastered every detail of the international like the original. Having had hit talent shows in many parts of the US including LA, he has also headlined the acclaimed show “The Ultimate Thriller” in a world tour, appearing in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine and now Bahrain! Tickets cost BD65 per person, inclusive of selected beverages. Make sure you book early enough to avoid disappointment.


Classic House


Forever Retro



Buy-one-get-one-free till 12am on selected beverages, with music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, old-school R&B and Hip Hop.


cocktails for the ladies.


Tasting Wednesdays






Chill Out Night

Let your taste buds explore and compare wines from around the world! BD 10 per head from 7pm to 11pm. with DJ Aaron Wolf (Mainstream House), DJ Jay (Drum n Bass) and Project synthetic (Breakbeat). 9pm to 2am, free drinks for ladies all night.

A chilled night of music, with Happy Hour from 7pm to 9pm.

EVENTS Join Déjà Vu for their Second Anniversary Bash! Free Beverages for ladies all night. Free entry for all! Dance the night away with some of the best DJs in Town! Ring in the year 2013 with Déjà Vu. Invite your friends and family over for a flavourful New

The Resident DJs... DJ Aaron Wolf





Upstairs Downstairs

Downstairs and make your way through the bar to the utterly charming twolike being at a private dinner party hosted by a friend, with an ambience further heightened by local jazz musicians performing on stage. International guest stars regularly take the stage too. The menu is eye-catching, with a varied selection of cuisines from around the well catered for. So drop in to Upstairs Downstairs and experience something truly unique in Bahrain today...



Ohlala! Fashion Soiree

Marking one of the Saturday & Wednesday

from is the upcoming event on December 13‌


BEING stylish parties is

Thursday & Friday

** 20% off all fo od and drink ** 6pm-8

pm from Saturd ay to Wednesd ay

the event will mark the beginning of a new weekly event taking place every Thursday after December 13. The fashion-inspired parties will promise nights of ultimate elegance and extravagance, with a number of wonderful surprises and delicious cocktails. Guests could win a weekly prize and you may even be selected as the Fashionista of the Month. The winner is in for a treat with a fabulous grand prize. The launch party will take place mid-month and starts at 9pm until 2am. A fantastic way to finish up 2012, this latest line of events is sure to find the inner fashion diva in you, where you can find your best outfit in your just for the ladies‌we all know you men hesitate to get involved. To find out more information about the page or you can drop the venue an email on This night will definitely be one to mark down in your GO:




Cocoon Lounge

Third Sanitarium Concert

December 21 brings the third annual Sanitarium concert showcasing some of the best rock bands on the island… THE Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Cultural Hall, Alumni Club in Adliya, will be your destination a few days the Sanitarium concert has quickly established local and regional bands the chance to showcase their talents to an audience. playing a variation of rock and metal genres. The

COMING UP... DECEMBER 31 - NYE Spectacular! New Years Eve is upon us, and Cocoon Lounge is gearing up for a New Years Eve Spectacular this year, welcoming 2013 with open arms. Apart from amazing music all night long Cocoon has many little New Years Eve surprises in store for everyone that comes down to party it up. DJ Peekaboo and DJ Alex B will be experience behind the decks both on turntables and mixers they are sure to give everyone a celebration no one will forget. The duo will be playing all genres of music in order to satisfy with surprises. Presale tickets are BD 5 and can be purchased at Cocoon Lounge, and the Juffair Grand Hotel Reception. On New Years Night Tickets will be BD 7.

Experiment”, which is a side project made up of members from various rock and metal bands in the Kingdom. Also participating this year is “Metaholic”, a band who made their debut last year and has a soundtrack for the local movie . The video of the song has also made appearances on a few music channels around the world. The third band is an upcoming talent “M.U.S.T”, who formed last year and have already impressed the audiences of BUD Live Battle of the Bands. Both Metaholic and M.U.S.T have recently competed in the Redbull Bedroom Jam. Following these three bands is “Beserk”, which formed in 2011. “The Hoob” will also perform while “Thee Project” will headline this acts, with comedic vocals dealing with the every day life of the average Bahraini matched with heavy guitar riffs and drums. The band has recently recorded a new batch of songs and is hoping to impress the crowd with their fresh new music. Gates will open at 5pm, where tickets for the main standing are are BD4 and BD6 for VIP. GO:


BD 12 Unlimited


Wine Night


Lipstick Lounge


Hip Hop & RnB Exclusive


Lipstick Lounge




Retro Night

Unlimited selected beverages for BD 12. Wine tasting for BD8 all night long. Complimentary cocktails for the ladies, free entry for all. BD 15 unlimited beverages to the sounds of Hip Hop and R&B with DJ Swing. Complimentary cocktails for the ladies, free entry for all. Sounds of Hip Hop and RnB from DJ Alex B all night long. Lounge and Relax with DJ Peekaboo.

Happy Hour everyday from 5pm to 9pm Special Discounts for Corporates, Military & Cabin Crew For information, call +973 3692 3233/3650 01114 FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER


Radio Bahrain 96.5 FM | Bahrain FM 93.3 | Shabab 98.4 FM | Bahrain Station 102.3 FM / 801 AM

EXCLUSIVE AGENT: FOR YOUR ADVERTISING: +973 17 564 250 | groupplus




A Health Tip from bnl Brushing your teeth too soon after meals can seriously damage them, warn dentists Many people brush more than the recommended number of times per day especially after a rich meal. Dentists warn that the extra brushing could be doing more harm than good. Brushing within half an hour of eating a meal or drinking a cup of coffee could ensure your teeth suffer worse damage. After drinking enamel of your teeth - and the layer below the enamel, called ‘dentin’. Brushing at the ‘wrong’ time - particularly can drive the acid deeper into your teeth, corroding them far faster than they would have rotted by themselves. It is concluded that for protection of dentin surfaces at least 30 min should elapse before tooth brushing after an erosive attack.’


Health & Wellbeing Your body is your temple, so worship it! Looking after your health and eating health food - a good pampering is just as important...





Aspirations one that demands serious dedication, determination and passion. Aspiring young professional golfer Dan Owen talks to FACT about game, his current of things to come.


an Owen is just 23, yet experienced beyond his years. Sporty as a teenager, he enjoyed football, swimming and even held a black belt in karate, but there was always the need for something more… this came in the form of golf. Whilst attending St Christopher’s School, Dan was fortunate enough to be introduced to the game, and from Year Four to the Sixth Form he became one of the leading players in the school team. Although enjoying the team aspect of the game he knew his passion was to play as an individual, along with all its challenges. After completing his A-level studies Dan decided that he needed a university course that combined his passion for the game with a solid degree. he enrolled at the University of Central Lancashire, where he studied Golf Management. Dan’s he decided to try and really make his dream become a reality. In four and a half months Dan example of how perseverance and hard work truly pays off. For those of you unfamiliar with the world of golf (including us at FACT), Dan managed to carefully explain his “Living in Bahrain has given me the chance to compete on two professional golf circuits or tours; the Asian Development Tour and the MeNA tour which takes in events in the UAe and Saudi Arabia.” Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, taking on new golf courses and adjusting to varying climates, as well as a hectic travel schedule. “Without a doubt the seven events in Asia prepared me for the second half of my season which was closer to home on the MeNA tour,” he explains. “As I competed in the region I found myself competing alongside former european Tour winners and



seasoned professionals. Not phased by this, Dan continued to embrace AMeX Dirab Golf Championships and recording a season’s best 65, 6 professional hole in one! Dan recently renewed his partnership with the Royal Golf Club as the club’s Ambassador, and with this he shared his thoughts; a professional; I am delighted to continue representing the Royal Golf Club next year as I compete internationally. I am currently developing a new training plan with my Personal Trainer Lullu Muralli next season. I continue to work with my swing coach Chris Kelby as we prepare for the 5th King hamad Trophy to be staged here in Bahrain at the end of December. After that it will be back on a plane to Asia to start the 2013 season – I can’t wait!!” Malaysian-based sportswear company ‘Crestlink’ has also shown interest in the Bahrain-based prodigy, for his debut season, and they’ve decided to continue their support of Daniel for another season. however, life on tour is an expensive one and further support is needed if Dan is to continue to work towards establishing himself on a main tour. Like any sportsman, Dan Owen has aspirations of his own. “I am more of a realist than a dreamer. I want to do something that I love doing. I have actually already achieved my initial goal of turning professional. Now it is more about becoming a ‘tour regular’ and making a living playing the sport I love. I owe my parents a great deal – they are a huge support and none of it would have been possible without them.” Dan left other aspiring golfers with this message: “Make sure you enjoy it personally. Don’t let anyone force you into doing it and have fun with it. If you want something, you have to go and get it.”

Barefoot Running Our Health Columnist is Craig Heslop, Founder & Coach of Tribal Fitness, who believes that a more back-tobasics and natural approach to living is the key to a healthy lifestyle… OVeR the last few years, barefoot running has become increasingly fashionable. It is common to see runners wearing minimal shoes like the Vibram Five Fingers, New Balance Minimus or Sketchers Mid Foot shoe. Some purists have even ditched their shoes completely. The big name sports brands have made a drastic change from the thick-heeled, supportive and cushioned shoes to literally a piece of rubber. Were they wrong to support our feet so well in the past? multinationals? The feet are an incredibly complex part of the body, with over one hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments, thirty-three joints and twenty-six bones. They have taken thousands of years of evolution to become what we have today. evolution never really intended us to wear shoes. The modern use of tight resulted in bunions, tight calves and a decreased range of motion respectively. Like a spoilt child, our feet have become soft, weak and overly protected. Wouldn’t it make perfect sense to return back to a more natural way of walking or running? Only if the change is progressive. An extreme change in foot wear and inability to transition slowly has resulted in pulled calf muscles, achilles injuries and stress fractures amongst some. Podiatrist Paul Langer explains, “We jumped in a little too enthusiastically.” Despite the potential dangers, I am a big advocate of barefoot running. It can improve one’s proprioception, balance, ankle mobility and gait. I did the last Al Areen

As I competed in the region my long I found myself competing alongside former European Tour winners.

progressively building up. It also saves money on footwear! Running barefoot in the sand has been particularly successful at strengthening my ankles and knees that have been on the surgeon’s table four times. Steps for going barefoot: * Make the transition slowly. Alternate runs between conventional running shoes and minimal-based shoes. Keep the kilometers low at the start. It takes at least six months to become truly comfortable. about distances or times. Do you have good posture? Do your feet stay underneath your hips? Do you strike enjoy your winter running! Craig GO:





Yoga better than

you think! Christal Dennis is a Personal Performance Coach and Hypnotherapist with a Masters in Psychology, Leadership Development and Coaching. She is dedicated to helping people overcome tapping in to their deepest potential...

Are you ready for a new TONI&GUY is indisputably the most powerful hairdressing brand in the world. Having the best qualified staff in the Kingdom, Toni&Guy methodology is to have specialists in every field, which is why Specialised Color Technicians are distinct from Hair Stylists and Hair Designers. All the Stylists are UK Trained from Toni&Guy Academy in London. The trained Art Director and Stylists spend time to help you make the right decision about your hair – providing advice and inspiration in a full free-consultation session. The salon offers the famous Balmain Hair Extensions, the only salon to have the highly prestigious label.m Hair care Products, and they also do only non-formaldehyde Kerastraight Keratin and Protein hair revitalizing treatments. Visit Toni&Guy at Seef Mall or call 1700-1700.



LIKe the bamboo which bends in the wind but does not break, its remarkable flexibility allows it to accommodate the forces of nature, and its strength ensures that it will not snap when gentle coaxing turns to powerful gales. This is only a fraction of what yoga can do for your body. Flexibility, among other things, helps with the prevention of injury, especially as the body ages. With strength, your muscle tone improves making your body look better, giving it a better posture and giving the body the power it needs for life’s physical demands. By stimulating the liver and activating the thyroid gland and several other processes, yoga also promotes weight reduction. The physical benefits of yoga are innumerable and have shown in many cases to help in the prevention and cure of diseases. Not that you should go and pay a visit to your local yoga teacher instead of your local doctor, but you may be surprised how helpful it can be as a supplement to remedies you are already using. When it comes to yoga, strength and flexibility is not limited to the body, but also extends to the mind. Time spent in different yoga poses, which at times can be perceived as uncomfortable, forces you to start looking at what you see as discomfort in a different way. You begin to be able to relax and breathe deeply and allow whatever is happening to just be. This is a very important skill to have in life. We can’t always change what we don’t like. When you can relax and soften your mind and body as things you do not like happens, this is when you have stepped closer to mastering life. You can change the way you interpret what is happening around you, just as you change the way you interpret the sweet discomfort when you stretch in your next yoga class. There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so - William Shakespeare GO:

fresh and festive Christmas has arrived with all your favourite goodies bought in specially for you.

Opening in Riffa Palms soon. Follow us on Twitter @Alosra_Bahrain and Facebook Alosra Supermarket Saar 17 697558 Amwaj 16 033773 Durrat 77 77000 FACT BAHRAIN DECEMBER




IQ The End of the World is scheduled for December 21 this month, with a night of partying, a b c

This month, FACT has given you a list of the best Christmas feasts and New Year Celebrations a b c

With the recent announcements of the winners of the Citibank FACT Dining Awards, our social a your say?

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FACT Bahrain December 2012  

Bringing you the latest from the island of Bahrain.

FACT Bahrain December 2012  

Bringing you the latest from the island of Bahrain.