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Beat the heat Chill - Keep Fi - Where to deals - summert - summer car care - and mufashion ch more...



The Naqsh Short Films Festival A celebration of Bahraini filmmaking talent!

JULY 2012 ISSUE 59 6/21/12 6:08 PM

S U M M E R Su rvival guide


Ramadan Round-up All the best Iftar tents and Ghabgas to be found around Bahrain during the Holy Month... (p.12)

PLUS Candee Beach Yet another awesome beach party from the guys who know how to do it best, with lots of suprises in store! (p.10)

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Mystro The

FACT talks to Bahraini rapper Hamad Al Fardan, aka ‘The Mystro’, ahead of the release of his new album... (p.28)

28/06/2012 17:41



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SU MMER Sur vival guide

JULY 2012



Beat the heat - Where to Chill - Keep deals - summeFit - summer fashion car care - and r much more...



The Naqsh Short Films Festival A celebration of Bahraini filmmaking talent!


JULY 2012

Ramadan Round-up All the best Iftar tents and Ghabgas to be found around Bahrain during the Holy Month...

6 Naqsh Short Films Festival! The celebrated gallery brings us a festival of Bahraini filmmaking talent!



10 Candee Beach Returns!

Yet another beach party from the guys who know how to do it best, the Candee Beach crew!



PLUS Candee Beach Yet another awesome beach party from the guys who know how to do it best, with lots of suprises in store! (p.10)

6/21/12 6:08 PM

Mystro The

FACT talks to Bahraini rapper Hamad Al Fardan, aka ‘The Mystro’, ahead of the release of his new album... (p.28)

FACT Magazine M.E. Bahrain Edition July 2012 Volume 5 Issue 11

28/06/2012 17:41

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22 FACT’s Summer

Survival Guide

As the weather warms up, we bring you our guide to things to do to take the edge off of the blistering heat...

28 FACT Interviews ‘The Mystro’

FACT catches up with Bahraini rapper Hamad Al Fardan, aka The Mystro, ahead of his new album release...





44 The Dark Knight Rises We preview the last of the latest Batman trilogy, and it is good...

42 Summer Cooling Tech

A selection of our favourite gadgets for chilling out this summer!



46 The 2012 Nissan Patrol Ali Driver reviews Nissan’s new flagship SUV, and it is beastly...

54 Sofia Al Asfoor

FACT talks to Bahraini fashion designer Sophia Al Asfoor about her new collection of stunning handbags...




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67 3

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FROM THE EDITOR Prepare Yourselves… WELL, here we go ladies and gents. It’s finally upon us. Whereas in Europe the winter spells months of misery and hardship, in the Middle East it’s the other way around. Summer is definitely here! An early heat wave in May, which saw temperatures soar into the 50s, gave us some warning of what’s in store, but that was just a few days. If you’re an expat who arrived in the region for the first time at any point since last October, then you have no idea what you are in for. “But I’ve seen some pretty hot weather since I got here!” I hear you say? No. You haven’t. High 40s to low 50s, day in, day out is what’s in store for the next two to three months. Power cuts kick in as the massive drain of a whole nation of air conditioners running on full power overload the national electricity grid. The air conditioners of cars across the country break down as the increased usage drains the gas coolant at a faster rate. You’ll never know fear until you’re stuck in heavy traffic on a mid-July lunchtime, and the AC suddenly starts blowing out hot air. It happened to me once. I arrived at my meeting looking like I’d just driven through

a car wash with the windows open! I’m not exaggerating. Even my trousers were soaking. A simple walk from the car park to the office will leave you dripping with sweat from the heat and humidity. The constant transfer between blistering heat outside and cold air on damp skin inside leads to the rise of the dreaded ‘summer cold’, more common in this region than the winter cold! Yes, you heard right, people get sick more often during the summer than they do in the winter! And for our Muslim readers, all this heat is combined with fasting for the Holy Month of Ramadan, which takes place in mid-summer for the first time in 33 years! Oppressive heat and abstaining from food and drink during extended daylight hours can be a dangerous combination if not managed properly. Lucky for you then, that you’ve picked up this special FACT Summer Survival Guide! We’ve dedicated the whole issue to helping make these blistering months as comfortable as possible for you, from indoor activities to advice for fasting in the summer, tips for summer motoring and even technology to help you stay chilled!

Tony Sidgwick Editor-in-Chief

My favourite story this issue Interview with The Mystro p.28-30 I’m always glad to read about hot new up-andcoming talent, especially in Bahrain, so it was great to catch up with Hamad Al Fardan, who is destined for great things, in our humble opinion!


News from the

FACT Penthouse

This month we welcome a new intern to the team, Alex MacDonald, who will be with us for the summer learning all the trade secrets to making a country’s favourite magazine! We’re sponsoring two events this month, so look out for us at the Naqsh Short Films Festival, and the Candee Beach party! We are all about the local talent this month, with an interview with a Bahraini rap artist, and a Bahraini fashion designer, as well as sponsoring a film festival for Bahraini filmmakers. Who knew that our little island was such a hotbed of talent?


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28/06/2012 18:03

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-B.A.K.E. @ Deja Vu (see p.73)



-Candee Beach @ Amwaj Marina (see p.10)



-Laughter Factory @ Intercon (see p.70)






10 TUE

11 -JJ’s 13th Birthday (see p.14) WED


-Naqsh Short FIlms Days @ Al A’ali Mall (see p.6) -JJ’s 13th Birthday (see p.14) THUR -Guru Josh Project @ Blue Dice Lounge (see p.72)

Short FIlms Days @ Al A’ali Mall (see p.6) 13 -Naqsh -JJ’s 13th Birthday (see p.14) FRI


-Naqsh Short FIlms Days @ Al A’ali Mall (see p.6)


15 SUN

16 MON

17 TUE

18 WED

of Ramadan, dependant upon sighting of the moon (see p.12) 19 -Beginning THUR

20 FRI

21 SAT

22 SUN

23 MON

24 TUE

25 WED


Bahrain Hosts a Festival of Film! This month sees the Naqsh Short Films Days showcase for Bahraini film making talent take place. FACT speaks to event organiser Mohamed Mashati about the largest film event to hit the Bahraini scene to date! Are you ready for the red carpet?


uly 12 will see the launch of the Naqsh Short Films Days Festival in Al A’ali Mall, in Seef. The film event is scheduled for three days and will play host to some of the best national talent Bahrain has to offer. You can expect internationally awarded directors, producers and actors to all be on set for this one! The occasion will be showcasing 40 previously unseen films to its visitors. “Nobody has held such a large film event in Bahrain before,” said Mohamed Mashati, the Project Coordinator. “We made this event to celebrate the national film industry and the talent that it holds. We wanted to do something different, so we are converting two of the shops in the mall into cinemas to showcase our new films. It is very exciting for us! People need to know that there is a very good film industry here in Bahrain, it is just somewhat undiscovered.” The event is designed to bring some much needed

attention and awareness to film makers in Bahrain, so that their talents are recognised and put to good use. “We want to make a buzz,” Mohamed said. “The festival will bring together the local community in appreciation of the talent on offer. It will also elevate the filmmakers to the limelight with the exposure it will generate. For us it is important to showcase these directors and their work because some of them have done incredibly well internationally, but because the film scene in Bahrain is still in its early stages, their work did not thrive as well over here.” According to Mohamed, they are expecting at least a thousand visitors to the event. “It will be a red carpet experience, so you can expect plenty of photographers. But it is not just film that we are promoting, we will actually be in the Al A’ali Mall for four weeks. It is only the last week that the film event will take place, and in the weeks leading up to it there will be a series



People need to know that there is a very good film industry here in Bahrain, it is just somewhat undiscovered.


28 SAT

29 SUN

30 MON

31 TUE



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28/06/2012 18:03



of artistic events to build anticipation.” The first week we see a series of calligraphy workshops held to help aspiring artists, and the second week there will be photography displays for local photographers. The third week will see a music production and the last week will be the climax of the film event. The event will also include a wide range of workshops for aspiring film directors which will teach participants how to produce and direct a short

movie, the difficulties that face directors, and more. There will also be activities for children such as drawing, weaving and ceramics lessons, so it’ll really be a festival for all the family! So if you are interested in checking out the red carpet, seeing the stars and watching some great productions, we would recommend a trip to the Al A’ali Mall this July! GO: The Short Films Days event takes place from July 12-14 at Al A’ali Mall in Seef. Visit to find out more..

“The rise in violence on our streets makes us feel there is no voice for those who condemn the violence.”

National Unity Assembly spokesman Yaqoob Slaise,

speaking about a summer campaign to combat violence and sectarianism in Bahrain.

Follow FACTBahrain on

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7 28/06/2012 18:03




BBC Takes a Long, Hard Look at Itself


Bahrain has scored a political coup by becoming the next country to host the top-level GCC-EU talks between foreign ministers from Europe and the Gulf. This is a hugely important event, not just for building ties between the two regions, but also for Bahrain, to show the world that it is on track to stability and peace again, and that it values its relationships with countries of the GCC and the EU. We’re looking forward to the prestige and the business that it’ll bring to the country.

Outdoor Working Ban Begins for Labourers


As one of the media agencies responsible for the grossly one-sided coverage of the Bahrain unrest over the past year, the BBC has redeemed itself in part by commissioning a detailed report on its handling of the Arab Spring. Surprisingly, their executives have admitted that, “We struggled initially to get the complexities across. The tendency of news bulletins to default to shorthand sometimes means it is more difficult to tell a complex story.” (Frank Unsworth Head of Newsgathering, BBC Trust Report, June 2012) They also admitted that to address this issue they sent Frank Gardner, a correspondent with significant experience in the region, to get a more balanced outlook of the situation. It’s good to see a news agency analysing itself for impartiality for a change!

Bahrain Plays the Diplomatic Host

It will come as a relief to a vast proportion of the population in Bahrain that the ban on labourers working outdoors during the hottest part of the day in the summer months begins as of this month. The ban was put in place following pressure from human rights groups bent on improving working conditions for labourers. Heavy fines are imposed on firms which flout the rules. Bahrain was one of the first countries in the GCC to impose the ban, but several other countries, including Qatar and the UAE have followed suit. Bravo Bahrain!

HATE IT! Zara’s Question of the Month:

Bikini Body or Bulging Belly?


got a little confused when I first moved out here. I arrived with the misconception that everyone lived in their bikinis 365 days a year and had an all-yearround tan. How wrong was I? While the majority of us are stuck in the AC all day watching our computer screens, some of the unlucky few are sweating away in the summer heat. I have come to the decision that we are the luckier half. I am set to fly home in just over a month. After months of


highly determined and dedicated training, my one cheat day every Friday has slowly multiplied and sometimes I find myself taking a sneaky peek into my fridge and stealing a considerable amount of my housemate’s Dairy Milk (sorry Fluffy). The ‘summer bod’ is in danger of turning into the ‘summer bulge’, and with my training for the London Marathon 2013 ever looming, how much chocolate is just too much? June was a pretty expensive and hectic month. Far too many of my

friends left, far too many of my weekends were wasted on the sofa – for these reasons, this month is set to be my quietest one so far of 2012. With my holiday just around the corner, it is time to reign in those cravings. I can guarantee that after my break back home, I will be rolling into the office after over-indulging on copious amounts of Haribo, pretzels and all things cheap, delicious, unhealthy and fattening. Watch this space – I may end up looking like my picture!


july issue bahrain.indd 8

28/06/2012 18:04

FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 9

9 28/06/2012 18:04


Catch, Neuter, Return!

With the move to its new Animal Welfare Centre booked for August, the BSPCA is making headway with its latest project… here is how you can all get involved.


ith a lack of municipal stray animal control in Bahrain, the number of stray animals is constantly on the rise and in this case, the situation has turned into a somewhat uncontrollable one. The only solution on the island, due to the lack of support and methods, is to control the population through an eradication solution. Until now the BSPCA has been unable to combat this due to lack of staff, funds and suitable premises. After recent discussions with the municipalities, ministries and the Animal Wealth Directorate, the society has finally managed to obtain approval to run the nationwide Catch, Neuter and Return project. So how can you help? Well if you complete a seven day survey of the feral dog population from July 3 to 10 and August 1 to 8, you can! All you need to do is supply data that can help the BSPCA form an accurate picture of where and how many packs are in the country. With the support from the Dogs Trust International, the public’s help is now crucial to make this work. All you need to do is, when you see stray dogs, call the number below with the location, the number and the approximate age of the dogs in question. Easy peasy! GO: Call 3643 4245, email or log onto to help out!


“T Dr ch be I

“ w wei Hus and was that ses wor

Dancing in the Sand at

Candee Beach! Marking what could be the last beach party of the summer, are you set for THE Candee Beach Bahrain event of the year?


f last month was anything to go by, then this will be a date that should be secured in your diaries with a permanent marker – yes you heard us, it’s going to be THAT good. Set once again in the vicinity of Amwaj Marina, this weekend will be packed with barbeques, ice-cream stands, numerous bars and tonnes of entertainment. Starting at 1pm this time, Candee Beach is pulling out all the stops to make sure you stay cool in every sense of the word. Now the summer sun is upon us, the last thing we want is for you all to suffer from sunstroke. So what’s on the line up? Well, there are six DJs, 11 hours of music, a fire show, Candee models, a live photo shoot plus a surprise designed to blow you away – bikinis and beach attire is advised! First up we have tunes from DJ Cossta, an urban DJ who is one of the musical geniuses behind the decks at Tabu. Renowned for his eclectic musical repertoir, he is a true follower of quality music and can cut across a number of different genres and complementing sounds – think Latin house, R&B and electro. The

Duet Rich Girls will follow this, also known for their musical ways in Tabu, and their music is best known as ‘party music’ which varies from commercial to progressive house with a touch of electro and techno. At around 7pm, DJ Cellantino will kick off the sunset hours and definitely be in charge of keeping the crowd going after an already good four hours in the sunshine! Headlining the event is DJ Joshua Roberts – one of the most energetic and exciting DJs around, he learnt how to mix at just 11 years old and has taken the globe by storm ever since. Radio One’s Big Weekend, Kiss Radio, MTV Dance and DJ Mag are a few names under his belt and there doesn’t seem to be anything stopping him! Ending the night is DJ HK Elias on the bongo drums so those of you still standing can drift off into the night with this artistic talent. Pre party tickets are BD10 and one ticket will also get you two drinks. Buy 10 tickets and get two free and if you are a group of ten, you can book a table for BD250 which comes with two free bottles! GO: Call 3777 9936 to book your slot.


july issue bahrain.indd 10

28/06/2012 18:04

In J inha nigh abo noti grea exe also inha kne

DBC Bah the ach time

DBC I co Tha for t it w des day wai


This we Exposed

British Housewife Loses 16.5 kg and Stops Using Her Inhaler! “Thank you so much DreamBody Centre for changing my life for the better.” I

“ wasn’t in a happy place with myself and my weight. After the Summer holidays my Husband joined Dreambody Centre (DBC) and I went along with him to have a look. I was offered a 3 week free trial, wow I thought that was really good. After my very first session I loved the workout and knew it would work for me.

Michelle Larkin lost 16.5 kg and 18.5 inches of fat from her body at the DreamBody Centre.

In January 2010 my doctor put me on an inhaler which I had to use each morning and night. When I went to see my Doctor after about 2 months at DBC he immediately noticed I had lost weight. This made me feel great as he had previously advised me to start exercising and to make things even better he also told me I no longer needed to use my inhaler. I was delighted at the good news and knew this was a result of going to DBC.

The Dream Body Centre is a unique place where you can literally get your “Dream Body” in just 23 minutes, 3 times per week. It is not a diet centre or clinic. You lose fat and tone muscle by training on specially designed circuit training equipment. This is called The DBC Guaranteed 23 Minute Body Transformation Process. This process will not put your health at risk, and has no harmful side effects. It consists of an effective fat burning process that works fast.

DBC is the best gym I have been to in Bahrain, I have tried many other gyms over the past few years but did not get the results I achieved at DBC in such a short period of time.

Just like Michelle, you can get your DreamBody too! To find out how the DreamBody Centre works, and how it can transform your body, call 17 582 982 now to activate your 7-day FREE trial.

DBC has become part of my daily routine and I couldn’t imagine my life in Bahrain without it. Thank you so much DBC for changing my life for the better. I am on the right road now and it won’t be long until I have reached my final destination. I am looking so forward to that day, I can see it in the distance and cannot wait to reach it.”

- Michelle Larkin This website contains a FREE weight loss report entitled “Body Fat Secrets Exposed.” Visit today.


7-Day Trial

Call now! 17 582 982 FACT BAHRAIN JULY

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11 28/06/2012 18:04



Ramadan Round-Up With the month of Ramadan now almost upon us, FACT has been on the lookout for the best spots to go to celebrate the breaking of the daily fast. With plenty of options to choose from, here are some of our favourites…

Crowne Plaza

FOR just BD11.950, the whole family can get to break their fast at La Mosaique restaurant. During the first week of Ramadan, the buffet will be served until 9.30pm, soon to be changed to 8.30pm afterwards. The Bahrain Conference Centre will also be transformed into a banquet hall where you can have your own ghabga from just BD10.500 per person. Call 1753 1122

Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel

THE Kempinski has a new restaurant opening for Ramadan in the Ixir Hotel, which will feature an eclectic array of Middle Eastern dishes, plus traditional entertainment. For iftar and ghabga, Baharat will feature live cooking stations, saj and tandoor ovens, private dining areas and a large terrace to enjoy Shisha in a tent under the moonlight. Iftar is BD17++, and ghabga is BD20++, with children under 12 years half price and children under five enter free. Call 1717 1000

Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa THOSE looking to spoil the family need look no further. For two hours after sunset, you can feast at Saraya on a wide range of delicacies including Manakeesh, Shawarma, foul and falafel stations. With the illusion of eating “under the stars”, the tent will be filled with the gentle soundtrack of Arabic tunes by local duo Majeed and Marwan. You will also get the chance to play games such as cards and dominos to pass the time well into the evening. Call 1763 6363



july issue bahrain.indd 12

28/06/2012 18:04

Sheraton Bahrain Hotel Ritz Carlton

SET in the elegant atmosphere of the Arabian tent Al Khayma, guests can dine at dusk with authentic Middle Eastern specialties prepared by Chef Marwan Slim. The buffet, which includes Ramadan juices, is priced at just BD18 per person (BD20 on the weekends) and groups or families of up to six people can sit in the privacy of their own secluded pergolas priced at BD250 each. There will also be shisha available until 2am! Call 1758 6499

WITH the slogan “Traditions are better when shared”, the Sheraton is definitely one of the places to be for family and friends to gather for a lavish selection of traditional and international dishes in the Awali Ballroom. Adults pay BD13.900, kids BD7.500 and little ones under four eat for free. Call 1753 3533

The Coral Bay Dragon Hotel and Resort THOSE of you living north of the island, or perhaps looking to be closer to the beach while we still can, the Dragon is hosting a traditional buffet with live entertainment every night from 9pm to 2am. Just BD12 per person, this is a prime spot for that ultimate sea view and delicious dishes. Call 1603 1111

WITH two venues to choose from this summer, Coral Bay is still holding its place in the ranking of best seaside spot on the island. Rayes will be decked out with a daily Iftar buffet and ghabga menu with a special tent set up on the terrace outside. All the Ramadan favourites will be there, as well as a special array of traditional Lebanese sweets. Enjoy the sound of the live acoustic oud until 3am before you potter off home, full and content. Call 1731 2700


ENTITLED ‘Bushra’, which translates as “good news” in Arabic, Bushido’s special Ramadan event is set to keep this restaurant as one of the most trendy in town. Bushido will be converted into a tent, designed for everyone to share the Iftar experience, where there will be a mix of traditional dishes and live cooking stations. Look out for some unique creations, as well as a selection of 20 Bushra creations including mocktails, labans, milkshakes and much more. Iftar is open from 6.30 to 8pm and costs BD12.500 (BD14.500 on weekends). Call 1758 3555

Regency Intercontinental Bahrain

THE Intercontinental is converting a whole function room on one of its upper floors into an authentic Ramadan experience which will boast a blend of the traditional and the modern. At dusk every evening, guests may break their fast with the delightful Iftar buffet served in the elegant atmosphere of the Arabian tent Al Liwan, overlooking the beautiful nighttime views of Manama skyline. Exquisitely prepared traditional hot and cold mezzes, live cooking stations, together with classic salads and desserts, as well as specially created Ramadan juices. Al Liwan is open every evening during Ramadan and Eid. Operating hours: Iftar from sunset and Ghabga from 9 p.m. Call 1722 7777. FACT BAHRAIN JULY

july issue bahrain.indd 13

13 28/06/2012 18:04

Happy13th Birthday JJ’s!



JJ’s celebratory slogan “Often copied, for 13 years never bettered” will be put up to the test this month with a three-day celebration in honour of its 13 years entertaining Bahrain’s party people. So what’s on the cards for this year?


irst opening its doors in 1999, JJ’s was designed and built in Ireland and then actually packed up and shipped to the island. It was the first of its kind to open in Bahrain, making it THE place to go for a genuine and authentic Irish experience, being literally imported from the Emerald Isle! Over the years JJ’s reputation has become one of the best in Bahrain. Evolving and shifting to meet the demands of its very vocal regulars, this hot spot is often treated like a personal party room! In a place as tiny as Bahrain, the importance of these locals and their obvious loyalty is undeniable – they are the ones who have made JJ’s into the venue it is today. The fact of the matter is that there is no atmosphere like the one in this Irish Pub. Vital to JJ’s success, the buzz is unmistakable and every weekend the doors are open and the venue is packed. This is the perfect place to drop in for a quick bevvy or two after work or perhaps a couple more to celebrate the beginning, middle and end of the weekend. From the extensive selection of beverages to a fantastic menu of traditional pub grub that is constantly being improved and updated, JJ’s has all the ingredients to perfect that typical Irish atmosphere. Birthday time for JJ’s means yet another reason to visit this joint in Adliya. Good news for you – this party doesn’t involve you bringing a present for the birthday boy… No just you, your wallets and your friends. This year is going to be better than ever with a whole weekend dedicated to celebrating JJ’s existence on the island. So how is it looking? Well Wednesday is the night of Rock Stars, where you can all dress the part and join DJ Mick



july issue bahrain.indd 14

28/06/2012 18:04

and the amazing resident band the Noise for a night of classic rock. Thursday, on the main stage, there is an evening planned with the theme of ‘School Disco’, so think fancy dress and old school tunes (you know the ones – the ones we all secretly listen to on repeat or sing in the shower….). Friday, some would call the unlucky Friday the 13th, is the night to celebrate in style – red carpet, men in suits and ladies dressed to impress. With a playlist of songs from all your favourite movies being played all night by the house band, celebrate JJ’s birthday in true Irish fashion. You can also pick up a promotion card and every time you buy a drink, you get the chance to win a special birthday gift. Yes that’s right, YOU could get a present! GO: JJ’s Irish Pub’s Birthday Weekend kicks off on Wednesday 11 July, and carries on throughout the weekend. For more information, call Siyana on 39329083.

The Man Behind It All…

What will make this year better than ever then? FACT catches up with JJ’s Proprietor Karim Miknas, a long-time guru of Bahrain’s nightlife scene, to find out more…

F: How are you hoping to celebrate JJ’s birthday this year? K: With a long weekend birthday extravaganza filled with great food, great beverages, great vibes and great friends. F: What will make it different to the previous celebrations? K: We have different themes and a hugely successful resident band making it a whole week of celebrations. The fact that we are having our resident band, The Noise, play such an integral role in the festivities means we can offer everyone different themes for the three nights. Everyone gets a chance to express themselves on how fabulous and unique they are as they will all be in fancy dress. There are, of course, theme nights for each of the celebrations. The nights are all about you – our dear and loyal customers! JJ’s is set to become a “terrible teen” with this birthday and we therefore want it to be cheeky and fun-filled! F: What are the hopes for the future of JJ’s? K: To continue to be the best night out on the island and retain the feel of your local pub. We have loyal customers but there are, of course, still new people who come everyday. All it takes is one trip to JJ’s and you want to come back! F: Why would you recommend people to come to JJ’s this month? K: We have the best band, best staff, a new menu and the Euro cup 2012 final with live commentary. F: What do you believe makes JJ’s different to other establishments on the island? K:The atmosphere and our refusal to compromise on quality – as every JJ’s fan will already know, JJ’s is often copied but never bettered! F: What special deals will you be offering for this year’s birthday? K: We will be giving out presents all week as well as special food and beverage promotions every day. Just because it is JJ’s birthday doesn’t mean that we will be the only ones receiving presents. Oh no! Everyone who comes on the Friday will get the chance to win some prizes! FACT BAHRAIN JULY

july issue bahrain.indd 15

15 28/06/2012 18:04


A Plus for Bahrain Radio and TV

Advertising is vital to media – it generates the revenue which goes into producing the programmes and publications that you all know and love! Therefore, it’s important to have the right people managing it…


edia supplier Group Plus were recently appointed as the exclusive advertising representative for the Bahrain Information Affairs Authority media, which includes Radio Bahrain, Bahrain TV, Bahrain FM 93.3, and Shabab 98.4 FM, as well as the Bahrain News Agency Website. Group Plus have, in fact, already been managing the advertising for Radio Bahrain for quite a while already, but it was all made officiall at a signing ceremony at the Ritz Carlton last month. So, what does this mean for Bahrain’s broadcasting media? FACT talks to Group Plus Bahrain Branch Manager Patrick Aoun to find out more… F. Why do you think the Bahrain Government chose Group Plus to manage the commercial side of their national TV and Radio channels? P. It was an open tender where anyone could have participated, but we won it. We can’t deny the fact that, after


representing the radio stations for the past five years, both IAA and Group Plus worked well as a team, which gave an added value for us to represent IAA (Bahrain and TV) once again. F. How will Group Plus benefit the national TV and radio channels? P. When it comes to radio, we have the biggest experience and database in the Kingdom due to our past five years’ experience. The results clearly show that radio has reached a level where it has become a must, being included in all major advertising campaigns, in addition to the big number of loyal clients who are committing on a yearly basis. All these things help radio to develop more and more, and encourage the radio’s management to always invest in new programs. We will try to apply the same strategy and to reach same results for TV, especially given that we have offices all over the region from whom we believe we will get plenty of support for BTV since usually budgets for TVs

are considered on regional basis. This is in addition, of course, to the local clients who have already been dealing with Group Plus for radio, or even for outdoor media campaigns. F. How much of the commercial revenue produced from the advertising is reinvested back into the TV and radio channels? P. Being the nation’s TVs and radio stations, and not private ones, we don’t interfere in detailed spending within the IAA, but as you know, since it’s not a secret after being announced almost everywhere, I’m sure that a big part of our BD4 million contract will be re-invested back into radio and TV, especially given that new programs have been recently produced to a very high standard. F. What plans are in place to use the revenue created by the advertising to improve the standards of the TV and Radio Channels? P. As mentioned, big and


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28/06/2012 18:04

surprising programs have been bought and produced recently, and you will see them directly after Ramadan. Moreover, Shabab Radio 98.4 FM will be re-launched soon, without forgetting the plan for Channel 55 (English TV channel) to broadcast 24 hours soon (it currently broadcasts from from 4pm to 12am). But for the big plans regarding programs, I prefer to leave the announcements for the right time because there are some big surprises coming! F. What is the strongest aspect of the TV and radio channels at the moment? P. Considering the wide coverage radio has achieved all over the region, especially in Bahrain, Eastern province of KSA, Qatar and Abu Dhabi, clients increasingly include it in their advertising budgets, because when they advertise on Bahrain radio they get a regional coverage. In addition, Bahrain TV reached third place in the last two surveys done in 2011 and 2012 by Ipsos Stat. Therefore, we believe it’s the right time to consider these two

mediums in any plan, since we are 100% sure that clients will get huge feedback from them. F. What is the weakest? P. For TV, maybe we can say it wasn’t heavily and aggressively promoted in the past, but as I said, things changed big time recently and we are here to continue positively this path of change and improvement. F. Anything else that you’d like to add? P. All advertising agencies, MBUs and clients are used to dealing with us in Bahrain and all over the region, and we always make sure we offer them the best medium that we believe suits them. We always treat them as partners, and in the most professional manner, and will always do so. We are here to serve them in the best way possible, and if we weren’t sure that Bahrain TV would be a hit in the coming year, we wouldn’t propose it to them.

But for the big plans regarding programs, I prefer to leave the announcements for the right time because there are some big surprises coming!

GO: For more information, log on to www.

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17 28/06/2012 18:04

Insurance Gets Intelligent with AIM! You’ve all heard of an ATM, or Automated Teller Machine, which provides quick and convenient banking services without having to wait in line to see an actual teller? Well, now Bahrain National Insurance (bni) offer a unique and innovative service to their customers which is just like that – the Automated Insurance Machine!

BAHRAIN insurance company bni boast an innovative service that differentiates it from practically all other insurance providers in the Kingdom. This service, the Automated Insurance Machine (AIM), makes the bothersome business of insurance more convenient for bni’s customers. It has installed specially built machines in several of its branches, which are similar to ATMs, or even the e-Kiosks that the eGovernment Authority has recently placed around Bahrain. The automated insurance renewal machines are located in bni branches in Seef, Muharraq, Manama, Isa Town and Sanad, and enable bni customers to renew their motor, home and domestic servant insurance policies in

an easy, quick and convenient manner. “This service comes as part of BNH’s directed strategic plan to invest in new technologies as well as branching out through crafting innovative products and services,” says Mahmood Al Soufi, Chief Executive of BNH. “This is, after all, a people’s business and we are here to provide our clients and customers with ultimate satisfaction.” The AIM is the first service of its kind in the region, and is the kind of innovative initiative that bni prides itself on. The Intelligent Insurance Zones, in addition to renewals, include bni’s e-commerce service – the first virtual insurance branch in the region - launched in May 2008;

the zone will serve as a one stop station, and allow customers to register their car with the Traffic Directorate upon renewing their motor policies. The service is not restricted to existing customer but also available to new and potential clients who wish to insure with bni and with total convenience. “The AIM is the product of our dedicated efforts to improve our customers’ experience with bni,” adds Motor & Personal Lines General Manager Abdulla Al Suwaidi. “We have always positioned ourselves as pioneers in the local insurance market, and now reaffirmed this position with the AIM.” GO: For information, call 1758 7300.

We have always positioned ourselves as pioneers in the local insurance market, and now reaffirmed this position with the AIM. 18


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28/06/2012 18:04

FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 19

19 28/06/2012 18:04

july issue bahrain.indd 20

28/06/2012 18:05


p22 The Summer Survival Guide




R E M M U S e d i u g l a v i v r u S all. Thanks to the blistering heat Summer in the Gulf is no fun at people tend to flee the country, and oppressive humidity, many y ose of us left behind tend to sta and things can get a bit quiet. Th ver, we om and malaise can set in. Ho indoors, and a sense of bored that way! Read on for FACT’s it doesn’t necessarily have to be s a bit more bearable… nth guide to making the summer mo

july issue bahrain.indd 21

28/06/2012 18:05



SUMMER Survival guide

Summer in the Gulf is no fun at all. Thanks to the blistering heat and oppressive humidity, many people tend to flee the country, and things can get a bit quiet. Those of us left behind tend to stay indoors, and a sense of boredom and malaise can set in. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way! Read on for FACT’s guide to making the summer months a bit more bearable…

The Kempinski Grand Take a Staycation… & Ixir Hotel Bahrain


e off f you haven’t got the tim go or just aren’t planning to n why anywhere this summer thein’s hra not check-in to one of Ba ni break? mi y ntr cou finest for an inseasonal There are some fantastic deals to enjoy…

The Crowne Plaza

What? In support of the Bahrain

Summer Festival, coordinated by the Ministry of Culture, the Crowne Plaza is offering a great value package for those looking to escape from the vicinity of their own home.

How much? Rates start at BD49.000 per single or double room which includes in-room internet, Health Club and swimming pool, a shuttle to shopping malls, a 20% discount in the restaurants, late check-out and special rates to the Lost Paradise Water Park. Why? Set right in town, this hotel is close to everything you need. With everything at your doorstep, need we say more?

BONUS: For the contemporary

business traveller looking for the luxury extra space, the Crowne Club Room is up for grabs at BD69.000 per night. Free breakfast, tea and coffee, and other amenities, this is set to make any business trip more comfortable.

Call 1753 1122 22

What? There are some

serious upsides to booking a couple of nights at this hotel – for one you are surrounded by some of the best shops on the island. With retail heaven at your fingertips, there is also the Pure Spa where you can get pampered to your heart’s content.

How much? To book a deluxe room throughout the summer prices start from BD59.000 and the offer lasts till August 18. Why? It’s modern, chic and

upmarket, as well as centrally located and with fantastic Bahrain skyline views. Not to mention it also has an abundance of eateries and spots to grab a drink or two.

BONUS: By booking this

summer, you get to enjoy the benefits of the ‘Shopping Passport’ and the advantages that accompany it. You also get a super-natural Pure Spa treatment of your choice following a consultation.

Call 1717 1111


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28/06/2012 18:05

The Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa

What? A unique experience at one of

the island’s best new resorts lasting until August 15. How much? Single occupancy rooms start at BD65.000 whereas the doubles are going for BD75.000. This includes breakfast in the Saraya restaurant, WIFI, kids club and pool, access to the beach club, pool and sports facilities.

Why? Beach and sea views, great food, a relaxing atmosphere... everyone is entitled to a treat or two! BONUS: Each hotel guest is entitled to

a 20% discount on ALL the spa treatments. So whether you want a massage, manicure, pedicure, back scrub….you name it, it’s cheaper!

Call 1763 6363

Have Some Me-Time…


tside hen it’s 50 plus degrees ou zzled, fra ng bei and you’re sick of p dam ht rig wn do and flustered of bit a for in the only thing to do is go e great summer pampering. There are som ies alike. deals for the lads and lad

Pure Spa

Head the Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel for the ultimate Turkish Hammam experience this summer. An ancient custom of bathing, uniting the four fundamental elements, this top-to-toe treatment will leave you feeling revitalised and detoxified. BD50.000 for the full treatment, including a full body massage, this is totally worth every penny.

Call 1717 1122

Ritz Carlton Bahrain Spa

Head to the Ritz for the Royal Citrus Experience consisting of a Natural Bisse C+C Vitamin Body scrub and wrap with an added mini facial. Costing BD75.000 for a 90-minute treatment and BD29.000 for 30 minutes (excluding the wrap and facial), this is definitely a wise way to give yourself some TLC.

Call 1758 6808

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23 28/06/2012 18:05

Do it for the Kids…


have t’s a pretty big shock to to ing ect exp me ho the kids at two be entertained 24/7 for to get e months straight, so it’s nic help you To ut. abo and t ou m the h some out, we have come up wit ideas…

Studio Ceramics

What? Perfect for the kids who love to

get creative, there are a number of different workshops taking place throughout the summer. In Budaiya, the activities are all designed to get the kids thinking and using their imagination.

How much? BD8 per child. Call 1759 9026

Tribal Kidz

What? Definitely one of the best

and most popular fitness crazes on the island, Craig Heslop’s wonderful concept is designed to prove that “Health is more important than fitness”. Here the kids get to play, explore, learn and improve their cognitive development. Healthy kids mean happy kids!

How much? There are a number

of set weeks with set prices – best to call Craig directly.

Call 3947 3710


Summer Festival at LPOD

What? Kicking off until July 18,

the Lost Paradise of Dilmun will be celebrating its first Music Festival, gathering different musical geniuses together for a great show. There is also a Campus Dance Showdown, where students will be showing of their dance talents, as well as a “Kids Got Talent Too”, where this in-house talent event will spotlight all the kids at the waterpark.

How much? Call the LPOD for prices – the park will be open from 10am to 8pm daily (Tuesdays remains closed). Call 1784 5100


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28/06/2012 18:05

British School Summer Camp

What? Running till July 19, the

BSB has three different programmes for different age groups. The Busy Bees for two and a half to four year-olds, the Multi Media Mania for ages five to nine, and the Superweeks Youth Club for ages 10-13. Busy Bees is designed for little people with big ideas. The Multi Media programme will introduce the children to Funky Workouts, Yoga, Creative Cooking and Arts and Crafts. The challenge for the Superweeks Youth Club will be to see how many activities they can pack into a week.

How much? The cost per child is BD130 for two weeks, BD70 for one week or BD15 per day. Call 1761 0943

My Gym Summer Camp

What? This summer camp is jam-packed with

half days of gymnastics, arts, crafts, science, story time, relays and much more! With its number one goal being a child’s growth and development, the camp is aimed at three and a half to eight year olds. This camp is also running up to August 30.

How much? Available over the phone. Call 1756 6566

Splash about at Wahoo

What? This month, Wahoo is set to be spilling out into Bahrain City Centre itself with interactive photo booths, perhaps grabbing a shot with the playful mascot Squirtle, and the first 50 customers will get free tickets to the Waterpark. There is also a Summer Camp from July 1 to 12, including baking lessons, trips to Cineco and indoor entertainment.

How much? 1250 tickets going for free! Ring for

more information.

Call 1717 7777

BUDAIYA & SAAR Tel:. 77177660

FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 25

25 28/06/2012 18:05

12 - 13 -14 July 2012 At Naqsh Gallery @ Al A’ali



july issue bahrain.indd 26

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p28: Hamad Al Fardan p34: Bahrain Beats p36: On Screen

The Mystro

FACT catches up with Bahraini rapper Hamad Al Fardan, aka ‘The Mystro’... (see p.28)


Stonemouth by Iain Banks

The hilarious new novel from the Scottish author. (see p.38)


20 by Pearl Jam

The rockumentary soundtrack... (see p.34)


The Dark Knight Rises The final instalment of the latest Batman trilogy, featuring the man who broke the Bat! (see p.36)

FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 27

27 28/06/2012 18:05

The Mystro

Creates a Crescendo with New Album Meet Hamad Al Fardan, AKA “The Mystro”, who reignites life and soul into the Bahraini Hip-Hop scene with his debut album, “I’m Back”, produced by local urban music guru DJ Outlaw. FACT’s Alex MacDonald catches up with Hamad and Outlaw ahead of the album’s release…

F: What inspired your journey into rap? H: I started about six years ago by writing lyrics. I recorded and played music in my house but I didn’t have any software or anything fancy. I did have a microphone, which I used to layer my voice. My biggest influence into rap was definitely Tupac. So as you can probably imagine, I was really excited and amazed that I got to create a track with Young Noble from Tupac’s group ‘Outlawz’. Dr Dre and 50 Cent have certainly made an impact on my career. Before I started with Outlaw Productions my music was very amateurish and rookie. Now, it is on a whole new level and I have learnt a lot.


O: We knew that Hamad had a lot of talent when we first saw him but I didn’t want to sign him immediately because I wanted to know that he was the right person for the music business and not someone who was only doing this for a hobby. We scouted him for a year and after he showed such a serious music mentality, we signed him to Outlaw Productions and started making his first album soon after. We welcomed Hamad to the label with five mixtapes as a way of saying, “Welcome and good luck.” My biggest inspiration was Tupac too. I really appreciate his musical talent and lyrics. Timbaland and the Neptunes are also some of my inspirations.

F: How difficult is it to break into the music business here? H: Rap has quite a bad image over here, partly due to how rap is perceived in the United States – they always repeat the same content such as violence, and so on. Over here, for example, kids would be heavily influenced, so the public perception of rap got worse. Now I feel that the music that myself and Outlaw have been making is a lot better. We have been very careful with what we promote and record. Just because American rap uses swearing and violence does not mean we have to do the same here - people just won’t take you seriously. This is Bahraini rap and it


july issue bahrain.indd 28

28/06/2012 18:05

FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 29

29 28/06/2012 18:05

is totally different and unique. This album is something that I am very proud of. I want to bring Arabic rap back again to put it on the map. And with companies now contacting DJ Outlaw, things must be changing. O: This album has been made to create a point. We want people to know that you don’t have to be in the States to be a successful rapper. You can do it wherever you are you just need the desire to do it well. F: What is it like working together? H: Well I have learned a great deal, and Outlaw has shown me so much. For example, I have learned to produce and create my own tracks to a much more technical level. O: I try not to interfere too much with an artist’s record or album. Of course I provide advice, but interfering too much can ruin a record. The album is the work of the artist and that is the way it should be. Sometimes tracks need revisiting and occasionally we switch some instruments around to improve the sound. H: We have made around 20


songs together but the album features 10. We were really careful on the selection process and instead of creating an album together with a few good songs, we made one that was full of great songs - songs that are all different in terms of styles and themes. That’s the reason the album took a year and a half to produce! O: We live and sleep in the studio. I have a studio in my house, next door to my bedroom, as does Hamad, so we are always working. F: What was it like hanging out with Young Noble and Young Blaze - the fastest rapper in the world? H: Young Noble used to work with Tupac when he was alive, and for me, having grown up listening to ‘Outlawz’ it is really strange now having Young Noble on my album. Young Noble has been around for a while, and he has seen and done it all. So for me that was very exciting, and as I mentioned before Tupac was one of the greatest, so working with members of his former group is awesome. Young Blaze is the fastest rapper in the world and has worked with people like Lil’ John. I

am really happy to be working with such talented artists. Young Blaze got really big on YouTube and he brought diversity to the album for sure. F: And your plans for future collaborations? H: I am working with a new UK artist called Rochelle. She is a talented artist who’s creating her first album at the moment. O: They are going to become massive together! H: In the distant future I would like to work with people such as Drake and Rick Ross – that would be brilliant! F: Tell us about the album H: The album is called ‘I’m Back’ and came out a few weeks ago. We want people to listen to the album because we want them to hear something new, original and Bahraini. And to buy the album to appreciate the hard work that went into it - I can guarantee that it will be worthwhile in doing so. GO: To see Perry’s work, Al Riwaq Art Space will be showing her series “Have You. Need You” from June 2.


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31 28/06/2012 18:05

Uniting ARTS

the People

Following the troubles just over a year ago, Bahrain was in desperate need of fnding solutions to unite its people once more. Zara de Haldevang talks to Dr May Al Otaibi to find out more about the Wihda Wahda campaign, which many of you will otherwise know as the ‘colourful camels’ dotted around the corners of Bahrain.


fter very much falling victim to abuse from international media, Bahrain has undoubtedly turned itself around in a very short space of time – especially in the art world. Dr May Al Otaibi, the Director of the Wihda Wahda Campaign, translated as “One Unity”, is a woman of sheer determination and will to make a significant change. One of the campaign’s projects, entitled Caravan of Peace, was first thought up after March 2011, when there was a significant need to unite Bahrainis, regardless of sect and background. Caravan of Peace, a name created to represent “the spirit of the project and to emphasise the eastern connotations of unity”, consists of 30 camels all designed and painted by a series of Bahraini artists and volunteers. “The incentive was to indirectly mix people up with different artists and helpers so that they integrate with people from other areas in Bahrain,” says Dr May. Each camel was initially designed on paper by about 100 students all aged between six and 12. 61 other individuals, aged between 12 and 18, then took on the task of painting the camels over ten days. Every one of the camels has its own story to tell. All beautifully decorated with individual themes and colours, many of them feature traditional Bahrain pottery, calligraphy, the Bahraini flag, national landmarks, sunsets, landscapes and Formula One. Made out of fibreglass


and protected with products to survive any weather condition, the camels have been making a continuous journey across the island. First starting in Sitra, they were then moved to Isa Town, the Mara’ree exhibition, the BIC (for the Proud To Be Bahraini exhibition), Adliya, Block 338 and now many of them can be found at the American Mission Hospital and in the Seef Mall car park. The campaign also reached out to the people of Bahrain through two competitions. The first was called the ‘Vote For Your Camel’ competition, where more than 15,000 people voted through various methods, including Facebook. The winner of this was Abdelrahim Mohammed

What started as a small-scale project really blossomed on its own and soon 50,000 people were talking about it.


july issue bahrain.indd 32

28/06/2012 18:05


Janahi for his camel Gold Wheat Ears (number 23). The second competition saw three Bahraini artists, Abu Saad, Balqais Fakhro and Abdulla Yousif, choosing number 23 for first place, 8 for second and 16 for third. Dr May added, “I didn’t expect there to be such a great reaction. What started as a small-scale project really blossomed on its own and soon 50,000 people were talking about it. It is not just about art - this is about people understanding the message behind the initiative which promotes an environment of camaraderie and fellowship bringing together Bahraini youth from diverse backgrounds in a shared passion.” So what now? With tremendous support from a number of high

profile sponsors, the camels will be put into an auction and sold for anything from BD5,000 to BD7,000. However, many camels are being sold to private bidders who want to ensure that their favourite camels do not get sold. The aim of the campaign was to raise as much money as possible for Bahrain’s fight against sickle cell anaemia as well as building a new care home for the elderly. For Dr May however, this is just the beginning. “Whatever I do, I don’t feel any personal gain. This had to be done and so it was. Now it’s about moving forward.” GO: To find out more about current and future projects, check out

FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 33

33 28/06/2012 18:05



CHOICE TUNES Pearl Jam - has it really been twenty years? Man, we feel old...

In Association with Virgin Megastore, Bahrain City Center

Grunge Rock


By Pearl Jam WHAT’S IT LIKE:

PJ20 is the soundtrack to their massively successful rockumentary of the same name released last year. The movie charts the journey of the band throughout their various album releases and world tours, with extensive footage of their live performances and interviews with band members. The soundtrack itself focuses more on live recordings from their tours - it’s a compilation of their most memorable performances (of which there was a wealth to choose from), and therefore represents the very essence of band, who built the strength of their fanbase from their hugely energetic and moving gigs. The album comprises no less than twenty-nine songs across the two-CD pack, and features such classics as ‘Alive’ performed live in Seattle, a rousing version of ‘Not For You’ from a live gig in the Philippines, and a moving performance of ‘Crown of Thorns’ from Las Vegas! For all Pearl Jam fans this is an absolutely essential purchase, but for any rock fan in general, PJ20 is a hugely enjoyable insight into the magic behind one of the most influential bands of the 90’s grunge rock scene! These guys are well on their way to entering the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2016.


Pop rock



Can’t Hold Back Anymore

Serve Chilled




By Peter James Esau

Every now and then a random offering appears on Virgin’s shelves, and you can’t help but wonder how it got there. This is one of those times. Peter James Esau is a Canadian pop rock artist hailing from Vancouver, but how his album Can’t Hold Back Anymore made its way to the Gulf is completely beyond us. It comprises almost entirely of cheesy, unoriginal and uninspired ballads sung in Esau’s reedy voice which attempt desperately to tug on the heart strings, but turn the stomach instead. The utterly predictable token reggae offering comes in the form of ‘Must Be Something Good’, which sounds like the whole track was produced using the backing tempo on a cheap synthesizer. The eponymous track, ‘Can’t Hold Back Anymore’ is a country-style slog which boasts such lyrical genius as “Got me all revved up, wanna pop my clutch...” We’re not exaggerating here - this album caused us physical distress!



By Kelly Clarkson

By Hed Kandi

Serve Chilled, Electronic Summer is the first of Hed Kandi’s summer chillout offerings since the last one way back in 2007, and it’s a welcome return. You’d be mistaken in thinking that this is a chillout album that makes you feel lazy - rather it perks you up and raises your spirits, whilst relaxing you at the same time. It incorporates an impressive range of styles, from breaks to garage, all in a sublimely ambient vein, some vocal, some instrumental. Highlights are an excellent remix of the ambient drum n’ bass song ‘Japanese Electronics’, by Commix, and the subtle garage flavour of ‘My Balance’, from Grimelock. Where do you want to be when listening to this album? You categorically, without a doubt, want to be in the sun, preferably at a beach club, or on a boat, but definitely by water somewhere. This is the perfect album for blissful days in the sunshine!



One of the American Idol success stories, Kelly Clarkson has nevertheless endured no small amount of criticism and heartache, much of which she seems to address with her fifth studio album, Stronger. The album was delayed for several reasons, the most serious being the leak of much of the material, around 50 songs, forcing her to go back to the drawing board. Kelly has pushed the boat out a bit more with this album - while it still has the pop-grunge songs that made her famous, there’s also a little bit of disco-glam with the title track, ‘Stronger’, and some country fare with ‘All I Ever Wanted’, and even some RnB in the shape of ‘Thankful’. Overall, the album feels exactly like what it is - a coming-of-age LP for a talented artist who has survived the meteoric rise to fame, and then the subsequent fallout, and come out the other side a little tougher, a little more experienced, perhaps a little more jaded, but none the worse for wear after it all.



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35 28/06/2012 18:05



ON SCREEN The foxtrot was always a tense affair during the annual Heroes & Supervillain’s Charity Ball...

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises D: Christopher Nolan C: Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine.


Eight years after Batman’s battle with Joker, after which he took responsibility for lawyer Harvery Dent’s crimes, forcing him to retire due to being hunted by police, Batman is compelled to return when the villain with superhuman strength, Bane, threatens to destroy the whole of Gotham City. But, most importantly, Catwoman is back!


This being the final of Christopher Nolan’s much-loved Batman trilogy, it’s already a guaranteed success, but this isn’t the only reason it’ll be a success. Perhaps most exciting is the introduction of the legendary villain of the comic book series, Bane. A psychopath of superhuman strength thanks to his addiction to the drug Venom, Bane must have it pumped constantly into his system to avoid excruciating withdrawal symptoms, hence the freaky headgear!

Bane is known in the comic world as “the man who broke the bat”, thanks to a storyline in which he cripples Batman, so the movie adaptation should be explosive! And then there is a return of Catwoman, courtesy of Anne Hathaway, which will have the jockeys of more than a few comic book geeks twitching with excitement. While it’s highly unlikely that Anne Hathaway can pull off a Catwoman better than Michelle Pfeiffer, we’re really looking forward to watching her have a go!


Redeemable for any film at any Cineco cinema

Answer the following question: What is the name of the actor who plays Bane in the new Batman movie? SMS answers to: +973 3655 8274 or E-mail answers to:



july issue bahrain.indd 36

28/06/2012 18:06


The Watch D: Akiva Schaffer C: Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, Billy Crudup

They instantly regretted pressing the big red button on the mysterious device...


A group of suburban dads who set up a neighbourhood watch are enjoying the status and respect that comes with it. However, their peaceful lives are shattered when they find themselves defending Earth from an alien invasion, which unfortunately for them looks like it’s starting right in their ‘hood, and on their watch!


This has all the makings of a family-friendly comedy with the classic duo of Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn heading up the line-up, with the added indie-comedy element of Jonah Hill (Superbad, Funny People), and the wild card in the pack coming courtesy of British comedian Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh). We think it’s important that you do NOT take this film too seriously - expect a pretty standard family comedy, with the usual chuckles!

Matthew McConaughey doesn’t get to do ‘sinister psychopath’ very often, but when he does, he does it well!

Red Lights follows the story of paranormal investigator and psychologist Margaret Matheson and her assistant, who are both cynics due to the fact that they’ve never uncovered anything truly ‘paranormal’. Until, that is, they begin to investigate a worldrenowned psychic who re-appears after a mysterious absence, and their research starts to turn up some terrifying results... “NO! For the last time, we are NOT the Ghostbusters!”

Ruby Sparks

Killer Joe

D: William Friedkin C: Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple, Thomas Haden Church

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: Killer Joe follows the story of Chris Smith (Hirsch), a smalltown loser who gets into trouble with some debt-collectors. In order to pay them off, he hires Joe, a County Sherriff who moonlights as a hit man (McConaughey) in order to kill his evil mother whom he hates to collect the life insurance money. As he has no down-payment, Joe demands Smith’s sister as collateral. However, when the hit man turns out to be a complete psycho, it all goes horribly wrong... WHY IT’S WORTH WATCHING: You can’t help but like Matthew McConaughey, in spite of the the endless stream of wishy-washy rom-coms he seems determined to star in. It is therefore great to see him get his teeth stuck well in to a darker role such as this one, and we’re looking forward to the results!

is an off-beat indie romance centering around burned-out novelist Calvin, who has serious writer’s block. Then he begins to write about a new character, who is basically his ideal woman. Soon he begins to fall in love with the girl on the pages, until one day she miraculously manifests herself in real life! If every boy could wish his fantasy woman into reality, the female population of the world would increase dramatically....

FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 37

37 28/06/2012 18:06




In Association with Virgin Megastore, Bahrain City Center


Stonemouth By Iain Banks


Stonemouth follows the story of Stewart Gilmour, a young man who returns to the small Scottish town of his origin, Stonemouth, for the funeral of an old family friend. However, his return isn’t appreciated by a local criminal family, the Murstons, who are the reason for his leaving the town in the first place due to a dispute over a love interest, and it remains to be seen whether the truce between them for the funeral will be upheld. Through his return to his hometown Stewart is hoping to find some ‘clarity’ in his life, which has been dislocated and without direction ever since he left. Can he survive the Murstons and reignite an old flame?


Granted, the premise for this book doesn’t sound like particularly humorous reading, but Banks manages to apply that distinct Scottish brand of dark humour that seems to be borne of laughing and giving an firm middle finger to grim adversity. It’s the kind of humour that sees a person dust themselves off after a brutal beating, stand up and say, “Well, at least they didn’t break my watch!” A central theme of the story is the mental and emotional coming-of-age of Stewart, as he reflects on his past life and where he stands B+ now, and this results in a philosophical flavour to the book that rounds it off nicely.




The Flying Man

The Art of Intelligence

Steve Jobs

By Roopa Farooki


The Flying Man centres around the character Maqil Karam, a gambler, activist, womaniser, thief and dilettante, who is the so-called ‘flying man’ of the story, travelling constantly from place to place leaving scandal behind him along the way. Despite his efforts to leave all responsibility behind him when he goes somewhere new, and therefore remain in a state of eternal youth, he can’t avoid the inevitable pitfalls of ageing...


A colourful and involving main character, Maqil drives the narrative of this book like a steam locomotive. However, sometimes it can feel like he’s driving it a little too fast, as seemingly significant events are skimmed over, and you can’t help but feel like you’ve missed out on a story somewhere. It almost feels like Farooki is trying to squeeze TOO much into the story of his life. However, one refreshing thing about The Flying Man is that while it is a book about a Pakistani man, it manages to avoid being “ethnically charged”. While the cultural background is evident in his character, his actions, adventures and motivations B are inarguably universal! Good fun from start to finish.


by Henry A. Crumpton WHAT’S IT ABOUT:

The Art of Intelligence charts the career of long-term CIA operative Henry A. Crumpton, from his beginnings as an inexperienced but eager and intelligent recruit of 22 years old to a hardened and embittered veteran of many campaigns. He begins life in the Africa division, spying on foreign diplomats and attempting to recruit Soviet spies, and the story moves on to his pre-911 hunt for Bin Laden, to the massive post-911 campaign against Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. He was heavily involved in the increasing use of drones and Hellfire missiles to accomplish various objectives.


For anyone drawn by the mystery and intrigue of the clandestine services, this book is a must-read. It pulls no punches in its criticisms of various agencies for not making enough resources available or holding them back for political reasons, and so on. However, it also gives huge insight into the clandestine world of the CIA, and captures a lot of the fear, excitment, and even frustration that many in B+ that world endure on a daily basis. A good read!

By Karen Blumenthal WHAT’S IT ABOUT:

After being given up for adoption and later dropping out of college, this unlikely techguru created Apple at the age of twenty in a garage with a friend. He was later stripped of his responsibilities in the same company that he himself created for being too volatile. Of course, he was welcomed back, as his business savvy and demand for perfection were undisputed, and his ability to create massively desirable products was unrivalled. However, it gives you some insight into the rare and unpredictable genius of Steve Jobs.


A book about one of the world’s most brilliant designers and businessmen can’t help but be interesting, and that is exactly what Steve Jobs was. You would have to be to successfully take on another genius like Bill Gates and win. Reading about how he did this is hugely gripping, but what is even more incredible to read is the dark side of Jobs’ personality the tantrums, the failures, the mistakes, the taking credit for other people’s work, and his countless critics. To many tech-lovers, he’s a god, but this book highlights his B+ human side too, and it’s riveting reading!


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p42: Summer Chilling Tech p44: The Lab p46: The 2012 Nissan Patrol

y g o l o n h c Te

r e m Sum ing l l i h C

y to technolog laxed c ti s ta n Some fa u chilled and re yo er help keep e blistering summ ng during th m personal cooli ! o months, fr ice cream makers to s system

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Summer Chilling

Technolog y


Well, it’s July , But fear not. and it’s HOT! .. as part of this month’s Su mm Guide, we b er Survival ri the best sum ng you all m er chilling technology available ou t there, to he cool for the lp you stay next co months. En uple of joy!

Lakeland Ice Cream Maker Available: Lakeland

The Lakeland Ice Cream Maker is a mustbuy item this summer. This Ice Cream apparatus allows you to experiment with new icy flavours in your own kitchen. All you need to do is freeze the bowl, place the frozen bowl into the Ice Cream Maker and then add your ingredients. It is as simple as that; you could be with an ice cream in hand in less than 20 minutes!

Hoover “Cellar”

Available: Sharaf DG

This beauty is the answer to all your problems. The Hoover HWC2335X can store up to 33 bottles of your favourite red, white, pink, and bubbly all at the same time! Ahh the possibilities...! We think the best thing about this is its ability of dual temperature control which means your bottles of red and white can chill together, on different cooling settings.



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Orbit Cobra Mist Stand Available: Manazel

Summer here in Bahrain can be quite sticky. One way to keep cool this season is with the portable Cobra Mist Stand, we think this little device is pretty funky as it produces an ultra-fine mist which can cool temperatures by up to 20 degrees. All you need is a bog-standard garden hose for it to work! You shall be sticky no more.

Orbit Personal Misting Bottle Available: Manazel

Breville Shake Creations Available: @Home

This personal misting bottle is fantastic for working out with. It works similarly to the Cobra Mist stand as it is used to spray water to cool you on hot days. This particular size holds 16 oz. of water and the mist system can be turned on and off easily, which means the bottle can be used to drink from too! The bottle is also available in 8 oz.

Everyone loves a milkshake; but why spend a fortune on them in town when you can make them as much as you want at home? The Breville Shake Creations has a double aerating motor which whips through the milk and ice cream for a super smooth, frothy shake. So are you thirsty?

Zoku Quick Pop Maker Available: Virgin

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker is ideal this summer. This gizmo is the creator of fruity flavours in the form of ice lollies. All you need for it to work is a freezer (no batteries required) and about 15 minutes for the transformation of your milkshakes, honey, and fruit to morph into delicious ice pops. FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 43

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Available: Major electronics retailers (Price: TBC) THIS month, Nokia seeks to blow both smartphone cameras and the DV300F out of the water with this, the 808 PureView. How, you ask? By incorporating a camera with… wait for it… 41 megapixels! That’s right! 41 megapixels! That’s more MPs than any digicam we’ve heard of so far, and even most SLRs! By way of comparison, the highly commendable DV300F only boasts 16MP. The pro-grade SLR Nikon D90 only has 12.3MP! Now, before we get too excited, let us first point out that, according to our in-house photography expert, massive megapixels doesn’t necessarily translate to massive quality. Sure, the level of detail in the images that the 808 takes will be fantastic, but you really can’t compare the 808 to a D90. For starters, the size of the lens in the 808 is tiny compared to the D90. It is, however, still three times larger than the lens in most compact digicams. And despite the huge pixel count, you won’t get images big enough to plaster on a billboard. However, the trick with the 808 is the sophisticated software inside that uses pixel binning on the super-high res images to reduce noise and graininess in the images, resulting in pictures of superb clarity. The camera uses the high megapixel lens to over-sample the image, and then pixel-bins to average the noise out across multiple pixels. This means incredibly sharp, detailed images, superior low light

performance and the capability to save images in compact file sizes for sharing in email, MMS and on social networks. In most shooting modes, the camera actually puts out 3, 5 or 8MP images, to save space on the memory card. However, this can be adjusted to up to 39MP, depending on the type of shot you want. Thanks to the in-built camera, the PureView is more bulky than most smartphones out there, but it’s still amazingly compact for a phone with a camera of this capability. As a smartphone it has a decent list of specs, with 16GB of built-in memory, expandable to 32GB or 48GB, and HDMI and DLNA outputs, NFC and Wi-Fi technology. It also has a good map service with guidance for over 100 countries. Overall, the 808 PureView successfully combines a smartphone with a high-quality digital image capture, and we can safely say that there is no phone out there, and possibly no digicam, that will take better photos. However, don’t be fooled into thinking it beats a decent digital SLR camera.



“Of course, the first thing we do is mess around with the camera, and the results are incredible for an in-phone camera!”

“If you take a lot of pictures when you’re out and about, but don’t want to carry a camera, the 808 PureView does a very good job of being both your digital camera and your smartphone.”

Very impressed




“Well, it’s not much to look at, and bulky.”

“As a smartphone alone, it’s not all that, with limited features compared to rivals.”



-Takes amazing pictures -Wi-Fi connectivity.


-A bit bulky -Not as many features as other smartphones



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CELLUON MAGIC CUBE Available: Coming Soon (Price: TBC)


THIS month we bring you one of the most instantly impressive and futuristic gadgets we’ve ever seen! The Celluon Magic Cube is a fantastic Bluetooth device that projects a virtual keyboard and mouse on to your desk, and then uses infra-red sensors to detect your finger movements to translate your typing on to the device it’s paired with. It can connect wirelessly with iPads, iPhones or even PCs via USB, and is set up within minutes. You simply enable Bluetooth on your device, which will detect the keyboard. You then pair them up, and presto! The keyboard looks fantastic, with all the keys and letters outlined in red with a laser projector, and is clearly visible even in a brightly lit room. Switching between the keyboard and mouse is very simple, with a tap of two keys, but the drawback is that you can’t use both at the same time. It’s a visually appealing gadget, with great “Wow” factor, and will impress anyone within a ten foot radius when you pull it out of your bag and start using it with your iPad. Expect lots of “Oohs” and “Aahs” and interested questions. However, once you get over the initial excitement, that’s when the problems start to arise. First off is the typing efficiency.

Happiest human ever

While typing on the Magic Cube’s virtual keyboard is much easier than typing on an iPhone, it’s no way near as responsive and precise as a normal keyboard. Touch-typing at normal speeds simply doesn’t work. You also have to type in a strange fashion that you won’t be comfortable with until you get used to it. When you touch-type normally, your fingers are spread across the keyboard more, and you press each key with the flat tips of your finger. If you do this with the Magic Cube, it gets confused, so you have to type with the very end tips of your fingers, and tap each letter quite

MAGIC CUBE EXPERIENCE-METER “Wow, it’s so cool, it makes the virtual keyboard right on the desk! This is the future people!” “While it does beat typing text with your fingers on an iPhone, it’s no way near as efficient as a normal keyboard, but it’s a great sign of things to come.”

Very impressed


soundly to make it work, which doesn’t exactly allow for letting your fingers fly across the keyboard! However, once you do get used to it, you can type reasonably fast. The next major gripe is the battery life. 2.5 hours is what they claim, which itself isn’t too impressive. However, given that this will also deteriorate with time, it will become bothersome having to recharge it all the time. This gadget is important in that it’s the first of its kind to hit the retail market, and is a good sign of things to come. We love futuristic devices like this, but for the time being, we’ll wait to see how it develops.

“The device is very compact, taking up barely any room on the desk, and it’s set up with the minimum of fuss.”



“Ah, well, the typing experience isn’t topnotch. You can’t type at a usual touch-typing speed without the text coming out wrong.”



-Very compact -Great “Wow” factor


-Typing efficiency isn’t great -Short battery life


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“The new Nissan Patrol could actually be the “Cruiser-killer” they intended it to be!” Our Mystery Motoring Expert, Ali Driver, was thoroughly impressed by the 2012 Nissan Patrol.


o story of the Nissan Patrol could be complete without mention of its bitter struggle against the Toyota Land Cruiser. It is what has defined both cars throughout the years. Both SUVs are firm favourites in their class in the Middle East, and have been for decades, but the Land Cruiser has always pulled ahead of the Patrol in terms of sales, which has proven enormously frustrating for Nissan. Therefore, it is the Land Cruiser that Nissan has firmly in its sights with the new Patrol – they’ve thrown everything into making this the ‘Cruiser-killer’, and it shows. The levels of luxury and performance in the 2012 Patrol all indicate that Nissan are pulling no punches in their efforts to finally dominate the Cruiser. And this monumental effort is exactly what it will take to beat them. Land Cruiser has long been the word in off-road comfort and performance. Take any trip to Dubai, and the tour vehicles whipping giddy tourists across the sand dunes are invariably Land Cruisers. The Land Cruiser is not the best at any one thing, but it has always been the best at providing an all-round package – comfort, reliability, performance, and affordability (relative to more premium badges).


If you want a decent analogy, think Coca Cola and Pepsi – they’re essentially the same product, but for some reason, no matter how much money Pepsi throw at the problem, they just can’t seem to reach that magic number of sales that will see them outsell Coca Cola. This particular duel between Nissan and Toyota has a great deal of relevance for us here in the Gulf, because it is here that it is mostly being fought, and it is here that these cars are built for. Sure, they sell well in Australia, but in terms of market share, the Gulf is extremely important for both models. Again, gaze at the sand dunes of any place in the Emirates,

and it is Land Cruisers and Patrols that you’ll see. We just can’t get enough of ‘em! So, in terms of this bitter rivalry, does the new Nissan Patrol represent a real possibility for Nissan to finally conquer the Land Cruiser? Well, this question is not so easy to answer, because, like Coca Cola and Pepsi, they’re essentially the same product. Both are flagship large-sized Japanese SUVs. Both are luxurious, and yet perform extremely well off-road, and both are in the same ballpark in terms of price. So, in order answer our allconsuming question, we’re really going to have to get down to the nitty gritty – the devil is in the


july issue bahrain.indd 46

28/06/2012 18:06


details! First impressions, however, are very good for the Nissan. This is largely thanks to the fact that we were driving the top-of-therange LE spec Patrol, which is absolutely choc-full of fantastic gadgetry and features. In fact, it is so luxurious, with every surface covered in plush padded leather and chrome finishing, that it’s almost in danger of making the Infiniti QX, with which it shares a base, a bit redundant! With the LE you’ll get an in-dash entertainment system with USB iPod connectivity and a 3GB hard drive, intelligent cruise control, blind spot warning and intervention, lane departure warning and intervention, and adjustable 4WD with terrain select. It also features Nissan’s highly impressive all-round-view reverse camera, previously only seen on their Infiniti luxury marque, which also comes in handy in tight situations when you’re off-roading, as you can see the ground all round the car and therefore avoid unseen obstacles. It’s especially useful given the colossal size of the Patrol. And it is colossal – bigger in every dimension than the Land Cruiser, which translates to masses of room inside – it’ll comfortably seat seven large adults, even in the third row, and eight at a push, if you put three right at the back. And when you’re behind the wheel, it feels every bit as big as it is – you sit very high,

and the dimensions become all the more apparent when you’re trying to navigate it through narrow streets (which is again when the all-roundview camera comes in really handy!). However, the surprising thing is that this does not translate to poor on-road performance. Thanks to Nissan’s impressive Hydraulic Body Motion Control system (which doesn’t come as standard on lowspec models), the Patrol displays an agility that belies its massive size and weight. It works to improve handling and mitigate roll when cornering so that despite its size, it doesn’t wallow and sway when you throw it around a bit, and it corners pretty sharply. So far, so VERY good! Things only get better off-road though (but isn’t that always the case with me?). The power and traction control did a good job of crawling up rocky inclines with ease, but then, in a car like this we wouldn’t expect any less. The real test for me was how well this behemoth did on soft sand dunes. After all, this is largely what it’ll be used for in the region. And the verdict is: Excellent! The 4WD selector is very easy to use. Just turn it to select either four high, four low or differential lock (some of these you’ll have to stop the car and put it in neutral to select). And the terrain selector works with the push of a button,

It is so luxurious, with every surface covered in plush padded leather and chrome finishing, that it’s almost in danger of making the Infiniti QX, with which it shares a base, a bit redundant!

FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 47

47 28/06/2012 18:06

TECHNOLOGY where you can select sand, rocks, mud, and so on. As you can see from the images, nothing we attempted in the Patrol even caused it to break a sweat. We drove it into the softest sand we could find, and turned the wheel sharply to really churn it up (the cardinal sin in driving on soft sand, as it causes the vehicle to slow and the wheels to dig in). The huge amounts of power and torque from the 5.6l V8 pulled the hulking vehicle through all challenges. The sophisticated traction control controls wheel spin and stops the Patrol burying itself in the sand. This could be a little annoying when you wanted to pick up speed, because when you put your foot down, the Patrol intervenes to power over the sand rather than dig in. This meant that we had to switch off the traction control to get the awesome sand flinging images you see here on these pages. It just wouldn’t do it otherwise! However, even with the traction control off, the Patrol powered through all the sand we pointed it at. It simply owned it! To summarise, the Nissan Patrol does exactly what it was designed to do, and it does it very well. It’s supremely comfortable and surprisingly agile on the road (as long as you have the Hydraulic Body Motion Control system), and hugely capable and comfortable off-road. It handles sand like a dream, and has enough power to get out of most sticky situations. It’ll ferry wealthy Saudis, Emiratis and big-spending European tourists across the most daunting of desert sand dunes in the utmost comfort and luxury, and it won’t get stuck (much). It’s big, and it’s brawny, and it’s three grand cheaper than a Land Cruiser. Can it be? Have Nissan finally created the ‘Cruiser-killer’? I think they just might have! It does remain to be said, though, that Toyota haven’t significantly re-vamped the Land Cruiser since 2008, almost four years ago now. They’ve released their 2013 model, so Nissan is safe for this year, but you can almost guarantee that now that the new Patrol has hit the market and they’ve had a good look at it, they’ll be frantically scribbling away on plans for a revamped 2014 model aimed at trumping it. For that, however, we will have to wait and see!


“Passing the most important test, the Nissan absolutely dominated the dunes of Sakhir!”

“A hugely luxurious interior, complete with Infiniti’s all-round reverse camera...”


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Nissan Patrol LE


Wheelbase (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm)

Height (mm) Weight (kg) Seats

Keyless entry & start Reverse Camera Terrain selector

Driver assistance

Price (BD) Score

5.6l V8 (400hp – 560Nm) 3,075 5140 1995 1940 2785 8 Yes All-round camera view Yes Hydraulic Body Motion Control, Intelligent Cruise Control, Blind Spot and Lane Departure Warning and Intervention, Hill Descent Control 30,000 10/12

Who is Ali Driver?

Land Cruiser VXR

5.7l V8 (381hp – 543Nm) 2850 4950 1970 1880 2615 8 Yes Rear-view camera Yes CRAWL off-road cruise control, Off-Road Turn Assist, multi-terrain ABS, Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System, Dynamic Cruise Control, Hill Descent Control 32,900 6/12

1. He lives in Bahrain and says he grew up on the streets of Muharraq, but we think he’s actually from a rich family in Saar, and won’t admit it. 2. He says his car skills are all self-taught, but we’re sure we’ve seen a course certificate from the BIC on his wall. 3. He drives cars better than anyone we know (but don’t ever tell him). 4. He claims to be able to change a regular car tyre in under 4 minutes, but we’re sure that’s only when his wife helps him. FACT BAHRAIN JULY

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Car Tips foerr! the Summ

Buy a windscreen sun shield!


As the blazing sun shines through the windscreen of your car, the vehicle basically acts like a greenhouse, absorbing heat but not letting it out. You’ll find this out the hard way when you open your door and get that blast of escaping hot air in the face. Plus, everything inside your car, including the steering wheel, dashboard, gear lever and seatbelt buckle will have become hot enough to burn your hands when you touch them! Even after you manage to turn the AC on and begin driving, the heat from the dashboard will continue to radiate out into the car for a long time after you set off, prolonging your discomfort. Most of the sun’s heat is absorbed into a car through the windscreen and rear window, as these are the


ones most tilted towards the sky. A windscreen sun shield shades the dashboard and stops it getting so hot, but the most effective type is the metallic shiny one that you can hold in place against the screen with the sun visors, as this type of shield reflects a lot of the sun’s heat back out of the car. Combine this with cracking a window slightly to let trapped heat out – it makes a huge difference They’re around BD2, and can be found in any petrol station or car accessories shop. For something so cheap, it’s probably one of the best investments you’ll make this summer!

Get your tyres checked!

This advice is sound at any time of the year, but believe us; the last thing you want to be doing at 2pm on a hot day in mid-July is changing a wheel! It’s also a good idea because the temperature extremes will cause the tyres to expand and contract, increasing wear.



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Drive carefully at sundown!

This advice is specific to the Holy Month of Ramadan. While most Muslims will be working Ramadan hours and will therefore be home long before sundown, there are more than a few who, for various reasons, don’t have this luxury. Therefore, at around 5 or 6pm, they’re understandably extremely anxious to get home and break fast with their families, which can sometimes lead them to be somewhat, shall we say, “over-enthusiastic” on their journey home! Combined with a low blood sugar and dehydration from their fast, their concentration can be a bit impaired, so have an extra care when driving around Iftar. On the plus side, there’ll be barely any traffic around then, so enjoy!



Get your AC serviced!

In the hot months, you’ll use your AC a lot more than the rest of the year, which drains the gas coolant more quickly. This means that it often runs out right when you don’t want it to, i.e. in busy traffic on the hottest day of the year. Trust us, it has happened to us, so make sure it’s all topped up!

Don’t leave your mobile/iPod in the car!

A common mistake made by thousands of unlucky motorists every year – you plug your iPod in for the drive to work, and then forget to take it with you when you go into the office, leaving it in the cup holder of the centre console. Leaving your iPhone or MP3 player in the car in the blazing summer sun even for only a couple of hours can be catastrophic to the device. At the very least, when you get in you’ll get a warning message when you try to turn on your iPhone saying “Device too hot. Let it cool before switching on.” In this case, you’re lucky if none of the data has been damaged. At the very worst, you get into your car and pick up the device to find that awful telltale crack right down the screen. The heat has made the components expand until the innards have cracked, and your gadget is no more! Ok, so this might not actually happen to your iPod, but the end result is the same! FACT BAHRAIN JULY

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51 28/06/2012 18:07

“Multiple “Multiple themes, themes, Multiple Multiple Choice” Choice” 1759 3993 FACT BAHRAIN JULY 52 3993 1759 july issue bahrain.indd 52

image is everything image is everything 28/06/2012 18:07



p54: Sophia Al Asfoor! p57: Hot Summer Trends

S o p h i a Al Asfoor



TRENDS FOR THE SEASON Some fantastic summer looks for the hot months ahead...

FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 53

53 28/06/2012 18:07

Leading L Fashion’ s Leading Lady


In the fashion world, young talent is emerging faster than we can keep track of it! Sofia Al Asfoor is the latest young entrepreneur and designer to break into the market across the Gulf. FACT has a chat with her to find out more about her collections and hopes for the future.


ofia Al Asfoor is just 24. Determined, passionate and no stranger to the world of creativity, this young lady restores your faith in the younger generation. It hasn’t been an easy road for this entrepreneur though. Like most careers and taking the chance to follow your dream, Sofia started from scratch and now has a wealth of experience under her belt to show for it. “After growing up in Bahrain, I attended local schools that didn’t offer any art or opportunities for creativity,” recalls Sofia. “Being inspired by my idol my father Mohamed Al Asfoor, I tried to learn from him. He gave me the opportunity to travel and attend universities around the world until I found my true passion.” After finishing her education on the island, she completed an Art and Design foundation course at Kingston University in the UK, before travelling on to Milan to


study Womenswear and Textiles. Sofia also travelled to New York, where she completed a semester of Design and Management at Parsons before ending up at the London College of Fashion. It was at LCF that she discovered her true calling in leather good and handbags. “I have been working on my products since my year at LCF in 2009 and decided to take the step of going ahead with opening my company last November. I attended the entrepreneurship program with UNIDO (United Nations) at the start of this decision and it has been a rollercoaster ride ever since.” Sofia’s company, called ‘Sofia Al Asfoor’, is truly unique for Bahrain. With designs that she has personally created herself, her idea stems from that of a Selfridges display and the art of origami and architecture. Each of the products bears the trademark design of a 3D pyramid, and “are created to

act as a shield of protection for empowering women in today’s high-pressure world.” The Classic Shield Collection will be launching in Saks Fifth Avenue after Ramadan. The Exotic Shield Collection is strictly madeto-order and comprimises strictly of bespoke designs made with certified exotic leathers of ostrich and crocodile lined with lambskin leather. Having spent two months finding the perfect manufacturer to make her designs, Sofia is adamant to make her dream a reality. “I would say my sense of style is ‘forward with appreciation for the past’, and I like to channel what most would describe as ‘edgy’, but for me it represents originality. I suppose that’s why I love vintage and heritage too, for its detail and authenticity. Power is how a woman chooses to present herself, and her style ultimately defines that power.” GO: Sofia’s bags can be seen on


july issue bahrain.indd 54

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Dress by KATAYOONLONDON Photographer Ra’ed Qutena Hair and Makeup by Zizi FACT BAHRAIN JULY


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28/06/2012 18:07


Premium every day. Follow us on Twitter @Alosra_Bahrain and Facebook Alosra Supermarket Saar 17 697558 Amwaj 16 033773 Durrat 77 77000



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TRENDS FOR THE SEASON With this month’s edition giving you the best advice on how to survive the summer, follow our fashion guide to how to stay cool, fashionable and fabulous. Remember, it may be boiling outside, but you are still allowed to look hot inside!

FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 57

57 28/06/2012 18:08




gs by Earrinatore lv Sa agamo Ferr


his summer is all about tight waists and contrasts and balances. Team up this red jewel bandeau jumpsuit with a bold accessory such as this clutch by Versace. The waist-clinched jumpsuit looks the height of sophistication, especially teamed with some killer heels – black would be the ideal colour – or it can be worn with an elegant pair of flat sandals. Wear your hair up, add some bold, chunky jewellery and keep the make-up clean and simple.

Pochette by Versace

Jumpsuit by Osman

Heels by Versace

Dress by Osman




Bag by Tod’s

hat better colour to wear this summer than white? White doesn’t have to necessarily mean boring though… Team up this floating dress from Osman with bold colours. Think reds, pinks and purples like this Luxury D bag from Tod’s or these fuchsia pink heels from Stradivarius. Simple jewellery like this Salvatore Ferragamo bracelet will compliment the outfit by adding that extra touch of sophistication.


Brace Salva let by Ferra tore gamo

Shoes by Stradivarius


july issue bahrain.indd 58

28/06/2012 18:08

Bracelet by Stradivarius

Dress by Salvatore Ferragamo


Swinsuit from THE OUTNET


ight, we know that it is like an oven outside, that doesn’t mean that you will stay glued to your AC’s all summer – we do like a little bit of a suntan sometimes. You don’t necessarily have to wear nothing to keep cool. This look by Salvatore Ferragamo is one way to make a statement at a beach party. If the bold, tropical prints aren’t really your thing, then perhaps the leopard-print number is. Whatever happens, make sure you have a swimsuit like this on underneath. Both designed to cover up and compliment those most-hated areas – this colour will look great against that summer tan. Sundress by THE OUTNET

Dress by Versace



ust because it’s Ramadan, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go out looking fantastic and enjoy yourself. There is a hidden goddess in all of us, and Versace’s LBD (some might say a little too L for Bahrain) is great for a romantic dinner for two. Make it classy with gold-heeled sandals or dress it down with these shiny gold pumps from Tod’s. These shoes would also work with the LWD – and of course, every girl needs a bag. Try this one out for size – a bag even Mary Poppins will feel a pang of jealousy for.

Dress by Stradivarius

Bag by Tod’s

Shoes by Tod’s

us FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 59

59 28/06/2012 18:08


Bracelet fr PORTER om MR

Look by Versace


Bag PO from RTE MR R


ove over ladies, the boys are in town and this month it’s bold and bright! Versace’s look will definitely help any guy to make that ultimate entrance. Not a fan of the shoes? Well how about some matching green Sperry Top-siders instead? This look may well be dominated by the brand that is, however this is definitely the look that has ‘Summer stud’ written all over it. Don’t be shy, put down that fail-safe T-shirt (we all know you have one) and try something new today. You never know, you might look pretty cool – thank us later…

R RTE R PO M from s by Shoe

Look by Salvatore Ferragamo

ace y Vers Cuff b



S MRwim POshor RT ts f ER rom

he chino and T-shirt look is pretty in right now, especially if you go for the lighter shades and pastel tones. Well, there are so many ways to change this look and still look the part. Take for example the shoes; change these up for a brighter pair like these bright blue ones. If you are heading for a pool party and want to take a dip, or just lose the trousers in general, try out these patterned swim shorts. Guys secretly wish they could all wear jewellery as well, so try out this cuff by Versace for size. PORTER om MR Shoes fr



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R E t that S M ms to forge e of e e s e n E o ry M AD sEuvneglasses are perhacpessosnories to U S SH THE most importaenr.tSatoc p the glare umm l make have this s pair that wil a and pick up bang on trend. you look




his summer’s collection by Tod’s is ‘sophisticated nuances’ for the ladies and Italian specialists have worked hard to create a fashionable yet sturdy set of sunglasses. If you are looking to try a new brand, this is it.


f you don’t own a pair of Ray Ban’s already, then why the hell not? This particular style is known everywhere and what better than a pair of red ones to keep your look interesting. These bad boys are available on MR PORTER.



hese P’8478 sunglasses are available exclusively from Porsche Design stores throughout the world. Impressive with their technical innovations, these come with interchangeable lenses in sulphur, yellow, steel blue and raspberry.



erfect for the beach, these bluestriped shades from Dior are one expensive pair that you wouldn’t want to lose in the sand. Bold, bright and sure to brighten up any old sundress or bikini.



his summer’s collection is very much about the classic black and white for the gentlemen. Called the Scoobydoo Collection, Tod’s have added a hint of geek to their shades, a look anyone can learn to pull off.



versized and a common look that is seen in almost every collection around the world, these orange tinted sunglasses would look pretty good with any outfit. Go and buy yourself a! FACT BAHRAIN JULY

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“Coverage, Restoration, Editing, Collage, Montage, Popart, Film, HD Video, Extensive Image Archive…”


1759 3993


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3 m FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 63

63 28/06/2012 18:09


Grab Some Bargains at THE One!

THE One is where you buy your furniture if you’re a little more well off than most – super stylish, but super pricey too! However, now’s YOUR chance to grab yourself some of that ultra desirable homeware, as there are blistering bargains to be had with a sale of up to 75%... the time has come for you to give your home a “Onederful” makeover!


nvented by Thomas Lundgren, THE One Total Home Experience actually opened its first store in Abu Dhabi back in 1996. Time has really worked to this brand’s advantage, where it is now present in six countries across the Middle East including Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. THE One is a firm believer that, “The world does not need another retailer but rather a better world.” With a focus on being ‘the responsible One’, the company is on a constant drive to be magical and meaningful, and simultaneously inspiring their faithful with new and exciting seasonal home fashion collections. This brand continually promises to be ‘Always Different, Always Limited and Never TOO Expensive’. Despite already proving to be a popular international brand, THE One also supports a number of local charities and takes every opportunity to employ physically and mentally challenged individuals. So what can we expect to see this month? Well the latest collection combines an opulently romantic feel with a slight bohemian flavour. Throughout the products, you can expect to see lashings of cream, girlie pinks and rich purples infused with plush textures, mirrored furniture, painted woods and a mix of vintage accessories in gold and silver. Entitled ‘Parisian Chic’, this look is perfect for a boudoir with a decidedly French feel. Picture your current bedroom – is it bland, boring and in need dire need of a makeover? Well here is the chance to re-create your own chic Parisian scene. Start with the pièce de résistance: the bed. Try out this buttoned bed in beige corduroy, dressed to the nines with layers of cream. Add the velvet bedspread and an assortment of cool cushions in pale pinks and striking purples. Now for the wallpaper, up the glamour ante with some vintage touches, featuring birds, pearls and swirls. Perfect against this new landscape would be a painted wood French dresser and next to it a gilt floor screen to add that ever-important light factor. In the corner, place this antique silver mirrored table completely equipped with matching floor and table lamps, all with clear glass bases. Every bedroom needs a sofa to throw your clothes onto. This white number is clean cut and the perfect size – team it up with a choice of mohair throws and place underneath it a fluffy rug to soften the sophistication. Now all you need are accessories. Try vintage-inspired tassels, trinket boxes and frames to help personalize your space. For the grand finale, your new Parisian bedroom would not be the same without a classic bouquet of fresh roses in white and purple. We all know you are tempted… perhaps throwing on a pair of heels and dancing the cabaret might make or break your decision! GO: For information, call 1758 7178.



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SUBSCRIPTION CAMPAIGN Are you a keen FACT and Ohlala! reader? This is your chance to not only receive both magazines to your door for a year but if you subscribe this month you will automatically be entered into a draw to win some fantastic prizes, including...

A holiday in Thailand! You could enjoy the breathtaking views and ultra-luxurious surroundings of Samui Sunset Pavilions in Koh Samui, Thailand.



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The Essence of Style

Email: Call: 1721 6099 28/06/2012 18:09 12/28/11 12:16 PM

2:16 PM


Time Unwind to

Recreation is just as important in life as occupation! This is your guide to making the most of your precious spare time. There’s no need to waste it...


What’s your



S.A.T’s? M.B.A’s? Pah! In Bahrain,

only one test score really matters: your

navigate the Summer Survival Guide, to help you This month is our Big comfortable way possible. Do you: August in the most

a Read it all with great interest, and dutifully follow the

Bahrain IQ!

hot months of July and

steps, and enhance your standard


living significantly? and there’s nothing in Bahrain for donkey’s years now, Ignore it all completely, you’ve been you don’t already know? a stupid magazine can tell you that two months? and get the hell out of it for the next “Navigate” your way onto a plane



To you this means: Ramadan begins this month. fast and refrain from all angry religious reflection, as you diligently

a A month of spiritual and

or impure thoughts? family member you Bahrain visiting the majlises of every A month of being dragged all over


have? your waistline tent in the Kingdom, thereby increasing A month of being invited to every end of it (as usually like your belt’s about to burst by the dramatically and leaving looking happens to the FACT team)?


rapper Hamad Al Fardan, aka The Mystro. This month we interview Bahrainirapper, who raps in Arabic? Awesome!!

Are you?

a Hugely interested! A Bahraini can rap, got it? b Not interested at all, because only Americans crazy here? c Hey, didn’t he used to be a racing driver, or am I going




Our sly monthly round-up of recent Bahrain news

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Entrecôte Café de Paris Grand Safir Hotel, Juffair (Tel: 1736 9159) BD20-25 per person

THIS month, we try a concept that’s new to FACT, though not new to Bahrain. The entrecôte idea is one in which a restaurant serves specialised steak dishes of a very high quality, using prime cuts of meat. It was first introduced to Bahrain at L’Hotel with Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte, a famous chain of restaurants started by the Gineste de Saurs family. The second came with the opening of Entrecôte Café de Paris in the Safir Grande (not to be confused with the other), which is the venue we are talking about right now. The Café de Paris line of restaurants bases its entrecôte concept on a specific sauce created by Arthur-François Dumont in his restaurant in, funnily enough, Geneva. And it’s from Geneva that the signature sauce, made with a closely guarded secret recipe, for the Café De Paris restaurant here in Bahrain is imported. The food itself is really quite simple – there is a set menu, whereby you get a starter of light salad with a delicious Caesar dressing to start, and then the steaks come out on a hotplate, and are served with homemade French fries. While the steaks are the signature dish of the restaurant, the Bahrain venue also


has a supporting menu of other dishes like salmon, chicken and so on, all served in the same style and with the Café De Paris sauce. The Café de Paris serves its entrecôte on a bed of the sauce, on a platter kept hot atop a trivet with a warming candle in the base. The meat is of a very high quality, and the steaks are pounded thin, making them extremely tender. It’s often difficult to manage to cook steaks so thin medium rare, as you have to get the timing just right to avoid over-cooking them. And we’re glad to say that in this instance, they were perfect. The real secret, however, is in the sauce. To put it simply, it’s amazing, with a rich, creamy, buttery flavour enhanced with the spices that are the closely guarded secret. You’ll find yourself smothering the meat in the sauce, and then mopping up the rest with the French fries. Plates were thoroughly cleaned by the end of the experience! Surprisingly, thought, it’s not a heavy meal. The steak is only 200g, and the fries are slender and crispy, and with the salad for starter, you won’t end the night feeling overly full. Unless, of course, you go for dessert, which we, being a-restaurant

reviewin’ as we were, had to do… The choices were the Crème Brûlée and the Cheesecake, both of which are firm favourites at the restaurant, and for good reason. They were delicious, and the perfect way to make a reasonable meal into an exercise in gluttony! THE BILL 2 X AUSTRALIAN ANGUS BEEF 2 X GLASSES OF RED

BD32.000 BD6.000












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Relax at the Ritz!

July isn’t just about Ramadan – it’s also about the summer time, refreshing drinks and light lunches.

AFTER its re-vamp last year, La Med is definitely one of the best restaurants to go in the Ritz Carlton Bahrain for a bite to eat. From Saturdays to Thursdays 12 to 3pm, you can go for an ‘express’ lunch. While it may be a little too warm and sticky to sit outside in the sunshine, the restaurant offers pretty nice views across the pool and pristine gardens. Because this hotel is located in Seef, this does seem like an easily accessible place for all you business types. There is a three-course menu, offering you starters from the buffet menu, a main course of either ‘Catch of the Day’ or a dish from the La Rotisserie station, and of course, if you have room, there is a delicious

Get your last brunch in…

Attention all keen brunchers! They are about to stop for a WHOLE month – so where will you be spending your last one? A few suggestions…

Mövenpick Hotel

DESPITE being right next to the airport (great if you live in Amwaj), this brunch is famous for its specific cocktail bar – you know the one beginning with M…! What really makes this brunch a real winner, though, is the huge selection of food. You can eat cold meats, salads, sushi, roasts and plates of your choice that actually get cooked in front of you. Price: BD25.000 Call: 1746 0000

Muju Jazz Brunch THE Jazzy Brunch of the island,

Muju definitely has it sorted with its blue water and beachside views. Although smaller than some of the other offers on the island, the food there is smaller in variety but by no means in quality, and the freshly-made sushi is a

must! Lively and always busy on the weekends, the drink selection is pretty good too. Smile sweetly at the staff and enjoy a drink and dish or two while listening to some good old Jazz tunes. Price: BD25.000 Call: 1603 9800

dessert. For those of you who have the time, there will be a daily special of Summer Iced Tea at The Lobby Lounge. Set in the impressive grand entrance of the hotel, you can take your pick from fresh herbal teas and fruit juices. And to cool down in style? Well try one of the spicy mango, lychee, lemon grass or chamomile iced teas. Don’t suffer the heat - beat it with one of the Ritz’s latest offers. You will probably see us during our lunch breaks doing the same. Don’t worry though, these promotions stand for the whole month so don’t forget to try it all while it’s there! GO: For information and bookings, call 1758 6499.

Kicks Brunch

NOW this is one of the more lively Fridays on the island, and by far the cheapest for what you get for your money. Drinks are unlimited, as is the food. You can even get to listen to all the other punters screaming into the microphone as karaoke runs throughout the day. Ladies get to drink for free from 7pm to 2am (sorry boys you don’t get the same treatment). Known as the ‘Big Party Brunch’, you can also head downstairs to Davy Crockett’s to catch the Seven Senses live on stage a bit later. Price: BD16.000 Call: 3992 2583

The Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa etc.

ALTHOUGH many people think the Sofitel is too far away, having been to the brunch we think that the trip is totally worth it! Top-notch and already popular, despite being one of the newbies to the island, Saraya is known for its mile-long buffets, packed with great quality and impressive variety. Choose from live cooking stations with Asian, French, Arabic and Italian influences, plus a tonne of seafood. There is a very wide range of beverages though it’s definitely one for the families, and not the livelier crowds! Price: BD26.000 Call: 1763 6363 FACT BAHRAIN JULY

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Cocoon Lounge Address: Website: Opening hours: Contact No:

Juffair Grand Hotel 17:00-02:00 Every day +973 3650 0114



Experience a blend of Live funk, blues and soul from South African singer Lelane Fourie whilst relaxing with friends over a platter of delicious sushi and unlimited selected beverages for only BD12! Brimming with energy, Lelane Fourie is a truly unique and vibrant singer, boasting a professional singing career spanning 14 years, whose creative vocals are entwined with colorful blues undertones. Her depth of influences are vast from Billy Holiday to Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones, Sting, Tracy chapman, Sade, Macy Gray And a variety of pop, rock, blues and jazz is all up her alley.


Sushi Mondays with Live Jazz


Lipstick Lounge





Enjoy a platter of Sushi with unlimited selected beverages for just BD12 per head from 7pm-12am, whilst Lelane and Jameelo perform live Jazz, followed by Late Night Ladies Lounge until 2am. Complimentary cocktails for the ladies from their indulgent Lipstick Lounge menu, from 5pm-2am.

Club Hits!

A night of pure entertainment, as the residient DJ brings you all the dance chart hits, with constant dancefloor fillers keeping the party going right till the very end!

Late Night Ladies Lounge

Complimentary spirits and wines (no cocktails) for the ladies from 11pm to 2am.

The Laughter Factory The Kingdom’s comedy keeps on coming, with a fantastic new show on the cards for July…

THE Comedy Store in London has some of the greatest comical talent on the planet, so when their masters of mirth touch down in Bahrain, it is definitely worthwhile popping along to witness the results. The Laughter Factory has had some of the world’s finest comedians on its stage, including the likes of Dara O’Brian, Michael McIntyre and Rhod Gilbert. It would appear that the comedy events company is not slacking up either, as July is set to be another cracking month. This time the Laughter Factory brings out some of the best British comedians to the Kingdom. First off we have Jojo Smith to liven up the evening. Jojo Smith is the presenter of ITV’s hit-series Funny Business and is also a sell-out comedy star across several regions, which include South Africa, Shanghai, the Middle East and Australia. Afterwards Sean Collins takes to the stage. This comedian is the two-time nominee at the Canadian Comedy


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Dragon Hotel & Resort Address: Awmaj Islands Contact No: +973 1603 9800 Website:


Muju Jazz Brunch

Hosted at Muju every Friday and overlooking the azure Amwaj Bay, the Islands favourite Jazz brunch serves up a delicious array of International Cuisine complimented by Live Jazz from the South African Lelane Fourie duo! The price is BD25 nett, inclusive of all beverages and takes place from 12PM-5PM.



Awards for ‘Best Male Stand up’, and his work on ‘Comic’s Comedy Special’ on CBC. His unique style of storytelling is sure to be a highlight of the night. Finally we have Rainer Hersch – described by Edinburgh Evening News as “ a wickedly funny man, who needs nothing more than a piano and his own wit to leave you desperate for more.” This comedian and musician will leave your stomach sore, but wanting more. Rainer Hersch has performed a staggering 13 times at the massive Edinburgh Comedy Festival, and as such, this is set to be a night to remember. If you are ready for your ribs to turn raw from laughter, then you should get down to the Riffa Ballroom at the Regency Intercontinental Hotel opposite the Bahrain Financial Harbour on July 7. Doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm. You can buy a Silver Ticket for BD10.000 or Gold for BD20.000.

‘Your Local in Amwaj’, at Corners you’ll never miss a moment of your favourite sports, comedy nights and great music. You can even test your skills at the lively new quiz night that has started on a Wednesday with resident DJ Stevie George!

Yamin Jana

Yamin Jana Mediterranean-style Seafront Lounge is set al fresco on the azure seafront of the Dragon Hotel. A Mediterranean infused experience day and night, it boasts live Arabic entertainment and an authentic buffet on the table every Friday.

GO: For more information on this event, please email or call 3965 8080.

FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 71

71 28/06/2012 18:09




Address: Opening hours: Contact No: BB Pin: Dress code: Email:

1st floor, Panorama Hotel, Juffair 20:00 – 02:00 - Seven days a week +973 3999 4199 23B781C1 Smart Casual (no t-shirts, no caps, no sports wear, no exceptions!)

One of Bahrain’s most popular nightspots, TaBu is now well established as one of the most happening clubs in Juffair. Bringing you the most cuttingedge beats courtesy of their talented in-house DJ Salime and regular guest DJs from around the world, TaBu maintains its rightful place as one of the hottest nightlife venues in the Kingdom. Check out their special events and promotions below, and make sure you’re in the know...


Every Thursday


The way you move is up to you, as long as you move, with Duet Rich Girls supported by DJ Salime and DJ Cossta. This is the perfect way to start the weekend! Every Saturday

‘Absolut Social Chemistry’

TaBu welcomes you to an Absolut world of social gathering and partying, where ladies can enjoy delicious cocktails, scrumptious finger food and strawberries and cream when they present their Absolut Social Chemistry card. Collect it free at TaBu! Mondays and Wednesdays.

Ladies Night

Complimentary cocktails, wine and sparkling all night long!

SPECIAL EVENTS... Thursday 5 July

Friday 6 July

Sound of Africa!!!

Africans love to party, so TaBu brings you a dedicated African Party, with its AZONTO SWAGGER night, where everyone will be shaking their booty all night long!

Candee Beach After Party

Following on from the awesome Candee Beach Party happening at Amwaj Marina earlier this Friday where the Duet Rich Girls are playing, TaBu keeps the party going!

TaBu’s residents...

The Duet Rich Girls, DJ Salime & DJ Cossta The fantastic four, the Duet Rich Girls, Salime and Cossta are now wellestablished as TaBu’s muchloved residents, spinning up a heady combination of classics, crowd-pleasers and the latest dancefloor hits!

The Guru Josh Project Hits Bahrain!

The man that brought you the worldwide hit ‘Infinity’ is set to perform in Bahrain this month…

DARREN Bailie, the man behind ‘The Guru Josh Project’, the group that produced last year’s massive summer tune ‘Infinity’ is coming to perform in Bahrain this July. ‘Infinity’ reached world-wide stardom and smashed charts across several continents and online sales with its memorable lyrics and upbeat style. The song has had a terrific 46 million YouTube views and is still growing in popularity on a daily basis across the world. Darren Bailie - the recent winner of best dance/ garage track at the IDMA’s (Oscars of the music world) - is one of the top Scottish DJ’s, and has worked with numerous well known artists such as David Guetta, Tiesto, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Felix Da Housecat. If you like dance music then this particular evening is definitely for you. A real hot date on the calendar and one of the last before the Holy Month, so we encourage your attendance. In short, this event has got FACT incredibly excited! The tunes will blast out of the Blue Dice Lounge in Juffair and the doors open to the public at 9.30pm on July 12. The dress code is smart casual, so no mucky trainers please! Tickets are priced at BD10.000, which includes two free drinks, but you are encouraged to act quickly as there are only 500 tickets available. You can buy tickets at the following locations, The Blue Dice Lounge in Juffair, Cinnabon in the Diplomatic Area Juffair and Rose Video in Alosra Supermarket in Sar. GO: For general information and table bookings call 3312 6616.



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Upstairs Downstairs Address: Website: Opening hours: Contact No:

Building 754, Rd 3825, Block 338, Adliya 11:00 - 15:00 & 18:00 - 00.00 - Sun-Weds 09:00 - 15:00 & 18:00 - 00.00 - Thurs-Sat +973 1771 3093

Located in the heart of Bahrain, a terrific buzz hits you as you enter Upstairs Downstairs and make your way through the bar to the utterly charming twofloor restaurant. Decorated in a traditional English Country House style, it’s like being at a private dinner party hosted by a friend, with an ambience further heightened by local jazz musicians performing on stage. International guest stars regularly take the stage too. The menu is eye-catching, with a varied selection of cuisines from around the world, from fajitas to fish cakes, unique salads and more, with vegetarians well catered for. So drop in to Upstairs Downstairs and experience something truly unique in Bahrain today...


Sunday, Monday & Tuesday


Let’s Get B.A.K.E.d!

A new movement is emerging in Bahrain at Déjà Vu Lounge, featuring dirty vocal house, breakbeat, and drum n’ bass, and it’s taking hold like nobody ever thought it would! IT’S not the first time somebody’s tried to get this kind of night off the ground in Bahrain, but the formula just never seemed right. Perhaps it was timing, perhaps it was location, and perhaps enough people just didn’t know about it. However, the first B.A.K.E. (Beats n’ Attitude Kiwi Experience) event, organised by DJette Kiwi and taking place last month, seemed to get all the elements right. A smooth and sophisticated set by Guillaume warmed up the crowd, before DJette Kiwi whipped them into a frenzy with a pounding set of her signature no-nonsense dirty house. However, the real surprise came in the form of a rousing set by DJ Jay, who brought his drum n bass talents into the mix, and had the amazing Déjà Vu crowd going wild well into the early hours. It was all just so good… We know, we were there! Due to its wild success, Kiwi has decided to follow it up with weekly parties in the run-up to Ramadan to establish the foundations for a planned monthly B.A.K.E. event starting from September, so you really want to get in on the action so that you can say you were there at the beginning! The second party has already taken place, with Guillaume returning and a debut set by Captain Tea, but the third is yet to come, and it will see DJ Jay returning for a follow-up set of his hard-core drum n bass! This could be the start of something beautiful people, so don’t miss out! Catch one of the B.A.K.E. parties before everything shuts down.

Saturday & Wednesday


Thursday & Friday

Frankie’s Friends

** 20% off all fo od and drink ** 6pm-8

pm from Saturd ay to Wednesd ay

GO: B.A.K.E. takes place at Déjà Vu Lounge on Thursday 5th July. Doors open at 10pm. For information, call 3308 8405.

FACT BAHRAIN JULY july issue bahrain.indd 73

73 28/06/2012 18:09



Déjà Vu Address: Opening hours: Contact No: Website: Email:


Villa 60, Road 3802, Near Gulf Hotel 12:00 - 15:00 (lunch) 19:00 - 23.30 (dinner) & 00:00 (weekends) 19:00 - 02:00 (upstairs lounge) (+973) 1365 7770 & (+973) 3308 8405

The Restaurant...

Indulge yourself in Déjà Vu Restaurant’s exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. The chefs use the freshest ingredients inspired by the colorful multi-cultural heritage of the Med. They also specialise in private parties such as birthdays, anniversaries or corporate events, and outdoor catering. ENJOY... Two complimentary glasses of house wine Sunday through Tuesday from 7 to 10pm.

The Lounge...


Classic House


Manic Monday

All the dancefloor fillers and crowd pleasers in house music. Enjoy unlimited drinks (pouring brands) OR six bottled beverages for BD 12/- at Déjà Vu Lounge.


All-Nite Happy Hour


Enjoy fantastic savings, with a 30% discount all night long.


Ladies’ Night at Déjà Vu with DJ Dave Hayes. Free selected drinks and cocktails for the ladies.

Wine, Cheese and Conversations


Taste the finest range of bottles from around the world here for BD 10/- per head, from 7pm to 11pm.

B.A.K.E... Beats & Attitude Kiwi Experience!

B.A.K.E. is a dirty, vocal house experience by Djette Kiwi and it’s aimed at bringing Bahrain a taste of Bohemian Bourgeois (BoBo) flavor to nightlife.


Wind down at the end of the weekend with a a relaxing night of chill-out music.

HAPPY HOUR - Enjoy 30% Discount every day from 7pm to 9pm


Wednesday 27th June

Retro Chic

DJ Dave Hayes playing the best of retro favourites from 9pm to 2am, with complimentary selected drinks & cocktails for ladies all night long!

The Resident DJs...

DJ Aaron

Shoo Fee Ma Fee!

A novel new take on the traditional Lebanese concept of dining opened in Adliya recently… A stylish new Lebanese restaurant concept opened recently in the popular Block 338 dining district of Adliya. Boasting funky and stylish design and a unique menu based on Lebanese cuisine, it could prove to be something a little different from the usual Lebanese experience. The name of the restaurant, “Shoo Fee Ma Fee”, comes from a Lebanese phrase that translates to, ‘What’s up?” It sparks conversations when friends meet and urges them to express themselves. This phrase defines what the restaurant’s concept is all about, dining in a relaxed environment with friends and socialising. According to their release, “The Shoo Fee Ma Fee philosophy comes from our desire to bring traditional and authentic Lebanese food (like the juicy Shawarma and the fluffy Manakeesh) offered in a modern and inviting ambiance. Shoo Fee Ma Fee is all about being simple, fresh and unique, presented with a warm and caring service. Our menu has been carefully put together to bring you the best selection of tasty and healthy food. We only use the freshest ingredients and marinade them in natural citrus, herbs and spices.” The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the menu it full of tempting and unique dishes that we’re looking forward to trying out! GO: Book your table on 3602 0630.



july issue bahrain.indd 74

28/06/2012 18:10

Outlets in Alosra Saar and Alosra Amwaj (NEW) Currently renting or looking to rent a vehicle? Why not try us?

• New vehicles saloons 4x4s Outlets in available, Alosrafrom Saar andtoAlosra Amwaj (NEW • Competitive prices

Currently renting or looking to rent a vehicle? Why not

• Daily – Weekly – Monthly – Long-term rental schemes

• New vehicles available, from saloons to 4x4s

• Vehicle delivery and collection to your home

• Competitive prices • Airport pick-up and drop-off service

Contact: • Daily – Weekly – Monthly – Long-term rental schemes Amwaj: 1601 0131 • Vehicle delivery and collection to your home Saar: 1779 5300 Out of Hours: 3885 2413 • Airport pick-up and drop-off service

“Redefining the Rules of Rental”

Contact: Amwaj:

july issue bahrain.indd 75

1601 0131


75 28/06/2012 18:10

f lo o o h ch ritis ase S h r B ch itis you pur r e B ent the ! tr th res of rary po . P 5% lib up und nd ool s f a h d an rary ard, e sc w b c h no in li ent to t y a r s Bu ahr l pa goe B oo h Sc

Fantast ic range o f greeting s cards in stock !

Stockists of: Great value Birthday, Anniversary and other Greetings cards from BD1 Gift wrapping service available Yankee Candle scented products Willow Tree figurines Baby gifts/baby baskets Photo frames/albums Wedding gifts/accessories Birthday gifts Household ornaments & gifts

Located in Hamala, near the Dream Body Centre and the British School



july issue bahrain.indd 76

Tele: +973 17610012 28/06/2012 18:10

A Health Tip from Eat Your Way To A “Vegetable-Kissed” Tan!


hink dangerous UV light is the only way to get a natural tan? Think again. Most people think the best way to improve skin colour is to get a suntan, but researches prove that although melanin is the pigment most commonly associated with bronzed beauty, carotenoids can also influence the colour of your skin. Upping the intake of beta-carotene-rich foods like carrots, cantaloupe, peppers, apricots, and even green veggies like spinach can give fair skin a more golden glow in as little as one month. Attempting a tan by way of betacarotene is arguably far healthier than baking in the sun or a tanning bed, not only because you spare yourself aging and cancer-causing photodamage, but because these fruits and vegetables are healthier, low in calories, high in antioxidants and you end up with more attractive skin colour. It’s a win-win situation!


Health & Wellbeing Your body is your temple, so worship it! Looking after your health doesn’t have to mean exercising and eating health food - a good pampering is just as important...


77 28/06/2012 18:10


Fasting &Exercise A Healthy Guide Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Cody Burchall gives FACT a few tips on how to maintain your health and fitness whilst fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadan during the blistering Bahraini summer heat!


uring the holy month of Ramadan, for about 30 days, observant Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset without food or drink. However many people who fast wonder if it is advisable for them to still continue exercising. Fasting certainly has its advantages and disadvantages whilst exercising, however if it is done properly, it can have many benefits. As a personal trainer, I would not recommend any strenuous exercise for the period of Ramadan, especially without having an intake of water, as it could cause dangerous side affects like serious dehydration and even hospitalization. High-intensity exercising will only increase the chances of this. What I would suggest instead during fasting is to only do easy movements such as swimming, walking or stretching (Pilates & yoga) for about 30 minutes daily. Along with dehydration there are other affects to the body during this period that need to be considered. For example healthy food intake is important during the fasting period as your body responds in many different ways. You need be prepared and learn how to deal with the issues such as personal hygiene: increased acne, heavy body odor and bad breath. I would suggest purchasing additional deodorant, face washes, and brushing your teeth more frequently. When it comes to breaking your fast at sunset, I highly recommend having a couple of glasses of water to start off with, as it is important to stay as hydrated as possible. This will help you to prevent diarrhea and vomiting, which can further


lead to severe dehydration and loss of essential electrolytes in the body, so plenty of fluid is a must! Try and avoid heavy and rich foods for the first three days as constipation can set in after long periods of fasting, and your digestive system will not function as well. Instead consume fresh fruit and vegetables in small doses, as toxins and solid wastes can then be passed through the body easily. If you eat dairy products, plain yogurt is also good after the fruit juices. Yogurt contains “good” bacteria that help to restore the intestinal flora. Vegetable soups are also a great way to break a fast, as is watermelon, as these have very high water content. Before sunrise try and avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee and cola, as these will dehydrate you, and replace them with water and wholesome foods such as fruit. When it comes to exercise times, I recommend to do it a couple of hours after you have broken your fast as this is when you can keep hydrated and have more energy from food intake and burn calories. If this doesn’t work for you and you can only exercise during the time of your fast from sunrise to sunset, then this is when I suggest to keep your workout low intensity, with exercises such as walking, yoga or Pilates, as your body will not have much energy and you don’t want to become too dehydrated. Overall the biggest advice I can give you is to always listen to your body and find out what works for you. GO: To find out more, or request a personal consultation, email


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Summer Survival ! Our Health Columnist is fitness guru Craig Heslop, Founder & Coach of Tribal Fitness, who believes that a more back-tobasics and natural approach to living is the key to a healthy lifestyle…

THE “oven” has been switched on, and summer has arrived in Bahrain. This has direct and indirect affects on one’s health. Vitamin D levels can drop due to infrequent sun exposure, airborne illness can result from dry airconditioned air and dehydration can affect the brain’s ability to do its job. Vitamin D has been described as “the single most important organic nutrient for your overall health” (Al Sears, MD). Our best source is the sun. The “D” has been associated with reducing inflammation, several forms of cancer and both type I and II diabetes. We are natural creatures of the sun. The skill is gaining daily exposure that is safe. Infrequent and extended exposure can be dangerous - not smart! Air conditioning, in my humble opinion, is a necessary evil. Life would be pretty uncomfortable without it, but on the flip side have you noticed how many people get “sick” at this time of year? This is hardly surprising with all the dry conditioned air that promotes particles to circulate in a small indoor space. Dehydration is common at this time of year. The warm temperatures and dry indoor air both contribute to more water leaving the body than can enter inside. Around seventy-five percent of our body is made up of water and the brain is most sensitively affected by dehydration. If you want to survive the summer simply follow these suggestions: Enjoy a short morning walk (15-30 minutes) every day to receive some FREE Vitamin D and avoid the extreme temperatures. Adjust your AC unit a few degrees up from “Arctic Cold” and open the windows for a few minutes every day. A brief opening of the windows will invite “fresher” air inside. Drink enough clean water to stay hydrated. Use your urine as a marker. Almost transparent is a good sign. Fluorescent yellow is bad! Good luck Tribe! GO: For more information, or to get involved with Tribal Fitness, email, or call 3947 3710

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Address: Seef Mall, New Extension, Ground Floor Contact No: 1700 1700 Website:

Wedding Season is ON!!

Your walk down the aisle begins at TONI&GUY. WHETHER you want an elegant wedding up do or a more dramatic style with hair extensions, the TONI&GUY team will create a look that suits your own wedding style. Talented make-up artists will apply the finishing wedding makeup touches to enhance your look for the wedding photos. Following these three steps will guarantee that you will feel and look glamorous on your big day. Pre-preparation step 1 Meeting the Art team to discuss the style 2-3 weeks before Wedding Hair treatments head massages to ensure shiny nourished hair. Preparation step 2 Hair cutting coloring, trial hair style and make up. Final step 3 The big day! - Full hair styling - with a maximum of two hairstyles hair extensions and hair accessories provided. You deserve the best so just let us know where you need us and we will come to you! We offer “on-site” hair and make-up services for both you and your bridal party. Visit Toni&Guy at Seef Mall or call 1700-1700.


Being in the Heart Christal Dennis is a Personal Performance Coach and Hypnotherapist with a Masters in Psychology Leadership Development and Coaching. She is dedicated to helping people overcome life’s hurdles and tapping in to their deepest potential...

I’VE spoken with several people about the importance of living or operating from the heart. What may not be surprising is that many women very often agree with me wholeheartedly, while men tend to dismiss it as unimportant and somewhat undesirable. What I imagine they may think about operating from the heart is that it could lead to gushy emotional behaviour that is not acceptable to the life styles and work situations of most men. One of the first things people tend to say to me is that emotions are so erratic, and if we lived according to the dictates of our emotions life would become so much more unpredictable. Well I suppose they have a point there. If we don’t have control over our thoughts and attitudes, which in turn has an influence on what we feel, living from the heart could be pretty hard. However, assuming that we did have control, which is something that can easily be achieved and which is very empowering, we can then start to be more able to trust what we feel and operate from the heart. So why is using the heart so important then? Many people think that relying on our brain power is the only way to go. Don’t get me wrong – our brains are very powerful but it does not compare to what we can potentially achieve when our brains and hearts are working together. Scientists discovered that when a baby is conceived the first organ that starts developing is the heart, and then it starts beating on its own, without the brain giving it instructions to do so. They found this intriguing and discovered that the heart has a little brain of its own. This led to further research giving them more insight into the power of the heart. Heart power gives us intuitive abilities which are useful in many instances. I have seen very successful businessmen using their intuition very efficiently. This gave me the sneaking suspicion that this is what separates the men from the boys. Being connected to our hearts is also a most essential element to spiritual growth. Several religious and spiritual philosophies refer to the unconditional love of God, and many of them say that by connecting to the heart we can access this love. In this way we can discover the true power of who we really are. GO: For a personal consultation call 3669 6666


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What’s your



S.A.T’s? M.B.A’s? Pah! In Bahrain, only one test score really matters: your Bahrain IQ!


his month is our Big Summer Survival Guide, to help you navigate the hot months of July and August in the most comfortable way possible. Do you:

a Read it all with great interest, and dutifully follow the steps, and enhance your standard of

living significantly? Ignore it all completely, you’ve been in Bahrain for donkey’s years now, and there’s nothing a stupid magazine can tell you that you don’t already know? “Navigate” your way onto a plane and get the hell out of it for the next two months?

b c

Ramadan begins this month. To you this means:

a A month of spiritual and religious reflection, as you diligently fast and refrain from all angry

or impure thoughts? A month of being dragged all over Bahrain visiting the majlises of every family member you have? A month of being invited to every tent in the Kingdom, thereby increasing your waistline dramatically and leaving looking like your belt’s about to burst by the end of it (as usually happens to the FACT team)?

b c

This month we interview Bahraini rapper Hamad Al Fardan, aka The Mystro. Are you? a Hugely interested! A Bahraini rapper, who raps in Arabic? Awesome!! b Not interested at all, because only Americans can rap, got it? c Hey, didn’t he used to be a racing driver, or am I going crazy here?



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GROUP PLUS WLL A New Media Mix In Bahrain




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FACT Magazine Bahrain July 2012  

Bringing you the latest from the island of Bahrain....

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