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Woman of style

FM: Who or what was your inspiration for your lines? TP: The way we live is our main inspiration. We know that everything we do for the most part is a choice. We chose to move to the country to run our business outside of a city. We wanted to raise our family in a small town, knowing that we could travel anywhere if need be. We have four young boys under the age of eight, so lots of room to run around and get their ya-ya’s out is key for all of our sanity! The way we live everyday inspires what we create. We live with our own designs. We look to what we want for places to grow. As our lives evolve, so does our line.

Tracy Porter is a woman whose fashion sense encompasses a complete lifestyle. She began her business at home in Wisconsin, and now is one of the pioneers of fashion and home furnishings all over the world. Her company is multi-dimensional. She can teach you how to turn heads in a stylish blouse, and how to add those beautiful throw pillows that will make a living room complete through her varied videos on her website. Tracy Porter’s clothing and home furnishings can be defined as nature inspired. She also offers jewelry, shoes, handbags and accessories. Porter is a woman that maintains a humble and down to earth attitude, stating, “I find business and life to be deliciously humbling. I think maybe that’s why we are able to keep our minds open.”

Tracy Porter Wearing Her Line

FACTIO MAGAZINE: Tell us about your exciting company! Have you always been doing home design? TRACY PORTER: We have been designing home furnishings from the inception of our company. My husband John and I were living in Chicago and wanted a more enriched lifestyle, so we bought a small farm in Wisconsin, where I grew up, and designed and manufactured our own line of furniture and accessories for the home. We were picked up immediately by ABC Carpet & Home in NYC, Henri Bendel, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdale’s, and thousands of delicious little boutiques across the country. We had no idea that it would take off like that.

Factio Magazine Winter 2009 | factio-magazine.com

FM: What is your signature style? TP: Layering is very signature for us in home and fashion. We tend to design more eclectic things that feel like they have a bit of history to them, inspired by Coco Chanel or Diana Vreeland. I love thinking of the woman wearing our things and using our things. I love imagining her flitting about her house, moving things around, charging into her wardrobe, collecting things over time, and adding us into her mix. I always want our style to feel like something you will keep forever regardless of trend. You are passionate about these things and you cannot toss them, as so many things are so very drive-through, disposable these days. I like that our things always have something special about them, a twist, a layer, an embellishment, something that makes you smile, something clever, something you want to talk with your girlfriends about, you want to share us with them. FM: How does living in the Midwest cultivate your sense of style? TP: I adore the Midwest. I love Wisconsin. I love that we run a funky little company from a small college town and that we have a team of crazy passionate people here everyday! I love that in this day you can do something like this from here. Style is a “life thing” to me, more than a closet full of trendy mall designer clothing. It’s more about who I am and how I choose to live my everyday. Do I get wildly giddy when I am in Hong Kong? Yes, like a crazy woman. Do I need to go to Paris and have tea and wander around Saint-Germain-des-Prés mindlessly? Yes, because it lets my mind fly. I can cultivate my sense of style from anywhere because I see inspiration in everything, everything is truly a possibility if you do. FM: What other designers are you inspired by? TP: Mostly dead ones. I love the dead socialites too (kind of sad sounding really). They seemed to have real style, not I have a stylist and she shops for me style, but real, dig in deep and create your own person, luscious soulful style. They invented themselves, and you believe it. I love Coco, she was marvelous, Schiaparelli, Elsie de Wolfe, Vionnet, everything about orientalism makes me nuts, Wallis Simpson is one of my all time faves, Tony Duquette, Poiret and Millicent Rogers.

FM: What is your most memorable moment in your career? TP: So many! So many that this is a tough one. I will say that when Oprah invited me onto her show, that was pretty marvelous. I really was so excited. She rocks! FM: What home items should everyone have in their house? TP: Candles, lanterns, dimmers on everything, a pantry, lamps, fireplaces, amazing colors on your walls, things from your family, photos, chandeliers that make your home feel enchanting, comfortable places to sit, things that feel good to touch, books, bedding that you love climbing into, oriental rugs, good views, a dining table that is not too precious. Oh my, this is endless. How about in their wardrobes? TP: Vintage stuff, scarves, cuffs, fabulous rings (not pricey, just killer cool), stretch pants (if you are comfortable in them), tall boots, flats, sexy heels, some good lingerie, optimism (essential to every wardrobe), old jeans, cowboy boots, some of your mother’s things, comfortable things for lounging, a drop dead gorgeous purse, things you can easily layer, tissue t-shirts in every color, pants that you love your butt in, and things that make you feel entirely confident. FM: What are your best tips for decorating? TP: Make it your own, entirely personal, so succulent that you want to be in your environment and luxuriate. You want to love it. Layers are key; of light, of comfort, of texture, of history. Always consider old things and new things, mixing styles and eras. Look for things with character. Homes should feel like life, imperfect, a few bumps, lots of soul, wonderment, gorgeous, simple, over the top, all the things that the journey we are on should be what our homes feel like. Not sterile, not decorated, not perfectly planned, they should naturally unfold and have surprise around every corner. Character is more important than content in this case. FM: What are some home design trends for ’09 to instantly update a look? TP: I change my fireplace mantles all the time. It is a quick little place to make a huge statement, pull from what you have, consider scale, color and texture. I also love flipping around my bookcases, hanging things on the front and shuffling the books about. I add quirky stuff into them, like a drawing one of my kids has made. Try to look less at trends and more at your life. This way you won’t feel the empty pull of commercialism, instead you’ll discover things that speak to you and what you are, how you want to live. To find out more about Tracy Porter and to shop her amazing collections, visit her website at tracyporter.com. -Joletha Goodman and Melissa Maynard



JAU M E P L E N SA , THE CR OWN F OUNTAIN / photo: Audia

C H I C AG O ’ S C E LE B R AT I O N O F A R T, A N T I Q U E S & C U LT U R E





photo by Kari Skaflen, Design by Michelle Williams

Dearest readers,

Loves: Barefoot Dreams blankets, Room and Board couches, Moroccan glasses in an array of colors, art from Ebay, Anne Fontaine candles, West Elm decorative pillows and accessories, picture frames from Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic, Josephine chaise from Crate and Barrel, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities by Albert Seba (The ideal coffee table book with beautiful photos and great color), five-drawer leather jewelry box from Material Possessions.

Top shops: Jayson Home and Garden, Room and Board and Material Possessions

Dana Levy Jewelry Designer

“My home, like my jewelry collection Dana Rebecca Designs, is unabashedly feminine, bold, and bright. I wanted to create a serene, dreamlike space that would not only be comforting, but also pack a stylish punch. By mixing animal prints with florals, turquoise with orange, I’ve kept the design clean and simple, but totally chic. I’ve also incorporated great finds from my travels around the world from beautifully framed photographs from Israel to beautiful Moroccan drinking glasses that sit on my coffee table.”

It’s the middle of a brutal Chicago winter and all I can do is get inspired by image after image that is coming by my desk to create this new issue of Factio. It’s our annual home/style issue and we went into the homes/condos of the super stylish! Check out jewelry designer Dana Levy’s chic space, or socialite Candace Jordan’s beautiful carriage home. Tracy Porter is another one of those women whose style we love and thankfully with the internet, we are able to shop her gorgeous pieces for the home and for our wardrobes (just can’t get enough of those cocktail rings, too!). If you think the spring 2009 runway looks just landed on the runway, think again. We’re seeing it in the form of glasses, pillows, rugs and vases! Enjoy this issue of Factio! Melissa

Melissa Maynard editor-in-chief

Henrique Kerch publisher/art director

Jane McCormick assistant editor Chicago contributors

Georgia Bistolaridis Jackie Medler Joletha Goodman Chloé van der Wel Nora Silver Kelly McIntosh Katie Davidson

Candace Jordan

Socialite and blogger of candidcandace.com “My friends are always surprised when they come to my house for the first time. My fashion sense and the style of my home are complete opposites. My wardrobe is modern with clean lines and my house is completely traditional. Maybe it’s my Gemini personality, I don’t know. We live in the former Armour carriage house in Old Town. It’s our oasis so I wanted it to be cozy and comfortable—nothing precious that people can’t touch or sit on. We have lots of antiques that we’ve collected from our travels—I love having things around me that have a story and remind me where we’ve been. I’m a sentimentalist and can’t throw anything away. If it meant something to a loved one, then it means something to me. So our home is a mix of high and low antiques, but all chosen with love. One of my favorite things is my great-great grandfather’s mining certificate from Wales dated 1896. We also collect rare books and have three libraries in our home. Some of my favorites are my Harry Potter books that author J.K. Rowling inscribed to her father, The Hobbit signed by J.R.R. Tolkien and The Beautiful and Damned signed by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Everyone is invited to stop by!”

, ses hou oth n o ti ps b auc am ux, , of l s r Fa t tos s o lo pho bird resh enter, h F t i n i g w m C d o y e r n r fe rs f sto rde and y hi owe ne Ga mil oks s, fl a a o f e l b m g e re and ths rvin mo o. c Ge ese and se, le C , pr s u e d k o v n o h Ca u lo ks, bo nd our kee s yo o es a of y Yan ing iqu , bo h t : ont s t r n r f s g A lo e e els Lov rating th l, collectin vorite co ani s, D a l o f e c a u e h d sm wit ntiq and ooms ks! oA r big Soc cag i g h h n i c in nt eC pai er F : Old ctioneers Nyj s h p t i o u w sh nA Top e Hindma i l Les

Vicki Salemi Advertise in print/web, contact publisher,

Henrique Kerch

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Photos by Factio Media

Factio Magazine Winter 2009 | factio-magazine.com

New York Correspondents

CREDITS photography : kristiina wilson hair: lacy redway for redken makeup: viktorija bowers for katy ryan stylist: angella n. model : leoni @img stylist assistant: chelsey estridge

photo by Kari Skaflen

Loves: Paintings by Jody Riesberg (specifically “Headdress”), fabric – Fadini Borghi Cesare Castroro, Oly’s Hadley bench, Laurel Lamps from the 1960s and 1970s, Barcelona table in bronze from Interlude Home, my favorite paint color – Benjamin Moore 1449 (Pinch of Spice - move over dark brown!), Annie Glass Gold Rimmed Charger, Kelly Klein’s new book Horse, the leather tissue box and wastebasket (dark brown with whip stitched edges) from Pfeiferstudio.com and a Hermès wool blanket (any kind) because it looks great year round. Top shops: Daniel’s Antiques, Golden Triangle and Anna’s Mostly Mahogany

Michelle Williams Interior Designer

“My style is constantly evolving, but my main goal is to create luxurious, sophisticated spaces that maintain the integrity and heart of the home. I love mixing modern pieces with traditional designs, and finishing off a room with great personal accessories. I’m extremely inspired by travel and I think that really reflects in my design. My home style incorporates bold colors and an array of textures that add an extra dose of drama to the rooms. I am a huge advocate of art, it doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or inexpensive, as long as it speaks to you. I don’t put anything in my home that I don’t love, most have special meaning to me, for example, a set of eight fashion sketches drawn by my mom over forty years ago.”


Barneys will be moving just across the street into a six-story high space, encompassing 90,000 sq. ft. of shopping that will include a penthouse-style restaurant and a great view of Lake Michigan. Creative Director Simon Doonan wanted shoppers to experience the same feeling when shopping at Barneys in Chicago as in New York. The expansion is sure to be one of extravagance and originality. barneys.com -Joletha Goodman

Loves: Candles in every room, cozy throws for curling up on the couch, family photos, soft sheets and even softer pillows, great stemware, interesting coffee table books, giant bathtubs, art that inspires you, and fresh flowers. Top shops: Zella Brown, Ikea and the Randolph Antique Markets

John Allan‘s

photo courtesy of John Allan’s

This one’s for the boys. How does a scalp massage, shampoo, conditioning treatment, haircut, massage, pedicure, and a shoe shine followed by a round of billiards and a drink sound? Too good to be true? Well, not anymore. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the amenities that John Allan’s Club has to offer. New to Chicago’s financial district since December 1st, this is the first location outside of New York City and largest club to date. Home to a beautiful penthouse connected to the Chicago Board of Trade at 111 W. Jackson, they offer amazing city views, marble floors, custom lighting, high ceilings, original wood wall paneling, and frosted glass. johnallans.com -Jackie Medler

Photo by Factio Media

Ulta Beauty

Meghan Goulette Marketing Executive

“I would say my home style definitely reflects my fashion sense. It is a balance of classic and modern pieces with more playful accessories. I use timeless, neutral, basic pieces and then bring in color and strong personality with accessories. When decorating my River North condo, I wanted to make sure that I would easily be able to update and change the look and feel without constantly breaking the bank purchasing new furniture. By keeping the larger furniture pieces neutral (like my off-white, clean line, pin-tucked sofa and white upholstered bed), it has allowed me to switch out smaller accessories such as lamps, art, pillows, throws, etc. to change the look of the room. My requirements for what I put in my home are the same as my requirements for what I hang in my closet, they have to be pieces that feel like me and make me smile.” Factio Magazine Winter 2009 | factio-magazine.com

The powerhouse beauty retailer, Ulta, has a new location on State Street. The opening in mid-October was an orange carpet event filled with festivities. The Redmoon Theater performers filled the sky with orange confetti shot off by a cannon and the first lucky 100 customers received a gift certificate valued from $5 to $100. With all of the gift giving, Ulta managed to still be generous with a donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago. The 18,000 sq. ft. store has multi-levels, which include fragrance, skin and haircare products and a full-service, in-store salon. “Our store design features sleek, modern lines, wide aisles that make the store easy to navigate and pleasant lighting to create a luxurious and welcoming environment,” said an Ulta spokesperson. ulta.com -Kelly McIntosh

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laza art P ise M d n cha M er

Home Stores Design Studio | Contemporary furniture for today’s modern customer. Let Chicago’s interior design experts bring the most exclusive designs to your home. 225 West Hubbard St., Chicago, IL 60654 312.527.5272 | designstudiofurniture.com Spicuzza | Health, balance and serenity are only a few of the design considerations taken into account when creating a more tranquil living environment with Spicuzza. 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL 60654 312.661.1459 | chicagointeriordesigncustomfurniture.com Mobili Möbel | Modern furniture design perfectly attuned to your space, brings contemporary living to your level. 549 North Wells St., Chicago, IL 60654 312.329.9669 | mobilimobel.com Intaglia | The result is timeless furnishings that enable you to design a space from beginning to end, or simply to add a piece that complements your personal style. 2831 North Clark St., Chicago, IL 60657 773.880.5440 | intagliahome.com Z Gallerie | This little goldmine on the north side will have you coming back for sure! You definitely can find something uncommon and exciting for your home. 938 West North Ave., Chicago, IL 60622 312.475.9809 | zgallerie.com Orange Skin | Founded by two architects, this company specializes in modern, Italian furniture and home accessories. 223 West Erie St., Ste. 1NW, Chicago, IL 60610 312.335.1033 | orangeskin.com Luxe Home | Our personal favorite! The Merchandise Mart is home to numerous furniture, décor, and kitchen and bath stores. Most of the floors are only open to trade; the first floor has Luxe Home and is open to the public. There are dozens of great shops in this collection of stores including Varenna by Poliform. 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL 60654 312.527.7939 | mmart.com -Chloé van der Wel

Clockwise: Cubix Wire Bracelets by Et Al Imports @ materialpossessions.com, Stubborn Jewelry @ stubbornworks.com, Frank Gehry @ tiffany.com, Konzuk @ konzuk.com, Vincenzo Taormina @vincenzotaormina.net

Jewelry designers play with shapes and forms like architects, so it makes perfect sense that the two go hand-in-hand. Walking past the Tiffany & Co. window on Michigan Avenue can be as inspiring as walking past the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain; the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles; or the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park, Chicago, designed by Architect Frank Gehry. For the last few years, Gehry has been designing a jewelry collection for Tiffany’s which showcases his keen sense of design and proves that architecture can transfer to a jewelry line. Look closely at Melissa Stiles’ jewelry line Stubborn and you’ll see the traces of the architect she once was. “I think architecture plays a role in my designs because I love to work with industrial materials and to use them in unconventional ways. My jewelry is made from brushed aluminum, stainless steel, and silver that is filled with an opaque resin that resembles concrete. I find inspiration in the details of how the parts and pieces fit together,” says Stiles. Jewelry design is architecture on a smaller scale. If you look at jewelry sketches before they are put in production, you would think a mathematician had to give a helping hand. Whether designers are inspired by baroque and/or modern architecture, it comes down to the same geometric themes in the end. Building anything comes back to mathematical concepts and that’s what brings jewelry and architecture together; it’s about the right measurements. -Chloé van der Wel factio-magazine.com | Factio Magazine Winter 2009


European Furniture


IQMatics is a company that offers high-end European furniture from Italy, Germany, and Poland. Some of the Italian and German brands that it carries are Prealpi, Rossetto, Bontempi Casa, Jesse, Natuzzi, Polaris and others. It was established in August of 2001, and has received awards for its top quality. Some of these awards are: MTP Gold Medal 2008, Red Dot Winner 2008, Trendy 2006 Award, and Sofa of the Year 2005. IQMatics prides itself on the magnificent designs that they are able to provide to their consumers. Noti, Designer’s Guild, and Mohodesign are among the designs that exhibit this fine quality. Some of the company’s most popular furniture are contemporary sofas and sectionals, ottomans, plasma stands, coffee tables, and bar stools. -Joletha Goodman

IQMatics 1224A N. Roselle Rd., Schaumburg, IL 60195, 847.885.3600, iqmatics.com

a. Custo Barcelona Canopy Racine Chandelier from Material Possessions



b. Cynthia Rowley


Next Modular Line

ARA Chest

Sun Wall Mirror, West Elm

Factio Magazine Winter 2009 | factio-magazine.com

Runway Home Take fashion inspiration from the runway and use it at home. The latest styles are not only being represented by clothing, home décor is also on the spring 2009 style bandwagon. These trends run deep into anything from curtains to throw pillows. Turn your favorite designer style into home style with trinkets that are complete look-alikes from the runway. Use Phillip Lim’s graphic black and white patterns as inspiration for pillows, or find his distinguished gold piping vest in the form of a new vase. Custo Barcelona’s colorful prints can be found anywhere in home décor from tea cups to glasses. Makeover your tabletop with dinnerware that emulates high-fashion. Don’t limit yourself, be creative and hop online and get inspired by all the 2009 spring runway looks. With a great fashion season ahead, the home style possibilities are truly endless. -Jackie Medler

i. J.Mendel Silhouette Storage, Brocade Home




c. Custo Barcelona


Caprice Aout, Geneviève Lethu

d. 3.1 Phillip Lim K.Amato Snowflake Filligree Headband Versailles Etoile Vase, Jonathan Adler

e. Custo Barcelona Fire & Light Dinnerware, Material Possessions

h. J.Mendel Midsummer Light, MoMa Store



e g. 3.1 Phillip Lim

Belly Vase, Jonathan Adler

f. 3.1 Phillip Lim Palm Beach Pillow, Jonathan Adler

factio-magazine.com | Factio Magazine Winter 2009

Building Fashio


by kristiina wilson

hair: lacy re

makeup: vikt

dway for redk en

orija bowers

stylist: ange

lla n.

for katy ryan

model : leon

i @img stylist assista nt: chelsey es tr


Face cage by

Heather Huey , dress by Rach

el Roy.

Hat by Victor Osborne, dress by Charles Chang-Lima. Bangles by Alexis Bittar.

Naeem Khan dress, bangles by Stephen Dweck

Aurelio Costerella dress

nassau, the Bahamas In early November, the Factio team headed to Nassau, Bahamas for the Islands of the World Fashion Week. We took in 38 shows over a span of four days at the Atlantis Resort and the British Colonial Hilton. During the week, we spotted celebrity judges front row, including Nolé Marin from America’s Next Top Model and new show True Beauty; Aphadi, a famed Paris fashion designer originally from Niger; and Nick Verreos of Project Runway fame, who designs the Nikolaki collection. Designers came from Islands all over the world, like Carmen Fiol from Cuba, Nadya from Indonesia and Kuumba Designs of St. Lucia, as well as Peter Ingwersen of NOIR Illuminati II and LA’s Kevan Hall. Founder Owen Bethal joined celebrities, press and socialites by heading to fashion designer Peter Nygard’s home at Nygard Cay (it rents for $42,000 a night for all of you jet-setting high rollers!) for the closing night party of Islands of the World Fashion Week. We know where we’ll be next season, do you? www.islandsfashionweek.com -Melissa Maynard




Harl Taylor



Joel Rush (True

Beauty on AB

C), Nolé Marin

Owen Bethal and Aphadi



Don’t Worry Be... Find inner peace and inspiration on the Atlantic and relocate to a secluded stretch of Cable Beach in Nassau at the Marley Resort & Spa, once a governor’s mansion. Enjoy comfort in one of the sixteen suites the Marley property offers. Experience the Bahamas through African and Caribbean style at this sanctuary of a getaway with mosaic tiles, hand-carved sculptured doors, intricate stonework and limestone walls. Each themed suite is infused with Bob Marley’s own music. You’ll be swept away with the deluxe accommodations and luxurious amenities. Bathe in your very own tropical rain shower or take a dip in your room’s whirlpool tub. The Three Royal Suites upstairs display breathtaking ocean views from your own private balcony. Music lovers may want to choose one of the suites right above the resort’s music vacinity. Let your evening simmer and pop with the resort’s gourmet Caribbean cuisine. Pick one of Bob’s favorites or try one of the famed Marley family recipes. The courtyard even offers live entertainment with dinner. If this buzz is not your style, retreat to a candlelight dinner on the beachfront patio instead. Don’t worry, be happy at the Marley Resort & Spa. www.MarleyResort.com -Jackie Medler

Factio Magazine Winter 2009 | factio-magazine.com

Verre o

s of N



milwaukee, WI Photos of the Marley Resort & Spa by Factio Media

Dine Cubanitas (728 N. Milwaukee St.) is Milwaukee’s first and most famous Cuban restaurant. The highly regarded cuisine is definitely worth a try, with so many awards that include a spot in the “Top 50 Hispanic Restaurants” by Hispanic Magazine, “Best Mojito in Town” by Shepherd Express, “Best New Hot Spot” by Milwaukee Express, “Best Caribbean and Best Cuban” by Shepherd Express Readers, and Top 30 Restaurants. The amazing home cooking has even landed Cubanitas on the cover of Milwaukee Magazine in the past. Whether you are looking for lunch, dinner, or late night, this Milwaukee hot spot is perfect for drinks and great food.



Make your stay the most relaxing at The Abbey Resort (269 Fontana Blvd.) just 45 minutes away from Milwaukee. Enjoy the 90 acres overlooking Lake Geneva and pick from one of the 334 guestrooms and suites with stunning views and furnishings. Pick up your morning coffee at the Café Latte and slip on over to the resort’s Avanti Spa. Let your kids play at Rainbow Point as you soothe away stress with a stone massage, pedicure, or new hairstyle. Spend the rest of your day with the kids outdoors with game rentals or swimming and lounging by the pool. Grab lunch at The Fontana Grill, and dinner and dancing at The Waterfront Restaurant and Bar. Enjoy the night with live entertainment at The Helm, or try a quiet evening’s end at Steamers Cigar Bar. This resort has such a variety of offerings that memories are just waiting to be made!

Live it up in Milwaukee. Play the slots, pick up a bingo card, and feel the rush of entertainment at the Potawatomi Bingo Casino (1721 W. Canal St.). Over four million visitors play the casino floor every year and join in on the excitement of having a good time. High-energy venues, sparkly shows, and delicious dining are at the fingertips of all Potawatomi players. The casino offers them the chance to join Wisconsin’s Most Popular Player’s Club, the Fire Keeper’s Club. The elite group allows players to rack up points for great prizes every time they play. Fire Keeper’s Club points can even be used for shopping at the casino’s Sweet Grass Gift Shop. Pick up anything from a leather jacket, fine Native-American handicrafts, or that tube of toothpaste you forgot to pack. The casino partners with bus services at local hotels for overnight visitors. Stay and play at Potawatomi. -Jackie Medler

Home Beauty Miller Harris

Miller Harris is natural, raw, and wrapped in sophistication. Every white candle is packaged in a frosted glass jar and decorated with sleek and decadent lines. The pretty colored packaging and floral motifs give the whimsically-noted scents proper justice. Big or small, Miller Harris candles add the perfect amount of style for any end table or bathroom sink. Each piece has been perfected by Lyn Harris, the sixteen year and running scent veteran. Lyn dedicates her life to her work and believes her fragrance collections will change the way people feel about scent. millerharris.com -Jackie Medler


Fashion your own home’s aroma with this chic candle collection in pretty packages. Bring exotic, fresh, and indulgent beauty inside by candlelight. Capture this timeless design and exotic flair with Tocca Beauty. The Tocca lifestyle resonates with whimsical, fresh, and feminine elegance. The coveted candle collection is wrapped with precious appeal and fine textures that make each small trinket simply irresistible. Along with candle creations, Tocca specializes in luxurious scented bath, body, kitchen, and laundry products. Infuse your home with these Mediterranean-inspired scents for a touch of exotic sophistication. tocca.com -J.M.


Thymes wants to take care of all your complex needs and brighten your daily lifestyle. Pick from Thymes eclectic selections of skincare, bath and body, baby products, home fragrance, kitchen cleanup, and gift sets. Thymes uniquely formulated products are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality experience. Revel in the attention to detail that Thymes promises to offer and take pleasure in nurturing your creative soul. Each aesthetic fragrance is distinct and special in its own way. The variety of collections Thymes develops is enough to please anyone. thymes.com -J.M.


Principessa products have always had the ability to combine the right amount of charm with savory and useful collections to keep us wanting more and more. This time, they are offering something that will fill your entire home with a scent that is to die for. The “Bella Candela” is a hand-poured candle made with an all-natural wick and made from 100% VegeSoy wax for a non-toxic burn. It mixes the smell of peach, vanilla, night blooming jasmine, ylang ylang, sandalwood and warm amber for an intoxicating smell that is neither too sweet nor too strong. As creator Trish Lucarino strives for with all her products, the candle provides the image and scent of femininity and strength, relaxation and fun. principessabeauty.com - Nora Silver


These days we could all use a little time devoted solely to relaxation and reaching our inner chi. Well, there’s nothing like an aromatic candle to get you in the right mindset. Hipundies, known for their chic lingerie, has just released a collection of 100% soy candles. There’s every type of scent you could want, whether your spirit is craving fruity or forestry, fresh or rich. Manchurian Dragon Fruit, a passionate berry scent; Vanilla Citrus Zest, a sweet smell with hints of magnolia; Yuzu Leaf, the blend of yuzu rind, ginger and eucalyptus, there is something for every mood. hipundies.com -N.S.


It’s a simple choice to add one of the newest products from the Honeycat Cosmetics line to your personal collection. While soaking in a dreamy bath, you might want to really set the mood with the new “Cat On A Hot Tin” candle. The clean burning, 100% soy candle comes in a cute 5.5 oz. tin, releases a coconut and mango scent that will leave a sensual aroma. So enjoy it for a fun personal night in! honeycatcosmetics.com -N.S.

JK Candles

JK Soul Salts, the company behind tons of wonderful organic body specialties has released their Organic Mantra Candle Collection. Each charming jar not only carries a perfectly subtle scent, but also a mantra or a pleasant message to bring inspiration to your life. The candles come in five scents: Sweet Grapefruit, Organic Blossom, Rosemary, Lavender and Tahitian Vanilla, so they can feed your sweet, spicy, or calming senses. jksoulsalts.com -N.S.

factio-magazine.com | Factio Magazine Winter 2009


Ginger Zee in a dress from Pivot Boutique

Model in look from Apartment No.9

Model in look from P.45

Whirlwind in Bucktown

Recently, a mixer called “Whirlwind in Bucktown,” was held in Chicago to promote the new Ecologic Lofts on Fullerton Avenue in Bucktown. It was hosted by NBC Meteorologist and Environmental Reporter Ginger Zee. Designed with an eco-friendly theme in mind, each loft is created with energy saving amenities, including a plant and soil insulated rooftop, reduced heat island effect, clean indoor air quality, indoor chemical and pollutant control, and mercury reduced lighting. The event also featured a fashion show exhibiting designs for spring ‘09 from local Chicago boutiques P. 45, Robin Richman, Apartment No.9, and Hejfina. Cocktails and refreshments were also provided courtesy of SKYY Vodka, Blue Heron Winery, California Pizza Kitchen and Lindt Chocolate. The first 100 attendees received gift bags that contained goodies from Bucktown retailers. This event definitely kicked off the eco-friendly lofts with a bang, and educated more on the importance of protecting the environment. -Joletha Goodman

nwright Rufus Wai

Rain Boots Coming Out Party

On Thursday, January 22nd,the UGG flagship store on North Rush teamed up with Lucky magazine to throw a coming out party for their new rain boots. Coming in tall and ankle height, UGG has created one of the hottest boots for the season, varying in colors from metallic pearl to brown and tan stripe.The DJ welcomed VIP guests to upbeat music that kept everyone on their feet browsing around all of the new merchandise. Two big screen tv’s were showing different photo shoots that the brand has recently done, while employees rushed around helping customers by grabbing different sizes and styles from the back.There were even waiting lists being started for different boots that were selling out left and right. While trying on shoes, different finger foods such as fries, mini cheeseburgers, coconut shrimp and chocolate covered apples were served, as well as drinks like the white cranberry sizzler and kiddie cocktails. The party not only allowed people to shop and pick out their favorite boot, but also showed that the brand isn’t just about that one classic style. -Katie Davidson

Josh an

d Ikram

Ugg store manager January Wong and Lucky Magazine’s Rebecca Babcock

MCA’s Dry Ice Gala

Factio Magazine Winter 2009 | factio-magazine.com


About 200 enjoyed an intimate evening on January 24th that began with a cocktail reception in the loading dock of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Guests were offered vodka shots as welcome drinks, before enjoying cocktails and passed hors d’oeuvres such as miniature hot dogs and crab cakes.Taking in the raw space was a tactile experience, as it was transformed by homemade chandeliers creatively hung by rubber bands, pink ambiance lighting and oversized see-through cylinders with electric pink and green wires swirled about inside. Before heading upstairs to the winter wonderland for a lounge-style dinner, guests paraded inside the service elevator that had been wallpapered from floor-to-ceiling with bubble wrap. A fun beginning to the night ahead. The Wolfgang Puck catered dinner featured small bites of comfort food on one of Chicago’s coldest nights. Roasted chestnut soup, truffled mac & cheese (served in tiny individual ramekins),and a miniature chicken potpie were among the treats. After dinner five pieces were auctioned off from artists Olafur Eliasson, Jenny Holzer and Jeff Koons. The highest bidding price went to Eliasson’s Super Star - a stunning prism mobile going for $92,000, while Koons’ Monkey Train sold for $30,000. Following the auction, guests like Ikram Goldman and Mayor Daley were ushered in to hear the star of the night, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright as he sat at his grand piano playing and singing favorites,Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk, Hallelujah (Shrek’s most popular ballad) and California. Revelers left a memorable night at the MCA with warm coffees in hand. Tickets went up to $2,500 for individuals and $35,000 per table. Over $800,000 was raised for MCA programming. -Melissa Maynard

Deborah Jarol and Brad Jarol

Agent Provocateur

Children’s Ball

On Saturday, December 13, about 1,200 decked out guests descended upon the Hilton Chicago for the 50th annual black-tie Children’s Ball, Seasons: A Year of Discovery, an event benefiting Children’s Memorial Hospital. Guests were greeted at the grand staircase by the young violinists from the Suzuki Orff School of Music, taking them to a spring/summer-themed cocktail reception complete with a pink-hued ambiance and Gerbera Daisies. The all seasons theme was chosen by this year’s co-chairs Emily Emmerman and Meredith Bluhm-Wolf, bringing a celebratory feel to the ball. Spring was in the air as guests enjoyed cocktails surrounding an oversized elaborate tree complete with a dancing butterfly. Lush buffets served summer favorites like shrimp cocktail, light Asian faire and mini hamburgers. As attendees moved into the ballroom, they entered a magical winter wonderland of all white décor. You could taste fall with their dinner menu which featured a bibb and butter lettuce salad with goat cheese and roasted beets, chestnut soup, followed by filet mignon. The evening concluded after revelers enjoyed a night of dancing. Children’s Memorial Hospital depends on philanthropy as a non-for-profit, as they are one of the best institutions in the country. The ball was part of an overall plan with the Medical Research Institute Council (MRIC) which helped raise $5.3 million for the Children’s Memorial Hospital this year. -M.M.

Richard Braido, Candace Jordan, Manny Bencomo and Barbara Samuels

Jody Fromayan and Marcin Wrobel

Chicagoans braved the winter storm Thursday night, December 18th, to attend the opening party of Agent Provocateur (47 E. Oak Street). A scantily clad model from Argentina moved through the crowd in sexy lingerie, sometimes with a whip, which she had to use on some unruly party goers. Guests enjoyed champagne and colorful macaroons as they toured the tiny, pretty shop. Provocateur is known for their provocative assortment of underthings and has a celebrity following of Dita Von Teese, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, and Carmen Electra, to name a few. The Chicago outpost not only sells sexy lingerie, but also footwear, saucy accessories (like whips), perfume and classic stockings with back seams. agentprovocateur.com. -M.M.

A Night with Sevan

The snow that fell on December 16th created an idyllic setting for an exquisite holiday trunk show at Dennis Basso hosted by Manny B & Co., Sevan Bicakci, and Blue Star Jets. Guests we spotted were Manny Bencomo, Barbara Samuels, Graham Kostic and Candace Jordan. However, the night featured one designer in particular, Sevan, whose jewelry designs are considered one of the most coveted luxury items in the world. Starting at a young age, Sevan worked with an Armenian jewelry master. Deep within the designs lies a Turkish aura that’s inspired by his love for Istanbul. The mixed identity of Sevan creations is one so special, exotic, and original that it cannot be categorized. The versatility and universal style of Sevan is apparent because the Istanbul collection is worn by American first ladies and European royalty alike. Sevan jewelry is now available in Chicago at Manny B & Co. and Barneys. -Jackie Medler

CAndidcandace On December 4th Candace Jordan celebrated the launch of her new blog, candidcandace.com, at Dismero boutique with some of Chicago’s elite - Brenda Sexton, Bill Zwecker and Billy Dec, along with Dismero’s designer Andy D’Auria. Proceeds from sales at the event and during that week went to support Common Threads.

n and J. Lynne Candace Jorda

Dismero fell hard for Factio Magazine this fall. The Factio Magazine fall issue launch party at gallery space 4 Art in the Chicago Art District brought real fashion ads to life in hosting Dismero’s latest fashion shoot with designer and founder Andy D’Auria, Italian photographer Marco Pedde and Alessandro Cantoni, Dismero’s art director from Italy. Guests enjoyed the first unedited views of the exclusive spread. The party was dotted with beautiful models in the latest Dismero clothing, and hair and makeup by the new head of Ulta on State Street, David Barnett – formerly of the John Barret Salon at Bergdorf Goodman. Andy D’Auria couldn’t help himself around all the beautiful guests as he pulled women one by one into the dressing room so that they too could model his new line. Fig Media DJ Megan Taylor shook up the space with cool euro tunes as guests enjoyed an assortment of designer sushi catered by Kohan Restaurant and deliciously sweet drinks accented with rock candies by Hpnotiq. Guests brimmed with goodies on their way home, receiving gift bags with Dismero t-shirts and gift certificates. Dismero is located at 50 E. Oak Street in Chicago’s Gold Coast. -Jackie Medler


Ciao Dismero!

Dismero’s Andy

D’Auria flanked

by models with

Billy Dec and Catie Keogh JaDon Mendenh


factio-magazine.com | Factio Magazine Winter 2009

WIN THIS First row | Victoria Sinon and Karen Janko

An Inside look ILIA! Dismero Trousers (Retail Value: $279)

Dismero’s strength in the trouser is the quality and the fit, as well as the fabrications. Dismero offers these sharp classic 5 pocket loose leg trousers in black. They have an easy fit in the thigh and fit the curves of a “real-life” body. Perfect for travel, Dismero guarantees that the trousers will not wrinkle. The trousers are also part of Dismero’s Never Out of Stock Program (NOS) which includes a collection of timeless pieces that make for an easy transition from season to season. The collection will never go out of stock or style, so you can replenish pieces from your collection on a needed basis.

Sign up at factio-magazine.com/promo


On Friday, March 27, 2009, from noon to midnight, come out to the “Fashion Run” in Wicker Park/Bucktown to check out and shop the latest spring trends! Local boutiques will feature in store trunk shows, complimentary drinks and much more. Sponsored by Factio Magazine, Chicago Latino Productions, Wicker Park/Bucktown Chamber of Commerce and 1st Ward Alderman Manny Flores. See more information at factio-magazine.com/fashionrun

Shecky’s Coming to Chicago

Women searching for fashion events and merchandise don’t have to look any further than a company by the name of Shecky’s. They provide women with news and information on the latest trends in beauty and fashion. It also hosts its own event across the country, “Girls Night Out” and features fashionable merchandise that can be purchased, beauty samples, complimentary cocktails, and games. It also provides women with opportunities to receive manicures and hairstyles. At the end of the night every woman receives a goody bag that contains up to $100 in fashion and beauty merchandise. Women can expect a fashionable fun time and a night of pampering when attending “Girls Night Out.” You can receive free admission to this event if you become a subscriber on their website Sheckys.com. These events usually range from $25 to $35. Shecky’s will be hosting its event in Chicago during March 18th-20th from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. It will be held at the Great Hall at Chicago’s Union Station. Buy tickets at sheckys.com -Joletha Goodman

FACTIO MAGAZINE: Tell us about your work at the Illinois Institute of Art. KAREN JANKO: As the Academic Director of Fashion Marketing and Management my key role is to help our students to succeed. I am fortunate to work with the best team of faculty members who are industry professionals that bring real life experiences to the classroom. Together we mentor students and provide them with the knowledge and skills that they need to market themselves and to be successful in an ever-changing industry. VICTORIA SINON: I am the Academic Director of Fashion Design and Accessory Design at the school. I have 24 faculty and approximately 500 students in two programs. FM: What is the most rewarding part of your job? KJ: The most incredible part of my job is helping the students reach their goals and ultimately realize their career dreams. I am delighted to say that our Fashion Marketing and Management students participate in internships in many international locations every quarter. VS: The students are the most rewarding part of this job! They have such excitement and creativity that it is wonderful to see them change from the day they start at our school to the day they are ready for the industry. FM: Give us the inside scoop on planning FAME, the annual fashion show for the school. KJ: Our annual FAME event is focused on showcasing student work as an all school event that encompasses all the programs throughout the school. For example, there is a Media show portion, samples of student artwork from all disciplines displayed in the lobbies of the theater, the culinary students create delicious works of art for the VIP reception, our Fashion Marketing and Management students assist our dedicated faculty in producing the fashion show portion of the FAME event each year, and the Fashion Design students create beautiful unique garments for our runway. This professional event requires great team work and the support of all areas of the college. VS: I work with my fashion design faculty to introduce class curriculum options that will run prior to FAME. The class curriculum targets interesting and creative options that will support the show, as will help to advance student knowledge and skills. FM: What can we look forward to for this year? KJ: In addition to the innovative garments created by Fashion Design students we have an exciting stage set designed by Elizabeth Watters, an Interior Design student. The selection for the design is a juried competition in the Interior Design program as a part of a course taught by Ferdinand Dimailig. VS: The design specialties this year include steampunk fashion, architectural design, menswear, plaid fashions, eveningwear, bridalwear, and childrenswear. This year we are also supporting lower level students that want to participate by letting them produce garments in school colors of red, white, and black. We’re very excited about this year’s production and we know you will be too! FM: What is the hardest part about putting together a fashion show? What’s the most fun part? KJ: The hardest part of putting together an event of this complexity, for me, is the limitations of time. There never seems to be enough time to accomplish everything. Also, collaborations on an event like this require a great deal of organizing and communication, hard work, but great fun. Stephanie Schuller and Larry Mages, both faculty members in the Fashion Marketing and Management program, are the real producers who work with all the staff and faculty to make the show a huge success. VS: The most difficult thing for our Fashion Design department is coordinating everything approximately one year before the show actually is to be staged. Classes have to be coordinated and curriculum has to be set in place along with timelines for the entire process. FAME will take place March 6, 2009! For more information, visit fame-chicago.com -Melissa Maynard

Factio Magazine Winter 2009 | factio-magazine.com

fashion and media extravaganza: This year’s Fashion and Media Extravaganza promises even more innovative fashion, edgy animation, imaginative filmmaking and eye-popping visual effects by students from The Illinois Institute of Art–Chicago. On March 6, 2009 our guests will have the opportunity to see our students’ talents firsthand. We invite you to join us in the heart of Chicago’s Millennium Park at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance for an unforgettable evening!

FAME will showcase work by students in every area of study from the college including Visual Arts, Media Arts, Fashion Design, Interior Design and Culinary Arts.


Call today for more information and a college tour!


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