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CONTENTS 14 VINTAGE Koller Auction interview Vintage selection - must have

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EDITO BLACK & WHITE « YOUR CREATIVITY MAKES OUR MAGAZINE ALIVE » ———————————————————————————————————————— Our first issue in 2015 with a summer edition was amazing! We launched the second issue only after one year… Quality is our main goal as we are both online and print. Now we have everything we need to maintain the standard concerning the quality and dynamism of our baby. Because of the success we got last year, we had wonderful opportunities to work with famous photographers and stylists such as Stefanie Renoma! We are also a lot more powerful on the social medias with instagram and facebook: @faconceptmag We are now followed by around 56 000 people from all around the world… To achieve our growth goal, we improved our design for the magazine, we added more relevant contents, more advices… For this issue, we decided to focus our editorial campaigns mainly on black & white photography because of the authenticity when the photographers work only with lights and shadows. It’s a difficult task but our talented team of photographers, stylists, makeup-artists, hairstylists, models managed to capture the essence of it! Best regards,

Aymeric Futol Editor in chief

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Cover credit Photographer: Audrey Bieber Model: Chams Eden Makeup: Dounia Loud

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VINTAGE FASHION DIARY Interview: Laura Bonomo Photos: FA Concept

Can you tell me more about your passion for the vintage and where is it coming from? Since I was a little girl, I always loved hunting antics (in flea markets, charity shops…) and loved fashion, so it’s a combination of two passions. For me, it’s also a way to deal with my values by giving a second chance to items and to invest in things that will last, thanks to their quality or style, instead of just consuming seasonal “must have”. I also like the fact that what you can get is unique in a certain way because no longer available in shops.

Where did the idea to create a vintage section in Koller auctions comes from? For a long time, vintage fashion auctions were not as popular in Switzerland as in other countries despite being full of amazing items. So the purpose was to start a kind of treasure hunt.

Which kind of brands do you like? I like brands or designers that convey uncommon values in fashion such as sense of humor like Moschino or Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

Page 15 Or being beautiful just by being yourself as Jean Paul Gaultier. He is really my fetish designer because he showed that everyone can be beautiful in his/her own way whatever your size, age… At first, was it for fun or already a business idea? It was really for passion but you have to keep in mind certain constraints and be realistic like in every business. Is it difficult to give away a piece you love when you sell it? Not really because I know that it will go to someone who really appreciates it. In addition to collectors and connoisseurs, we have, among our buyers, brands or museums that buy ancient creations for their archives. It’s the best reward to know that a piece becomes a part of the heritage. How many pieces did you collect over all those years? I prefer not counting but hundreds… Have you got one piece which is more valuable to you? A piece has a special value for me when it’s a part of fashion History, like a dress I have from the collection “Les rabbins chics” by Jean Paul Gaultier. Do you work with private individuals and/or just for Koller Auctions? I work for Koller Auctions but from time to time, friends or relatives ask me for specific items. So I help them to find and purchase it by giving advices about the conditions or the price to make sure that it’s a good deal. Did you meet important peoples? Yes, I met famous designers, models or CEOs. But as we must keep our buyers and sellers anonymous, I can’t unfortunately tell you who exactly. Can you advise us on a “must have” this year? I would advise to spend time to learn what fits you in matter of shapes, cuts and colors instead of wanting something than everyone is craving for and that will maybe not enhance you.

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Why are they considered a must-have?



The vintage industry is so big now-days, sometimes it’s difficult to make the difference between something old and something worthy! The reasons why I chose these items over a million of others: A good classic will never be out, You can give them to your children later, The Chanel bag and the Birkin are a better investment than gold these days. The craftsmanship is from far better than what you can expect from the brands in 2018! It’s a good way to accessorize a very simple outfit to make it stand out as this brooch from Dior. Ladies you have to focus on how you spend your money as fashion move so fast…

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SINDI ARIFI Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live. I live in Martigny, a small town in Switzerland. I studied at university of applied sciences and art. Then, I was elected Miss Suisse Romande 2014 and I had to make a break at my studies. Since then, I started modeling in Switzerland and France. I’m also doing music. I sing, play guitar and piano. Besides these things, my principal activate is my work as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger with my website What are your greatest passions?
 I have always been passionate since I was a little girl. I was interested in everything about art, fashion and sport. I was very shy, so I used to do all my things alone in my room. I am in love with music. Singing is something that I particularly love and I feel good when I’m doing it. I feel good with my guitar and my piano. I think that everybody needs these kind of quiet moments. But I am also someone really active. I love doing sport everyday like dance, fitness, running or boxing. I can’t stay in place! I need to move and to discover my limits so that I can go further and further!
 I also love fashion, beauty and blogging about it. Since I am young, I love to take a lot of time to take care of my skin, of my hair and of my style. I do a lot of care routines with fruits and vegetables. I love everything which is organic and earth-respectful. My blog is a space where I can share my vision of beauty and all my tips on how to take care of oneself in a natural way. One other passion is everything about food. I love cooking and taking time to create good things. My favorite side of this passion is that I love to see my friends and my family enjoying my healthy and organic dishes.
 Photography is also another passion, because in just one picture, you can remember your feelings at this time. It’s a way to take your memories and make them live. I love being in front of the camera because you can choose to be whoever you want. My favorite photographer which is now part of the team KARVAIN is Thomas Masotti. He’s an incredible artist full of talents and I am more than proud to work with such an inspirational man. How did you first get interested in fashion and why is it important? I started classical dance when I was 4 years old. Each year, we were preparing the big show, the big event of the school. It was my first experiences with costumes, makeup and hairstyles. And my passion for fashion and makeup just started.

Page 21 I think that fashion is a way to express myself. When you choose your outfit and your makeup, you can choose what you want to show to everybody. You can choose which side of your personality you want to make shine. When I was in high school, I used to be very shy and I didn’t want to expose myself anymore because of all the eyes around me. I started to wear simple black outfits so that people didn’t see me anymore. That was a huge mistake, but thanks to this experience, I know what I want to share now. I can say now that I enjoy dressing up as I want and I love to share everything about it. Fashion is really important, because it’s like a business card. It’s the first thing that people see when they get to know you. And I think that the outfits can tell a lot about one person. So take care of it and express yourself without any fear. How do you describe the fashion scene in Switzerland compared to other major cities/fashion capitals? Switzerland is well known for its chocolate, mountains, watches and incredibles landscapes. I can say that Switzerland is not the best fashion’s place. There are some model agencies here and there, but it’s not a big business. A lot of girls work as a model in Switzerland, but they generally choose to go to Milan or Paris, because there is a lot more work for them. People here are more interested in other things and they think that it’s a superficial world. It’s so sad, because fashion is a world full of magical creations and incredible imagination. What do you love about living in Switzerland!? I was born in Switzerland and I grew up here. I feel really grateful and happy about that. Switzerland is a safe place. That’s the first think I want to say. It’s amazing because you don’t feel any fear. You can live your life as you want, go play out with your friends and you can stay in a bar at night without any problem. Switzerland is also a place where you can build your career thanks to our education and universities. Of course I have to talk about our landscapes. I am a girl who love

Page 22 the beach and the sun, unfortunately we don’t have this here. But we have a lot of mountains and incredible lakes. That’s magical.

Favorite designers and places to shop?

My favorite place to shop is Paris, of course. I also love Milan and Geneva. These cities are one of my favorites because the shops are in one place so that you don’t need to take 10 taxis to finish your s h o p p i n g. T h a t ’ s a n important point! Some of my favorite designers are Céline, Chloé and Balmain. I love the details of their collections and the spirit of their style. I always love discovering their fashion shows which are just amazing. Of course, the price is high and I don’t have the opportunity to buy what I want. So I love to shop at ZARA. They have a lot of beautiful articles. The prices and the quality are correct. I want to say that I don’t put a lot of attention to where my outfit come from. I just want them to be stylish and my taste.

The first thing you look at in another person's outfit is:
 Shoes! It’s THE detail of a look. You can wear a simple black dress or a jeans with a white tee, if your shoes are killers, then you got it. What do you skimp on?
 I think I would never buy expensive tees or pants.

Page 23

What do you splurge on?

 Shoes and bags. Definitely. These are articles that you can wear and wear again without getting bored. I also love splurging on a good coat for the winter.

What is your next "must have" purchase?
 The next thing I want to buy is Le Pliage Héritage Tricolore from Longchamp. An incredible bag which is practical and beautiful. The design is minimalistic and the color combinations are just wow.

Are there any fashion icons or famous people whose style you admire? Of course there are a lot of people in this industry that I particularly love. One of the first person I think about is Rosie Huntington. She has an amazing sense of style and she’s incredibly classy. I also love Olivia Palermo, Kristina Bazan and Negin Mirsalehi. Each fashion blogger has his own style and I love to discover other points of view than mine. What can't you live without? I definitely can’t live without my family and my friends. I work in the fashion industry since 3 years now and I really love what I’m doing. But I don’t forget where I came from and who helped me being the person I am today. Next place you want to travel to:
 There are so many places I want to discover and where I want to make memories. Traveling is one of the best thing to do in this world. My next places will be Amsterdam and I hope Los Angeles. I already can’t wait to share some pictures with my readers. What would you say to someone seeking fashion advice? My advice is really easy : stay YOU. Don’t hide yourself and be happy! Just take it easy and find PLEASURE in everything you want to wear.

When do you pick what to wear for the next day? I always prepare everything the night before. I like to go to bed and to know that everything is planed for the next day, so that I avoid last minute problems and stress in the morning. And it’s an occasion to invest time in other things which are really important to me in the morning : meditation and breakfast.

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I’m always delighted to be invited by all the luxury brands from the watches industry PATEK PHILLIPE, CORUM, CHOPARD, BOMBERG… The watch is the perfect accessory for a man to be classy but also to show your power if your a businessman, a politician or a superstar. I picked 3 of my favorites for their amazing details, the first one: Patek Philippe for their quality but even more for the complexity of their movements. My assistant and I had the chance to be invited to one of their press conference and we’ve met the president Thierry Stern as you can see on the left which added a lot to our experience with them! Corum Bubble Dazzle for the New Year Corum celebrates the triumphant revival of the landmark Bubble wristwatch with the Bubble High Jewellery Skeleton, a trio of wristwatches with openworked, ultra-thin movements – each a one-of-a-kind creation set with exquisite gemstone: rubies, blue sapphires…

Page 28

The last one but not the least CHOPARD and yes gentlemen you are right, this is a woman watch… It is the perfect gift to blow away your wife’s mind! This piece is elegant with this little touch of jewelry, as we know diamonds are the women’s best friend.

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Page 30 A talent to follow

« SO IN LOVE WITH MUSIC » Fabrizio Ferrara Where are you from ? I’m Italian. I live in Lausanne (Switzerland). I was born in Nyon, and i grew up in a town called Gland. I’m 28 years old. Which kind of music do you make ? When I started singing and recording, my music was very pop. Now, I’m working with a m a z i n g p ro d u c e r s a n d songwriter. Daniel Volpe and Thomas Lipp, who are the producers of my album.They are based in Germany, and Charlie Mason, the songwriter who previously worked for Miley Cyrus, Sarah Connor and he also wrote the winning song of Eurovision 2014’s winner Conchita Wurst (Rise like a Phoenix) lives in the U.S. Now my music is very electronic, but still pop. How long have you been keen on music? I’ve started doing music in 2007. But it was very very unprofessional. ‘cause I didn’t have any ideas of how was the music business. So I released music just for fun. Without thinking about «  is it good enough ? is it radiophonic ? is it perfect ? » . Then I’ve met many producers, and people from the industry. They’ve taught

Page 31 me how to be in this business to be credible and promote my music correctly. For the moment, what’s the impact of your music and video clip? Well, for now, I’m really speechless sometimes of the feedbacks about my music. I’m not a big superstar but I’m building my own career. With my album called « TMO » (released November 2014) I didn’t expect that I was going to sale all those copies. That’s maybe because, working with great producers, from other countries gave me

the chance to be spotlighted in many music blogs, radios, and TV’s around the world. My album was sold in many countries I wasn’t expecting to be listened. So I’m very happy about that. That gave me strength and energy to continue.

Page 32 Is it your main job? For the moment, no, it is very difficult. I still have my job. And I’m very proud of it. Because I think it’s very important to keep my head in the real life. One day, if I can, I would live from my music, but for now, I’ve got to work. So work B***ch ! What’s your goal for 2016? Yes, big goals  ! I’m already working on my new album. No release date for the moment because I really want to do it the best way ! One of my goal is to perform in other countries. With my dancers, and my own show. I love to travel, meet new people, new cultures. And of course to introduce myself as a real artist. With which artist would you like to work? I really would like to work with Italian artist Osvaldo Supino. Because I love his music. He is an entertainer, just like me so, things can be explosive ! I would like to work with Emilia de Poret from Sweden, Mélanie René from Switzerland, Marco Mengoni , Baby K and Tiziano Ferro from Italy and why not, Britney Spears ! Where do you find your inspiration ? Well, lots of artists inspired me, like Pink, Jessie J, Rihanna, Lady GaGa, Britney, Anastacia, Tiziano Ferro, Adam Lambert. At the moment, I’m listening a lot to Fleur East. She is amazing and her music gives me so much motivation! You know, my little niece Alessia inspired me so much too. She is only 4 years old but I can tell she’s going to be an artist growing up. And I want her to be proud of her uncle and maybe to be an inspiration for her own career. 

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Page 35

Photographer and stylist: StĂŠfanie Renoma

Models: Raphael Say & Mateusz Zapotocki

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Page 37

Photographer: Stéfanie Renoma

Model: Raphael Say

Shoes: YSL

Page 38

Photographer / stylist: StĂŠfanie Renoma

Model: Quentin Page 39Bruhat

Make up and hair: Julie mandin

Page 40

Page 41

Photographer: StĂŠfanie Renoma

Model: Samuel Rousseau

Make up: Odile Jimenez

Page 42

JEAN FRANCOIS RUCHONNET BEHIND A VERY NEW INVENTION 1 . I am a self made man, I have learned all what I know working hard and observing around me. As I enjoy high ends things, nice places and aspired to a good quality of life, I worked harder than the others to make it happened. I am active in the luxury industry since 30 years. 2  . I started working for Chopard after my studies in micro mechanic, I was nineteen years old. Then I worked for Piaget during 7 years. I started as C & C Operator and ended at the R&D department. I went back to Chopard and took the lead of their R&D department, I stayed 8 years there. In 1999, I opened my own business as a consultant in the watch industry,  and ten years after, I was at the head of six companies for whom I run several activities, as design, patent fi l i n g , m a r k e t i n g , communication, production, distribution and sales. For example I have worked for 65 brands, I have designed more than 75 lines of watches, I have patented more than 20 patents, I have produced more than 135 3D movies, and I have launched two own brands, Snyper and Cabestan. I also produced more than ten huge series for famous watch brands. 3. Both, I consider every design like a business opportunity. 4. I like to turn impossible things into possible, Harder it is, more interesting it will be. Nowadays, I realize that there is less and less creativity, because managers don’t want to take risks. But it is important to maintain a thinking out of the box creativity, because even if I was often treated as a fool, my vision and my pugnacity have always made the difference, like for the V4 of TAG HEUER, the Cabestan, etc. 5 . Sygmalion resumes 30 years of career, and highlight’s my Pygmalion side.

Page 43 The goal of this company is to propose, to chosen clients, a special relation with me, where we don’t care about the politic and the dysfunctions of the modern companies, to privilege a ground management denied of ego  and ineffective marketing. We go to the heart of the subject; without wasting precious time. This practice require an undeniable maturity form Sygmalion and also from their clients. With time, they become friends more than clients. 6 . No, I avoid putting all eggs in one basket. But Sygamlion works as well in the watch industry than in the automotive sector, in jewelry production, or in private found investments. The key is to use my fantastic network to connect people together, depending the business, but to always keep the lead on everything. It requires a lot of energy, but it is worth it in the long-term. 7. My 30 years experience is my value and when a new London company wants to create a brand in the luxury industry, naturally this company looks for key people. They contacted me in June and we immediately found a good deal. I hate bullshit and wrong marketing in my job. Truth is the only way and for investors that’s the key. A right investment takes time and needs to be secure in this hard time. Omada Capital respects values of watchmaking industry, and looks for a long-term return to investment. My position inside Omada Capital is clear, exciting, and gives me the opportunity to connect Omada to my network. We are starting targets identifications and are ready to launch acquisition process on some Swiss companies.

Page 44 8. My first goal is to reach the break heaven point of Sygmalion in March, only year after the birth of the company. The second one is to develop the electric bike brand Greyp, in Switzerland, Monaco and on the Middle East, using the hottest spots of my network.

9. Yes, by it’s quality but not by it’s quantity. We are a small team, but every body has an unbelievable background. It is like a cheese game, each element of the company is at the right position. 10. I’m Monaco resident right now but I am seriously thinking to move to Abu Dhabi. One of my partners wants to establish a spinoff of Sygmalion in the Middle East for my electric bikes project. We have a huge success with the Greyp G12S and big opportunities in Abu Dhabi. We will see what turns out in the next few months but basis are there for a good development of Sygmalion in 2016. 11. In general it’s very difficult to give an advice without a good analyze of a project but some of them stand out. For example, for me, the most important is to keep the lead in the shared capital (51%) and to avoid to associate with powerful partners (stay at the same level in the game) The last advice is to be prepared to suffer because only the best managers will win the game. 12. My secret is to have a little sleep. All my administration stuff, answering emails, planning the day, etc, is finished at 9H00 AM so I have the rest of the day to work on important facts and emergencies. The second secret is that I never give up, when I have an idea I keep going to the end.

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Your haircut You have top choose it depending on your face shape, the best it’s to take advices from a professional hairdresser.

You can also take as examples the drawing above.

2) Your clothing shape

Page 49 You have to choose depending of your morphology type as per example below

Page 50

Photographer: Damien Murer Model: Valentin Dickler Makeup: Marion Kohli

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Face scrub/masks

Maybe you hop in the shower, wet your face and call it a day, but do you feel how much your face would glow if you would use a daily face scrub or facial mask? You'll appreciate- I guarantee.

2. Get a manicure and pedicure

Whether your fingernails and toenails are too long, broken or just too messed up a mani/pedi duo is never a bad choice. At some salons, there are specials for men. And don’t forget the girls watched your hands…

Page 59

3. Looking presentable


Don't get me wrong, I love the jeans and t-shirt look, but sometimes it's OK to switch it up and wear a pair of khakis with a button down. Looking presentable doesn't have to be an everyday thing, but every so often would: 1. boast your confidence and 2. make us look good to have a sexy, well-dressed man on our arms. So boys, there you go. Some reasonable ways to enhance your look. When you feel good and look good, all is well in your world. Stay handsome.


Page 60

Bain Bleu, an oriental relaxation Writer: Joan Yu

Winter has taken over the old continent with its cold spells. As the gloomy season expands its cruel grip over the city of Geneva, how can one reconnect with a certain mind-positivity and well-being? When it comes to relaxation, we first and foremost think about thermal baths overlooking the mountain tops, which bring you out from the city edges. But guess what wellness-lovers, all of these pleasing temptations have landed in the very neighborhood of the Calvinist city center! The Hammam and Spa Bain Bleu opened its 3'000 m² all dedicated to wellness in November 2015. The concept already exists in Switzerland and gained a resounding success. I had the opportunity to taste a small piece of it, and I can tell you it is a blast. First of all, I should mention the location, which is an interesting compromise between the city facilities and a perfect-todisconnect area which is so welcoming in the summer season: Geneva Beach. The thermal center spreads its cubic structure on the shores of Lake Geneva, and displays a panoramic sightseeing at its top. At first glance when I strolled down the polished pavements alongside the pools, wrapped in a cozy bathrobe, I noticed the harmonious and magnetic architecture of this multi-story building. The dark shade of the stones and its maze-like design reminded me of Zumthor’s work. Bain Bleu have something to do with Vals thermal baths; maybe it’s related with the enveloping lightings effects, or the reflection games between the tiles and the flowing waters I adored in Zumthor’s hot springs. For sure, I felt like I penetrated the same but smaller-scale cocoon. On the first floor, an indoor turquoise pool welcomes me with its thin waterfall. A bit further to the left, a small alcove allows for a discrete rest. A secret water path leads in the core of an open-airsquared tube. I observe neck deep in the sweltering water the sky through this unexpected chimney. Wandering around is a real pleasure, as I discover some unveiled balconies, from where I can see without being seen. I decided to leave my secret hideout and to proceed on my aquatic journey. What a surprise when it brought me to a pool terrace rooftop, overhanging the beach area. My eyes eventually plunged

Page 61 further in the metallic-colored lake and the snowcapped mountains. Delighted to find myself alone to enjoy the pool –and trying to quell the guilt which was beating in my heart while having such an insane relaxing time during a working day – I took a dip and found an extra-sized whirlpool area. I was stuck there, as my feet found this delicate jet massages – and I swear I couldn’t move an inch while I was sinking into a contemplative mood. I barely heard the remote mingling sounds of city noises and soothing water splashes.

I was entrenched in the sweetest bubbles torture when I was called to enter the hammam. What a shock when I was told to let my swimsuit at the cloakroom! Indeed, the hammam is six-step circuit you ought to experience…naked (don’t worry, you keep a towel; you don’t need to flash anything improper). You have to go across different salons whose purpose is to exfoliate your body and…and settle the mind.

Page 62 First step, your body needs to acclimate to the hot and humid conditions. You penetrate a warm steam room with aromatic herbs. When you are done, you are meant to scrub your skin yourself in a special room with a Kessa glove. And as I clearly read in your thoughts, no, women and men don’t mingle; everyone has his own place to perform this stage. Step three amazed me, as I was totally ignorant of what the hammam traditions involved. I experimented a soapsuds massage and it was at this very moment that I fell in love with oriental beauty methods. I was told to lay down on a flat stoned-bed. My young therapist added some comfy inflated plastic cushions under my sore legs and chest. I was wondering what would come next when she started to shower me with a hot water stream. Then she scrubbed every inch of my body with what I assumed was a horsehair glove. To be honest, it’s not the best impression in the world, but let’s save the best for last, when she grabbed a cotton duffle bag filled with soapsuds, and pressed it above my body. The sensation was beyond relaxing; the foam drizzled on my limbs with a strong flower perfume, and the smooth massage which achieved the process was the closest thing to paradise. « We gathered the best of the techniques coming from Morocco, Tunisia and even Asia», my therapist explained. After the massage, I took a rest in a lovely ceramic-tiled pool and laid on large hot stones. The decoration of the dry zone salon allows a peek further this oriental eerie world. The design is all about north-African comfy footstools, wood-handcrafted chairs, and middle-east-fashioned coffee tables. You can settle down on comfortable mattresses and cushions covered with rugs to enjoy the inescapable mint tea and oriental delicacies (never run away from the cliché, it’s always the best part of the story!).

Bain Bleu offer a large array of services which promise strong sensations. Why not try a 25 minutes detoxing Oriental Rhassoul wrap? It makes your skin radiant. The argan oil and hot stones massage seems rather alluring. You can even book a private salon for a massage or a face-to-face spa session in a huge stoned-bath. The upside surprise remains the price. “We wanted the spa to be a luxurious moment for everyone, even for the families”, Bain Bleu director Laurence Egli clarifies. And you’ll find no time limit here, because “everyone has their own pace”. Yikes! Did we finally find a reason to cope with the relentless cold season in Geneva? For more information:

Page 63

Page 64

Page 65 Photographer: Audrey Bieber (for this editorial)

model: Lauralou Abattu

Makeup: Dounia Loud

Hair: Delphine Rilo

Stylist: Malick Benhaimouda

Model: Cybill Cazaumayou

Makeup: Dounia Loud

Hair: Sabrina Miton

Lingerie: Axami events

Page 66

Page 67

Model: Vanessa Guyon

Makeup: Dounia Loud

Hair: Fabio Belli

Stylist: Sylvie Anfosso - Coté Intime Concept Lingerie

Location: Castel pub

Page 68

Page 69

Model: Laura Bgn

Makeup: Dounia Loud

Lingerie: Axami Events



Page 70

Page 71

WHAT did we do to her?

Style/personality consultation Face & body morphology study Shopping for one outfit - the goal was to bring to Anna a bit of freshness and dynamism in her everyday look. And to show the woman hidden in her… The hairdresser Dimitri Dorard did a very flattering haircut to soften her features and bring some harry around her face. With very natural hair coloring and styling… Like that she will be able to maintain it herself very easily! Then i did the makeup with very natural color to bring some shape to her eyes, a bit of blush for a little hint of color on the chick. A soft contouring to enhance her features and a rosy lips for bit of sexiness For the styling we tried to balance her body shape by bringing a bit of volume on the upper body, a flair pants to give her the illusion to be more slim and tall… A pair of boots with a chunky heels for the comfort and hight… we played with the layers for a very young look but mainly to balance the bottom part with the upper part… Warm colors to complete hair skin tone. A pair of sunglasses more modern, more round to break the square lines of her face! And these color to mixed with hair new hair color. 


Page 72


Page 73


Photographer: Tristan Jud

This Sydney Fashion Week 17 was amazing, with our team we went to grasp the new trends and discover the trendsetters! We were blown away by certain shows such as Romance was born or Zhivago. It was also very impressive to see how talented the young generation were! It was colorful and daring… We chose for you our favorite street style with some people such as Poppy Lissiman from our dear Perth (WA). I let you discover the selection we made for you… Enjoy, take and leave what you like or don’t like!

Page 74


Page 75



Page 76




Page 77







Photographer: Tristan Jud

Page 79


 Page 80

Page 81

FOODIE TAKINOA Launch party Geneva - Eaux-Vives district

I had had lunch by chance on the opening day and experienced a very w e l c o m i n g greeting by the T A K I N O A manager of the Fnac premises d o w n t o w n Geneva. The day was sunny so I took a day’s special which was brought to me on a front street table. I was advised for a freshly made juice with lots of veggies. The whole experience was very tasty. They asked my personal details so they could informed me on TAKINOA news and happenings. I came back for the official launch date where I had the chance to meet the founder who is a passionate mountain lover. After a little speech, guests could try a whole range of their salty and sweet treats as well as the various freshly made juices. A group of jazzy musicians entertain the crowd. In the back of the premises on a higher level, the guest tables had the professional lunch boxes presentation which gave a pretty good feeling of how healthy a business meeting can be. I would definitely go back to taste a quick bite and a fresh juice or order for a working lunch.

Writer: Chrisaym

Page 82 Photographer: Cyrielle Beaugeois

Model: Hocquaux Sebastien

Hair: Ana Bela Mang

Stylist: Aymeric Futol

Polo: Devayant

Watches: Ice Watch - G.Gagnebin

Page 83

Page 84

Page 85

Page 86

Page 87

Page 88

Page 89

Page 90

Photographer: Kamran Safdar

Model. Tahir Shah

Page 91

Page 92

Page 93

Page 94

Page 95

Page 96