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PHOTOGRAPHY: Damien Mohn MODEL: Ladislas Valet MAKEUP: Isa Reda BELT: Doketti Geneva





OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER QUENTIN DECAILLET PHOTO EDITOR RAVIL MUSLIMOV Participated in this number: PHOTOGRAPHY Damien Monh, Ed Edwards, Quentin Decaillet, Adam Adams, Mike Niembo, Vincent Bidoyet, Aliona Kuznetsova, Flavio Ribeiro, Frederic Monceau, Aliona Kuznetsova, Eugene Theodore, Céline Bissat, Nicolas Stajic; MAKEUP/HAIR Isa Reda, April Oustinovitch, Leila Madani, Dimitri Dorard, Aline Le, Trajectoire Neuf, Katy Rose Cunningham, Stephanie Darlix, Béatrice Carroz, Vladimir Cukrov, Jeanne Lagger, Carina Callegaro, Suna Myles, Fati Make Up, Belle Coiffure Nyon.

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PHOGRAPHY : Eugene Theodore MODEL & COVER GIRL: Lilas Rachel MAKEUP: Béatrice Carroz / HAIR: Stephanie Darlix CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES: Tatiana Lova

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PHOTOGRAPHY: Vincent Bidoyet MODEL: Viktoria Garbova MAKEUP: April Oustinovitch HAIR: Dimitri Dorard JEWELS: AVA Bijoux


The idea around FA Concept Mag was to stay connected with my partners in Europe and European abroad such as Sparkle Press Office (Lonchamp, Bomberg, de Grisogono...). And to either share my passion for the fashion industry, beauty, music etc. This issue turn around endless summer, just because it's always summer somewhere in the world. I really love the atmosphere of this season due to the fashion possibilities around accesories and fabrics. I was inspired to work around the nudity, to put the model on the front row; I let you discover how I used the belt, veil... PHOTOGRAPHY

Quentin Decaillet MODEL

Sandra Suarez



Carina Callegaro CLOTHES

Jeanne Lagger PLACE CGN - Lausanne Tour de France 2015


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FA CONCEPT Informations: Submissions:




In an age when newer is better in most industries, the fact that many people are choosing to wear blatantly outdated apparel seems counterintuitive. It’s hard not to notice that older styles have made monumental comebacks in recent years.

rom the clothes to the accessories, to complete your outfit with a vintage piece...

Today I will share with you some good adresses and tips to be trendy with vintage stuff.

Tour de France Photo 2015 - Lausanne. Models: Sarah & Eliane Pecherski - Carole Schell MUA: Suna Myles Hair: Jeanne Lagger Stylist: Aymeric Futol / Dresses: JULIA'S DRESSING Photography: Quentin Décaillet

Then you can discover an editorial with the Koller Auctions House (vintage) with its incredible pieces. I was lucky with my dear friend Julia from Julia's Dressing to use upscale pieces for some photo sessions such as Jean Desses dress or vintage pieces from the 20's or 30's as shown in the picture above. Also an interview with the Queen of Chanel & Hermès vintage! (Catherine.B)

- 18 -


The vintage moussline dress "NINA RICCI" Girls, you all need the "petite robe noire" for your galas, diners... it's the piece you should have and this one is vintage from: JULIA'S DRESSING Rue Jean-Violette 18, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland +41(0)22 321 09 87

The vintage silk scarf "CARTIER" Impossible to go out without your silk scarf, it's the final touch for a perfect oufit, sometimes rock, smart, upscale... Ask your grandmother to keep them or shop at: CARRIE BRADSHOP 17 Rue Romarin, 69001 Lyon, France +33(0)9 51 83 93 80

The vintage dress-coat "DIOR" The good thing with this piece is that you can be unique during the day if you want to wear it in a modern way with jeans or the evening for an elegant diner with you husband or date... You always find some upscale pieces with my dear Laura: KOLLER AUCTIONS Rue de l'Athénée 2, 1205 Geneva +41(0)22 311 03 85 - 19 -



THE FRENCH VINTAGE "PAPESSE" I was so happy to find a person who liked the fashion as much as I do specifically vintage. I shall find you the “must have� every season, a selection among my various partners as well as interviews and precisely how to mix vintage and the modern stuff. Thanks again to Julia (Julia's Dressing), Catherine (Catherine B les 3 Marches), Laura (Koller Auctions) and my charming friends from Carrie Bradshop... Today, I am talking to my dear Catherine, a real vintage lover who possesses one extraordinary collection which has grown over the years. I chose only certain brands. I let you discover her through my interview:

- 20 -

CATHERINE.B Tell me about your passion for the vintage fashion and where it comes from?

Early on in life, I would unearth items but always Chanel & Hermès. I cannot tell you when exactly but I know that I have always had an attraction for these two brands. Which kind of brands do you like? Chanel and Hermès, there really aren’t any better brands for me

How many pieces did you collect over all those years? Too many to count! I would say in the thousands. Have you got one piece which has more value for you? The first Birkin ever made for Ms. Jane Birkin. I will never sell that one! Do you work with private individuals and/or also for magazines? I work with stylists and

At the beginning, was it for fun or already a business idea? It was first and foremost a passion. I started buying a couple items and reselling and it just turned into something bigger. Is it difficult to separate yourself from a piece you love when you sell it? Very much! Which is why I often end up keeping certain items originally purchased for the shop.

- 21 -

magazines who wish to feature some of my collector’s items and with whom I have a special relationship. Did you meet famous people? Yes but I never tell! Can you advise us on a “must have” this year? Any vintage Mademoiselle or 2.55. They are timeless and therefore always the “musthave” item of the year!


PHOTOGRAPHY: Vincent Bidoyet MODEL: Joan Yu MUA:Leila Madani - HAIR:Dimitri Dorard CLOTHES: Koller Auctions Geneva


PHOTOGRAPHY: Vincent Bidoyet MODEL: Doria Prieto MUA: April Oustinovitch - HAIR:Dimitri Dorard CLOTHES: Koller Auctions Geneva

PHOTOGRAPHY: Vincent Bidoyet MODEL: Emilie Dussetier MUA: April Oustinovitch - HAIR:Dimitri Dorard CLOTHES: Koller Auctions Geneva





All around the world I found for you all the fashion news in Paris, Geneva, Perth and for the next issue it could be in Berlin, in Spain, who knows? For the moment I will present you the new ZARA HOME in Geneva, all about LONGCHAMP Fall/Winter collection, Perth the new place to be for the fashion... - 31 -


First store to open in Geneva, Switzerland "I found the idea of presenting the articles by theme really great You do not have to loose time searching for the matching items all over the place..."


ay 2015 – Zara Home will shortly arrive in Switzerland. The home décor brand of the Inditex Group will open its first

at Rue de la Croix, 11 on 29th May. The brand is present in the country since 2007 with its shop online, whit a great acceptance. The first Zara Home store will be hosted in an entire building and will have a space measuring 2100 sqm. It will showcase all the collections of the home décor brand, including Zara Home Kids.The store will also feature an innovative design, true to the current image of Zara Home around the world. One of the most significant characteristics is the white façade displaying our logo in gold, an avant-garde and elegant concept in harmony with the simplicity and respect for nature upheld in materials used within the store. The use of neutral colours, chestnut wood and marble floors with an antique mother-of-pearl effectare just some of the features of this Zara Home store.

- 32 -

"It was amazing, and I really love the place, the collection and the staff"

As with all Zara Home stores throughout the world, the Geneva store will present two collections each year, inspiring the design team to present ideas each season that are always on trend. The store will then be refreshed with the delivery of new items twice a week. About Zara Home Zara Home is the home dĂŠcor brand of the Inditex Group. Its collections are based on the latest fashion trends and include: bedding, table and bath linens; furniture; tablewear; cutlery; and other decorative items for your

- 33 -

line. Since its launch in 2003, Zara Home has expanded rapidly, and, including Switzerland, it now operates in 60 countries with 450 stores. With a team of more than 3,500 professionals, the brand offers the latest fashion and dĂŠcor trends for every season, with stores constantly refreshed with the delivery of new items weekly. Thanks to a diverse group of designers from across the globe developing unique products, Zara Home brings trends from the international runways into the home, helping customers to create a warm and fashionable environment.

Photo credit: David Naldini

- 34 -


Reouven Zana is a Parisian designer, who at 17 years old was the youngest French designer registered on the official Fashion Week schedule. Fashion Editor, you created a few months ago your own fashion brand “Reouven Zana�.


How did you come with the idea to design clothes from fashion Journalism?

I was born in a family of designers so I grew up with the idea that creating was the key to my life. I started my first clothing line when I was 14 years old. After that great experience, I chose to turn myself in direction of Haute-Couture. My work as an editor allowed me to understand that Haute-Couture, design, fashion weeks and all this amazing world was what I needed... Having the opportunity to write about my inspirations and attend to the most famous fashion events has been the real start of my design adventure. Thereafter, I had my pass for the backstages of my future life.

- 35 -

How does it feel to be the youngest creator never registered to the Fashion Week?

It’s a lot of pressure but I’m really proud to be the owner of this title because it is an honor to represent the French fashion all over the world through the medias and the people who like my creations. I have to use it as an amazing opportunity to develop my work, my reflexion, and the way I want to dress women. Can you tell me more about your first collection? (Inspirations, fabrics…) This collection is called "Premier Bourgeon" (first bud) because I wanted to reinvent the timeless image of the flower, through living materials as crochet, lace or wool. A chic line with precious curves which is divinely highlighted by young, delicate, elegant and engaged women...

However, I have many projects which are coming soon so I will have many things to show them before the D-DAY of the next fashion week. Do you think that being born in the fashion environment, helped you develop your aesthetic sensibility? Art and culture are very important for my family and I grew up near the pearls of my mother, the scissor of my grandmother and the brushes of my grandfathers, this amazing landscape of

The fact that you did already present your first collection during the Fashion Week in July, 2015 does it represent a big pressure for your next collection? For sure, knowing that a big part of the professional fashion industry is waiting for my work is really exciting and terrifying!

- 36 -

creativity allowed me to shape my own identity and find my way. And can you give us some advices for the young talents to start to live their dreams? Trust in yourself or nobody will trust in you, age doesn’t matter if you have this little light spark of determination and talent in your heart. I love this sentence: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars”.


All you need to complete an oufit!

Often with pearls, you can decline all the jewels in different colours for you or your boutique. Him by face book it's sometimes difficult to find him but it's also a part of the game you should diserve it!

It was very pleasant to discover the new brand "Dix" at the Meurice hotel in Paris last year. Eric Lopez is the owner and the designer and he has been my boss some years ago... His new concept is very upscale, the number "Dix" for 10 models, create in 10 days and an objective of 10'000'000 of profit ahah...

Let see for the new collection, what surprises he will prepare for us.

You must own one of his pieces but if you want to have one hurry up because they do not last due to the limited series!

- 37 -

- 38 -




really love the women collection inspired by Memphis, very colorful, very graphic. As usual the fabrics for the clothes and

I was invited by the Geneva press office to discover in Paris the new collection Fall/Winter 2015. It was amazing and fantastic, so many people from all over the world : stylists, personalities and of course journalists etc. I actually believe Longchamp turned over a page in its history, less classic and more fashionable, more original!

for the bags are just fabulous! For the other luxury brands, it will be difficult to do something more original and with this kind of quality for such attrative prices! Good news for us men, the new collection FW2015 will be original and fashionable: stop to the computer case and welcome for the real bag for men. Longchamp dares it and I love it ! - 39 -

FW collection 2015

The new collection of Longchmap men from the handbag to the backpack, you have the choice...

- 40 -

PHOTOGRAPHY: Flavio Ribeiro MODELS: Ladilas V, Vincent T, Christian G MAKEUP: Aline Le HAIR: Trajectoire Neuf -x-


It has become the new trendy down under festival

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival is supported by the State Government through Tourism WA and the Department of Culture and the Arts, and by the City of Perth.


elstra Perth Fashion Festival will run over six days from 15 to 20 September 2015.

From the opening night with Perth model, presenter and writer Tiah Eckhardt at the Dilettante Show to the closing night with international Burlesque star, designer and model, Dita Von Teese hitting the runway for Wheels and Dollbaby the program is filled with excitement. It will also feature runway shows from the likes of Jaime Lee and Akira; international talent with Vietnamese designer Phuong My debuting a new collection and internationally revered and celebrated fashion illustrator David Downton travelling from the UK to attend events and to act as a Telstra Perth Fashion Festival International Ambassador.

- 48 -

Back to Baselworld

Baselworld 2015

THE WATCH Show your power with the “must have� for men and women alike. Basel the best place to choose your new watch, discover some unique pieces, set up the trend. I made a selection for you to choose from:

- 49 -

THE PERFECT ONE FOR YOU It is just a small selection of my favourite watches from the exhibition. You can also check my article on "Chic Overdose" by Xenia Tchoumitcheva, it was about the jewellery in Baselworld.

Innovation and luxury SICIS Jewels is different from other brands due to the uniqueness of its jewellery and watches crafted by Mosaic Masters who work entirely by hand using the techniques of micro- and nano-mosaics, creating true works of art. SICIS mosaic masters create tiny rods of gold and Venetian enamel, obtained by melting 9 different base colours at 1,200 degrees, producing infinite combinations of colours and shades.

Diamonds are forever The INSTRUMENTINO BAGUETTE, Epitomise the elegance of the Art Deco movement, its geometrical design sets a perfect stage for a stone cut particularly dear to Fawaz Gruosi. Revealing a new facet of its personality, the watch morphs into an extremely refined piece of jewellery. This gorgeous haute couture creation is composed of 838 baguette-cut diamonds set with one of the most intricate setting techniques - the invisible setting - where stones sit side-by-side with no metal visible.

Affordable and sober Eight decades after the establishing of G. Gagnebin & Cie, the fourth generation of the family restarts, in 2013, the company G. Gagnebin and produces its first collection of men’s watches. Proud to carry such a famous name in the world of watchmaking, the founder’s great-grandsons are animated with a double ambition: bring the work of their ancestors back to life and create a brand which carries the name of Gagnebin. - 50 -

Art and luxury CLASSIC FUSION ENAMEL BRITTO Hublot creates a fusion of arts and crafts Associating Hublot with the traditional art of enamelling may come as a surprise. However, on closer inspection, this piece still embodies all the brand's distinctive codes and values. A link between a traditional art - "grand feu" enamelling and contemporary art movements - Pop Art and Cubism.

Couture and luxury Big Bang Broderie Sexy and glamourous, an ode to the ultimate in femininity With the very principle so dear to the Swiss watchmaking brand, Hublot connects the past with the future, combining respect for Swiss tradition with 21st-century creativity and technology. Irresistible fine embroidery – the most feminine of materials – worn directly against the skin it is synonymous with intimacy... Romantic and sexy, embroidery is the stuff of fantasies.

Lightweight The INSTRUMENTO CARBON CHRONO, appearing through a cleverly orchestrated chiaroscuro effect, the green hues - echoing the colour codes of the Meccanico de Grisogono - impart a visual cadence to the passing of time. Above all, they embody one of Fawaz Gruosi’s favourite colours and the stone he particularly cherishes: the emerald. The creative aesthete envisions watches and jewellery with the same mind-set: instinctively, passionately and uncompromisingly. Known as a composite material, carbon fiber has a very high strength-toweight ratio. - 51 -

Bomberg Attitude

I really love the brand Bomberg for their upscale style, that is the reason why I created this editorial in Madrid. The idea was to blend the sport, the watches and a beat of sexy... I was inspired by its last campaign. See the result, so enjoy guys!








- 52 -


BOMBERG "The lifestyle watch"




A bit of rock n’roll, sparkles of bohemian, drops of glam and a lot of gangly chic: this is Stéfanie Renoma's recipe.

Raised in the creative tracks from her father, Maurice Renoma - French fashion designer who forged since the seventies the arty « avant-garde » - Stéfanie has evolved out the traditional educational standards. Very young, she is surrounded by famous but very up to date artists such as Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Marc Maniatis, Peter Klasen, César. It is not surprising that she developed her unique view of the world and sense of style.


hat sparked your interest in fashion?

I do not know if there was really a trigger, let us say that it is rather a way to live in the middle of an eccentric family. And "fashionista" since my childhood which requested in me the curiosity of this universe. What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it? Exactly the fashion above all is a party, a research and a quest that each has to appropriate, to find our style credit note of the notices to look for itself then to begin again for me it is a game, we disguise we hide then we reappear I do not like that the fashion takes itself seriously because for me it is before an human adventure.

- 60 -

STEFANIE RENOMA Are you self-taught or did you study fashion design? I studied first the design to the superior school of modern art in paris, and then in esmod. How has your work evolved since you began your own business in 2000? There was besides our points of sale, creations of our

who revolutionized the fashion industry or is it an asset? Not at all we have an approach and a totally different sensibility, thus it is rather funny to compare our work I think that it motivates us to go always farther. Are there any types of clothes that you avoid wearing? I am not very keen of dress or skirt i need

Photography. Frederic Monceau to be always mobile and dresses worry me. What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work? The image, the photo, to open a cupboard and to find the memory of my favorite rooms, to divert objects of the daily life to tell a new story, give them a second chance, in fact I'm inspires of all which surrounds me. What advice would you give to young designers? That they are lucky enough to make a great job or everything can become possible if we really believe in it.

human eshop filled with advice ‌ Then came the artistic direction and the photo to build the DNA of what the fashion is for me. That is meetings, knocks of hearts, fit of bad temper. I needed to create one embellish with images close of the way i feel because for me clothes have a big sentimental value. Have your pieces become more appealing to people as a result? I hope, I try to make a fashion which includes the desire of the assumed women of today. Is it not difficult to evolve in the tracks of a famous father,

- 61 -

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mike Niembo HAIR: Vladimir Cukrov / MAKEUP: Fati Make Up STYLIST: Tamara Perez MODEL: Joan Yu HEAD PIECE: Valentin D, Jony V


ALL AROUND THE WORLD It's my selection for you guys to stay connected with all the new trends everywhere in the world, but also to discover new designers...

Exuma bags - boheme chic It's the perfect way to bring a touch of exoticism for your outfit, sometimes for the beach or for the evening: you will be always chic but quite upscale.

Doketti - all for your leather accessories In Geneva it’s The Store by doketti in Switzerland in one of the expert for belts, all sizes, all colours more 1000 types, and differenst materails for all your look. But also for bags, gloves... Rue du Port 8-10, 1204 Geneva

Savelli smarphone - completly feminine Savelli - A jewel of haute modernity. The first luxury smartphone handcrafted in Switzerland. Every woman has a secret, discover it here: Route des Jeunes 59, 1227 Carouge, Geneva

- 67 -

Ava bijoux - imprints One of my favourite designer, due to her new imprints concept. What does it mean? In fact the idea is to take the imprints of a place you cherish, the place where you met your partner. So it's not just a jewel but something special with already a sentimental value!

L'Homme Invisible - couture underwear Choosing this underwear is set to keep you young forever, with its gold fibres. It give you the insurance to rejuvenate your skin, no more cream needed. 7 Rue Thorel, 75002 Paris, France

Philippe Zorzetto - Boots' king If you want the quality but either the beauty, you should know this brand. Who already collaborate with some famous people and perhaps soon it will be with you. All kind of shoes in different fabrics, you can also afford a pair of shoes tailor made for you. 106 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris, France - 68 -

PHOTOGRAPHY: Aliona Kuznestova MODEL: Joan Yu HAIR: Belle Coiffure Nyon DESIGNERS: Atelier Laure Paschoud / Tamara Perez / Marienski / Longchamp

BEAUTY Threading method for your eyebrows - with Zelia Geneva I tested for you this method, and I tent to think that it's the best method to shape your eyebrows without chemical products. You can remove all the hair even the smallest one.

Dr Dennis Gross skincare products advise by Inna Sawin The perfects beauty products range for your face skin, you can remove all your spots due to the sun or acne... And for the best advices for your skin type you should meet Inna.

Epilation Au Fil Genève

"Stay young and beautiful" The cryotherapy is the local or general use of low temperatures in medical therapy. With Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) the body is exposed to ultra-low temperatures (130 to -150 C). The client is placed in a cryogenic sauna/chamber for a short duration of 1.5-3 minutes which lowers the client's skin surface temperature significantly and stimulates receptors. Clients report that the experience is invigorating and improves a variety of conditions such as psychological stress, insomnia, rheumatism, muscle and joint pain, and various skin conditions.

Massage in Ibiza One of the way to stay relax and full of energy all over the year is to get a massage but you must choose a good masseur. The one I really love about his passion about the human condition and nature is Humphrey. If can not go to his practice, he's willing to come to you! Location: Amante Beach Club +34 (0) 693 74 33 22

- 74 -

Amante Beach Club - Humphey's practice


Inna Sawin Kosmectik

- 75 -

Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher Geneva

VIP EVENINGS In 2014, a greater independence was given to Yves Rocher Switzerland marketing team lead by Michaela Eschenmoser due to the specifics of the local market. The concept of inviting preferred clients in their local retail stores for special events was launched with great success. Being invited, I was able to test the friendly service and the new products. - 76 -

VIP evenings

The VIP evening was a success, many clients came tried and bought Yves Rocher products. Food and drinks were provided and a nice surprise awaited each guest

marketing assistant for the Swiss market. During the special event

end of the evening. The event turns around three new products: A rose perfume, an eyelashes repair elixir in three shades and a new set of eyeshadow that can be used with water. Of course, all the products that made the success of the brand as well as a men's corner. I was able to visit the beauty salon and spa on the first floor above the Rive, Geneva retail store which is accessed via a private lift. The tour

the preferred clients are offered a CHF 10.- coupon to try out the services provided by the Yves Rocher beauty salon and spa. Switzerland has fifteen of them presently allowing the brand to offer a welcome complement of services to the existing products already well known by the public. For the occasion, a special machine was brought to the Rive, Geneva retail store. It provided information on skin elasticity, hydration,sensibility and

- 77 -

Event pictures

Gifts from the party

The beauty and wellness part

- 78 -

We love the nature and Yves Rocher too...

sun protection. I find out with the specialist that women in general tend to think that their skin is to sensitive and purchase not the right type of products for their skin. There is a special set on offer to try for twenty eight days a deep skin treatment to be used only two to three times a year. VIP clients have the chance to buy at a special offered price the news products but also all the others the boutique has

- 79 -

You can see together with myself some of the staff present on that specific event ready to provide the best possible advices to the Yves Rocher VIP customers. Thanks Krisaym for the article.

Alice in Wonderland

For this editorial directed by Stephanie Perroud, the idea was to do a fashion version of "Alice in Wonderland" a bit like Tim Burton... And as you can see I'm also one of the model in this photos session; So enjoy thoses few shots!


Adams - Adams

MODELS Joan Yu Stephanie Perroud


Nadia Kuster




Damien & Co

Marienski by Mariana Janin

Virginie De Battisti "Mes Bijoux à Croquer"

- 80 -

LABYRINTHE AVENTURE Light assistant: Guillaume Allombert





Usine Opera Geneva - Lou

We are what we eat THE FOOD MUST BE BALANCED: the composition of your meals has to cover all the body needs. For that purpose, a correct nutrition should be diversified without excess nor deficiency. A contribution of raw elements such fruits and vegetables is fundamental. Thanks to varied raw vegetables such as the green salads, the carrots, the celery (except tomatoes to be considered as fruits), the body draws its doses of enzymes - 86 -

to face a well charged day. And finally, thanks to fruits, the body find vitamins and minerals. With animal-derived proteins (meat, eggs, fish) or of vegetable origin (soya, tofu, legumes), the body can satisfy its needs in amino acids for the cellular construction, the hormones, the muscles. With the raw and cooked vegetables, the body uses essentials to the intestinal smooth running. With carbohydrates (Bread, pastas, rices, potatoes,

source of natural sugar with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. "THE IDEAL IS THUS IN THE WELL-BALANCED AND DIVERSIFIED DAILY CONTRIBUTIONS OF NATURAL BASIC FOOD" The "Chic" Boxing: what is it all about? It's a new concept fitness rapidly expanding in Switzerland but also in France. The Smart Boxing is opened to everybody.

Nevertheless, it was invented to allow the women to box without risk of damaging their prety faces. The Smart Boxing is a sport fitness inspired by the famous boxing. The discipline has for objective to ally pleasure and release in the boxing practice. It includes techniques of strike with the closed fists, dodges and movements. Obviously, the kicks are banned in the "Chic" Boxing. The training always takes place with lively music. The Smart Boxing in practice: A session of Smart Boxing lasts generally one hour. The course(price) is made in a group supervised by a confirmed coach. After the warm-up, the participants work on two by two and put into practice various techniques related to boxing.

- 87 -

"Chic Boxing"

Each one changes partner as one goes along. Everybody can let off steam but it is strictly forbidden to strike the blows. The coach moves on by hardening the exercises before ending with the stretching. The "Chic" Boxing is booming and is becoming a trend in the fitness clubs. It allows to work the endurance and the breathing. It tones up muscles and favors the elimination of toxin. It develops the self-respect and allows a fast evacuation of the stress and the nervousness. The Smart Boxing is indicated for

- 88 -

all those wishing to get acquainted with the boxing without ever getting knocked about. It is also recommended to the women wishing to refine their silhouette through a sport playful and fascinating fitness. Photo : Club Usine Opera Geneva

PHOTOGRAPHY: Adams - Adams MODELS: Freyja Gember / Slavka Lechmanova HAIR: Yoann Cedric Dikoff JEWELS: CREA-TIFF

Photography: Adams - Adams Styling: FA Concept Model: Joan Yu Clothes: Yasmina Be

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ed Edwards MODEL: Ladislas Valet MAKEUP: Katy Rose Cunningham STYLIST: FA Concept

PHOTOGRAPHY: Quentin Decaillet MODEL: Audrey Chou HAIR: Jeanne Lagger CLOTHES /JEWELS: Marienski and CreaTiff TFP 2015



Ibiza, the multi-faceted island An opalescent sea caught in a cloudy shrine. You are well arrived in Ibiza. The location attracts a large range of people. Some come in their twenties and just want to party hard, the others are seduced by the north coast wild nature. Even VIP’s take Ibiza as the place to be in summer; did you spot Neymar or Doutzen Kroes on the Spanish beaches?

- 100 -

"Ibiza where the party never ending"

The island cannot be reduced in one word or one world. This paradise was built for sure as an adult entertainment park. If you walk down the streets near Playa d’En Bossa, you can’t run away from the neon-lit bars and its promoters. Anyway, the Ushuaïa Beach Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel made this spot the international young clubbers’ mecca. The concept relies on a few keywords, which can’t fail when it comes to party: luxury, electro-music, exclusivity, architecture and technology.

- 101 -

And this is in these huge buildings with a bird-eyes view on the sea, and among crazy-designed restaurants, that David Guetta or Paris Hilton perform gigantic shows. This is enough to convince a thousand of hard-up students to spend almost 100 euros to gate crush the clubs every night. But what wouldn’t we do to be part of this high point nightlife location (and to bring back the perfect selfie from holiday)?

The entertainment industry could have gobbled up any natureshaped side of the island.

But happily it split in two parts, and the place kept some magic locations, lost between some sweet wooded valley and translucent sea. A few miles away from the road, one can find the perfect dream “cala”. If you like white sand or vertiginous riffs, you’ll have the opportunity the turn as a one-day Indiana Jones explorer.

leads to the harbour and its beach. The nightlife wakes up when falls the sun, and lots of halfdressed young people turn around the clubs in a breakneck carnival atmosphere. Not far from there, Cala Tarida offers his rocky flank to the sultry rays of light. We swim in a turquoise-coloured water, which darkens

Along the road Visiting San Antonio, on the west-coast of the island, is the occasion the share a peaceful moment, far from the dizzying pace of Ibiza. Life can finally slow down. We discover the pleasure to walk around and get lost in the many narrow streets surrounded by Spanishstyled buildings. The main street, bordered by small balconies above it,

- 102 -

grow the regional algae. A few solid rocks emerge from the sea, and a pack of braves wait for diving. When comes dinner time, don’t forget to book your table in Cotton Beach Club, which boasts two whitedesigned restaurants and a lounge music which turns the location classy and unique. Take

The mysterious island

private beach and personal showers, before moving in comfortable sofas with a panoramic view. If you are not afraid to hang around nudists, don’t hesitate to trudge until Punta Galera beach, where the landscape is breathtaking. There is a miraculous mud, which displays a real wellness bath before swimming in the sea. Don’t forget your snorkel mask, as a wide range

- 103 -

And if you want to come back to the hippie roots of Ibiza, don’t forget to visit Benirras Beach, in the north, not far from Cala San Vincente. Ibiza was the land of welcome for the writers, artists or Franco opponents, in the 40’s. It turned as the GQ of the boho community in the 60’s. At this period, the « peluts » hang around the partylovers as the clubs like Amnesia or Pacha grew up, in the 70’s.


Verbier Festival Academy 2015

About the Academy It is a world leader in identifying, encouraging and nurturing tomorrow's truly exceptional solo performers and, each summer, an elite group of extraordinary young artists are invited to participate in its activities. They participate in masterclasses and workshops


ith leading professors and artists, exchange creative ideas and perform together

in beautiful surroundings. It offers a life-changing experience, an opportunity for learning, for reflection, for inspiration and for making new connections. It is also committed to encouraging its musicians to think out of the concert hall and, through its Reaching Out programme, to becoming a community resource. There is a semistaged performance

- 104 -

Kammler (Marcello), Laetita Spitzer Grimaldi (Musetta), Olena Tokar at the end of the Festival. Exceptional teaching and extraordinary artistry is inspiring.

(Mimi), Philippe Spiegel (Benoit & Alcindro), Francesco Salvadori (Shaunard) were the students/singers.

This year, I decided to follow some of the voice masterclasses with Tim Carroll (stage artistic layout) at the Hameau. The focus is around one opera La Bohème by Puccini. Tim was accompanied by Caroline Dowdle, director, at the piano. Luis Gomes (Rodolfo),

The importance of stage movements as well as the personal attitude and poses can add a lot of drama to the play. It is conveyed from the singers to the public and vice versa. Various exercises were performed to adopt some of those skills :

- 105 -

= organisation of his/her gesture to the scene giving more emphasis on the use of space; 2) Translation of his/her text in his/her native language own words = empowerment of the meaning of the libretto and not only knowing it by heart; 3) Reiteration of the other singer's text (in duos for example) = understanding better the whole picture due to the fact the each one learns his/her part only most of the time; 4) Speaking the movement = avoiding to sing while moving, giving a reason to be somewhere on stage; 5) Being positive with messages' reassurance in between singing lines = avoiding over saddening specific scene and conveying better the information to the public without affecting too much its judgment.

exercises of the masterclass who achieved the highest results in singing together with space control, movements, attitudes and mood. I am looking forward to next year masterclasses in another field perhaps.

Finally, I went to hear and see on Sunday the results of all these efforts to act differently on stage. The church was full and they managed to use most of the space to move around (the alleys, the entrance, the centre stage of course). Mr. Carroll requested each of the singers to present themselves and ask the public for some accessories needed during the play (for example the pink bonnet = pink plastic shower cap). Antoine Glatard conducted the small orchestra during the performance. Interestingly, it was not the singers who had in my opinion integrated the best the

Photo credits: Nicolas Brodard Aline Paley

- 106 -

The music in the blood A simple hacienda in the suburbs of San Antonio, managed by a handful of hippies. Some colourful walls. A bench of recycled furniture. And in the corner of the huge, desert terrace, three young musicians playing Flamenco. Not just playing, but performing. The rhythm is bewitching, the voices flawless. The high degree of control they display on their instrument doesn’t lie; these “musicos” are professional. - 107 -

Discreetly, I join the group. The audacious chordal successions talk about love, Andalusia, and despair sometimes. It witnesses a great nostalgia. The heart is carried by the voices just like the whirlwind of notes passes away on the guitar strings. The three Spanish, one by one, fulfil the group. Every single talent complements the others. One changes the music instrument, one starts again. Exactly like the major flamenco stars, Paco de Lucia and Cameron, can easily do. At this moment, Antonio plays guitar, and let his sidekick to the drums. The third one freely uses a sharp or deep voice. Antonio and José join their similar voice tessiture. Like tango dancers, they follow each other’s without overpowering their ability. At the end of the recital, I cannot prevent

myself from asking the group name. Antonio Romero breaks into an enormous grin. « There is no group name at this point, as this is the first time we‘ve met », he explains. «Some friends organized this meeting so that we could check if we match, to make a group », he continues. After the musical delight, the amazement.

- 108 -

never met before? », I can hardly stammer, thinking about the onehour improvised performance. I didn’t notice this spontaneity, beside a few communicative smiles between acolytes. Antonio Romero seems to play the leader role, according to the others. This lone wolf already

records. The handsome thirty-years-old and communicative Andalusian describes himself as the free electron in his family. He began to play guitar at the age of 13, while no one around does. He finished an architecture degree in Granada a few years ago, but passion for Flamenco prevailed. Influenced by the fathers of the Flamenco, he composes his own texts, and joins his imagination to the popular Flamenco theme. His companion of the day, José, comes from Seville. His timidity melts when

vibrates his voice. And what can we choose between his crystal clear eyes and bewitching voice? None of them because you observe the face expressions as much as you hear his Flamenco spell. José practices it since he is a kid. « I grew up in a family of musicians », he explains with his eternal smile in the corner of the mouth. The thirty-four years old Spanish was even born from music, as his father is a Gypsy. He came in Ibiza twelve years

- 109 -

ago, and plays guitar and African drum with the same accurate technical skills he uses his voice. This Bob Marley and Pink Floyd fan took no decision about his musical new ambitions yet; for the moment, he holds a bar in the region, and sometimes mixes as a DJ. The third one is the youngest but not the least experienced on the music market. Antonio Ponce, 27, has a degree from Albacete academy of music. He began to play piano at the age of six. Drums and Flamenco follow at 15 until he began a virtuoso. Like in fairtale, he managed a group of 22 musicians named « Secretos de mi Tierre » while he was still a minor, and bring them playing through Russia for five years. The mysterious and composed-attitude boy

settled in Ibiza two years ago. He teaches music as a living. « Beside of it, I try to improve myself in Cajon », he said, pointing out the squared-drum he uses has a seat. « He is even more impressive when he plays guitar », an employee from the hacienda tells me secretly. After this spontaneous magical hour of music, the review seems positive for the three companions. « The most important in Flamenco is the ear », explains Romero. Indeed, Flamenco is rooted deep in the souls and in the earth, and every voice or vibration has to meet the others to make this perfect syncretism. And I swear, I witnessed something special in here. The three

handsome men have a common purpose; visiting traditional Flamenco in a modern and dynamic way, and adding other music influences in their their compositions. And as I could observe with the Kendji Girac popularity, there is a place for three talented-Andalusians in the pantheon of accomplished

- 110 -

musicians. Here is a place for three talentedAndalusians in the pantheon of accomplished musicians. Text by Joan Yu

video here: music-in-the-blood

PHOTOGRAPHY: Quentin Decaillet MODEL: Sandra Suarez MAKEUP: Carina C / HAIR: Jeanne L CLOTHES: Marienski TFP 2015


This our first issue launch in 2015, the other issue will be published here soon too!!


This our first issue launch in 2015, the other issue will be published here soon too!!