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IN THE MOBILE MOMENT 6 ‘micro-moments’ marketing strategies that will help fill seats and keep fans engaged By Maureen Andersen


o capture the hearts and minds of today’s Friends who see these online posts will want to check out entertainment consumers, the live event your upcoming shows so they are not missing out on all experience has to begin long before musicians the fun. Shareable posts also get people talking — both and actors take the stage, the team puts on their online and in person — so you’ll have word-of-mouth uniform or a ticket is even sold. marketing working for you. There’s also the chance that a For many fans, the experience starts with a “microgreat shareable post could go viral! moment” online, such as looking for something to do on the weekend or checking out bands that have Be in the right place at the right time. A holistic, a tour stop in town. Other patrons may already have cross-channel approach that includes landing their seats, but want to find a great spot for dinner pages, social media, YouTube content, search engine and drinks before the show or figure out where to optimization (SEO), remarketing ads, Facebook dynamic park. With the average American adult checking his ads and more helps ensure customers always find you or her phone 150 times every day for an average of 71 when they take out their phone to look something up. By seconds each time and a total of 177 minutes per day, doing this, you are answering questions before they are this casual browsing can mean big business. asked and making it easy for patrons to To find the information they are seeking, click through and buy tickets. consumers may search on Google, watch videos on YouTube, check out social media posts or look in online Remove any roadblocks. When n many cases, microdirectories. The question is whether these curious, intentconsumers engage with your content moments marketing has on mobile, is it easy for them to complete driven actions will lead them to your venue, brand, band or team. Then, once they find you, will they engage with a transaction? If your site forces them to replaced “spray and your content? Find your events? Buy tickets? Pre-pay for the desktop when they want to make a parking or book an add-on, like a pre-show dinner or fastpray” email campaigns, purchase, you could lose the sale. Ditto lane entry? if too many clicks are required. Try it for which can reach a vast Today, our industry’s most successful marketers are yourself as an undercover customer — nurturing relationships at all stages of the event lifecycle how was the experience? If it was less audience but resonate using data and a firm understanding of where their than optimal, you’ll want to fix it. Also, with few. customers and potential customers are hanging out online. look at whether customers can connect In many cases, micro-moments marketing and storytelling with your organization in real time. These to create unique, individual connections have replaced “spray and days, many fans expect a timely response pray” email campaigns, which can reach a vast audience but resonate with to their Tweets and comments on Facebook and Instagram. few. Here are six micro-moments strategies that you can implement to help Test and measure. Micro-moments marketing gets better with time, turn empty seats into a full house and ensure no lost sales opportunities. so committing to being consistent is key. If something you tried did not return the results you were hoping for, learn from it and figure out how you can improve. Test your posts. Consider setting up an SEO or Identify your organization’s micro-moments. Where are your remarketing campaign that directs fans to a few different landing pages customers discovering your events and engaging with your content? By and see which strategy works best. A CRM can also help you analyze your analyzing your data to understand these trends, you’ll always know where data to understand what is resonating with your customers. and how to direct your marketing efforts. If you don’t already use a central solution to manage your customer data, you can start with a free tool Without these fundamental micro-moments strategies in place, you risk like Google Analytics. Monitoring digital media channels using social missing today’s opportunities, new opportunities and future growth listening tools also helps – you’ll better understand your audience and potential. This is increasingly important as live entertainment battles know their behavior so you can define benchmarks to stay accountable. “events from the couch” for the discretionary dollar. So go boldly into the micro-moment and set the stage for ongoing customer relationships — it’s Create interesting content. Organizations must add value whenever like an awesome encore that never ends! someone interacts with their mobile site, and New York City’s Playwrights Horizons is an excellent example of how to do this well. All current and upcoming shows have attractive landing pages, and Maureen Andersen is VP, Arts & Entertainment for AudienceView consumers can easily drill down to the show they are interested in on any and Chair of the INTIX Board of Directors. After starting out at The mobile device. They can find out who the stars are and who wrote the play, Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA), she learned every and then get excited by checking out artist interviews and watching trailer area of ticketing before working with some of the biggest industry videos. Watch your YouTube content with a critical eye — does it create an names. From 23 years at the DCPA to 18+ years on the INTIX emotional connection, educate, inspire or entertain? Being evergreen and Board, Andersen has worked in box office management, marketing, ensuring your content is always relevant and fresh is important too. development and everywhere in between — in not-for-profit, commercial arts and Broadway to rodeos, regional ticketing, performing arts centers Make it shareable. Increase your digital content footprint by creating and colleges. She has been an active INTIX member for 30+ years, all opportunities for fans to take photos that they can share. Anything while giving of her time as a frequent presenter at industry conferences, fun that puts them in the moment — from a cutout or interactive display seminars and workshops. in your venue entrance to an artist or mascot meet and greet — will work.







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