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…to the wide open spaces– the extraordinary is just steps away! Pittsburgh was named by National Geographic Traveler as one of the world’s top 20 great places to visit in 2012. Plan your visit today and bring your colleagues later!

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2012 Awards of Excellence Prime Site & Top Destination Winners: The Best of The Best................ 38 Meeting Planners Vote for Winning Sites & Cities.................................. 36 2012 Award-Winning Team Leaders......................................................... 37 2012 Awards of Excellence Ballot.............................................................. 41 Introducing “New” Prime Site Awards – Conference Centers & Meeting Hotels................................................. 24 Columns Looking Ahead............................................................................................. 2 Caffin’s Corner.............................................................................................. 4 Viewpoint...................................................................................................... 4 Planner Perspectives: 5 Tips for Planning Government Meetings........................................... 8 by Sarah Vining, Marketing Manager, The National Conference Center Customer Service Focus: 5 Ways to Increase Meeting Success........ 12 by Stephen Gill, President, Premier Convention Concierge, Inc. Meeting Perspectives: Religious Meetings: A Force to be Reckoned With!.......................... 14 by Dean Jones, CMP, Director of Conferences & Events, RCMA Closing Thoughts: Gentle Vigilance....................................................... 136



Upfront ..................................................................................................16-23 (Meeting Watch, Tradeshow Watch, Convention Watch, Leading Edge Managers, What’s New) F&D Hot List................................................................................................ 16 Convention Centers: 5 Small Market Venues Cover Spotlight Greater Fort Lauderdale: Meeting Growth & Customer Service........... 30


State-of-the-Industry / Spotlight Interview From Robust to Lean: How Medical Meetings Are Staying Healthy...... 26 State Spotlight Tennessee: The Volunteer State.............................................................. 126 Directory: F&D Sites & Cities Northeast................................................................................................... 45 Mid-Atlantic............................................................................................... 64 Southeast................................................................................................... 66 Midwest..................................................................................................... 83 West......................................................................................................... 105 Canada & The Caribbean ..................................................................... 125 A-Z Index................................................................................................... 44


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Getting Down to Business


n his Bloomberg Business Week (March 8, 2012) column, Joel Stein set out to determine why many companies continue to spend sizable portions of their marketing budgets at tradeshows. Stein visited Las Vegas tradeshows, and conversed with many sales people to learn what transpires, why people attend and what they accomplish at the shows. After concluding his research, Stein delivered the following message to show attendees who thought they were taking advantage of their employers with a free vacation: “You might feel free. You might feel like you’re getting the better of your boss. You’re not. Your company is getting more use out of you than they do back home. Even when you’re finally eating that steak. Even when you’re playing craps. You will be networking for them the whole time. They will win. You will lose. Even if you don’t know it.” Only a few months into my position here at Facilities Media Group, I too walked tradeshow floors at industry conventions held in Phoenix and Las Vegas. There was no doubt in my mind that I was working. My mission was clear: Strengthen my knowledge of the industries that our Facilities & Destinations publications service. Methodically, I approached a booth, determined how that exhibitor fit into the industry and made inquiries. The interactions were a terrific experience for me, and I learned a great deal. While fact-finding was my agenda for the day, I learned that many exhibitors were intent on doing business, not schmoozing. At a Las Vegas tradeshow, a transportation services exhibitor I approached handed me his card, and described his business to me in a terse statement that went something like this: “We bus people from airports to hotels, hotels to exhibition centers. Call me with your questions after the show, and I will be glad to do an interview.” Clearly, this man was all about business. The 2012 Facilities & Destinations SuperBook does not contain an interview with the aforementioned executive, but we do share his sentiment regarding “getting down to business.” This issue provides an in-depth examination of several crucial components of the meetings industry. Featured in this issue are the anticipated announcement of this year’s winners of our Awards of Excellence, and spotlight stories about Fort Lauderdale, and the wealth of meeting facilities that Tennessee has to offer. In addition, we’ve included insightful interviews, informative columns, and our comprehensive Sites & Cities Directory. As our 2012 publishing cycle commences we look forward to reporting upon – in this and upcoming issues, as well as online – all aspects of the meeting and event industry, and providing meeting planners the news and information they require to make effective planning decisions.


Volume 21 No. 1

Chief Operating Officer David Korn Editorial Director Timothy Herrick Associate Publisher Michael Caffin Creative Direction & Design Scott-Goodman Associates Circulation Manager Therese Larger Business Operations Nadia Derelieva © Copyright 2012 by Bedrock Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Opinions expressed in by-lined articles and advertising copy are not necessarily those of the publisher. Advertisers are responsible for all costs, damages and claims regarding advertising insertions. Facilities & Destinations is published three times a year by Bedrock Communications, Inc., 152 Madison Avenue, Suite 802, New York, NY 10016. Telephone: (212) 532-4150. Fax: (212) 213-6382. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to Bedrock Communications, Inc., 152 Madison Avenue, Suite 802, New York, NY 10016. Printed in U.S.A. Cover ad space is available by contacting a Facilities & Destinations advertising account executive at 212-532-4150 x103.


– David Korn Chief Operating Officer, Facilities Media Group dkorn@facilitiesonline.com


Our Cover Spotlight on Fort Lauderdale explains why the noted Florida destination continues to entice meeting planners. Earlier this year, the Fort Lauderdale CVB announced that the destination’s tourism and meetings industry saw 26 months of steady growth, fueled by 11.1 million visitors who spent an estimated $9.06 billion. Fort Lauderdale hosts the IAVM Annual Conference & Tradeshow this July. 2

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Caffin’s o r n e r

Awards of Excellence Expand


n my 22 years at the Facilities Media Group, it has been a truly rewarding experience watching how Facilities & Destinations’ Prime Site and Top Destination Awards have grown in their significance and impact. Increasingly heated, sometimes ferocious competition between meeting destinations and venues has raised the bar on all aspects of hosting meetings, conventions, tradeshows and events. Meeting planners take notice of not only the size and quality of a destination, hotel or convention center, but to the available technology, professionalism of staff, promotions, as well as accesibility and other amenities. This increased focus on better venues and service has driven up the number of convention centers and CVBs qualifying for our annual Prime Site and Top Destination Awards. The facilities and cities listed in our 2012 Awards of Excellence section (pages



In the Mix

here before they may have only looked at 1st tier, planners now bring Fort Lauderdale into that mix.” These are the words of Christine Roberts-Tascione, Vice President, Convention Sales & Services, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, as quoted in Greater Fort Lauderdale: Meeting Growth & Customer Service, this issue’s Cover Spotlight (page 30). More planners bringing her destination into the mix, according to Tascione, was the cumulative result of the destination improving its meetings infrastructure and convention center as well as expanding and upgrading its hotel inventory, entertainment districts and other attractions. In other words, planners have the problem of having more destinations offering competitive prices and increased services in the mix. When navigating through the site-selection process, surely there are worse problems to have then more sites creatively competing to host your meeting, convention, tradeshow or other event. Planners want a mix and destinations want to be in that mix. The best place to find that mix is the 2012 Facilities & Destinations SuperBook. Not only is this the largest Facilities & Destinations publication we’ve ever published – hopefully a sign


36-41) have risen above the crowd, and your cities and executive staffs should be proud. Likewise, in the last year, we have received more Prime Site Award votes naming meeting hotels and conference centers as winners. As a result, we have reinstated two of our popular Awards of Excellence in 2012 – F&D’s Conference Center Prime Site Awards and Meeting Hotel Prime Site Awards. Planners, please direct your attention to pages 24-25 of this issue, where you will find all the news about this exciting reintroduction and a dual F&D Conference Center Prime Site Awards and F&D Meeting Hotel Prime Site Awards ballot. Please take the time to cast your vote either with this printed ballot, or online at www.facilitiesonline.com. Winners will be announced in a special section to be featured in the upcoming 2012 F&D Mid-Market Review issue. The continued growth of the F&D Awards of Excellence is indicative of a renewed vibrancy in the meetings industry. Thanks to all who have participated and continue to participate in this ongoing program; and in the meantime I hope you enjoy The 2012 F&D SuperBook, our biggest publication ever.

Michael Caffin Associate Publisher mcaffin@facilitiesonline.com

of an improving economic climate – there are more destinations and meetings facilities featured throughout the various sections than in any of our previous magazines, or dare I say, in the meeting trade publication industry today. The Upfront (page 16) section – featuring “watches” highlighting conventions, meetings, tradeshows and the facilities that host them; What’s New (page 22) showcases some of the renovations and openings planners must be aware of when conducting site selection. Our State Spotlight (page 126) on Tennessee provides an in-depth review of the cities, facilities and attractions of the Volunteer State. Of course, Sites & Cities (page 44) showcases scores of meeting considerations for any planner’s mix. Top off your mix with some genuine winners – our 2012 Awards of Excellence (page 36). Your meeting planner peers and colleagues vote for these facilities and destinations throughout the year. Planners either add cities and venues to their mix, cull through that list to narrow down their site selection candidates, our list of the Best of the Best – Prime Site and Top Destination award winners – help inform that crucial decision-making process. And, a special thanks to everyone who made this our biggest SuperBook ever. We here at the Facilities Media Group are sincerely grateful to all our magazine readers who’ve kept us in their mix.

Timothy Herrick, Editorial Director therrick@facilitiesonline.com Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook


Bemidji Pioneer photo

NortherN MiNNesota’s PreMier eveNt sPace!


1111 Event Center Dr. NE Bemidji, MN, 56601 phone : (218) 441-4000 www.thesanfordcenter.net

• 10,000 sq. ft. ballroom • 1,000, 2,000, 3,333, and 6,667 sq. ft. meeting spaces available • In-house catering and concessions • Full-service marketing & advertising department • 120-room hotel connected to the convention center • 1,200 parking spaces • 5,400 end stage capacity • 30,000 sq. ft. exhibit space • 200,000 population within 100 mile radius • Airport service available

Prime Site Winners Congratulations to Our Twenty-Eight Prime Site Award Winners. Albuquerque Convention Center (Albuquerque, New Mexico), Atlantic City Convention Center (Atlantic City, New Jersey), Baton Rouge River Center Convention Center (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Broward County Convention Center (Fort Lauderdale, Florida), COBO Center (Detroit, Michigan), Colorado Convention Center (Denver, Colorado), Cox Convention Center (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma), David L. Lawrence Convention Center (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), DeVos Place (Grand Rapids, Michigan), Direct Energy Centre (Toronto, Ontario), Greater Columbus Convention Center (Columbus, Ohio), Hampton Roads Convention Center (Hampton, Virginia), Hawaii Convention Center (Honolulu, Hawaii), Jackson Convention Complex (Jackson, Mississippi), Kansas Expocentre (Topeka, Kansas), Knoxville Convention Center (Knoxville, Tennessee), McCormick Place (Chicago, Illinois), Meadowlands Exposition Center (Secaucus, New Jersey), Mobile Convention Center (Mobile, Alabama), Palm Springs Convention Center (Palm Springs, California), Puerto Rico Convention Center (San Juan, Puerto Rico), Rhode Island Convention Center (Providence, Rhode Island), Salt Palace Convention Center (Salt Lake City, Utah), Savannah International Trade & Convention Center (Savannah, Georgia), SeaGate Convention Centre (Toledo, Ohio), Shreveport Convention Center (Shreveport, Louisiana), TD Convention Center (Greenville, South Carolina), Tulsa Convention Center (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

To inquire about SMG-managed facilities call 1.866.BOOK.SMG or visit www.smgworld.com

Albuquerque Convention Center

Atlantic City Convention Center

Baton Rouge River Center Convention Center

Broward County Convention Center

COBO Center

Colorado Convention Center

Cox Convention Center

David L. Lawrence Convention Center

DeVos Place

Direct Energy Centre

Greater Columbus Convention Center

Hampton Roads Convention Center

Hawaii Convention Center

Jackson Convention Complex

Kansas Expocentre

Knoxville Convention Center

McCormick Place

Meadowlands Exposition Center

Mobile Convention Center

Palm Springs Convention Center

Puerto Rico Convention Center

Rhode Island Convention Center

Salt Palace Convention Center

Savannah International Trade & Convention Center

SeaGate Convention Centre

Shreveport Convention Center

TD Convention Center

Tulsa Convention Center

Planner Perspectives Planner Perspectives PLanner Perspectives PLanner Perspectives Planner Perspecti Planner Perspectives

5 T i p s f o r Pl a n n i n g Go v e r n m e n t M e e t in g s By Sarah Vining


Marketing Manager at The National Conference Center

rying to educate nongovernment professionals and hotel sales people about government meeting rules can be a daunting task and a long journey. The National Conference Center (NCC) staff of veteran government meeting planners recently sat down for a group discussion about the idiosyncratic hurdles government meetings can present. As a result of their meeting, the government sales team at NCC has compiled five easy tips to simplify and streamline the many complex rules and regulations involved in the planning of government meetings. Here are some tips on ways government meeting planners and venue/destination staffs can work together to ease the process.

1) Complete Meeting Packages – Facilities should

offer all inclusive pricing packages. This is intended so the planner can focus on content for their meeting rather than micromanage the logistics. “Most complete meeting packages allow planners to have flexibility with space needs like breakout space and meeting rooms, and there are no room rental fees,” says Melissa Allen, a Government Sales Manager at NCC. “This feature gives planners the most value for their package.”

2) GSA Schedule – “Choose a venue on the GSA (General Services Administration) schedule,” advises Margo Palmer, Senior Government Sales Managers. “You’ll eliminate a lot of time, extensive processes and market research by choosing a venue already on GSA.” In fact, the venues listed on the GSA schedule put forth all the groundwork to qualify and be listed on the schedule, thus also simplifying the process for planners; the new category for easy meeting shopping is listed under the SIN number, 599-6.

3) Government Pricing – Venues that offer government pricing all year long and always offer government prices with no black-out dates means they’re interested in your 8

best interests as a group, and as a long-term customer. “Choose a property that wants all your meetings,” Allen states, “not just the meetings that are large in size or fit into the pattern.”

4) Metro-Accessible Location – “It’s all about

location,” explains Christy Isaacson, Senior Sales Manager, NCC. “Location helps government planners control the procurement process and overcome some unnecessary obstacles.” Venues with ample parking and central to an airport, specifically an international airport, all support an easy planning process.

5) Seasoned Sales Managers – Unsurprisingly, the NCC government sales team agreed, working with a venue that is staffed with seasoned government sales managers makes all the difference for the planning process. Before joining the facility, many of the NCC staff worked on the planner side. An experienced sales person knows the importance of building a long-term relationship between the planner and the venue. A seasoned government sales manager is someone who knows the federal rules and regulations and can be your coach through the process. Keeping these five factors front of mind will make for a more productive planning process. Tips like choosing a venue on the GSA schedule and in a metro-accessible location will allow government meeting planners the ability to concentrate their energies on designing meetings that focus on bringing everyone together and delivering successful results. Sarah Vining is the marketing manager for The National Conference Center and is the voice behind the conference center’s social media. Her love for hospitality has her balancing acts between writing daily blog posts for meeting planners and tweeting guests who need to remove wine stains. Sarah also composes quarterly white papers for The National Conference Center, which features “meeting experts” and discusses trending topics such as understanding generational differences and how food enhances meetings. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook



You know about the Blue Bear outside the Colorado Convention Center. But did you know that the building is LEED Certified? You know Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a top concert venue. But you probably didn’t realize you can hold a meeting there. We dare you to see Denver in a whole new way at TruthOrDareDenver.com The Colorado Convention Center’s 40’ Blue Bear, I See What You Mean, by Denver artist Lawrence Argent, has become a Mile High City icon.


Sioux Falls Convention Center Sioux Falls, SD Exhibit Hall: 33,600 sq. ft. Ballroom: 16,800 sq. ft. Breakouts: 12 Total Meeting Space: 61,000 sq. ft. Attached Hotel: 243 rooms Parking: 3,400 spaces

The Sioux Falls Convention Center is conveniently located near I-29 and I-90, near the Sioux Falls Regional Airport, the largest airport in South Dakota. The Convention Center is the largest and most versatile facility in Sioux Falls offering over 60,000 square feet of flexible meeting and exhibit space including 50,400 square feet of column free exhibit space, a 16,800 square feet grand ballroom, along with 12 additional meeting rooms, each with floor to ceiling windows. Amenities include in-house catering, audio/visual, marketing and ticketing services. Attached to a 243 room Sheraton Hotel, there are more than 1,000 sleeping room accommodations within a one mile radius of the Convention Center.

Kraig Pomrenke General Manager

Exceptional service from concept to execution Call 605.367.4100 or email KPomrenke@siouxfallscc.com

Another Exceptional Venue Managed By:

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Personalized. Innovative. Professional.


Overland Park Convention Center

Congratulates Cincinnati’s Duke Energy Convention Center Greater Richmond Convention Center Iowa Events Center Miami Beach Convention Center Overland Park Convention Center St. Charles Convention Center Sioux Falls Convention Center

St. Charles Convention Center

Iowa Events Center

for receiving the

2012 Prime Site Award!

Duke Energy Convention Center

Greater Richmond Convention Center

Proudly Managed By

Global-Spectrum.com Sioux Falls Convention Center

Scan here to review all of our 32 Exceptionally Miami Beach Convention Center

Managed Convention Centers. For more information, call 888.456.2599

lanner Perspectives Planner Perspectives Planner Perspectives Perspectives Planner Perspectives Planner Perspectives Planner

C u st om e r S e r v i c e Fo cu s : 5 Way s to Inc re a s e M e et in g S u cce s s


by Stephen Gill


here was a time, not long ago, when the true measure of a successful meeting or event boiled down to one critical factor: break-even. Conventional planning focused on the logistics and the program to generate registrations, ticket sales and attendance. But times have changed and so have budgets, expenses and alternative meeting solutions. Today, meeting planners must connect, customize and monetize. The soft economy has not only softened corporate budgets, but also prompted a severe softening of marketing approaches as well. Too few dollars in your marketing budget? Then try a new twist to an old-fashioned marketing approach. Cater to the customer. Good customer service can produce a measurable return on investment for all meetings, conventions, tradeshows and other events. Here are five cost-effective, customer-service focused ways planners can use to increase their meeting success.

While most hotels offer Wi-Fi Internet service for a fee, the planner who can provide attendees free Internet service in the hotel rooms by setting up a nearby Wi-Fi tower can increase attendance, and setting up sponsorships with exhibitors will not only finance the service, but enable the sponsor to make a big impression on convention attendees and their prospective clients. The Internet service can provide free video and music streaming, while featuring reminders about the host’s products and services without spamming as well as incorporate a banner or tile ad with the sponsor’s logo and name. Of course, the physical hotel room drop standbys should not be overlooked: complimentary water juices, sodas and fruit baskets are nice amenities that attendees may appreciate in their hotel rooms and that sponsors can provide, with their logo and other brand marketing materials.

1) Attendee Profiling

4) Special Events

Any meeting or convention host who has watched countless attendees walk past an exhibitor’s booth or stopped only to collect a pen, water bottle or key chain knows the importance of producing a list of qualified customers. By attendee profiling in a pre-marketing plan that begins at least six months before the event, that list can be produced. Profiling research entails gathering basic attendee information – travel plans, hobbies, interests, favorite foods and beverages, etc. Much of this information can come from assistants who want to ensure a smooth experience for their employers and supervisors. After developing the profile, send friendly email reminders to keep the exhibitor’s name before the prospective clients. This tactic will also have a positive impact upon face-to-face contact at the event.

2) Complimentary Transportation

Everyone loves to be met at the airport. Providing complimentary transportation such as a chauffeur-driven limousine or shuttle van upon arrival, departure and throughout the event makes attendees feel special. These conveniences help to ensure safety and make an immediate connection with the host. To maximize your budget, offer the transportation program as a sponsor or exhibitor benefit. Enlist convention bureau staff – transportation is increasingly part of contract negotiations – and the local airport authority to ensure that transportation is part of welcome programs which planners then provide as added value to their meeting attendees. 12

3) Hotel Room Drop

If the transportation and room drop haven’t already impressed the attendee, a host can follow with a special event. The host can plan a festive reception or dinner for high-priority prospective clients who are shuttled to and from the hotel. Exclusive outings, venue-based VIP and break-out rooms and gifting suites featuring branded promotional items foster top-of-mind awareness.

5) Daily Activities

Research reveals that most attendees clients enjoy morning walks, jogs or bicycle rides. Provide a map, a bicycle or arrange a group outing. Customize the route map or a vacant wall along the route with sponsor logo or messaging to create a new revenue stream. Along with concierge services for spouses and family members, these are reminders of how the host has both the prospective client and budget in mind. Remember, to merely break-even is no longer an option. The stakes are much higher and require thinking outside of the box to uncover marketing opportunities that boost the bottom line. Stephen Gill is a hospitality and sales veteran with a successful track record of working with meeting and event planners in the insurance, high-tech, manufacturing, software, automotive, food and beverage industry sectors. Gill is President of Premier Convention Concierge, Inc., a destination management company serving the United States and Canada. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Lots of Choices One Decision From Mozart to Monster Trucks, basketball to business meetings, the Rhode Island Convention & Entertainment Complex has the flexibility to make your next convention or special event one to remember. Our experienced staff will work with you to choose the facilities and services that best fit your objectives. There are lots of options but only one decision – book your next event at the Rhode Island Convention & Entertainment Complex. Photo: Steven Schwartz

Rhode Island Convention Center Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau

401.456.0200 | meetings@GoProvidence.com | GoProvidence.com The Dunk and Convention Center are managed by SMG and The Vets by PFM.

Meeting Perspectives Meeting Perspectives Meeting Perspectives Meeting Perspectives Meeting Perspec Meeting Perspectives

R el i g i o u s M e e t i n g s : A F or c e t o b e R e c k o n e d W i th ! By Dean Jones, CMP

Director of Conferences & Events Religious Conference Management Association


hen we take a cross-section of the event world, we typically find broad categories that most of us are familiar with – corporate, association, medical, government and SMERF. The SMERF slice often goes without further analysis and gets lost in the shuffle of the bigger picture. As a representative of the faith-based/religious market segment, my membership often gets overlooked and underappreciated, as what may well be the largest segment of the SMERF acronym. The religious meetings market, as represented by RCMA (Religious Conference Management Association), surveys its membership on an annual basis to create a state of the association report. You may find some of those statistics quite revealing. More than six million people attended religious conventions last year. This is roughly the population of New Jersey. Imagine hosting an entire state during the course of a year! While the economic factors that are impacting the entire U.S. economy are certainly at play for most events, the religious market tends to be more resilient, consistent and is less likely to be impacted by many of the changes that impact other market segments. The Convention Industry Council’s recent study on average expenditures, “Economic Significance of Meetings to the U.S. Economy,” finds that the average attendee spends $1,430. Their study also indicates a lower expenditure of $850 for ‘other’ meetings. If the lesser number is used to calculate an approximate value, we achieve a $5.6 billion delegate expenditure at RCMA’s member events alone. If we factor in the fact that many faithbased events include families, children and other factors that would drive down that figure, we still could agree that religious events have a significant impact on the overall economy of the meeting/event segment. The RCMA member survey also indicates: • 70 percent of events use exhibit space (over 7 percent need 50,000+ sq. ft.) • Over 50 percent of events require supplier services (a/v, negotiated airfares, exhibitor services, food & beverage, etc.) • The average convention lasts 4.1 days • 18 percent use downtown hotels; 16.3 percent conference centers; 11 percent convention centers • Nearly 26 percent hold meeting throughout the U.S.


As purveyors of space and services, the religious meeting planner is a force to be reckoned with! The typical faith-based planner understands the needs of their membership and is passionate about creating a quality event that will impact their attendees, while achieving their set goals. While planners in the market segment are often volunteer or part-time, RCMA members are regularly exposed to quality training in areas of negotiation techniques, contract review, food and beverage trends, and other industry best pratcices. When responding to an RFP from a faith-based planner, it is important to understand the nature of the organization and make sure you are not proposing something offensive or even giving a gift that would be deemed inappropriate. Too many times, an eager sales team will simply fill in the blanks of a standard proposal without taking time to investigate the nature, practices and beliefs of the group. As you move forward to pursue this valuable market segment, I would encourage you put forth the extra effort required, do your homework and create a friendship with a religious planner. You’ll be much more likely to land a part of the $5 billion for your venue! The complete results of RCMA’s member survey can be found at: www.rcmaweb.org. Dean Jones became Director of Conferences & Events for the Religious Conference Management Association this year, succeeding Dr. DeWayne S. Woodring, who has retired. Jones has more than 25 years of event-planning experience, including 18 years as Meeting Planner and Convention Manager for the National Association of Free Will Baptists and five years as VP of Meetings and Events for Collinson Media, in Norcross, GA. Dean earned his CMP designation from the Convention Industry Council in 1994 and a Master of Event Management degree from George Washington University. Dean is a member of the Grand Rapids CVB Advisory Council and has served on the Nashville Convention Center Commission and the Greater Phoenix CVB Advisory Council and is a member of Meeting Planners International (MPI) and the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA). Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook


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Contact Larry Gawronski 641.684.7000 larry@bridgeviewcenter.com www.bridgeviewcenter.com Bridge View Center 102 Church St., Ottumwa, IA 52501


Event Watch In a now famous YouTube video, U.S Marine Corporal Kelsey DeSantis asked Justin Timberlake to be her date for the annual Marine Corps Ball held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in November. Timberlake accepted and attended the event with thousands of Marines, later saying: “I was truly moved. Thank you for inviting me and thank you for being my hero!”

Leading Edge: Gregory A. O’Dell President and Chief Executive Officer Events DC/ Walter E. Washington Convention Center Bio: In 2003, O’Dell became General Manager of Washington Convention Center Authority. He has been in his current position since 2009, when the authority merged with other entities to form Events DC. Events DC owns and operates the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, and the Nationals Park. Exciting Event: The Annual Meeting & Exposition of the Association of United States Army, which was held in December. The exhibitors are mainly defense contractors; all the tanks and weaponry makes for an impressive exhibit hall. Given all that our nation’s been through recently, it is a very patriotic and moving event.

The LEGO ® Kidsfest, a three-day event held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, had 27,939 attendance of families and kids of all ages. 16

What Planners Want: Value. It’s no secret there is a lot more supply than demand. Planners are looking for the best deal that makes sense and amenities at their lowest cost. Planners have a lot more choices. Those meeting planners who traditionally rotated between 1st tier cities are now looking at 2nd tier cities, because they can now accommodate these conventions. This makes it a buyer’s market and highly competitive; all destinations are looking to covet more planner business. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Event Watch


Where better to celebrate the birth of a city than its main meeting facility? The Greater Columbus Convention Center hosted the 200Columbus official bicentennial birthday bash, which featured historical presentations, indoor fireworks and dozens of decorated cakes designed to emulate local landmarks, including the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Banquet Watch

Leading Edge: Roger Krupa Director Raleigh Convention Center Raleigh, North Carolina Bio: Business Manager, Cleveland Convention Center; Convention Manager, Pittsburgh Convention Center; Director, Raleigh Convention and Performing Arts Complex since 1980. What Planners Want: Today’s meeting planners emphasize substance and know-how. When the economy tightened, planners took a hard look at how substantive, how meaningful their conferences are to participants. Planners are especially keen on making sure a venue is technologically up to date. When meeting goers snap open their laptops, they have to be able to connect.

The National Medical Society of the Treasure Coast black-tie gala – “An Evening in Monte Carlo” – held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, featured Legendary R&B singer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. More than 350 attended this large production event, which was a fundraiser for medical scholarships to deserving students. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Industry Forecast: The market is all over the map – some big shows are getting bigger, some getting smaller. And the same seems to be holding true for smaller shows as some grow while others are extremely stressed and barely hanging on. But overall, it looks like the industry is getting healthier as we climb out of the economic woes. I see conferences continuing to look to venues which provide a full array of amenities, proximity to knowledge leaders, an abundance of entertainment and easy access. Management Philosophy: Hire smart, passionate people. Never stop looking for great ideas. Always make guests happy and eager for more. 17


Convention Watch

Approximately 50,000 attendees – and 1,300+ exhibiting companies – came to the Las Vegas Convention Center for World of Concrete 2012, an annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. One of the largest conventions ever held in Last Vegas, the event filled all three halls of the convention center. (below) Oscar Goodman, Host Committee Chair, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, with Curtis Dorwart of Mack Trucks, Inc. on the World of Concrete tradeshow floor. (left) Goodman and two Las Vegas showgirls with Jackie James, Associate Director and Tom Cindric, Director, World of Concrete.

Leading Edge: Melvin Tennant

In November, The Miami Beach Convention Center hosted the 97th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Periodontology, a four-day convention featuring more than 60 educational and scientific sessions and an exhibit hall with more than 150 dental products & services. 18

President & CEO Meet Minneapolis Bio: 32 years in the hospitality industry; five years with Meet Minneapolis. Exciting Event: The American Legion, for their 93rd annual convention. Nearly 10,000 attendees convened and paraded here. Many dignitaries came to address them, including President Barack Obama. This wonderful group has been in Minneapolis many times over their history, starting with their very first convention in 1919; they will be back in Minneapolis in 2018 to celebrate 100 years of excellence. What Planners Want: The recession has caused all corporations and associations to look at meeting and travelrelated budget items in order to save as much money as possible. Meeting planners are always looking to save money due to budgetary limitations and continually trying to do more with less. Industry Forecast: All indications are the industry will continue to improve. We look at data sources that suggest the group side of the industry is coming back. Through 2010, big shows were getting smaller and that was an effect of the recession, but in 2012, public shows are showing significant growth over the previous year. That shows a new mindset of the consumer and the vendors at the show are seeing it. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook


Planning for 2013? Have we got

venues for you.

Meeting Watch Approximately 6,000 scientists, chemists and other elastomeric professionals attended the Rubber Expo & Advanced Materials in Health Care, the 180th Technical Meeting & Educational Symposium. The International Exposition (I-X) Center in Cleveland, Ohio hosted this annual technical meeting of the Rubber Division/American Chemical Society.

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ith more than $2 billion in meeting and facility development, Cleveland should be on your short list of convention destinations. Check out the enormous I-X Center. Or, explore your options at the Medical Mart and Convention Center, set for completion in 2013. Combine all this with new and renovated hotels, a nationally recognized culinary scene, endless activities and the new Horseshoe Casino. UnexPectedly Why isn’t Cleveland on your very short list? Main photo: I-X Center’s new state-ofthe-art telescopic portable seating for 500 - 5,000 Inset photo: I-X Center’s east entrance

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Tradeshow Watch The 32nd Natural Products Expo West/Supply Expo, the premier convention of the natural and organic industry, hosted by the Anaheim Convention Center, had record-breaking attendance of 60,000+ (2011 attendance was 58,000). “This year’s record-breaking attendance is historical and a positive sign our economy is recovering and getting healthier,” said Fred Linder, President, New Hope Natural Media, producer of the event.

Leading Edge: Doug Gehret General Manager Hilton Orlando Orlando, Florida Bio: 3.5 years at present property; 19 years in the industry. What Meeting Planners Want: Value, service and a return on their investment. It is critical that companies and organizations make smart choices when choosing a hotel destination for meetings. Today’s environment is fast-paced, delivering service quickly and efficiently is of great importance. Industry Forecast: We are encouraged by the popularity of Orlando and are seeing an increased demand for meetings during the next 12 to 24 months. I expect that the recent trend of growth in the corporate meetings market will continue. Many shows are growing, albeit modestly. Some industries that are struggling are still seeing their shows contract. Overall we have seen more grow than retract over the last two years. Management Philosophy: Collaboratively build a team that executes the highest level of guest experience with award-winning service levels and culinary excellence to our meeting planners and their attendees. We accomplish this through a true commitment to excellence and passion. I am proud that Hilton Orlando presents these options with 175,000 square feet of intelligently designed function space, a smart location, and recreational amenities that support health and wellness for our guests.


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Tradeshow Watch LA Art Show, a four-day event held in January at the Los Angeles Convention Center. “In the past, we only used the 147,506-squarefoot West Hall A,” said Kim Martindale of KR Martindale Show Management. “This year we will fill both West Hall A and West Hall B totaling over 210,000 square feet of space.”


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Whether your group is touring Valley Forge or just passing through, Valley Forge Casino Resort is the perfect place for your stay. Located just minutes away from five major highways and a short drive to Philadelphia and Lancaster. • • • •

600 Slots 50 Table Games 7 Restaurants 4 Bars including 1 Amazing Nightclub • 486 Rooms


• 24-Hour Fitness Center • Spa Services • Outdoor Garden Pool • Retail Stores • Complimentary Parking


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What’s New New Fairplex Conference Center The Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center officially opened in March. High-tech, state of the art, I.A.C.C. (International Association of Conference Centers) and Silver LEED certfied, the 85,000-square-foot Center augments the already considerable meeting and event spaces available at the Fairplex complex in Pomona, California. “A conference center of this magnitude is unheard of in this area,” said Grace F. Napolitano, California Congresswoman. “This jewel of a Center will attract businesses and educational organizations to meet and empower the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to succeed.” Facility features include: spacious seminar rooms and breakout rooms with interactive digital white

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boards, videoconferencing and high-speed Wi-Fi. The newest venue in the Golden State has already received notable allcollades. “Our team hosted more than 300 key retail partners at the new Conference Center for a product launch and they were astounded by the ‘high-end’ service and facilities at the new Fairplex Center,” said Mark Di Girolamo, Venue/National Account Management, Anheuser-Busch Inbev, one of the first events hosted by the new facility.

Classic Center Expansion

A $24-million expansion, doubling exhibit space to 55,000 square feet and creating a spectacular 8,000-square-foot atrium, will mean a new Classic Center in Downtown Athens, Georgia in 2013. The expanded main exhibit hall will have a seating capacity of 4,500 and a standing capacity of 6,000 for concerts and other events. “This expansion will allow us to attract larger conferences that might never have had the opportunity to come to Athens before, and it will also give our current clients more space to grow their events,” said Paul Cramer, Executive Director. The Classic Center also features 32 meeting rooms, an 18,000-square-foot ballroom, and 2,100-seat theater. The convention center is located in a one of the most eclectic neighborhoods in the southeast, known worldwide for its “indie” rock scene – REM famously got its start in Athens clubs – as well as being a “foodie” destination. In addition to attractions like the Georgia Museum of Art, downtown Athens boasts 65 specialty retailers, 55 restaurants, and 40 taverns and night clubs. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Cobo Make-Over The most comprehensive make-over among meeting facilities is taking place in Detroit. By 2015 meeting attendees will experience a brand new Cobo Center, now undergoing a six-year, $300 million transformation – new ballrooms, exhibit space, revamped hi-tech meeting rooms and a dramatic three-story, glass atrium. The atrium – functionally, a seamless connection from the main hall to the lower-level exhibition area – will be the focal point of the venue, showcasing the center’s prime waterfront location with stunning views of the Detroit River. The primary glassenclosed façade also features an oversized “media mesh” sign (a programmable LED system displaying images and video) will create a platform to promote events and welcome guests to the new Cobo Center. Other exterior upgrades include an entrance to a completely overhauled food court with new restaurants, as well as a new entrance to the lower-level convention space. In addition, the Cobo Arena will be reborn as a 40,000-square-foot ballroom complemented by glass-enclosed, pre-function space and an open-air terrace, including a hydraulic lift stage for dramatic introductions. “During this heavy construction period, our current plan will allow us to operate at near maximum capacity,” explained Thom Connors, General Manager. “Improvements will begin in other areas as new space is completed and brought on line, enabling us to maintain our existing base of annual events while booking new events as well.”

unique networking environments, new state-of-the-art meeting planner offices steps away from the ballroom and other spaces, guest room makeovers and a soaring 4.5-acre glass-enclosed atrium. Most notably, the designs were a collaborative effort with substantial input by the space’s end-users: meeting planners. “Our meeting planners spoke and we listened,” said Johann Krieger, Senior Vice President and General Manager. “The changes and additions are based on the recommendations from our clients who know that we share best practices and that we understand the importance of ROI. A creative partnering approach not only works to meet the objectives of a meeting, it also works with the planning team to maximize the effective use of space.”

Dynamic meetings.

Planner-Based Renovation The Gaylord Resort & Convention Center in Kissimmee, Florida is undergoing a $50million renovation, expected to be completed by press time. The upgrades – which are in addition to its 400,000 square feet of flexible convention, exhibition and pre-function meeting space – includes creating Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

With a host of traditional and distinct meeting venues, Norfolk offers something fresh and different – the ability to connect and succeed, at an affordable price. Visit Norfolk.

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Introducing New Small to mid-size corporations, state and regional associations and committees, as well as other independent groups, are increasingly holding their meetings and small trade shows in meeting hotels and conference centers. One notable reason for this has been that with the economy still on the mend, local hotels with meeting facilities can effectively provide quality facilities, professional staff and competitive pricing. Minimizing travel costs and having everything under one roof makes a significant difference. Recently, we at Facilities & Destinations (F&D) have seen an uptick in the news we receive about construction, remodeling and upgrades of conference facilities, larger meeting hotels and select resorts. Concurrently, our readership has increased their votes for venues in these categories. With a wide range of site-selection choices, and small to mid-size meeting venues are doing their best job of trying to stand out in the pack, planners take notice when the product and services delivered exceeds their expectations. And that’s where we come in. For 19 years, the Facilities Media Group (FMG) has been bestowing its annual Awards of Excellence to public assembly facilities and meeting destinations in North America. While a few years back F&D consolidated its Prime Site Awards for Conference Centers, Meeting Hotels and Convention Centers into one accolade, the rising number of ballots received in each of the sectors has led us to reinstate our Prime Site awards for each of the original categories. Our awards are based on the opinions of professionals involved in site selection and meeting management, namely our readers – association and corporate meeting planners and executives. We at FMG ask you, the planner, to take note of and participate in the other half of our annual Awards of Excellence – the 2012 F&D Conference Center Prime Site Awards and the 2012 F&D Meeting Hotel Prime Site Awards.


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Prime Site Awards What are the best Conference Centers, Small to Mid-Size Meeting, University or Special Event Venues your group has used for its meetings in the last three years? Likewise, what are the top Hotels and Resorts your group has convened in during the last three years? Please take the time to fill out and send in the dual 2012 F&D Conference Center Prime Site Awards and 2012 F&D Meeting Hotel Prime Site Awards ballot on these pages, or cast your votes on www.facilitiesonline.com or via e-mail at ballots@facilitiesonline.com Winners will be announced in the 2012 F&D Mid-Market Review issue, which publishes in the third business quarter.

Facilities & Destinations Awards of Excellence VOTE for the top Conference Centers, Small to Mid-Size Meeting, University or Special Event Venues, and/or Hotels and Resorts your group has used for its meetings in the last three years. Please base your vote(s) on the following criteria: • Attractiveness and functionality • Technological capabilities • Quality of staff and conference planner • Team Building • Food & Beverage/Catering • Lighting • Acoustics • Climate control • Proximity to airport and other transportation • On or off-site lodging • Other support services • Front-desk operations • Set-ups and breakdowns • Room décor • Quality/Size of Ballroom • Special Packages • Spa • Nearby Attractions

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STate of the industry STate of theState industry STateIndustry of the industry STate of the industry STate of the

S p o tl i g h t Int e r v i e w : Jacqueline Beaulieu Executive Vice President of the Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association

F r o m R o b u s t t o L e an : H ow M e d i c a l M e e t in g s Ar e S t a y in g H e a l t hy By Timothy Herrick Editorial Director

indicates that medical and healthcare meetings have fallen on leaner times, sustaining a stunningly meager growth of only .2 percent. The study states: “Despite uninterrupted growth in health care employment during the recession, however, MD exhibitions suffered almost as much as the overall exhibition industry from 2008 to 2010 and then recovered slowly in 2011.”


ot only are there more medical and healthcare meetings held each year, but for a range of issues, including tradeshow technology, booth presentations, educational and event programming as well as destinations services and amenities, they generally set the industry standard. On an individual, national and international level, healthcare impacts all our lives, but for planners of meetings, conventions, tradeshows and other events, that influence is particularly acute.

According to Beaulieu, these figures do not paint the complete picture of this immense category, which literally encompass hundreds of meetings for physicians, nurses, clinicians and other healthcare professionals per ake exhibitors easy to year. While downtrends have occurred find and provide resources so mainly at the smaller meeting levels. In order to gain a diagnosis of the HCEA’s most recent list statistics show attendees can plan their hall wellbeing of this crucial category of that “Top 50 Largest U.S. Medical experience better.” meetings, as well as a prognosis of what Meetings” actually saw a 5.1 percent that wellbeing indicates for the rest increase in 2010, compared to the of industry – especially as it relates to year before. “It appears that smaller planning the exhibition floor, typically a significant revenue healthcare meetings may have taken the biggest hit in stream for most conventions – we interviewed Jacqueline terms of reduced attendance,” Beaulieu told Facilities & Beaulieu, Executive Vice President of the Healthcare Destinations Magazine. Convention & Exhibitors Association (HCEA). HCEA’s membership consists of healthcare companies involved Like meetings in other segments of the industry, with exhibiting at medical conventions and planners and healthcare conventions confront an array of issues. Beaulieu’s exhibition floor managers of those meetings, conventions and in-depth and candid observations about tradeshow floors, other events. Beaulieu has been at the helm of this crucial convention revenues, meeting ROI, educational programs association for 13 years. and planner expectations about destinations – and how planners navigate a convention environment that has become According to the Center for Exhibition Industry less robust and more lean – are relevant to planners of Research (CEIR), healthcare meetings account for 17.3 conventions in every industry category. percent of the overall exhibition business – the largest single category in the industry. Up until 2007, this category outMedical Meeting Health paced other industry sectors in terms of meeting attendance Facilities & Destinations: How did the medical/healthcare growth, exhibition floor expansions and convention revenue. meeting segment fare during the peak recession years? However, in recent years, the 2011 CEIR Industry Index



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STate of the industry STate of the industry STate of the industry STate of the industry STate

Jackie Beaulieu: The meeting figures reported to HCEA going from 2009 to 2010 actually showed increased attendance for larger events whereas smaller events on average had fewer attendees. Keeping in mind the diversity of healthcare specialties, even within the HCEA Top 50, which is a list of the largest reported medical meetings by total attendance, we saw events reporting attendance gains as high as 55 percent and losses as high as 20 percent. The most notable decline in reported healthcare meetings is the net square footage of exhibit space. On average for larger events, there was a 17-18 percent reduction in the average reported net square feet. There are likely several reasons for this but chief among them is concern over the cost of exhibiting and scaling back the size of exhibits. Specifically, pharmaceutical exhibitors who oftentimes have large anchor booths may be reducing their exhibit size due to changing marketing objectives and the reduction of new breakthrough drugs being introduced. F&D: Has there been a rebound?

been affected by these shifts. F&D: What component can never be cut? JB: Education. Many healthcare meetings at the national and even state level are oftentimes the pinnacle events for their specialty. People from around the world come to certain medical meetings in the U.S. because of the caliber of learning and peer interaction. Because HCEA does not track event revenue the primary observation we can share on this topic is that we’ve seen a decline in the number of educationonly events that were primarily sponsored by industry. Due to company policies and industry codes like the PhRMA Code and AdvaMed Code, sponsorship of these types of meetings in some cases has been eliminated, so these changes may be more related to new industry codes rather than the economy. F&D: How can a medical/healthcare meeting planner best optimize their portion of an event’s ROI?

“We’re seeing a

JB: In cases where exhibitor and sponsor revenue support the majority of the event, JB: For some meeting segments there appears growing trend in some optimizing ROI often centers around meeting to be a rebound in total attendance. Since cities who are developing planners who strategically understand the best attendees represent the heart of the ecosystem ways to generate traffic in the hall and plan the medical-themed for each event, we generally evaluate attendance event accordingly. If a meeting heavily relies trends to gauge downturns or recoveries. For infrastructure to support on registration revenue to support its event both medium and large meetings, average medical conferences.” and attendance has declined, this may be an reported attendance in 2010 was higher opportunity for events like this to diversify than recession levels. It appears that smaller their attendee base, if possible, or to consider healthcare meetings may have taken the biggest ramping up participation within the exhibition component of hit in terms of reduced attendance so the rebound may play Conversely, if a meeting heavily relies on revenue their show. itself out in 2011 and 2012 for them. Also, with increased derived from exhibitors and sponsors, it may need to consider legislation and industry guidelines on healthcare marketing, ways to increase general attendee registration fees, work to the environment of exhibit and convention marketing is increase the number of attendees, or to diversify the type of increasingly more challenged. exhibitors that traditionally participate in case some companies are coming from industries that have been hurt by the F&D: What component of a meeting or convention can best economy more than others. sustain cost cutting? JB: Medical meetings that do not charge or have a very small registration fee may more heavily rely on revenue to support their events from exhibits and sponsorship. However, other medical meetings may derive the majority of their revenue from registration and the exhibit/sponsorship component is only supplemental. While HCEA does not track overall revenue for exhibiting and sponsorship, we do track the size of the exhibits being brought to medical conventions. Between 2009 and 2010, net square footage for exhibit halls at healthcare conventions generally dropped for all but the smallest meetings, and medium and small meetings saw their number of exhibits drop between 4.1 to 10.9 percent (though larger meetings saw their exhibit numbers rise slightly). It would stand to reason that exhibition revenues may have Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Destination Expectations F&D: How true is the perception that healthcare/medical meetings and conventions are only held in 1st-tier destinations? JB: This perception is very skewed. There are thousands of healthcare meetings that take place annually and they take place in all destination tiers. Unfortunately the first-tier perceptions are driven in part due to the high profile of larger healthcare meetings. For large scale medical meetings, simply due to their size, only certain destinations can accommodate them due to the infrastructure and hotel requirements. For medical events that are smaller they have more flexibility in choosing destinations. 27

STate of the industry STate of the industry STate of the industry STate of the industry STate


HCEA: A Meetings Specialty

he Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association (HCEA), which celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2010, is one of the oldest organizations representing professionals in a specialized segment of the convention industry. According to its mission statement, HCEA “…is a trade association representing organizations united by their common desire to increase the effectiveness and quality of healthcare conventions and exhibitions as an educational and marketing medium.” Membership includes 550 corporate, a mix of healthcare companies and exhibition product and service companies and about 80 meeting planners, medical association show organizers and exhibit managers. Medical and Healthcare meetings are the largest category of conventions, according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), accounting for more than 1,500 conventions annually. The organization was born as the Medical Exhibitors Association (MEA), during the 1930 Michigan State Medical Convention, which was held in Detroit. Within a year, membership nearly doubled, rising to 22 and MEA began compiling information about medical meetings. In 1951, MEA joined forces with convention managers – who would later organize as the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) – and held their first convention for convention professionals in this specialty, the Joint Conference on Medical Conventions ( JCMC). In 1973 the organization adopted the name – Health Care Exhibitors Association – to better represent the broad range of business activities of its members as well as the fact that medical meetings were attracting non-physician clinicians. By 1978 membership policy was expanded to include healthcare associations, medical meeting planners and industry suppliers. Meeting attendance soared and by 1984, meetings were no longer held in conjunction with F&D: How can mid-market destinations best compete as a destination for healthcare/medical meetings & conventions? JB: This is likely not unique to healthcare conventions but fundamentals like decent airlift and transportation, venue costs, local labor costs, destination appeal and supporting event infrastructure all play a role. Also, for a number of healthcare meetings, proximity to members and 28

The Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association Annual Meeting is the major event for medical meeting planners and healthcare exhibition managers. The 2012 edition will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

PCMA, as HCEA was able to sustain its own multi-day convention, the HCEA Annual Meeting. In January 1986, Kellen Company, an association management firm, was chosen to manage HCEA. By 1990, membership increased by 43 percent, Annual Meeting attendance increased 100 percent and member services grew dramatically. In 1990 – its 60th anniversary year – HCEA added the word “Convention” to its title. In 1999, HCEA launched the Healthcare Convention Marketing Summit, a one-day educational meeting held in January. The Summit attracts about 215 attendees per year, while the HCEA Annual Meeting now attracts more than 700; the bulk of the attendees are medical meeting planners and healthcare convention and exhibit managers. The 2012 edition will be held in June at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. international attendee access is also a key. We’re seeing a growing trend in some cities who are developing medicalthemed infrastructure to support medical conferences. In cases where attendees may want to tour local medical facilities or research labs, this may be another way to highlight educational opportunities both at the event and in surrounding areas.

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STate of the industry STate of the industry STate of the industry STate of the industry STate

F&D: What are the destination “deal-breakers” when it comes to contracting with planners of medical meetings? JB: Cost is still a major consideration but increasingly medical meetings are looking at the best environments in which to conduct education and peer interaction. A dealbreaker could be anything that undermines the value of learning. Understanding the changing nature of healthcare regulations and the impact these regulations are having on exhibitors and meeting organizers is something all destination and facility professionals should keep an eye on. The better you are able to relate, the better you’re likely to be at communicating solutions that appeal to medical meeting planners. F&D: What can a facility provide that will make the planning of an exhibition floor most effective?


Their impact has been a wholesale change to make exhibits and exhibit marketing less about sales and more about product education and learning. Give-aways have gone away or are going away for many exhibitors so the atmosphere is focusing on learning. F&D: Does size still matter? Are booths still getting bigger? JB: The event data reported to HCEA indicates that net square feet is in year-over-year decline. Size may matter when marketing objectives call for it but it’s fair to say that almost all companies are more closely scrutinizing their exhibit presence needs. F&D: Should meeting planners be concerned that large companies with huge booth complexes will dominate a tradeshow floor and overshadow other exhibitors?

or large scale JB: In many cases the general service JB: This is always a concern but more so from contractors used by most meeting organizers medical meetings, standpoint of whether huge booths are have a good understanding of the facilities simply due to their size, the sustainable at that size, long term. The trends they commonly work in. Specific to the only certain destinations appear to say no. Small exhibitors, even if exhibit floor there are some basic logistics, can accommodate they are overshadowed, may still benefit from like loading and freight infrastructure to having satellite traffic, which is the flip side of more easily get exhibit hall items in and them due to the being next to a high profile exhibitor. out more efficiently, proximity to education infrastructure and hotel workshop rooms, etc. Common layouts that requirements.” F&D: What can a meeting planner do to have been successful at past events are a good increase traffic, especially for exhibitors in less way to provide examples to consider. From a than optimum tradeshow floor location? technology standpoint having basic wireless and hot spot connectivity is a plus. Whether paid or free, JB: Plan workshop and exhibit times well so that attendee the level of connectedness required at medical events is a flow is efficient. Make exhibitors easy to find and provide plus. Digital signage, while seemingly simple, is another resources so attendees can plan their hall experience better. feature that can make organizing event information more efficient. F&D: Is there a rule of thumb for reducing the “dead” aisles or corners of a tradeshow floor? Exhibition Trends F&D: What is the latest trend in healthcare/medical tradeshow booths? JB: For certain medical specialties we’re hearing about more education events and product theatres taking place in the exhibit hall. Exhibitors who have hands-on clinical products may lean toward having more real-world product demonstrations where attendees can use the tools/ equipment first hand. Additionally, virtual technology within the booth to educate is also growing. The level of regulatory scrutiny is highly unique to healthcare meetings and healthcare marketing in general, which is one reason the exhibit hall is turning into an education ecosystem. Medical professionals can learn more about products and how products can be used and there is a benefit to that. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

JB: Historically things like drink and food stations, Internet cafes and other resources help to draw traffic to areas of the hall that may be less visited. However, HCEA advocates that drawing traffic to your exhibit is not just the responsibility of the meeting organizer. It is also important the exhibitor has a well thought out marketing plan before and during the show to give attendees compelling reasons to visit. F&D: Are big shows getting smaller or are small shows getting bigger? JB: Some large shows actually had record-breaking attendance last year. Others dropped as much as 20 percent of their attendees. In specialty medical meetings, small events in groundbreaking areas are typically poised to grow well. 29

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Gr G r eater F o r t L auderda le Meeting Growth & Customer Service

By Timothy Herrick Editorial Director


n spite of the sluggish economy and a fiercely competitive warm weather destination market, Fort Lauderdale continues to entice meeting planners. In March of 2012, the Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau announced that the destination’s tourism and meetings industry saw 26 months of steady growth, fueled by 11.1 million visitors who spent an estimated $9.06 billion. During the peak of the winter convention season – December and January – and in a state with famous and blatantly indisputable 1st-tier destinations, Fort Lauderdale recorded the highest hotel occupancy rates in Florida. “It’s very gratifying that we are leading the state and much of the U.S. in critical tourism gains,” said Nicki E. Grossman, President, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. “We had a strong 2011 and business hasn’t slowed down, especially in key growth areas such as leisure, international, meetings and corporate groups and film projects.”   30

Meetings Rebound

According to the CVB, about 30 percent of this growth in number of visitors, hotel occupancy rates and economic impact is attributable to conventions, meetings and similar events. “To use the loaded, but popular buzz word, we’re cautiously optimistic,” said Christine Roberts-Tascione, CMP, Vice President, Convention Sales & Services, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau. “We are seeing more activity in booking future bookings, and we are seeing exhibition space increase, and attendance increase. This means that there is more business travel and convention spending.” Other harbingers of a more positive business pattern emerging – especially for larger meetings and events – were noticed at the Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center. “Early in 2011 we started to see signs of the rebound,” said Mark Gatley, General Manager. “One of Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Photograph by George Bensen for PCVB

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“We focus on the attendee experience. The attendee experience is where the financial success of the meeting comes from. They are the ones planners need to please. They’re bringing thousands of delegates into the destinations, that means thousands of impressions being made, and that means thousands of opportunities for us.” —Christine Roberts-Tascione, Vice President, Convention Sales & Services, Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau

our barometers is the Fort Lauderdale Home Show and Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, which are very big deals here. Business was up for these events last year. When more people come to consumer trade shows, and exhibitors start coming back to these events in big numbers, that is a telling factor about the economy. The association shows started rebounding soon after.” Some of this recent positive meeting news coming out of Fort Lauderdale may be the result of an improving, albeit slowly, economic climate for conventions. But credit must also go to the destination itself. Fort Lauderdale has made a determined, destination-wide commitment to improving its meetings appeal. Evidence of this commitment includes an expanded hotel inventory, enhancing the convention center district and other nearby neighborhoods by increasing options for dining, entertainment and other activities, and implementing an intensive customer service training program for all its hospitality and meeting industry workers. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Cost-Effective Alternative

With this now proven ability to accommodate large groups, Fort Lauderdale has become a cost-effective alternative to 1sttier winter season destinations. “Fort Lauderdale is up and coming,” said Joyce Gambino, Director of Meetings & Conventions, Society of Thoracic Surgeons. “We’ve been here there on a regular basis since 2000. Our convention has nearly doubled and the convention center is able to accommodate us, and there are a lot more 5 star hotels and things to do.” The society returned to Fort Lauderdale for its 48th Annual Meeting in January, a four-night convention that attracts approximately 4,300 attendees and features 150 exhibitors on an extensive tradeshow floor, hands on workshops including a “Wet Lab,” and dozens of concurrent seminars, workshops and classes. “The meeting space works great for us and everybody likes the city,” said Gambino. 31

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From its iconic fountain plaza with the 35-foot sailfish sculpture to its networking-friendly interior layout, the Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center has fueled meeting planner interest in this cost-competitive Florida destination.

“They like the activities, the nightlife and the food is great.” But the city’s lower cost is also a major factor for planners. In 2011, the Global Business Travel Association Foundation listed Fort Lauderdale as the U.S. city with the lowest tax burden on travelers. “Cost is a very important consideration for medical meetings,” said Gambino. “Fort Lauderdale is about 30 percent less expensive, across the board, compared to what are considered 1st-tier destinations. Everyone is cutting budgets. Hospitals pay for the trips of many of our attendees, and they are experiencing cutbacks. Cost is a very important consideration for medical meetings.” “When the economy started to slow down, associations changed their business and buying and travel habits,” said Tascione. “Where before they may have only looked at 1st tier, planners now bring Fort Lauderdale into that mix and they saw they get the value, plus warm weather, the attractiveness factor of a resort destination and a great venue in the convention center.” With its many miles of pristine Florida beaches, a unique canal system and surrounded by the natural beauty of the Florida everglades, the Greater Fort Lauderdale area has long earned a reputation as an affordable, fun-in-the sun, unforgettable vacation spot. After the Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center opened in 1991, the destination seriously competed for larger meetings and events. The stunning convention facility, which was expanded in 2000, is a three-level meeting complex that faces the Intracoastal Waterway with panoramic water views through a soaring glass wall. The center’s exterior features a spectacular fountain plaza in the center of which is a 35-foot Kent Ullberg sailfish sculpture – the website justifiably describes this as “dramatic by day, breathtaking by 32

night.” The convention center is only three miles from the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, greatly reducing transportation costs for attendees and exhibitors alike. The 600,000-square-foot facility features 30 meeting rooms, a 31,639-square-foot ballroom and a main exhibit hall of 199,526 square feet. The facility recently completed a $34-million renovation, which expanded the facility by 230,000 square feet. The center, which has implemented a massive sustainability program, expects to receive LEED Silver certification this year. The convention center also includes a 1,300-square-foot Executive Teleconference Suite, Wi-Fi throughout, upgraded video conferencing capabilities as well as the “Breezin Java Cyber Café, with eight permanent terminals and eight additional plug-in terminals.

Accommodating Meeting Growth

The Association of the United States Army, a non-profit advocacy group, holds its Winter Symposium in Fort Lauderdale. Both the number of attendees and the size of the exhibition floor – exhibitors are mainly defense contractors, which means large vehicles and aircraft – has grown dramatically in the past several years. “The size of the convention center was able to grow with us,” said Christine Goedkoop, Meetings Manager. “We take up all of their halls, and the ballrooms. We Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

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“We are offering more types of services and more upscale events. We want our food & beverage to be comparable to any other restaurant and hotel.” —Mark Gatley, General Manager, Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center.

brought in large tents and were able to use the outdoor exhibit space. We have a lot of large equipment, including aircraft. There are a lot of concurrent sessions, but the flow to the exhibitions is handled seamlessly.” Since 2004, more than $1.5 billion has been invested in new hotel construction. Fort Lauderdale has a wide range of lodging available with 3,500 rooms within 4 miles of the convention center and 33,000 hotel rooms in Broward County. The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina (589 rooms) is adjacent to the Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Convention Center and acts as its headquarter hotel. Within a two-mile radius of the complex is the Convention Center Collection, a conglomeration of six individual hotel properties with more than 2,000 rooms. During events the hotels in the collection provide shuttle service to the convention center. “The CVB, the convention centers and the hotels are really in-synch,” said Goedkoop. “The shuttles to the convention center from the hotels work really well. Citywide you feel welcome. It’s a very manageable city, and when you are balancing the needs of a large group, that really makes a difference.” Both Goedkoop and Gambino, who book multiple events in several cities throughout the year, agreed that unlike other destinations and convention centers, there is a noteworthy lack of turnover among Fort Lauderdale personnel. “It becomes very seamless dealing with the CVB, the convention center and the city because everyone is so familiar with each other,” said Gambino. “There is a low turnover rate among the personnel you deal with, so it is always a very comfortable relationship. They know our needs inside and out and they are very much partners.” But does this familiarity breed indifference when a convention returns to the destination? “We have frank and candid conversations about the event, and they are always figuring out ways to do new things, giving us new ideas,” said Goedkoop. “They are very vested in their meetings. We use outside AV and decorator vendors and convention center is very accommodating.” 33

Cover Spotlight Cover Spotlight Cover Spotlight Cover Spotlight Cover Spotlight

U ni que Fo r t La u d er d ale

Broward County/Greater Fort Lauderdale has 31 municipalities and 23 miles of beaches. Fun in the sun, sizzling nightlife, world-class cuisine – here are some suggestions for meeting attendees when staying in this thrilling Florida destination. “Convention Center Collection” — hotels within close proximity to the convention center and that provide shuttle buses to its events. Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina (adjacent) – 589 rooms; Renaissance Fort Lauderdale (.15 miles) – 236 rooms; Embassy Suites Fort Lauderdale (.4 miles) – 361 rooms; Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-Six (.25 miles) – 384 rooms; Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach (2.0 miles) – 486 rooms; Marriott Harbor Beach (1.8 miles) – 650 rooms. With 40+ golf courses, conventioneers will find the course that suits their skills. For a complete list: sunny.org/sports/golf; Two notable links: The Club at Emerald Hills (theclubatemeraldhills.com) host site for the Doral and the Honda Open Qualifiers for many years, still hosts the US Open, US Amateurs qualifiers; Heron Bay Golf Club (heronbaygolfclub.net) home of the PGA Tour’s Honda Classic (1997-2002). Bank Atlantic Center (bankatlanticcenter.com) – 20,000+ seat arena, home to the NHL’s Florida Panthers; renowned South Florida stage for concerts, shows and other events. The center also has 12 distinct spaces available for receptions, parties and a variety of events. Fort Lauderdale offers an array of water sports and activities: Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Sport Fishing, Catamaran Sailing, etc. A unique natural three-tiered reef system plus 75 artificial reefs gives Fort Lauderdale a wide array of dive sites for up-close viewing of fish and other marine life. Find out why it’s a known for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling worldwide (visit sunny.org for dive sites and more info). Also home to the International Game Fish Association’s Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum. igfa.org. Take an airboat tour (evergladestours. com) of Sawgrass/Everglades Recreation Park–then explore Seminole Indian traditions and history.


Just 15 minutes from the convention center, Seminole Hard Rock Casino (seminolehardrockhollywood.com) – a 3-acre casino offers 500 Luxury Hotel Rooms; 140,000 sq. ft of gaming space, 40,000 sq. ft. of meeting & event space; 5,500-seat Hard Rock live arena and Seminole Paradise – 24/7 entertainment with 11 high-energy nightclubs and lounges. For inter-city travel, try the Water Taxi for destinations along the Intracoastal waterways including the Convention Center and Las Olas Boulevard. Or try the Sun Trolley – unique yellow & orange, environmentally-friendly, air-conditioned bio-diesel vehicles that travel main thoroughfares. 50 cents per ride; free on Fridays! Broward B-Cycle – the bike sharing mode of public transportation has come to Fort Lauderdale. Dining: Steak954 – chic yet comfortable resort-style steakhouse, indoor/outdoor seating, sweeping ocean views. Market 17 – directly in front of the Convention Center – a farm-to-table organic restaurant, fresh from the ocean seafood, extraordinary wine list & specialty cocktails; Café Martorano – intimate atmosphere combines Italian cuisine with extraordinary music; attracts both locals and the sexy, hip celebrity crowd. Catfish Dewey’s – discover the local’s secret in downtown Oakland Park, family-owned restaurant serves affordable local farmraised catfish. Visit: Las Olas – Fort Lauderdale’s “stylemile” – also the historic center of Fort Lauderdale – features boutiques, a restaurant row with acclaimed chefs and lively cafes and galleries. Hollywood Beach - home to a 2.5-mile Boardwalk and sun-kissed oceanfront. Lauderdaleby-the-Sea – a ½-mile hamlet with an old-fashioned beach village vibe. Friday nights the main street is blocked off, a stage is erected and live music is enjoyed at sunset.

Cover Spotlight Cover Spotlight Cover Spotlight Cover Spotlight Cover Spotlight Long a favorite family-friendly vacation spot, Fort Lauderdale has made a destination-wide commitment to improving its meetings appeal, including an expanded hotel inventory and increasing options for dining, entertainment and other activities.

Keeping It Fresh

In fact, not doing the same old/same old is of primary importance to Fort Lauderdale’s meeting industry’s front line. “A staff can get stale in a heart beat and just take things for granted,” said Gatley. Towards preventing that fate, weekly meetings are held prior to every event, in addition to a preconvention meeting with CVB and hotel personnel – and usually any subcontractors involved with the event – to cover all the details and smooth out potential kinks, identify potential pitfalls then together develop strategies so falling into those pitfalls can be avoided. “It’s all about communication,” added Gatley. “It’s about working every detail out before the event.” In addition to the staff meetings, focus on individual events and overall customer service training, Gatley emphasizes that one component in a constant state of upgrading has been the food & beverage services. “It’s a constant process from what we serve to how we present ourselves,” said Gatley. “We are always raising the bar to what we serve to how we present ourselves.” Last year, Gatley sent key members of the catering staff for training and certification as wine stewards. “We are now offering wine pairings,” he explained. “We are offering more types of services and more upscale events. We want our food & beverage to be comparable to any other restaurant and hotel. You also want to mix it up, especially with return business, so they do not offer attendees just the same old thing.”

Attendee Focus

Communication and training has also been a priority at the bureau level. According to Tascione, the impetus preventing staleness often comes from her staff being attuned to client needs and current industry trends. “More and more planners are looking not to do the cookie-cutter events, they want outside the box ideas,” said Tascione. “We have a rich tradition here in Fort Lauderdale as a vacation spot, we have a lot of historical and regional attractions, but we also have a lot of Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

unexpected things, such as our underground music scene and night life. We like to say we can go from ‘mild to wild.’ We listen to the planners, know their meeting and their attendees and offer them useful suggestions about their meeting, convention or tradeshow.” In addition to the staff members who deal directly with the planner, Tascione pointed out that Fort Lauderdale’s approach to meetings is comprehensive and Broward County wide. The CVB has implemented the SunSensational Service Training Program, which is available to all hospitality and meeting industry workers – taxi drivers, restaurant, convention center and hotel employees. The result of the program, essentially a series of seminars focused on customer service, places the entire destination on the same page in terms of presenting the Fort Lauderdale image and creating a unified positive experience as a destination. “There are full range of experiences, of memories and touch points for any visitor, whether they are on vacation, business travelers or meeting attendees,” said Tascione. “SunSensational trains hospitality industry employees how to be friendly with everybody. You want the entire visitor experience to be positive, from how they get their luggage at the airport, to the whimsical taxi cab ride, to the concierge services at their hotels. Those interactions affect everything else they experience, from the comfort they feel with the area to the taste of the food.” From the contract negotiation stage to the actual meeting, Fort Lauderdale measures success on a one-to-one basis. Most destinations profess their ability to partner with planners, but Tascione emphasizes that the partnership also must be felt at the attendee level as well. “We focus on the attendee experience,” said Tascione. “The attendee experience is where the financial success of the meeting comes from. They are the ones planners need to please. They’re bringing thousands of delegates into the destinations, that means thousands of impressions being made, and that means thousands of opportunities for us.” 35

2012 Awards of Excellence 2012 Awards of Excellence

Customer Service Cited As Key Factor by 2012 Prime Site and Top Destination Award Winners


he meeting, convention and tradeshow industry requires stategiven to Convention of-the-art facilities and world-class destinations. But meeting & Visitor Bureaus planners demand another, just as crucial, attribute – customer or similar entities service. In fact, customer service seems to be the key factor as that sell a city and/or to why most planners voted for the venues and/or cities to be region as a setting for named 2012 Facilities & Destinations (F&D) Prime Site and a meeting. The reason Top Destination Award winners. the awards are held in “We are elated to be chosen as a Prime Site Award winner once again,” esteem industry-wide said Carol Wallace, President and CEO of the San Diego Convention is that the foundation Center, a multiple Prime Site Award winner. “Providing first-class customer on which the program service to our guests is our top-priority at the convention center. And it is has been built remains wonderful to know that our clients’ experience matches up with our staff ’s planner input. expectations – to treat every person that walks through our doors as a VIP.” “In the meetings Top Destination Winner Visit Norfolk– Oscar C. McGaskey, Director of the Kansas City Convention & industry, no voices Located in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic, Entertainment Facilities, agreed that quality customer service was the matter more than Norfolk, VA’s Waterside Convention reason his complex received the recognition. “This is an example of the those of the planners Connection features 121,000 sq. ft. of commitment from our employees to provide a high level of customer of meetings, convention space and 55 meeting rooms. Sites service. I am delighted that the Kansas City Convention and Entertainment conventions and trade & Cities Directory: page 64 Facilities have been recognized with shows,” said Michael this prestigious award.” Caffin, Associate Publisher, The Facilities Media Group, publishers of Since 1988, organizers of meetings, Facilities & Destinations. “Event success is the very basis of our industry and conventions, tradeshows, intrinsic to that success is the interface between the planner and exhibitions have and destination personnel.” 2012 Awards of used Facilities & Awards of Excellence recipients are selected after all ballots Destinations to stay Excellence Winners are received and tallied. Award winners routinely point out informed about the how important the award is because of the efforts and active begins on page 38 participation of the professionals who matter most. sites and destinations that make their events “Readers are very excited to have their voice heard, and a success. These meeting and event we received a record number of ballots in 2011 for our 2012 awards,” planners make their voice known by said Caffin. “Budgets are tighter for almost all planners, so they know participating in the annual Awards of how the right destination and the right meeting venue can mean the Excellence program. Meeting & event difference for any event.” Continued on page 41 planners vote for their favorite sites and cities via ballots, available in F&D print publications, including the F&D SuperBook, F&D Planner Guide, and the F&D Mid-Market Review, and online at Facilitiesonline.com – F&D’s online publication and website. Ballots are received throughout the year, and the list of award winners premiers in Prime Site Winner the F&D SuperBook issue. Connecticut Convention There are two distinct Awards Center–Hartford’s state-of-theof Excellence – Prime Site and Top art venue offers 140,000 sq. ft. Destination. The Prime Site Award of exhibit space, a 40,000-sq.-ft. is given out in three categories: ballroom and 25,000 sq. ft. of Prime Site Winner Orange County Convention Center– Convention Centers, Conference meeting space. Sites & Cities Orlando, FL’s massive, state-of-the-art venue, one of the largest in the Centers, and Hotels & Resorts. The Directory: page 45 U.S., also is attached to the new 1,400-room Hilton Orlando. Sites & Top Destination Award is the award Cities Directory: page 66 36

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

2012 Awards of Excellence

2012Award-Winning Team Leaders

Ted Ballweg Alliant Energy Center

Gregg Mervis John S. Knight Center Page: 84

Page: 39

Mark Tester Austin Convention Center Page: 106

Susette Hunter BirminghamJefferson Convention Complex

James E. Rooney Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

William R. Tirone Branson Convention Center

Luther Villagomez George R. Brown Convention Center

Patrick B. Moscaritolo Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau

Craig Liston Greater Columbus Convention Center

Tim Hempill New Orleans Morial Convention Center

Donna Allen Norfolk Convention & Visitors Bureau

Page: 45

Page: 39

Page: 66

John Robertson Charleston Civic Center Page: 38

Tim Linville Cox Business Services Convention Center Page: 106

Richard A. Geyer Frontier Airlines Center

Page: 40

Page: 86

Page: 86

Page: 45

Neil Mullanaphy Puerto Rico Convention Bureau

Oscar McGaskey Kansas City Convention & Entertainment Facilities

Page: 125

Robin Cuneo Meadowlands Exposition Center Page: 50

Kay Hollander Miami Beach Convention Center Page: 38

Page: 68

Page: 64

Page: 84

Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center Page: 50

Matt Pizzuti Oregon Convention Center

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Page: 40

Rosa M. Luke Puerto Rico Convention Center Page: 125

Judith A. Goldbar Sacramento Convention Center

Rachel Benedick Visit Denver Page: 106

Page: 105


2012 Awards of Excellence

The Best of the Best Northeast Prime Site Award Winners Atlantic City Convention Center, Atlantic City, NJ Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, CT David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus, NJ OnCenter Complex, Syracuse, NY Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, RI Rochester Riverside Convention Center, Rochester, NY

Top Destination Award Winners Atlantic City CVA, Atlantic City, NJ Greater Boston CVB, Boston, MA Greater Hartford CVB, Hartford, CT Philadelphia CVB, Philadelphia, PA Visit Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA Providence/Warwick CVB, Providence, RI

Mid-Atlantic Prime Site Award Winners Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD Charleston Civic Center, Charleston, WV Hampton Roads Convention Center, Hampton, VA Greater Richmond Convention Center, Richmond, VA

Top Destination Winner Visit Denver –The Mile-High City features the multiple Prime Site Award-winning, two million sq. ft. Colorado Convention Center, and more than 8,400 hotel rooms within walking distance of the Center. Sites & Cities Directory: page 106 38

Prime Site Winner David L. Lawrence Convention Center – Pittsburgh, PA’s waterfront facility features 313,400 sq. ft. of exhibit space, a 31,600-sq.-ft. ballroom and 53 meeting rooms. Sites & Cities

Directory: page 50

Roland E. Powell Convention Center, Ocean City, MD Virginia Beach Convention Center, Virginia Beach, VA Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, D.C.

Top Destination Award Winners Visit Baltimore, Baltimore, MD Visit Norfolk, Norfolk, VA Ocean City CVB, Ocean City, MD Richmond CVB, Richmond, VA Virginia Beach CVB, Virginia Beach, VA Greater Wilmington CVB, Wilmington, DE

Southeast Prime Site Award Winners Baton Rouge River Center Convention Center, Baton Rouge, LA Birmingham-Jefferson County Convention Center, Birmingham, AL Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC Greater Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Jackson Convention Complex, Jackson, MS Knoxville Convention Center, Knoxville, TN Memphis Cook Convention Center, Memphis, TN Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL Mobile Convention Center, Mobile, AL New Orleans Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

2012 Awards of Excellence Top Destination Winner Providence/Warwick CVB–Providence features the 15-time Prime Site Award-winning, SMGmanaged Rhode Island Convention Center. Sites & Cities Directory: page 60

Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, Savannah, GA Shreveport Convention Center, Shreveport, LA TD Convention Center, Greenville, SC Vicksburg Convention Center, Vicksburg, MS

Top Destination Award Winners Atlanta CVA, Atlanta, GA Baton Rouge CVB, Baton Rouge, LA Greater Birmingham CVB, Birmingham, AL Chattanooga Area CVB, Chattanooga, TN Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, Charlotte, NC Columbia Metro CVB, Columbia, SC Daytona Beach Area CVB, Daytona Beach, FL Greater Ft. Lauderdale CVB, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Jackson CVB, Jackson, MS Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation, Knoxville, TN Memphis CVB, Memphis, TN Mississippi Gulf Coast CVB, Biloxi, MS Nashville CVB, Nashville, TN New Orleans CVB, New Orleans, LA Savannah CVB, Savannah, GA

Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City, MO Kansas Expocentre, Topeka, KS Magouirk Conference Center, Dodge City, KS McCormick Place, Chicago, IL Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN Monona Terrace Convention Center, Madison, WI Overland Park Convention Center, Overland Park, KS Racine Civic Centre, Racine, WI RiverCenter, Davenport, IA Saint Charles Convention Center, Saint Charles, MO Sanford Center, Bemidji, MN SeaGate Convention Centre, Toledo, OH Sioux Falls Convention Center, Sioux Falls, SD Swiftel Center, Brookings, SD

Top Destination Award Winners Akron/Summit CVB, Akron, OH Chicago CTB, Chicago, IL Cincinnati USA CVB, Cincinnati, OH Positively Cleveland/Greater Cleveland CVB, Cleveland, OH Greater Des Moines CVB, Des Moines, IA Visit Detroit/Metro Detroit CVB, Detroit, MI Visit Indy, Indianapolis, IN Visit Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI Meet Minneapolis/Greater Minneapolis CVA, Minneapolis, MN

Midwest Prime Site Award Winners Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI Branson Convention Center, Branson, MO Clay County Events Center, Spencer, IA Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH Cobo Center, Detroit, MI DeVos Place, Grand Rapids, MI Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, OH Frontier Airlines Center, Milwaukee, WI Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN Iowa Events Center, Des Moines, IA Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Prime Site Winner Saint Charles Convention Center– Managed by Global Spectrum, the facility features a 35,700-sq.ft. exhibit hall and more than 60,000 sq. ft. of meeting space. Sites & Cities Directory: page 84


2012 Awards of Excellence Greater Omaha CVB, Omaha, NE Rapid City CVB, Rapid City, SD Saint Louis CVC, Saint Louis, MO Saint Paul CVB, Saint Paul, MN

West Prime Site Award Winners Albuquerque Convention Center, Albuquerque, NM Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA Aransas Pass Civic Center, Aransas Pass, TX Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO Cox Convention Center, Oklahoma City, OK Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX Fairplex, Pomona, CA Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, HI Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, TX Hurst Conference Center, Hurst, TX Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, CA Phoenix Civic Plaza Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ Reliant Center, Houston, TX Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento, CA Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA Three Rivers Convention Center, Kennewick, WA Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa, OK Washington State Convention & Trade Center, Seattle, WA

Top Destination Award Winners Albuquerque CVB, Albuquerque, NM Amarillo CVC/Chamber of Commerce, Amarillo, TX

Prime Site Winner SeaGate Convention Centre–Toledo, OH’s award winner offers 75,000 square feet of column-free exhibit space, and 25 fully appointed meeting rooms. Sites & Cities Directory: page 86

Anaheim/Orange County VCB, Anaheim, CA Austin CVB, Austin, TX Visit Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO Visit Denver, Denver, CO Fort Worth CVB, Fort Worth, TX Greater Houston CVB, Houston, TX Las Vegas CVA, Las Vegas, NV Los Angeles CVB, Los Angeles, CA Oakland CVB, Oakland, CA Oklahoma City CVB, Oklahoma City, OK Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau, Omaha, NE Pasadena CVB, Pasadena, CA Greater Phoenix CVB, Phoenix, AZ Sacramento CVB, Sacramento, CA San Antonio CVB, San Antonio, TX Seattle CVB, Seattle, WA Metro Tucson CVB, Tucson, AZ Tulsa CVB, Tulsa, OK

Puerto Rico Prime Site Award Winners Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan, PR

Top Destination Award Winners Puerto Rico Convention Bureau, San Juan, PR

Canada Prime Site Award Winners Direct Energy Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Palais des congres de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada TELUS Convention Center, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, B.C., Canada Top Destination Winner Amarillo CVC–This Texas jewel features the 410,000-sq.ft. Amarillo Civic Center and 1,500 committable hotel rooms, including a new 300-room convention hotel. Sites & Cities Directory: page 106


Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

2012 Awards of Excellence

Prime Site Winner Anaheim Convention Center –Aside from featuring 813,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space, the Anaheim Convention Center is the first in the western region of the U.S. to offer FREE WiFi (256K download / 128K upload) throughout the Center. Sites & Cities Directory: page 105

Due to the planners having direct input on who receives a Prime Site or Top Destination Award, the Awards of Excellence have become an industry event. Winning becomes part of the criteria planners utilize when assessing potential sites and cities. “We are thrilled to be recognized again by our peers as one of the best facilities in the country,” said Tim Muldoon, General Manager of the Rhode Island Convention Center, a 15-time Prime Site Award winner. “Maintaining an award-winning facility over a 15-year period is

extraordinary and I attribute that to our ability to hire and retain outstanding employees who are dedicated to their work.” Awards are a way to show recognition, and voting on who should win the honor is a way to have your voice heard. In the meetings industry, no voice matters more than those of the planners of meetings, conventions and trade shows. Event success is the very basis of our industry and intrinsic to that success is the interface between the planner and destination personnel. “Anytime we’re recognized for the hard work our team has done, it’s very rewarding,” said Richard MacKeigan, SMG Regional General Manager for DeVos Place, a Prime Site Award winner. “We’re very appreciative, but it is also a testament to the support we receive from the SMG family, which allows us to put on the best events we can. We’re delighted.” “It’s a ‘best of the best’ list, with the best being determined by the people who actually interact with the personnel at a venue and a destination,” added Caffin. “We enable peer-to-peer communication concerning the most crucial part of the planning process, the decision on what setting will best enable an even to achieve its objectives.” John Siciliano, Executive Director for the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority, which runs the Prime Site Award-winning Wildwoods Convention Center, summed it up best: “Receiving this award is a credit to all of the people who work tirelessly at the convention center to provide the very best service to each and every person that steps foot inside our doors.” The very best service – customer service. In the words of Bob Brazier, General Manager of the Prime Site Award-winning Arthur R. Outlaw Mobile Convention Center: “Customer service has always been a top priority for our staff and this award enhances our commitment to this goal.”

Facilities & Destinations Awards of Excellence

Please consider the following criteria when voting: Attractiveness & Functionality of Meeting Venue Size & Quality of Meeting Space Technological Capabilities Quality of Staff Food & Beverage Options Lighting, Acoustics, & Internet Access Other Meeting/Event Support Services Amenities Recreational Activities Dining & Entertainment Options Lodging Quality Accessibility to Airport Ease of Travel within Destination

B allot Name of Nominee_ __________________________________________________ Check Award You want to nominate the above for: Prime Site

Top Destination

Your Name & Title_ __________________________________________________ Organization_ _______________________________________________________ Phone_______________________________________________________________ Email_ ______________________________________________________________ Additional Comments________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ May We Contact You? Yes___ No___

Fill Out Form & Mail, Email or Fax Your Vote:

Facilities & Destinations

152 Madison Avenue, Suite 802, New York, NY 10016 Fax: (212) 213-6382; Email: ballots@facilitiesonline.com Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook





Mobile, Alabama


Status: Hot Category: Small Market Venues FYI: State-of-the-art facilities in easily accessible and highly distinctive destinations that offer world-class amenities. The only thing “small” about these venues is the cost. These small market venues provide meeting space ideal for productive, memorable events.

Rouge River 1] Baton Center

www.visitbatonrouge.com Baton Rouge – known for its dining, charm and nightlife, has a venue with 200,000 sq. ft. meeting/event space – 100,000 sq. ft. column free –35 new meeting rooms and splendid views of the Mississippi River & 8,000 hotel rooms citywide. Complex includes 12,000-seat arena, 26,150-sq.ft. grand ballroom; 1,900-seat Theater for Performing Arts.


Hampton Roads, Virginia

2] DeVos Place

www.Devosplace.org Experience Grand Rapids! A rapidly growing destination with art, culture, dining and nightlife all within the orbit of this spectacular convention complex: 62,000-sq.-ft. exhibit hall, 40,000+ -sq.-ft. ballroom, 26 subdividable meeting rooms with 32,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, 2,404-seat DeVos Performance Hall; 1,100+ hotel rooms accessible via climate-controlled skywalk.


Savannah International Trade and Convention Center

www.VisitSavannah.com The classical southern city has charm, hospitality, tree-filled squares, preserved historic buildings plus 14,000+ hotel rooms citywide and a state-of-the-art facility that features 330,000 sq. ft. of cutting-edge event space, including 100,000-sq.- ft exhibit space; 25,000-sq.-ft. ballroom; 6,600 sq. ft of prefunction space and 13 meeting rooms. 42

Hampton Roads 4] Convention Center

www.thehrcc.com Billowing canvases soar over the Center, descending to cascading water fountains that surround the main entrance, this facility – “In the Center of it All” – is located in the Tidewater region of Virginia and features: 344,000 total sq. ft., 35 meeting rooms, 27,907-sq.-ft. grand ballroom 102,600-sq.-ft. exhibit hall; 27,907-sq.ft. theatre seating for 2,500. 3,000+hotel rooms nearby.

R. Outlaw ] Arthur 5Center Mobile Convention

www.mobileconventions.com Located on the waterfront in downtown Mobile, this 317,000-sq.-ft. facility features: a 100,000-sq.-ft exhibit hall, 42,000 sq. ft. of meeting room & ballroom/banquet facilities, and a full-service kitchen offering gourmet catering. 1,000 hotel rooms within walking distance of the center; 5,500 citywide. Known as: “The Gulf Coast’s Premier Meeting and Convention Facility!” Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook



Savannah, Georgia

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuoerBook

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Grand Rapids, Michigan


Listings A-Z Amarillo Civic Center................................. 106 Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau................... 105 Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority......................................50 Austin Convention Center ........................ 106 Birmingham Jefferson Conv. Complex....... 66 Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.... 45 Bridge View Center...................................... 83 Calgary Telus Convention Centre............. 125 Chattanooga Convention Center................ 72 Classic Center............................................... 66 Clay County Events Center.......................... 84 Connecticut Convention Center................. 45 Cox Convention Center............................. 106 David L. Lawrence Convention Center....... 50 Direct Energy Centre . ............................... 125 Duke Energy Convention Center................ 86 Eastern States Exposition.............................45 Emerald Coast Convention Center............. 66 Fairplex........................................................ 105 Frontier Airlines Center................................ 86 Gaylord Opryland......................................... 72 Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau........................................ 45 Greater Columbus Convention Center....... 86 Greater Des Moines Convention & Visitors Bureau.................... 83 Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center..................................... 66 Hampton Roads Convention Center.......... 64 Hawaii Convention Center......................... 106 Hilton Atlanta................................................ 66 Hilton Chicago.............................................. 83 Hurst Conference Center........................... 106 Iowa Events Center....................................... 84 Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau....... 72 Jacob Javits Convention Center................. 50 John S. Knight Center.................................. 84 Kansas City Convention & Ent. Facilities.... 84 Kansas Expocentre....................................... 83 Knoxville Convention Center....................... 72 Magouirk Conference Center...................... 83 Meadowlands Exposition Center................ 50 44

Memphis Cook Convention Center............ 72 Minneapolis Convention Center................. 84 Mississippi Gulf Coast Convention & Visitors Bureau.................... 72 Monona Terrace Convention Center.......... 86 Montego Bay Convention Centre............. 125 Music City Center......................................... 72 New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center..................................... 68 New Orleans Riverside Hilton...................... 68 Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau...................................... 106 Orange County Convention Center............ 66 Palm Springs Convention Center...............105 Pennsylvania Convention Center................ 50 Phoenix Convention Center...................... 105 Positively Cleveland...................................... 86 Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau.................... 60 Puerto Rico Convention Center................ 125 Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel............. 68 Racine Civic Centre...................................... 86 Rhode Island Convention Center................ 60 RiverCenter................................................... 84 Rochester Riverside Convention Center..... 50 Roland E. Powell Convention Center.......... 64 The Sanford Center...................................... 84 Sacramento Convention Center................ 105 San Diego Convention Center....................105 Scotiabank Convention Centre Niagara......................................... 125 SeaGate Convention Centre........................86 Sheraton Puerto Rico Convention Center Hotel & Casino........ 125 St. Charles Convention Center.................... 84 Swiftel Center................................................ 86 Three Rivers Convention Center............... 106 Tinley Park Convention Center................... 83 Valley Forge Casino Resort.......................... 60 Vicksburg Convention Center..................... 72 Visit Denver................................................. 106 Visit Norfolk................................................... 64 Visit Savannah............................................... 68 Washington Hilton........................................ 64 Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

The Northeast

The Facilities Media Group

ealCenter, LLC

B u y e r ’s G u i d e Connecticut

Yo u r P r o d u c t s & S e r v Connecticut i c e s R eConvention s o u r cCenter e Connecticut UrbanRide Massachusetts Maine New Hampshire New Jersey New York Boston Convention & Exhibition Center The C.W. Allen Group, LLC Pennsylvania Keppler Speakers Rhode Island Vermont 100 Columbus Boulevard Hartford, CT 06106 (860) 249-6000; Fax: (860) 249-6161

421 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10001 (800) 525-5750; Fax: (212) 202-9638 www.urbanride.net “The Spotlight’s On The NEW Connecticut Convention Center” www.ctconventions.com

Director of Sales & Marketing: Michelle Hughes

ke the work out of trade show networking 0 Royal Poinciana Way-Suite 317/#345 lm Beach, FL 33480 66) 430-3023; Fax: (201) 624-7316 ww.deal-center.com

TheExecutive views areOfficer: stunning, the space is immense, and the ease of booking an event is superior. Chief Jeremy Milikow Senior Vice sq. President: Mitch Bornstein, 205,000 ft of meeting/exhibit space,SVP dramatic riverfront setting, accessible to 23 + million

people within a 2-1/2 hour drive.; 19 meeting rooms; 40,000-sq.-ft. ballroom; 180,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space/140,000-sq.-ft. main exhibit hall; 3,200-seat ballroom; Attached to 409-room Marriott Hotel; 700 Rooms (downtown); Rooms (within 30 miles). Attractions: The Old UrbanRide is a global provider of ground6,500 transportation for meetings & events, and usesState the House; top-of-the-line sedans, SUVs,Mystic vans, minibuses and motorcoaches. provide Wadsworth Atheneum; Seaport & Marinelife Aquarium;We Foxwoods our Resort clientsCasino; with IMS, our software thatEssex enables meeting planners to better manage Mohegan Sun Resort; Valley Railroad. PAGE ‘Leading Global Provider of Meeting & Event Transportation’

e DealCenter is a turnkey product for trade show, conference or expo organizers. alCenter, LLC works with trade show, expo or conference management companies to ovide an online meeting system that enhances the peer-to- peer networking at the event attendees and exhibitors. The DealCenter team also provides on-site management of the ysical DealCenter or meeting area as well as all technical and customer support.

ighter Ideas… Better Results ™

transportation for their meetings, conferences, conventions, tradeshows & other events. 53 We work exclusively with meeting & event planners and our customer service is the best in the business. UrbanRide is a one-stop solution for meeting & event transportation. massachusetts

415 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210 (617) 954-2000; Fax: (617) 954-2299 www.massconvention.com

5130 Cyrus Circle, Birmingham, AL 35242 (205) 263-0555 Fax: (205) 263-0557 www.cwallengroup.com Director of Industry Relations: Jackie Jones

Executive Director: James E. Rooney “Defy Conventional Thinking”

4350 N. Fairfax Dr., Suite medical, 700, Arlington, VA 22203 Known for its renowned educational and biotechnology prowess, Boston is one of the (703) 516-4000; Fax: (703) 516-4819 premier meeting destinations in the United States. Boston’s beautiful coastlines, history, culture www.kepplerspeakers.com and first-rate meeting makeJohn it theTruran perfect setting for business and pleasure. The Senior VP for Sales andfacilities Marketing:

e C.W. Allen Group is North America’s leading event marketing consultancy delivering e industry’s leading exhibitor education and training program, Exhibiting ROI-Q Academy™, hich has consistently proven to greatly increase exhibitor success/ROI, to significantly rease exhibitor “retention rates”… and to dramatically increase event sponsorship sales. s the exhibition industry’s leading and fastest growing exhibitor education, training, and full me/full service “consulting” solution and is fully supported by the International Economic iance – conceived at Harvard University, TSEA, BPA Worldwide and ECEF. The C.W. Allen oup delivers the exhibition industry’s leading network quality, global television productions a risk-free and revenue-generating basis. Massachusetts

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center offers a world-class facility with customer-focused staff

With Speakers, creating memorable meetings never so easy. With over 25 andKeppler state-of-the-art services. Flexible, easily-configured spaces withfelt a column-free ballroom years of experience, we provide you solid, seasoned expertise, making speaker selection and exhibit hall – meeting/exhibit space: 1,016,000+ sq.ft. – 84 meeting rooms; 40,020-sq.-ft. stress-free by managing all of the details. Keppler Speakers saves you precious time by ballroom, 184,000-sq.-ft. main exhibit exhibit space sq.ft.); 17,647totheater matching you with speakers who are hall right(total on target. From 516,000 proven performers dynamic seating. hotel rooms. rising stars,35,000+ our speakers bring fascinating, real stories and a gift for inspiring audiences. PAGE 9


Greater Boston Convention 2260 El Cajon Blvd. #474 & Visitors Bureau San Diego, CA 92104

(619) 546-0621: Fax: (413) 723-7838 2 Copley Place, Suite 105, Boston, MA 02116 www.pothos.us (617) 867-8242; (888) SEE-BOSTON; Fax: (617) 424-7664 President & CEO: Michael Patton, CMM E-Mail: GBCVBSales@bostonusa.com

ur companywww.BostonUSA.com ethos is Integrity, Clarity and Reliability. POTHOS works in a forthright anner that considers transparent asStehley the cornerstone to a successful Vice President, Convention communication Services & Sales: Beth lationship with ourThe guests and travel partners.” Boston. Place to Meet.

History, great recognized dining, nightlife, shopping, championship sports,company vibrant cultural community. OTHOS, Inc. is a globally strategic meeting management and corporate Boston Convention & Exhibition Center: technology 516,000 sq. ft./160,000 sq. ft.tomeeting space; Seaport vel agency that specializes in using cutting-edge and resources compete th much largerHotel companies a value, and exhibit efficient personal & WorldatTrade Centeroffering Boston:clients 120,000cost sq. ft.savings contiguous space, 7,000 theatre-style ent planning services. POTHOS, Inc. specializes in the following 3 core competencies: 1. Full seating, two 5,000-sq.-ft. ballrooms; Waterfront Collection: 1,500+ hotel rooms, 50+ breakout rvice Strategic Meeting Management; 2. Full Service Corporate/VIP Travel Management; 3. rooms, 400,000POTHOS, sq. ft. meeting Johnsource B. HynesforVeterans Memorial Convention Center: gistics – Freight & People. Inc. isspace; your ONE meeting, travel and logistics. sq.objectives, ft. exhibit space, 25,000-sq.-ft. ballroom, rooms.approach. hievement of 175,000+ goals and ROI and ROO are the basis 41 of meeting our strategic PAGE 51


Eastern States Exposition

1305 Memorial Avenue, West Springfield, MA 01089   (413) 737-2443; Fax: (413) 787-0127 www. TheBigE.com Director of Sales: Greg Chiecko

Don’tGet Get Stuck Stuck ininaaFishbowl! Fishbowl! Don’t

Strategically located at the crossroads of New England, Eastern States Exposition offers 355,000 square feet of exhibit space for trade and consumer shows, conventions, banquets and conferences, all within the 175 acres of its beautifully landscaped, park-like facility. This flexible, multi-purpose complex features buildings ranging from 28,000 sq. ft. to 129,400 sq. ft., which can be used in any combination. Total meeting/exhibition space: 355,000 sq. ft. 123,000-sq.-ft. main exhibit hall. Features; Wifi, DSL, webcasting, phone service. Nearby Attractions: Yankee Candle Village, Basketball Hall of Fame, Kringle Candle, Storrowton Village Museum, Six Flags New England, Springfield Museums.

Facilities & Destinations SuperBook Facilities & Destinations Facilities & Destinations Mid-Market Review FacilitiesFacilities • Conference Planner & Destinations • Planner Guide Guide Facilities & Destinations CONFERENCE Facilities LIVE • Booking Guide Facilities SuperBook • Facilities Booking Guide Facilities & Event Management Facilities & Event Management www.Facilitiesonline.com Facilitiesonline.com

ities & Destinations 2009 SuperBook Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

The FacilitiesMedia Media Group The Facilities Group


the Northeast / NEW JERSEY

Atlantic City Convention Center


Atlantic City, NJ 08401 (609) 449-7136; (888) 222-3683 Fax: (609) 345-3685 www.atlanticcitynj.com • www.meetinac.com

here do convenience, excitement and ease all come together? If you’re a meeting planner, they converge in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Conveniently located in the heart of the populous Northeast, major roads from the north, south and west all lead to Atlantic City, the year-round seaside resort that delivers with a “can do” attitude and a wealth of exciting venues, with more to come. The first-class Atlantic City Convention Center provides 486,600 square feet of contiguous exhibit space in four halls, as well as 45 meeting rooms totaling 109,100 square feet. Onsite conveniences include a covered garage, 29 covered loading docks, voice-video-data system throughout, free basic WiFi, in-house catering, in-house audio-visual provider, onsite business center, concierge desk, restaurant reservation cart, and a number of “green” initiatives. There’s also an expert staff that can help you with every phase of your event from attendance building, spouse programs and temporary staffing, to making sure every detail of your meeting, conference or expo is perfect. When it comes to meeting destinations, Atlantic City is high on many planners’ lists, thanks to the location, 20,000 first-class rooms (8,000 committable), resort amenities and wealth of activities. There are also board rooms, meeting rooms, banquet rooms and expo facilities at resorts and hotels throughout the city. Several hotels are within walking distance of the Atlantic City Convention Center, and the Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center Hotel is linked by a covered bridge. There’s more to come, too, with a new wave of investment helping to create a new resort and re-brand another. The newly-opened Revel features more than 1,800 first-class hotel 46

rooms, 160,000 square feet of convention space, a 5,500-seat event center, 12 restaurants and many more amenities. Landry’s Inc. has transformed the former Trump Marina Hotel Casino into a Golden Nugget. With an investment of more than $150 million, you’ll find a completely refurbished property, from the check-in area and shopping plaza to the beautiful new guest rooms, all-new restaurants, nightclubs and lounges, and even a new spa and salon. When it comes to enjoying Atlantic City’s attractions and activities, you’re sure to find something to please. For shoppers, the city offers an expansive brand-name retail outlet district that starts just steps from the Convention Center; an eclectic mix of retail, entertainment and dining in an old-Havana themed setting; and luxury retailers on a pier jutting hundreds of feet into the ocean, as well as Boardwalk souvenir and clothing shops. Golfers will love the championship-caliber courses surrounding Atlantic City (more than 20 within 20 miles), and meeting planners can easily make golf tournaments part of their conference activities. There are plenty of history, arts and cultural activities in the greater Atlantic City area, along with wineries, historic villages, antiques and more. For more contemporary entertainment, Atlantic City’s showrooms, lounges and nightclubs offer A-list celebrities, top touring acts, lounge acts, comedians and revue shows. Exciting nightclubs provide a dance beat well into the night and seasonal beach bars give a scenic view while you sip your favorite libation. And when it comes to dining, you’ll discover a world of cuisines in everything form Boardwalk favorites to elegant gourmet restaurants, with everything in between. With all this and more to offer, Atlantic City is the East Coast destination that’s become a perennial favorite for many meeting planners, for good reason. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

All work and no play... not here!

Atlantic City.

• 500,000 sq ft Convention Center • 20,000 first class guest rooms • Expanded air and rail service into Atlantic City • Largest solar panel array in North America • Forbes Top Ten Golf Destination • World-class entertainment, dining and shopping

For information about booking your next event, contact out sales team at 1.888.222.3683 or visit us at meetinac.com

The Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority is proud to be accredited by the Destination Marketing Accreditation Program (DMAP) of the Destination Marketing Association International.

THE NORTHEAST / massachusetts

Massachusetts Convention Center Authority

Boston is the rare city that offers you not one, but two exceptional convention centers.

415 Summer Street Boston, MA 02210 • (617) 954-2000; Fax: (617) 954-2299 • www.massconvention.com


oston is the rare city that offers you not one, but two exceptional convention centers. Each has its own niche, and its own personality. Both offer the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority’s (MCCA) attention to detail and commitment to exceptional customer service. Together, the exciting new Boston Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC) and the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center enable the MCCA to deliver more ways to exhibit, configure, modify, and extend your event. The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, opened in 2004, is one of the most spectacular event settings in the world. Designed with input from top international convention, meeting, and conference planners, the BCEC is a destination in itself. Built by users, for users, this state-of-the-art facility has been designed to maximize a successful event experience for you, your exhibitors and your attendees. A stunning architectural triumph, the BCEC is like no other facility in the world. The grand ballroom, one of the largest in New England, features a vaulted, wood-paneled ceiling. The adjacent pre-function room, with its floor-to-ceiling windows, offers a spectacular 270-degree view of Boston’s skyline and harbor.

➤ ➤

Use for your general session, keynote or special event Attached pre-function space with 270-degree view of Boston Harbor and skyline

John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center

There’s no place quite like the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center. Located in the heart of Boston’s historic Back Bay, the Hynes provides an ideal setting for events of all sizes. The exhibition halls and grand ballroom are flexible enough to handle a wide variety of conferences, exhibits, and special events. Meeting rooms, including our elegant VIP suite, are more than just spaces. Featuring fine carpeting, marble floors, acoustically designed wall treatments, and distinctive appointments, each creates a special environment that heightens the effectiveness of your event. Pedestrian skybridges offer convenient access: attendees can walk to some of the city’s finest shopping, restaurants, and hotels without having to go outside—making the Hynes a perfect all-weather choice. 176,480 Square Feet of Exhibit Space

Four exhibit halls and an auditorium with air walls to accommodate single or concurrent events ➤ One hall can be used as an auditorium with seating for 4,000 ➤

516,000 square feet of Contiguous Exhibit Space

71,644 Square Feet of Flexible Meeting Space

Exhibit space of the 3 halls can be divided into 10 different configurations ➤ 180-foot clear span in the center of the hall ➤ Utility services conveniently provided from in-floor boxes ➤ 160,000 square feet of flexible meeting space ➤ 84 separate Single, Double, and Triple meeting rooms provide easy access to each other and to exhibit halls ➤ Modern acoustics, state-of-the-art lighting control, and soundproof room dividers 40,020-square-foot Grand Ballroom ➤

Column-free space with 32-foot high wood panel ceiling, acoustically built


41 permanent-space meeting rooms, finished with fine carpeting and acoustically designed wall treatments ➤ State-of-the-art telecom and AV, full lighting controls and built-in sound system 160,000 Square Feet of Function Space ➤ ➤

Single or concurrent registration areas Choice of function areas offering dramatic views of Boston’s Back Bay

24,544-square-foot Grand Ballroom with Views of Boston

Features vaulted ceilings, natural light, and soundproofing with acoustic panels ➤ Accommodates 2,200 for banquets or can be subdivided into three smaller ballrooms. ➤

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

the NorTheasT/rhode Northeast The islaNd New Jersey

new jersey

Dunkin’ Donuts Center

Atlantic City Convention Center

Atlantic City, NJ 08401, (609) 449-7136; (888) 222-3683 Fax: (609) 345-3685 www.atlanticcitynj.com • meetinac.com One LaSalle Square, Providence, RI 02903 Vice President, Convention Sales: Gary Musich (401) 331-0700; 621-5987 • dunkindonutscenter.com Your Northeast Business(401) Address A year-round destination with all the amenities you expect from a premiere resort; 20,000 first-class hotel roomsIsland (8,000 committable), entertainment, golf, shop-of rovidence, Rhode mixes thetop urban sophistication ping, aworld-class casinos. The Atlantic Convention Center is a big city dining with and the11graceful charm ofCity a small town. At the bright,heart modern accommodating meetings and expos ofisallthe sizes, four contiguoffacility Providence’s bustling downtown Dunkin’ ous exhibitCenter halls (486,600 sq. ft.); 32,000 sq. ft. of pre-function 109,100 total Donuts (DDC), part of the Rhode Islandspace; Convention sq.Entertainment ft meeting space/45Complex, meeting rooms including ballroom; Free WiFi; & which also29,400-sq.-ft. includes the Rhode voice/data communications; green facility solar systems, aggressive Island Convention Center (RICC)– single-roof and the Veterans Memorial recycling & energy savings programs. Auditorium (VMA). PAGE The 14,000-seat DDC offers 31,000 square feet of arena 47 space with a ceiling height of 86 feet, a 25,000-square-foot concourse, new Yorka new 9,000-square-foot lobby, 20 luxury suites, and five additional meeting/hospitality rooms. Other amenities Jacob K.a Javits Convention include pedestrian bridge Center connecting the arena to the RICC, West 34th Street, Newvideo York, NY scoreboard, 10001 a655state-of-the-art and upgraded concession (212) 216-2335; Fax: (212) 216-2588There are 5,500 hotel rooms in the and restaurant facilities. www.javitscenter.com Greater Providence area—1,800 located within walking VP Sales & Marketing: Guerin distance of theDoreen Center. Marketplace for the World Providence is known for its thriving arts scene and is New York City, the fashion, publishing and entertainment capital recognized as cultural, one offinance, the nation’s hottest culinary destinations. of the world 17,000+ restaurants – 87,000+ hotel rooms citywide; Glass-enclosed There are –nine colleges and universities located in the structure locatedmarket, along themost Hudson,ofstretching five city blocks/divisible 10 of Providence which are within a 5-mile into radius self-contained halls; new expansion of a Johnson column-free & exhibit hall University, increases the total the Center—Brown University, Wales RI gross square footage of exhibition space to 840,000; 103,204 40 permanent; School of Design, and Providence College justsq.toft.,name a few. 53 multi-purpose rooms; 30,000+ sq. ft. in the universities Special Events Hall; The students meeting at these local colleges and add80,000 to sq. ft., in Javits Center North; mainCity. exhibit hall: 410,000 sq. ft.; Wi-Fi available diverse population of our throughout building. PAGE



Meadowlands Exposition Center

355 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ 07094 (201) 330-7773; (800) 400-3976; Fax: (201) 330-1172 www.mecexpo.com

Regional General Manager: Robin Cuneo Everything you need, exactly where you want it. Your cost effective alternative to NYC

Outstanding location – five miles outside Manhattan, accessible to public transportation & major highways; Only minutes from Newark Liberty Airport; 61,000 sq. ft. of continuous exhibition space. Five seminar rooms. Free Parking. 65,000 sq. ft. of meeting/exhibition space, including five meeting rooms, theater seating: 6,000; Internet, Wifi, and all audio/visual needs; onsite decorator. Catering for up to 5,000; 1,500+ hotel rooms. Attractions: MetLife Stadium, IZOD Center, Meadowlands Racetrack, Secaucus Outlet Center, 25+ restaurants, 16 movie PAGE screens, health club. 57 New York

Rochester Riverside Convention Center

123 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14564 (585) 232-7200; Fax: (585) 232-1510 www.rrcc.com

Executive Director: Joseph A. Floreano, CFE “Do it better at the Rochester Riverside where you and your event are always the center of our attention!”

Convenient upstate N.Y location, scenic Genesee River setting. 100,000 sq. ft of meeting/exhibition space; 22 meeting rooms; 10,028-sq.-ft. ballroom; 49,275-sq.-ft. main exhibit hall; 5,000-seat theater; dedicated internet connection over fiber optics; wireless access throughout facility; 1,100+ hotel rooms in a trio of major hotels connect venue, surrounded by several entertainment districts with restaurants, cafés, pubs, dance clubs, music halls, theaters. Rochester offers planners a compact convention district and New York State’s only one-stop convention facility. PAGE 63

pennSylvania Pennsylvania

Mohegan Sun Arena at CaseyCenter Plaza David L. Lawrence Convention 255 Highland Park Blvd., 18702 1000 Ft. Duquesne Blvd., Wilkes-Barre, Pittsburgh, PA PA 15222 (570) 325-6174; 970-7600; Fax: Fax: (412) (570) 565-6104 970-7601 (412) mohegansunarenapa.com www.pittsburghcc.com General of Manager: Bonnevier Director Sales &Rebecca Marketing: Debbie Smucker Built Green. Working Green. Every Day!

SMG-managed arena opened in 1999, home to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins In downtown district,10,000 withinforsteps of theaters, cinemas, (AHL); 8,000+Pittsburgh’s permanent cultural seats, nearly concerts and other events;galleries, restaurants, 2,500–hotel across the- bridge from8,530 PNC Park & Heinz Exhibition Space Eventrooms, Level just 97,390 sq ft. Concourse sq. ft. - SuiteField, Level the environmentally-smart “green,” SMG-managed, 1.5 million-sq.-ft. facility features 47,949 sq. ft. 4 Locker rooms, 2 two smaller dressing rooms, lounge area, meeting 313,000 sq. ft. ofroom; exhibit space, 37 loadingroom; docks, meeting 31,000-sq.-ft. room/promoter catering/meeting 62453club seatsrooms, w/ exclusive access to ballroom, (2) 250-seat theaters. The building’s dynamic architectural design offers Club Member Lounge; 31 luxury suites, 1 Party Suite. F&B – SAVOR...; 7 permanent breath-taking views, open terraces, suspended roofKids structure. 1Gb circuit concessions stands, several portable stands and Zone; Technology: Wilkes-Barre/Scranton/ with DS3 backup, fiber optic backbone network, multi-mode fiber, CAT6 (copper) Hazleton MSA – 550,000 (3rd largest in PA) within 2 hours of Philadelphia cabling, conferencing, wireless radius. internet access. & NYC; video 33+ million within 125-mile PAGE C2

rhode iSland Pennsylvania

Make Our World Your World! The Facilities Media Group

Facilities & Destinations SuperBook Facilities & Destinations Mid-Market Review Facilities & Destinations Planner Guide Facilities & Destinations CONFERENCE Facilities SuperBook • Facilities Booking Guide Facilities & Event Management Facilitiesonline.com

Dunkin’ Donuts Center Center Pennsylvania Convention

1 LaSalle Providence RIPA02903 1101 ArchSquare, Street, Philadelphia, 19107 (401)418-4700; 331-0700;(800) Fax: 428-9000; (401) 621-5987 (215) Fax: (215) 418-4861 www.paconvention.com dunkindonutscenter.com Vice President of Sales, Marketing Executive Assistant/Booking: Debra& Polselli Convention Services: Stephanie Boyd Part of the Rhode Island Convention & Entertainment Complex, 14,000-seat DDC offers Philadelphia: The Complete Package 31,000 sq. ft. arena space, ceiling height – 86 feet, 25,000-square-foot concourse, new Philadelphia – full-on fusionsuites, of old & historicmeeting/hospitality & hip, trendy & traditional – historic 9,000-sq-ft lobby, 20 luxury fivenew, additional rooms; state-of-thelandmarks, world-renowned dining options ranging from upscale to theOffices; famous250art video scoreboard; 6 Dressing/Locker Rooms; 2 Media Rooms,eateries 2 Production Philly cheese-steak; tax-free shopping, fast-action sports, an abundance of arts and culture. seat restaurant; 11 permanent, 24 portable concession stands; DDC attracts one million+ The newly expanded PCC, now1,076,164/ more than38,000+ 60 percent larger– features: 679,000 sq.radius; ft. total annually/RI DMA population: college students within a 5-mile meeting/exhibit space; 79lives meeting 55,400-sq-ft. ft. of 25% of USA population withinrooms; 500 miles. 60’ x 40’ballroom;) StageRight528,000 portablesq.staging; contiguous exhibit WiFisub-floor; throughout; HD digital throughout; In-house AV 200’ x 85’ ice rink; space; Composite McCauley Linesignage array speaker system/ PAGE services – state-of-the-art sound,Troupers, lighting 2and video options. PAGE Power Amps; Lighting: 6 Super Gladiators. 17 59

36 50

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook 2011 Facilities SuperBook

THE NORTHEAST / massachuseTts

Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau 2 Copley Place, Suite 105, Boston, MA 02116 • Phone: (617) 867-8242/(888) SEE-BOSTON Fax: (617) 424-7664 GBCVBSales@bostonusa.com • www.BostonUSA.com/plan


oston is The PLACE to Meet. From the downtown core to the outlying neighborhoods, Boston is a city of intriguing diversity, and a world center for education, technology and life sciences. With a mix of colonial charm and urban sophistication, the city is rich in history with great dining and nightlife, extraordinary shopping, championship professional and college sports teams, and a vibrant arts and cultural community, making it a dynamic meeting and convention destination. Meeting Facilities

The Boston Convention & Exhibition Center features 516,000 square feet of contiguous exhibit space, 84 meeting rooms with 160,000 square feet of meeting space and a 40,020-square-foot ballroom. The Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center Boston offers 120,000 square feet of contiguous exhibit space, theatre-style seating for 7,000 and two 5,000-square-foot ballrooms with water views. It is also part of the Waterfront Collection, an alliance between the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center, the Renaissance Boston Waterfront and the Westin Boston Waterfront. In the Back Bay, the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center offers more than 175,000 square feet of exhibit space, a 25,000-square-foot ballroom, a 4,000-seat auditorium and 41 meeting rooms. It is part of 3-2-1 Connect, a meeting solution offering an interconnected complex of three hotels (Westin Copley, Boston Marriott Copley Place and the Sheraton Boston), two upscale shopping destinations, and the Hynes Convention Center. Convention/Guest Hotel Rooms

The Greater Boston area has more than 150 hotels and 30,000 rooms with more opening each year. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Distance to nearest airport

Located just three miles from the city, Logan International Airport currently offers domestic service to 79 destinations and international service to 36 destinations, with more than 1,500 flights a day arriving and departing from the airport. Destination Features & Nearby Attractions

Boston is known as America’s Walking City, but when you can’t get around by foot, the city is easily accessible by the “T”, Boston’s public transportation system. Boston has a variety of unique attractions for special events, including: Boston Symphony Orchestra, John F. Kennedy Library & Museum, Fenway Park, Institute of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Fine Arts, which has expanded by almost 50%, and many other unique attractions. Technology

The free BostonUSA App allows meeting attendees to search “what to do” while in Boston, as well as purchase advance tickets to many of Boston’s great tours, cruises, excursions, museums, the Boston Red Sox and more, using their handheld devices. It also includes a GPS “Map It” function to help users get to events after they’ve found and booked them. Additional Comments

The award-winning Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau makes it easy for meeting professionals to meet in the Greater Boston area. The GBCVB staff can assist planners with: complimentary RFP’s for all of your meeting needs; site inspection assistance; attendance building promotions, including participating in your convention one year prior; destination collateral; housing services; and a concierge & restaurant services desk during your convention. 51

the Northeast / Connecticut

Connecticut Convention Center 100 Columbus Boulevard, Hartford, CT 06106 • (860) 249-6000; Fax: (860) 249-6161 • www.ctconventions.com


n the heart of a vibrant downtown in the midst of a renaissance. In the middle of a historic city at the epicenter of the largest population base in the country. There lies a destination purposefully built for meetings and conventions, neatly tucked within a region renowned for its natural beauty, history, and charm. It’s not merely a convention center, but a convention kingdom! The Connecticut Convention Center is the Northeast’s newest, most ideal location for trade shows, conventions, business meetings, or any occasion that demands a dramatic riverfront setting. The Connecticut Convention Center overlooks the beautiful Connecticut River at Adriaen’s Landing, Hartford’s exciting riverfront district. Adriaen’s Landing is home to many new attractions for the Capital City. The anchor of this rapidly developing area is the beautiful 540,000-square-foot Connecticut Convention Center. With over 140,000 square feet of exhibition space, a 40,000-squarefoot ballroom and 25,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, the Connecticut Convention Center is the largest convention facility between New York and Boston. The venue also features exceptional demographics and highway access at the crossroads of New England, where Interstates 84 and 91 meet. With a prominent visual presence on Hartford’s historic skyline, the Center’s 110-foot glass atrium dramatically rises 10 stories above a grand public plaza and a tree-lined riverfront esplanade. The Connecticut Convention Center has been constructed to spare no detail in making every function accommodating. From offering award-winning food and beverage service lead by our inhouse executive chef and culinary team, state-of-the-art rigging, wiring and WiFi to flexible spaces, abundant pre-function areas and ample on-site sheltered parking, the facility has taken every facet of hosting an event into consideration. That includes the attached AAA Four Diamond 409-room, Marriott Hartford Downtown hotel; which offers an additional 13,500 square feet of meeting space.


With first-rate accommodations at numerous hotels (up to 1,600 hotel rooms within Hartford and 6,500 rooms within a 15-mile radius) and unparalleled service, Hartford truly is your kingdom! The expanded Bradley International Airport is conveniently located 15 miles away. Located midway between Boston and New York and easily accessible by rail, bus, or car; making it simple for travelers coming into the Greater Hartford area. Go green on New England’s first eco-friendly bio-diesel bus, the Star Shuttle, a free, public transportation service for simple access throughout the city. Also offered is the Bradley Flyer; a convenient, economical mode of transportation from the Bradley International Airport to our Capitol City. Other attractions to check out at the Adriaen’s Landing District include a 3-D movie theater or joining in on fun interactive and educational games at the Connecticut Science Center, attached by foot bridge to the Convention Center. The development of the dining & entertainment portion of Adriaen’s Landing is known as Front Street; a nostalgic reference to the bustling riverfront thoroughfare that existed in the late 1800’s through the 1950’s. With local culture and history around every corner, as well as celebrated attractions for every interest, the Connecticut Convention Center is the ultimate backdrop for mixing business with pleasure. The Mark Twain House & Museum and Harriet Beecher Stowe Center take visitors on a journey back in time. The Hartford Stage and Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts will entertain you, while the Connecticut Whale or UCONN athletics will have you on your feet, cheering. Downtown offers enough shops and boutiques to help you find the perfect souvenir. Afterward, stop by one of the tempting restaurants or cafes that line our City streets. With over forty 3-and-4 star restaurants offering all types of cuisine, there is definitely a taste to satisfy any appetite! With historic roots, Hartford has a lot of culture and history to offer its visitors…come see all that we have to offer! Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook


AND THIS IS YOUR KINGDOM. In the heart of a vibrant downtown in the midst of a renaissance. In the middle of a historic city at the epicenter of the largest population base in the country. There lies a destination purposefully built for meetings and conventions, neatly tucked within a region renowned for its natural beauty, history and charm. It’s not merely a convention center, but a convention kingdom. And you are royalty.


540,000 sq. feet of space 1600 hotel rooms Retail & dining complex 30 acres of riverfront parks 40 – three and four-star restaurants Interactive science center 250 registered historic sites Within a 2-hour drive of 23 million people Beaches, mountains, casinos, museums, theaters, golf courses...

To explore your kingdom, call 860.249.6000 or visit ctconventions.com

the Northeast / new york

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center of New York West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001 (212) 216-2000 Fax: (212) 216-2588 www.javitscenter.com


The distinction of holding an event in New York City has an enormous advantage. Its cachet typically increases attendance at least 20%. The Javits Center is located on Manhattan’s west side and just minutes away from some of the world’s greatest attractions like Times Square, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and Broadway’s “Great White Way.” Hotels

There is no lack of hotel space. In fact, the New York metropolitan area has 87,000 hotel rooms available in a variety of styles - from sleek boutique hotels to large national chains. Many more rooms will become available with the opening of 24 new hotels this year. Vital Statistics

The Javits Center is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and is more committed than ever to providing excellent customer service. Home to many of the top 200 tradeshows, the Center’s 840,000 square feet of exhibition space can be divided into 11 self-contained halls that includes a newly-constructed column-free pre-engineered structure that enables us to accommodate an event of just about any size. While the mix of shows and events change with each calendar year, Javits hosts in the vicinity of 80 major trade shows and conventions and 70 special events with an average attendance of 3.5 million visitors a year. Meetings and Events

Our Special Events Hall can seat up to 3,000 people for theater-style meetings and up to 1,200 for banquets and receptions. Javits Center North can accommodate 5,596 people for trade shows, 5,500 for theater-style meetings, 3,300 for banquets and receptions and 4,200 for classroom-style seating. The Javits Center has 103,204 square feet of meeting space that allows for expansion or reduction to accommodate a client’s particular needs. Forty are permanent meeting rooms and 53 are multi-purpose. From committee meetings to shareholders meetings to product launches, the Javits Center is designed to maximize the effectiveness of any business gathering. Banquets and Receptions

The Crystal Palace lobby, a soaring structure of steel and glass, is a grand setting for a cocktail party or press conference. On Level four, the elegant 45,000-square-foot Galleria and the glass-enclosed River Pavilion overlooking the Hudson River, provide a stunning venue for an unforgettable affair. Tradeshows and Conventions

The Javits Center is much more than a versatile space. It is people who are dedicated to assisting you in every step of the way. Our sales managers, convention services managers and in-house service managers work with you 54

to assemble the perfect combination of space and services. They help with every stage—from planning to the grand finale. Our labor force consists of 3,000 skilled professionals who strive to make every event a success and every event a pleasant experience. Fifty loading docks allow freight to be moved with such efficiency that, in a recent study comparing labor efficiency of five major events around the country, Javits moved in 12.5% more freight, in 16% less time, with 5% less labor hours—a cost savings to both show managers and exhibitors. Food Service

The Javits Center’s exclusive caterer is Centerplate, one of the largest hospitality companies in the world, with more than 250 prominent sports, entertainment and convention venues across North America. The company is committed to surpassing guests’ expectations through the unwavering implementation of their E3 formula: Executing Extraordinary Experiences. Centerplate offers a range of dining experiences at varying price points for meetings, conferences, banquets, receptions and trade shows. Renovation/Expansion

Javits has completed the construction of an 110,000-square-foot, pre-engineered structure known as Javits Center North. With 80,000 gross square feet of exhibition space, Javits Center North is a perfect venue for trade shows, special events, corporate parties, general sessions, graduations and exams. The new hall has provided our existing clients with the much-needed extra space in which to expand their shows and for new clients, a pristine column-free hall to debut their events. Javits Center North is linked to main building by a 30-foot-wide corridor suitable for additional exhibition or registration space. The adjoining outdoor plaza, accessible through sliding doors, can be used for cocktail parties and receptions. Major renovations have begun on the existing building including the replacement of the curtain wall, skylights and roof. Once that is complete, a 6.75 acre green roof will be installed. Other improvements include replacement and upgrade of the buildings’ mechanical, electrical, plumbing, lighting and life safety systems and enlargement and reconfiguration of the main entrances. Expected completion date of the renovation is year-end of 2013. The Javits Center will be transformed into a stunning state-of-the-art convention center that will increase the building’s energy efficiency by 25% and earn it LEED Silver status. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook


the Northeast / New Jersey

meadowlands exposition center Secaucus, New Jersey • (201) 330-7773 • www.mecexpo.com


ith great facilities, nearby sports, plenty of shopping, low hotel rates and the Big Apple only minutes away—why wouldn’t you meet here? Almost any size or any type of group will find the perfect accommodations and hospitality at the SMG-managed Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey. For instance, the Meadowlands is only minutes from New York City, the Capital of the World; and, it is in relatively close proximity to three major international airports. Then there are five major hotels within walking distance of the facility with fabulous room rates that are about one-third less than New York City’s rates. Finally, rounding out its appeal, are a stadium, an arena and even a racetrack three miles away as well as movie theaters and dozens of restaurants. Located in the Harmon Meadow Complex of the Secaucus community, the Meadowlands Expo Center also offers great demographics and it maintains a group-friendly facility with liberal work regulations. This cuts red tape, has added value on planning budgets, and allows planners to handcarry merchandise and setup their own displays. Vital Stats For groups that range from 5,000 at a banquet to a tradeshow with almost 400 exhibit booths, the Meadowlands Exposition Center offers: ➤ 61,000 sq. ft. of contiguous, dedicated exhibit space with 20-ft. ceilings ➤ Accommodations for 336 large exhibit booths or 392 standard booths ➤ Two drive-in doors and four loading docks on street level for easy access ➤ Seating for up to 6,000 attendees, concert or theater-style ➤ Catering for up to 5,000 people ➤ Large, all-purpose lobby for registration, receptions or additional exhibit space ➤ 6,000 free parking spaces ➤ Five carpeted meeting rooms totaling 3,578 sq. ft.

Meadowlands Expo Center also offers great demographics and it maintains a groupfriendly facility with liberal work regulations.

allowing the user to access a virtual tour of the facility and gain more specifics about the building, services and the surrounding area. Professional Service Onsite is a professional staff to work one-on-one with planners with special needs and budgets. Plus, there are event coordinators, in-house decorators and other support personnel to make any event a flawless event. For food and beverage, the Meadowlands has also renovated and restructured their operations to better suit the individual needs of each event held at the facility. There are also three food concession stands, all of which also have been recently renovated. Hotel Partners Five national chain hotels are within a walking distance of the Meadowlands Exposition Center. Together they total approximately 1,000 guestrooms and there are another 1,500 rooms in the nearby area. Some of the major properties include: Holiday Inn • Embassy Suites • Hampton Inn • Hyatt • Courtyard by Marriott. Things to See & Do During freetime hours, meeting attendees can enjoy some 40 restaurants and a wide range of shopping opportunities—including the Secaucus Outlet Center with over 100 shops and the equally popular Jersey Gardens Mega Mall. More than that, the Meadowlands is three miles from New MetLife Stadium Stadium, IZOD Center and the Meadowlands Racetrack; and who would miss out on a short trip to the Big Apple, only minutes away. All in all, this is one of few facilities in the country that has the world’s greatest city at its feet.

Transportation Part of the Meadowlands’ attraction to meeting planners is that it can be easily reached by three international airports: JFK, LaGuardia and Technological Capabilities Technological capabilities at the Center include T1, ISDN, Internet and Newark International Airport. And, only 12 minutes from the facility satellite uplink support. Teleconferencing and simulcasting to other locations is the Teterboro Jetport. For driving enthusiasts, Newark is also in close are also available. And, on the exhibit floor, the electricity is “flown from the proximity to major interstates including the New Jersey Turnpike and the air.” Also of note is a newly-designed Web site that informs the public about Garden State Parkway. Also, both the New York and New Jersey transit upcoming events at the center. This Web site features the latest technology system schedule stops right at the door. 56

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

1-888-400-EXPO (3976)









 61, 000 s q. ft . of c ont iguous , obst r uct ion -f r ee exhibit s pac e  20- f oot high c eilings  3, 128 s q. f t. of divis ible s em inar r oom s wit h air walls  Two dr iv e- in doors wit h f our loading doc ks  110/ 220/ 480 elect r ic power , f lown fr om t he air for v er s at ility  Wir eles s inter net, t elephone, wat er and c om pr es s ed air Capac ity f or: 392 8x 10’ boot hs 336 10x 10’ boot hs 6, 000 s eats t heatr e st y le 5, 000 s eats s port ev ent s t y le 3, 500 s eats banquet s ty le

A flexible floor plan solution for all of your event needs


The Meadowlands Exposition Center offers one of the most complete and convenient facility packages in the northeast region. By offering the drawing power of the Metropolitan area, your event, exhibitors and attendees can all take advantage by booking your event at an affordable price.





      

355 Plaza Drive Secaucus, NJ 07094 • 201-330-7773 • sales@mecexpo.com


The Northeast / pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Convention Center

1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 418-4700; (800) 428-9000, Fax: (215) 418-4861; www.paconvention.com


ith the March 2011 World Premiere of the expanded Pennsylvania Convention Center, the lights are shining brightly on Philadelphia for the story you can’t miss! Now 62 percent larger, with one million square feet of saleable space – 528,000 of it is contiguous – the expanded convention center, which is receiving rave reviews, now offers more dynamic and flexible space than ever before. The expanded Pennsylvania Convention Center now has the ability to host two meetings, conventions or tradeshows simultaneously. Inside, attendees and exhibitors will find: the largest ballroom on the East Coast (55,400 square feet); 79 meeting rooms; hotel-like amenities; state-of-the-art technology; and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. The building’s striking new façade features a floor-to-ceiling glass entrance on North Broad Street, which connects the convention center to Philadelphia’s renowned cultural institutions along the Avenue of the Arts and Museum Row. Just steps away are the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and Lenfest Plaza, an open-air piazza, debuting in the fall, that links the center to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, home to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Franklin Institute and opening in 2012, the Barnes Foundation, with the one of the world’s largest collections of French impressionist art. Convenient attractions

Under the direction of President and CEO Ahmeenah Young, the facility is one of the few in the country designed to be woven into the city’s landscape. Also connected to the center is the only-in-Philadelphia Reading Terminal Market. Housed in an historic train shed, the market features more than 80 merchants selling local produce, Amish specialties, fresh meats, seafood, poultry and prepared foods by award-winning chefs. 58

The Philadelphia Story You Can’t Miss – Pennsylvania Convention Center Expansion

It’s a convenient place to take a break, grab a bite to eat and experience one of Philadelphia’s favorite traditions. And when attendees want to see even more of what makes Philadelphia “The Complete Package,” all they have to do is start walking! Historic sites and museums – such as the Liberty Bell, President’s House, National Museum of American Jewish History and the National Constitution Center – as well as restaurants, shops and theaters are all within walking distance of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Easy access/lower costs/numerous options

The convention center’s downtown location makes getting there from Philadelphia’s major transportation hubs a cinch. Because it’s situated between two subway lines, there is incomparable access via SEPTA’s regional rail, bus, trolley and subway services. Attendees will find direct access from Philadelphia International Airport via a 20-minute train ride or an affordable taxi ride. Amtrak’s 30th Street Station, one of the busiest hubs in the nation, also offers a quick, direct route via train. Once attendees arrive they will find Philadelphia’s grid street design makes the city very walkable and visitor-friendly. Philadelphia offers plenty of hotel options, covering a variety of price points. For convention attendees, the city features more than 8,500 hotel rooms within a 15-minute walk of the convention center and, by 2014, the inventory is expected to grow by 1,500 hotel rooms. All of this translates into more value for meeting planners and their attendees. To learn more about the expanded Pennsylvania Convention Center, and the exciting things happening in Philadelphia, visit www.PhiladelphiaUSA.travel/complete or come in for a site visit! Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook



City of







the Northeast pennsylvania


Timothy Herrick Editorial Director Facilities Media Group (212) 532-4150 ext 105 Therrick@Facilitiesonline.com SEND US: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, PRESS RELEASES, PHOTOGRAPHS AND OTHER MATERIALS ABOUT YOUR MEETINGS, CONVENTIONS, TRADESHOWS & OTHER EVENTS

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Convention & Entertainment Complex

One Sabin Street, Providence, RI 02903 Phone: (401) 458-6000; Fax: (401) 458-6500 www.riconvention.com Senior Director of Sales and Marketing: John J. McGinn, CEM Complex includes Rhode Island Convention Center, 13,000-seat Dunkin’ Donuts Center, 1,900-seat Veterans Memorial Auditorium; conveniently located in the heart of downtown Providence. Convention Center: 137,000 sq. ft. total meeting/exhibit space; main exhibit hall: 100,000 contiguous sq. ft.; 23 meeting rooms and pre-function space; 20,000-sq.-ft. ballroom; accommodates groups 10-5,000; 5,500 hotel rooms in the Greater Providence area, with 2,200 within one mile of Complex. Attractions: Culinary Arts Museum at JWU; Museum of Art at the RI School of Design; Providence Bruins (AHL Affiliate of Boston Bruins); Providence PAGE Performing Arts Center; Providence Place Mall, RI Philharmonic. 13

Valley Forge Casino Resort

1160 First Avenue, King of Prussia, PA 19406 (610) 354-8118; (610) 768-3215 www.vfcasino.com Associate Director of Sales: Lani Baird Whether your group is touring Valley Forge or just passing through, the Valley Forge Casino Resort is the perfect place for your stay, minutes away from five major highways and a short drive to Philadelphia and Lancaster. The region’s only full-amenity gaming resort with live table games and all the latest and greatest slot machines. You’ll enjoy 486 guest rooms in two hotel towers, a spa, 7 new restaurants and bars, heart pounding nightlife and a classic event space. 100,000+ sq. ft. meeting space, 45 meeting rooms including 4 ballrooms; 8,500-sq.-ft. Waterford Ballroom. 54,000-sq.-ft. Concourse Level PAGE Exhibit Hall. 21

Rhode Island

Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau

144 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903 (401) 456-0200; Fax: (401) 273-7046 www.GoProvidence.com Vice President of Sales & Services: Kristin McGrath, CDM Providence: The Creative Capital Brimming with rich history, natural beauty, and stunning architecture — extremely convenient and walkable city — with hotels, great restaurants, and stellar shopping all within blocks of each other. Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau books meetings, conventions, tradeshows and events of any size, working closely with planners to boost attendance, including targeted e-mail blasts, postcard mailings, Web site/microsite; welcome banners throughout city; Rhode Island Convention & Entertainment Complex includes RI Convention Center (137,000 sq. ft. of total exhibit space), 13,000-seat Dunkin’ Donuts Center, 1,900-seat Veterans Memorial Auditorium. PAGE 60

SPOTLIGHT Everyone deserves their moment in the spotlight. Take advantage of special offers and VIP experiences to craft a one-of-a-kind meeting that’s just right for your budget and your attendees. To create a Rhode Island VIP Meeting, visit www.GoProvidence.com/VIP




Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

The Northeast / RHODE ISLAND Providence, RI – The Creative Capital

Marianne Lee

Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau 144 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903 • Phone: (401) 456-0200; Fax: (401) 273-7046 • www.GoProvidence.com/VIP


ome to more working artists and degreed chefs per capita than any other city, Providence, Rhode Island, has been appropriately dubbed the country’s Creative Capital. The Rhode Island Convention & Entertainment Complex, which consists of the Rhode Island Convention Center (RICC), the Dunkin’ Donuts Center (Dunk) and the Veterans Memorial Auditorium (The Vets), stands in the heart of the city within walking distance of hotels, eclectic shops and a diverse culinary and arts scene. The RICC consists of a 100,000-contiguous-square-foot exhibition hall, a 20,000-square-foot ballroom, 23 meeting rooms, and the Rotunda Room which provides spectacular views of the city. There are also two adjacent garages with 2,400 parking spaces. The Center is conveniently located within one mile of 2,200 hotel rooms, and a total of 5,500 rooms are available in the Greater Providence area. A key feature of the Convention Center is its connection to the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, the area’s premier events arena. The RICC is also attached to the 564-room Westin Hotel, and Providence Place, a downtown mall offering more than 170 shopping, dining and entertainment options. The 13,000-seat Dunk features 31,000 square feet of arena space, a ceiling height of 90 feet, a 25,000-square-foot concourse, a new 12,000-square-foot lobby, two party suites, two loges, a new restaurant, and five renovated meeting/hospitality rooms. The Vets, a 1,900-seat theatre, is a historic performing arts venue that celebrates flawless acoustics, a breathtaking proscenium stage, Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

and now, following a multi-million dollar renovation, a back stage that will leave performers feeling pampered. The Vets is also available for elegant corporate events, speaking engagements and more. Recognized as one of the country’s hottest culinary destinations, Providence is home to Johnson & Wales University, the world’s largest culinary educator. The University’s graduates often stay in Providence, which is reflected in the city’s much-lauded restaurant scene. Travel + Leisure readers recently voted Providence one of America’s Favorite Cities, ranking the city #2 in the U.S. for food. Located between New York City and Boston, Providence is easily accessible for event attendees, and about 25 percent of the United States’ population lives within 500 miles of the city. The Amtrak train station is located within walking distance of the Complex, and offers rail service throughout the Northeast Corridor. Nearby Warwick, RI features miles of scenic coastline and ample hotel, dining, shopping and entertainment choices. For those flying into Rhode Island, Warwick’s T.F. Green Airport is just 10 minutes from downtown Providence. The airport’s eco-friendly InterLink hub provides passengers with an array of transportation options. Conveniently housing a rental car facility, public transportation options, and rail service to Providence, Boston and beyond, the InterLink offers travelers ease, affordability and accessibility. Planners can look to the award-winning Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau to provide a knowledgeable staff, a welcoming spirit, and services that can aid them with all the details that will make their convention or meeting program successful. 61

the Northeast / New York New York state’s only one-stop convention facility

Rochester Riverside Convention Center 123 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14564 • (585) 232-7200 • Fax: (585) 232-1510 • www.rrcc.com


onveniently located in the heart of Rochester, N.Y., the Rochester Riverside Convention Center enjoys a scenic setting on the Genesee River with outdoor patios and balconies providing wonderful views. It also offers the convenience of enclosed walkway connections to large hotels and parking garages. Technological Features Located in a community known around the world for its high-tech expertise, the Rochester Riverside gets high marks for handling all types of technology needs. The Riverside Convention Center has upgraded to a dedicated internet connection over Fiber Optics to meet all of the growing number of technical requirements our customers have. This service is available wireless throughout the facility and is Scalable from 5MB o 1 GB. Other Features “We routinely offer services not found at most other convention centers,” says Executive Director Joseph A. Floreano, CFE. “One example is our in-house food and beverage operation, including two pastry chefs. In addition, our Riverside Productions and Riverside Catering divisions can even assist groups utilizing space in other places throughout the region. Basically, we are New York State’s only one-stop convention facility.” With Rochester’s 12 colleges and universities, world-famous corporations, and growing number of hightech firms, there are also plenty of local speakers and other resources available from this combination of educational, business and research expertise. Personalized service and a can-do attitude are additional features that meeting planners really appreciate. According to Dr. Steven E. Schopp, Executive Administrator of the New York State School Music Association, “What I most enjoy about working with the Rochester Riverside Convention Center—aside from a general professionalism that is the rule rather than the exception—is the friendly, positive attitude of staff at every level. These are people I like to work with and that, combined with a first-class facility, makes the Riverside an outstanding convention venue.” Hotel Rooms More than 1,100 rooms in a trio of major hotels connect with the Rochester 62

Riverside Convention Center to create a compact convention district in the center of the city. There is a 362-room Rochester Plaza, 465-room Radisson, which just completed a $6-million renovation of its facility, and 336-room Hyatt Regency. Delegates also enjoy the convenience of walking between hotels and the Convention Center in minutes using the enclosed skywalk system or scenic riverside walkway. Pier 45 Experience the eclectic atmosphere of Pier 45. Rochester Riverside’s newest dining experience, located on the city’s spectacular waterfront along the shores of Lake Ontario.You’ll find everything from a light tapas style menu to a full dinner service, large-scale gourmet desserts, a fully stocked custom bar and an inviting veranda that accommodates both planned events and impromptu get-togethers. Nearby Attractions Several entertainment districts surround the Rochester Riverside with restaurants, cafés, coffee houses, pubs, dance clubs, music halls, theatres and more. Rochester also boasts numerous museums, including the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography & Film, the Susan B. Anthony House and the acclaimed Strong National Museum of Play. Destination Features Rochester is the northern gateway to the magnificent Finger Lakes region with its rolling hills, lush valleys and 11 namesake lakes. It is also a region becoming famous for its more than 100 vineyards, excellent wines and numerous “wine trails.” With the recent addition of the New York Wine and Culinary Center in nearby Canandaigua, the wineries and farmer’s markets of the Finger Lakes region offer delegates meeting in Rochester wonderful day trip options for pre- or post-conference enjoyment. Distance to Airport The Greater Rochester International Airport—150 flights daily—is an easy, stress-free, 10-minute drive from the Rochester Riverside Convention Center’s front door.

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

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The Mid-Atlantic

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rooms; 3 locker rooms that also serve as dressing rooms; private catering room; production office; accounting office. TEXAS

TEXAS texas

Reliant Arena (approximately 8,000 seats and a 2,000-seat pavilion and Reliant arena (approximately 8,000 350,000 rooms). sq. ft. of exhibit space). seats and a 2,000-seat pavilion and The keysq. feature of the space). Reliant 8,000 Park Reliant Arena 350,000 ft. of (approximately exhibit complex flexibility.pavilion With four seats andisaits 2,000-seat and the key feature of the Reliant Park unique venues, the 350,000and sq.adaptable ft. of exhibit space). complexPark is its complex flexibility.has With Reliant thefour versatility The key of the Reliant Park unique andfeature adaptable Reliant to accommodate anyvenues, varietythe of events complex is its flexibility. Withtofour Park complex the versatility ranging from has corporate meetings and unique and adaptable therangaccommodate varietyvenues, of team buildingany seminars, to events employee Reliant Park complex has the versatility ing from corporate meetings and team appreciation and holiday parties! to accommodate anyemployee variety of events building seminars, to appreciaBackstage areas: 4 meeting roomsand and ranging from corporate meetings tion and holiday parties! 20,000 sq. ft backstage space team building seminars,floor to employee areas:with 4 meeting rooms 2Backstage Locker rooms showers and and appreciation and holiday parties! 20,000 sq. floor space 15,000 sq.ftftbackstage of catering/hospitality areas: meetingand rooms and 2Backstage Locker rooms with4 showers area. 20,000sq. sq.ftftofbackstage floor space 15,000 catering/hospitality area. Marketing: An email of 2 Locker rooms with database showers and Marketing: An email database of 170,000 forftpre-sales and special offers. 15,000 sq. of catering/hospitality 170,000 for pre-sales and special offers. area. Parking: 26,000 spaces. Parking: 26,000 spaces. Marketing: An Houston email database Demographics: is the of fourth Demographics: Houston the fourth 170,000 for pre-sales andisUnited special offers. most populous city in the States. mostgreater populous city in the United States. The Houston metropolitan area Parking: 26,000 spaces. Theagreater Houston metropolitan area has population of approximately 4 Demographics: is the fourth has a population ofHouston approximately million people. The Houston City4 most populous cityHouston in the United States. million people. Statistical AreaThe (CSA) coversCity 12,476 The greater Houston metropolitan area Statistical Area (CSA) covers square miles. Houston is also12,476 a major has a population of approximately 4 square miles. Houston also ainmajor media market, rankingis10th size. millionmarket, people.ranking The Houston City media 10th in size. See ad on page Statistical Area71 (CSA) covers 12,476 square miles. Houston is also a major media market, ranking 10th in size.

Delaware Maryland Virginia West Virginia Washington, D.C.


One Reliant Park Houston, TX 77054 (832) 667-1400; Fax: (832) 667-1748 RELIANT www.reliantpark.com ReliantPARK PaRk One Park OneReliant Reliant Park Manager: Jeff Gaines Assistant General Houston, Houston,TX TX77054 77054 Snapshot: Reliant the premier (832) Fax: (832) 667-1748 (832)667-1400; 667-1400; Fax:Park (832)is 667-1748 entertainment, sports, convention, www.reliantpark.com www.reliantpark.com tradeshow and special event complex Assistant General Manager: JeffGaines Gaines Assistant General Manager: Jeff

located in Houston’s South Main corriSnapshot: Reliant Park the premier Reliant Park isisthree the premier dor.Snapshot: The complex features distinct entertainment, sports, convention, entertainment, convention, facilities – Reliantsports, Stadium, Relianttradetradeshow and special event complex showand and Reliant special event complex located Center Arena. Reliant Park located in Houston’s Southcorridor. Main corriin Houston’ s South Main The encompasses 350 acres has 26,000 parkdor. The complex features threefacilities distinct features three distinct ingcomplex spaces and hosts more 600 events facilities – Reliant Stadium, Reliant Reliant Stadium, Reliant Center and per–year. Center Reliant Arena. Park Reliantand Arena. Reliant ParkReliant encompassCapacities: Reliant Stadium (71,500 encompasses 350 acres has 26,000 parkes 350 acres has 26,000 parking spaces seats and 125,000 sq. ft. of 600 spaceevents for ingand spaces hostsand morehosts 600 more events per year. general per year.sessions, catered functions Capacities: Reliant Stadium (71,500 and/or exhibits). Capacities: Reliantsq.Stadium (71,500 seats and 125,000 ft. of gross space for Reliant Center (1.4sq. million seats and 125,000 ft. of space for general sessions, catered functions and/ sq.ft/706,213 sq. ftcatered of single level congeneral sessions, functions or exhibits). space divisible into 11 tiguous and/or exhibit exhibits). Reliant Center million gross separate halls also (1.4 has 61 meeting Reliant Centersq. (1.4ft million sq.ft/706,213 of singlegross level sq.ft/706,213 sq. ft ofspace single level concontiguous exhibit divisible into tiguous exhibithalls space into 11 11 separate alsodivisible has 61 meeting separate rooms).halls also has 61 meeting West

The West


See ad on page 71

Facilities SuperBook 2009


Facilities SuperBook 2009

entertainment/sports/Performances/ exhibitions/Concerts/Competition/ shows/special events

Facilities Facilitiesonline.com

2011-2012 DIRECTORY

152 Madison Avenue, Room 802 New York, NY 10016

&Event Management


For Booking Agents, Promoters, Talent Buyers & Special Event Planners

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the FaCILItIes MeDIa GROuP essential Planning tools 32 64

maryland DAKOTA NORTH ranging from 1’ to 3’. NORTH DAKOTA ranging from 1’ to 3’. center and 42’ Areas: stage right of center. The IOWa Backstage 8 locker rooms; Roland E. Powell Convention Center proscenium opening is 59’-4” wide. The


Backstage Areas: 8 locker rooms;

private offices, meeting rooms and start 4001 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842 private height from stage floor torooms the gridand is 69’. offices, meeting start dressing rooms are available. (800) 626-2326; Fax: (410) 289-0058 dressing rooms available. offices; Backstage areas:are 2 custom production Sound System: Bose system, www.ococean.com 800-sq.-ft. wardrobe room. 8 dressing Sound System: custom Bose system,and powered by Crown amplification, Director of Sales & Marketing: R. Frederick Wise, CHAE rooms, 2 star dressing rooms; soloist powered bycorded Crownmicrophones, amplification,wireless and includes

room. corded microphones, wireless Ocean City, Maryland offers some of the includes microphones, CD and cassette players, microphones, CDand andfishing. cassette players, world’s best golf courses, a free beach, seasonal festivals, Sound: 5 EV XLD281 mixing boards, and aLoudspeakers varietyIts of contemother ALERUS CENTER mixing andsq. a variety of other ALERUS CENTER 1200 South 42nd Street in audio-visual the center cluster; Left Right equipment. porary convention center is currently expanding toboards, 214,000 ft.and of meeting/exhibi1200 South 42ndND Street audio-visual Grand Forks, Clusters are (8equipment. eachof side) EVhalide XLCtion space with 2558201 meeting rooms including two executive boardrooms; including Lighting: mix metal and Grand ND 58201 (701)Forks, 792-1200; Fax: (701) 746-6511 127+. Soundcraft MH2 24 channel Lighting: mix of metal halide andproa 45,000-sq.-ft. Main Exhibit Hall (76,000 sq. ft. total exhibit space), 30,000-sq.-ft. quartz fixtures with a Douglas (701) 792-1200; Fax: (701) 746-6511 www.aleruscenter.com console. quartz fixturescontroller; withwireless a Douglas pro- 1,000+ www.aleruscenter.com grammable fullinternet; black-out Grand Ballroom with 35’ ceilings and panoramic bay-views; RiveRCenteR & Director of Administration: grammable controller; full black-out Director of Administration: lighting: Balcony/Side House fills capabilities via an extensive half-house free parking spaces; Ocean City Information & Welcome Center on site; catering and Vione Jordheim aDleR theatRe capabilities viasystem. an extensive half-house Vione throughout the theatre. In-House curtaining 136 Jordheim East Third Street,9,500 Davenport, 52801& 29,000 beverage services; hotelIArooms rentable condos. Located 28 Snapshot: Managed by VenuWorks, curtainingare system. controlled8byfixed an ETC (563) from 326-8500; Fax: (563) 326-8505 Airport. Dimmers Snapshot: Managed Food & Beverage: concessionPAGE miles Salisbury-Ocean Alerus Center, builtbyinVenuWorks, 2001,City is the Emphasis Server with an Express 125 65 Food & Beverage: 8 fixed concession www.adlertheatre.com Alerus Center, builtfull in 2001, the stands, 7 various portable stands, region’s premier, serviceisentertainwww.riverctr.com faceplate. stands, 7 various portable stands,liquor region’s premier, full service entertain20 beer domes and 6 portable ment and event center Executive Director: Rickand Palmer, CFE 20 beer andAdler 6 portable liquor ment and event center and Food &domes Beverage: Theatre has stands; the Alerus Center also provides features both an arena and a convention stands; virginia the on-site Alerus Center also provides “The Center With It All” features arenaCenter and a convention 2 permanent concession stands and the exclusive catering service. center.both Thean Alerus Arena was exclusive on-site catering service. center. The Alerus Arena was RiverCenter has 3 permanent concesSnapshot: VenuWorks, designed toManaged serveCenter as aby multi-purpose, Parking: 3,388 on-site spaces. Hampton Roads Convention Center designed tofacility serve ascapable a multi-purpose, sion stands. Parking: 3,388 on-site spaces. the classic, 2,411-seat Adler versatile of Theatre quick is a Marketing: full in-house marketing 1610 Coliseum Drive, VA 23666 versatile facility capable of state-of-the-art quick historic, art-deco yetHampton, also conversions while maintaining the audience amenities: Premiere Club Marketing: full in-house marketing department. (757) (866) 484-HRCC; Fax: (757) 315-1612 conversions while maintaining theexperiPAC315-1610; originally built in 1931 and most integrity of the “entertainment Seating in loge; Broadway at the Adler department. www. thehrcc.com integrity ofrenovated the “entertainment experiDemographics: more than seating one million recently in 2006. The Adler ence”. Seating Capacities: Total – is Theatre Subscribers; Accessible one million ence”. Capacities: TotalShannon –whichPerryDemographics: people within more 2-hourthan driving radius. Director Sales & Set EventEnd Services: partSeating ofofthe RiverCenter Complex, 21,389; Arena Stage: 11,029; on main floor. people within 2-hour driving radius. 21,389; Arena Set End Stage: 11,029; features more thanHalf-House: 100,000 square feet See ad on page 40 SetRound: a Course Success! 12,for914; 8,245; Marketing: Full service marketing/ Round: 12, 914; Half-House: 8,245; of meeting, exhibit and space. The See ad on page 40 Standard 2,619. Located in Theater: the center ofevent Coastal Virginia, complex features 35 flexible spaces ideal promotions coordination available. Standard Theater: 2,619. RiverCenter includes the Great Hall, The stage right portable stage conventions. forStaging: tradeshows, gala events, and major Acovered descending water wall at Parking: 750 featuring a seating capacity of 3,200 for Staging: stage right portable stage allows aThe maximum stage of 64’W x overlooks entrance, second-level outdoor terrace campus parking the spaces avail- shared with Hampton general admissions and 2,500 reserved allows stage of 64’W x 52’Da xmaximum 4’arena. to 6’ H. Accessories include able for Adler Theatre Coliseum 344,000 sq. ft. meeting space, including 24 meeting rooms, seats and the Mississippi Riverinclude Hall, 52’D x 4’ to 6’ H. Accessories an accessible ramp, stairs, guardrails, patrons. More than which can host 1,400 for102,600-sq.-ft. general admis- main ballroom; exhibit hall. Data ports in meeting an27,907-sq.-ft. accessible ramp, stairs, guardrails, and skirting. The standard mix stage is 2,300 additional sion and 1,100 reserved. rooms/exhibit hall, connectivity throughout all pre-function spaces; wireless internet and skirting. The standard mix stage is a 12’W x 24’D platform with heights spaces nearby. athroughout. 12’W x 24’D platform with heights Suites Staging: 40’295-room deep fromEmbassy the plaster line toadjacent; 3,000 hotel rooms, eclectic dining, See ad on page 35 the back wall, 80’ wide,and 38’ spa stageinleft of attractions, shopping immediate proximity.



Ice Arena was added in Nov. 2008 to accomodate almost 7,500.


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Snap Snapsh ment ment an 1,000 1,000 – in 19 in allow 1990 allow h reinfo reinforc moto motoriz ized ized cen luxur luxury stands stands. Capa Capaci Hock Hockey 11,50 11,500; Roun Round”


232 East Main Street, Norfolk, VA 23510 (757) 664-6620; (800) 368-3097; Fax: (757) 622-3663

exhibition Space: 180,000 sq. ft. Exhibition Space: 180,000 sq. ft. Capacities:Space: Arena—concerts Exhibition 180,000 sq.and ft. Capacities: Arena—concerts and other other entertainment: 10,000; Sports Capacities: Arena—concerts and other entertainment: 10,000; Sports events visitnorfolktoday.com events seating: 5,700-8,500; halfentertainment: 10,000; Sports eventssetting seating: 5,700-8,500; half-house Vice President of Sales and Marketing: Donna Allen house setting with seating up to seating: 5,700-8,500; half-house setting with(Arena seating up to 5,700 (Arena 5,700 34,500 sq.feaft.feaof with seating upfeatures todestination 5,700 (Arena Located in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic, this compact meetings features hotels tures 34,500 sq. ft. of uninterrupted uninterrupted space); The Rushmore tures 34,500 sq.Rushmore ft.trendy of uninterrupted and convention facilities and a sparkling waterfront dotted with restaurants, arts space); The Plaza Civic Plaza Civic Center’s Fine Arts TheConvention Rushmore Plaza Civic Center’s Fine Arts Theatre seats districts, museums, attractions and shopping. space); Waterside Connection (200+ firstTheatre seats Center’s Fine Arts Theatre seats up to 1,752. class rooms/suites, 55 meeting rooms, 121,000 sq. ft. of convention space) includes Norfolk up to 1,746. up to 1,752. RUSHMORE PLAZA RuShMoRe Plaza Waterside Marriott,PLAZA Sheraton Norfolk Waterside, Crowneareas: Plaza Norfolk andhas2thestar Backstage Areas: Arena 2 Waterside star RUSHMORE Backstage Arena has CIVIC CENTER CiviC CenteR Backstage Areas: Arena has 2level star and 5 dressing rooms the 2nd Festival Marketplace; Norfolk Scope Arena (85,000 sq. ft. meeting space). Attractions: dressing rooms onon the 2nd level and 5 CIVIC CENTER 444 Mt. Rushmore Rd. N. dressing rooms on the 2nd level and locker/dressing rooms on on the main main MacArthur Hermitage Foundation Museum, Norfolk 444 Mt. Rushmore Rd.Mall, N. Chrysler Museum of Art, 5 locker/dressing rooms the Rapid City, Center SD 57701 locker/dressing rooms on the main floor; Fine Arts Theatre has 2 chorusPAGE Rapid City, SDBaseball, 57701 floor; Fine Arts Theatre has 2 chorus (605) 394-4115 or (800)-GOTMINE Tides AAA Virginia Zoological Park. floor; Fine Arts Theatre has 2 chorus rooms and 4 individual dressing rooms.23 (605) or (800)-GOTMINE Fax:394-4115 (605) 394-4119 rooms and individual dressing rooms and 44 individual dressing rooms. Fax:www.gotmine.com (605) 394-4119 rooms. Food & Beverage: 9 concession stands, www.gotmine.com Sales andManager: Marketing Manager: General Brian Maliske Food & Beverage: 9 concession stands, club&restaurant, and Food Court, multiFood Beverage: 9 concession Sales and Marketing Manager: Washington DC Steve Montgomery club restaurant, and Food Court, multiple portable stands. The Center of It All Steve Montgomery stands, club stands. restaurant, and Food ple portable The Center of It All Plaza Civic Court, multiple portable Club stands. Audience Amenities: Seating, Snapshot: Washington Hilton The Center ofRushmore It All Audience Amenities: Club Seating, Snapshot: Rushmore Plaza Civic DC 20009 Suites, Large Daktronics Video Screens Center is South Dakota’s premier 1919 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington audience amenities: Club Seating, Snapshot: Rushmore Plaza Civic Large Daktronics Video Screens Center is South premier full- Suites, full-service performance, exhibition, Suites, Large Daktronics Video (202) 483-3000; Fax:Dakota’s (202)premier 232-0438 Parking: 4,000 Free Spaces. Center is South Dakota’s fullservice performance, conconvention and eventexhibition, complex. Since Parking: 4,000 Free Spaces. Screens. www. washingtonhilton.com service performance, exhibition,Since conDemographics: 250,000 in ADI. vention event in complex. openingand its doors 1977, entertainDemographics: 250,000 in ADI. Director of Sales & Marketing: Juan Garcia vention and event complex. Since Parking: Free opening its doors professional in 1977, entertainSee ad 4,000 on page 51 Spaces. ment promoters, sports opening its doors in 1977, entertainSee ad on page 51 ment professional sports teamspromoters, andMeeting business executives have Legendary Hotel opened in 1965. Demographics: 250,000 in ADI. ment promoters, professional sports teams and business executives have all– 43See all discovered that the Civic Center ad onrooms; Cover 235,815-sq.-ft. International 110,000 sq. ft. flexible function space meeting teams and business executives have all discovered that needs the Civic can can meet(seats their withCenter profesBallroom 4,150 theater style); 30,000-sq.-ft. exhibit hall; Digital wayfinding and discovered that the Civic Center can servmeet their needs with professional sionalsignage service and competitive pricing. events capabilities meet theircompetitive needs with with touch professional ice pricing. Theserv- throughout hotel; onsite AV specialist; Ballroom Theand Complex features a 10,000-seat ice and competitive pricing. The features 48 ft. hydraulic stage and nearly 100 installed rigging points; Wireless and Complex features aFine 10,000-seat Arena, Arena, 1,746-seat Arts Theatre, Complex features aArts 10,000-seat Arena, wired data, voice and visual in all meeting rooms; DS3 bandwidth 1,752-seat Theatre, and 212 and 2HSIA, largeFine Convention Halls withtransmission 1,752-seat Fine ArtsHalls Theatre, and 2various large Convention with 12from speed; 1,070 rooms, including 47 suites. Has served as the backdrop to politivarious sizedguest Meeting Rooms large Convention Halls with 122,000 various Meeting Rooms to 20. calsized conferences, monumental meetings and www.gotmine.com memorable events – including an official 2,000 to 20,000. A newfrom 6,500-seat sized Meeting RoomsIcefrom 2,000 toadded 20. A new 6,500-seat Arena wasfour presidential Inaugural Ball every years since 1969. A new 6,500-seat Ice Arena was added in Nov. 2008. in Nov. 2008. Facilities 2010–2011 Booking Guide Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

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The Midwes The Midwest

The Mid-Atlantic / maryland

Roland E. Powell Convention Center 4001 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842 (800) 626-2326 Fax: (410) 289-0058 www.ococean.com


this Fall and the well-equipped convention center will be fully functional in the meantime. specially when that beach is in Ocean City, Maryland. Ocean The center also features on-site food and beverage service along City, MD is “The East Coast’s Number One Family Resort,” with full-service catering by Centerplate; a veteran convention staff, with waves of activities and events. With 10 miles of white free wi-fi service throughout the center, and free parking for more sand and waves, a three-mile boardwalk, nightlife, 17 championship than 1,000 cars and buses. golf courses, restaurants, shopping and more, there’s no end to the fun Ocean City offers business travelers a choice of accommodations, when the meetings are over. including 9,500 hotel rooms and more than 29,000 rentable condos; And in addition to our great beach, Ocean City’s Roland E. Powell of these 4,850 are year-round committable rooms. Convention Center is getting even better. The center is currently Every season offers a reason to make your next meeting a vacation. So expanding to add 14,000 sq. feet of exhibit space, as well as renovating plan your next convention in Ocean City, where you’ll find everything and expanding the Grand Ballroom by 18,000 sq. feet and offering 25 you want — whether you’re in meetings or on the beach. For more meeting rooms, giving you more options for your next conference, as information, contact the Ocean City Convention Center’s sales team at well as beautiful panoramic bay views. The expansion will be complete 410-289-2800 or 800-OC-OCEAN or visit ococean.com.


Coming this fall: a bigger, better convention center. Exciting changEs arE coming to thE convEntion cEntEr!

visit ococean.com

for updatEs on rEnovation and Expansion.

More space means even more reasons to book in Ocean City, MD. In just a few months, we’ll be expanding to 214,000 sq. ft., including 76,000+ sq. ft. of exhibition space, a 30,000+ sq. ft. ballroom offering panoramic views of the bay and 25 meeting rooms. Plus, the rest of Ocean City, MD, offers amazing golf courses, a free beach, boardwalk, festivals, 9,500 hotel rooms and 29,000 rentable condos. So make your next conference a vacation and book in OC.


For booking inquiries and information: 1-800-OCOCEAN or visit ococean.com. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook OCO-2012-14604 Facilities_&_Destinations_Winner_7x4.75.indd


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The Southeast / xxxxx

The Southeast

Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee


The Greater Fort Lauderdale/ Broward County Convention Center

1950 Eisenhower Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 (954) 765-5900; Fax: (954) 763-9551 www.ftlauderdalecc.com Assistant General Manager: Terry Kuca Premier Oceanside Convention Center Located In The Venice of America Just five minutes from the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. 600,000-sq.ft. –349,514 sq. ft. of meeting/exhibit space; 32 meeting rooms; 3 ballrooms – 30,000-sq.-ft. Grand Floridian,Ballroom, 20,000-sq.-ft. Floridian Ballroom, 10,000-sq.-ft. Palm Ballroom; 250,486 sq. ft. exhibit space, 64,887-sq.-ft. main exhibit hall; 15,000-seat theater; wifi; webcasting; CAT 5; on-site kitchen; Breezin’ Java/Cyber Café; 33,000 hotel rooms! Attractions: 23 miles of Blue Wave beaches, Arts & Entertainment district; 4,000+ restaurants; 60+ PAGE golf courses, International Swimming Hall of Fame, Sawgrass Mills Mall. C4 georgia

The Classic Center

300 N. Thomas Street, Athens, GA 30601 (706) 208-0900; (800) 918-6393; Fax: (706) 548-0870 www. ClassicCenter.com Director of Sales: Maureen Baker The Classic Center (Convention Center/Performing Arts Theatre) in vibrant Athens Downtown (65 specialty retailers, 55 restaurants, 40 taverns/night clubs). is undergoing a $24-million renovation including construction of a beautiful new 8,000-sq.-ft. atrium, and it will double the size of the exhibit hall to 55,000 sq. ft,. 105,400 sq. ft. meeting space, 32 meeting rooms, 18,000-sq.-ft. ballroom, 2,l00-seat theater. Complimentary wifi, state-of-the-art audio visual provided by TSAV. 1,300 hotel rooms nearby; 2,443 city wide. Attractions: eclectic galleries, funky boutiques, exquisite cuisine, world-famous music scene, Georgia Museum of Art, State Botanical Garden of Georgia, University of Georgia, historic tours. 66


Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex

2100 Richard Arrington Boulevard North Birmingham, AL 35203 (205) 458-8400; Fax: (205) 458-8438 www.bjcc.org Director of Sales and Marketing: Susette Hunter Alabama’s largest convention facility, one of the best values in the South – 220,000 sq. ft. meeting/exhibition space – 111,000-sq.-ft. main exhibition hall, 174,000 sq. ft. meeting space, 74 meeting rooms, 15,000-sq.-ft. ballroom, 18,000-seat arena; 2,800-seat concert hall. 3,800-sq.ft. broadcast studio – live TV capabilities, satellite uplink capabilities. Medical Forum: 10-story tower features high-tech meeting rooms, fully-equipped demonstration lab. 1,000 hotel rooms nearby. Attractions: Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham Civil Rights PAGE Institute, award-winning Robert Trent Jones Golf trail courses. 71 florida

Emerald Coast Convention Center

1250 Miracle Strip Parkway SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 (850) 609-3800; (877)-574-5123; Fax: (850) 609-5095 www. EmeraldCoastConventionCenter.com Sales & Marketing Manager: Tisha Maraj Put a Little Sand in Your Soul 35,000-sq.-ft. Emerald Coast Convention Center – the largest full-service meeting facility on Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast – a 24-mile stretch of spectacular sugar-white sand beaches bordering sparkling emerald green waters. 12,000-sq.-ft. column-free ballroom, 12 break-out meeting rooms, 26,160 sq. ft. exhibit space (including 6,300 sq.ft. of pre-function areas); 2,350 seats theater-style; state-of-the-art audiovisual technology – free wi-fi; ISDN video conferencing; digital video; intelligent lighting; broadcast-quality audio with surround-sound; creative culinary options from Aramark, responsive convention services staff – all just steps away from the beach. 13,000 hotel rooms. Florida

Orange County Convention Center

West Concourse - 9800 International Drive; South Concourse - 9899 International Drive; North Concourse - 9400 Universal Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819 (407) 685-9800; (800) 345-9800, Fax: (407) 685-9876


Senior Director/Sales, Marketing, Event Management & Exhibitor Services: Yulita Osuba

The nation’s second largest convention facility, featuring 7 million sq. ft. of combined meeting and public space in two remarkable facilities. 74 meeting rooms/235 breakout rooms; 62,182-sq.-ft. multi-purpose room; 2,643-seat Chapin Theater and a 160-seat lecture hall. 2.1 million sq. ft. of exhibit ion space, 1.1 million sq. ft. of which is contiguous; two 92,000 sq. foot general assembly areas; three full-service restaurants; 8 food PAGE courts; and three business centers. Surrounded by 115,000 hotel rooms. 79 georgia

Hilton Atlanta

255 Courtland Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 222-2872; Fax: (404) 221-6368 www. hiltonatlantadowntown.com Director of Sales & Marketing: Edd Karlan The Jewel of the South Premier convention, 1,242-room hotel in downtown Atlanta, ideal location that offers the perfect setting for and a gateway to the city’s rejuvenated downtown scene.119,000 sq. ft. of flexible function/meeting space, including 55 meeting rooms, 18,500-sq.-ft. ballroom, 41,000-sq.-ft. main exhibit hall; 1,900-seat theater – 100MB of total bandwidth in hotel; “Smart-Flo” meeting space, enclosed bridge access to 2 hotels- offering over 3,000 rooms & 300K function space. Nearby Attractions: Georgia Aquarium, GWCC, World of Coke, Fox Theatre, Phillips Arena, Turner Field, Georgia Dome; 100 award-winning restaurants in downtown. 11 miles to Airport. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

The SOUTHEAST / mississippi

Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau 111 East Capitol Street, Suite 102, Jackson, MS 39201 (800) 354-7695; Fax: (601) 960-1827 • www.visitjackson.com Jackson is a Rare Find for Savvy Meeting Planners


iscover a fresh setting for your meetings in Jackson, Mississippi, the “True South” city that’s just the right size. Your event will take center stage while your delegates enjoy the rich, local culture. A growing number of meeting planners looking for state-of-the-art facilities find Jackson full of warm hospitality, superb venues, and exceptional service. The sparkling, new downtown Jackson Convention Complex is a 330,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility offering more than 150,000 square feet of luxurious exhibit and meeting space, together with top-notch catering, service, and the very latest in conferencing technology. In addition, the JCC is also one of only 10 convention centers in the country to be LEED-certified as a “green” facility. Nearby arts and entertainment help complete a great meeting experience with a variety of leisure activities. Jackson offers 49 hotels, many with meeting space, and 5,500 sleeping rooms, 2,000 of which are downtown. Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau specialists will canvass properties for available space for your dates and will help coordinate convention program and transportation needs. Choose from a range of fascinating tours for delegates and organize fun family activities. The local cuisine is classic Southern, ranging from satisfying Soul Food to creative Southern Fusion, to international fare with a Southern flair. Your favorite national brands are also found among Jackson’s 300 restaurants! Life in this city pulses with music—gospel, blues, rock, jazz, classical, and everything in between—born from a tradition steeped in the arts. Scores of unique museums and outdoor attractions, hundreds of events and festivals, three historic cultural districts, innumerable visual and performing arts, hot sports action, and cool nightlife await you in Jackson, the City with Soul. A range of meeting planner services include a promotional news release; materials for registration packets; photos and materials for custom publications; an opening “welcome;” visitor brochures; an invitation packet with letters from the governor, mayor, JCVB, attractions, and businesses; an audiovisual presentation of Jackson; and on-site registration assistance complete with pre-printed name badges with ribbons. The City with Soul is also a city with service. Come see us in Jackson and let us provide the settings, style, and service your delegates deserve. Explore www.visitjackson.com for more information. Contact Shun Hatten, shatten@visitjackson.com, 1-800-354-7695, or 601-960-1891.

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The Southeast georgia


Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center

Visit Savannah

2450 Galleria Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30339 (770) 953-4500; (888) 391-8724; Fax: (770) 953-0740 www. renaissancewaverly.com Senior Sales Executive: Paulette Greaney Directly connected to the 320,000-sq.-ft. Cobb Galleria Convention Centre, as well as Galleria shopping and office complex, the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center (14 floors, 497 rooms, 24 suites) features dramatic 14-story atrium; 60,000+ sq. ft. flexible meeting and banquet space; 27 meeting rooms; 16,268-sq.-ft. Grand Ballroom (2,000 maximum seating). Superior accommodations, high speed Internet access, innovative dining options. Hartsfield Jackson International Airport 20 minutes away. Attractions: The World of Coca-Cola, Georgia Aquarium, CNN, Zoo Atlanta, Six Flags Over Georgia. Louisiana

101 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA 31401 (877) Savannah; (912) 644-6424; Fax: (912) 644-6499 www.SavannahMeetings.com www.VisitSavannah.com VP Business Development & Services: Jeff Hewitt Savannah is a convention city capable of hosting large, high-level meetings, conventions and special events. Welcome to Savannah, Est. 1733, waiting to charm you with tree-filled squares and perfectly preserved historic buildings. Savannah has the capacity to accommodate large groups in its conventions, exhibits and meeting facilities, the largest being the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center. Total event space: 330,000 sq.ft.; exhibit space: 100,000 sq.ft.; ballroom: 25,000 sq.ft.; pre-function space: 6,600 sq.ft.; meetings rooms: 13; 14,000 hotel rooms citywide.” PAGE 81


New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

Hilton New Orleans Riverside

900 Convention Center Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 582-3000; Fax: (504) 582-3032 www.mccno.com Director of Sales: Keith Levey Just steps away from the Warehouse/Arts District and the historic French Quarter, where the old-world charm of fine restaurants, first-class hotel rooms and unique cultural experiences abound. Convention Center features: 140 meeting rooms, 12 combinable exhibit halls totaling 1.1 million sq.ft.; 4,000-seat conference-auditorium/theater, two 30,000+ sq.ft. ballrooms, three restaurants and a VIP dining suite; 10-GIG internet backbone. High speed internet, Wi-fi in public areas, videoconferencing, satellite uplinks and downlinks, video streaming/webcasting onsite technological support; 20,000+ hotel rooms. Attractions: Riverwalk, Garden District, PAGE Aquarium of the Americas, World War II Museum; Audubon Zoo. 77

Two Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 556-3700; Fax: (504) 556-3788 www. neworleansriversidehotel.com Director of Sales & Marketing: Eric Janecke We measure distance in footsteps, not cab fare! Nestled along the Mississippi River‚ New Orleans is an exceptional meeting destination that blends multi-cultural traditions, music, culinary perfection, festivals and spirit. The Hilton Sales Complex is comprised of three unique properties within walking distance of the New Orleans Convention Center. The largest hotel in the complex, Hilton New Orleans Riverside – a “city within a city‚” – offers 1‚622 guest rooms including 74 suites, 122‚000+ sq. ft. function space. 38 meeting rooms, 27,000-sq.-ft. ballroom, 25,000-sq.ft. ballroom. Features: Advanced audio-visual technology, videoconferencing services, Seamless connectivity with the convention center; BoardEZ™ kiosk.


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Contact: Michael Caffin, Associate Publisher, (212) 532-4150, x103/mcaffin@facilitiesonline.com 68

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The Southeast / Tennessee

Knoxville Convention Center 701 Henley Street, Knoxville, TN 37902 (800) 727-8045; (865) 673-4400 • www.knoxville.org


ituated on the banks of the Tennessee River, Knoxville offers a wonderfully diverse mix of big-city amenities and attractions delivered with small-town charm and hospitality. Located in the geographical center of the eastern United States and situated at the crossroads of three major interstates (I-75, I-40 and I-81), Knoxville is within a day’s drive for more than half the nation’s population. Knoxville’s McGhee Tyson Airport, the premier air facility serving East Tennessee, is located only 12 miles south of downtown Knoxville and provides eight airlines with 20 non-stop destinations and more than 140 arrivals and departures each day. Knoxville is unique and authentic, and is East Tennessee’s gem that provides incredible arts, history, attractions, entertainment, and some of the best outdoor opportunities for fun and adventure. Known for the authentic culture and the diverse seasons, Knoxville is a must experience city for travelers of all ages. The Knoxville Convention Center is the cornerstone of the city’s meeting venues. The 500,000-square-foot convention center is located in the heart of downtown Knoxville and features a 120,000-square-foot exhibit hall that accommodates up to 600 booths, 10,400 general session participants or 5,000 banquet participants. It also houses East Tennessee’s largest divisible ballroom, a 27,000-square-foot space that fits up to 1,700 people for a formal banquet or 2,600 for a general session, as well as a 461seat lecture hall. Knoxville also offers a variety of excellent hotels with meeting space and unique off-site meeting facilities. With the right combination of location, affordability and facilities, Knoxville is a great destination for meetings in 2012 and beyond. The Knoxville Tourism & Sports Corporation’s meeting planning experts have the expertise and resources to make any meeting a success. From concept to completion, the KTSC can provide a customized variety of services just for your event! Schedule a site visit soon and discover why more meeting planners are choosing to meet in Knoxville, Tennessee. To find out more about Knoxville’s meeting hotels, facilities and unique venues please call Teresa Hall, Director of Sales and Marketing Administration at (865) 342-9118 and request a free Meeting Planners Guide or visit www.knoxville.org. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook


ville Knoxer t n e C es / Do


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ill staff w nter ’s gically the ce lo enery, a techno r, with te king sc e in eathta nvenienc ntion Cen ring br y jo d co allu onve you en ice an noxville C flects the While great serv ace, re The K deliver ed facility. re feet of sp advanc illion squa area. m the of a half t nmen enviro





Majestic Meetings Snap the QR and get ideas for your next event.

Or visit online at


sales@Knoxville.org • 800-727-8045 69

The Southeast / alabama

Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex

Details • Total exhibition space = 220,000 square feet with 20-30-foot ceilings • Number of meeting rooms = 74 • Largest ballroom = 15,552 square feet • Banquet seating capacity = 8,800 seats • Event space = 2,800-seat concert hall; 1,000-seat theatre; 18,000-seat arena

2100 Richard Arrington Boulevard North, Birmingham, AL 35203 • (205) 458-8400; Fax: (205) 458-8438 • www.bjcc.org


nchored on the west by one of the world’s Top 100 Arenas and on the east by 220,000 square feet of recently updated exhibition space, the BirminghamJefferson Convention Complex is one of the meeting and entertainment industries’ most uniquely versatile destinations. Filling six city blocks, the BJCC is home to Alabama’s largest Arena, a 2,800-seat concert hall, a 1,000-seat theatre, 220,000 square feet of exhibition space, 74 meeting rooms and much more. And it all comes just a few miles from the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport adjacent to two major interstate corridors.

Recent complex improvements

If you haven’t been to the BJCC lately, get ready to experience an all-new venue for tradeshows, exhibitions and events. Over the last few years, the BJCC has renovated nearly every inch of the complex, from the exhibit hall floors to the arena roof, from backstage areas to lobby spaces, and everything in between. A new skywalk and corridor leading from the Sheraton to the North and South Exhibition Halls and meeting rooms create a more connected complex, new acoustics make for a better event experience at the arena, and newly updated rooms at the adjacent Sheraton Birmingham Hotel make for a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Hotel partners

The 757-room Sheraton Birmingham Hotel and The Tutwiler Hotel are within walking distance of the BJCC and offer just under 1,000 rooms combined. Both hotels have recently been renovated with rooms receiving complete makeovers from the wall treatments to the furniture. The historic Tutwiler now offers a lobby gallery of historic Birmingham photos complete with an audio tour while the Sheraton offers its Sheraton Link café with Internet access and business services in the lobby. In addition, plans are underway for a 300-room Westin Hotel on BJCC property. Plans call for the additional hotel along with street level retail and entertainment space surrounding the new property. Meeting services/support

The BJCC offers video conferencing, satellite teleconferencing, in-house Ethernet cabling for event use, microwave and satellite connectivity, wireless access to an exhibitor network, as well as a fully staffed, broadcast-quality studio with pre- and postproduction capabilities. BJCC Productions has assisted with the broadcast of major network events including the Davis Cup on the Tennis Channel and has acted as an on-site studio for ESPN and Fox News.


Off-site recreation

One of the BJCC’s selling points is its location. In addition to Birmingham being a hot spot in the middle of the South, the BJCC is located in the heart of downtown with easy Interstate access. It is also a short seven-minute drive from the BirminghamShuttlesworth International Airport. Attractions within walking distance include the Birmingham Museum of Art, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.

The BJCC can help arrange nature excursions such as kayaking on the nearby Cahaba River or hiking at Ruffner Mountain State Park only a few miles away. Trolleys make regular trips to Birmingham’s Southside, where culinary fans will find two restaurants under the direction of world-renowned chef and cookbook author Frank Stitt. Golfing is available at more than a dozen public courses, including two award-winning Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail courses.


Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

ALABAMA’S LARGEST AND MOST DYNAMIC MEETING FACILITY, the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex offers 220,000 square feet of exhibition space and 74 meeting rooms, all that can adapt to just the size you need. And for convenience and ease, we’re located in the heart of downtown, ten minutes from the airport with easy interstate access. See the new and improved BJCC. The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex recently completed $39 million in renovations, including the adjoining 757-room Sheraton Hotel. For more information and to download the BJCC facility guidelines, visit us online. BJCC.ORG . 2100 RICHARD ARRINGTON JR BLVD . 1-877-THE-BJCC

The Southeast Mississippi


Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center

Jackson Convention Complex

Lamar Street & Pascagoula Street, Downtown Jackson (601) 960-2321; Fax (601) 960-2584 www.jacksonconventioncomplex.com Director of Sales: Micah Allen

2520 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi, MS 39531, (228) 896-6699 www.gulfcoast.org Director of Sales: Crystal Johnson, crystalj@gulfcoast.org

The Jackson Convention Complex is 330,000 square feet of pure possibility. With so much state-of-the-art ballroom, exhibit and meeting space at your command, you’ll be able to host practically anything you can imagine, from sports tournaments, consumer expos and trade shows to regional and national conventions. Located in the very center of a city filled with passion, warmth, and heart, the new Jackson Convention Complex is where Mississippi meets the world. PAGE 67


Scenic coastal beaches, championship golf, cultural attractions, top-name entertainment, great shopping and 24-hour casino excitement make the Mississippi Gulf Coast a world-class destination! One of the few beachfront convention centers in North America, the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center – 400,000+ sq. ft. of newly expanded and renovated exhibit and meeting space, including: 22 meeting/ breakout rooms; 36,000-sq.-ft. ballroom; 129,500–sq.-ft. exhibition hall; 9,000-seats;/30,000sq.-ft. theater; 94 wireless access points; Peer-to-peer networking & webcasting. After the meeting, your delegates can enjoy gaming, golf, dining, culture, shopping and so PAGE much more. 3,000 committable hotel rooms; 12,500 total rooms. 75 tennessee

Vicksburg Convention Center & Auditorium

Chattanooga Convention Center


185,000 sq.ft of multipurpose space, including 100,800 sq. ft. of exhibit space accommodating up to 500 10’x10’ booths, up to 6,288 banquet seating, and up to 8,000 theatre seating; 21 additional meeting rooms; 40,000 sq. ft. of pre-function space wireless high-speed Internet connectivity throughout facility; Removable walls allow spaces to be configured to your specifications. First in nation to incorporate a Farm to Table program, providing fresh produce, bread, meats, cheese and coffee from local & in-state purveyors. One of the nation’s top 10 green convention centers. within 3-hour drive of 10 million. 2,250 hotel rooms in downtown area; 9,000 within 15 minutes.

1600 Mulberry St (Convention Center) 901 Monroe St. (Auditorium) Vicksburg, MS 39180 (601) 630-2929; (866) VCCMEET; Fax: (601) 630-2910 Sales and Marketing Manager: Erin Powell

In Vicksburg, Mississippi you’ll find Southern hospitality in its most authentic form. A city that harbors U.S. history at some of its most poignant turns. Vicksburg Convention Center & Auditorium, a two-level complex built with flexibility, functionality and ergonomics in mind, offers spacious exhibit halls, cozy meeting rooms and everything in between; 50,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, including 17,000-sq.-ft. ballroom; 2,400-seat Theater; Entire facility is equipped with WiFi, all meeting rooms have audio visual PAGE 82 equipment pre-set and ready-to-use; 2,345 hotel rooms nearby. tennessee

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

2800 Opryland Drive, Nashville, TN 37214 (615) 458-2800; Fax: (615) 458-2828 www. gaylordopryland.com Director of Convention Services: Bob Chambers All-In-One-Place Located on the banks of the Cumberland River in the heart of Music Valley Drive, 9 acres of atriums brimming with lush gardens, cascading waterfalls and an indoor river. 600,000+ sq. ft., more than 100 meeting and break out rooms; Delta Ballroom (55,314 sq. ft.); Ryman Exhibit Hall (263,772 sq. ft.); 1,800-seat The Acuff Theatre; 2,881 Guest Rooms and 174 Suites. just minutes from Nashville International Airport; Attractions: Gaylord Spring Golf Links; Opry House; Opry Mills Mall (right across the three sparkling pools (Magnolia, Relache, and Cascades); Relache Spa; General Jackson Showboat. tennessee

Memphis Cook Convention Center

255 North Main Street, Memphis, TN 38103 (901) 576-1200; (800) 726-0915; Fax: (901) 517-1212 www. memphisconvention.com Director of Convention Center Sales: Nicole Seltzer Memphis Home of the Blues, Birth Place of Rock n’ Roll. A vibrant city that is home to some of the most melodious music, tastiest food, authentic culture and you-can’t-find-it anywhere-else FUN! Accessible, affordable, authentic, Memphis Cook Convention Center features a spacious column free exhibit hall, flexible breakout rooms, an elegant ballroom and the 2,100-seat Cannon Center for the Performing Arts. 300,000+ sq. ft. meeting space, 31 meeting rooms, 28,000-sq.-ft. ballroom; 125,000-sq.-ft. main exhibit space (160,000 sq. ft. total exhibit space). 600 hotels rooms connected to center; 20,000 rooms city-wide. 72

1150 Carter Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402 (423) 756-0001; Fax: (423) 267-5291 www. chattconvention.org Director: Mike Shuford


Knoxville Convention Center 701 Henley Street, Knoxville, TN 37902 (800) 727-8045; Fax: (865) 673-4400 www. knoxvilleconventioncenter.com Director of Sales & Marketing: Teresa Hall

Knoxville offers a wonderfully diverse mix of big-city amenities and attractions delivered with small-town charm and hospitality. The Knoxville Convention Center – 500,000 sq. ft. meeting space/ 24 meeting rooms, including 27,300-sq.-ft. Ballroom; 119,922-sq.-ft. exhibit hall (200,000+ sq.ft. total exhibit space); 461-seat theater. Features: 11 50” plasma monitors & 104” video wall for advertising or event listings; two computerized marquees; state-of-the-art phone system for voice, fax & modem; Copper (Cat 3&5), co-ax & fiber infrastructure capable of supporting legacy, current & emerging technologies, DS-3 or better for Internet connections. PAGE 8,100 guest rooms countywide, free downtown trolley service. 69 tennessee

Music City Center

C/O Nashville Convention Center Authority 413 5th Avenue, South, Nashville, TN 37203 (615) 742-2002; Fax: (615) 742-2014 www. nashvillemusiccitycenter.com Executive Director: Charles Starks Opening 2013. 6-acre site (1.2 million sq. ft.) building right in the heart of downtown Nashville. 90,000 sq. ft. meeting space, 60 meeting rooms; 57,500-sq.-ft. ballroom, 350,000-sq.-ft main exhibit hall, whose space and acoustic designing will allow it to double as a concert hall. Attached Omni Nashville Hotel – 800 rooms & suites and an additional 80,000 sq. ft. meeting/event space – also opening 2013. Hotel will connect to the Country Music Hall of Fame, who will operate an 800-seat theatre adjacent to the hotel’s meeting space. Attractions: Country Music Hall of Fame, Bridgestone Arena, Ryman Auditorium. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

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The Southeast / mississippi

Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center


2520 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi, Mississippi 39531; (228) 896-6699 • www.gulfcoast.org


The Mississippi Gulf Coast

ou will find a lot to love here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Like 400,000 square feet of newly expanded and renovated exhibit and meeting space at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center (MCCCC). The centerpiece of this beachfront convention center is the 129,500-square-foot exhibit space. It has unlimited floor load capacity, huge loading docks, and all the power anyone could need. With 22 breakout rooms, we can handle all the sessions you can throw at us. Need a fresh seafood dinner for 6,000? No problem. If you need the arena, you’ll get another 30,000 square feet of space and seating for 9,000. You’ll find the latest in telecommunications here. 3G technology. Digital and analog lines. 94 wireless access points. Peer-toPeer Networking. Webcasting. The area boasts 18,000 rooms, 5,000 committable for meetings. Accommodations range from the luxury of penthouse suites to the momand-pop motor court. The RV fan will find plenty of parks available. And after the meeting your delegates can play one of our signature golf courses or hit blackjack at one of our casino resorts. How about a day of luxurious spa treatments, or dining on fresh seafood prepared by a celebrity chef. They can lounge on our 62 miles of beach, or go after the big ones on a charter fishing boat. Play at one of our 11 casino resorts. The slots are hot and we offer exciting action at the blackjack tables, roulette wheels, craps tables and poker rooms. There are games for everyone from penny slots to baccarat in sophisticated High Limit areas. 74

You won’t believe the headliners starring on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Performers like Jay Leno, B.B. King, and Lee Greenwood just to name a few. Go to our website at www.gulfcoast.org to see a current schedule. The Mississippi Gulf Coast features signature courses designed by the likes of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazzio and Jerry Pate. With 20 courses to choose from, your delegates could swing clubs for weeks and never play the same hole twice. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is dotted with unique boutiques, factory outlets, and places where you can find that special gift. Works by our talented artists and craftsmen are available throughout the area. With all the fun and excitement going on, it’s nice to know you can take a break and take in a museum. Contemplate the works of George Ohr, the Mad Potter of Biloxi, at the Frank Gehry designed museum. Or experience Horn Island through the eyes of Walter Anderson at the museum devoted to his works. If the family is coming, there is plenty for them to do. Take the ferry out to Ship Island where historic Fort Massachusetts, crystal clear water, and a beach rated among the finest in the world awaits your footprints. Take a tour aboard a working shrimp boat, watch the skipper haul in the nets and see the catch for you. Or choose from a day at the water park or a visit to a nationally rated children’s museum. Call Crystal Johnson at (888) 467-GULF X 215. Or go to www. gulfcoast.org. Book a site tour now and come see the Mississippi Gulf Coast for yourself. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Play Well With Others

It’s the corporate olympics and you’re the winner. We work hard to make your successful meeting easy. From on-site registration to computerized name tags, we’ll take care of it all. Your delegates will find plenty of places to play. 62 miles of beach. World-class casino resorts. Mouthwatering dining experiences. Deep-sea fishing. Signature golf courses. And shopping in unique boutiques and factory outlets. Contact us now for a site tour. You may be eligible for financial incentives. And start planning to play your way on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Play Your Way! Convention & Visitors Bureau www.gulfcoast.org/meeting-planners

Call Crystal Johnson, Director of Sales today: Mississippi Gulf Coast CVB Ph: 888-467-4853 (ext.215) Email: crystalj@gulfcoast.org

The southeast / louisiana

New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Any Meeting, Convention Center Any Size 900 Convention Center Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70130 • (504) 582-3000; Fax: (504) 582-3032 • www.mccno.com


n perfect harmony with her timeless charms, New Orleans’s next great improvisation – The Great Hall - debuts January 2013. The future site of many a command performance, the Crescent City’s long revered New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center will now feature a 60,300-sq.-ft. , divisible Great Hall, and a 25,400-sq.ft., multi-use pre-function space, with hotel-like appointments throughout. The impressive 1.1 million-sq.-ft. Center, which so perfectly complements the city’s walkable hotel packages, is now more attractive than ever to groups large and small. Additional features of note will include a 4,660-sq.-ft. junior ballroom, complete with a 3,420-sq.-ft. rooftop terrace, a 980-sq.-ft. indoor balcony and a 5,700-sq.-ft. executive club lounge. The ballroom expansion project is the latest in a series of $140 million in upgrades to the facility since 2006. The Center – the sixth largest convention center in the nation – boasts a 1 gigabyte fiber optic internet backbone that is 100% redundant, providing meeting planners with unlimited technological opportunities to extend programming to attendees and exhibitors. The Center’s vast lobby features comfortable furniture groupings in over 150,000 square feet of space for registration, information kiosks and sponsor banners. Attendees will enjoy learning the origins of unique New Orleans words via an interactive QR code on the “Word Wall.” The lobby’s decorative banners feature iconic New Orleans images of art, music, food, history and architecture, and purple-coated “Fleur de Lis Ambassadors” greet attendees at every entrance. Digital, flat panel audio/video information systems are strategically placed throughout the main lobby, meeting room levels and in prefunction areas. In addition, key card access and fully integrated, digital signage system with screens were implemented in all 140 meeting rooms and throughout public space. In addition to the 60,000-sq.-ft. ballroom that will debut in 2013, the Center has 140 meeting rooms located directly above the eleven exhibit halls. 76

Both the 4,000-seat theater and the 36,000-sq.-ft. ballroom can be divided into three sections. The Center has easy access for move-in with generous loading docks and adjacent truck marshaling facilities. The Center offers a full menu of cost-effective, on-site services and equipment to assist in planning and executing your event. With our history spanning nearly 30 years, you can be assured there is nothing our experienced staff has not successfully executed. We also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your qualified contractors in every aspect. Our highly qualified and experienced production team offers a full menu of integrated services for all of your lighting, audio, video and rigging needs in house or to support your selected contractor. The Center offers a full suite of HD video equipment for a variety satellite broadcast, presentation or recording formats and the trained personnel to design, capture and edit your program on-site. Our Network Operations Center provides real-time switch functionality, monitoring, diagnostics and solutions to any data transmission throughout the facility. The Convention Center’s full-service UPS Store, provides show management, attendees and exhibitors a full range of services under a nationally recognized brand that will be seamlessly integrated with the other services offered by the Convention Center. The UPS Store at the Convention Center offers large-image, on-site printing of meter boards, directional signs and banners; in-bound and out-bound small package handling; and a satellite mobile kiosk for printing, packing and shipping. The Center’s food service contractor, Centerplate, is committed to providing the essence of the New Orleans food experience which will befit a city that is known for exceptional food and dining experiences. Centerplate operates three on-site restaurants featuring live local music and menus of iconic Louisiana dishes by award-winning chef Donald Link. Centerplate is in 250 prominent entertainment, sports and convention venues across North America and prides itself on crafting and delivering “Craveable Experiences. Raveable Results.” Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

THE southeast / florida

Orange County Convention Center West Concourse - 9800 International Drive

Tropical ambiance and colossal space are just the beginning.

South Concourse - 9899 International Drive North Concourse - 9400 Universal Blvd., Orlando, FL 32819 (407) 685-9800; (800) 345-9800 • Fax: (407) 685-9876 • www.occc.net ORLANDO’S ORANGE COUNTY CONVENTION CENTER UNLOCKS THE SECRET TO MEETING SUCCESS

It’s simple: superb hospitality, flawless service and total convenience. These elements define the attendee experience, affecting how they feel, how well they’re able to network and how they perceive the event as a whole. If any one of them falls short, so does the event. One venue that recognizes this reality is Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center (OCCC). Here, tropical ambiance and colossal space (7 million square feet in two buildings, connected by an open-air pedestrian walkway) are just the beginning. The OCCC also offers an outstanding level of service—one that has cemented the Center’s position among the world’s premier meeting and tradeshow destinations. OCCC’s SERVICES

OCCC’s broad offering of show management and exhibitor services, ranging from catering to telecommunications, is considered one of the finest in the convention industry, and contributes to the Center’s reputation as one of the best places in the country to hold a meeting. The Center’s marketing executives and sales managers are dedicated to providing clients with an experience that is flawless from beginning to end. For every size and type of event, these seasoned professionals provide solutions that exceed everyone’s expectations, and will ensure that your needs are communicated efficiently during the client servicing process. OCCC’s event managers are certified meeting professionals with the highest level of industry experience. They will assist show managers with planning the logistical details of their convention, trade show or special event. Serving as the main conduit for OCCC communication and information – before, during and after the show – these dedicated team members ensure the most complete, productive and enjoyable experience for both show planners and attendees. For the optimum exhibitor experience, OCCC show managers and exhibitors turn to the Center’s exhibitor services department. Individual exhibitor service representatives assigned to every OCCC event will ensure total satisfaction. Beyond the services offered on the show floor, this team can provide custom web pages hosted by the OCCC, bonus 78

amenities for your Top 20 exhibitors, and coordination of pre-event meetings. For maximum convenience, the OCCC’s exhibitor mobile connection brings the capabilities of a service desk directly to the show floor, where roaming EMC representatives will respond to exhibitor requests on the spot, so they never have to leave their booths for assistance. OCCC’s GOLD KEY PARTNERS

The OCCC is also proud to be the only convention center in the country to partner with one of the world’s most famous theme parks — Universal Orlando Resort®. With offices right on-site, Universal Orlando Resort® is always available to help show management and their exhibitors plan dynamic entertainment and events. From theme park tickets to private events at theme parks, plus entertainment and networking opportunities at a variety of amazing on-site venues, OCCC’s Gold Key Partner will help make any Orlando meeting experience unforgettable. NEW CONNECTIONS

Orlando, Florida, a city already renowned for its world-class hospitality, entertainment and business offerings, has added to its appeal with a number of new developments in the Orange County Convention Center area. The following hotels now add 2,150 more hotel rooms to Orlando, bringing the overall room inventory to over 115,000, making this center of hospitality more welcoming than ever. Hilton Hotels:

The beautiful new 1,400-room Hilton Orlando is connected to the Center’s South Concourse by a pedestrian sky bridge. Peabody Hotels:

The Peabody Orlando just added a 32-story, 750-room guest tower connecting the hotel with the Center’s North/South and West Concourse. Rosen Hotels and Resorts:

The Rosen Centre has recently connected to the OCCC via a new pedestrian sky bridge, making it even more convenient to access the Center’s West Concourse. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Orange County Convention Center

The Center of Hospitality, where it’s all about your experience!

Partnering for Excellence On-site Service Partners Centerplate – Catering and Specialty Services FedEx Office – Business Centers and Mobility Services SmartCity – Telecommunications and Internet Services LMG – Audio Visual Services Bags – Baggage Airline Guest Services

On-site Gold Key Partner Universal Orlando® Resort

www.occc.net To discover what the Orange County Convention Center can do for you, call the OCCC’s Sales Department at 1-800-345-9845 or email marketing@occc.net.

can with he

P.O. Box 691509 • Orlando, Florida 32869-1509 Phone: 407-685-9800 • Toll Free: 1-800-345-9845



obile pp

http:/ / gettag.mobi

THE Southeast / Georgia

Visit Savannah 101 East Bay St., Savannah, GA 31401 • 1 (877) SAVANNAH; (912) 644-6416; Fax: (912) 644-6499 • www.SavannahMeetings.com Savannah’s Historic Meetings District Offers Southern Hospitality through SavannahMeetings.com


et Savannah delight your meeting attendees. With many cultural attractions, numerous Coastal Cuisine restaurants, elegant accommodations and unique boutiques within blocks of great meeting venues, Savannah entertains those who are in search of history, architecture and adventure. SavannahMeetings.com also showcases Savannah as a leading convention city capable of hosting large, high-level meetings, conventions and special events. The site makes research and submitting an RFP an easy and painless operation for busy planners. It also features links to special promotions and offers a tool kit for event organizers that includes a virtual meeting planner guide, interactive floor plans for the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center and testimonials from many of the industry’s top professionals who have had successful meetings in Savannah. Jeff Hewitt, vice president of business development for Visit Savannah, describes it well, “Savannah is making herself known as a gracious hostess for groups of all sizes. Like any proper Southern lady, it’s all about anticipating your guest’s needs and providing solutions before they’re needed. Our website delivers Savannah’s best!”

Convention Facilities

On beautiful Savannah Harbor, The Savannah International Trade & Convention Center blends the best of the old and new to offer a modern venue for your next convention, meeting or special event. This waterfront, 330,000-sq.-ft. facility features 100,000 sq.ft. of prime exhibit space and 50,000 sq.ft. of flexible space, including 21 meeting rooms, four executive board rooms, a 25,000-sq.-ft. Grand Ballroom and a state-of-the-art, 400-seat auditorium. Additional meeting facilities include the Coastal Georgia Center and the Savannah Civic Center. Convention Hotels

There are many Savannah convention hotels in the area, such as the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa (403 Rooms), Savannah Marriott Riverfront (383 Rooms), Hyatt Regency Savannah (347 Rooms) and the Hilton Savannah DeSoto (246 Rooms). There are nearly 4,500 available hotel rooms at various hotels in the Historic Meetings District and more than 14,000 total hotel rooms in Savannah and the surrounding counties. Destination Services


The Destination Services staff is here to make your life easier and ensure that your meeting is a success. The staff can handle all of the details from booking your audio visual systems and catering services to planning itineraries. Services also include off site venue tours, site visits to accommodations, attractions, restaurants and tour sites, familiarization tours and more.

Savannah has many boutiques, galleries and specialty shops in Historic Meetings District, as well as many other attractions to explore. These include 22 squares, walking tours, trolley tours, the SCAD Museum of Art, Jepson Center for the Arts, The Telfair Museum of Art, Juliette Gordon Low (Founder of the Girl Scouts) Birthplace, Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum, Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum, City Market, River Street, Forsyth Park, many live music venues and numerous golf courses to enjoy.

Whatever your needs, Savannah can handle all of the details with our local tourism professionals. Host your meeting here to experience why Savannah is known for her hospitality and service. For additional information or to request a Meeting Planner, visit us online at www.SavannahMeetings.com or call 1.877.Savannah. To plan your meeting in Savannah today, contact Jeff Hewitt, vice president of business development, at Visit Savannah at 912.644.6416 or at JHewitt@SavannahMeetings.com.

Savannah Meetings Facts:

• Rooms Citywide: approximately 14,975 • Rooms in Historic Meetings District: approximately 4,340 • Rooms Committable for Meetings: approximately 1,600


Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Name: Savannah Age: 279 years old Seeking: Convention attendees of all ages About me: Not to brag, but I’ve been told I’m incredibly beautiful, warm, and have that old Southern charm.

I have access to over 3,000 committable hotel rooms and 100,000 square feet of state-of-the-art exhibit space, but I also know all the best places to eat and have fun! :)

Interested? Let’s meet.



Meet in Vicksburg!

Call our sales team today 866.822.6338 vicksburgevents.com

The Midwest

Illinois • Indiana Iowa • Kansas Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nebraska North Dakota Ohio South Dakota Wisconsin


Kansas Expocentre

One Expocentre Drive, Topeka, KS 66612-1442 (785) 235-1986; Fax: (785) 235-2967 www.KsExpo.com General Manager: H.R. Cook, HRC@KsExpo.com The premier entertainment, exhibition and convention facility in northeast Kansas – a convenient, central location and offers friendly, Midwestern hospitality; 210,000 sq. ft. exhibit space – 44,500-sq.-ft. exhibit hall, 27,000 sq. ft. Meeting space – 15 meeting rooms, 11,000-sq.-ft. ballroom; WiFi, digital video boards, inhouse live video production, state-of-the-art sound; Six loading docks, three drive-in entrances; Capital City of Kansas, variety of entertainment options; historical architecture and museums, spacious parks, lake, gardens, Lake Shawnee gardens/golf/boating/swimming; Great Overland Train Station; 75 percent of U.S. population capable of reaching facility in just a onePAGE day drive; destination of choice for budget-conscious conventions and tradeshows. 95 Kansas

United Wireless Arena/ Magouirk Conference Center

4100 West Comanche, Dodge City, KS 67801 (620) 371-7390; Fax: (620) 371-7393


Executive Director: Ralph Nall

Dodge City, Kansas: Where the history of the old west meets the future. Brand new $40-million, multipurpose complex includes a 4,000-seat, u shaped arena for exhibitions, trade shows, concerts, motorsports shows, family entertainment, hockey; 50,000 sq. ft. of meeting/exhibit space, including 10,000-sq.-ft. Conference Center with eight meeting rooms; Wifi; Video/Ribbon Board; 1,000 hotel rooms nearby; next to Boot Hill Casino & Resort. Attractions: Dodge City Raceway Park Historic Santa Fe Trail, Boot Hill Museum, newly-restored Santa Fe Depot, Long Branch Saloon, Occident Saloon, PAGE 96 Home of Stone, Carnegie Center for the Arts.



Hilton Chicago

720 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605 (312) 922-4400; Fax: (312) 922-5240 www. hiltonchicagohotel.com General Manager: John Wells Service Excellence Inspired by Timeless Tradition Conveniently situated on South Michigan Avenue, with picturesque views of Grant Park and Lake Michigan, Hilton Chicago has been the Windy City’s foremost meeting hotel address since 1927. 234,000+ sq. ft. meeting space, 65 meeting rooms, 21,996-sq.-ft. International Ballroom; 40,140-sq.-ft. Northwest Hall; 119,000 sq. ft. exhibit epace; 1,544 guest rooms. WiFi, webcasting, video conferencing, in room-touch screen computer in all guest rooms; started Phase I of four phase, $150-million renovation. Attractions: onsite 720 South Bar & Grill, Millennium Park, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, Buddy Guy’s Legends, South Loop dining & art galleries. IOWA

18451 Convention Center Drive, Tinley Park, IL 60477 (708) 895-8200; (888) 895-3211; Fax: (708) 895-8288 www.meetchicagosouthland.com Director of Sales: Mary Patchin Chicago Southland’s largest multi-purpose meeting and convention facility completed a major expansion/renovation in Fall 2011; now features: 58,100 sq. ft. of clear span exhibit space and an additional 12,350 sq. ft of divisible meeting space; Accommodates 6,000 theater-style seating; Wi-Fi throughout; State-of-the-art audio/visual. Expansion included: Upgraded lighting, business center, 30’ high waterfalls in lobby, 1,400 FREE parking spaces, breakout rooms, storage space, loading docks. 202 rooms in headquarter hotel, 668 nearby. Attractions: Downtown Chicago, First Midwest Bank Ampthitheatre, Odyssey Fun World, Riverboat Casinos, PAGE Chicagoland Speedway, TOYOTA PARK and Balmoral Park Race Track. 104 IOWA

Bridge View Center

102 Church St., Ottumwa, IA 52501 (641) 684.7000; Fax: (641) 684-6305 www.bridgeviewcenter.com Executive Director: Larry Gawronski Where Great Events Create Lifetime Experiences Fast becoming the premier destination in SE Iowa for concerts, theatrical events and conventions, opened in 2007, nestled on the banks of the Des Moines River, this 92,000-sq.-ft. complex features an Expo Hall (Reserved Seating – 2,617/Festival – 3,000/ Boxing/Mixed Martial Arts – 1,800/Floor Events – 1,500), adjoining conference/meeting space (7,000 sq. ft./ divisible into 5 rooms), 655-seat Theater and a Grand Lobby (Accommodates 2,500). Two Star dressing rooms; Choir dressing room with lockers and showers. 40’ x 40’ Studio adjoining theatre – accommodates PAGE up to 100 persons. Regional MSA 150,000 (75 mile radius). 15

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Tinley Park Convention Center

Greater Des Moines Convention & Visitors Bureau

400 Locust Street, Suite 265, Des Moines, IA 50309 (800) 451-2625; (515) 286-4960; (515) 244-9757 www.SeeDesMoines.com Director of Sales: Margie Marble Visit Des Moines Meeting facilities in Greater Des Moines include the Iowa Events Center which features a new convention facility – 226,000 sq. ft., 37 meeting rooms, 28,730-sq.-ft. ballroom, 8,737-seat arena. The Iowa State Fairgrounds offers 14 on-site venues including the Varied Industries Building with 110,400 sq. ft. of space and the new 65,000-sq.-ft Jacobson Exhibition Center. Numerous additional venues offer unique settings for small or large groups. 2,900,000+ sq. ft. citywide. 10,000+ hotel rooms citywide. Attractions: Civic PAGE Center, Blank Park Zoo, Adventure Bay Water Park, Iowa Speedway. 22 83

the mid west Iowa


Clay County Regional Events Center

Iowa Events Center

800 West 18th Street, Spencer, IA 51301-3156 (712) 580-3000; Fax: (712) 580-3003


General Manager: Scott Hallgren

Delivering Outstanding Experiences Spencer, Iowa . . . delivering outstanding experiences in a small town location! Each September we’re home to the World’s Greatest County Fair! The Clay County Regional Events Center offers full-service facilities — 7,600-sq.-ft. Grand Ballroom, divisible into 6 meeting rooms, and a 24,000-sq.-ft. arena/exhibit hall (130 – 10’ X 10’ booths/seats 2,500; 31,580 sq. ft. total exhibit space); wireless Internet throughout; AV equipment located on-site, including LCD projector, wireless mics, screens, CD player; in-house lighting package featuring special up-lighting, decorative lights, and other special PAGE 87 effects or impact lighting; 249 hotel rooms nearby. iowa


RiverCenter/Adler Theatre

Minneapolis Convention Center

136 E. Third Street Davenport, IA 52801 (563) 326-8500; Fax: (563) 326-8505


Director of Sales: Kaye Tilton, CMP

. . . The Center of Exceptional Events. Experience the light and industrial feel of the RiverCenter and the appeal of the historic Art Deco Adler Theatre; 100,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space, including 12 meeting rooms, 33,400-sq.-ft. ballroom, 46,000 sq. ft. exhibit space, executive boardroom, , 2,400seat theatre offer; State-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, entire facility wireless ready; personalized event coordination, in-house catering; 351 hotel rooms attached via sky-walk; Davenport, part of the The Quad Cities, which an is affordable and surprising Midwest destination. Attractions: River Music Experience, Figge Art Museum, Bucktown for PAGE the Arts. 99 minnesota

1301 Second Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55403 (612) 335-6000 www. minneapolisconventioncenter.com Director of Sales and Marketing: Katie Smith Minneapolis, City by Nature Minneapolis is a world-class city, with remarkable shopping, dining and entertainment that rival any other. Minneapolis Convention Center is equipped with the amenities and services to ensure your event is successful – 475,000 sq ft. -- 376,200 sq. ft. in four contiguous exhibit halls w/air walls open (three are 99,000 and one is 79,200 sq ft); 55,000-sq.-ft. ballroom, 28,000-sq. ft. ballroom, 87 meeting rooms; award-winning catering by Kelber Catering 4,654 hotel rooms connected via skyway, additional 2,117 within one block of center; 6,795 in downtown Minneapolis; 37,000 citywide; Near downtown’s nightlife, Nicollet Mall shopping, theatres, major league sports. missouri

The Sanford Center

1111 Event Center Drive NE Bemidji, MN 56601 (218) 441-4000; Fax: (218) 441-4099 www.thesanfordcenter.net Executive Director: Robert LeBarron Northern Minnesota’s Center of Attention Located in North Central Minnesota, Bemidji, Minnesota offers year round opportunities for outdoor activities, sports, and stunning wildlife and nature. Able to host your event.... whether it is for 40, 400, or 4,000; The Sanford Center features: 5,000-seat arena, 26,400 sq. ft. exhibition space, 10,000-sq.-ft. ballroom, and 4 breakout meeting rooms. In-house catering department; Facility wide WiFi, integrated sound system, distributed power for tradeshows; 454 hotel rooms nearby; 400+ lakes, year-round fishing, snowmobile/ PAGE cross country skiing trails, golf. 5 missouri

Kansas City Convention Center 301 West 13th Street, Kansas City MO 64105 (800) 821-7060; Fax: (816) 513 5001 www.kcconvention.com Director of Sales: Gemma Zook

An energetic city forged by a rich history, Kansas City has a central location, is highly affordable and is brimming—eclectic cuisine, swinging jazz, one-of-a-kind museums, a thriving arts scene and fantastic shopping. 1 million-sq.-ft. Kansas City Convention Center accommodates everything from mid-sized meetings to city-wide conventions – 388,800 sq. ft. column free exhibit space, 142,000 sq. ft. meeting space, 46,484-sq.-ft. state-of-the-art Grand Ballroom, 48 meeting rooms; Arena – 7,316 permanent seats, 2,405 seats on risers plus capacity for 1,000 theater-style on main floor. 946 guestrooms nearby; PAGE 3,500 downtown hotel rooms, 26,000 citywide. 94 ohio

St. Charles Convention Center

1 Convention Center Plaza, St. Charles, MO 63303 (636) 669-3000 / (877) 986-7222; Fax: (636) 669-3001 www.stcharlesconventioncenter.com Director of Sales and Marketing: Bill Nicely Dedicated to Exceptional Service, Delivered with a Warm and Innovative Approach 154,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting space in a grand ballroom, junior ballroom & 17 breakout rooms; 27,600-sq.-ft. exhibit hall – expandable to 35,700 sq. ft. – Total Exhibit Space: 76,533 sq. ft.; attached 296-room Embassy Suites; 578 hotel rooms within walking distance; 1,422 hotel rooms within 5 minutes; 10 minutes to Lambert St. Louis International Airport. Attractions: Historic Main Street Shopping and Dining, St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, Anheuser Busch Brewery, Six PAGE Flags Amusement Park, Ameristar Casino, and Harrah’s Casino. 101


730 Third Street, Des Moines, IA 50309 (515) 564-8000; Fax: (515) 564-8001 www.iowaeventscenter.com Assistant General Manager/Director of Sales: Carrie Jackson Convention Elegance with a Historical Perspective Iowa’s capital city is centrally located, affordable, and constantly changing. Des Moines connects you to the newest attractions, as well as award-winning local restaurants and first-rate hospitality; flexible, state-of-the-art complex suited for conventions, meetings, trade shows, and entertainment events from 20 people to 17,000; $42-million construction project transforming an old auditorium into meeting/convention space; 28,000-sq.-ft. ballroom (state’s largest), 150,000 sq. ft. of contiguous exhibit space and 37 meeting rooms; connected to 17,000-seat PAGE Wells Fargo Arena; 1,500 hotel rooms within 1 mile; 10,000 citywide. 93

John S. Knight Center

77 East Mill Street, Akron, OH 44308 (330) 374-8900; (800) 245-4254; Fax: (330) 374-8971 www.johnsknightcenter.org VP of Sales: Dirk Breiding The Center of All America® City Akron – set among the rolling hills of the Old Connecticut Western Reserve and along the shores of the Ohio & Erie Canalway, The John S. Knight Center is downtown Akron’s showcase for great events! State-of-the-art video conferencing and streaming systems, on-site skilled support/service staff, full-service catering; 16 meeting rooms; 12,000-sq.-ft. ballroom; 30,000-sq.-ft. exhibition hall (41,000 sq. ft. total exhibit space); 12,000 sq. ft. of banquet space; an additional 12,600 sq. ft. of meeting space; 22,000-sq.-ft. lobby, highlighted by distinctive glass rotunda and spiral staircase; Two hotels – 339 rooms – within 1 1⁄2 PAGE blocks; 5,400 county-wide. 85 Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

the mid west OHIO


Positively Cleveland

Greater Columbus Convention Center

334 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114 (216) 875-6630, (800) 321-1001, Fax: (216) 621-5967 www.clevelandmeetings.com, www.positivelycleveland.com V.P. of Sales:Dan Williams The vibrant lake-side city of Cleveland is filled with world-class arts, choice accommodations, hip eateries, bars, concert clubs, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Museum of Art. $2+ billion tourism-related development is underway – Horseshoe Cleveland Casino, Greater Cleveland Aquarium, new hotels and restaurants. Cleveland Medical Mart & Convention Center—opens 2013—combines permanent medical showrooms, a Class-A exhibition hall and state-of-the-art conference facilities; $465-million facility, features 270,000 sq. ft. meeting space, 35 meeting rooms, 30,000-sq.-ft.; 88,000-sq.-ft. main PAGE exhibit hall, 3,578-seats theater; 22,000 hotel rooms citywide, 4,000+ downtown. 19



Duke Energy Convention Center

525 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202-7327 (513) 419-7300; Fax: (513) 419-7327 www.duke-energycenter.com General Manager: Ric Booth, It’s Happening Here in Cincinnati, USA Downtown Cincinnati is vibrant and alive with culture, entertainment, world-class attractions and an eclectic mix of restaurants and nightlife; all within blocks of versatile, innovative Duke Energy Convention Center features 300,000 sq. ft. of meeting/exhibition space, including 30 meeting rooms, 40,000-sq.ft. ballroom; 92,350-sq.-ft. exhibit hall (195,320 sq. ft. total exhibit space); full telecommunication and internet connectivity; Drive-onto-floor access for all three exhibit halls, unique sky bridge offers unique aerial views of exhibit floors & direct access to the Cincinnati Skywalk; 3,000 available hotel rooms; PAGE Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport only 14 miles away. 3

south Dakota

SeaGate Convention Centre

401 Jefferson Ave., Toledo, OH 43604 (419) 255-3300 www.toledo-seagate.com Director of Sales: Carol DuPuis Where Fun and Function Meet World-class convention & meeting facility located – only 20 minutes from airport – in vibrant Downtown Toledo. 375,000-sq.-ft. facility, 75,000 sq. ft. column-free exhibit space, divisible into three 25,000-sq.-ft. halls; 25 fully appointed meeting rooms, 20,000 sq. ft. pre-function space provide for ease of movement and expansion for larger crowds 9,000-seat theater; 400 hotel rooms attached/7,000 citywide. Hosts 500+ annual events including over 50 conventions, trade shows, concerts and other entertainment events. Attractions: Toledo Mud Hens, Toledo Walleye, Huntington Center, Imagination Station, Toledo Art Museum, Midwest PAGE city, conveniently located at the crossroads of I-75 and I-80/90. 102


Swiftel Center

824 32nd Avenue, Brookings, SD 57006 (605) 692-7539; Fax: (605) 697-6393 www.swiftelcenter.com Executive Director: Tom Richter The Center of Attention Multi-purpose facility – configurations range from 4,300 basketball, 5,600 end-stage concert (reserved), 7,000 end-stage concert (festival); 15,000 sq. ft. of banquet space; divisible into 4 rooms; 6 dressing rooms; full-service in-house catering and concessions. Staging – StageRight Stage – 40’x60’/Adjust height from 4’x6’; House sound system is a BOSE Quality System center hung powered by Crown Amplification throughout the facility. Full rigging grid and Daktronics Galaxy Message Center. In-house marketing department is full-service agency, offers wide variety of services, specializes in creating customized marketing campaigns PAGE for events serves tri-state region – South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa. 103

Frontier Airlines Center

400 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53203 (414) 908-6001; Fax: (414) 908-6010 www.frontierairlinescenter.org Director of Sales & Marketing: Trace Goudreau tgoudreau@wcd.org, Milwaukee – easy-to-get-to, easy-to-navigate, visitor-friendly meetings destinations known for its hospitality and beautiful Lake Michigan location The Frontier Airlines Center, home to the $1.4 million Burke Family Collection of integrated and commissioned art, features 32 meeting rooms, 37,506-sq.-ft. ballroom, 189,695 total exhibit space; 4,100-seat Milwaukee Theatre & 12,700-seat U.S. Cellular Arena. Ballroom equipped with built-in rigging points and high-amperage power sources, complete wi-fi, audio-visual, satellite, video conferencing and remote network capability throughout facility. 1,543 hotel rooms connected PAGE by skywalk; 3,359 in downtown area; 15,000+ in immediate metro area. C3 wisconsin


Monona Terrace Convention Center

One John Nolen Drive, Madison, WI 53703 (608) 261-4100; Fax: (608) 261-4049 Sales/Event Services Manager: Laura Cornell, CMP www.mononaterrace.com Where business and inspiration meet. Located in heart of Madison’s vibrant downtown on the shore of Lake Monona. Frank Lloyd Wright-designed, spectacular five-level structure featuring public promenades, meeting rooms with striking lake views, extensive rooftop gardens and the attached 240-room Hilton Madison (1,000+ rooms within walking distance); 250,000-sq.-ft., including 85,000 sq. ft. of meeting/exhibit space; 23 meeting rooms; 40,000-sq.-ft. main exhibit hall; 5,540-sq.-ft.; 320seat Lecture Hall, 14,000-sq.-ft. ballroom. The 68,000 sq.ft. of rooftop gardens available for events; Wireless access throughout – Internet 2 access; business center, gift shop, PAGE art/exhibit area and expansive areas for registration/information needs. 97


400 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 (614) 827-2500; (800) 626-0241, Fax: (614) 827-2659 www.columbusconventions.com A Perfect Destination: From the Inside Out. SMG-managed, located in the heart of the Columbus High Five entertainment area. Within 550 miles of two-thirds of U.S. population. Exhibitor-friendly facility welcomes 2.5 million+ annually to the country’s 15th largest city. 1.7 million-sq-ft venue – four contiguous exhibit halls (410,000 sq. ft. total exhibit space), 65 meeting rooms, three ballrooms – including 74,000-sq.-ft. Battelle Grand, the largest multipurpose ballroom in Ohio. On-site Food Court & Shops, ARAMARK catering, The UPS Store & Business Center 2,950 committable hotel rooms downtown; 23,952 citywide; dozens of restaurants, bars, theatres and galleries PAGE within walking distance. 89

Racine Civic Centre

5 Fifth St., Racine, WI 53403 (262) 636-9229; Fax: (262) 619-2518


Executive Director: Rik Edgar

Lake Michigan’s Best Kept Secret Just 25 miles south of Milwaukee and 65 miles north of Chicago, Racine offers a diverse cultural, historical and entertaining attractions including a wide range of fine restaurants. The Racine Civic Centre features Historic Memorial Hall - 17,000 sq. ft. of meeting space/ Aquamarine Room – 3,000 sq. ft., Crystal Room – 1,290 sq. ft; Diamond Auditorium – 8,400 sq. ft, sits 1,350 for theater style, Sapphire Hall – 2,400 sq. ft, Topaz Room –1,290 sq. ft., Ruby Red Room - 4,900 sq. ft., Festival Hall (15,700 sq. ft., including 1,050-sq.-ft. Conference Room), and five-acre PAGE 98 Lakefront Festival Park; 1,200+ hotel rooms. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook


GREATER COLUMBUS CONVENTION CENTER 400 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43215 • (614) 827-2500; (800) 626-0241 Fax: (614) 827-2659 • www.columbusconventions.com


MG-managed Greater Columbus Convention Center is located in Ohio’s capital city. The Midwest facility originally opened in 1993 and has been expanded so that the massive complex bears a stunning footprint of 1.7 million square feet with 410,000 square feet of exhibit space. Architecturally, the center is an extraordinary play of color, angles, concrete and glass designed by Peter Eisenman. Located in a multicultural metropolis, the city itself reveals a patchwork of interesting neighborhoods that can range from the artistic to the academic sides of life, with area restaurants and attractions reflecting a dynamic diversity. Two-thirds of the entire U.S. population is within a 550-mile radius, making the complex the ideal site for trade shows, conventions, seminars, meetings and consumer shows. Meeting planners also appreciate the fact that the facility is exhibitor friendly and easily accessible from its local airport and nearby interstate highways and is surrounded by brand name, meeting-style hotels. Columbus was named the second-most affordable trade show destination in the country.

Exhibit/Meeting Space: Battelle Grand is a magnificent 74,000-squarefoot multipurpose ballroom that is the biggest in Ohio and one of the largest in the Midwest. The $40-million renovation includes 50,000 square feet on the main floor of Battelle Grand and 24,000 on the mezzanine; floor - to- ceiling windows with city views; divisible into 5 configurations; LED “fi n” ceiling lighting with 65,000 color combination options. A Center Lounge, the upscale 36 on the Boulevard window-lined meeting room, additional meeting space, escalators and elevators are new amenities as part of the project. Battelle Grand: Main level totals 50,000, accommodating 219 trade show booths and 2,290 for banquets. Battelle Grand Mezzanine: Measuring 24,000, the mezzanine accommodates 105 trade show booths and 980 for banquets. • Hall C: Single level totaling 98,000 square feet of exhibit space, 8,000 seats and accommodations for 530 booths. • Hall D: Single level totaling 118,000 square feet of exhibit space, 8,000 seats and accommodations for 630 booths. (Halls C&D are flexible and may be combined.) • Hall E: Single level totaling 57,000 square feet of exhibit space and 88

accommodations for 302 booths. • Hall F: Single level totaling 56,000 square feet of exhibit space and accommodations for 206 booths. (Halls E&F are flexible and may be combined.) Halls C, D, E and F can be combined for a total of 336,000 square feet. In addition, the Columbus facility includes the Grand Ballroom and Terrace Ballroom encompassing 40,000 square feet and 65 meeting rooms that are fully carpeted and equipped with acoustical wall treatments, individual temperature controls, and sound and lighting controls. Special Services: As expansive as this multi-purpose convention center is in space, so it is in the number of business and convention services it offers. A brief list of such helpful services includes: registrar services; party decorators; equipment and furniture rentals; exhibit and display rentals; audio-visual equipment and support staff; banners and signage technology. In addition, the high-tech center includes an in-house location of The UPS Store and Business Center within the 100,000 square feet of Food Court & Shops retail space. Food & Beverage: Nationally acclaimed ARAMARK is the exclusive food and beverage provider at the convention center, offering customized menus and catered events for all size groups including served meals for more than 5,000 guests. Hotel Info & Parking: The Greater Columbus Convention Center is connected directly to a 631-room Hyatt Regency and four additional hotels by covered walkway. It is also surrounded by a dozen or more first class hotels that include such familiar names as Renaissance, Crowne Plaza, Westin, a second Hyatt and others. When tallied, hotel inventory of rooms (within walking distance of the convention center) totals 3,500 rooms. The 532-room full-service Hilton Columbus Downtown hotel across from the Convention Center will open in September. There are more than 22,000 hotel rooms citywide. Parking at the convention center accommodates more than 3,000 vehicles. There is parking for an additional 10,000 cars throughout the downtown area.

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

C olumbus :

Discover Battelle Grand – the new place to be!

The SMG-managed Greater Columbus Convention Center is celebrating the rave reviews from clients experiencing Battelle Grand - the magnificent multipurpose ballroom that is the largest in Ohio and one of the biggest in the Midwest. The $40 million renovation adds the finishing touches to an already beautifully unique facility. Battelle Grand features: • 74,000-square-foot ballroom • 50,000 square feet on the main floor; 24,000 on the mezzanine • Floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the city • Divisible into 5 configurations • LED “fin” lighting capable of 65,000 different color combinations

Ellen Dallager, Dallager Photography

Experience these Greater Columbus Convention Center amenities: • Winner of consecutive Prime Site Awards annually since 1998 • 1.7 million square feet of total space • 410,000 square feet of exhibit space, including 336,000 contiguous • 65 meeting rooms • Exhibitor friendly facility with affordable labor rates • Located in midst of Columbus High Five vibrant entertainment and arts area • Columbus ranked among the most affordable U.S. trade show destinations by Tradeshow Week  Affordable flights and close to airport  Affordable hotels and parking connected to facility

Call us toll-free at (800) 626-0241 to discover what the Greater Columbus Convention Center can offer you.


Duke Energy Convention Center Cincinnati, OH Exhibit Hall: 195,000 sq. ft. Ballroom: 40,000 sq. ft. Breakouts: 36 Total Meeting Space: 96,600 Hotel Rooms: 3,000 walk-able Dining: 50+ eateries within

walking distance

The Duke Energy Convention Center contains more than 750,000 square feet of exhibit, meeting and entertainment space, including one of the largest and most spectacular ballrooms in the Midwest. Located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, The DECC is just steps away from entertainment districts, hotel rooms and fine dining. The Duke Energy Convention Center is managed by Global Spectrum, one of the nation’s premier facility management firms. The goal of the DECC is to provide our clients with an experience that exceeds their expectations. We are fully committed to delivering the highest level of building, operation and event management.

It’s Happening in Cincinnati, USA! Ric Booth General Manager

Call 513.419.7300 or email rbooth@duke-energycenter.com

Another Exceptional Venue Managed By:

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Personalized. Innovative. Professional.




ces n

the mid west / wisconsin

Accessible, Affordable & Hospitable ATTRACTIONS Milwaukee is emerging as a top convention and tourist destination. Downtown is alive with museums, dining, nightlife, promenades, public art, and the new Harley Davidson Museum opening in Summer 2008; the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Quadracci Pavilion, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, has become a world-renowned symbol of the city; Miller Park is among the most breathtaking, fanfriendly baseball parks anywhere; and these gems are set among ailwaukee’s glittering arrayMidwest of parks, trails, Airlines golf courses and lake vistas.

The Frontier Airlines Center faces Center continues to hone the leading Wisconsin Avenue,the ATTRACTIO edge of the convention center industry with outstanding service, flexiMilwaukee, Wisconsin • (414) 908-6000 • www.frontierairlinescenter.org city’s “Main Street.” convention eet.” FOOD & BEVERAGE Levy Restaurants,facilities WCD’s alive with m ble, comfortable and a setting in downtown Milwaukee, catering and concessions partner, receives consisThe Midwest nades, publ nationally recognized as a fun, friendly and exciting destination tent praise fromnow banquet and meeting planners. ilwaukee’s Frontier Airlines Center continues Center, which also boasts an indoor waterpark. Seven other hotels are Efficient serviceinis itself. facilitated by the center’s to hone the leading edge of the convention within three blocks or connected byAirlines skywalk. Milwaukee has about Museum op important are high standards and creativity derived from center industry with outstanding service, flexible, 3,590 roomsthe downtown and nearly 15,000 citywide. Milwaukee Owned and operated by the Wisconsin Center District (WCD), itions of hospitality and excellence combined with Levy’s comfortable facilities and a setting inAvenue, downtownthe city’s “Main Street,” designed by Midwest Airlines Center faces Wisconsin mittment to a memorable dining experience everywhere they Center faces Milwaukee, now nationally recognized as a fun, ATTRACTIONS Milwaukee is emerging as a top convention and become a w and is within steps of leading hotels, retail establishments, attractions, dinfriendly and exciting destination in itself. tourist destination, alive with museums, dining, culture, nightlife, Wisconsin Owned and operated the convention Wisconsin Center andto public ing, nightclubs, andbyelite” transportation. It isDistrict even connected promenades via skywalk twoart. Recent highlights: the Harley Davidson Miller Park Ranked among the world’s “technologically Frontieralmost Airlines Center faces Wisconsin Avenue, Museum; the newly-renovated Mitchell Park Domes; Discovery World; west Airlines(WCD), Center canthe outperform any external friendly bas major hotels—the Hyatt Regency-Milwaukee and the Hilton Milwaukee City Avenue, theA city’s and is within steps of leading hotels, retail the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Quadracci Pavilion, designed by Santiago onnected to it. skilled,“Main flexibleStreet,” IT staff provides tech users Center. Adjacent neighbors also by WCD include Calatrava, the 12,700-seat U.S. ow LANs, high-speed connections to corporate WANs,nightclubs, and owned establishments, attractions, dining, and transportation. now a world-renowned symbol of the city; and Miller Park, are set amo phone and video services. AV providervia United Visual It is even connected skywalk tooffers two major hotels—the Hyatt opened among the most parks anywhere. set courses city’sThese gems are golf Cellular Arena and The Milwaukee Theatre, which in 2003 asfan-friendly a new, baseballthe rojection, sound, lighting and more. and the Hilton Milwaukee City Center. Regency-Milwaukee among a glittering array of parks, trails, golf courses and lake vistas. 4,087-seat theatrical and assembly venue, built in the shell of the historic Adjacent neighbors also owned by WCD include the 12,700-seat “Main Street.” MilwaukeeU.S. is Milwaukee incredibly easy toAuditorium. getand to and getMilwaukee around in! offer Both excellent options general&sessions, Cellular Arena The Theatre, which opened in for FOOD BEVERAGE Levy Restaurants, WCD’s catering and FOOD & BE


Frontier Airlines Center

eral Mitchell2003 International Airport, serving theatrical 14 airlines and as a new, 4,087-seat and assembly built inAirlines the concessions partner, receives consistent praise from banquet and catering and entertainment andO’Hare other functions tied tovenue, Midwest Center conventions. s only eight miles downtown, and is just an shell from of the historic Milwaukee Auditorium. Both are excellent for meeting planners. Efficient service is facilitated by the center’s design, ar trip. The newly renovated Amtrak station is just a few convention anddowntown. all three venues are “green” equipped and but more important are high standards and creativity derived from tent praise the city enjoys a safe andfunctions, very walkable

MEETING & EXHIBIT SPACE The operated to minimize environmental impacts.

Midwest Airlines Center’s 188,695Milwaukee’s traditions of hospitality and excellence combined withEfficient ser Levy’s well-known a memorable diningimportant experience are high sta design, but more gross-square-foot (gsf) exhibit hall is divisible into four halls of 31,000 orcommitment to and tourist destination. MEETING & EXHIBIT SPACE The Frontier Airlines Center’s everywhere they operate. Milwaukee’s traditions of hospitality an 63,000 gsf, with 90-foot minimum between 188,695-gross-square-foot (gsf ) exhibit hall isspans divisible into fourpillars. In addition, 39,360 halls or 63,000 gsf,can withbe 90-foot minimum spans between orTECHNOLOGY Ranked among the world’s “technologically well-known committmentelite” to a memora gsfofof31,000 meeting space divided into 28 breakouts as few as six meetIn addition, 39,360 gsf of meeting space can be divided into convention centers, the Frontier Airlines Center can outperform N T E R pillars. operate. ing/banquet rooms from 5,200 to 8,300 gsf each. A luxurious, 37,500-gsf 28 breakouts or as few as six meeting/banquet rooms from 5,200 almost any external network or ISP connected to it. A skilled, flexible ballroom is divisible into four smaller rooms and equipped like a concert hall to 8,300 gsf each. A luxurious, 37,500 gsf ballroom is divisible into IT staff provides tech users customized, in-show LANs, high-speed four rooms theater and equipped a concert hall for corporateAbundant, connections to corporate WANs, TECHNOLOGY and a wide range of Ranked phone andamong video the wor forsmaller corporate and like banquet entertainment. well-appointed theater and banquet entertainment. Abundant, well-appointed preservices. AV provider United Visual offers state-of-the-art projection, Facilities Destinations centers, the Midwest Airlines Center ca pre-function areas&on all levels serve excellently for receptions, breaks, function areas on all levels serve excellently for receptions, breaks, sound, lighting and more. network or ISP connected to it. A skille showcase exhibits and even full-service dining. Power, data and phone conshowcase exhibits and even full-service dining. Power, data and phone connections are plentiful everywhere. ACCESSIBILITY Milwaukee is incredibly easyin-show to get to and get high-speed customized, LANs, nections are plentiful everywhere. around in! User-friendly General Mitchell International Airport, with wide torange ofcities, phone and video servic a dozen airlines offering non-stopaservice over 50 is only HOTEL INVENTORY The Frontier Airlines Center is linked by state-of-the-art projection, light HOTEL INVENTORY The Midwest Airlines Center is linked by skywalk to skywalk to two first-class convention hotels: the 484-room Hyatt eight miles from downtown and O’Hare is just an hour-and-a-half sound, car Regency-Milwaukee and the 729-room Hilton Milwaukee City trip. The newly renovated Amtrak station is just a few blocks away, two first-class convention hotels: the 484-room Hyatt Regency-Milwaukee and the city enjoys a safe and very walkable downtown. ACCESSIBILITY Milwaukee91is incredi and the&729-room Hilton Facilities Destinations 2012Milwaukee SuperBook City Center, which also boasts an User-friendly General Mitchell Internati indoor waterpark. Seven other hotels are within three blocks or connected some 90 cities, is only eight miles from by skywalk. Milwaukee has about 3,000 rooms downtown and over

Iowa Events Center Des Moines, IA

Exhibit Hall: 150,000 sq. ft. Ballroom: 28,730 sq. ft. Breakouts: 37 Total Meeting Space: 72,750 sq. ft. Arena Seats: 16,980 Renovations: January 2012

Allow the Nation’s #3 Healthiest and Safest Metro community welcome your event attendees with open arms by bringing your event to the Iowa Events Center. Located in downtown Des Moines, which in 2010 Forbes voted as the #1 Place for Business and Careers, the Iowa Events Center provides clean, flexible, state-of-the-art facilities that are well suited for conventions, meetings, trade shows, and entertainment events from 20 people to 17,000. With a new $42 Million renovation project completed in January 2012 creating brand new meeting, convention and ballroom space, the Iowa Events Center boasts the state’s largest ballroom at 28,730 sq ft, 150,000 sq feet of contiguous exhibit space and 37 meeting rooms. In addition, our professional staff will handle all of your food and beverage, security, event management, and marketing needs ensuring your event is an overwhelming success.

Chris Connolly General Manager

One Facility, Endless Opportunities Call 515.564.8000 or email cconnolly@iowaeventscenter.com

Another Exceptional Venue Managed By:

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FLEXIBLE SPACE IN A UNIQUE SETTING A $42 million construction project recently transformed a 57 year old auditorium into a beautiful, new, state-of-the-art convention center that boasts the state’s largest ballroom (28,800 sq. ft.) new flexible meeting rooms and 4 boardrooms. Combine that with the 150,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space and you can see why the Iowa Events Center has the flexible space to make your next event a success.


sq. ft. of exhibit hall


sq. ft. of total meeting space


sq. ft. of ballroom


Wells Fargo Arena seats

730 Third Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309 Call Chris Connolly, General Manager at 515.564.8000 or email cconnolly@iowaeventscenter.com The Iowa Events Center consists of Hy-Vee Hall, Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center and Wells Fargo Arena


breakout rooms

the mid west / Missouri

Kansas City Convention & Entertainment Facilities 301 West 13th Street, Suite 100, Kansas City, MO 64105 (816) 513-5015 • Fax: (816) 513-5001 www.kcconvention.com


reat meetings in Kansas City happen at the Kansas City Convention and Entertainment Facilities. The eight-squareblock convention and special event facility located in the heart of downtown can accommodate conventions and special events all in one place. Attendees are right in the heart of the city’s convention district and steps from hotels, restaurants and entertainments. The newly-renovated and expanded convention center features a $150-million expansion & technology upgrade and includes one of the 10 largest, most sophisticated ballrooms in the country. Located 20 minutes from Kansas City International Airport, the convenient location assures convention attendees will arrive with ease. The Kansas City Convention and Entertainment Facilities offers 388,000 square feet of column-free exhibit space on one floor, 48 state-of-the art meeting rooms, a 2,400-seat fine arts theater and an arena that seats more than 10,700 people. The complex is connected to major downtown hotels and underground parking by glassenclosed skywalks and below-ground walkways. Grand Ballroom The dramatic ballroom structure is a monumental engineering and architectural achievement. Opened in May 2007, it is one of the 10 largest convention center ballrooms in the country. The

40,400-square-foot ballroom can be expanded to 46,400 square feet and boasts a 3,000-guest seating capacity that is divisible into three separate ballrooms that can be operated independently for greater meeting flexibility. The ballroom connects to the existing Conference Center to accommodate additional breakout rooms. It features one of the most sophisticated lighting systems in the world. The upper walls of the ballroom can be programmed to display any color, offering planners more than 350 trillion color combinations. The ballroom features dramatic views to the south from a 38-foot-high glass wall covering the entire length of the south wall and opens to an outdoor plaza at the southeast corner of the Convention Center complex. This progressive structure has been awarded the LEED® Silver rating by the U.S Green Building Council. The facility utilizes waterless plumbing fixtures. The use of natural light was a key element in the design highlighted by its energy-efficient daylighting system. The green building also features energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

For more information about the Kansas City Convention Center, please call 816-513-5015 or visit www.kcconvention.com 94

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Professional services and amenities, with friendly, Midwestern hospitality.

The Kansas Expocentre brings together everything you need in a convenient, central location. With 75% of the U.S. population capable of reaching our facility in just a one-day drive, the Expocentre is quickly becoming the destination of choice for budget-conscious conventions and tradeshows. Sample our hospitality by calling Gracie Moore at 785.235.1986, or take a peek around our facilities at www.KsExpo.com.

Topeka, Kansas



The mid west / wisconsin

monona terrace convention center One John Nolen Drive, Madison, WI 53703 (608) 441-3942 • Fax: (608) 258-4950 • www.mononaterrace.com Madison, Wisconsin: An Inspiring Place for Smart Meetings.


adison, Wisconsin, combines exceptional facilities with the intellectual and emotional capital needed for meeting success. Home to the renowned University of Wisconsin–Madison, the vision of Frank Lloyd Wright, the insight of Aldo Leopold and a majestic Capitol built upon an isthmus alive with cultural arts, engaging intellectual pursuits and a wealth of recreational opportunities, Madison is the place for smart meetings. Monona Terrace, a crown jewel of Madison’s cultural isthmus, is the first convention center in the nation to be LEED-EB –certified at the Silver Level by the U.S. Green Building Council. To earn its silver certification, the Convention Center invested in initiatives to increase recycling rates, utilize green cleaning products, and adopt clean energy use and conservation. The facility purchases 100% of its electricity from renewable sources. Monona Terrace has become a symbol of sustainability for the community of Madison and inspiration to all those who choose to visit the city.


More than 8,000 hotel rooms are available to groups in Madison, with 1,000 rooms within walking distance of the Monona Terrace® Convention Center. Accommodation styles run the gamut from firstclass convention hotels, such as the 240-room Hilton Madison (the headquarters hotel for the convention center), to limited-service hotels

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and budget-conscious lodging. Bed and breakfasts are another attractive choice in Madison, and several provide services and amenities appropriate for executive attendees. Convention Facilities

The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Monona Terrace® Convention Center is a touchstone for both the Madison community and groups coming to the city. Sweeping lines and vast, arched windows typify the structure, which offers dramatic surroundings for groups. In total, Monona Terrace Convention Center offers 85,000 square feet of meeting and exhibition space. Highlights of the center include: ➤ 37,200-square-foot Exhibition Hall that accommodates 212, 10’ x 10’ booths ➤ 13,524-square-foot Madison Ballroom, divisible by four ➤ 7,000-square-foot Grand Terrace serves as pre-function space for the Madison Ballroom or use on its own as a magnificent indoor event space ➤ 68,000 square feet of rooftop gardens may also be reserved for events


IT TAKES TWO Two Unique Facilities. Convention Center. And Historic Theatre. Working Together. Art Deco Meeting Industrial. 100,000 Plus Square Feet. Two Banquet/Exhibit Halls. 10 Breakout Rooms. Executive Board Room. Theatre Seating for 2,400. Midwest Amenities. Metropolitan Service. Discover what first class service and attention to detail really means at the unique entity known as the RiverCenter/Adler Theatre in Downtown Davenport, Iowa.

www.riverctr.com www.adlertheatre.com


Saint Charles Convention Center 1 Convention Center Plaza St. Charles, MO 63303 • 636-669-3004 • 636-669-3001 (fax) • www.stcharlesconventioncenter.com


he Saint Charles Convention Center is 154,000 square feet of flexible space perfect for any event between 10 and 3,000. It has an early American theme to complement the city’s Main Street Historic District, which currently greets one million visitors annually. This historic district, established circa 1769, is the largest in Missouri, and features 88 authentically restored buildings with 125 craft and specialty shops, as well as 28 restaurants. This area of gaslights and brick streets is the perfect setting for your offsite events or pre- and post-convention activities. The area offers meeting planners major market facilities with a small town feel – the best of both worlds. The Saint Charles Convention Center is located just 10 minutes from St. Louis International Airport, along I-70. The center features the latest in flexible meeting space to accommodate a variety of events, including meetings, conferences, banquets, trade shows, conventions, special events, and more. The facility also employs the greatest state-of-the-art communication and convention center technology. A 296-room John Q. Hammons Embassy Suites hotel adjoins the convention center, with an additional 1,200 hotel rooms within a two-mile radius of the facility. EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS, ONE EVENT AT A TIME

Great meetings take thorough preparation. It’s the careful attention to every detail that makes the difference between a meeting that’s just a function and a meeting that functions purposefully. For this kind of meticulous groundwork, call on the professional staff of the Saint Charles Convention Center and the Greater Saint Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau. We have the 100

personalized customer service, innovative solutions, professional experience, and the desire to make your meeting plans come together perfectly. We also offer one-stop shopping to make your event experience as flawless as possible, including in-house services such as catering, decorating, audio/visual, event management, marketing, telecommunications, wi-fi, business and guest services center, electrical and plumbing, booth cleaning, staging, concessions, security and drayage. Saint Charles Convention Center features:

• 27,600 sq. ft. Exhibit Space expandable to 35,700 sq. ft. • 6,025 sq. ft. Junior Ballroom • 16,200 sq. ft. Grand Ballroom • additional 7,070 sq. ft. in Meeting Rooms • Executive Boardroom with Teleconferencing Capabilities • Three Covered Loading Docks to Exhibit Floor • Cyber Space Café • Involvement in Sustainability Efforts • Attached 296-Room Embassy Suites Hotel and Spa It’s no wonder people have been meeting here for over 200 years. We’re just minutes from historic shopping districts, exciting casinos, unique museums, major and minor league sports, theatre, opera, symphony, fabulous festivals, and great day trips to St. Louis and Missouri’s wine country. Located just minutes from the St. Louis International Airport and downtown St. Louis, you will find a rare combination of first class meeting space, state-of-the-art amenities and small town hospitality. At the Saint Charles Convention Center, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations, one event at a time! Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook


Exceptional Venue for a

Successful Event The Saint Charles Convention Center is an exceptional venue for your next successful event. Take advantage of 154,000 square feet of exibility, our exquisite in-house catering, and our personalized customer service. With unique shops, dining, and nightlife set in Missouri’s largest and oldest historic district, Saint Charles is the perfect destination for your next event.

www.StCharlesConventionCenter.com Call Today to Book Your Next Event in St. Charles


Mid west / Ohio

SeaGate Convention Centre 401 Jefferson Ave., Toledo, OH 43604 (419) 255-3300 • www.toledo-seagate.com


oledo’s Seagate Convention Centre is a world-class convention and meeting facility located in vibrant Downtown Toledo. Our 375,000-square-foot facility includes 75,000 square feet of column-free exhibit space that can be divided into three 25,000-square-foot halls. Twenty-five fully appointed meeting rooms offer the latest in technology and 20,000 square feet of pre-function space provide for ease of movement and expansion for larger crowds. We host 500 plus events annually including over 50 conventions, a number of industry tradeshows, local consumer shows, concerts and other entertainment events. We offer 380 underground parking spaces and another 220 spaces in our adjoining lot. There are almost 6,000 spaces within easy walking distance of the Centre. Getting here is simple! We are minutes from the “Crossroads of America” at the intersection of I-75 and US 80 - 90 at the exit of the Ohio Turnpike. We are 20 mintues from Toledo International airport and just 40 minutes from Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Your attendees will find fantastic entertainment, worldrenowned sports and superb shopping and dining in addition to some of the finest destinations and hotels in Ohio.

SeaGate Centre

Where Fun and Function Meet

4 0 1 J e f f e r s o n Av e To l e d o , O h i o 4 3 6 0 4 419. 255.3300 www.toledo-seagate.com


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We host meetings, wedding receptions, conferences, sporting events, concerts, rodeos and so much more! Full service including set up of tables, chairs, audio visual equipment, sound technician plus Swiftel Center Catering and full liquor license.

For all your entertainment needs...

824 32nd Avenue • Brookings • swiftelcenter.com For booking information call or email us at:

605.692.7539 • swiftelcenter@swiftelcenter.com LIKE US ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE

the mid west / illinois

Tinley Park Convention Center 18451 Convention Center Drive Tinley Park, IL 60477 (708) 895-8200; (888) 895-3211 Fax: (708) 895-8288 www.meetchicagosouthland.com


he Tinley Park Convention Center, 18451 Convention Center Drive, located close to Chicago in southwest suburban Tinley Park, Illinois, recently completed a major expansion, doubling the size of the Chicago-area facility. The expansion brings the total of usable meeting and convention space to 70,450 sq. ft., with 58,100 sq. ft. of clear span exhibit space and an additional 12,350 sq. ft. of divisible meeting space. A 11,500sq.-ft. Junior Ballroom configuration is also available at the facility. Eighteen-plus breakout rooms are now available at the Tinley Park Convention Center, plus expanded convention storage and loading docks. The Tinley Park Convention Center connects to the Holiday Inn Tinley Park, with 202 guest rooms. 450 parking spaces have been added to the property, bringing the total number of free parking spaces to 1,400. An additional 668 hotel rooms are located within close proximity to the Tinley Park Convention Center with a variety of dining and entertainment options located within a mile of the property.

Located at Interstate 80 and Harlem Avenue, the Tinley Park Convention Center is about 30 minutes south of Chicago’s Midway Airport, and about 35 minutes from downtown Chicago. The convention center is also easily accessible from Interstates 57 and 355, and the metropolitan region’s commuter rail system, Metra, offers two train stations in Tinley Park with convenient transportation to downtown Chicago. For additional information about the Tinley Park Convention Center, please contact: Mary Patchin, Director of Sales Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau 2304 173rd Street, Lansing, IL 60438 Local: (708) 895-0820 Toll-free: (888) 895-8233 Fax: (708) 895-8288 mary@visitchicagosouthland.com meetchicagosouthland.com

Discover Chicagoland’s Newest Facility A new, stunning, state-of-the-art convention center, just minutes southwest of Chicago. • 70,450 square feet of function space • 58,000 square feet of net contiguous space • 1,500 FREE parking spaces on the Hotel & Convention Center grounds • 18 breakout rooms • 202 connected hotel rooms, including 10 suites • 668 nearby overflow rooms • A new fully equipped business center • State-of-the-art high speed internet access and audio visual equipment • Additional loading areas with increased on-site storage & much more

Contact Mary Patchin to learn about our upcoming site tours, current booking incentives and FREE convention services. Tollfree 888-895-3211 • mary@visitchicagosouthland.com


O’Hare International Airport





Lake Michigan


Midway Airport




708-342-5485 www.tinleyparkconventioncenter.net 18451 Convention Center Drive Tinley Park IL 60477

888-895-3211 www.visitchicagosouthland.com 2304 173rd Street, Lansing IL 60438

90 80





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The West

Alaska • Arizona California Colorado Hawai’i • Idaho Montana • Nevada New Mexico Oklahoma Oregon • Texas Utah • Washington Wyoming


1101 W. McKinley Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768 (909) 623-3111; Fax: (909) 623-9599 www.fairplex.com Director of Sales: Melissa DeMonaco-Tapia You Can Do Anything Here An entertainment and convention destination; home of the world-renown L.A. County Fair since 1922 and site of 500 consumer and trade shows a newnnually. 487 beautifully landscaped acres with eight art deco exposition halls, onsite Sheraton Fairplex Hotel & Conference Center, Auto Club Raceway at Pomona, McKinley’s Grille, Finish Line Sports Grill and Barretts Equine Sales; 25,000 sq. ft. column-free indoor exhibit space, eight spacious exposition halls (two additional halls expand total exhibit space to 350,000+ sq. ft); 800-seat theater. major horse racing facility with a 10,000-seat grandstand and 5/8-mile race track; 244-room PAGE Sheraton Fairplex Hotel onsite. 117


111 W. Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 525-5000: Fax: (619) 525-5005 www.visitsandiego.com Senior Vice President Sales: Andy Mikschl, CMP Come for the Convention, Stay for the Vacation Renowned for impeccable service and an experienced, service-oriented staff that provides seamless customer service from the initial planning stages to the conclusion of an event; sales team books all citywide conventions, covers all your needs. One stop shopping at its best. 615,700-sq.-ft. convention center features 72 meeting rooms; 40,000-sq.-ft. ballroom and 525,701-sq.-ft. main exhibit hall; 11,000+ premier hotel rooms within 1.5 miles; 55,000 rooms countywide. Attractions include: SeaWorld, San Diego Zoo & Safari Park; Gaslamp Quarter; PETCO Park, home of the San Diego Padres. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Phoenix Convention Center

100 North Third Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 262-6225; (800) 282-4842; Fax: (602) 495-3608 www. phoenixconventioncenter.com Director of Sales & Marketing: Debbi Foshee State-of-the-art facility in the heart of downtown Phoenix. 900,000 sq. ft. Meeting Space, 90 meeting rooms, 45,600-sq.-ft. North Ballroom; main exhibit hall – 312,500 sq. ft. of continuous column-free space; 584,500 sq ft. total exhibit space; 12,000-seat theater; (complex also includes Symphony Hall – 2,312 seats and Orpheum Theatre – 1,364 seats). LEED-Silver certified green building; The entire campus is wired with a fiber network; Point to Point connections available throughout; Programmable, variable-message electronic signs; 5 Hotels – 2,500 rooms – nearby. 300 plus days of sunshine! Vibrant downtown features abundant dining, shopping and entertainment options. california

Anaheim Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau

800 West Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92803 (714)765-8888; Fax: (714) 991-8963 www.meetings.anaheimoc.org Senior Vice President Convention Sales: Mindy Abel With ideal weather and walk-able attractions and dining, nothing is better than meeting at the largest convention center on the west coast in Anaheim/Orange County. Anaheim Convention Center – 1.6 million square feet, including 51 meeting rooms, 38,000-sq.-ft. ballroom; 813,000 sq. ft. total exhibit space; Anaheim Arena seats 7,500. Located in the heart of the Anaheim Resort District, which includes the Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure, Downtown Disney and Anaheim GardenWalk; within walking distance of 12,000 hotel rooms and is easily accessible from three major Southern PAGE California Freeways. 100,000-sq. ft. Grand Plaza opens 2013. 109 california


San Diego Convention Center


Sacramento Convention Center

1030 15th Street, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 808-5291; Fax: (916) 808-7687 www.sacramentoconventioncenter.com Small-town friendly with big city amenities, city hosts 6+ million visitors annually. Located in the heart of downtown, the Sacramento Convention Center features 31 meeting rooms; two 10,000-sq.-ft. registration/pre-function areas; Exhibit Hall – 134,000 sq. ft. contiguous space/ divisible into five separate areas; 25,000-sq.-ft. ballroom (1,500 banquet-style/2,500 theater style), divisible up to 10 meeting rooms; Activity Building is a fully carpeted, 11,200-sq.-ft. facility with 12. meeting rooms, connected by concourse to the exhibit hall; 4,000-seat Memorial Auditorium; 2,452-seat Community Center Theater; 2,000 hotels within walking distance; 10,000 citywide. Classique Catering; Wolfgang Pucks Express; Attractions: world-class PAGE shopping, golf, Historic District, Nimbus Winery Mall, Sacramento Zoo. 123 california

Palm Springs Convention Center

277 N. Avenida Caballeros, Palm Springs, CA 92262 (800) 333-7535; (760) 325-6611; Fax: (760) 778-4102 www.palmspringscc.com Director of Sales; Rick Leson The Meeting Oasis An extraordinary venue in an equally extraordinary destination. The convention center recently underwent a $32-million expansion and adjoins the 410-room Palm Springs Renaissance Hotel (30,000 sq. ft. of additional meeting space). 92,545-sq.-ft. fully-carpeted exhibit hall (expandable to 112,561 sq. ft.) can host events for 9,000 in theater style seating; Up to 112,000 sq. ft. of divisible and contiguous carpeted exhibit space, 19 meeting break-out rooms, including a 20,000-sq.-ft. ballroom (divisible into four sections), 18,000sq-ft lobby/pre-function space. Event lawn perfect for dining, receptions or displays. 1,600+ Hotel Rooms within walking distance. 105

The West colorado



Hawai’i Convention Center

The world’s most spectacular playground combines: 300 days of sunshine, a thriving art and cultural scene, diverse neighborhoods & the Rocky Mountains! Colorado Convention Center – 584,000 sq. ft. of contiguous exhibit floor space, divisible into six halls; 63 meeting rooms (100,000 sq. ft. total – all on one level); Korbel Ballroom (50,000 sq. ft.; seats 5,452 theatre style) 5,000-seat Wells Fargo Theatre (divisible into three sections). Wireless network throughout; High-speed internet; 8,300 hotel rooms within walking distance; 42,000 metro-wide. 300+ restaurants within walking distance; LoDo hip & historic district; 3 downtown sports stadiums. PAGE 9

The Hawai’i Convention Center combines the modern requirements of a state-of-the-art

1555 California St., Ste. 300, Denver, CO 80202 (800) 480-2010; (303) 892-1112; Fax: (303) 892-1636 www.VISITDENVER.com Vice President of Sales & Services: Rachel Benedick

1801 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815 (808) 943-3500; (800) 295-6603; Fax: (808) 943-3599 www.Hawaiiconvention.com Director of Sales, Service & Support: Lee Conching Where Business and Aloha Meet


meeting facility with the beauty, comfort and culture that are uniquely Hawai’i. 49 meeting rooms; 35,259-sq-ft ballroom; 204,249-sq.-ft.-exhibit hall; 2 permanent theaters with tiered seating (472 seats and 320-seats); tropical rooftop garden function space; 28,000 hotel rooms within a 1.5 miles radius of center; nearby hundreds of shops and restaurants. PAGE 119


Cox Convention Center

Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau

One Myriad Gardens, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 602-8500; Fax: (405) 602-8505 www.coxconventioncenter.com Director of Sales and Marketing: Tim Linville Spanning more than one million square feet and four city blocks, this complex is located at the heart of downtown Oklahoma City – a city both accommodating & affordable; multi-purpose venue hosts everything from intimate meetings to major conventions, tradeshows, concerts and sporting events. 27 meeting rooms; 25,000-sq.-ft. ballroom; 100,000-sq.-ft. exhibit hall, 15,000-seat arena. FREE Wi-Fi available; internet access speeds up to one Gigabit; 1,400 of Oklahoma City’s 15,000+ hotel rooms across street. From arts and adventure to cowboy culture and family fun, Oklahoma City offers an eclectic mix of heritage and hot-spots. PAGE 113


123 Park Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 297-8912 / (800) 225-5652; Fax: (405) 297-8888 www.visitokc.com Director, Convention Sales & Services: Robin O’Connor Welcome to a city that has tales for your ears and treats for your eyes. Where a streamlined airport means you’re in fast. And with the best entertainment just a few minutes’ walk from your hotel, you’re out even faster. It’s our Meet & Greet. Our Nice & Easy. Our Cool & Warm; Cox Convention Center features: 100,000 sq. ft. exhibit space; 27,500 sq. ft. flexible convention and pre-convene space; 25,000-sq.-ft. Ballroom (seats: 4,000 theater-style); 15,000-seat arena (32,000 sq. ft. of floor space); near revitalized Bricktown -- new canal-side restaurants, clubs, music venues & attractions; across the street PAGE from three hotels – 1,600 of Oklahoma City’s 16,000 hotel rooms. 121 texas

Amarillo Civic Center

Austin Convention Center

401 S. Buchanan St., Amarillo, TX 79101 (806) 378-4297 www.amarillociviccenter.com Director: Sherman Bass Affordable Amarillo, the city atop the Texas Panhandle. Rugged beauty, starry skies, renowned museums. State-of-the-art facility, located in downtown, includes: coliseum, two theatres, two large exhibit halls and the city’s largest ballroom; 410,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, 20 meeting rooms in Heritage Room; 10 in Regency Room; 20,725-sq.-ft. ballroom; 340,000 sq. ft. exhibit space; 24,565-sq.-ft North Exhibit Hall; 26,700-sq.-ft. South Exhibit Hall; 2,300-seat Amarillo Civic Center Auditorium; 1,300-seat Globe News Center for the Performing Arts. Cal Farley Coliseum, 4,800 permanent seats and full ice-making capabilities; Grand Plaza, 16,000 sq. ft.; Hospitality PAGE Room, 5,100 sq. ft.;1,500 committable rooms within 10 minutes of center. 107


500 E. Cesar Chavez Street, Austin TX 78701 (512) 404-4200/fax: (512) 404-4220 www.austinconventioncenter.com Director of Sales: Lisa Kidder Live Music Capital of the World A LEED® Gold certified, technologically advanced convention center. Located near downtown’s famous entertainment districts. Multi-level facility spans six city blocks, features 370,967 sq. ft. meeting/exhibit space, including 5 column-free, contiguous exhibit halls (256,097 sq. ft. total exhibit space), 7 ballrooms (43,300 sq. ft. is largest) and 54 meeting rooms. Complimentary high-speed, high density wireless services throughout; on-site engineers; proven track record of handling 7,000 simultaneous connections. Pre-function spaces offer downtown views. New walkway PAGE connects 3rd and 4th levels. Nearby 6,000 downtown hotel rooms. 111


Hurst Conference Center

Three Rivers Convention Center



1601 Campus Drive, Hurst, TX 76054 (817) 581-0044; Fax: (817) 581-0033 Executive Director: Charlton Northington cnorthington@hurstcc.com

Success Meets Here Hurst is strategically situated in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The Hurst Conference Center offers 50,000+ sq. ft. of meeting/event space – 7 meeting rooms; 14,000-sq.-ft. Grand Ballroom; 13,000-sq.-ft. Gallery with 40’ floor to ceiling windows, Executive Boardroom, and Patio Garden/Outdoor Veranda features function space with waterfall. Ballroom features state-of-the-art “starfield” and fiber optic chandelier;, technologically advanced amenities and exceptional on-site catering, audio visual, IT and conference services; 325 hotel rooms within walking distance; Attractions: Six Flags, PAGE Northeast Mall (Nordstrom, Dillards, Macy’s). 115 106

7016 W. Grandridge Blvd, Kennewick, WA 99336 (509) 737-3700; Fax: (509) 735-9431 Director of Sales: Heather Breymeyer

Enjoy your experience. The Three Rivers Convention Center, a firstclass facility located in Southeastern Washington, offers 75,000 sq. ft of meeting/ exhibit space/13 spacious meeting rooms, 21,600-sq.-ft. Great Hall (accommodates 2,100), 14,000 sq. ft. pre-function space, show office space; wireless high speed internet throughout, web casting, advanced lighting, audio/visual; onsite catering; 1,600-sq.-ft. Cyber Café and Patio; adjacent to 7,500-seat Toyota Center; sleek, modern design and pleasing color palette that invokes the natural beauty of the region, common sense functionality and high-tech amenities make it endlessly adaptable to any configuration PAGE 124 your event requires. 750 hotel rooms nearby. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

The West / texas

Amarillo Convention & visitor council 401 S. Buchanan St., Amarillo, TX 79101 • (806) 378-4297 • www.amarillociviccenter.com


ombine state-of-the-art meeting facilities and 1,500 committable hotel rooms with cowboy culture, breathtaking canyon country and some of the best attractions in Texas, and you have one unique location for your next meeting. With more than 410,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, divided into two large exhibit halls, two performance halls, a 4,800-seat arena and banquet and meetings rooms, the Amarillo Civic Center can accommodate meetings up to 5,000 people. Equine and livestock events will love the Amarillo National Center, with almost 5,000 permanent seats and a large dirt floor, and the other livestock-ready buildings on the Tri-State Fairgrounds, just five minutes from downtown Amarillo. And a major downtown development project, including a convention center hotel, a Multi-Purpose Event Stadium and a multi-level parking garage, has been announced. New in 2011 were The Courtyard by Marriott Downtown in the historic Fisk Building, the Holiday Inn West Amarillo, the first full-service property in many years, and the Holiday Inn West Express & Suites.

Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, just 10 miles from downtown Amarillo, has a new $52 million passenger terminal. It is served by American, Southwest and United with non-stop connections to Dallas, Denver and Houston. After your meeting, visit picturesque Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Catch a show at the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts. Cruise Historic Route 66. Or visit restaurants and clubs on downtown’s Polk St. In the summer catch the musical drama TEXAS (in Palo Duro Canyon State Park) or family-owned Wonderland Amusement Park. And year round find great museums, such as the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum and the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum. Get a true taste of Texas at one of Amarillo’s locally-owned restaurants or cafes, from upscale to family style, burgers to gelato, cantinas to coffee houses. And don’t miss a variety of clubs offering live music and entertainment. There are four distinct seasons in the city, yet the temperatures remain comfortable for most of the year, with more than 270 sunny days. Come to Amarillo... it’s the place to meet!

Visit Spin

Pano View @


This is a


Gam ame-C am me-Ch e-Chan ang nge ger!

A new 300 room convention hotel, next to an event stadium, next to a civic center, next to the performing arts center, with our western heritage and hospitality.

410,000 Sq Ft Civic Center


New Downtown Development in Amarillo is opening the doors to a new level of meetings and conventions.

Jet Service

American, Continental/United, Southwest


1500 Committable Rooms Performing Arts Center

New Convention Hotel Downtown Event Stadium -

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Convention & Visitor Council To find out more about meeting in Amarillo, visit meetinamarillo.com or call 800-692-1338.



The West / california

Meetings are Always in Season

Anaheim Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau 800 West Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92803 • (714) 765-8888; Fax: (714) 991-8963 • www.meetings.anaheimoc.org


t 1.6 million square feet of total space, the Anaheim Convention Center is the largest convention center on the entire west coast. Located in the heart of the Anaheim Resort District, which includes the Disneyland® Park, Disney California Adventure, Downtown Disney and Anaheim GardenWalk, the Anaheim Convention Center is within walking distance of 12,000 hotel rooms and is easily accessible from three major Southern California Freeways. Mega-tradeshows, small industry associations and everything in between choose the Anaheim Convention Center everyday for its comfort, safety and convenience, as well as its ability to make meetings and conventions thrive. NEW- at the Anaheim Convention Center The new Grand Plaza, a 100,000-square-foot outdoor campus, will be completed in January 2013. The Grand Plaza offers show management the opportunity for large outdoor gatherings including alfresco dining, concerts, receptions, exhibitions and much more. This vibrant pedestrianfriendly plaza will feature: lush landscaping, expansive walkways, dramatic water features, ample seating areas, special lighting, and infrastructure to support a multitude of special events. Venue bookings for the Grand Plaza are available now.

Free Wi-Fi at the Anaheim Convention Center The Anaheim Convention Center is the first in the western region of the U.S. to offer FREE Wi-Fi (256K download /128K upload) throughout the Center. This new feature will enable those at the Anaheim 108

Convention Center to stay connected to family, friends and colleagues while on the go, and for FREE. The Possibilities Are Endless Within walking distance of the Convention Center is the Anaheim GardenWalk. This popular dining, shopping and entertainment destination features options from Roy’s Anaheim to McCormick & Schmick’s Grille, Anaheim 300, a luxury bowling venue, Heat Ultra Lounge (Anaheim’s nightclub) a selection of appealing shops, and an innovative movie theater with incredible views of Disneyland Park’s nightly fireworks. The eclectic museum Muzeo in Downtown Anaheim and the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art in Sana Ana offer visitors interactive art experiences and exhibits. The acclaimed Segerstrom Center for the Arts features top Broadway productions as well as musical performances. There are also more than 40 golf courses in Orange County, which include challenging and championship greens such as Tustin Ranch Golf Club and Strawberry Farms Golf Club. Anaheim is also home to two professional sports teams: Major League Baseball’s Angels and National Hockey League’s Anaheim Ducks. Anaheim is just a few minutes’ drive from an incredible 42-mile coastline with some of the best beaches in California: Newport, Huntington Laguna. When the work is done, dip your toes in the Pacific Ocean and try on the Orange County’s iconic SoCal style. For the latest Anaheim Orange County information go to: www. anaheimoc.org/meetings. To book a venue or plan your next event, call 714-765-8888 today. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook


JANUARY 2013 Announcing the 100,000 square-foot open-air Anaheim Convention Center GRAND PLAZA your meeting place in the sun! Open for business January 2013

Discover the possibilities at: anaheimoc.org/new or call 714-765-8888


FEATURES: • Outdoor exhibit space • Al fresco dining • Evening receptions • Outdoor concerts


The West / texas


Austin Convention Center 500 E. Cesar Chavez Street, Austin TX 78701 • (512) 404-4200/fax: (512) 404-4220 • www.austinconventioncenter.com


winner of the Prime Site Award every year since 1995, the Austin Convention Center, a LEED® Gold certified building has emerged as a l eader in the convention and meeting industry. A premier facility located in the heart of the capital city’s downtown business district, the Center spans six city blocks with 370,967 square feet of exhibit and meeting space. The five columnfree exhibit halls, totaling 246,097 square feet, accommodate 1,289 10’ X 10’ exhibit booths. Seven ballrooms ranging from 3,896 to 43,300 square feet in size and 54 meeting rooms, and show offices totaling over 58,000 square feet, complete the four-story convention center. Ample parking is provided in two parking garages with a total capacity of 1,700 spaces.

What’s New

•LEED® Gold Certification demonstrates ultimate green building leadership and signifies a model of sustainability that sets the standard in the industry. The first convention center in Texas, among two in the country, to achieve LEED® Gold certification. •A new overhead open air skyway connects the 3rd and 4th levels, making movement between Levels 3 and 4 significantly easier.


Austin offers more than 30,000 hotel rooms, with 6,000 located downtown, including the 800-room Hilton Austin adjacent to the convention center. Additional nearby hotels include: Four Seasons Hotel Austin; Courtyard by Marriott; Residence Inn by Marriott; Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown; Radisson Hotel & Suites; Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown; Driskill Hotel; Omni Austin Hotel Downtown; Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel; and the new W Austin. Austin by Night

After conventions and meetings wrap-up each night, attendees may choose to enjoy Austin’s entertainment districts – Second Street, the Warehouse District and famous Sixth Street. The Austin Convention Center is just down the street from the city’s vibrant nightlife, where visitors can also enjoy everything from fine dining in four-star restaurants, to down-home barbecue and authentic Tex-Mex. As the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin echoes with the sound of country, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, jazz and Tejano. On any given evening, one can find live music playing in nearly 200 different venues.

Technological Features

Rated one of the most technologically advanced convention centers in the country, this gigabit rated facility moves voice, video, and data at over one billion bits per second. The Center’s high-tech capabilities help create the perfect Technology Partner for the annual SXSW international convention. The facility has a proven track record of handling 7,000 simultaneous connections. It offers a variety of inhouse services including complimentary Wireless Internet access, redundant high-speed Internet II access, plug and play capabilities, and an on-site technical staff to help with networking needs. 110

Austin by Day

During the day, visitors can enjoy the capital city’s many historical attractions, including the State Capitol, the LBJ Presidential Library, the Texas State History Museum, the Blanton Museum of Art, and many more museums and art galleries. Or, one can experience the beauty of central Texas, captured by downtown’s Lady Bird Lake, bordered by 10 miles of trails enjoyed by runners, walkers and cyclists. Surrounded by three lakes and a network of parks, Austin offers the perfect environment for enjoying the best of nature.

Fast Facts: Facility •Location: Downtown Austin •Total Area: spans six city blocks •Exhibit Space: 246,097 contiguous sq. ft., column free •Ballrooms: 43,300 sq. ft. level 4; 23,418 sq. ft. level 1 •Meeting Space: 54 meeting rooms totaling over 58,000 square feet •Technology: Gigabit rated facility, wireless Internet access, plug and play capabilities Austin •Hotels: 6,000 downtown hotel rooms; adjacent 800-room Hilton Austin •Airport: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, eight miles from facility •Nearby Attractions: State Capitol, Sixth Street Entertainment District, Warehouse Entertainment District, University of Texas, LBJ Presidential Library, more than 20 museums including The Texas State History Museum, dozens of art galleries and historical attractions, Lady Bird Lake. Contact Information •Mark Tester, Director of Austin Convention Center Department •Paul Barnes, ACCD Assistant Director – Sales, Marketing and Events •Lisa Kidder, Director of Sales

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When you book your next meeting at the Austin Convention Center, the movers and shakers are already here. With six entertainment districts and a safe and walkable downtown, it’s easy to enjoy our famous live music. And with more than 200 venues, honkytonks and dance halls, everybody leaves with their toes tapping.

246,000 square feet of column-free space ★ Gigabit+ bandwidth, supports up to 7,000 wireless connections ★ Awarded LEED® Gold Certification First convention center in TX

facebook.com/ AustinConventionCenter

(512) 404-4200 www.austinconventioncenter.com

THE West / oklahoma The one-million-square-foot facility is surrounded by a growing number of hotels and attractions. Cox Convention Center, offers an environment designed for epic exhibitions, inspirational rallies, major sporting events and worldclass entertainment. Exhibit Hall The Exhibit Halls offer more than 100,000 square feet of space, 80,000 of which is column-free. They can be divided in up to eight halls and features four street-level doors, each 24 feet wide and 20 feet tall along with an added loading dock. Meeting Rooms & Ballrooms The meeting room complex at the Cox Convention Center features 21 meeting rooms varying in size from 672 square feet to 6,412 square feet; a permanent board room for 20 to 50 people; and a 25,000-square-foot ballroom, which can be divided into 5 smaller halls or meeting rooms ranging from 3,278 square feet to 11,216 square feet.

Cox Convention Center One Myriad Gardens, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 602-8500 • Fax (405) 602-5129 www.coxconventioncenter.com


he SMG-managed Cox Convention Center is located in downtown Oklahoma City – a city known for being both accommodating and affordable. The one-million-square-foot facility is encompassed by a growing number of hotels and attractions, including the Bricktown dining and entertainment district, the Myriad Botanical Gardens, and the Chesapeake Energy Arena, a 20,000-seat arena which is also managed by SMG. The Cox Convention Center is a multi-purpose venue designed to host everything from meetings and community events to major conventions, tradeshows, concerts and sporting events.

Arena With seating for up to 15,000, 65-foot ceilings and over 32,000 square feet of floor space, the Arena, located at the heart of the 112

Technology As the venue’s naming rights partner, and provider of telecommunication services, Cox continues to ensure that the convention center meets and/or exceed the requirements of its clients and guests. Cox increased wireless Internet capabilities throughout the convention center, allowing SMG to offer free wireless (Wi-Fi) hotspots to visitors in designated pre-function areas. Cox also enhanced the venue’s technology infrastructure to allow Internet access speeds of up to one Gigabit. Location Located just off I-40 between I-35 and I-44 in downtown Oklahoma City, and just 10 miles/15 minutes from the Will Rogers World Airport, Cox Convention Center is one of the most centrally located venues of its kind in the nation. Hotels & Parking More than 1,400 of Oklahoma City’s 15,000-plus hotel rooms are located within walking distance of the Cox Convention Center. Two hotels connect to the facility: the Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel is joined by a glass-enclosed sky bridge; and the Sheraton Oklahoma City Hotel offers access through downtown Oklahoma City’s newly renovated underground concourse, which opens into the convention center’s 900-space underground parking garage. A total of more than 20,000 parking spaces are available throughout the downtown and Bricktown area. Attractions and Activities Visitors can enjoy the mild climate while strolling along the Bricktown canal, or through the 17-acre Myriad Botanical Gardens featuring the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. Restaurants, shops and theatres are also within walking distance. Other must-see attractions located downtown include the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. The Oklahoma City Zoo, Science Museum Oklahoma, and the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum are also visitor favorites. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

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Visit Denver 1555 California St., Ste. 300, Denver, CO 80202 • (800) 480-2010; (303) 892-1112; Fax: (303)-892-1636 • www.VISITDENVER.com

Denver, The Mile High City.


here’s big news in the Mile High City: over the last several years, Denver has emerged as a top choice among planners. With the state-of-theart Colorado Convention Center, and new luxury hotels contributing to more than 8,400 rooms in our vibrant, walkable downtown, Denver is the perfect location for gatherings large and small. If you’re ready to plan your next meeting, you can visit our newly-redesigned website to check out the innovative services we offer, submit an RFP, or order a copy of the official Denver & Colorado Destination Planning Guide at www. VISITDENVER.com/conventions. Or just call us at 800-480-2010. Now, more than ever, choosing the right city for your next meeting is as easy as 1, 2, 3...4, 5, 6, 7! Denver is one great city with seven reasons that make it the perfect meeting destination. 1) Affordability: Named one of the 25 most affordable cities for business travelers by Corporate Travel Index. 2) Accessibility: Denver International Airport (DEN) offers nearly 1,600 daily flights, includes non-stops to more than 160 114

worldwide destinations and serves the third-most destinations of U.S. airports. 3) Destination Appeal: Denver enjoys 300 days of sunshine annually, award-winning dining, world-class museums and our beautiful Rocky Mountain backdrop. 4) Hotels: More than 8,400 rooms are within walking distance of the Colorado Convention Center, while the city offers more than 42,000 rooms metro-wide with all major brands and price points represented. 5) Facilities: From our two-million-square-foot Colorado Convention Center to unique off-site venues, Denver has the meeting space for you. 6) Service: VISIT DENVER has won all major convention industry service awards for the past 18 years, proof positive of our commitment to help you create the best meetings anywhere. 7) Green: With a full-time sustainable programs manager, an award-winning Greenprint program and our unique, online carbon calculators, Denver is the premier green meeting destination. Contact Rachel Benedick, Vice President of Sales & Services, at 800-480-2010 or rbenedick@visitdenver.com. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Success meets


Our state-of-the-art facility is conveniently located in the heart of the DFW Metroplex, just 10 minutes from downtown Fort Worth and DFW International Airport. Situated steps from hotel accommodations, our facility has more than 50,000 square feet of event space, a premier Executive Boardroom and an outdoor area boasting cozy fireplaces and a relaxing water feature. Accompanied with well-appointed finishes, technologically advanced amenities and exceptional on-site catering, audio-visual, IT and conference services, our facility is an ideal location for meetings, trade shows and events welcoming up to 900 guests. It’s where success meets.

1601 Campus Drive | Hurst, Texas 76054 Phone: 817.581.0044 www.hurstcc.com

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Fairplex 1101 W. McKinley Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768; (909) 623-3111 • www.fairplex.com



omona, CA – March 14, 2012 – Fairplex officially opened the doors to its new high-tech Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center today. Just as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can cause waves around the world, the opening of the new Center will make a global impact by hosting world-class national and international programming elements in one of the most versatile and customer-friendly Southern California event locations. The new Center is I.A.C.C. certified and is Silver LEED engineered to enable the Center to make maximum impact in the community but minimal impact on the environment. While March 14th marks the official opening of the new Center, several organizations have already experienced the versatile Conference Center floor plan and amenities. “Our team hosted more than 300 key retail partners at the new Conference Center for a product launch and they were astounded by the ‘high-end’ service and facilities at the new Fairplex Center,” said Mark Di Girolamo, Venue/National Account Management, Anheuser-Busch Inbev. This ambitious project was funded by $28 million raised in conjunction with the Economic Development Administration, Small Business Administration, County of Los Angeles and city of Pomona, and resulted in more than $155.6 million in economic impact during construction. “A conference center of this magnitude is unheard of in this area,” said Rep. Grace F. Napolitano. “This jewel of a Center will attract businesses and educational organizations to meet and empower the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to succeed.” Versatility played an important role in the design of the new 85,000-square-foot Center. This can be seen in the spacious seminar rooms and breakout rooms with interactive digital white boards, videoconferencing and high-speed Wi-Fi, all serviced by an expert team of meeting and event specialists. Adding a delicious dynamic to the Center are the various catering options ranging from fresh farm-totable produce grown at the on-campus FairView Farms, to the decadent ballroom with dining capacity for 1,000. “We applaud Fairplex for its new Conference Center, a worthy and important project, which is certain to help invigorate our local economy with more than 500 new jobs and $58 million in new economic activity,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina. Numerous events have already been scheduled with leading organizations such as the Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA), Southern California Edison and Kaiser Permanente. 116

OUR CAMPUS Large column-free, air-conditioned exhibit halls ranging from 33,600 to 105,500 square feet and meeting space totaling 375,000 square feet Building amenities include touch-free restrooms, pre-wired exhibit halls for high-speed internet and DSL, portable concession stands and ATMs Outside areas perfect for product demonstrations, automotive, boat and outdoor recreational shows and events Established and popular location for filming and television productions Park-like settings, fountains and beautiful landscaping throughout the grounds Five-eighths mile oval Fairplex Park horse racing track with large, grassy infield ideal for concerts, picnics and festivals and a 10,000-seat grandstand Unique barn and horse arenas for horse shows Historical art gallery and adjoining patio suitable for events and weddings Historical 40,000-seat Auto Club Raceway and 1,000-foot drag strip is an excellent location for auto testing, research, filming and driving courses Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum On-site Sheraton Fairplex Hotel and Fairplex KOA RV Park On-site McKinley’s Grille restaurant, Finish Line Sports Grill and Avalon restaurant Barretts Equine Ltd., site of four prestigious annual national/international equine auctions Spacious parking for more than 30,000 vehicles PROXIMITY Just nine miles west of LA/Ontario International Airport Easy access to Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties Nearby dining, entertainment, theaters, art and recreational destinations

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A regional expo. A national

Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center offers

championship. An elegant,

85,000 square feet of event space and more

intimate awards banquet.

than 300,000 additional square feet on a stunning 487-acre Fairplex campus. Fairplex

The new Sheraton Fairplex Conference Center

hosts hundreds of conventions and trade and

provides an ideal venue for a gathering of a

consumer shows annuallly, including the L.A.

thousand or a dinner for fifty. With breakout

County Fair, and is centrally located and easily

session, classroom, and work-group meeting

accessible from regions throughout

environments, we can accommodate your

Southern California.

needs. Our flexible capacity allows us to serve larger groups than ever before and we can easily adjust for smaller parties, which embody warmth, intimacy and style perfectly suited for you and a handful of select guests.

Contact us to

plan your next event & discover endless possibilites...

p - 909 622 2220 • sheraton.com/fairplex • 601 W. McKinley Ave. Pomona, CA 91768

THE WEST / Hawai’i

Hawai’i Convention Center 1801 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815 • (808) 943-3500; (800) 295-6603 Fax: (808) 943-3599 • www.Hawaiiconvention.com


APEC Comes to Hawai‘i

n November 2011, Hawai‘i’s signature Aloha Spirit received widespread international attention as the 21 member economies of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) met in Honolulu for the APEC 2011 Summit. Thousands of high-profile visitors – including key policy makers, economists and heads of state – traveled from around the Pacific Rim, representing countries such as the U.S., Japan, China, South Korea, Australia and Canada. Together, APEC member economies make up 55 percent of global GDP, purchase 58 percent of U.S. goods exports, and comprise a market of 2.7 billion consumers. With a geographic location of shared convenience between the U.S. mainland and Pacific Rim countries, Hawai‘i is an ideal place for an international meeting of political, cultural and business significance.

Hawai‘i – The Destination

Hawai‘i has long been a melting pot of cultures, values, languages and cuisines. Now, it is also home to leaders in fields such as aquaculture, astronomy, biotechnology, agribusiness, space exploration, oceanography, and genetic research – frequently breaking news on the science front. Hawai‘i is also the only place 118

in the world where the aloha spirit prevails, making guests from around the globe feel welcome, whether they are conducting business in award-winning facilities and accommodations, taking in the breathtaking scenery, or enjoying one of the state’s many leisure activities. Hawai‘i Convention Center

The Hawai‘i Convention Center’s top priority is to help Hawai‘i’s guests achieve their business goals through tailored programs and versatile facilities. The SMG-managed Center is well versed in the nuances of conducting business on an international level, as well as boosting global attendance at meetings. High-value strategies include the creation of custom-designed collateral and microsites in multiple languages, as well as outreach to travel partners to create tailored convention packages. The result is an effortless information sharing and application process for international constituents. Hawai‘i consistently receives top accolades as a convention site, and the Hawai‘i Convention Center is among the highestrated major convention centers in Metropoll add-on studies. For information on how to maximize attendance, increase productivity, globalize your meeting, reduce airfare and shipping costs, and to read numerous testimonials, please visit www.hawaiiconvention.com Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

S o u rc e :


. o rg

EAST MEETS WEST IN THE ISLANDS OF ALOHA. In November, President Obama hosted 20 leaders from Asia-Pacific nations and nearly 20,000 important business and governmental figures from the region for the 2011 APEC meetings in Honolulu. The success of the gathering is a timely reminder that Hawai‘i provides an ideal setting for serious meetings of all kinds. To learn how our strategic global location, state-of-the-art facilities, and legendary hospitality can enhance your next meeting, visit apec.businessaloha.com.

McNeese Fitzgerald Associates Photography

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Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau 123 Park Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102; (405) 297-8912 / (800) 225-5652 Fax: (405) 297-8888 • www.visitokc.com

Meet in Oklahoma City


klahoma City’s western charm and lively atmosphere create the perfect backdrop for your next meeting, conference or convention. With a downtown urban renaissance and shimmering riverfront, a burgeoning art scene and world-class museums and entertainment, the possibilities in Oklahoma City are endless. “Oklahoma City plays host to meetings and conventions of all sizes,” said Elizabeth Richardson, Director of Convention Sales & Services. “We have experienced steady and consistent growth in the meetings and conventions business year over year and are gaining more and more recognition as a destination and future years look very strong for Oklahoma City.” The Cox Convention Center is one of the most centrally located convention centers in the nation and just across the street from three of the downtown hotels which combined offer more than 1,400 of Oklahoma City’s nearly 16,000 hotel


rooms. Not to mention it is just steps away from the thriving Bricktown Entertainment District. A glass-enclosed skywalk connects the adjacent Renaissance Hotel to the Cox Convention Center’s second floor, featuring an impressive 25,000-squarefoot ballroom. Additional meeting rooms total 27,500 square feet of convention and pre-convene space. And the meetings bar is likely to be set even higher in the future: Oklahoma City voters approved funding to build a new $280 million downtown convention center, the largest of the eight projects approved in the city’s third Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS) proposal. MAPS3 will fund the projects through the extension of an existing one-cent sales tax, making the projects debt-free upon completion. For More Information: Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau; Elizabeth Richardson, Director, Convention Sales & Services; Phone: (405) 297-8952 or (800) 225-5652; Fax: 405-297-8888; Email: erichardson@okccvb. org; Web site: www.visitokc.com Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook


the west / california

Sacramento Convention Center

This capital city has a convention center with 134,000 square feet of exhibit space and 31 meeting rooms.

1400 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 • (916) 808-5291 • Fax (916) 808-7687 • www.sacramentoconventioncenter.com


he discovery of gold near Sacramento in 1848 started California’s famous “Gold Rush,” bringing thousands of fortune seekers and entrepreneurs to the area almost overnight. Today, meeting planners discover their own type of gold when they select Sacramento as a meeting destination. Convention Center Complex Located in the State Capital of California, the Sacramento Convention Center is just 20 minutes from the Sacramento International Airport, and located in the heart of downtown. The Sacramento Convention Center offers over 134,000 square feet of contiguous exhibit hall space on one floor, another 61,000 square feet of additional meeting space with 31 meeting rooms on three levels. A 2,400-seat Community Center Theater and 4,000-seat Memorial Auditorium are close by. All (3) facilities are within walking distance to major downtown hotels, shops, and restaurants. For those driving into town, a Convention Center parking garage is located just (2) short blocks to the main entrance of the Center. Hotel Inventory Within walking distance (or a short shuttle ride away) of the Convention Center are more than 2,000 rooms and a dozen hotel properties. Only a pedestrian walkway separates the Sheraton Grand and the Hyatt Regency from the entrance to the Center. Several other properties can be found within a few blocks of the Center, including the Marriott Residence Inn at Capitol Park, Holiday Inn at Capitol Park, Best Western Sutter House, Holiday Inn Express, Clarion and Embassy Suites Waterfront.


Attractions With over 600 events and approximately 1,000,000 visitors annually, we offer something for everyone. Sacramento is strategically located in Northern California – 90 minutes Northeast of San Francisco. We offer a wealth of cultural activities, professional sports and a wide range of family attractions. Take time to walk in our city and stroll through Capitol Park. Visit our many shops, relax on a riverboat or water taxi, and don’t forget to experience Old Sacramento where wooden boardwalks, cobblestone streets and horse-drawn carriages will transport you back in time. Food & Beverage Award-winning Classique Catering is the celebrated caterer at the Convention Center and manages on-site Wolfgang Pucks Express and Starbucks coffeehouse. Classique Catering is a division of Centerplate and pride themselves on excellent service and quality product.

“The City of Sacramento and the Sacramento Convention Center offer you the best of both worlds – a diverse city with first-class amenities.” –Judith A. Goldbar, General Manager

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Offering an expansive 75,000 square feet of space, the Three Rivers Convention Center is the ideal setting for your next event. Its sleek, modern design and pleasing color palette invoke the natural beauty of the Mid-Columbia region, while its common sense functionality and many high-tech amenities make it endlessly adaptable to any configuration you require.

7016 W. Grandrige Blvd., Kennewick, WA 99336 phone (509) 737-3700 | fax (509) 737-3729 email sales@3riverscampus.com www.threeriversconventioncenter.com

alberta, Canada

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre 120 Ninth Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2G OP3 (800) 822-2697; (403) 261-8500, Fax: (403) 261-8510




Ontario, Canada

Scotiabank Convention Centre Niagara

6815 Stanley Ave, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2G 3Y9 (905) 357-6222; (888) 997-6222; Fax: (905) 357-6212 www.fallsconventions.com Director of Sales and Marketing: Jeff Dixon UnConventional Experiences! Newly opened, 288,000-sq-ft (LEED) Silver Level designed facility features: 82,000-sq-ft free span exhibition hall (accommodates 400+ 10ft x 10ft display booths) ; 17,000-sq-ft ballroom; 26,000 sq. ft. of flexible meeting/breakout space;1,000-seat theatre; Centerplate – Centre’s exclusive food & beverage provider; 5,000 within walking distance of center. Niagara Falls is an international brand name, showcasing an impressive array of natural wonders, sights, and attractions distinguishing this world-class destination. Nearby attractions include: Niagara Falls, Casinos, Restaurants & night life; Buffalo Niagara International Airport – 30 minutes away; Toronto Pearson International – 90 minutes. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Convention Center

100 Convention Blvd., San Juan, PR 00907 (800) 214-0420 Fax: (773) 753-1634 www.prconvention.com Associate Vice President Sales: Rosa M. Luke Smooth At 580,000 sq. ft.— the Caribbean’s largest and most technologically-advanced meeting facility. Budget friendly amenities, beautiful surroundings, stunning views, worldrenowned service to make your experience a smooth one; 36,200 sq. ft. meeting space, including 15 meeting rooms on two levels, divisible into 28 sections; 39,500-sq.-ft. ballroom (seats 3,934 theater /1,900 banquet/4,158 reception/2,616 classroom); 152,700 sq. ft. of exhibit space 16,965-seat theater; 7,000+ hotel rooms nearby; adjacent to Old San Juan, business and resorts hotels, restaurants and night life & centerpiece to 113-acre waterfront development featuring hotels, walkways, fountains and restaurants. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Director of Sales & Marketing: Heather Lundy Multi-purpose, newly-expanded, fully-equipped venue; 132,000 sq. ft. flexible meeting space; 20,000-sq.-ft. ballroom, 65,000+ sq. ft. exhibit space, five foyer areas, 27 breakout rooms; Terrace View Room is Elegant 5th floor roof-top room with private balcony; Olde Scotch Room is a multi-level room with built-in bar and hardwood floor. Full-service electronic infrastructure supports high-speed Internet, telecommunications and elaborate audio-visual displays, with full video-conferencing capabilities, satellite downlink, fiber-optic services; directly connected to 1,100+ hotel rooms; 11,000 hotel rooms citywide. Calgary offers vibrant shopping, dining and entertainment; spectacular hiking and skiing in Canadian Rockies. ontario, canada

Direct Energy Centre & Allstream Centre

100 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3 (416) 263-3000; Fax: (416) 263-3029 www.directenergycentre.com; www.allstreamcentre.com Director of Sales & Marketing: Laura Purdy Toronto, Canada’s largest city, boasts: 35,000+ hotel rooms, 7,000+ restaurants and 25,000+ stores, and its largest Exhibition & Convention Centre,1 million sq. ft. flexible convention space, exhibit halls and highly accessible loading docks. Direct Energy Centre – 55,000 sq. ft. meeting space, 42 meeting rooms, 44,260-sq.-ft. ballroom (seats: 4,000), 125,000-sq.-ft. exhibit hall. Directly connected via underground pedestrian pathway to Allstream Centre – 160,000 sq. ft. meeting/function space, including 20 meeting rooms & Toronto’s largest column-free ballroom: Wi-fi, Plug and Play meeting rooms. Jamaica

Montego Bay Convention Centre

Rose Hall, 18 Queens Drive Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica, West Indies (876) 622-9330; (Fax: (876) 622-9360 www.mobaycentre.com Senior Sales and Marketing Manager: Michelle Parkes A World Class Convention Centre in the Heart of Jamaica Beautiful, lively island, and a memorable experience for meeting attendees; excellent hotels, inns and guests houses; good golf, superb music, strong local life and vibrant culture. Ocean front location and breathtaking views, the brand new, state-of-the-art Montego Bay Convention Centre features 132,000 sq. ft. of meeting, exhibition, ballroom, and plenary space, including: 56,788 sq. ft. dedicated exhibition space; 18,845-sq.-ft. ballroom; 9 meeting rooms, 6,000-seat theatre. superb catering, a large, full-service PAGE kitchen within the facility, 4,000 hotel rooms within close proximity. 43

Puerto Rico

Sheraton Puerto Convention Center Hotel & Casino

200 Convention Boulevard, San Juan, PR 00907 (787) 993-3500; (800) 325-3535; Fax: (787) 993-3525 www.sheraton.com/puertoricoconventioncenter

Director of Sales & Marketing: Jeremy Marquardt You don’t just stay here. You belong Plan your event in paradise. Recently opened, superbly situated amidst the Puerto Rico Convention Center District facing the Bay of San Juan, truly remarkable landmark; 10 minutes from international airport; meeting space: 35,000 sq. ft..- 9 breakout rooms; 16,290-sq.ft. ballroom; 1,480 theater seating; adjacent to Puerto Rico Convention Center – 580,000+ sq. ft. of function space). event staff; on-site catering team; 503 guest rooms; 16 gaming tables, 500 of the latest slot machines, exceptional entertainment options. numerous dining, shopping and nightlife venues. 125

Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Tennessee Spotlight

T e n nessee The Volunteer State


ashville is the capital of country music; Memphis is the city where Elvis gave birth to rock & roll, W.C. Handy supposedly brought the blues to its Beale Street, and the soul and rhythm & blues of Stax Studio remains influential in the latest recordings of today. Appalachia, a mountain range that crosses through the state, is where several strains of bluegrass and other “hillbilly” music styles are said to have been discovered. Chattanooga has been immortalized in song by its Choo Choo and even Knoxville is the title of one of the most famous murder ballads – Knoxville Girl – in the folk song canon. Many destinations – especially in states below the Mason Dixon – feature well-known, exciting music scenes, but for diversity of American music and number of performance spaces, Tennessee is as legendary as the music made here and the musicians who have called the state home. Tennessee offers world-class facilities for meetings, conventions, tradeshows and other events. The mouth-watering examples of southern cuisine – from the latest noveau to the most traditional served up in Tennessee eateries, which too range from down-home smoke pits to fine dining restaurants – also adds to enticement of meeting in the Volunteer State. But the memorable nightlife and live entertainment will enhance any attendee meeting experience. 126

Tourists have long enjoyed Tennessee’s 53 state parks, more than 700 monuments and the homes of U.S. presidents Andrew Jackson, James K. Polk and Andrew Johnson. The state’s scenic farmlands offer 600 agritourism sites, featuring various wineries, pick-your-own products and corn mazes. Tennessee is home to the most caves in the United States, with over 8,350 caves registered to date. For the golfers, Tennessee has more than 150 courses, including five Bear Trace courses designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus. Tennessee is centrally located within the Southeastern portion of the United States, and is essentially no more than a day’s drive from approximately half the population of the United States. It is bordered by eight states: Kentucky and Virginia to the north, North Carolina to the east, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi to the south, and Arkansas and Missouri to the west. The Appalachian Mountains dominate the eastern part of the state, and the Mississippi River forms the state’s western border. The state is trisected by the Tennessee River. The state of Tennessee is geographically and constitutionally divided into three Grand Divisions: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee. Tennessee features six principal physiographic regions: the Blue Ridge, the Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region, the Cumberland Plateau, the Highland Rim, the Nashville Basin, and the Gulf Coastal Plain. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Tennessee PhotoView 128 Chattanooga 129 Knoxville 130 Memphis 131 Nashville 132-133

Tennessee Facts Capital: Nashville State Slogan: Tennessee—America at its best! State Bird: Mockingbird State Flower: Iris Population: 6,403,353; Tennessee is the 17th most populated in the U.S. State Songs: “My Homeland, Tennessee” (1925); “When It’s Iris Time in Tennessee” (1935); “My Tennessee” (1955); “Tennessee Waltz” (1965); “Rocky Top” (1982); “Tennessee” (1992); “The Pride of Tennessee” (1996) Volunteer State: Although nobody knows who coined the nickname, Tennessee was first called the “Volunteer State” during the War of 1812, when 2,000 Tennesseans volunteered to fight under the command of Tennessee Militia General Andrew Jackson (yes, the $20 president). These soldiers made up the main part of Jackson’s force during the Battle of New Orleans, fought on January 8, 1815. Although a U.S. victory, the battle took place after the Treaty of Ghent, which ended the war. The nickname was later reinforced during the Mexican American War when 30,000 Tennessee men volunteered. During the Civil War, both the Confederate and the Union army enlisted more volunteers from Tennessee than any other Southern state. History: Initially part of North Carolina, and later part of the Southwest Territory, Tennessee was admitted to the Union as the 16th state on June 1, 1796. Tennessee was the last state to leave the Union and join the Confederacy at the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War in 1861, and was the first state to be readmitted to the Union at the end of the war. State Name: In 1567, while traveling inland from South Carolina, Spanish Explorer Captain Juan Pardo passed through a Native American village named “Tanasqui.” In the early 18th century, British traders encountered a Cherokee town named Tanasi (or “Tanase”), located on a river of the same name (now known as the Little Tennessee River), although is not known whether this was the village encountered by Pardo.The exact meaning and origin of the word are uncertain, although among possibilities are: “meeting place,” “winding river” or “river of the great bend.” In the 1750s, the modern spelling was made official by James Glen, the colonial governor of South Carolina, who used Tennessee in his official correspondence. When a constitutional convention met in 1796 to organize a new state out of the Southwest Territory, it adopted “Tennessee” as the name of the state. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook


Tennessee PhotoView Tennessee PhotoView Tennessee PhotoView Tennessee

Bonnaroo, the annual Summer Music Festival held in Manchester, is another reason the Tennessee experience is synonymous with music. Tennessee boasts dozens of wineries, as well as local breweries and distilleries that have become favorite destinations for visitors to the state.

Graceland – the home of Elvis Presley – is a landmark museum that is a must visit in Memphis.

The state’s Civil War battlefields include Shiloh, Stones River, Franklin and Chickamauga. The state’s new Civil War Trail is highlighted by 200 trail markers.


Tennessee has a multitude of breathtaking natural wonders, such as Lovers Leap, a precipice on Look Out Mountain near Chattanooga.

The Woman’s Basketball Hall of Fame in Knoxville is one of the unique museums the Volunteer State is known for.

The Chattanooga Zoo features a rare Snow Leopard exhibit.

The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis is one of the most popular museums in Tennessee.

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee

Cha tt a nooga

Take Me There


hattanooga has undergone an amazing transformation over the past 20 years, with a vibrant downtown, a stateof-the-art convention center, rich history, attractions, parks, boating options, outdoor adventures, rich history, arts & culture, shopping, nightlife, live music and a newly revitalized 13-mile paved Riverwalk. Recently dubbed the “Gig City” because of the new blazing-fast fiber optic network – 150,000+ businesses/homes have internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (200 times faster than traditional connections) – so now, convention attendees have faster connectivity citywide. Chattanooga borders Georgia and Alabama and is less than a two-hour drive from Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville, Birmingham and Huntsville. www.chattanoogafun.com

Chattanooga Convention Center

First in nation to incorporate a Farm to Table program, one of the nation’s top 10 green convention centers, the center features 185,000 sq. ft. of multipurpose space, including 100,800 sq. ft. of exhibit space accommodating up to 500 10’x10’ booths, up to 6,288 banquet seating, and up to 8,000 theatre seating; 21 additional meeting rooms; 40,000 sq. ft. of pre-function space. www.chattconvention.org

Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Getting There

Accessible by Highways: I-24, I-75; Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport, only 15 minutes from downtown, connects to thousands of destinations.

Staying There

Marriott has 343 hotel rooms; 2,250 rooms in the downtown area; 9,000 within 15 minutes of downtown.

Itinerary Tips

Dining: St. John’s, Tony’s Pasta, Taco Mamacitas (scattered throughout the Downtown/Convention Cener District are 100+ restaurants to please every palate & budget); local watering holes: Big River GrilleHair of the Dog Pub, Pickle Barrel, The Terminal Night Life: Track 29, Rhythm & Brews, Tivoli Theater, J J’s Bohemia, Midtown Music Hall, Bud’s Brainard, Ziggy’s, Market Street Tavern Shopping: North Shore District, Hamilton Place Mall – over 200 shops & eateries. Attractions: Tennessee Aquarium, Tennessee Aquarium’s River Gorge Explorer, Chattanooga Choo Choo, Rock City, Ruby Falls, Hunter Museum of American Art, Bluff View Art District, Southern Belle Riverboat, Tennessee Valley Railroad, Black Creek Golf Course, Moccasin Bend Golf Club 129

Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee

kn oxville

Enjoy Knoxville


ocated in the heart of East Tennessee, nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Knoxville is an ideal, affordable southeast location for conventions, meetings, tradeshows and other events. Downtown Knoxville features the Knoxville Convention Center, convenient hotels, unique restaurants, eclectic shopping and nighttime entertainment, or hop a downtown trolley and head to the Old City and enjoy the local bands, live. Knoxville offers a wonderfully diverse mix of big-city amenities and attractions delivered with small-town charm and hospitality. www.knoxville.org

Knoxville Convention Center

The design reflects the alluring environment of the Great Smoky Mountains. 500,000 sq. ft. meeting space / 24 meeting rooms, including 27,300-sq.-ft. ballroom; 119,922-sq.-ft. exhibit hall (200,000+ sq.ft. total exhibit space); 461-seat Theater. Its spacious concourse features exquisite views of Knoxville and the delightfully landscaped World’s Fair Park. www. knoxvilleconventioncenter.com

Staying There

1,500 hotel rooms downtown within walking distance of Convention Center; 8,000+ hotel rooms county-wide. 130

Getting There

Accessible by Highways I-40, I-640, I-75, I-275. McGhee Tyson Airport – 20 minutes from convention center – has more than 120 daily arrivals and departures and is now home to a new low-fare carrier.

Itinerary Tips

Dining: Chesapeake’s, Bistro at the Bijou, the Melting Pot, Downtown Grill & Brewery, Calhoun’s On The River – ‘The best ribs in America,’ The Tomato Head, Roaming Gnome Pub & Eatery Night Life: The Underground at the Crown & Goose; Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria; The Peter Kern Library Speakeasy at the Oliver Hotel, Sassy Ann’s House of Blues Shopping: Market Square District, The District in Bearden, Turkey Creek, West Town Mall Attractions: Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Market Square District & Historic Old City, Sequoyah Hills, River Islands Golf Club, Three Ridges Golf Course, Knoxville Zoo, Old Smoky Railway Museum, Knoxville Museum of Art, Blount Mansion, Civic Coliseum Auditorium, Knoxville Botanical Gardens Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee

M emp his

Meet in Memphis


emphis – Home of the Blues, Birth Place of Rock n’ Roll – a vibrant city filled with some of the most melodious music, tastiest food, authentic culture and you-can’t-find-it anywhere-else FUN! Discover what meeting planners have long known – Memphis is accessible, affordable, authentic. Planners like Memphis as a destination because it is more than just a place for a meeting... rich in culture, history and southern hospitality… it allows their attendees to experience much more than a meeting, they experience Memphis! www.memphistravel.com

Memphis Cook Convention Center

The Center features a spacious column free exhibit hall, flexible breakout rooms and an elegant, stately ballroom, and the acclaimed 2,100 seat Cannon Center for the Performing Arts; 300,000+ sq. ft. meeting space, 31 meeting rooms, 28,000-sq.-ft. ballroom; 125,000-sq.-ft. main exhibit space (160,000 sq. ft. total exhibit space). 600 rooms connected to the convention center and an additional 2,100 rooms within an 8 blocks. www.memphisconvention.com

Staying There

600 hotels rooms connected to the Memphis Cook Convention Center. 2,100 rooms within an 8 blocks of center; 23,000+ hotel rooms city-wide. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Getting There

Accessible by highways I-40, I-55, I-240; Amtrak – City of New Orleans – runs daily; The Memphis International Airport is a major travel hub, serving more than 10 million passengers annually.

Itinerary Tips

Dining: Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous – world famous ribs & barbecue since 1948, Itta Bena, Arcade, Memphis’ Oldest Restaurant. Downtown Memphis is home to 100+ restaurants, from Soul Food & Southern Cooking to fine dining. Night Life: BB King’s Blues Club – original, flagship location, Silky O’Sullivan’s, Paula & Raiford’s Disco, Cooper Young Entertainment District, Orpheum Theater, FedExForum Shopping: South Main Historic District, The Avenue at Carriage Crossing, Wolfchase Galleria, The Shops of Saddle Creek Attractions: Graceland, Dixon Gallery & Gardens, Victorian Village, National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, W.C. Handy Home & Museum, Stonebridge Golf Course, Quail Ridge Golf Course 131

Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee

N ashville

Nashville Convention Center

Music City Center

Music Calls Us Home


he capital of Tennessee is probably better known as the capital of Country Music – and its official moniker is now Music City. From the Ryman Auditorium & The Grand Ole Opry to the hundreds of live music venues in the downtown area and throughout town, Nashville remains a major music industry center. In addition, the city is famous for its dining scene – from Southern fare to haute cuisine. www.visitmusiccity.com

Nashville Convention Center

The Nashville Convention Center has a pedestrian connector to the 20,000-seat Bridgestone Arena and a sky-lit concourse to the Renaissance Nashville Hotel. 19,960 sq. ft. of meeting space (plus exhibit space is 59,910 sq. ft.); 25 meeting rooms (an additional 15 in the Renaissance Hotel & 8 in Bridgestone Arena); 11,000-sq.ft. ballroom; Center, West & East Hall combines to 9,000-seat theatre capacity. www.nashvilleconventionctr.com

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

Located on the banks of the Cumberland River in the heart of Music Valley Drive, 9 acres of atriums brimming with lush gardens, cascading waterfalls and an indoor river. 600,000+ sq. 132

ft., more than 100 meeting and break out rooms; Delta Ballroom (55,314 sq. ft.); Ryman Exhibit Hall (263,772 sq. ft.); 1,800seat The Acuff Theatre; 2,881 guest rooms and 174 Suites. www.gaylordopryland.com

Music City Center

Opening 2013. 6-acre site (1.2 million sq. ft.) building right in the heart of downtown Nashville. 90,000 sq. ft. meeting space, 60 meeting rooms; 57,500-sq.-ft. ballroom, 350,000-sq.ft. main exhibit hall, whose space and acoustic designing will allow it to double as a concert hall. Attached Omni Nashville Hotel – 800 rooms & suites and an additional 80,000 sq. ft. meeting/event space – also opening 2013. Hotel will connect to the Country Music Hall of Fame, who will operate an 800-seat theatre adjacent to the hotel’s meeting space. www. nashvillemusiccitycenter.com

Staying There

673-room Renaissance Hotel (attached to Convention Center); 3,000 hotel rooms Downtown; 35,800 hotel rooms in the Nashville MSA. Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee Spotlight Tennessee

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

Getting There

Accessible by Highways: I-65, I-24, I-40, I-440; Nashville International Airport handles nearly 300 inbound flights per day operated by 12 airline carriers and two cargo carriers.

Itinerary Tips Dining: Puckett’s, Holland House Bar and Refuge, Kayne Prime, Station Inn, Sunset Grill, Jackson’s Bar and Bistro, 12 South Taproom, Burger Up, Whiskey Kitchen, Urban Flats Night Life: Ryman Auditorium, Bluebird Café, Wildhorse Saloon, B.B. King’s Blues Club, Frothy Monkey, Honky Tonk Highway – location of world famous honky tonks including Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, Robert’s Western Wear & Legends Corner, Printer’s Alley – famous row of bars including Lonnie’s Western Room, Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar; Gulch District (upscale restaurants & vibrant entertainment venues) Facilities & Destinations 2012 SuperBook

Shopping: Opry Mills, Mall at Green Hills, Imogene+Willie (custom jeans store), Two Old Hippies (rock n’ roll memorabilia emporium) Attractions: Historic Downtown Nashville, the State Capitol, Tennessee Performing Arts Center, the State Museum, Bicentennial Park, the Parthenon, the West End, Hillsboro Village, Music Row, The Gulch, Frist Center for the Visual Arts the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Gaylord Springs Golf Links, The Hermitage


The Facilities & Destinations

B u y er ’ s G u i d e Smart City

Conventions: Information: (888) 446-6911 or (702) 943-6000 Email: csr@SmartCity.com Hospitality: General, (407) 828-6938 Video Conferencing: General, (407) 828-6900 SmartCity.com Making the world smarter. One city at a time. ® Smart City is a full-service communications provider across the nation and one of the world’s largest communications providers to convention centers and hospitality venues. Smart City provides technologies that make their cities smarter places to work, live, and play.

Keppler Speakers

4350 N. Fairfax Dr., Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22203 (703) 516-4000; Fax: (703) 516-4819 kepplerspeakers.com Senior VP for Sales and Marketing: John Truran With Keppler Speakers, creating memorable meetings never felt so easy. With over 25 years of experience, we provide you solid, seasoned expertise, making speaker selection stress-free by managing all of the details. Keppler Speakers saves you precious time by matching you with speakers who are right on target. From proven performers to dynamic rising stars, our speakers bring fascinating, real stories and a gift for inspiring audiences.

Plasticard Locktech International The World’s Largest Hotel Key Card Manufacturer 605 Sweeten Creek Industrial Park Asheville, NC 28803 (800) 752-1017; Fax: (828) 210-4755 plicards.com Sales Manager: Linda Russell PLI produces key cards & other products for hotels, meetings, conventions, events, and advertising. We also manufacture a full line of gift cards, membership cards and loyalty cards. PLI key cards put your message directly in the hands of hotel guests & meeting attendees.

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The Facilities Media Group Michael Caffin Associate Publisher (212) 532-4150 ext 103 • mcaffin@facilitiesonline.com


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Southeast Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex................................................... 71 Greater Fort Lauderdale CVB........Cover 4 Jackson CVB............................................ 67 Knoxville Tourism & Sports Corporation/ CVB........................................................... 69 Mississippi Gulf Coast CVB..................... 75 New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.................................. 77 Orange County Convention Center....... 79 Savannah Area CVB................................. 81 Vicksburg Convention Center................ 82

West Amarillo CVC/Chamber of Commerce......................................... 107 Anaheim/Orange County Visitor & Convention Bureau................................ 109 Austin Convention Center.................... 111 Cox Convention Center........................ 113 Visit Denver................................................ 9 Fairplex................................................... 117 Hawaii Convention Center.................... 119 Hurst Conference Center...................... 115 Oklahoma City CVB............................... 121 Sacramento Convention Center........... 123 Three Rivers Convention Center.......... 124

Midwest Akron/Summit CVB.................................. 85 Bridge View Center................................. 15 Clay County Events Center..................... 87

Other Global Spectrum...................................... 11 Montego Bay Convention Centre.......... 43 SMG.........................................................6-7

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CLOsing Thoughts

Gentle Vigilance BY David Korn

Chief Operating Officer Facilities Media Group


bout 10 years ago, the accounting firm I worked for Vigilance.” In other words, security must be alert, but also was contracted by an international corporate lender to act with professionalism and courtesy. When employed perform audit work on its behalf. We were invited to effectively, gentle vigilance enables security personnel to act spend a day at the lender’s Manhattan corporate offices, in an unobtrusive manner, allowing attendees to enjoy their which occupied multiple floors. The design, layout and event without interruption. overall look of the floors were generally similar, and returning Prior to joining Metropolitan Exposition Services, a from a lunch break, I mistakenly exited the elevator onto the tradeshow management company, Samara Plastini managed wrong floor. Upon arriving to the area that the conference and planned meetings and events for more than a decade. room we were working in should have been situated, I found a Describing her meeting planner experience, Samara said that pair of offices, and was slightly bewildered. Upon realizing my at less secured events she would instruct her staff to “kindly error, I retreated towards the elevators to return to the correct approach” individuals who did not appear to have a badge, and floor. Prior to my arrival at the elevator bank, an overzealous request to see one. Were an attendee not to have a badge, the executive who had spotted me walking the corridors caught individual would be politely walked to the registration desk to up with me, and rudely escorted me off his floor with his arm obtain one. After handing the attendee off to the registration around my shoulder, not giving me the courtesy to explain my staff, it would be challenging for the individual to attempt to presence. re-enter the event were he or she a crasher. As this anecdote indicates, people may Displaying a calm and collected approach unintentionally end up in places where they ensured cooperation without creating any oth training and do not belong. Meeting and event planners, type of interruption at the event. Jokingly, and facility security personnel, know that Samara lamented, “Unfortunately, there were communication about sometimes people will intentionally be where times that I could not catch them all!” an event, and systems they do not belong. Both training and communication about Attending a conference a couple of years an event, and systems being employed, are being employed, are back, I noticed many people networking in essential components of gentle vigilance. the hotel lobby outside the meeting rooms, S. Doughty, II, Security Manager at essential components Lloyd some of whom were neither listed on the the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, attendee roster nor wearing badges. To New Hampshire, emphasizes that staff of gentle vigilance” my surprise, a partner in a well respected “being briefed/trained properly ensures that professional services firm “crashed” the sitquestions get asked and answered… before down lunch after striking up a conversation (the) doors even open.” Coupled with the with a potential client outside the dining area. This past general security measures in place at larger venues, Doughty December, while attending the opening reception of an suggests that when properly trained staff are “looking for industry conference at a hotel, I recalled that crasher’s and going with that ‘just doesn’t look right,’ ‘just doesn’t feel transgression, and wondered: Would the open bar at the party right’ instinct,” events will run smoothly. With the ability – or meals at any event – attract bold (and unethical) hotel of crashers to disrupt an event, interfere with or infringe guests? It was apparent that the potential for disruption of an upon event patrons participating in an event, gentle vigilance event is huge, especially if the host of the reception would not will ensure unauthorized entry is prevented and events run appreciate competitors or other unwelcome industry members smoothly. at their event. How then do event planners deter outsiders As my involvement with the meeting industry increases from attending events? Clearly, registration desks, tickets, since my appointment at Facilities Media Group, my passes, badges and invitations are common tools employed appreciation of event safety and security has deepened. A debt to limit convention goers attendance at events. But, what of gratitude is owed to the planners and facility personnel happens when someone slips through? whose efforts are essential to creating successful conventions, Speaking with industry professionals, there did appear meetings, tradeshows and other events. Now, as I exit an to be a common, yet professional approach to deal with event and security personnel, ushers, and other event staff this recurring situation, which I would frame as “Gentle thank me for attending, I am sure to thank them in return.



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2012 Facilities & Destinations SuperBook  

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