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We are looking for Great Families just like yours FACE THE WORLD is a non­profit High School exchange program. We bring  students from all over the world to spend a Semester or Calendar Year with a Host  Family. The students will arrive in January and have their own Insurance and Spending  money. All you provide is a bed, loving home and meals they don’t receive at school.  A great Host Family can make a difference in a child’s life! You Can Make a Difference!

Tobias is 15 years old and in the 10th grade. He enjoys playing basketball and soccer in the park to playing computer games and practicing the synthesizer indoors. He has also done karate since he was 8 years old and is eager to learn to play baseball while in the United States. He is very interested in science and technology and hopes to become an engineer when he grows up. He has already traveled through much of Europe and has also visited New York City, but he looks forward to experiencing life in the U.S. and making many new friends during his stay. Tobias would be here from August,

2009 for the school year.

Sarah is 16 years old and in the 11th grade. She is very actively involved in her school and loves to learn. Politics are very important to her, and she participates not only in national politics but also in the student council. She also writes articles for her school’s magazine and is involved in local radio. In her free time, Sarah enjoys reading, drawing, sewing, photography, and spending time with friends. She will be fulfilling a dream by coming to the U.S., and she is eager to participate in a wide variety of school activities while improving her English and learning about American culture. Sarah would be here from August, 2009 for the school year.

Alena will be 16 years old in January and is in the 10th grade. Her vacations to the U.S. with her family have made her eager to stay longer and integrate herself into American daily life. Some of her favorite activities include dancing, which she does twice a week in Germany, and horseback riding, which she has been doing for most of her life. Her family lives near the Alps, and they enjoy spending time in the outdoors together. Baking is also one of her favorite pastimes, which she enjoys doing for her family during the holidays. She is even considering opening her own bakery someday. Alena can’t wait to come to the U.S. to improve her English and expand her knowledge of global cultures. Alena would be here from August, 2009 for the school year.

To learn how to become a Host Family Colorado Springs or Pueblo contact Paula Adams at 719-375-8341 or

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Foreign exchange students available to be placed in a loving host families home!

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