Issue 09 | Face the Current

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Gold Medalist Kaleigh Gilchrist: Balancing A Dual Sport Career Interview By Sasha Frate

Feeling overwhelmed from being pulled in too many directions has become a way of life for many people. Others however, excel by being challenged on two fronts. Kaleigh Gilchrist has been in a tug-of-war from an early age. On one side she wants to shred some waves. On the other, she is looking for her next skip shot playing water polo.



Yet the surfing champion and water polo Olympic gold medalist, seems in control as she balances the demands her two “careers” have on her life. As an athlete, Kaleigh remains focused and comfortable with her sense of self even while growing up in our disruptive digital age. And while remaining authentic to herself, she understands the power a team can generate in pursuit of a goal.