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It’s Getting Colder, -? You’RE Just Warming Up. Here’s how to stay on track while the weather says stay inside. Visualize What Breaks You Whether it’s the cold, dark mornings that get you, the seasonal recession of local produce, or the two blocks of icy sidewalk lying between you and the gym—take time this month to target your inspiration idler. Visualize yourself being faced with your challenge, and how you will feel in that moment. Anticipation is key to recognizing when your lack of motivation is coming from an outside factor, and being able to overcome it.

Get in the Habit Instead of working towards results, work towards the development of a noticeable habit. Gym twice a week? Subbing your morning coffee for water? All habits that need focusing. The results will follow.

Find Your Threshold Take a week to find the line between too easy and too much. Challenge can be motivational only when it is not overwhelming, so set reasonable goals, and try them out for size, before the cold weather really hits.

Find A New Spot Model wears Bersi, made of SmartFabric Activ and Acis, made of SmartFabric Health, Pyrates SmartFabrics.

Find new gyms and studios to use, shops and juice bars to frequent, and trails to blaze for the winter months. As the weather gets bland, find new seasons in your life by changing your surroundings, helping to fight the closed-in feeling of winter.

73 | November 2016

Faces Magazine November - Michael Bublé  
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