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by: Chris McRae, ISAR Board Vice-President Chair: ISAR Certification Program Chair: ISAR International Council of VPs

ISAR continues to circle the globe on six continents of our world with news, activities, seminar, workshops and certification presentations. Canada

It is with great sadness that I tell you Anne Massey passed away June 1, 2016, at 5:30 in the morning. She had been in hospice for about 6 weeks struggling with cancer. She will be greatly missed as one of our most cherished and active VP’s and a personal cherished friend. She loved ISAR and we would sometimes spend an hour on the telephone talking about what we do and how we can do it better. She was deeply committed to certification as a means to uplift professionalism in astrology.

With more than 14 years in private practice, Kelly is experienced, friendly and insightful. Kelly’s specialty areas include predictive astrology and incorporating traditional techniques into modern practice. Kelly has lectured at around the world and teaches an online 18 month training program in astrology. An Aussie by birth Kelly divides her time between Canada and Australia, and regularly teaches in the

Anne was indeed the mainstay of Astrology in the whole Fraser Valley of British Columbia. I enjoyed her friendship and great organizational skills, not only on behalf of her promotion of ISAR but during the ISAR Consulting Skills in Porto, Portugal many seminars she had me present to the Fraser US. She holds the Valley Astrological group. She will now join Rick, her FAA Practitioner’s Diploma. Find out more about her beloved husband, who passed away very suddenly a work via her website, http://kellysastrology.com/. very few short years ago. That will be a very happy ISAR is very proud of Kelly’s affiliation with ISAR. reunion. And this is just in from the ISAR Board of Directors, Kelly Surtees has been appointed as the new ISAR Vice President for Canada! Kelly is a full time professional astrologer who shares her passion for astrology through client consults, teaching and writing. Page 10 - ISAR International Astrologer, August, 2016; Vol 45 #2


Portugal loves Astrology! In Porto, a real presence for ISAR is growing as our new VP, Isabel Guimaraes, organized 18 students to receive the 1st training of Consulting Skills toward Certification in Portugal with Richard and Victoria Smoot. Isabel Guimaraes had previously taken the CS training twice in Brazil under Marcia Ferreira Silva, and served as the third

trainer. The students in Portugal are naturals for Consulting Skills, so much so that there is a waiting list of more students in both Porto and Lisbon ready to take the CS training. There will also be following next year the Ethics training and Competency Exam ....thus, creating the first ISAR, CAPs in Portugal. Isabel is also organizing the Portuguese Association of Astrology international conference that will be held from February 24th - 27th, 2017 in Gaia/Porto, Portugal with 200 already registered. Ray Merriman, Glenn Perry and myself, Chris McRae, have been invited as speakers. Greece

We are proud to announce that ISAR has a new VP for Greece, Christo Archos, who will now become a new member of our International Council. We welcome him with open arms and trust we will have a fruitful liaison. You can met him on his website: www.astroconfess.com and through Facebook at https://www.facebook. com/ChristosArchos.  He has been a professional astrologer since 2004 with an education, not only in astrology, but an MSc in Psychology and a diploma in Counseling Skills. He is a writer, teacher, and consultant.  In his own words he is “very communicative and flexible, persistent and with a deep need for progress.” Welcome Christo. New York

In May 2016, Anne Ortelee, Victoria Smoot and Richard Smoot conducted an ISAR Consulting Skills training seminar with 12 participants. The enthusiasm was extensive to the point that several will take the Ethics training and the Competency Exam at the October Symposium in Costa Mesa, California. The goal is to achieve the coveted ISAR,CAP certificate of proficiency. We are also proud to announce, Anne Ortelee is now one of ISAR's official Consulting Skills Trainers. Anne has both taken the training several times and co-trained in NYC. Welcome Anne!

certification program will be presented over the upcoming months. Italy

Our new VP for Italy, Nunzia Coppolla held an annual conference in Perugia, July 2nd and 3rd. Dorothy Oja, ISAR Board member and Ethics Awareness Chair, as well as Board member Margaret Gray, represented ISAR and present lectures. Brazil

Marcia Ferreira Silva, our VP for Brazil, recently completed another ISAR Consulting Skills program with great success. In October she will be proctoring the ISAR Competency Exam. She has done remarkable work in Brazil encouraging professional standards in that vast, glorious country.

Biography Chris McRae is ISAR’s Board Vice-President, Chair of ISAR Certificate Program and Competency Exam, Chair International Council and ISAR Consulting Skills Trainer, ISAR Conference Co-Coordinator, previously AFAN Steering Committee. Chris is the recipient of the UAC Regulus Award 2012 for Professionalism. She has taught a Semester Structured Course in Astrology yearly since 1970. She has a busy clientele and has lectured, conducted Seminars and ISAR programs in many countries, including Russia, Turkey, Slovenia, Israel, UK, Australia, N.Z., US, China, The Netherlands. She may be reached at cmcrae@uniserve.com.



There were 26 people who completed the ISAR Ethics exam in March 2016, sponsored by our VP for Russia, Karine Dilanyan. Other modules of the

ISAR International Astrologer, August, 2016; Vol 45 #2 - Page 11

Interview with Isabel Guimaraes ISAR Vice President for Portugal Interviewed by Richard and Victoria Smoot Richard and Victoria: Hello Isabel. Isabel: Hello, Richard! Hello, Victoria! Richard: Isabel, we’d like to welcome you as a Vice President for Portugal for ISAR. We’re very pleased and honored to have you and we want to learn more about you. Isabel: Thank you for this opportunity. It’s a privilege for me as a Vice President of ISAR and to do this program (Consulting Skills) with you and Victoria, because I think it is so important that the Portuguese have this program to integrate in their practice as astrologers. We have here another reality in astrology than you have because we are a small country, we are a small people, and we don’t have so many opportunities to learn astrology. I learned astrology myself when I have the opportunity to study. I went to Brazil because here in Portugal I just have one school to learn Astrology in Lisbon. And when I was the first time in Brazil -- the first time I enter into a plane -- because I was very afraid to travel in a plane, it was for my first certification for Consulting Skills in ISAR Brazil. It was like . . . whooof . . . I don’t know what name I can give. But it was so emotional because it was the first I get out of my country in a plane. It was another country -- a big country. The language is the same. It was very easy for me, because the consulting skills were in English and I have this more or less. It was so important for me to have consulting skills in Brazil with Monica Dimino. Then I have the second consulting skills and wow! -- I want all this astrology for the Portuguese. Richard: What I find so interesting about what you are saying is that you took this Consulting Skills course in another country, being conducted by our Vice President, Marcia, in Brazil. Isabel: Exactly.

Page 14 - ISAR International Astrologer, August, 2016; Vol 45 #2

Richard: So it’s almost as if we have one Vice President helping out another Vice President to expand ISAR’s programs and education throughout the country. Isabel: Yes. Exactly. Victoria: It’s almost like she sponsored you, like a mentor. Isabel: Yes! Yes! In that moment, in 2011, I had a dream to construct a Portuguese Association because we don’t have any in Portugal. It is another reality I watch in Brazil because they have many support associations. They have ISAR. In that moment for me, and it was like “Wow, I want that in Portugal,” because I don’t have opportunities here in my own country to study astrology and to have quality, like a program. And it was like a dream, you know. I am a Gemini. I am a child, but I am a grown child; my heart is a child. I am a child who wants to share things. I needed to have that in Portugal, but in that moment there was another Vice President in Portugal, so I wait … I wait … and nothing happens. And this is why I traveled to Brazil to have my two consulting skills. And my consultations like as an astrologer immediately were like, Wow! I am consulting! Because I feel that in my profession, my consultations were so much richer after I do these Consulting Skills. Richard: So, you actually come from a line of people who have been Vice Presidents in Portugal for ISAR, starting with Alan Oken and then Nuno Michaels, and you are our third now. As we all grow, we move on to new things. I’m so impressed with the students I have met here, I would like to have our ISAR readership learn how did you come into Astrology? Isabel: Oh, my God! Well . . . Richard: If you could do this in 7000 words or less, it would be good. (laughing) Isabel: (Laughing) Ok, I am going to try. First of all, I am a Gemini. I want to know the answers to my questions, always. I have Saturn and Sun in my 9th house, and I needed to structure my knowledge. I wanted to know me, because I have a story of my life with many, many obsta-

cles, and many pains, many accidents. I was abandoned; I grow alone. I wasn’t able to experience the age I was living. I was too young, and I worked to have my house to sleep and my food. Well, it was in my first Saturn Return, I had an accident; it was so strong that it took my life in a car. I left my body and lived an experience from outside of Earth, I suppose, because I was so hurt. I was in a place -- I can’t explain it in the material terms. And it was so strong -- still strong for me. I needed to know what happened to me; if it was my imagination or if it was real. So, I went profoundly into my knowledge. I was Pluto in action, and I needed to know many things. I studied lots of other philosophies. I have a degree from the Mental Systems of European Intelligence at London College in psychology and hypnotherapy, I studied therapies, I studied magic, I studied oracles, I studied Tarot. I studied a lot of things. Richard: So, It sounds like out of the tragedy you suffered, you wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on. You looked in many, many different areas to find the answers to satisfy: as in -- What was going on with me? Isabel: Yeah. Of course, we live in most of the illusions of our planet, but I needed to clean some of the illusions and get structure in my life with knowledge. I need knowledge to grow. I need to have the two parts of life -- there is nothing wrong, there is nothing right, there is just the experience of life. This is my concept of life. Richard: Sure. Isabel: But for being at this level of living, I needed to make profound my knowledge, with my experience of what happened with me. I lost my memory, consequently, from the accident. For a Gemini, lost memory is killing -- killing a Gemini because we need to have our mind constantly active with knowledge, with comprehension. For to speak, we need knowledge. And the study was my treasure for my lost memory. Richard: Oh, . . . I see. So it was a kind of self-therapy. Isabel: Exactly. But all the knowledge I have didn’t give me the information I wanted. And one day, some friend told me, “You’re going to an astrologer.” And I go. OK, I have open mind, I experience all the things, not right or not wrong, let’s go. Well, yes. And she looked at my chart, what we in Portugal call the Natal Chart, Map Chart. OK? For us, it’s a map. And she told me, “You’re going to be an astrologer.” “What? You are a crazy person.” And I reject what she told me. But she was so clever, she gave me her book, and she gave me a chal-

lenge because I have Mars on the MC. “You are going to read this book, and tomorrow you are going to tell me what the Cycle is, and what the Planet is.” Well, I came home I picked up the book, and I shut the book. “No.” I threw it away. But, one hour later . . . (grumble, grumble, grumble) . . . “OK . . . lets try it.” Because I never saw the cycles in astrology, never, the moment I looked at the book, and started reading all that, in a minute, Wow! I know what it says. It’s like, it explained it, you know? The challenge she gave me, I passed the challenge and in another day, I was in her office. Well, I worked with her. It was my first experience with Astrology. She invited me to work with her. Richard: The curiosity for the Gemini gave you the keys to open the door. She is pretty clever. Isabel: Yes, very clever. I was with her six months. Well, then was the time I profound my knowledge. I studied alone and I go to Brazil. Richard: So the Astrologer that you met with turned on a key for you to study, even more and harder, the kind of astrology you felt was important. Victoria: What do you feel had the most influence on the way you do Astrology? Isabel: I think my influence is to put the person in their life. I think the more important thing is to respect the client like I respect every human being. I may not agree with what the persons do, but it seemed to be different for me to learn. And this is why I love what I do. And many times clients tell me a story of their lives is my life, and I feel it. But, I like to be in my neutral position. Richard: I think you struck on something you just said –a neutral position. That’s a very important concept for a consultant, and perhaps you could describe what this neutral means and why it is so important. Isabel: I think if we lift the problem off our client, we are going to be the problem also. In the office there is nobody to assist us. Because I feel the problem, I have compassion from the problem. But that person came to me for not the answers, because I don’t give the answer. This is why I love your program because that is my philosophy. But, I try to create other ways for my clients to solve what they want to do. I thought that it is important to be neutral. If we are not neutral, we are a problem for the client because we started to cry, we start to feel pain, and we are not going to help our client.

ISAR International Astrologer, August, 2016; Vol 45 #2 - Page 15

Richard: So then, you become . . . Isabel: . . . the client, yeah. I like this because in the two first years as a consulting astrologer, I did do that, and I was sick because of that. I have a problem in my heart. Twelve years ago I had three heart attacks. I have a chronic problem in my heart. I need to take medication for my heart beat. Because it can stop -- they call it a neurological syndrome, and it doesn’t have the blood sufficiency to put there. Richard: So it seems that your journey into Astrology has been really a Chiron heroin’s adventure. You are the healer. You do healing. Victoria: A wounded healer. Richard: Yes. Through your own wounds, you will make life better. Isabel: I have Chiron in the 7th house. Richard: Ah, for other people. Isabel: And in opposition to the Moon, I thought it was like a bridge. My clients bring me their problems. I help them to watch their problems and create in other ways. But the problem for my client, it was my problem, also. So it’s like a bridge for my client and me. This why I have so much respect for your program, because what you teach was the first thing I identified for me. Monica Dimino said, “You are not the Father. Your clients are not children.” You are the astrologer, and the client, like a bridge -- 1st house to the 7th house.” This was for me, the “click.” Richard: I have notice in visiting with you, that you have a very dynamic school. You have a very structured curriculum that is three years long. Very well developed, you have regular classes. You do many things in astrology in Portugal. Perhaps you can tell the ISAR readers more about your school and how it came about. Isabel: Well, like the Portuguese Association, like my school, like now being Vice President of ISAR. I do all those things because I don’t want students to experience what I did. I was like in a jail, I didn’t have open doors for studying in my country astrology. So, I swore to myself, if one day I will be a professional astrologer, I will instruct in a school for my students, here in Porto, so they don’t experience what I experienced. Because all in Portugal is concentrated in Lisbon, the capitol of Portugal, here in Porto there is not so much opportunity. This is perhaps the only school, here in Porto, in Portugal with this strucPage 16 - ISAR International Astrologer, August, 2016; Vol 45 #2

ture of program to take a course of Astrology. And it is perhaps the only school of Astrology in Portugal that has the certification of our government from the Ministry of Education. I think I am here to create a bridge for the way they do. It is more structure and a facility. Victoria: Tell us about the Astrological community in Portugal, and what your involvement has been there. Isabel: Oh, my God, I am going to tell you a phrase from a precious friend I have. I love it. She is older than me, because I learn. She told me one day, very strong, the astrologers in Portugal like to be an island. She told me, “You become with the Portuguese Association, and take them all the way. You create a Portuguese Association and bring them to the world, and bring them into a community.” I think that is the better way to answer you that question. We are so much in our world, because the Astrologers need to study, investigation and research, there are times we forget to be social. Another problem, I think is general, not just in Portugal, is that some Astrologers think they have more knowledge than the others. And the other problem is that they are afraid to be tested “because you know more than me.” So I don’t go with you because it would show I don’t know as much as you. It’s a contradiction because Astrology is a universal language, and this is my problem. If our old fathers in Astrology give us this knowledge, it’s a treasure. Why do we keep alone? Why don’t we share? We learn a lot with colleagues. I don’t have the library in my head. And if I talk with you about a technique I know, and you know another technique, Oh, my God, I am going to learn more. I think there is a resistance, and because Portugal is a traditional country, we are so religious because we have this culture, we are so close to our world, it is difficult. I think it’s a miracle we have a Portuguese Association. Richard: So, it really is that you were able to put aside your personal gain through your school, the money to pay for your office and so forth, and open up an Association to embrace world concepts, and the Astrology of the world as opposed to just a single country. You open astrologers to grow within Portugal and they can learn and teach from each other and not be a closed universe. Isabel: Exactly. It’s because I love my country. It’s because I love Portuguese people and I know Portuguese history is so rich, and we rediscover the world. Victoria: So now you are the Vice President of ISAR for Portugal. Tell us what that means to you.

Isabel: Too much responsibility? (laughing) No, I like it because I like responsibility. Richard: You don’t seem to be someone that shies away from responsibility. Isabel: No, I like it. I like structure. I am not Virgo, but I like to organize and have responsibilities because they give me a sense of life. And to be Vice President of ISAR is and opportunity to build a bridge for Portuguese and the world. This is why I am doing this, because I like a life that I just need money to pay my things. I don’t want a Porsche, I don’t want a Ferrari, I don’t want a house with a swimming pool. I love horses, yes. I am lucky to be one. But I just ask God to give me money sufficiently to pay my bills, to enjoy life and to enjoy what I love. This is why I love to be Vice President of ISAR and because I believe in your program. I don’t do this to be another office or job, or to be recognized by society. Richard: It’s not one more entry on your resume. Isabel: No. It is for giving opportunities for what we did these three days. I am so happy, I told one student I don’t mind if I die today, because I complete my mission. I am so happy because it was so difficult to bring you here and to give this opportunity to our astrologers in Portugal. I do this because I love building the bridge; it is my destiny. Victoria: What do you find the most challenging in your practice and teaching of Astrology? Isabel: Well, my challenge is to clean all the concepts of the small, of the crystal ball, divination. I hate that. I hate it, using, sorry, I am speaking with my heart, not my brain. I hate it when they put astrology to use like a divination. It is not that. I give the knowledge, the mental, and the structure of astrology. This is why I love your program. It is in the right direction of what I do. This is the challenge because all my students begin the first and second class and say “Oh, are we doing calculation? .What is that? I thought I was going to learn to predict the future.” No, no, no. I tell all my students if they survive in my first class, they are going to the end. I put it in a different way than they learn astrology in Portugal. I give the order differently. I don’t want to give my students in the first class what is Aries, Gemini, Pluto, Saturn, no. In the first class, calculations, orbit of planets, ecliptic, hours of the chart . . . well, the fundamentals.

Richard: To understand the astronomy of astrology, to understand the movement of the heavens, the celestial mechanics, these are all important concepts in putting together the symbols that you will be teaching later on. Isabel: Yeah. That is what I do. I think this is the challenge -- to take off the illusions that astrology is for divination, and know the answers. I hate it. I hate that word. Well, their life is the client. I think this is the challenge. Richard: Sitting with you and listening to your passion, you just told us what your challenges, I am almost afraid to ask what makes you excited about Astrology. Victoria: What is the most exciting thing about practicing and teaching of Astrology? Isabel: Oh, my God (laughing). I feel that life is an exciting experience. In astrology it is a circle of all that we experience in life, so I think this is exciting. I am a Gemini, so I like to be excited. But the most exciting is when my students read me a chart. When a client calls me and tells me. “Isabel, I start my new job, it was so important for me to have that conversation, that consult with you because you opened my mind. You helped me to search my answers.” Wow, I need to be sincere and honest because that is what for me excites me. Of course, all the techniques and correlations with the lives, and the progressions and transits, Oh my God. I love to study more and more and more astrology. I pick my books; I buy lots of books. I like to listen to another astrologer. I love to learn with people who know more than me. This is what excites me a lot. Richard: Wow! Victoria: This tells us what really gives you oxygen, to go on in astrology, what really feeds you and nourishes you the most? Isabel: Exactly, yes. Richard: I’ve learned earlier that you also provide service to the general public about astrology through a television program. Would you please tell us about that? Isabel: Oh, this excites me a lot, also, because it is an opportunity. It is almost impossible in Portugal to practice astrology live on TV without giving the future, and mixing with other stuff and predicting the future with callers. I love the director because he knows very correctly, and he knows astrology. And once when he invited me for an

ISAR International Astrologer, August, 2016; Vol 45 #2 - Page 17

interview, I had worked seven years in television as a producer, years ago, and I told him, “Well, I want it like this. If you want it, I will be back. If you don’t want it, I will never be back.” And “wow, this is what I wanted, ” said the director. So, what do we do? First of all, the persons give the producers the name, the question the want to know, and their birth information. There are so many areas of life and I have, what, five minutes for three calls. Well, it’s so nice because I am there four years, Is it possible? And in a TV show in Portugal it is impossible to add so much time, and people want to call back, “I am in a divorce” “I am going to die.” We don’t do that, so I think it is an excellent way to amuse the public and show what is astrology. There is a channel here in Porto called “Porto Canal.” It’s the name of the network. Richard: So you’re able to express to a wider audience your core values of astrology as being a tool for self-understanding as opposed to forecasting someone’s fate. Isabel: Exactly. Richard: We’ve talked a great deal about your work here in Portugal and what you are doing for ISAR in Portugal - opening up so the others can the world can see that astrology is working here. Looking at your students that are learning more -- helping them so they will be helping others. You’ve sparked a lot of minds and good things seem to come from astrology, so I am interested in what you see are the trends for astrology in the future? Isabel: I think that if we do this job – teach new students to be professional astrologers, with all the structure and techniques and all, preparing good students we are going to go back to the old knowledge and bring it forward into the present -- the students will be aware and we train students to respect astrology with the consulting skill, we have a great future. And my dream is that the country accepts the dignity of astrology as a profession. But the work initiates two years, more or less, because the people are more aware. I think the world is changing for a new consciousness and respect of the others. We know about the transits and progressions, and the Age Page 18 - ISAR International Astrologer, August, 2016; Vol 45 #2

of Aquarius, but I feel that if you give them the opportunity to study with good structure and with this knowledge, I think we are going to be very happy to watch good astrologers respect clients, and respect the story of astrology, and respect our fathers, respect for the techniques from the older ones, and respect the old astrologer because they know much more than them. And I think, it is my hope, and I believe the population is going to respect more the astrology we have. I think we are in a transition to bring the old knowledge and give focus to a good professional astrology. Richard: Astrology has over the many, many centuries, has had plenty of people that take away from and detract from astrology because it isn’t based on any science and all the arguments that are against astrology. But you say the world is having more and more awareness of Astrology so some things are coming together. You and I both know this will take a lot of time. Isabel: But it’s like a plant -- like a flower. We put a seed in the Earth. We take care of the seeds. If we take care of the seeds, give water, talking to the seeds, and give what the seed needs, I think we are going to watch it grow – it takes time.

Richard: And if I may use your metaphor even farther, we can say that all the other astrologers in the world must raise their professional status, so that we are strong cells in the plant. Isabel: Exactly. I think ISAR, Portuguese Association and others, like NCGR, for example, all the people respect the astrologer and teach the structure they need – the plant the seeds, and we never give up to care for the seeds. Richard: All the other organizations, we all have the same goal in mind, to have astrology professional around the world. You’re doing an amazing part. ISAR coming to Portugal at this time, is almost a kick-off to a conference that you’ll be holding here. Could you tell our readers about the conference? Isabel: Awe, this is another dream! Because is the first time in the world, we are going to have an international conference in Portugal in 2017 (February 24,25 & 26). Portuguese Association organized last year with Brazilians to unite for a conference for first time too, in the world – a big conference, forty-eight astrologers. For us, this next year is in my city, because last year was in Lisbon. I think it unifies many astrologers from many countries, another cultures, another acknowledgement in one place, giving that conference, each giving a course, unite people. It’s from London, from Untied states, from Brazil, from Mexico, Argentina, all from the world. We call it first International Conference of Astrology, and the slogan is “Sounding Energies,” united in one place to teach to new Portuguese astrologers to build a bridge, you know? I think it is like a door open, truly, but an opportunity to have here. Richard: So much like Porto, the city of the bridges, you have taken this on very literally in your work, putting on an international conference takes a lot of work and energy. I am sure you have people assisting you, but it sounds as if you are doing a lot of this simply yourself. I also looked at the people you have attending, and I am very pleased the world is also supporting you. You have many wonderful speakers from England, from the United States, from France, from Mexico, Brazil – are all coming together as professional astrologers supporting you in your efforts to bring quality astrology to Portugal.

like Lisbon, but I hope all our invited astrology professionals, all of the societies of astrology, ISAR, can help us to publicize and promote to people from the other countries, our Spanish friends, England, and the public – the Portuguese. Richard: We have an expression, there is nothing like your first kiss. You have the fear and worry of it going right, and all the expectation that goes into it. But after you have your first kiss, will there be second? Isabel: Yes, many, many, because the Portuguese Association now decided to do two things. One, a symposium with Brazil last year; now we are going to do another in 2019, and the next Congress is scheduled. And another symposium, also Brazilian – so every two years there will be an opportunity. Richard: Is there anything else you want to tell ISAR readers? Isabel: It’s a great pleasure; it’s a privilege, it’s an honor to have both of you here. I love to know you, and I hope it is a beginning of a big future with us. Richard: We look forward a long lasting relationship in helping you promote, not just ISAR, but astrology throughout Portugal. Victoria: . . . to continue the work in Portugal. That is our wish also. Richard: Let’s see, I have to insert here – Obrigado! Victoria: Oh, yes. Obrigada! Isabel: Obrigada! Thank you! All: Yay!!!

Isabel: And it’s the first time, and in all the things we are a small country, and it’s the first time. So I am a little scared, of course. There are some nights I wake up I the middle of the night. For people in Portugal to buy a ticket to listen to an astrologer in not our culture, in our small country, is difficult. Last year we had 200 people – it was like a miracle in Lisbon, the capitol. Here it is not so easy ISAR International Astrologer, August, 2016; Vol 45 #2 - Page 19

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Entrevista a IsabelGuimarães pela ISAR  

Entrevista a Isabel Guimarães - Vice Presidente da ISAR Portugal, e a primeira turma de formandos com a formação de Técnicas de Consultoria...

Entrevista a IsabelGuimarães pela ISAR  

Entrevista a Isabel Guimarães - Vice Presidente da ISAR Portugal, e a primeira turma de formandos com a formação de Técnicas de Consultoria...