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Breast Enhancement Surgery Offered by  Delaware Plastic Surgeons The   board­certified   plastic   surgeons   at   Aesthetic   Plastic   Surgery   of   Delaware   in   Wilmington   perform   the   surgery   using Saline or Memory Gel silicone implants  Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of  Delaware,  a   leading   center  for   cosmetic   surgery,   offers  breast   augmentation  surgery  to   patients   in  Delaware,   Wilmington.   The  procedure   is   designed   to  add   volume,   firmness,   and  thereby   provide   a   youthful  look   to   the   breasts.  This  center   is   managed   by  board­certified  plastic  surgeons  ­  Dr.   deLeeuw   and   Dr.   Lonergan.     Dr.  deLeeuw has more than twenty years of experience and  exclusively   performs   cosmetic  procedures.   Dr.  Lonergan  performs both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.                    1.302.656.0214                    1.302.656.0214

At Aesthetic   Plastic   Surgery   of   Delaware   in   Wilmington,  breast enhancement is done using Saline or Memory Gel  silicone   implants   to   provide   excellent,   natural   looking  results.   The   new   silicone   gel   implants   or   Memory   Gel  implants, feel softer than saline implants. Saline implants  have   been   used   for   many   years   and   hundreds   of  thousands of women have had breast augmentation using  saline implants with excellent results.  The   breast   augmentation  technique   used  by   these  Delaware  cosmetic   surgeons  keeps   patients   comfortable  after   surgery.   This  cosmetic  breast   surgery  itself   takes  approximately 1­2 hours and is  generally performed in the fully  accredited on site surgical suite  under   general   anesthesia.   In  some cases, local anesthesia is  administered.   If   the   patients  prefer, breast lift is also performed in conjunction with a  breast augmentation.  Dr.   deLeeuw   is   also   an   expert   in   performing   Trans  Umbilical   Breast   Augmentation   (T.U.B.A.).   The   main                    1.302.656.0214                    1.302.656.0214

advantage is   that   the  procedure   eliminates   the  possibility of any scars on the  breast since the implants are  inserted   through   a   small  incision in the bellybutton. About   Aesthetic   Plastic  Surgery of Delaware Aesthetic   Plastic   Surgery   of   Delaware   is   one   of   the  premier  cosmetic   surgery   centers  in   Wilmington,  Delaware.   The   board   certified   plastic   surgeons   provide  plastic   surgery  procedures   to   patients   from   Delaware,  Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and beyond.   The  5000   square   foot   office   suite,   located   in   Wilmington,  Delaware,   includes   a   fully   equipped   operating   room  accredited   by   the   American   Association   for   the  Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF).  For   more   information,   call   302.656.0214   or   visit­ enhancement/ Location and Contact Details  M/S. Faces and Figures                    1.302.656.0214                    1.302.656.0214

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Wilmington Delaware 19806 Ph / 302.656.0214                    1.302.656.0214

Breast Enhancement Surgery Offered by Delaware Plastic Surgeons  

The board-certified plastic surgeons at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware in Wilmington perform the surgery using Saline or Memory Gel s...

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