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Bridal Bells THE SUMMER OF


A brand new column by ESSEX SUPERMODEL

Harriadnie Beau

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13/06/2012 07:24

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s en t nt Co










Abbi Rose, Adeele, Katerina, Adelaide Turnbull, Agata Myszkowska, Alyssa Judge Booth, Andrew r Moore, Alison Francis, AMarfoog, Ana Popescu, Angela Rafaela, Anna Gardiner, Antonio Impieri, Ashley Metta, Ashley, Barry Druxman, Bernie Hurst, Bojanna, Brad Inglis, Bradley Ennis,Bradley Storey, Carla Creegan, Carmit Bachar, Carrie Tibbs, Cath Cowley, Chadwin Scott, Chelsey Baker, Chloe-Jasmine Whichello, Chris Lombardo, Chris Rushton, Claire Harrison, Colleen Deary, Courtney H, Courtney King, Cristina Carra Caso, Crystal Deroche, Dana Höhne, Danial Gowans, Danny Plume, Dave Kai-Piper, David Maderich, David Widjaja, Deena Kacie Bayles, Diana Zwarthoed, Dominic Judge Booth, Eduardo Mella, Eleise Lucraft, Elisa Gianna Gerlach, Elissa Baker, Elvira Schelling, Ema Suvajac, Emma Rose, Emma Ven, Erin Bigg, Erin Fee, Ersin Mumin, Fiona Henderson, Fiona Linsley, Francisco Casals, Graham Booth, Hanif Khan, Harriadnie Beau-Phipps, Hugh O Malley, Jackie Garcia, Jade Turnbull, Jamal Edmonds, James Earnshaw, Jean Booth, Jessica Minton, Jo Reilly, Jo Williams, Joey Bevan, John Farrar, Joy Adenuga, Joy Lowrie, Julia Naismith, Julian Boustos, Kai R Joachim, Karelea Mazolla, Karla Von Denkoff, Katia Vaunn, kazza

Macca, Kelly Plume, Kevin Goolsby, Kristen Dugdale, Kristina Vassilieva, Ksenia Mcbell, Laura May, Lauren Andrew, Lee Compton, Lee Heeley, Lel Burnett, Lindsay Annette, Lisa Anderson, Lisa CarterMc Phee, Lisa Valencia, Liz Wegrzyn, Lolly Feng, Luke Woodford, Madi, Mae Richards, Marc Evans, Marie Bärsch, Martin Höhne, Mary Dyann Kees, Mary Lynn Ozone, Matt Schofield, Maze photography, Melika, Mercedes Molina, Meredith Liberty, Monica True, Mutsumi Shibahar, Nadia Burai,Natalie ‘Genie’ Georgiou, Natalie J Watts, Nicole S, Nikolaus Grünwald, Nina Napoletano, Norman, Oksana, Orlando Perez, Ovidiu Oltean, Paul Marr,Phillip Ritchie,Richard Dubois, Renaissance Couture, Richard Mayfield, Riya Ray Ria, Roberto Ligresti, Rory Rice, Rowan Joy, Roy Rogers, Ruby S Balthazar, Safiyah, Sally McDonald, Sam Thurgood, Sascha Martini, Savannah Thomas, Scarlett Herzog, Sebastian Lang, Sharon Summers, Sherri Jessee, Shikira M, Siah Howard,Simone Piper, Sophie Laidlaw, Stacey Clarke, Stephan Mall, Stephan Mall, Stuart Philips, Sue Kearns Suzana Santalab, Tania, Antonio, Tanja Plecas, Tatiana Very,Timothy R. Lowery, Titilayo Bankole, Trent Simmons,Troy Jenson, Vanessa Hagemann, Vik VallentinoV, Xango, Zara Argent.

Who’s Who? Natasha Booth Company Director/Editor Richard Sumner Company Director Lee Compton Managing Editor Kristina Vassilieva Executive Beauty Editor Carmit Bachar Celebrity Columnist Harriadnie Beau Phipps Celebrity Columnist Joey Bevan Celebrity Columnist Christine Anne Copy Editor Gemma Morpurgo Pro. Make-up Artist & Writer David Walker Head of Web, Media & IT Chelsea Louise Haden Web Assistant Bcreative Media Magazine Design Email: Web:

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08/06/2012 07:33

Kristina Vassilieva Model Harriadnie Beau-Phipps Stylist Crystal Deroche Hair Natalie Danielle


Make-up Joy Adenuga

Wardrobe Crystal Deroche Retoucher Ovidiu Oltean


l Sociaa? Medi

“In the Summer time when the weather is high, you can chase right up and reach the sky!”

w llo Fo us!

ine agaz n_m faceo agazine @ : ter nm Twit B: faceo F

The iconic lyrics of Mungo Jerry - and there aren’t any words more fitting as we welcome you to our sensational summer edition! OK, so it’s not quite the weather to ‘bear it all’ in your favourite bikini, nor to unpack your special one’s Speedos – but let’s face it, we’d only moan if it was. That said, the scent of summer is certainly in the air. It’s time to plan ahead and whatever the weather, let’s embrace and be bold as we adorn the latest summer make-up and say ‘pooh-pooh’ to the rain!

Also in this issue:


The Vixen, DEAD or RED

Here at FACEON HQ we’ve been very busy bees. Once again, raising the bar and publishing, in our opinion, our best magazine to date. We’ve watched with great eagerness and excitement as FACEON Magazine has evolved into the inspirational make-up bible that it is today – and for this we’re sincerely humbled and, with great gratitude, we thank you all for being with us once again. As usual, you can expect to find an abundance of make-up guides, tips and tutorials – as well as the latest products, style trends, fashion and stunning photography. And a whole lot more besides!


TIP TOP - with our very own Pussycat Doll


Summer Seduction - How to: Sexy and sizzling


Bumble Bees - The Bee’s Knees, honey

Nat asha Boot h EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 7

Richard Sumner


What’s more, we’d like to hear your views. Should you feel we’ve ‘missed a trick’, or there’s something specific that you’d like our team to tackle, let us know! You are welcome to contact our Editor-in-Chief directly at Natasha@ (and she may even dish out a few prizes!). FACEON Magazine sends a warm welcome to yet more new members of our team! Supermodel, Harriadnie Beau Phipps joins us as cover girl and brand new columnist - and she’s joined by iconic Essex Designer, Mr. Joey Bevan too! There’s also more from our very own Pussycat Doll, Carmit and brand new Photography Masters never showcased in FACEON Magazine before! With titles such a Vogue under the belts, it’s all pretty exciting stuff! And that about wraps it up – let’s just hope that the typical English weather allows you to ‘unwrap’ a little – at least once or twice! Stay safe, have fun and enjoy FACEON Magazine and your summer, wherever you are. Until the next time…

08/06/2012 07:33

ISSUE 9 | 2012

Summer Allure Presents


This step by step guide has everything you need to achieve that sassy summer style... FACEON Beauty Editor, Kristina Vassilieva tells you how.

1 2

3 4

Before you begin, apply a moisturizing primer all over the face. This will help to hold your make-up in place and gives the skin a subtle glow.

To achieve that bronzed, summer-inspired look, use a foundation that is two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Apply the darker foundation around and under the jaw line, just below the cheekbones and along the hairline. Then, using a foundation two shades lighter than the natural skin tone you can highlight the high points of the face to bring out your features (apply to the bridge of the nose, the forehead, apples of the cheekbones, the chin and anywhere you want to enhance). Blend both foundations together with a fluffy brush. To create a believable tan, be sure to blend well into the ears and any visible areas of the neck.

Fill in the eyebrows with a kohl pencil in a colour that is a match to the hair colour. Brush the colour through the eyebrows with a clean mascara wand to soften any visible pencil strokes.

On the eyelids, apply a gold eye shadow all over the lid and up to the brow bone with a fluffy eye shadow brush. Using a darker brown colour, apply through the socket of the eye with a tapered eye shadow brush. Blend the gold eye shadow thoroughly using a fluffy eye shadow brush before using the darker eye shadow. Sweep the colour under the water line with a

small eye shadow liner brush for more definition. Line the lash line and waterline with a matte brown eye liner pencil, and then smudge it out using a smudge brush. Apply one coat of mascara to the top and bottom lashes to add fullness and length.

5 6 7 8

After applying eye shadow, conceal under the eyes using a foundation shade two shades lighter than your skin tone. Concealing after the eye shadow will allow you to clean up under the eye from any fallout and will brighten the complexion instantly.

using a mineral bronzer, apply to the cheekbones for a subtle glow and luminescent sheen. Lightly sweep the bronzer to the temples and hairline for an added touch, and highlight the cheekbones with a vanilla-coloured liquid highlighting crème.

For the lips, first apply a lip moisturiser before coating with a baby pink lipstick or a luscious glaze of lip gloss. In the cupid’s bow of the lip you can highlight with your highlighting product, which will truly bring attention to the lips.

Last, but not least, apply two coats of a setting spray over the face. This will add a nice and glossy, refreshed finish, as well as setting your make-up in place throughout the hot summer’s day (wishful thinking!)

8 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 8

08/06/2012 07:33

Timothy R. Lowery Hair & Make-up Chris Rushton

Model Oksana @ B1 Model Management NYC

Photography Assistants Jackie Garcia / Julian Boustos Styling Oksana Anel

Styling Assistant Meredith Liberty

9 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 9

08/06/2012 07:33

ISSUE 9 | 2012

10 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 10

08/06/2012 07:33

Style is like a finger print that marks the image with the flavour and personality of the photographer


er mm a u s se zed er ron look, u s dark b e e a eup had ne. eat k s r a c o To ired m is tw kin to s t insp n tha tural o a i t n nda the fou then FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 11

08/06/2012 07:33

ISSUE 9 | 2012

Dress Villa Clothes Top Seelenkleid Shoes Supertrash

20 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 20

08/06/2012 07:34

Shorts & Top Seelenkleid Shoes Bruno Premi

Sebastian Lang Model Mandy Bork

Stylist Elvira Schelling / Tanja Soulek

Producer & Make-up Artist Suzana Santalab Hair Stephan Mall

Fashion Drykorn for beautiful people Seelenkleid; Bruno Premi; Patrizia Pepe; Maison Scotch; Supertrash; French Connection; Vila Clothes

Blouse Maison Scotch Leggings & Shoes Seelenkleid

21 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 21

08/06/2012 07:34

ISSUE 9 | 2012



The 20th century saw an incredible change for women to embrace the modern world outside of the traditional bounds of the home. At the start of the century, women were denied a voice but by the end of it, their position had changed beyond recognition. The most important political right won by women was the right to vote. The change was associated with the campaigns of the militant suffragettes and the non-militant suffragists. Over time, the role of



women in society has changed with many more women becoming increasingly involved in the world of politics, and therefore having more power to promote equal rights. The Power Vixen shoot was based on the concept of power and abandonment, and how society elevates power. Red is a metaphor for power. Those who lack power look up to those who are in power, however, when the time is right, those lacking power take on the dominant role, even throughout the struggle. Oftentimes those in powerful positions have a team who is responsible for carrying out the tasks at hand, but during times of praise (such as awards and acceptance speeches) the team is usually left in the shadows.

24 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 24

08/06/2012 07:35

Nothing screams confidence like a fire-engine red lipstick. Be sexy, be powerful, and make heads turn with Power Vixen’s look in just four easy steps:

POWEr VIxEN MAKEUP Nothing screams confidence like a fire-engine red lipstick! To get noticed, steal this power vixen’s sexy look.

STEP 1 Apply your favourite foundation with a buffer brush; this will give your skin an airbrushed look. The model is wearing MAKE uP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover foundation.

STEP 2 Sculpt your cheekbones using a bronzer. Apply the bronzer directly below your cheekbones with a contouring brush and blend well to ensure you aren’t left with any lines of demarcation. We love the Yaby Cosmetics blush/ bronzer in 012!

STEP 3 using Yaby Cosmetics eye shadow in Abyss. Apply the from lash line to the crease and blend upwards. For this look, skip the eyeliner.

STEP 4 Line your lips with MAKE uP FOR EVER Aqua Lip waterproof lipliner pencil in Red 8C and use a lip brush to apply OCC Lip Tar in Stalker.


or Ever ake Up F



HD Foun

Bradley Ennis Models Bojanna, Ashley & Yulia

@ ORB Model Management Hair Stylist Sobhuza Moore

Make-up Artist Angela Rafaela

Designer Francisco Casals Wardrobe Stylist Mary Dyann Kees

25 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 25

08/06/2012 07:36

FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 43

08/06/2012 07:40

ISSUE 9 | 2012

Teint: Velvet Lifting Foundation by Make-Up Factory (No. 20) Bobbi Brown Cream Concealer MAC Cream Color Base (in Hush) MAC Blot Powder


sunset kissed Presents



Make-up Artist, Dana Höhne tells of her ‘tips n’ tricks’ to help you achieve this sensational ‘sunset’ look.

“To begin the look, I applied the Cream Concealer underneath the eyes using a Concealer Brush (F70) by Sigma. Continuing with the fantastic Sigma range, I applied the foundation with the Duo Fibre (F50) Brush and the MAC Blot Powder using the (F40) Brush. Using my finger, I then ‘tapped’ MAC’s Cream Colour Base to the sides and rear of the nose, again, finishing with the MAC Blot Powder.”


Jade by Maybelline (in Passion Red) Artdeco (435)


Eyeshadow Base by Artdeco Eyeshadow by Grimas (in 580 Light Beige) Eyeshadow by Grimas (in 884 Light Brown) I Love Extreme Volume Mascara by Essence

“To form the base, I began by applying eyeshadow primer to the entire eyelid. Again, using my Sigma brushes I applied the beige shadow with Blending Brush (E25) and the light brown with (E30) Pencil Brush. Apply the light brown into the crease line and blend intensely up to the eyebrows. To finish, just under the highest point of the brows, dab a little more light beige.”


Kryolan (Camouflage)

“Apply the Kryolam cream with a fresh mascara brush to achieve a ‘lighter’ look.”

new tex


NYX Cream Blush 09 (in Orange) “Using your fingertips, ‘dab’ a small amount of Cream Blush onto the cheeks and blend with your Sigma Duo Fibre (F50) Brush to create a subtle, summery glow!”

50 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 50

08/06/2012 07:41

Teint: Velvet Lifting Foundation by Make-Up Factory (No. 20) Bobbi Brown Cream Concealer MAC Blot Powder

how-to “You can prepare this Martin Höhne Hair & Make-up Dana Höhne Model Scarlett Herzog

look in a very similar

Brush (E25) and again, to the entire

way as before.”

lid, with the orange eyeshadow applied to the outer corner of the eye and


upper eyelid sections only. You’ll need

MAC Viva Glam (Gaga Glass)

to blend together well to create an


almost ‘smoky eye’ effect.

Eyeshadow Base by Artdeco

From here, I applied the light beige to

Eyeshadow by Grimas

the highest point under the eyebrow.

(in 580 Light Beige) NYx Palette Caribbean

new text

yellow eyeshadow using Blending

Collection (Orange) NYx Palette Caribbean Collection (Yellow) I Love Extreme Volume Mascara by Essence (upper lashes only) “Continuing with my beloved Sigma Brushes, I applied the base primer to the entire eyelid. I then applied the

Next, with the orange, draw a line using a small eyeliner brush to the upper and lower lashlines and dab a little tallow to the outer corner of the lower lashlines. Complete the look with the Essence Mascara on both upper and lower lashes.”

Eyebrows: Kryolan (Camouflage) “AS before, and voila!”

51 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 51

08/06/2012 07:41

ISSUE 9 | 2012


By Marc Evans

54 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 54

08/06/2012 07:42

Marc Evans

Model Tatiana (Major Models Milan) Tania (Joy Models Milan)

Antonio (Major Models Milan) Make-up Rory Rice

55 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 55

08/06/2012 07:42

ISSUE 9 | 2012

Shoes Christian Louboutin & Christian Dior Clothing Christian Dior & D&G Clothing Armani underwear La Perla Stockings Agent Provocateur

56 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 56

08/06/2012 07:42

57 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 57

08/06/2012 07:42


Going for

• Over 150 NEW launches and previews for 2013 • Over 400 of the industry’s finest brands

• 40 LIVE speaker & educational programmes covering beauty, fashion, make-up, nails and aesthetics • 1000’s of exclusive show offers • FREE entry to all trade visitors who pre-register

W OLYMPIA, LONDON 23-24 Sept 2012 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 76

08/06/2012 07:45

WWW.OLYMPIABEAUTY.CO.UK 23-24 September 2012 @olympiabeauty Find us on Facebook

FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 77

08/06/2012 07:45

ISSUE 9 | 2012


Monica True Model Courtney H.

@ Modelogic Wilhemina Make-up Liz Wegrzyn Hair Jamal Edmonds @ Salon Lamaj

Nails Titilayo Bankole


Eyes MAC eyeshadow in “chrome yellow”, “antiqued”, “embark”, and “brown down” Lips OCC Lip Tar in “safety Orange” and “divine” Armani mascara, and Makeup Forever Black eyeliner Braclet photographer’s own 80 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 80

08/06/2012 07:45

MAC eyeshadow in “chrome yellow”, “antiqued”, “embark”, and “brown down”.


MAC eyeshadow in “winkle”, “aquadisiac” and “beauty marked”

Lips OCC Lip Tar in “safety Orange” and “divine”

Lips OCC Lip Tar in “conquest” and “petty beige”.

Braclet photographer’s own

Braclet Jones NY, Necklace: Robert Rose

MAC eyeshadow in “chrome yellow”, “antiqued”, “embark”, and “brown down”


MAC eyeshadow in “winkle”, “aquadisiac” and “beauty marked”

Lips OCC Lip Tar in “safety Orange” and “divine”.

Lips OCC Lip Tar in “conquest” and “petty beige”.

Braclet photographer’s own

Braclet Robert Rose

Armani Mascara, and Makeup Forever Black eyeliner

Armani mascara, and Makeup Forever Black eyeliner


Armani mascara, and Makeup Forever Black eyeliner


Armani Mascara, and Makeup Forever Black eyeliner

81 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 81

08/06/2012 07:45

ISSUE 9 | 2012

cky a u l s ery sed a -up v r m I a endo Make ox’ e y sF to b ner b arle ig n’ Ch des nds ‘ ryola Bra & ‘K


PHOTOGrAPHErS: Brad Inglis Martin Higgs Mark Eastwood MAKE-UP: Melanie Brown Paul Merchant Emily Dhanjal Ana Popescu

Joey beaven

MODELS: Hannah Devane Gracie Gray Evangeline McManus Sophie Bird Courtney King Tarik John Sally Mac. CLOTHES STYLING & HAIr: Joey Bevan

the next generation This year is all about looking for up and of models, I am always mould into perfect can I es fac coming new models have few a print models. Lately ites to work our fav le litt new become my .com ‘Emily van ybe joe with, The face of my Robson, zie Liz ’ ous gyn dro Garner’, ‘An King & former ‘New Faced’ Courtney nne Northley. These Joa t tan tes BINTM con it is always so ll, we girls seriously work just starting are s del mo en wh g refreshin & Need’ in ant ‘W the out, when they have that little bit try m the kes ma s, their eye the right balance of extra, it’s hard to find dels these days... mo h wit ive Dr Beauty & that actually few a d so it was great to fin ... me d impresse

ne & I shot early models, Hannah Devan n, she is now ssio mi sub in January for a has become a & TV h Iris for g tin presen lly Higgins is set little star over there, Ho are all very excited to be married soon, we to be very good ugh eno ky for her! I am luc ver, who since friends with Imogen Lea been extremely has vs Ne h being signed wit ner from win the busy. Jade Thompson ing off to jett p, sto non n the show has bee of was one the many the Caribbean which ngside a 12 month alo w prizes for the sho e. I think it’s great contract with Model On t goes to show jus ll, we to see the girls do can help aspiring that Top Model really am. dre ir models to live the

also amazing to Talking of models, it is n & Ireland’s Next itai ‘Br m fro see my girls ll since the show. we Top Model’ doing so rking full time as wo ned sig Most are now

l be flying out along through the roof! I wil artists from Charles p keu ma with the head ‘Victoria Leigh’, also Fox ‘Paul Merchant’ & rapher ‘Paul Bates’, eog Vid ing the up & com Wigs & jewellery ’s with wigs by Annabelle show is set to be s thi re, utu by Latimer Co TM live! BIN n as big, if not bigger tha

endorsed as a I am very lucky to be Brands ‘Charles Fox’ up designer by Make they called me up to & ‘Kryolan’, so when go ahead to feature the tell me that I have 2012, I jumped at this year’s ANTM live

of ANTM since I have been a huge fan stuff to the show’s year zero... Strutting my a be on Top’... ann ‘W g gin theme tune sin & tain Ireland’s Next to be a designer at Bri great opportunity, a s wa e Top Model Liv p Model Live is Just but America’s Next To ! out of this world I had a call from Also on the same day me a presenting ng FASHOT TV offeri Fashion Week A/W on nd Lo ng eri slot cov ... my first paid day ear 2012/13 Mensw Bevan the presenter, presenting job... Joey ally as when I was at eci esp this excited me,

86 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 86

08/06/2012 07:46

During my hectic schedule and interviewing celebrities for ‘FASHOT TV’ I managed to watch Oliver Spencer’s & Matthew Miller’s Shows, which were very exciting, I loved how Oliver used Alternative and older models, even one who looks just like Jonny Depp, which I very much liked... Matthew Miller’s prints were out of this world, exploring the materials faced when walking from central London toward the outer sections, his production was fast paced with lots of energy. I was very lucky to interview them both for FASHOT TV and they were both generally nice guys, especially Oliver. The highlight of course was hanging with Alex Zane, who is not only stupidly handsome but a funny guy, full of banter we discussed the shows and had a right laugh.

school I was voted to either be a fashion designer or presenter when I grew up! February rocked on with my usual Styling work with the amazing photographer Bruce Smith, where I am his head stylist for all his Master Classes, I always love when his classes come around, it gives me time to meet all the new photography students who are always excited to work with me, so it always makes me feel good about myself... especially as I have chucked on some weight from eating so much over the Christmas period, Thank the lord I’m behind the camera lol.

can do when he has 8 cases of clothes and 7 black sacks of shoes, and I’m MALE!

The month moved forward with lots of shoots and fashion events leading up to London Fashion week... I always love the buzz leading up to Fashion Week; it’s similar to the lead up to your birthday or Christmas... The first weekend of fashion week I was booked to work with Photography duo ‘Anton Artemenkov’ & ‘Richard Paul’ on 5x submission shoots, we started the shoots with a Textured theme, followed by an 80s yuppie-inspired shoot, Lana Del Ray Florals, Gold digga The first week of February and then ended with a 60s I had an amazing meeting inspired print shoot. The with wig brand ‘www. energy was great working’, with an amazing make up with regard to an amazing team Abbie Rose & Emily collaboration later in the Jane Williams, alongside year of designer wigs aimed models Emilie Stenman, at Industry professionals, Emily Garner, Courtney such as, Make up artists, King & BINTM contestant Stylists, Hairstylists and ufuma (Mulan Lee)... this other Fashionistas. I am was one of the best shoots designing a wig range I have done this year... The which is set to be huge, I am photos are awesome! very excited! Time had flown by and So it hits mid February and it was time for London I have worked every day, Fashion Week A/W lucky for me. I realised I 2012/13... I only managed had 3 days off all to myself... to make it to Men’s wear which was interrupted by day due to being booked up. me moving house... and as we all know moving house The shows were is as tiring as working on an unbelievable, sitting on the 18 hour Music video! But front rows with the likes all is great and I am now of Alex Zane, Mr Hudson, moved and unpacked, well Sex Pistol - Ronnie Wood, the best a busy Fashionista Henry Conway, Laury

Smith, Gordon Richardson and many more... I was so impressed with the new range for Topman... Gordon Richardson has worked magic with the new collection inspired by the late 80s with Berlin/ electro feel, so much black, lots of leather, fur and PVC and carrying out a trend of military which was seen over women’s wear also.

So with March & April rolling up... I have lots of exciting trips coming up, flying to Düsseldorf to meet the heads of ‘Kryolan’ and working there with people such as Make up artists Joss Brands and Lan Nguyen... Also I get to work on the amazing winner of Miss universe (Miss Angola), plus a few of the beautiful runners up from the event. With my casting arranged for ANTM live for April, the flights are booked to head there and search for North American based Models as well as attending press events and Launch parties; the start of April is set to be crazy, leading through to May, when I fly out to represent the UK at ANTM Live’s actual 3 day event, I’m excited to meet some of the girls from the series and rocking that runway for my country... wow I feel like I’m entering the Eurovision...

Joey beaven

It was nice to bump into Laury Smith (head stylist from X-Factor) as I haven’t seen her since Mischa B wore my dress on the night she was evicted from X-Factor Dec 2010. She has some exciting projects coming up and it looks like there will be some collaborations between her styling and my designs in the near future.

2012 has started and already looks to be the most exciting year of my life... and to top it all I’m writing for FACEON magazine ... how cool is that?! Take care my little Fashion Freaks and here is to my first column and many to follow


Fashion Week always makes me laugh, some of the street style was crazy, and I sometimes think some people are a little over the top, it becomes more about wearing everything they have in the wardrobes rather than style... talking of wearing everything... I got to interview Dr Noki, which was actually an amazing interview, he’s absolutely crazy, but I love him for it, his creations are more art based, you wouldn’t go down to Tesco’s wearing one of his creations, but have to say, they were amazing to look at!

87 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 87

08/06/2012 07:46

Le ah Ma B ke e -u n pA n rti et st t

Makeup used:

Lipsticks Lovelorn Vegas Volt Myth Freckletone


l Sociaa? i Med

w llo Fo us!

e gazin _ma ceon gazine fa @ ter: nma Twit B: faceo F

Keith Clouston Model Sarah Louise from Models1 Make-up & Hair Leah Bennett Creative Editor Naomi Mdudu


What is best

’s Editoirce cho

for my skin? The most common question I get asked as a beautician is, what’s best to use on my skin type? I have done many years of research and testing on this question and here are my results.

FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 90

Foundation Face and body (mixed with Strobe cream Highlighter Creme colour base in Pearl) Spritzed face for dewy complexion with Fix plus

Eyes Texture and Shroom

Cheeks Lilicent Creme Blusher

Mascara Zoom Lash

Bronzer Golden

Combination Skin Combination skin is the most common type because it combines a few different characteristics. The different areas must be taken into account and not treated as just one skin type. You may have a greasy t zone and dry cheeks. These days you can get specific skin care ranges to combat a number of combinations. You may find that the ranges are worded like normal to combination, oily to combination. Read the labels to distinguish the best range. Cleanser: A gentle liquid cleanser Toner: Balancing Toner Moisturizer: Balancing Moisturizer

FACEON recommends Botanical Extracts Skin Care Botanical Extracts Balancing Range (NormalCombination Skin) incorporates high-tech ingredients in combination with plant extracts that are specifically designed to hydrate, protect and balance normal to combination skin types. Formulated with active botanical extracts in place of essential oils. These products are formulated to maintain the skins natural beauty whilst performing to protect the skin, preventing premature ageing caused by environmental damage.

08/06/2012 07:47

FACEON recommends

Dry Skin Oily skin tends to be that of a certain age range, puberty is a trigger for a lot of oily skin sufferers but can also be hereditary. It is an increased rate of sebum production that causes the sometimes annoying skin type. You would experience, sallow complexion, thick epidermis, shiny appearance, open pores, pustules. Cleanser: Gel cleanser Toner: Astringent to remove impurities Moisturizer: Water-based oil free gel

Hydromol Hydromol have a range of products for the treatment of dry skin and eczema. These products can be used individually, or together as a Complete Emollient Therapy regime. Hydromol Intensive is used to relieve the discomfort of clinically dry skin conditions. It contains a high concentration of urea which is a natural component of the skin’s own Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF). It penetrates the skin and attracts moisture to itself. This helps moisturise the skin from the inside.

Sensitive Skin Sensitive skin is on the rise due to not just environmental but also people’s increased sensitivity to external stimulants. This skin type is easily irritated and needs caution when trying new products. Patch testing is recommended before using all over the face. You can tell a sensitive skin by, Thin epidermis, translucent appearance, tight after washing, easily irritated. Cleanser: Fragrance free cleanser Toner: Sensitive skin toner Moisturizer: Fragrance free lotion or cream

FACEON recommends

Normal Skin This is the rarest type because hormones play such a big part of your skins charecteristics.It would appear clear, even colouring, neither tight nor greasy, soft and supple to the touch, great elasticity. As you can see very rare! Cleanser: Basic Cleanser Toner: Non-alcohol based toner Moisturizer: Moisturizer in a lotion

FACEON recommends Renowned Cosmetic Practitioner, Dr Douglas Grose with partners developed their own cosmeceutical skin care range through rigorous testing of natural active ingredients especially on difficult skin types, such as sun-damaged, ageing and acne-prone skin. The ASAP range is designed to make skin care simple, results swift and costs affordable.

Estee Lauder VERITE For sensitive skin, the Vérité range helps restore your natural protection system, while improving your skin’s elasticity and firmness. Natural anti-irritant complex helps reduce the appearance of redness. Free from emulsifiers, alcohol, fragrance, dyes, colourants, and all common allergens.

Oily Skin Oily skin tends to be that of a certain age range, puberty is a trigger for a lot of oily skin sufferers but can also be hereditary. It is an increased rate of sebum production that causes the sometimes annoying skin type. You would experience, sallow complexion, thick epidermis, shiny appearance, open pores, pustules. Cleanser: Gel cleanser Toner: Astringent to remove impurities Moisturizer: Water-based oil free gel

FACEON recommends Clean & Clear ‘Morning Energy New Clean & Clear ‘Morning Energy‘ is a range of daily cleansing products. It’s packed full of uniquely formulated bursting beads ™ to gently remove dirt, oil and impurities leaving the skin clean and smooth. Its enriched with natural fruit extracts such as Vitamin C and ginseng. The products help to awaken the senses to give you a much needed morning boost-everyday.

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ISSUE 9 | 2012

Wa ll Pr ese nts

Christina Carra Caso


Str ee el

FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 96

Make-up Joy Lowrie




Hair Sophie Laidlaw






Wardrobe Karla Von Denkoff



M at list r S up ty Joy t S Ka c r lis Ag t S Lo hofi la V on op wri el at d a e De M hie nk ys La of zk i f ow dla w sk a



Assistant Matt Schofield







Model Agata Myszkowska

08/06/2012 07:47

: d e s Up U


e Shad n in o i t a red und s to powe lk Fo us Si (a super- tioxidant o n i m n lly u a m u a L f d e Cr ani s an th a d trobe t particle g skin wi Arm S oure t o i C n o g A C escen ed-lookin n tea). C A Gior d with M d i M r i e with ixe st tir t has f gre d a o o e o h t e 2, m t b h s er do th nd hlig light in wi ten a mega t and hig high filled he lips brigh ap and a n , d u n l n e B a t T d n mois vitamin z lack. ush i were line then d er Bl r in B Town, t loade AC Powd The eyes l Eyeline bou e a. M anill g-Wear G in Girl A with t in V k n c n o i e t L . ips lass Pigm Brown AC L Lipg bi ith M ar MAC w Bob d coate with a cle were er ed ov gloss



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ISSUE 9 | 2012

Belt Bound

100 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 100

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Belt Bound

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ISSUE 9 | 2012

l Sociaa? Medi

w llo Fo us!

e gazin _ma ceon gazine fa @ ter: nma Twit B: faceo F

Stacey Clarke Model Emma Rose Norman Make-up Sascha Martini


Summer Seduction


FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 102

08/06/2012 07:48

Gorgeous, strong coloured eyes and fresh pink lips make a dramatically glamorous evening look for the Summer. Here I show you how to work brick-orange eye shadow with gold flecks, and definine the eyes in a warm, dark chocolatebrown to add detail and depth. I love clashing colours; it’s so chic and sophisticated whilst retaining an element of fun. Building a simple face of lightly sculpted cheeks, a wash of bronzer and a pretty pink lip keeps the look feeling contemporary and current.


I began by prepping the skin with moisturiser. Then, using a MAC 217 Blending Brush I added a brickorange shade of Dior Eye Shadow over the lid and up to the socket line. I then took a clean brush and started blending only over the edge of the eye shadow, buffing gently up towards the brows, making sure the concentration of colour was close to the lids and softly smoked out.

2 3

Next, we dramatize the eyes. Line the inner top and bottom lash line with Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Chocolate Shimmer, slightly smoking it out into the lashes.


For added volume, curl the lashes and apply two coats of thickening mascara, Christian Dior DiorShow Mascara is a favourite. I then soaked a q-tip in eye make-up remover and gently cleaned under the eye where any eye shadow fallout may have been. I always tend to do the eyes before the skin as it allows me to clean up the area without having to retouch the foundation.

FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 103

I hope you enjoy recreating this look and pick up a few tips too! All the step by step images have not been retouched; this is make-up in true light…


With a kabuki brush I applied liquid foundation. I used Chanel Vitalumière Aqua, it’s great for dry skin and leaves a light and dewy finish. The soft and ultra-fine fluid texture is exceptionally delicate giving a flawlessly fresh and nude appearance.


I concealed under the eye with Clinque Airbrush Concealer in the medium shade, and then set the base by lightly dusting with a translucent powder. To sculpt the features I used a bronzer and added a pop of pink blusher on the cheeks.


To really set off the look, go for a fresh pink lipstick. I used the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in 27 Fuchsia Innocent, a real statement shade!

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ISSUE 9 | 2012

Lips: Burt’s Bees

Richard Dubois Model Ashley Metta

Make-up Eduardo Mella

l Sociaa? i Med

w llo Fo us!

e gazin _ma ceon gazine fa @ ter: nma Twit B: faceo F


Window The


FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 104

MAKE-UP GUIDE The Mèreadesso Woman line of skincare products is designed for the woman who understands that there is no one “magic ingredient” to solve all her needs. Maybe you’ve got meetings. Maybe you’ve got kids. Maybe you just have a really, really comfortable bed. No matter why you want to minimize prep time, Mèreadesso Woman is on your side. Foundation - CARGO, perennial favourite among professional

artists and women all over the world! Offering medium coverage, this foundation can be built up as needed and provides a long-wearing finish. The oil-free formula contains innovative conditioners to hydrate the skin, making it perfect for all skin types. Lightweight, blendable, and natural-looking, this foundation wears comfortably on the skin. It’s packaged in its very own multi-award-winning foundation pouch (a first in the industry); making it super-portable, lightweight, and eco-friendly.

08/06/2012 07:48

wear Pro Long Lips: MAC ture u F e in To th Lipcreme and ) k in p ude (neutral n l Lip Penci x Chubby ) le Smashbo rp u p (metallic in Mystic

in lend Blush AC Cremeb l. ia ec p S g Somethin in a Sonoran R Lipglass in er) Lips: MAC old shimm g red with d se da a n b a eg se (oran orange ba er) (red with i m u q im a C sh d an ral, no touch of co Cheeks: M

Shadow in MAC Eye ionate ellow, Pass Chrome Y le Haze and Purp Redd in l enci MAC Lip P

r on the shee It’s a little a bit dusty w o d Eye Sha nd can be Eyes: MAC t. A colour- side a in Hepca Shadow in with a MAC Eye rich shade , m A vibrant a r. le te g ting Freshwa light-reflec a creamy pressede lu edium-b with m ed in b s powder m te co n that invi applicatio g, layering, blendin ing d Lipglass hile remain nt Lips: MAC Tinte Fabulous ta e shaping, w d is in Tour crease-res le roccanoil Color Sing Hair: Mo MAC Pro s. www. e. ct lu u B d y k ro p w in S n Eyeshado nd pale skya cc moro A soft a e it h silvery-w blue with ish. a frost fin in er m shim

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ISSUE 9 | 2012


Natasha Booth Chooses

’s Editoirce cho

As an editor and an active make-up artist, I often get products to review. I was not expecting my last parcel to be so stunningly packaged! I opened my packages with care and attention, I did not want to rip the carefully folded pink paper or untie the bow surrounding the items. It was like getting my first Tiffany box, the white bow encasing the duck shell coloured box of treats. I received over 8 items to review and picked out my favourites from the package. Please give a round of applause for Sigma Beauty! www.

ank e to th ued k i l d l u in “I wo r cont or r thei f o f o a i ss n Sigm nd pa al a t r o on supp ofessi t” the pr tis r -up a make TH, OO







brush or two ing one s u e it le n g g has do re stru . Sigma y therefo k N c y r lu nary D ou are volutio kits if y e at the r d ir e e c ith th convin t o n s again w ied I wa have tr pouch. cause I e b Shape d ly in goo ing, ma with no beginn similar and ts ! c s u e le d o et o tim t my wh ther pr u o d ision o e h b s a lly prec e. I wa say is how e carefu outcom th n are s a to n c in sectio them All I ll you had e ns. The placed t o ti t c e o e s ep th rush I cann mes I have ng d to ke made b i rmulate i t fo n correct y y e a ll n e th fu care ma y cl ush at r a e b d h e t ours th a r of of is 4-6 h bristles ady fo e rantee a hell r a u s g in e e , Th ush presto my angle. y. Hey my br ere find to e still tely dr o le t p ushes w e m r o n c rs my b u ck o o h next o nce they ar h s 4 ttle in under a was a li ne I O , y t. r c d annoy u prod bone is th f . o awe n damp and in t also u ting bu t a r kit! o u tr n s o s u y t’ for sting. I t only fr a o n w e is t I nd tim o you ional a sh kit s profess od bru o g a y to bu cheap

l Sociaa? Medi

w llo Fo us!

agn_m faceo r: @ azine e t it Tw

eauty Sigma bhape Dry N S


FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 110

08/06/2012 07:49

Sigma Eye shadow palettes These beautifully designed palettes available as Dare, Bare & Flare. They are designed to complete your day to evening transformation with just one palette. They are very well packaged and feel like silk on your eyelids. From a makeup artist’s point of view they are both visually appealing and practical. The colours go on smoothly and you do not need to cake it on as the pigment is high in these palettes. Since using these palettes I have not needed any other eyeshadows in my kit. My personal favourite is Bare because this is the set of colours I wear daily and can enhance my look by going darker in the evening. The Dare palette I use on darker skin to emphasise the eyes with vibrant variation of colours for Spring/Summer. Flare I tend to use for the wedding season, always great to have the chance to just use one palette. Very impressed!


make all the differe

Sigma Bunny brush kit

Use code FACEON2012 and save 10% on p sional

make up brushes at I am not going to lie; this is not only my favourite item but also my friend’s and student’s.

When you first open the beautifully structured box you see a stunning baby blue leather look cartridge. You open the poppers on the sides to reveal, possibly the softest brushes I have used in a long time. On further inspection the brushes are a cute pink and vanilla shade which complement the baby blue cartridge that they will stand on ceremony in. The collection contains 12 brushes including shader brushes, angled brushes, liner brushes, concealer and foundation plus many more. They all have the function of the brush on the side which is great for students learning the trade. They have replaced my brushes in my kit and the travel collection will replace my own personal kit. The kit is even vegan friendly, bonus. Definite purchase for my team!

Sigma think Pink Cleansing & Polishing tools I have been in the beauty industry for 16 years and never tried anything like this. No reason for this, I’ve just got into my own routine. My skin has been looking a little dull even after my recent holiday; my skin wasn’t brown or red just dull. I got the Sigma

cleansing tool out of its case and read the instructions. Very simply I applied my cleanser to the soft bristle brush and turned it on. To my surprise it felt not only invigorating but also very calming. I used the various heads as instructed and removed all excess of products used. My skin felt clean, soft and invigorated. I continued my new routine for a week and discovered that some uneven tones of skin had in fact improved, thus achieving a more natural and fresh look. There are different attachments available for the body and feet, I plan to use the foot pumice next time. Great gift!

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ISSUE 9 | 2012

Bumble B’s

Andrew R Moore Model Lauren Andrew

Make-up Fiona Henderson Stylist Rebecca Mccosh


was n i k s The al and atur g by using n t p e k lookin ring of h s e r f iere t cove a ligh el Pro-Lum Chan dation Foun

Make-up Artist, Fiona Henderson show’s us the honey! “Prep the eyes with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion Primer. In keeping with the colourful and fun theme for this photo-shoot, block red eye shadow in a rectangular shape was applied around the eye. using an angle liner brush, the rectangular shape was mapped out before being filled in with Inglot AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow in #50. A small amount of MAC Eye Shadow in Carbon was taken along the top lash line and then a coat of Victoria’s Secret PRO Voluptuous FX Mascara was used to finish the eye off. Gently remove any fallout on the face and apply Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer to even out the skin tone. The complexion was kept natural and fresh by using a light covering of Chanel Pro Lumière Foundation; it

has a silky texture and a dewy, semi-matte glow. Blemishes were covered with Make Up Forever HD Concealer. To contour the face CARGO Hydra Bronze was applied to the hollows of the cheekbones for added definition, and then highlighted along the top of the cheekbones with MAC Cream Colour Base Highlighter in Pearl. use CARGO Blush in Mendocino on the apples of the cheeks to add a flush of colour. The lip colour was changed according to the outfit, sometimes colour matching and other times clashing. Inglot, Make Up Forever and Gosh were the lipstick brands used. Powdered chalk was used to create the multi-coloured effect seen on the model.”

112 FACEON MAG Issue 9 MASTER.indd 112

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ch of r u o t For a o Blushe arg o’ was C r u colo endocin apples in ‘Mied to the appl e cheeks of th


The theme was Colour and the wardrobe was bold and bright. The wardrobe had a real 1960s, retro pop feel with a modern, fun and quirky edge. Colours and patterns were intentionally clashed for high-impact. Blue Dress, Topshop, Mustard Dress: H&M, MultiColoured Graphic Print Dress, Armstrong’s Vintage Emporium, Pink Polka-Dot Dress, New Look, Black & Green Cardigan, H&M, Black & Yellow Striped Jumper, H&M, Red Shorts, Primark, Accessories, Stylist’s Own.

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