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Model Jessica Soler

John Farrar

Make-up Lia Hanson

Wardrobe Julie Chudnovsky-Turchin

Location Jacksonville, Florida

Welcome READERS Welcome to a beautiful world. The cold, dark mornings are drawing ever closer and with clear, crystal skies, it’s bound to be ‘chilly’ out there! Your alarm ‘buzzes and beeps’ (in every annoying way possible) and it’s time to migrate from snuggleland to face the cold, harshness beyond your beloved bed. But it’s not all bad news! Tis’ the season to be jolly, after all! Winter is the time for loved ones and cuddles in front of cosy fires; snowmen, ice-skating and hot cocoa! (Well… probably Starbucks – but you get the picture!).

Also in this issue:

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Lose a dress size in 1 week

Here at FACEON HQ, we’ve all been busy ‘Elves’ creating what, we believe, to be our finest magazine to date. This issue, you’ll find an abundance of make-up guides, tips and tutorials – as well as the latest style trends, fashion and photography. And a whole lot more besides!

Our Local Legend, Mr. John Farrar and his latest work

We’ve also included a slight ‘autumnal’ feel this issue: As many of you are aware – autumn passed us by this year here in England. So indulge yourself with a sprinkling of crisp orange, gold, copper and bronze – and a little frankincense and myrrh too!

And That’s Snowbiz! A Winter Wonderland by Marc Evans

We delve into the minds of some of the greatest artists in the world. Once again, Mr. John Farrar joins us, as well as Barry Druxman, Marc Evans, Lee Malone, Cristina Carra Caso, Orlando Perez, Monica True, Leah Mabe… oh the list is endless!

BINTM - With Designer to the Stars, Mr. Joey Bevan

Nat asha Boot h Editor-in-Chief

Let us ‘warm-up your cockles’ as we welcome you to a winter feast of make-up magnificence!

Richard Sumner

Partner/Exec. Creative Director

FACEON Magazine would like to welcome another new member to our team, Miss Chelsea Louise Haden to work beside our Head of Web, Mr. David Walker. And there’s a Congratulations ahoy! Our warmest wishes to our very own Pussycat Doll, Miss Carmit Bachar, and to her beautiful bundle of joy. Mother and baby are doing very well – congratulations! That’s it for now. Stay warm, stay safe, stay having fun with your make-up. Until the next time.

ISSUE 8 DEC 2011 - FEB 2012 Coat- Fever Watson Coat Conker

Coat- Fever Watson Coat Conker

£89.99 Fever Designs

£89.99 Fever Designs

Shirt-White ruffle long sleeve blouse Marks & Spencer

Bag-Leather Satchel Bag £76 Simply Be

Cloak-Retro Prim brown £35 Matalan

Scarf- Accessorize £12 Margot

Long Scallopp glove £29.90 Marks & Spencer

Skirt-Long Pencil Skirt £23 Simply Be


Ancient Astronomy/ Aztec Navajo Cleopatra. Brass Crescent Collar £15.00

Dress-Forties style grey wool dress £229 Elégance

Create the look... Make-up Artist, Amanda Sharkey tells us how: “The creative direction behind the shoot was inspired by the modern look with an underlying vintage 1940s’ feel. The theme has strong resonance with the current trends in fashion and makeup, especially coinciding with popular theatre shows such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. Working with this brief I aimed to perfect a flawless, glowing complexion using a mix of Illamasqua Satin Primer and Cream foundation. I then worked to build a sultry, soft smokey eye using Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow (in Bone), layered with shades of Woodrose and Cocoa. I added more depth with MAC Eye Shadow (in Carbon), blending into the outer edges of the eyes. I shaped the brows and filled them in to create a strong frame, go for Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake (in Dark Brown) for striking definition. I finished this with

highlights using Illamasqua Pure Pigment (in Furore); a metallic, highshine, pure-colour powder that highlights eyes, cheeks and brows. Add a slick of black liquid eyeliner to create the perfect 40s’ flick! Finally, no 1940s’ lady (modern or vintage!) would be found without her red lippy; the Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick (in Passion) is the perfect blend of red”.

Behind the scenes, with Lee Malone. “The shoot was based in the 1940s’ and I thought that this was the style that all the magazines here were missing out on. It was such a cold day and it was also raining, so shooting had to be fast and the change of clothes too! I work very hard on every editorial I shoot, and the research process lasts about 2 months to make sure everything is planned carefully for each image. I create a storyboard for the shoot; planning is the key and will help to understand exactly where and what has to be done.

For this shoot I have the exact drawing of each shot. The perfect location had to be scouted - in this case an old country manor that captured the scene just as we had envisioned it”.

About the photographer... Lee Malone is an up and coming photographer, whose imaginative concepts are making waves and earning him an ever expanding following. Lee began by shooting documentaries on a film camera four years ago and has been developing his style of photography ever since. Lee Malone is well versed in the areas of graphic design and photography after studying in Ballyfermot College of Further Education. His portfolio boasts a collection of portraits, documentaries and impressive high fashion editorial shoots. In addition to being published in many magazines, one of his portraits made the final three in the Metro Newspaper Photo Challenge in 2009.


ISSUE 8 DEC 2011 - FEB 2012

Season of mists... Presents



Get ready to indulge yourself this autumn and winter with sumptuous clarets and burgundies mixed with tweeds, furs and feathers. The shops are marking the end of the bright, playful summer with earthy clothes that have a hint of masculinity about them: loose trousers in muddy browns, severe greys and rusty reds; flat shoes and chunky boots; expensive cloths layered with hardwearing tweed and decadent furs; and unashamedly clashing colours. River Island’s A/W collection includes sharp trousers and double-breasted jackets that can be combined with fake furs for an androgynous look that taps into another trend, that of mixing textures – the more the merrier. Marks and Spencer shows how to mix it up with its fluffy, deep orange coat draped over a gold velvet dress finished with a patchwork of contrasting sequins. For a more feminine approach to autumn there are plenty of dresses inspired by the 1940s that perfectly complement the many tweed coats available, as can be seen at F&F at Tesco. Printed fabrics are everywhere, from birds to flowers to butterflies (New Look has piles of pretty printed dresses to choose from), with a big sub-trend proving to be dots. Lots of them. Our current favourite, however, is Matalan’s very sweet dotted dress – snap it up now before it sells out.

NEXT Check skater skirt £35

FEVER Margot spot dress £69.99

k o Lo Get the

Mint Velvet 70s kick flare cords £59

Y U B R A T S NEXT Faux fur jacket £65

F&F AT TESCO Coat £45 Dress £16 Belt £8 Bag £12

MARKS & SPENCER Luxe Craft Per Una coat £225 Per Una dress £160 Leg warmers £12

NEW LOOK From left: Thick knitted headband £3.99, printed tea dress £24.99, socks £1.99, ankle boots with snakeskin panels £27.99, wide brim hat £12.99, bird print tea dress £24.99, loafer heels £24.99; hat (styled with belt) £4.99, floral print tea dress £24.99, snakeskin chunky heel £24.99


ISSUE 8 DEC 2011 - FEB 2012

Monica True Models Clara Buchanan and Micaela Piccolo @ Images Management NY Hair Darrell Thompson Stylist Sandra Hagen Make-up Kim Reyes Nails Gail Harris Wardrobe Sandra Hagen Location Washington DC Fashion Stylist Assistant Natasha Johnson Special thanks to the 3D backgrounds produced by Thaigo Christo


Of Light & Darkness


Monica 24



ISSUE 8 DEC 2011 - FEB 2012


Angels For

to Fly

FACEON couldn’t resist the latest set by International Photographer, Jun Cao. There’s a strong resemblance to the make-up style of the Debbie Harry of Blondie. Debbie Harry is well known for her daring make-up and during her career she became an icon of her era - dramatic and heavily lined eyes with her pale skin made her the master of make-up drama!

FACEON Editor, Natasha Booth guides you through the make-up and exactly how to achieve this trend-setting look:


Choose a foundation 2 shades lighter than your skin tone, blend in well around the neck to avoid any lines.


Line the upper eyelid with black eyeliner. Apply a very heavy layer and the line should become thicker toward the outer edge of the eye. Extend the upper line out beyond the corner of the eye, to form a cat’s-eye shape. Line the bottom of the eye under the eyelashes with another, thick line.


With a dark charcoal eyeshadow apply a thick line in the crease of the eye. In the gap apply a different shade of your choice to create your own look. Either use plenty of mascara or aApply concealer to the lips to help secure the lipstick. Use a lipliner to define the lips and emphasise the hot red pout you are about to create. Use a red gloss of your choice. To make the lips appear fuller, line the lips outside of your natural lip line.

4. Dust over with a light pink

blusher to add a little colour but not too much! Try different combinations of colours on the eyes.


Accessories- by Jade Chiu Dresses by – Versailles

Jun Cao Model Tereza from Models international Stylist Pe’a Monique

MUA & Hair Griselle Rosario Location New York

Editor’s Choice Givenchy Pop Gloss, Lip Gloss (in 457 Hip Hop Red). “This gloss contains an exclusive pulp shine complex of active ingredients which reflect the light and offers 3 effects: Prodigious shine, outrageous volume & phenomenal vitality. It’s long lasting and makes colours brilliant. I think it adds a little dazzle & charm to your lips!”


ISSUE 8 DEC 2011 - FEB 2012

Coat by Jasper Garvida

Coat by Alice Vandy

Lingerie by Nichole De Carle

Coat by Alice Vandy


Red Corset & Skirt by Velda Lauder

Coat by Alice Vandy


ISSUE 8 DEC 2011 - FEB 2012

40 Belle Star – The Attic – The Stylist Stylist, Rebecca McCosh, represents Armstrong’s Vintage Clothing Emporium – where the entire wardrobe was donated. Armstrong’s Vintage Emporium is a tardis like shop overflowing with antique uniforms, vintage handbags, hats and clothes from every decade dating back to the Victorian era. Established in 1840, Armstrong’s has metamorphosed into a cornucopia of vintage and retro delights. They’re located within the shadows of Edinburgh Castle on one of the oldest streets in Edinburgh. With historic tales of public hangings and bodysnatching, it puts you right in the mood for all things vintage! Belle Star – The Attic – Sleek Make-up Sleek Make-up is a colour cosmetics brand dedicated to providing a comprehensive make-up range for every woman. The ethos is to provide a range which encapsulates the trendy, fashionable women with bespoke shades and innovative products. Headquartered in London, Sleek Make-up is an established brand throughout Europe & South Africa and is currently stocked in Superdrug stores across the UK - Colorii stores in France, Foschini and Edgars stores in South Africa alongside an abundance of independent retailers. FACEON says, “go and check them out!”


ISSUE 8 DEC 2011 - FEB 2012


What do you look for in the perfect make-up? Whether it is drama, shine or sparkle, look no further! Makeup Artist, Gemma Morpurgo shares her tips on how to Get The Look! SKIN

k o o L Get the

“As with any stunning make-up, preparation is paramount. Prime the skin using MAC Prep and prime. This lightweight primer glides effortlessly onto the skin creating a perfect base for foundation. Next, apply Cover FX liquid foundation using a MAC Stipple Brush (187). This foundation provides great coverage of skin imperfections including acne, redness, under eye circles, uneven skin-tone and even tattoos. The UVA and UVB protection along with added Vitamin E help to protect and nourish even the most sensitive of skin. Now it is time to eradicate the shine! To create a beautiful, matt finish use Natural Born Cosmetics Oil control blotting powder. This fine, milled powder comes in pressed form and will not disturb make-up colour, providing a smooth, matt finish over any make-up application.” PLATINUM EYES “Use MAC Brush (217) to apply Makeup Forever Eyeshadow (Silver) and softly blend all over the eyelid. Makeup Forever palettes are designed with the artist in mind, the creamy colours in basic shades are perfect when combined. Next, work Kryolan Eyeshadow (Shimmering Vision) into the eye socket to create a contour and then blend upwards to the brow. The eyebrows are a key feature in this look. With this in mind use a MAC Brush (233) to apply a small amount of Makeup Forever Eyeshadow (Anthracite) and sweep through the hairs, creating high definition brows.” CHEEKS “To complement the complexion and inject that extra bit of freshness and innocence, apply Barry M Blush (Peachy Glow)

to the apples of the cheeks and gently sweep away from the face using MAC Brush (129).” LIPS “Bold lips are not always best combined with bold eye makeup. This can cause conflict and take the focus away from the eyes. To compliment your eyes and accentuate your pout, apply OCC Lip tar using a lip brush.” GOLD EYES “Gently sweep Makeup Forever eyeshadow (silver) over the eyelid using MAC brush (239), paying close attention to the inner corners. On the outer corners and socket line apply Makeup Forever (gold) with MAC brush (224). Ensure that the gold is heavier on the outer corners and the silver is lightest in the inner corners. This will create the illusion of a feline eyeshape.” LIPS “To recreate the beautiful red and gold lip, first apply OCC Lip tar (Reverb) as you would any other lip colour. Using your fingertips dab Makeup forever eyeshadow (Gold) over the lips. Alternatively, for a more vibrant effect you can apply a liberal amount of Barry M Lip paint (in 54 Peach) - this shade is a bright, medium orange. Top this with a splash of Revlon (siren), a bright orange with coral undertones.” DIAMOND EYES “Apply MAC Pigment (naked) all over the eyelid using MAC Brush (239) to pat down and press the product firmly in place. In the crease, softly blend Makeup Forever eyeshadow (orchid) using MAC brush (224) - this brush is extremely soft and perfect for creating subtle hues within the make-up. Last but not least, apply a huge helping of a FACEON’s favourite, Benefit Bad Gal lash mascara.” CHEEKS “This beautiful effect on the cheeks is achieved by patting a small amount of Makeup forever graphic glitters (#1) onto the area required.” LIPS “To compliment the makeup look, use OCC Lip tar (interlace).”


The Sigmax Essential Kit


The Socialite’s Secret Weapon

for looking like it never happened

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This tiny teaser is just a taste of the 116, glossy, luxury pages in the full magazine. FACEON Magazine is a world leading, luxury magazine...

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