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Meet Sharad Kelkar

Cover Story


Darashingh Khurana is Bachelor, No More!



BMW Concept i4


Madhuri Bhadhuri







I don’t know if I have arrived , but I am enjoying the journey,” says this month’s cover star Sharad Kelkar. A product of sheer hard work and spunk, Sharad talks about his versatility as an actor. He firmly believes in his three lady luck(s). Read through the pages and get inspired, as I was truly inspired talking to him. On another note, it was a fun TETEA-TETE with Chris K. Franzen, The General Manager Grand Hyatt Mumbai Hotels & Residences, very famously known as The LiquidMeister, He brings along with him over thirty years of experience gained in Europe, the US, Australia, Russia and Middle East before moving to India. He is a passionate motor-biker, cigar lover, football fanatic and an avid traveller. I also had the pleasure of interviewing India’s MOST Versatile RJ, Aabhimanyu Kak , as he wears different hats from a RJ to a Singer to Star Sports host for IPL, ICC World Cup and Pro Kabaddi League. If you are a Mumbaiker, you cannot miss him on the roads as he hosts city’s very Famous show “Naughty Night’s with Aabhimanyu” on Red FM 93.5.

Former Mr India International Darasing Khurrana is no more a bachelor, read the insider love story. And don’t miss out the tips from Chris Lawless for the perfect Summer body along with my travel experience to the Philippines. This issue is packed with a lot of inspirational artists from different walks of life. I hope you enjoy the articles as much as I enjoyed working on them.


Editor in Chief. MARCH JAN 2020 2020




Le Petit Chef


Platorme 10





Max Mara





Want to get rid of Pigmentation and dark spots?


Editor’s Choice

Celebrating with the TAG Heuer Carrera 160 Years Silver Limited Edition


ack in 1962, then-CEO Jack Heuer heard the story of the legendary Carrera Panamericana, one of the most treacherous road races in the world. The word “carrera”, which in Spanish means any and all of road, race, career and course, caught his attention: he knew immediately that this would be the perfect name for a new timepiece. The following year, the first Heuer Carrera chronographs left the factory. As a lover of modern and clean design, Jack Heuer wanted the aesthetics of the Heuer Carrera chronograph to be pure and well-proportioned – features that make the watch perfect for drivers who need to see the time at a glance during adrenaline-pumping races. The renowned monochrome silver-dial model of 1964, with its three azurage counters and starburst silvercoloured dial, is a prime choice to honour the 160th anniversary of the brand. Often referred to as “2447S”, this model is now being re-introduced with some twenty-firstcentury updates. The new stainless-steel chronograph features many of the same design highlights as its predecessor, such as an eternally elegant dial and polished case and pushers. However, the shape is slightly different and the timepiece now measures 39 mm instead of the original 36 mm. The permanent second indicator is at 6 o’clock instead of at 9 o’clock due to the difference in the construction of the Valjoux 72 from 1963 and today’s Heuer 02 movement. Another change from the original is the shape of the central hour and minute hands, which are now facetted and coated with beige SuperLuminova®. The unmistakable Carrera name and HEUER shield are printed on the dial, which is protected by a domed sapphire crystal that gives the watch a retro appearance reminiscent of the original Heuer Carrera. Presented on a black alligator strap, this model is limited to 1860 pieces – a nod to the year that Heuer was founded – and “One of 1860” and “LIMITED EDITION” are engraved on the case-back. The redesigned oscillating weight, visible through the screwed-down sapphire crystal, is adorned with a lacquer-filled engraving that distinguishes the timepiece as an anniversary edition presented in special packaging. MARCH 2020




The LiquidMeister

Area Vice President- West India Hyatt General Manager - Grand Hyatt Mumbai Hotel & Residences Interviewed By




Your experience in India being the first stint in the country ?


bsolutely love being in India. It is such a vibrant place that has so much to offer from many facets of life. Be it the various cultures, food, from the Himalayas to the Sea. Just breath taking!

How would you describe your leadership style? That is probably a question that should be asked to my colleagues. But I would say hands-on, strategic, forward looking, guest and employee centric and above all we must hold colleagues accountable for their performance and actions and never lose the fun.

What’s a typical day of a Hotel GM? There is no such thing! Yes, of course, there are certain things you do every day, like walk around the hotel, meet guests, have to odd meeting, go on sales calls and interview potential candidates. But the day-to-day is more or less structured around what events take place in the hotel, the VIP’s that are arriving, the forward planning that needs to take place. But I could be spending time in the outlets or helping our colleagues in F&B and the kitchens or discuss strategy with the sales & marketing team.

MARCH 2020 13

Vision of next 5 year for Grand Hyatt Mumbai Hotel & Residences We definitely try to re-invent ourselves without losing the fantastic heritage and reputation we enjoy in the market in the luxury market. But like any hotel, it would be dangerous not go improve, upgrade, re-invent ourselves with new restaurant and bar concepts while also upgrading our rooms and meeting facilities. So in a nutshell, we are currently planning forward to improve on our existing facilities and become an even better hotel than what we are today!

How would you encourage trust and loyalty in your guests? I believe in delivering services and experiences that are ‘genuine’ and come from the heart. Some hotels train friendliness and make employees work from scripts; but this is not the way forward when we want true human interaction. Good service, delivering great experiences and have engaging colleagues taking care of our guests will result in loyalty.



As the GM what is the most important thing you will do to ensure the hotel is a financial success? I am a firm believer of the ‘generate revenue’ school of thought whereas many of my colleagues are solely or exclusively focused on costs. I believe that if we create engaging experiences people will come and generate revenues, but also keep a keen eye on the costs.

The need of the hour is combating climate crisis. Is there something you follow to contribute to the cause? As a company and as a hotel we are extremely focused on this cause. It is ingrained in what we do. Be it sourcing energy from renewable resources – we have a windmill – to re-using gray water; reducing our carbon footprint and not using items from the endangered species list when cooking. It all comes together. We are also well on the way to eliminate the majority of plastics and if there is a case where we still have to use them, we make sure the same is biodegradable.

MARCH 2020 15

What are your hobbies and how is your family adapting to India? I love to cook, enjoy a glass of wine, a sip of single malt and a great cigar! But my true passion comes as a surprise to many. It is motorbiking. So you will probably see me on the weekends cruising the streets of Mumbai. I have, over the years, already explored South Africa, Lesotho, Bhutan, Vietnam, Australia and parts of Europe on the back of my trusted BMW motorbike. India has a lot to offer – I am currently planning a trip to the Spiti Valley in northern India.



MARCH 2020 17

Sharad Kelkar Cover Story FACE MAGAZINE


Interviewed By



ou are a versatile actor, tell us more about your journey.

When I started doing TV and did it for about 4 years, I realised that if I’m doing this, I’m learning something, but what next? The next project that was offered to me was similar to the earlier one, so I refused around 10-15 projects because the characters were very similar in all of them. I realised that if I have to grow as an actor, I will have to do different kinds of roles. I try to do different kinds of roles so that I can learn from every character. Now I get the compliment for being a versatile actor, but I just like to try different things to grow as an artiste and learn more. MARCH 2020 19

Who is the most important person in your life?

My three lady lucks are very important in my life - my mother, my wife and my daughter. Without them, I’m nobody.



What are you no longer afraid of?

I’m not afraid of rejection anymore. I’ve faced a lot at the initial stage of my career, so I’m not scared of it anymore.

Tell us about a crucial turning point of your career.

There are a lot of turning points. Firstly, my decision of getting into films was a turning point. Also ,Goliyon Ki Raas Leela - Ram Leela was also a turning point. People really appreciated my character

If you could select your child’s future career what would it be?

She is just six, so it’s too early to decide that. We would like to go ahead with her choice of career when she’s grown up. Obviously, we will guide her about different prospects, but the final call will be hers. MARCH 2020 21

What are the habits you have acquired from your wife?

Our choices are quite similar regarding vacations, travel or food choices. I never used to eat Chinese food, but I’ve started liking Chinese now because of her.

Do you think you have arrived on the scene? Do you think you have achieved what you had set to do?

No, it’s just the beginning. I’ve not arrived anywhere. It’s just that I’m doing my work with full honesty and I’ll keep on doing that. I don’t know if I’ve arrived or not, but I want to work more and more. That’s my main goal.



What is so important to you that without it your life will not be worth it?

My family and close friends. Without them, my life would be of no use.

What is your health and fitness regime?

My fitness regime doesn’t involve a lot it gymming. I do that only three times a week. But yes, there’s a lot of physical activity. I like to play sports. I love cricket and a lot of other outdoor games. My eating patterns and timing are the most important when it comes to staying fit.

MARCH 2020 23

What do you regret most in life?

I don’t regret anything because whatever has happened in my life — good or bad — has taught me something. Whatever decisions or calls I’ve taken have taught me something for my betterment. So I have no regrets.



What has been your greatest extravagance?

I’m not fond of expensive stuff, but I think my cars can be that. I don’t get to drive much in mumbai city. So most of the time, my driver drives and I’m either sitting or sleeping in those expensive cars.

Cover story credits : Curated by Deepti Chandak Styled by Shivangi Gandhi Hair and Make up by Sakina Photographer: Bhupesh Kalal Location: Auber Gin

Who is your inspiration?

My father and mother. My dad passed away long back, but he taught me a lot of life lessons. I never saw him angry or stressed, and there would always be a smile on his face. I think that’s the spirit of life, that you should always be happy. That is what we all work towards. MARCH 2020 25

They say that a ‘summer body’ is made during the winter months. FACE MAGAZINE



ell, as most of you may know, another way of pitching the above is that if you create a consistent, sustainable and enjoyable pattern of movement, you will stay fit, healthy and maintain a ‘summer body’ regardless of the season. But, it’s all good on theory. Sometimes summer just feels too hot and humid to want to move, and in some places, finding the motivation during the cold winter is certainly hard. But at the end of the day, consistency will always win. So here are a few quick tips to help keep moving when the weather might influence you otherwise: 1)Find your Tribe, Find your Vibe You’ve heard it, you’ve seen it. You know it. But the growth in community based exercise formats has grown

exponentially over the past 2 decades for a reason - it works. Multiple research findings show that people’s adherence to a program, motivation levels and effort deployed during sessions is much higher in a group experience than in an individual setting. Humans have a desire to be connected to other humans, we adopt the behaviors of those around us in order to be accepted, and the feeling of belonging inspires us. It’s built into our programming. Another interesting trait is what is termed the Kohler effect: we push ourselves harder in a group setting. Multiple factors play a role (competitiveness, support, team focus, etc), but essentially the group setting inspires us to work out harder and longer. So find a group of people that do something you enjoy doing (F45, Crossfit, Salsa Dancing, Muay Thai, Parkrun…) and let your innate social tendencies help keep you moving!

2) Get into Podcasts The amount of interesting, informative and totally free podcasts online is incredible. You can get lost in the most intriguing investigative thrillers, you can explore the history of human civilization or you can undoubtably find your specific interest and blow you mind with different theories, ideas and understanding.

MARCH 2020 27

But when you find caveat. You must listening. Doesn’t movement (walking, floor, going to listen unless you’re in a good podcast, down and by default, This allows you to something that you not to do. The really) is just starting place an incentive hurdle and once you’re Some examples to Rich Roll, Good Life Loved, Joe Rogan, interesting guests, topics



one you love, set this be moving when you’re matter what type of running, vacuuming the the gym), but you can’t moving. And if you get lost you won’t be able to put it you’ll keep on moving. tie something you enjoy with the weather may influence hardest part (of anything or showing up! So put in that lowers that first big rolling, you’re in business. currently I’m listening Project, You are Infinitely Tony Robbins - super and ideas.

3) Understand that Anything is better than Nothing. You don’t have to slug out 15km in the sweltering heat. Sometimes, the weather, your schedule, random stuff just gets in the way. For those moments, we need a Plan B. And that plan B is built around just doing something. One of the best Plan B (and for some people an awesome Plan A) is Skipping. Buy a skipping rope, have it in your gym bag, hanging on the coat rack, wherever, and when it’s too hot (or cold) to make it to the gym, track or whatever comes up - head to the basement, patio, carpark somewhere with a few square metres, crank up your favourite 3 tunes and skip for the

duration of those 3 songs. Easy. A time efficient, body rocking plan B. This purely brings us back to the over-riding idea that consistency is the key. If it’s too hot, don’t take the sedentary route, have Plan B that’s easy and efficient to keep your body moving. Anything is better than nothing. About the Author: Chris Lawless is General Manager of Thailand’s leading health and wellness retreat, Phuket Cleanse. A certified PT, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, he specializes in performance and change to help great people optimize their wellbeing. @mindbodymovin

MARCH 2020 29

Meet India’s MOST Versatile RJ





Career accomplishment you are most proud about? I am proud of everything that I have done be it RJing, Acting, Sports Anchoring, Live Concerts . But I am most proud about my first song that released on 24 Jan 2020 “Woh Raatein� which did wonderful.

How was the last decade. What would you remember the most for? Message for your fans for 2020. Well the last decade was super amazing. I got opportunities to evolve as an artist and still there is a lot to learn and grow. In short now I want to be a super star at what I do. Haha ! Message to fans for 2020 - Koi kaam chota bada nahi hota aur kaam se bada koi dharam nahi hota. My mummyjaan said the same to me. Just keep on working hard and you will get what you want.

What is your idea of a romantic date? A romantic date for me has to be in isolation and not in a place where there is crowd. Probably a stunningly beautiful beach side, candle light dinner with wine and old Bollywood music. MARCH 2020 31

Meet the voice behind Mumbai’s iconic night show - Naughty Nights



What’s the best compliment you’ve received and you remember till date ? Young People quite often say this to me when they meet me and work with me. Aabhimanyu You are an Inspiration to youngsters. You have an attitude which is the need for every artist.

Who is your inspiration? I get inspired from every hard working person. You know sometimes looking at how my house help manages her house and work inspires me. My father who emerged as a champ when he was under a crunch situation in life. SRK from being a nobody to Badshah of Bollywood.

MARCH 2020 33

Your favourite travel experiences. I love solo travels. My work gives me a lot of opportunities for the same. You meet new people, new perspectives but for sure you gotta be careful. My favourite travel experience was when I went to Seoul in South Korea. That place is lit. Totally!

Future projects you are looking forward to. Well I plan to take out two more songs this year and hopefully everything will fall in place. You will love my songs for sure.




MARCH 2020 35

CHEF PRASAD Interviewed by




Tell us about your journey. My Culinary Journey began at IHM Hyderabad , one of the renowned hotel schools in India . I worked in a professional kitchen under the keen guidance of Chef Sandilyan and Chef Vivek. My first professional job as Chef started when I joined Taj group of hotels as a management trainee. My journey as Chef continued with Westin Pune as Chef de Cuisine and later Grand Hyatt Goa as an Executive Sous Chef. My Fairy Tale Journey continued with Accor In India with its only Fairmont and LUXE Hotel under the capacity of Executive Chef and the journey continues in this beautiful palace.

MARCH 2020 37

Do you think your love for cooking can still be intact after cooking 8-10 hours a day? Yes, very much so. My love for cooking will always remain intact no matter how busy my schedule is. It’s the most easiest way for me to find myself to connect with myself. Cooking daily for 8-10 hours is my professional demands, but after work I use cooking as a stress-buster and pampering my loved ones. I personally think it’s necessary for every chef to cook at least one meal for their family.



Who is a chef you admire and why? I believe that for a chef to imbibe the culinary culture from his surroundings, they need to be strongly connected to the roots. And my mother has ensured that my knowledge of the local cuisine is deep rooted . She has always been an inspiration to cook with local ingredients, fresh food loaded with flavours and love. Chef Hemant Oberoi on the other hand was one of my foremost teacher who inspired me with the vision to see the distant future and prepare accordingly. His knowledge on current trends and abilty to create dishes from ethnic to fusion was very inspiring for me. Last but not the least , Chefs Mark Long from Grand Hyatt Goa, with whom everyday was a new learning. Be it cooking in modern Australian way or the new methods of menu writing, everyday was a new challenge. Chef Marco Pierre White, Chef Gordon Ramsay & Chef Peter Gilmore are few international chefs and their style of cooking excites me.

MARCH 2020 39

What has been your greatest achievement as a Chef? • In Support towards ACCOR’s Planet 21 PlanCulinary team in successfully building an In-house Herb Garden & small Organic Farm. • ACCOR’s Planet 21 Plan- regarding sustainable Seafood • Accor’s 9 Commitment chart has been successfully launched at Fairmont India. • Fairmont India Chefs have been successful in executing destination Indian weddings in year 2019 at some of best locations outside India. Fairmont Montreux, Switzerland & Fairmont, Baku Azerbaijan were 2 such destinations were team of chefs including me were part of these weddings of 400 + plus guest. • In terms of nos. extremely proud to share that Food revenue has been key success for Fairmont for last 2.5 years with over 54% profitability as compared to previous years of operations. Precise Operational ability has made me save almost 3-4% in food cost as compared to budgeted figures, and this is without compromising on quality.



Fairmont Jaipur is known to create some good food, what is it that you are doing differently? Good food never goes out of style, but there are trends that come in and out of fashion in the culinary world. I strongly believe in the few trends mentioned below Authentic World Cuisines/ Regional Indian Foods- Small towns of India are popularized/ Classic home recipes are revamped and presented in new way in modern attire. Farm to fork concept- fresh organic vegetables from farm Locally sourced & seasonal ingredients with local cuisine offerings Sustainable seafood with ASC/MSC certifications Health Bars- Gluten free & Wheat free products & Super foods Concept Breakfast Bar- with Modern Offerings/ Innovative food Bar/ Tropical Fruits from regions etc. Live Avocado Bar in Breakfast Organic Honey Offerings in Breakfast Lost Recipes of Royal Gharana’s at Zarin our Specialty restaurants. Thematic tea breaks with ideology of Warner bros. & Super Heroes.

MARCH 2020 41

Any interesting events that are coming up at Fairmont Jaipur? The most interesting events for the coming months are • Mtv India Music Summit • Eventsthan • Fashion Connect where food meets fashion • Easter Brunch • Holi Festivities • Mango celebration • Concept dinning • Communal food table at Zoya citrus garden • Indo British Hitea experience in Zoya garden • Pop up Michelin at Zarin restaurant





ollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has surprised his fans once again with a picture shared of him on social media in three completely different looks. Akshay Kumar’s photo represents three generations and he kept fans excited by saying ‘A Masaledaar Entertainer’ coming your way soon. In the picture, the actor is seen as a young man on the left, a jolly middle-aged man at the centre and as a balding old man on the right and captioned it saying #BaapReBaap. In all three looks we can see Akshay Kumar sporting a moustache posing against the backdrop of a grocery store.

Akshay Kumar had a fabulous 2019 with four film releases and all four films crossing the Rs 100 crore mark which included Kesari, Mission Mangal, Housefull 4 and Good Newwz. Akshay Kumar has three exciting films lined up for 2020. The actor will be seen next in Rohit Shetty’s cop universe saga Sooryavanshi, followed by horror-comedy Laxmmi Bomb and he will be ending the year with historical drama Prithviraj based on the heroic Prithviraj Chauhan. Akshay Kumar shared the picture across social media and captioned it saying ‘Ek se bhale do, do se bhale teen…Baap re Baap, A Masaledaar entertainer coming your way soon. Watch out! #BaapReBaap’

MARCH 2020 43

Darasing Khurana is bachelor, no more!

Photogapher Pooja Pandey Asst Photogapher Akash Pandey Stylist Abhisheek Chatterjee Assistant kinjal.jainn Makeup Sushil Chaubey Hair Kahkasha Shaikh Darasing’s outfit Purusham Monaa’s outfit Blouse PRAR by Shabnam Thakur Skirt Vasansi Dupatta Kalakruti Jewellery Beauti Art




ormer Mr India International Darasing Khurana, who is among the most eligible bachelors in the cine circuit, has found his partner for life. The popular model will tie the knot with celebrity manager and publicist Monaa Jaswani on April 14. To be held in Lucknow, the nuptials will be intimate, with the presence of family and close friends. The wedding will be held in Sindhi-cum-Punjabi style. Darasing and Monaa’s journey up to the wedding is nothing less than a script for a Bollywood film! Friends for almost a decade, Darasing and Monaa’s bond dates back to their college days in Mumbai. While Monaa was in love with Dara since the beginning, he didn’t realise his feelings until six years! And when he did, there was no looking back. After a courtship period of 4 years, where they stood by each other in personal as well as professional spheres, they decided to take the leap and get married. Dara proposed to Monaa during a romantic yacht sail in Phi Phi, Thailand, on her birthday. It took around four months for both the families to finalise the date and peripherals of the wedding.

Photogapher Pooja Pandey Stylist Abhisheek Chatterjee Makeup Sushil Chaubey Hair Kahkasha Shaikh Darasing’s outfit Mehraab Darasing’s Ring Bhavya Ramesh Monaa’s outfit Blouse PRAR by Shabnam Thakur Dupatta Kalakruti Jewellery Beauti Art Location Tamasha

MARCH 2020 45

Photogapher Pooja Pandey Asst Photograher Akash Pandey Stylist Abhisheek Chatterjee Makeup Sushil Chaubey Hair Kahkasha Shaikh Darasing’s outfit Purusham Monaa’s outfit Blouse PRAR by Shabnam Thakur Skirt Charu Parashar Jewellery Beauti Art



While destination weddings are in vogue among celebs, the couple decided to have a low-key wedding in order to save on costs. Reason: Dara, who is the brand ambassador of DATRI (largest blood stem cell donors registry), is currently funding the installation of a water pipeline in a rural area of Maharashtra, where people currently travel 4.5km to fetch water. A hardcore devotee of social causes, Dara is also planning to have a registry counter at the wedding, where guests can register for stem cell donation.

Photogapher Pooja Pandey Asst Photogapher Akash Pandey Editor Neeraj Panchal Stylist Abhisheek Chatterjee Assistant kinjal.jainn Makeup Sushil Chaubey Hair Kahkasha Shaikh Monaa’s outfit Kalakruti Jewellery Aquamarine Location Barrel & co

MARCH 2020 47

An art district in the Swiss city of Lausanne, Canton de Vaud, The Lake Geneva Region






fter a decade of planning, the new cultural destination, Plateforme 10, has opened in Lausanne, Canton de Vaud, The Lake Geneva region. It is currently home to two museums, the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts (fine arts), the mudac (design and applied arts). The Musee de Elysee (photography) is due to move to Plateforme 10 in late 2021.

Located next to the train station, it is also a living space that hosts restaurants, relaxation areas, boutiques and bookshops. The 22,000 sq. metre Plateforme 10 complex aims to attract a diverse group of visitors from across the world. It is hoped that the new art district will attract around 200,000 visitors a year. The inaugural exhibition “Atlas. A Cartography of Donations” created a dialogue between works from different generations and attracted over 19,000 individuals.

MARCH 2020 49

Plateforme 10 FACE MAGAZINE


The ongoing exhibition “Under The Skin, Vienna 1900, from Klimt to Schiele and Kokosch” will run until 24 May at the Musee Cantonal des Beaux-Arts. The exhibit is designed to open up the perspectives on the role of Viennese artists during the birth of modern art. “Under the Skin” showcases more than 150 paintings, drawings, sculptures and other artworks from the period. The exhibition is organized under the patronage of the Austrian Embassy of Switzerland with the support from the Kunsthaus Zug and the Kamm Collection Foundation. Other upcoming exhibitions include the paintings of Albert-Edgar Yersin and the works of Taus Makhacheva.

Plateforme 10 currently holds pride pieces donated by Alice Pauli, which includes works by Soulages, Kiefer, Penone, and Kapoor among others. Paintings by Zao Wou-Ki and individual pieces by major artists including Rodin, Klee, Balthus, G. Giacometti, Vallotton and Soutter also grace the art district. Plateforme 10 will also house the Toms Pauli Foundation (a collection of ancient tapestries and modern textiles) and the Félix Vallotton Foundation (works by the Lausanne-born artist). MARCH 2020 51

Madhuri Bhadhuri Interviewed By





hat does Art mean to you? Art for me is a skillful expression of emotional energy transformed into forms of visual, auditory, performing arts or artifacts in an aesthetic way to enhance one’s being. It is a form of communication for me with my viewers. Sometimes, there are multiple feelings and thoughts in a work. For me, painting is like meditation. I feel closest to God when I paint.

What’s integral to the work of an artist? An artist needs to go through all the emotions to finally arrive at the core, with all the frills removed. It is just the artist, canvas, paint and the essence of their emotion. Spirituality-The closer one gets to one’s work, the expression becomes more pronounced and the sense of satisfaction prevails. That makes me a more rounded and relaxed person. An inner dialogue begins and each one responds to his own personal yearnings, impulses, and intentions following their own distinctive path. The role of the subconscious is an integral part of the process. Artists conceive and work on art at multiple levels despite limitations. The desire of most artists is to have a space that is exclusive to them to create what they do best - Art.

MARCH 2020 53



In the past forty years of my career, my sole intention has always been to express my empirical experiences, thoughts, and ideas through the medium of my art. For me, none of my works are a direct representation of a place, object or incident as it is. It has always been what I have experienced in context with my own self which I express in my own way. This process of experiencing and then bringing these images, thoughts, and impressions back to my studio to create forms unique to me and my thought process, makes the circle of creative abstraction complete. Year after year the evolution for me has been a gradual process wherein it involves a series of events that form a part of the journey. Creation is born out of your own experiences of life, your own spiritual journey. It is also in the realizing and introspecting of this life’s journey and its infinite nuances, which leads you on to make decisions and choices and map out a path for your future.I personally feel there is a lot for me to experiment with, as I have this constant urge for creativity and as long as the spirit doesn’t die and I keep up with my motivated soul, I hope to reinvent my mind in the most promising way to keep up with my own expectations. MARCH 2020 55

Tell us about your journey. I was always fond of drawing and painting and other forms of creative expression from my school days. For through my school years, undergraduate studies in Economics at Fergusson College, Pune, (1974-78), my time pursuing a diploma in French at Alliance Française de Pune, and years playing national level badminton, I had sketched and painted with natural ease. Three decades ago in 1986, with a mix of enthusiasm, apprehension, and happiness, I held my first solo exhibition in Pune, eager to experience the response to my work in retrospect. The show opened my life to the enriching and engaging world of art I so loved. I decided to pursue my passion for art and the desire to be an artist, by undergoing formal training, a Master’s Degree in Art in the year 1988. This is where my journey as an artist began. After having completed my Masters in Art and painting in 1988, I continued to hold exhibitions. In 1989 I got married and was in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi as my husband was in a transferable job. Exposure to the major metro cities in India allowed me to get acquainted with art at the National level. It was during these formative years that I was fortunate to be exposed to art and culture, museums and seminars which were a big draw in the major metros. I have always been selfsufficient since the age of 25 and so my career in art, fortunately, provided me the financial support needed for a successful vocation. It was here that I had the complete freedom of expression in the true sense without the pressure of domestic life which was in complete turmoil owing to an ailing husband and a growing child. These six to seven years were the most trying times that I have faced. Art was the only support for mental and financial stability. Sustenance was difficult, but the only choice left was fighting against the odds. In this whole process, I became stronger and at the same time more sensitive to life and existence. It was during this stage that I realized my sport and spiritual beliefs gave me the strength to endure these difficult moments in my life. The emotional struggles that I faced also pushed the limits of my creativity. It was only this form of creative expression that paved the way for a more confirmed journey into the art world. My spirit, energy, and optimism were expressed in the form of my works.



Are art & beauty essentially related? A work of art comes into being from a conscious decision of the intellect and also an inner emotional craving to express oneself. It is like a sort of freedom and that depends on the artist’s state of mind and his inner self, beauty is also relative and subjective which of course is an essential part of our existence and how you want to see it. The emotions that kindle the artist’s own heart is what he transpires and paints on canvas.

MARCH 2020 57

No longer just for ‘50s rockabillies, polka dots are back and fresher than ever.



MARCH 2020 59

Oma is a brand that’s evolved over 15 years. The lead designer Vandana Rana along with designers from spain, has been creating styles as per trends and demands in the European market. Oma, the brand is available in leading designer boutiques in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania and other parts of Europe. Oma has very recently made in-roads in the american market. Each Oma garment is created by sourcing the finest fabrics and embellished with hand crafted motifs and embroidery work. The range is spread over evening wear, dresses & gowns, resort wear to daily essentials. They have a team of In house designers, masters, artisans ensure a produce that’s high in quality style and design.



After successfully being loved by women all over Europe we now launch our brand & store “Oma By Rana” in Prabhadevi – Mumbai. Oma by Rana will continue to get latest international trends for western outfits to the Indian Audience as well as satisfy customers with any and every customised needs.

MARCH 2020 61




The BMW Group is opening a new chapter in its history with the unveiling of a pureelectric Gran Coupe. The BMW Concept i4 takes electric drive to the core of the BMW brand and heralds a new era in Sheer Driving Pleasure. The BMW Concept i4 represents a look ahead to the BMW i4, slated to enter production in 2021.

MARCH 2020 63



MARCH 2020 65



MARCH 2020 67



MARCH 2020 69



MARCH 2020 71

Want to get rid of

pigmentation and dark spots? Here’s the skincare glow-boosters you need in your beauty bag.


kin pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dullness of the complexion are issues, a lot of women have had to contend with at some point in their lives. But thanks to the incredible range at DERMAdoctor, there’s no shortage of products women can use to minimise their appearance and give their skin the wonderful glow they all deserve.

The biggest risk factors of general pigmentation and hyperpigmentation are sun exposure and inflammation, as both situations can increase melanin production. The greater your exposure to the sun, the greater your risk of increased skin pigmentation. FACE MAGAZINE


Powered by science and balanced by botanicals, DERMAdoctor has always been at the forefront of the new science of skincare, blending FDA-approved OTC drugs, cuttingedge cosmeceuticals and luxurious formulations to treat the entire consumer from head-to-toe.

MARCH 2020 73

Top products from DERMAdoctor to help beat pigmentation Kakadu C Amethyst Clay Detox Mask Pamper yourself with one of the richest natural Vitamin C sources known on earth. Wild harvested in th`ustralian Kimberley and NW Territory, Kakadu plum puts the SUPER in super fruit. Ounce per ounce, Kakadu plum contain on average 55 times the vitamin C of Florida oranges.

Kakadu C Brightening Daily Cleanser, Toner & Make-up Remover Pamper your skin with this gorgeous daily rejuvenating 3-in-1 cleaner, toner and make-up remover.



DD Cream

The alphabet soup stops here - DD does it all. The Dermatologist’s Dream Cream defines, delays, defends, delights and delivers. This multifunctional corrective anti-aging beauty balm helps support a healthy clear complexion. A mineral based SPF 30 protects skin from harmful UV rays.

Kakadu C 20% Vitamin C Serum with Ferulic Acid & Vitamin E A lightweight, anti-aging high potency stabilized Vitamin C serum accentuated with Kakadu Plus Extract, Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E boosters.

Physical Chemistry Facial Microdermabrasion and Multi-acid Chemical Peel An intensive exfoliating treatment for clinical at-home chemical peel and microdermabrasion session in one.

MARCH 2020 75

DERMAdoctor is the go-to skincare brands to help you achieve that flawless and clear complexion and having a skincare routine that is packed with the essentials such as Vitamin C, Kakadu C and Ferulic Acid will help your pigmentation be gone once and for all.

The DERMAdoctor skincare range is available at FACES stores and online at FACE MAGAZINE



MARCH 2020 77

Those who enjoy outdoor camping with marshmallows toasted on an open campfire, acoustic guitar singalongs and early morning strolls on the beach, listen up!





aguna Waterpark is bringing The Camp, a unique 24-hour weekend camping experience at the coolest location – in the heart of beachfront hotspot, La Mer. Leave the tent at home, as the trusted team at Laguna Waterpark will be bringing all of the luxuries for this incredible camping extravaganza that is truly one for the bucket list.

MARCH 2020 79

The Camp invites friends and families to an exclusive experience and the ultimate night under the stars, which will be available every Thursday and Friday evening. The camping fun kicks off at 5pm with a breezy check-in service and refreshment station on arrival. Guests can head straight to the slides, catch an epic sunset over the Arabian Gulf, hit up the WaveOZ 180 FlowRider, or choose to tuck into a delicious unlimited BBQ offering all the classics from burgers to flamegrilled chicken which will be available until 10pm.



Campers will also be able to get cozy on a beanbag and catch a family-friendly film under the stars, in addition to live entertainment including a resident DJ and solo guitarist playing the camping classics – the ultimate touch to set the ambience. One thing is for sure, as the nighttime rolls in you won’t want to miss the glow from the campfire, marshmallows and corn will be on hand for you to toast – ghost stories are not obliged!

Campers are advised to rise early to catch an incredible sunrise or enjoy a walk or swim at the picturesque La Mer beachfront. The Camp team will also deliver a basket to each tent as guests awake in the morning, filled with fresh ingredients for campers to cook at live cooking stations, or with guidance by the expert team. The basket will be filled with eggs, tomatoes, onions, with fresh Arabic bread, labneh and cheese.

Campers will also be able to get cozy on a beanbag and catch a family-friendly film under the stars, in addition to live entertainment including a resident DJ and solo guitarist playing the camping classics – the ultimate touch to set the ambience. One thing is for sure, as the nighttime rolls in you won’t want to miss the glow from the campfire, marshmallows and corn will be on hand for you to toast – ghost stories are not obliged!

The Camp has it all – with an aim to be the first unique camping experience within a waterpark in Dubai, guests are encouraged to discover a whole new meaning to camping whilst stargazing on the beach!

What: The Camp Where: Laguna Waterpark, Central La Mer When: Weekends only (Thursday & Friday) Time: Check in: 5pm Checkout: 10am (following day) Price: • Two pax tent AED 700 • Four pax tent AED 1,200

MARCH 2020 81

The Philippines, known for its pristine beaches and city life, has been on my list for some time, and I’ve always looked forward to planning a trip to the island country. I finally visited the Philippines and explored 2 of the country’s largest cities, Manila and Davao City, and Samal Island, located a few minutes away from Davao City.





anila is among the busiest cities in the world and is known for several attractions like its colonial architectures, Baywalk and Nightlife district. We stayed at the Manila Hotel, a historic 5 star hotel located along Manila Bay. Built in 1909, it is one of the oldest hotels in the Philippines, but more than the age of the hotel, what excited me was the legacy of famous celebrities that have lived there: Michael Jackson, The Beatles, and John F. Kennedy to name a few. The hotel also had some great food, good rooms and lovely ambience. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there.

MARCH 2020 83

Since Manila is a city steeped in history with a colonial past, I recommend a half day Manila City Tour, where you must check out the below sites: • The famous Rizal Park named after Dr. Jose Rizal, a Philippine national hero. This is an ideal place to immerse yourself into the contemporary political history of the Philippines. • Intramuros, also known as the walled city, that was considered as important as Manila itself during the Spanish colonial period. • San Agustin Church and Manila Cathedral, among the oldest in town. • Fort Santiago, which is probably the most important historical site in Manila. Several lives were lost in its prisons during the Spanish colonial period and World War II. Jose Rizal was imprisoned here before his execution in 1896.



Davao City Samal Island

For shopping, you must visit SM Mall of Asia and Greenbelt. I also visited Shangri-La Hotel which has amazing sunset views of the city and indulged in some upscale luxury shopping at the Shangri-La Plaza. After the City tour and shopping, we were understandably tired and could not think beyond a spa. And the Marina Bay Spa was the answer; a fantastic place to relax and enjoy a massage. Post this, we explored a bit of the nightlife. There are several clubs and lounges in the city to explore, depending on one’s tastes for vibe and music. The next morning, after a lovely breakfast, we said good bye to Manila. MARCH 2020 85

Our Davao City experience started with the Eden Nature Park. It is an absolutely stunning place and we loved the half day we spent there. Greenery, butterflies, mountains, adventure and excellent food define this place. It has everything you need for a perfect day. You can explore the flower garden, or go for a bird walk, perhaps visit the butterfly garden or embark on a cultural journey of Mindanao. We opted for a guided shuttle tour for 45 minutes that took us around the entire resort and visited most of the attractions. The Skycycle was an adrenaline rush, a terrific experience biking on a cable that was 60 feet in the air and 200 meters long. The Skyrider, more commonly called a zipline, was fun too and presented views of Davao City and Davao Gulf that were spectacular. Skyswing was a first-time experience and I admit I shouted my lungs out when it started. All this was definitely enough of an adrenaline rush for the day and was an experience to remember for a lifetime. The resort also had a great buffet and we ended the day there with a scrumptious lunch. I must mention that their home made ice-creams are a must try. After Eden we checked in to the Marco Polo, a comfortable hotel with some good city views.



MARCH 2020 87

Things to do at

Davao • Monfort bat cave: there are about 2 million bats living inside this conservation park, quite a fascinating place, kids would love to see this. • Philippine Eagle Center is a famous destination for tourists, and home to a number of Philippine Eagles and other birds, mammals and reptiles. It is managed by the Philippine Eagle Foundation which is tasked with providing sanctuary to and protecting this endangered bird. • Malagos Chocolate Museum was again a fun place to visit, where we all made chocolates with the help of the staff and sampled fresh cocoa. Yummy scene!! • We also visited the Tagbaibo Village to experience the local tribal life and were treated to local delicacies



and coffee freshly made with corn. They performed ritual dances and presented a cooking demo. If you are bored of city life, this is your go-to place. • A great place for lunch was the Club Samal Resort facing the sea. Very authentic and the staff are super nice. • We spent half a day island-hopping Samal Island. Cruising the coast line and exploring the coral reef was breathtaking.

• The Eden Nature Park and exploring the coral reef at Samal Island were among my best experiences at Davao.

So that’s about it regarding my short and sweet trip to Philippines. I am definitely going to go back to explore more. Until my next travel, Adios!

MARCH 2020 89







W Marriott, part of Marriott International, Inc., announced the opening of JW Marriott Muscat, setting the stage for distinctive experiences in Oman’s historic capital. Located in the heart of Muscat’s new business hub, within the Sultanate’s largest urban development project Madinat Al-Irfan, the hotel is an integral part of the prestigious Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC) precinct. Directly linked to the OCEC, it also provides easy access to key city landmarks including Muscat Old Town, Royal Opera House, Old Souq and Mattrah Corniche.

spectacular natural valleys flowing with water. With 2500 square meters of banqueting space flooded with natural daylight and equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, the new property is the perfect place to host artfully choreographed meetings and events. Whether it is a small board meeting, a large conference, a social gathering or a wedding, the hotel offers space and choice with two large ballrooms and six meeting rooms. Directly linked to the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC) precinct, JW Marriott Muscat invites

Overlooking inspiring surroundings, JW Marriott Muscat features 304 guest rooms and suites, many of them offering views of Oman’s wadis,

MARCH 2020 91

business travellers to benefit from the acclaimed ‘Events by JW’ service, including multi-lingual and experienced event planners and tailored menus. JW Marriott Muscat houses the largest Executive Lounge in the country and is the first hotel to have an exclusive lounge for airline crew. Oman’s rich local produce is at the heart of JW Marriott Muscat’s food and beverage philosophy, with five restaurants and lounges to ensure the culinary experiences at the hotel fulfil every taste and desire. The all-day dining found at Kitchen 7 offers a tasteful selection of international buffets, Asian woks, Middle Eastern grills and Indian tandoors with an interactive show kitchen. Fire cooking lovers can enjoy sophisticated grills with a sparkling flair at Pink Salt; nature and the crafts of a botanist inspire the refreshing and creative beverages at Tonika; while Butter Buns gastropub houses the city’s best burgers, creating exceptional flavors. Guests can also relax and enjoy the Mediterranean vibe and entertainment from sunrise to sunset at the property’s CATCH pool bar.



A rejuvenating Spa by JW, offers signature treatments organized by four distinct benefits – renewal, calmness, invigoration and indulgence – as well as sauna and steam room facilities. Additional leisure facilities include a state-ofthe-art fitness center, three outdoor swimming pools, a floodlit tennis court and

a multipurpose court for basketball, volleyball and badminton. JW Marriott Muscat is an LEED gold compliant - a stringent green-building standard set by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) reinforcing the property’s sustainable and environmental stewardship.

Adjacent to the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, the New Hotel Offers a Fresh take on Luxury

“The debut of JW Marriott in Muscat marks an exciting milestone for the brand in the Middle East and Africa as we continue to grow our footprint and deliver an elevated and warm luxury experience,” said Mitzi Gaskins, Vice President & Global Brand Leader, JW Marriott. “The hotel’s extensive offerings encourage guests to live in the present and pursue their best selves while immersing themselves in the culturally authentic experiences of this enchanting city.”

MARCH 2020 93


‘Grand Hyatt Mumbai Hotel & Residences’ takes pride in welcoming the world’s smallest chef to India after his stupendous success in Qatar and Vietnam. World’s smallest chef arrives in the city of dreams – ‘Mumbai’ and invites all our patrons to experience his signature delicacies at CELINI.




e Petit Chef is more than just food. It is an interactive dining experience that combines food with Cinema, Theatre and Technology where fusion of flavours with virtual reality comes true, enhancing your dining experience.

Featuring cutting-edge 3D visual technology and digital mapping, treat yourself to an immersive culinary journey with Le Petit Chef at your table, paired with themed music, props, and an exquisite 6-course meal.

MARCH 2020 95

To book now! visit



To add a wow experience to the mentioned packages, Customized Wine Cellar International Pairing are recommended for each experience at a special price. Last but not the least, if you are celebrating your special day with ‘Le Petit Chef’ we are all set to offer you customized special occasion packages available such as birthdays and anniversaries.

MARCH 2020 97



uber-Gin juxtaposes family recipes to restaurant with style and personal flair to create a unique experience. The partners Amit Desai, Yogesh Dooa, and Nitesh Dooa joined hands for this pet project for the love and passion for food and hospitality. The three friends are here to curate and offer an experience of a casual diner that turns into a lounge post 11pm.



Situated in one of the most premium South Bombay locations, Breach Candy, this resto bar Auber-Gin aims to fill the audience that enter bold flavours and craftsmanship by developing the best Veg / Non Veg food and a lavish bar. Chef Rakesh Mirchandani has curated a special menu severed with 30 different kinds of Gin. The pairing is something to look forward to with some in-house special Gin based concoctions by the Head Mixologist Shatbhi Basu.

While everything in the menu is prepared to near perfection there are a few signature dishes that one can’t miss out like; Aubergine pizza, Sandwich and Bagel Fusilli Pesto, Charcoal Spaghetti with assorted appetizer and Salads.

The mixologist Shatbhi Basu is the founder of STIR Academy of bartending and also an awardee of the President of India and Ministry of Women and Child Development for being the first Woman Bartender of India. She is the curator of the special Vintage Revisited cocktails that AuberGin has on offer.

MARCH 2020 99

This 2500sq feet place is skilfully crafted and designed by Sumessh Menon who says; ‘The design layout incorporates modern design with the hint of European elements. The patina finished-metallic screen bar forms the essence of the place with an African black stone counter top. The place is seemingly inspired by the vibrant artists as the artwork around the restaurant speaks for itself. The art work includes depiction of human forms in lively motion behind the Bar, the metal façade of the restaurants give it away to the European times. The ceiling is beautifully inspired by the nature and the flooring has dark stone patterned in freeflowing mosaic chip which makes one feel very comfortable to switch from a casual diner to a lounge experience, which just sets the mood and vibe right’.



Summer is here and so are these



s important as it is to change your fashion with changing seasons, changing what you eat is probably the most important. This summer 2020 we are seeing a big wave of changing food trends and people consciously planning their diet according to the season. As we have always said and heard ‘Mind, Body and Brain’, It is slowly changing to ‘Mind, Body, And Gut’.

FOOD TRENDS MARCH MARCH 2020 2020 101 101

Gut health is becoming increasingly important among individuals due to the realization of its significance and connection to major diseases. The good news here is that Gut health is actually easy to maintain. With a few consistent steps, we not only control and maintain our gut but also prevent ourselves from various diseases. Let’s start talking about one of the most loved and effective trends which if not the latest but is one of the most favorites in chefs, home cooks, bloggers, and photographers as well. Yes, we are talking about ‘Acai Bowls’ one of the most aesthetic food trends and one with so much scope of flavors and ingredient combinations that anyone can make it their own easily. The bases generally used are of yogurt, yogurt smoothies, milkshakes, fruit bases. You can top it up with any fruits, nuts, seeds toppings and eat your way to a healthy gut. With summer coming around a lot of fruits are freshly available and it’s the perfect season to gauge on yogurt smoothies. It is easy to style and easy to eat and hence it finds itself on top of the trending food lists every time. (Acai bowl) The next food trend which is slowly being recognized as a superfood as well, is ‘CBD’ oil short cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoid compounds found naturally in marijuana and hemp. At first, it seems a little scandalous to use these oils to eat but they are gradually making their place in the food world. The naturally occurring benefits of this oil are being said to have impacts like no other food and exclusively found only in hemp and marijuana. You can either have a drop of it directly or you use it as a salad dressing, pizza oil, or as a topping on any of your food items. It is mostly known to reduce anxiety, help with sleep disorders, improve cardiovascular health, help with the treatment of Cancer and Dementia and reduce pain and inflammation. FACE MAGAZINE


Some of the famous brands to find these products are Palmetto Harmony, Ojai Energetics, RE Botanicals and Endoca for people residing in India. We cannot even start talking about the cosmetic benefits of CBD oil since the list is never-ending. (oil picture) The last and the newest trend we want to talk about is the use of alternative flours. We already have a lot of people who are allergic to gluten and then there are people who have given up Gluten products by choice. With growing research, it has finally been realized that gluten can have some seriously damaging effects on our bodies and on our Gut. Gluten is a protein naturally found in some grains including wheat, barley, rye, and spelt. It acts as a binder, holding food together and adding a “stretchy” quality—think of a pizza maker tossing and stretching out a ball of dough. Without gluten, the dough would rip easily. The gluten-free food industry has grown 136% from 2013 to 2015 with almost $12 billion in sales in 2015. So what do you use next time you want to make a pizza? Well, as mentioned the gluten-free food industry is on a rise and hence is the availability of substitutes, some of which you can even make at home. For example use Rice Flour, almond flour, Amaranth Flour or you can even use cauliflower doughs or nachni or ragi bases to bake your way into health. ( flour picture) Hoping you are not overloaded by the above information right now, do look into these food trends and keep in them in your radar when making food choices. MARCH 2020 103

CYFFA LEYENDA CYFFA : “Change Your Future For Achievement”

LEYENDA : “Legend” in Spanish

Music Producer,Rapper, Song Writer, Director, Video Editor, Athlete, Music Engineer, Music Director, Owner, Distributor, Actor, Professional Entertainer/ Performer, Website designer, Leader, Graphic Designer, Sponsored Artist, Author, DJ, Event Planner, choreographer/ Street Dancer, Business Man/ Entrepreneur, Promoter, Genius, Lyricist, Clothing Designer, Manager, Blogger, Idealist, Creator, Public Figure & Founder.



▪️Worked with Michael Copon founder of Michael Copon Studios for his artist “Vickie Jade’s” music video. It was the best experience I had I remember that day I walked in his studio he was like” yo Cyff wassup man you ready ?” Knowing me I am always ready for this. That was the day of the official shoot for his artist Vickie Jade. Once I heard the music I was snapping you’ll see me dancing like 4-5 times in the video. ▪️Worked with Michael Copon founder of Michael Copon Studios for his artist “Vickie Jade’s” music video. It was the best experience I had I remember that day I walked in his studio he was like” yo Cyff wassup man you ready ?” Knowing me I am always ready for this. That was the day of the official shoot for his artist Vickie Jade. Once I heard the music I was snapping you’ll see me dancing like 4-5 times in the video.



OB's NYC "Where Legends are Made", The Norva, Shakas Live, Retro Cafe, The Half Moon Cruise, Damneck Family Festival, Oceana Family Festival, Sliders, Jack of Spades, Landstown Highschool, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dream City University "Dream little Dreamers", The Lounge, Calvary Revival Church, Ted Riley Def Jam Records competition performance, Apple Bees in Chesapeake, Deep Creek Ruritan Center, Boys & Girls Club end of the summer party, Scandals, Military Circle Mall, TYKU Bar, NSU SPARTAN FEST”Opened for Megan Thee Stallion”.

CREDITS •Michael Copon, Alisha “M’Jestie” Brooks, Rah Digga, Megan Thee Stallion, Tek “Smiff & Wessun”, SOBsNYC, NORVA “Jolley Brothers GLOW SHOW (Feat. Lex Luger, DJ 4B, Kino Beats, Big Will the Party King & High Def Razjah.), STEVE MADDEN AMBASSADOR, On air W/ DJ WAFFLES (ROLLING OUT Podcast Host] [Radio Personality for DASH RADIO]

MARCH MARCH 2020 2020105

entored by Alisha “Mjestie” Brooks who wrote the famous hit “Pon De Replay” for (Rihanna), “This Groove” (Victoria Beckham), “Welcome to raight out of high school Cyffa signed with M’Jestie to her label Dream City University. I jumped to the top level of artist in months of work dro ater on M’Jestie told me there can’t be two bosses. During this she invited me to dinner paid for everything smiling telling me I’m meant for a bi

MENTORED BY ALISHA “M’Jestie” Brooks (2014-2015)


•Mentored by Alisha "Mjestie" Brooks who wrote the famous hit "Pon De Replay" for (Rihanna), "This Groove" (Victoria Beckham), "Welcome to the dance" (No Angels), (Kreesha Turner) "Passion" (Melanie Fiona) "The Bridge", ALBUM "Where have you been" (Resurface). •Straight out of high school Cyffa signed with M’Jestie to her label Dream City University. I jumped to the top level of artist in months of work dropping singles and always available to perform at any show

WORKIN’ W/MICHAEL COPON (2015) Worked with Michael Copon founder of Michael Copon Studios for his artist "Vickie Jade's" music video. It was the best experience I had I remember that day I walked in his studio he was like” yo Cyff wassup man you ready ?” Knowing me I am always ready for this. That was the day of the official shoot for his artist Vickie Jade. Once I heard the music I was snapping you’ll see me dancing like 4-5 times in the video. FACE MAGAZINE


•Later on M’Jestie told me there can’t be two bosses. During this she invited me to dinner paid for everything smiling telling me I’m meant for a bigger purpose then just settling for being an artist and she let me go of the label. Ever since then Been independent since then.

the dance” (No Angels), (Kreesha Turner) “Passion” (Melanie Fiona) “The Bridge”, ALBUM “Where have you been” (Resurface). opping singles and always available to perform at any show igger purpose then just settling for being an artist and she let me go of the label. Ever since then Been independent since then.




My album CHANGE YOUR DUTYRE FOR ACHIEVEMENT is worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, Youtube, iheartradio, TikTok & more. sets/changeyourfutureforachievement MARCH MARCH2020 2020 107


Predictions with Pankaj Sharma Instagram @pankajsksharma

Taurus (20 April – 21May ) Aries (21 March – 20 April) Health: - May face issues related to joint pain, so you need to be careful about travel, exercise, and driving. Career: - You will have progress and advancement in your job; however, there may also be an increase in your name, fame, and respect at the workspace. Finance: - The financial prospects look good in March as you will get multiple opportunities and profitable deals. Though you need to be extra careful about expenses. Family and relationship: - The family environment would be cheerful and supportive across the month. Suggested Crystals: - Clear Quartz



Health: - Allergic reaction ay trouble you in March so you need to be careful about hygiene around you. Career: - The workspace would be quite challenging as you may face a lot of obstacles to perform. Don’t get dishearten about criticism. Finance: - There may be a sudden rise in expenses due to which you would feel frustrated. You need to take financial advice from the experts to plan your finances Family and relationship: - You may feel that you don’t get enough time for family. Though you should balance the work and personal space. Suggested Crystals: - Green Tourmaline

Cancer (21 June – 23 July )

Gemini (21 May – 21 June) Health: - You may face issues related to muscle pain so please be very careful in the gym, fitness centers, and sports activities. Career: - The month will be quite average in terms of career front. You need to maintain the decorum of the workplace and balance your emotions while dealing with colleagues. Finance: - You will gain good momentum in cash flow. However, you need to maintain a diary or worksheet to check on your expenses. Family and relationship: - This month would be about joy, happiness, and togetherness with family. If are planning for a short vacation, then you have the right time now.

Health: - March will be a great month for health aspects. People suffering from long term diseases will get some relief. Avoid spicy and oily food as far as possible. Career: - March will open new gateways of opportunities for you. You may receive a promotion or a new job this month. Finance: - A significant flow of income would take place this month. Use the money to repay the debts. Family and relationship: - There would be a great harmony among family members with good communication among members. Suggested Crystals: - Tanzanite

Suggested Crystals: - Citrine

MARCH 2020 109

Virgo (23 August – 23 September) Leo (23 July – 23 August) Health: - You may face issues related to throat, arms or back. Visit a doctor for proper check-up and rest. Meditation would help you to re-energize the mind and body. Career: - All obstacles of your career would seem to vanish this month. You would see all-round growth at the workspace. Finance: - Your hard work would be rewarded with significant cash flow. Though you would spend lavishly as well. Family and relationship: - You will understand that family is a strong backbone of every individual. Suggested Crystals: - Topaz



Health: - You should destress yourself and follow the path of mediation. Overstress may cause shoulder, back and neck pain. Career: - New opportunities are waiting for you. You may hear positive news on the promotion front or new job which would upgrade your lifestyle Finance: - Multiple streams of income may open for you. You may get financial aid which you needed right now. Family and relationship: - You may plan a family trip to have quality time with your loved ones. Suggested Crystals: - Kyanite

Scorpio ( 23 October – 22 November )

Libra (23 September – 23 October )

Health: - Food and skin allergy may trouble you this month. Maintain absolute hygiene this month to avoid any allergic reactions.

Health: - You may face ENT issues that need your immediate attention. Maintain a balanced lifestyle with a balanced diet.

Career: - March would act as a platform to put you on the fast track. Plan your career movement and prepare for it.

Career: - You may feel sluggish in terms of progress this month. Career movement may not be favorable for you.

Finance: - Constant money flow would be there in your life. You would be able to balance the income and spends ration.

Finance: - Unnecessary expenses need to be controlled otherwise, you would not enough of something serious.

Family and relationship: - A great understanding and coordination among family members. You may attend a family function.

Family and relationship: - Maintain a strong and transparent communication with people in your family.

Suggested Crystals: - Red Sapphire

Suggested Crystals: - Labradorite

MARCH 2020 111

Sagittarius (22 November – 22 December ) Health: - You may have shoulder and neck pain. Take a break from a busy lifestyle and rest well. Ayurvedic medicines and meditation would have a positive impact. Career: - Your workplace would require a lot of attention. You don’t have to get bodged down. Plan your day, week and month to handle important clients and projects.

Capricorn (22 December – 20 January) Health: - Health is wealth. You need to understand the value of health and follow a healthy routine.

Finance: - Don’t take money decisions in hassle. Plan them with the help of financial experts.

Career: - You need to have higher attention to detail especially when your colleagues would eye to trouble you. You may receive good news about getting a new job.

Family and relationship: - You may get involved in unnecessary family discussions and matters. The best is to plan a family trip to have fun and happiness.

Finance: - The financial aspect would receive a significant boost this month. A new stream of money will open for you. People may benefit from the stock market.

Suggested Crystals: - Rhodochrosite

Family and relationship: - This would be an excellent family bonding time for you. Your kids would make laugh. Suggested Crystals: - Black Tourmaline



Aquarius (20 January – 19 February) Health: - Don’t be careless towards health. Your lifestyle needs the inclusion of healthy habits. Be careful about heart-related matters.

Pisces (19 February – 21 March)

Career: - Your hard work would be paid through salary hike, promotion or new job offering. It’s party time for you.

Health: - You may face ENT related issues. You need to care about changing the weather. Consume fresh and healthy food.

Finance: - March would bring significant cash flow into your life. A property sale would help you to repay old debts

Career: - March would bring desired results at the career front. Promotion, salary hike or a new job may uplift your career path.

Family and relationship: - You would see a positive change in family matters and communication. Family members would have a strong sense of responsibility.

Finance: - Professional and businessmen would observe a tremendous boost in financials. Family and relationship: - Peace and harmony would cheer-up your mood. Your relatives may settle for the old dispute.

Suggested Crystals: - Amethyst

Suggested Crystals: - Lapis Lazuli

MARCH 2020 113

Available at Issuu and Magzter







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