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Love is in the Air!! If you really Love your self, then you can spread it all around. Welcome to the “Valentine” Issue of Face Magazine! Would love you to read through some heart-warming and mushy stories, discover self-love and find a perfect travel escape. Moreover, I had so much fun shooting for the cover with Vatsal & Ishita. Further, I shall share an exquisite itinerary from my Mauritius experience that left me awestruck. I do hope that you find the time to travel and enjoy these precious, though everlasting, moments in life. I shall also share some unique moments that I would not recommend missing, for instance - when the Zenith embarks on the debut edition of LVMH Watch Week with a new kind of innovation in its DEFY collection with DEFY Midnight, a uniquely conceived line of women’s watches with a dreamy, cosmic touch; The Asia Club Polo hosting a fun cocktail evening at City Palace Jaipur or followed by an International match the next day with the Singapore team captained by Kwan

Lo against the Royal Jaipur team captained by HH Maharajah Padmanabh Singh. We are preping up in full swing for Shubh Muhurat by Hyatt Regency Pune. Don’t miss out the event as it brings in the best for your special day. Lots of Love! Deepti!


Editor in Chief.

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Vatsal Sheth & Ishita Dutta Cover Story




Polo Aisa Cup


Self Love with Chris Lawless








Nitinn R Miranni & Aarti Miranni




A Travel Guide to Mauritius




Sonara Farm



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enith embarks on the debut edition of LVMH Watch Week with a new kind of innovation in its DEFY collection with DEFY Midnight, a uniquely conceived line of women’s watches with a dreamy, cosmic touch. In addition, the new Elite collection redefines the codes of 21st century watchmaking for the ultimate in contemporary elegance.

“I’m very grateful that Zenith is in Dubai for the first edition of LVMH Watch Week – DUBAI 2020, which I believe is the new international destination for the world of watchmaking. Glamorous and forwardthinking at the same time, Dubai is the perfect place to present an innovative collection of feminine watches. We are placing women’s watches at the forefront of the brand’s creative endeavors. But we weren’t content with making yet another ladies’ watch. With our newest models, it is the first time that Zenith has conceived women’s watches from the ground up”, revealed Zenith CEO Julien Tornare. EXPLORING TWO SIDES OF FEMININITY With its new creations dedicated entirely to women, Zenith is elevating both ends of the spectrum of women’s watches. On one side, the resolutely contemporary DEFY Midnight and on the other, the timelessly elegant Elite collection. There is dreamer in each of us, gazing at the starry night sky and taking in the infinite potential that lies ahead. For its first purely feminine watch, Zenith sought inspiration from the cosmos when creating the DEFY Midnight, a versatile sporty-chic timepiece with a uniquely celestial dial, conceived with free-spirited women in mind. As much a jewel as it is a watch, the DEFY Midnight is the perfect companion for the independent women of today: confident, expressive and with a style of their own. Living by their own rules and assertive in their choices, DEFY Midnight women are never afraid to stand out and project their dreams.

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A new way of making art and fashion, through the smartphone. This creative process allows you to break down every barrier creative.



LYS an Italian artist.

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with Chris Lawless

On Valentine’s Day, you may ask ourselves how can we grow deeper relationships with someone we love? Well, ask yourself this question first

What is the longest relationship you’ve had, or ever will have? We often forget that the longest relationship that we will ever have is with ourselves. Probably the most important relationship that we will ever have is with ourselves. How we treat ourselves, our ability to foster healthy self-love, intricately affects our ability to start, develop and maintain loving relationships with other people. A meta-analysis of over 53 studies including 46,000 people, has shown an undeniable correlation between strong self-love and positive personal relationships. They go hand-in-hand. Fitting huh? FACE MAGAZINE


So whilst flowers are an amazing gesture, it’s important to use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to recognise the value in fostering selflove and how it can greatly improve our relationships. Here’s 3 quick tips on how to easily integrate good self-love practises into your daily routine: 1. Daily Self Focused Gratitude Along side your usual valuable Gratitude practice, add in one more item that is specifically about yourself. We all have positive attributes - focus attention on them, celebrate them,

be grateful for them. 2. Fire a few rational questions at your Inner Critic. If your Inner Critic starts rambling - here’s 2 great questions to ask • Would I say that to a friend? • What would I do if I loved myself? 3. Pat yourself on the back. Literally. If you do something good, acknowledge it extend your arm, bend your elbow and pat yourself on the back. The brain is complex and it processes EVERYTHING. The more self-loving actions you can take, both mentally and physically, the more the brain interprets, constructs and strengthens a positive, selfloving, extremely beneficial, internal narrative. So how does this all relate to Valentine’s Day? Well, let me tell you a short little love story. I met a girl on Canada 14 years ago and I fell head over heels. She was, and still is, the love of my life. We went our separate ways for 13 years and the fairytale of life brought us back together. But just like 13 years before, she wasn’t able to love me. And that’s OK.

What, how the fk is that a love story you ask? Well, it’s a self-love story. What I learnt from this experience is that a real loving relationship requires both people to be fully vulnerable, and being vulnerable can only come from a space where we truly love and accept ourselves. I didn’t love myself enough to accept the vulnerability. So these tips may be simple, but

they work. I know because I use them. The more you practise them, the more self-loving and connected you become with yourself. The more you connect, understand and celebrate yourself, the more you can allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to fully connect, understand and celebrate someone else, and whatever relationship you share. Happy Valentine’s Day

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VATSAL SHETH & ISHITA DUTTA Tell us your Love Story. What do you value the most about your partner? She is very very understanding and that’s like the best thing about her What would you describe as True Love? It is about what you are really happy with each other and to understand each other. Both of them need to be happy without sacrificing and compromising anything. One of the partner’s habits you have learned to accept. To get off sugar which was very difficult for me. I used to love having sweets and I love it totally. She got off sugar and I thought it was a very good thing to do and now I am completely off sugar

Career accomplishment you both are most proud about? As far as career is concerned we both are very happy as our careers are shaping up and we both are doing some interesting work and we would continue to do that. How was the last decade? What would you remember the most? Message for your fans for 2020. The last decade was amazing. First and the most amazing thing is I got married. That was one of the most fantastic things I have done. Message to my fans would have a great year ahead. You should always have a positive attitude and you will love 2020 and all the years ahead. So look forward to having many great years ahead with a completely positive attitude.

JAN 2020


What is your idea of a romantic date?

Future projects you both are looking forward to.

A romantic date would be we just going to a nice beach resort and there would be nice sun, sand, and sea. That is my idea of a romantic date

Right now I am working on this tv show called Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar k and I am really loving it and it’s doing very well. After that, I have a lovely music video Jis Din Tum Aaoge which is lovely. I have a small cameo in a film called Malang which is coming out in the first week of Feb and after that, I have done a sweet short film for a student filmmaker. They just randomly approach me and they asked me if I would like to do the part and I loved it and I did it. Then I will be doing my first Gujarati film and being a Gujarati, of course, I am very excited about that

What’s the best compliment you’ve received and you remember to date? Honestly, I don’t remember compliments. I appreciate all of them but I don’t remember them. Who is your inspiration? I get inspired by a lot of people amongst my friends and family. A lot of senior actors as far as profession is concerned. And in day to day life, I see people working early morning and I get inspired by such people. Your favorite travel experiences. I have had a lot of amazing travel experiences. One of the best was when I was shooting for a movie called Heroes. We were shooting in Ladakh for 20-30 days. That experience was fantastic. We traveled with the whole crew from Manali to Leh Ladakh while making pit stops and shooting. We actually got to interact with soldiers who were stationed there and we got to hear their amazing stories which really inspired us. We clicked a lot of pictures and it was just amazing.



Curated by Deepti Chandak Location Mannrangi Styled by Nilofar Khan Assisted by Gaurav Chugani Makeup and Hair Neha Seehra Assisted Arbaz Shaikh, Falaqnaaz Chowhan Photographer Bhupesh Kalal Assisted By Rizwan Outfit By Benetton India Zara India

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I value everything. I like how Vatsal is, who he is. He is so understanding and supportive. We respect each other’s personal space. Everything about him, I absolutely love and value. What would you describe as True Love? I don’t think there is any definition of true love. I think it’s a feeling. A lot of people ask me how did you know this was it. I don’t know how to describe it. One day he asked me if I wanted to marry him and I was like yes, I want to. I don’t think one can ever describe true love One of the partner’s habits you have learned to accept. One good habit would be that vatsal is very punctual. Career accomplishment you both are most proud about? Tell us your Love Story. Our love story started on the sets of a show called Rishton Ka Saudagar Baazigar on life ok. That’s the first time we met. The show got over and that’s when we realized that we liked each other and soon we started dating and got married within a year. So it was a sweet and simple love story. What do you value the most about your partner? FACE MAGAZINE


Everything that I have done, I am really proud of. I wouldn’t take any particular name. So all of it. How was the last decade? What would you remember the most? Message for your fans for 2020. The last decade was amazing. I started my career on my birthday where I shot for my very first ad film and then there was no looking back. It’s been almost 8-9

JAN 2020 25



years in this industry. The best thing that happened to me in the last decade was, of course, my marriage. Me getting married to Vatsal was just amazing. Message for my fans well Thank you so much for all the love. You all have accepted me and supported me and given me so much love. I love you all and I promise to entertain you with my work. What is your idea of a romantic date? I don’t think I am a very romantic person. For me, the perfect romantic date would be a simple dinner with light music and maybe a glass of sangria. It can just be in my house or anywhere, it doesn’t matter. The company matters more and of course good food. What’s the best compliment you’ve received and you remember to date? I don’t remember the best compliment but every time people appreciate my work, I think that’s pretty much the best compliment. Who is your inspiration? My parents, my sister, my cousin’s and how they are managing their work and personal life. They are doing such a great job and that inspires me. Your favorite travel experiences. I loved Paris and Amsterdam. That was actually my honeymoon. Me and Vatty went there. It was a great trip. Every time I go to America, I love it. It’s great for shopping. Future projects you both are looking forward to. Currently, I am shooting for Bepanah Pyaar. It has been such a great experience. It’s my first show with Balaji and I am really enjoying it. I am extremely thrilled and happy to be a part of it. On television, you really don’t get a lot of time to do anything else. So let’s see. Right now I am doing this and I have no idea what I am going to do next. JAN 2020 27





JAN 2020 29

Nitinn: Suit By Sarah & Sandeep Aarti - Nivedita Saboo FACE MAGAZINE


Tell us your Love Story.


went for his show and almost immediately knew that I like being around him. We were introduced by a common friend who then helped us plan few more evenings … and in no time I had all my energies aligned onto “US” It was beautiful as it was Organic. We fitted right into each other lives, without any friction or force. I believe that we met just at the right time. We both were searching for companionship and feel blessed to have found it. It is easy and effortless. What do you value the most about your partner? Humor, Connected to the Roots and He is so hardworking! It is so admirable to see him hustle and keep all his dreams alive. What would you describe as True Love? Love is not one big feeling but its lived through smallest moments of life that we spend together. One of the partners habit you have learned to accept. He is too giving & trusting even if there is no reciprocity.

Career accomplishment you both are most proud about? I am so proud that he is following his dreams and get to live it every day. We come from different professions but I feel our big accomplishment as a couple is to support each other in our careers.

JAN 2020 31

How was the last decade. What would you remember the most for? Message for your fans for 2020. Our wedding day! 10th December 2018.

What is your idea of a romantic date? Good wine and great ambience. We love to explore new places. What’s the best compliment you’ve received and you remember till date ? The day he called me his “Home” Who is your inspiration? Anna Wintour Your favorite travel experiences. Switzerland, Paris, Instanbul, Dubai, Singapore .. Bangkok .. all the places we have visited together. Future projects you both are looking forward to. We both are very ambitious when it comes to our careers, there are few things in pipeline, we shall be happy to share as things shape up! Fingers crossed … X



Tell us your Love Story. I am sure her version is better than mine but not to sound to cliché but I know deep inside we were meant to be. I met Aarti in not very good circumstances and was actually going through a lot of massive changes in my life but after meeting her I realized that she has been amazingly supportive of me from day one and many a times would keep me and US a priority. Being friends with her for some time before we started dating was a clear indication of how transparent and clear she is about so many things. That clarity bought stability into my life and I knew I loved her even before I met her. (cue SRK music ;0) What do you value the most about your partner? Her honesty and how generous and graceful she is. Frankly I have no qualms in saying this but I am a fan of my wife. We both come from completely different walks of life but what I value the most that she is willing to teach and learn and understand everything. I have married a very wise woman :0) What would you describe as True Love? That’s a big one but for me its RESPECT, true respect is true love. One of the partners habit you have learned to accept.

a lot of sense to me now . Other than that her amazing habit of saying NO to things that she doesn’t want to indulge in. It is the KEY to a happier you. Career accomplishment you both are most proud about? Recently would be Having opened for TERVOR NOAh for the 3rd time in Abudhabi was defiantly a highlight.

I hate to admit but Her OCD is making JAN 2020 33

Also receiving Standing Ovations for all 4 shows during my first tour of Nairobi was an overwhelming feeling. How was the last decade. What would you remember the most for? Message for your fans for 2020. What a decade it has been , but I am just grateful to have met my wife at the right time because I became more fearless and was able to face many things such as mental health, anxiety with a brave front knowing that no matter what, one person gets me completely. What is your idea of a romantic date? We both love eating good food at unique places, so an ideal romantic date would be good food , good wine and lots of catching up on things and celebrating our past and future. What’s the best compliment you’ve received and you remember till date ? I have been blessed with such amazing feedback all the time but as a performer this was recently when one of my seniors from school (who used to occasionally bully me ) attended a show and came up to me after my show and said “I never thought I would have to pay to see you and stand in line to get a FACE MAGAZINE


Switzerland and Istanbul has been our favourite. Future projects you both are looking forward to. World domination 1 laugh at a time. 2020 is defiantly the year for a Bollywood project and a comedy special on Netflix or Amazon prime (fingers crossed). I am looking forward to working on the brand Nitinn Miranni and using it to make a difference. So do watch out for me because im gonna be UNDENIABLE.

photo with you‌Well done�. Who is your inspiration? Because of what I do my inspiration is everyone and everything. So from Jim Carrey to Kevin hart to a little child everyone inspires me in different ways. Your favourite travel experiences. Funny thing again I want to credit my wife Aarti because before her I used to travel all over the world check into the hotel, go do my show, come back to the hotel and fly out. Now we make it a point to see the city and experience the culture. So far our trip to Nairobi, JAN 2020 35

Share the Love this Valentine’s Day with Missha’s Gifting Guide It’s that time of the year again. Valentine’s Day! Whether it’s your partner, a family member or your BFF, it can be challenging finding the perfect gift. But don’t worry, we have done the work for you and put together a selection of our best products guaranteed to make them feel special.

Create the perfect pout with Missha’s Moisturizing Jelly Tint in the So Red shade. This easy-to apply formula glides on while creating an even lip color that is smudge free. | AED 50

The Pure Source Pocket Mask (Pomegranate) provides a simple, quick, yet intensive boost to help relieve irritated skin, leaving it feeling supple and replenished. | AED 16

Give the complexion a holiday and nourish the skin with Missha’s Time Revolution Vitality Oil. Containing a blend of 6 plant oils, its non-sticky, refreshing formula is quickly absorbed into the skin, boosting its vitality and restoring a natural glow. | AED 97 FACE MAGAZINE


Looking for all day freshness? Missha’s Men’s Cure Water Essence delivers fresh hydration for men wanting to simplify their skin care routine with no fuss, giving an enhanced moisturizing effect to the skin. | AED 144

A clever addition to men’s grooming is Missha’s Light Up BB Cream for men. With its UV blocking benefits, this product helps cover up any shine or imperfections, and the best part? It customizes itself to any skin tone. | AED 101 For more information and to shop for the products, visit the website

Perfect for any travel kit and shower bag, Missha’s Men’s Cure Shave to Cleansing Foam, helps perfect cleansing of the skin and allows for a gentle shave with its rich foam. | AED 82

JAN 2020 37

Love & Music with Mihir Joshi Tell us about your journey as a talk show host, singer, anchor, WWE commentator. You wear different hats and we would love to know more. How did you start? I’m one of the lucky few people who’s doing what he loves for a living. And yes, while I do wear a ton of hats, primarily I use my voice for a living. That said, it has been a fun and

satisfying journey so far. I started my career in the music and entertainment industry 15 years ago as a radio jockey with 107.1 FM Rainbow. I spent 5 years there. Later I worked for a few years with 94.3 Radio One. I did a lot of interviews with musicians then and with a vision to take those to the whole world I started The MJ Show in 2013. Now, I’m in my 6th season having done over 160 episodes and I’ve featured pretty much all the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry. You can now see the show on youtube and on my facebook page. While doing all this, I formed my own band almost 14 years ago and after many iterations FACE MAGAZINE


and changes, in 2014 I released my debut album Mumbai Blues with the Mihir Joshi Band & Times Music. In 2015 we won the GIMA Award for Best Rock Album for it. In 2020, I’m going to work on new music after having taken a planned break from music for almost 2 years thanks to my darling baby boy.

I have also had the pleasure of being an emcee hosting events for some of the biggest brands in the country and in April I’ll also complete 2 years of doing live Hindi commentary for Sports Entertainment Giant WWE on Sony Ten 3. So yes, that’s a decent summary of the last 15 years. Who is the most important person in your life? Well, if you had asked me 18 months ago, I would have had just one person to tell you – my wife Neha. But now I have 2. Neha, and my baby boy Neil.

What are you no longer afraid of? Believing in myself. I feel I’m ready and am no longer afraid. I attribute this to my son in a way. Since he was born, I have an invigorating and liberating energy that makes me want to do so much more.

Mother or father? Who has it easier in society? I’d say both are very important, but no one can do what a mother can. And fathers have it easier. Even if they do a little they get a lot of praise while a mother does a ton and is just expected to do everything. I think we need to make equal parenting the norm, and not the exception. Apart from breastfeeding (and thus nursing him to sleep), I do everything my wife does for our baby and I don’t think that it is something special. Neil is my son too and doing things for him is my responsibility just like it is Neha’s. What are the habits you and your wife have acquired from each other? WWI’ve definitely learnt to be more assertive when it comes to dealing with people in my life and I’ve also learnt how to keep the house cleaner. I think she’s learnt to be a lot more patient from meand about getting to places on time. I think I’d heard this in a movie a long time ago and it stuck with me – “Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.”

Who do you think plays a more important role for a child.

JAN 2020 39

What was it like when you first met her? In my career as a radio jockey I made an effort to meet only two of my listeners in person. One was a guy named Nandan Kini, who became one of my closest friends and the other was Neha Karmarkar, who went on to be my wife. The first time I saw her, I was struck by her simplicity and her profound thought process. I knew instantly that she would be one of my closest friends. Twelve days after we met for the first time, she made the first move and I knew instantly she was the one for me!We’ve been together ever since. We will complete 13 years as a couple and have been married for 8 years now.



JAN 2020 41

Mustard Fashion Valentine Collection Mustard Fashion, India’s leading regular and plus size brand for women clothing since 2004 has launched its Valentine collection for your love ones. Anyone, any size won’t walk away empty-handed at Mustard, they cater to all with sizes varying from XS to 6XL. The brand celebrates womanhood in its most democratic form with outfits catering to urbane, sophisticated and most of all, beautiful Indian women. This vision is reflected in the stylish, trendy, sleek collection.

Mustard Women’s Red V-Neck Top@1599 Price Range:

INR 1599 Available at: Across all 33 stores in India &



Mustard Women’s Red Printed Viscose Georgette Kurti Price Range:

INR 2899

Available at: Across all 33 stores in India &

Mustard Women’s Magenta Korean Silk Solid Top Price Range:

INR 2199 Available at: Across all 33 stores in India & JAN 2020 43

Whether these were Mark Twain’s own words or if he was quoting a local is a point of debate. Whatever the case may be, it’s easy to see where the comparison between Mauritius and Paradise came from. If Heaven was a place on Earth, Mauritius would be that place. FACE MAGAZINE


A Travel Guide to Mauritius Here is a perfect 7 days Itinerary of must do’s on your visit to Mauritius

This pristine paradise just north of the ‘Tropic of Capricorn’ in the south western part of the Indian Ocean is a place everyone wants to visit at some point in their lives and I was no exception. JAN 2020 45

Blue Safari Submarine They say the real beauty of the ocean lies beneath the surface. And what better way of seeing that beauty than on an underwater safari? As the only leisure submarine operator in the Indian Ocean, you know you’re doing something exclusive and special. Blue Safari Submarine has a fleet of submarines and ‘Sub-Scooters’ all suited for different type of activities and experiences. They even offer a champagne dinner below the surface and for the ones looking to tie the knot with a wedding under the sea. Talk about creating some unique memories! Given that my son is a bit of a “dare-devil”, I guess it was a good thing that the Sub-Scooters had an age FACE MAGAZINE


requirement that he didn’t meet. So instead we got to experience the underwater safari in a Leisure Submarine, which was just as adventurous and exciting in my opinion. We boarded the submarine and quickly grabbed the front row seats. The Captain of the submarine had a vast knowledge about the marine life and artefacts we got to see during the safari and made sure everyone learned as well as enjoyed. This was a great activity that everyone will enjoy, no matter the age.

SSR Botanical Garden This botanical garden in district of Pamplemousse, named after ‘Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam’, the first prime minister of Mauritius and the Father of the Nation, is a national treasure. The Botanical Garden (as it was then known) has a history of over 300 years,

dating back to Mauritius’ French period, making it one of the oldest botanical gardens in southern hemisphere. It is populated with a vast variety of flora, both indigenous and from across the world. It most notably contains a collection of 85 different varieties of palm trees form across the world. I set aside a few hours to walk the gardens and spend some ‘alone time’ in the serene beauty of all the tropical flowers and trees. “How lovely is the silence of growing things” – Evan Dickens Should you get the time, do spend some time walking this beautiful botanical garden. JAN 2020 47

Boat Trip on the east coast and lunch with Falcon Boats No visit to a tropical paradise island is complete without a private boat ride along it’s unspoiled coastline. We had the privilege of going on the boat of Captain Dino (FYI, his Indian name was Sahil), who made sure it was nothing short of a perfect day. We sailed along the east coast and stopped only at the loveliest spot for a delicious Mauritian Barbeque lunch. After lunch, my son and I got to experience parasailing and it was indeed a soulful experience to soar so high above the beautiful endless Indian Ocean. My son was thrilled, because in Mauritius, unlike other places, the age limit for parasailing (with an accompanying adult of course) was only 5 years old. Needless to say, we were both left breathless.



Horse Riding Everyone has at one point in their lives imagined riding a horse on the beach, and what better place to do just that then along one of Mauritius pristine beaches. Belle Mare is a beautiful beach surrounded by various resorts. The weather was just beautiful and it was a perfect ride. As amazing as this experience is, it’s even better when you’re experiencing it with someone you love. And I had the pleasure of doing just that with my little hero. Turns out he was a natural!

you go on a day when the weather is right and do come prepared with hats and water to keep yourself hydrated.

Casela World of Adventures

Chamarel Coloured Earth

This adventure park not only holds the boasting rights of being one of Mauritius’ leading attractions but also of being the most visited attraction in the entire Indian Ocean. This adventure park/zoo offers activities such a zip-lining, camel safari, swimming with dolphins, feeding giant animals such as giraffes. They even offer their guests the opportunity of going on an ‘African Safari’ and experience close encounters with the Big Cats. You might think that this is a place that only kids would enjoy, but you’d be wrong. We had a wonderful day at Casela, feeding the giraffes, fishing, going on safari, the fun was never ending. It was simply great! It’s a full day of out outdoor activities though, so make sure JAN 2020 49

‘Seven Coloured Earths’ as the area is also referred to, is a geological foundation consisting of sand in seven assorted colours. What makes the Charmel Coloured Earth even more fascinating, is that that colours never mix. Even when forcefully mixed together, they eventually separate naturally and settle according to their colours. Visiting this place is a fascinating and educational experience that also allows for some great and unique photos. There’s also a small restaurant close to the attraction where you can enjoy some fresh sugarcane juice. Perfect on a hot day while watching some big tortoises that are kept close by.

tasting session wherein they offered us rum cocktails of our choice. I tried a few different variants and without a doubt, my favourite was the Spicy Chamarel Rum. After the tour we had lunch and enjoyed some delicious Mauritian food. Not surprising to the people who know me and my sweet tooth, I must give a special mention to the caramelised pineapple dessert. It r eally was out of this world.

Curious Corner of Chamarel

Rhumerie de Chamarel Mauritius is often associated with Rum and this association is not unfounded. While the island has several rum distilleries, there are only a few that produce “Rhum Agricole” (the French term for Rum produced from freshly squeezed sugarcane juice). Out of these few, I had the pleasure of visiting ‘La Rhumerie de Chamarel’. The distillery is still involved in cultivating its own sugarcane, a practice not commonly done by distilleries anymore. Rhumerie de Charmel and its rum has won several awards and it didn’t take long for me to find out why. They took us on a rum making tour, similar to a wine tour (for those of you familiar with those). The tour concluded with a



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on the ceiling instead of the floor? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be giant in a small house? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand in the air? This place plays tricks on your senses lets you experience all this and much

more. To say that this was a trippy experience is understatement. This house of quirky tricks and illusions will tease your sanity and leave you questioning what is real and what is not. Spending time in a house of illusion is fun for everyone, no matter your age. It’s especially fun for bored kids on a rainy day.

La Vanille Nature Park La Vanille Nature Park hosts a wide range of reptiles, fish and mammals, ranging from bats to lemurs to crocodiles and alligators to giant tortoises. The park is a vital part of a conservation effort to protect and preserve the natural forest environment and habitat as well as several animal species, particularly the endangered giant tortoises. One of the things I was really looking forward too was to visit the nursery, because who doesn’t love baby animals? I got hold both baby tortoises and crocodiles. Not the fluffiest of animals, I know, but they sure were cute. As we later moved on to the fully-grown ones, nothing could have prepared us enough for the contrast in size. Everything was supersized! The tiny tortoise I had held in my hand would eventually grow big enough to sit on. The giant tortoises were roaming around, and kids could sit on them and have their pictures taken. We also payed a visit to the insect museum, which I realise is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I found it really fascinating. The butterflies obviously stole the show! The crocodile

and reptile enclosures are clearly a big attraction. The fully-grown crocs were truly impressive to watch. We concluded the park visit by seeing something a bit cuddlier and less terrifying, the farm animals. My son might be the greatest petting zoo enthusiast in the world and the combination of him with fluffy animals nearly made my camera ran out of memory space.

JAN 2020 51

Taking a sunset cruise along a tropical island is on everyone’s bucket list. Watching the sun say good night in the most spectacular and extravagant fashion as it disappears behind the horizon is sight you’ll never forget. Top that with the gentle rocking of the sea and you know you’re in paradise. While Mauritius has an extensive list of cruises operators, I chose to experience my sunset cruise with ‘JPH Charters’, a reputable fishing and cruise operator with a range of different boats. The sunset was really something else and I was left in awe, wondering if I’ve ever actually seen a more beautiful one than this golden Mauritian sunset.

Sunset Luxury Cruise

Born To Fly We all dream of being able to fly. But in Mauritius, you can do more than just dream, you can really fly. ‘Born to Fly’ is a seaplane operator that lets you experience this tropical paradise, its turquoise lagoons and the deep blue sea surrounding it all, from far above. It’s a breath-taking experience you won’t soon forget. The Captain, who was also the owner of the company was amazing and made sure you felt completely safe while you enjoyed the Birdseye view of this paradise island.



The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa

including an Indian restaurant, well I wasn’t surprised when I learned that the Westin’s owner is an Indian man. The food was delicious and flavours were intact keeping some Mauritian touch to it. Other restaurants were nice too but had limited vegetarian options. The Westin had a ‘Kids Club’ for their younger guests and my son took full advantage. He got to take dance lessons, go crab hunting, painting and he also made a few new friends. All and all I think Westin has done a wonderful job. My visit to the Mauritius and The Westin Turtle Bay just happened to coincide with ‘EARTH HOUR’ and Westin made sure the occasion was celebrated in style. The evening began in the lobby where all the guests where invited and handed candles to light. We then walked through the hotel and out to the garden where candles where kept. This was when the time passed 8pm and all the lights where switched

I personally love Westin properties and this one was no exception. The room was amazing with unrivalled views of the great Indian Ocean. I loved waking up to this view. Mornings were just beautiful. As soon as we arrived at Westin, we couldn’t wait to hit the beach and enjoy some Mumma-Baby time J The hotel had a few restaurants

off. They offered us drinks and food and it was all free for all the guests. The hotel put on a “Fire dance” performance followed by an open floor for everyone who wanted to join in and dance. The whole experience was lovely and it was a great evening for kids and parents alike. It was a great party!

JAN 2020 53

Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa

I must admit that the Hilton Mauritius was a wonderful experience. The garden view room was nice and comfortable, we were on the ground floor with garden access followed by the beach. The Hilton Mauritius had 3 restaurants where of one was a Beach restaurant where they offered lunch by the beach, so you could enjoy the view while your enjoyed your lovely food. In my opinion it was the Hilton’s themed buffet which was the culinary highlight of the hotel. The buffet offered 3 cultural food experiences; French, Mauritian and Indian, on a rotating basis, making sure the guests enjoyed a new theme every day. I tried them all and I must admit neither disappointed! Every theme also offered a “Live Counter” where a specific part of the cuisine was ‘made to order’ in FACE MAGAZINE


front of the dinner guests. The Indian one for instance offered a fresh roti counter. But the theme of the day didn’t end there. Instead it followed you out to the beach restaurant where they offered concerts and performances in accordance with what was now the theme of the night. The live bands where talented local performers and artists who’s tunes kept you entertained well into the night. The Hilton had a beautiful pool. But should you prefer something bigger, the beach was but a stone’s throw away. The hotel had a sports centre situated by the beach where you could go paddle boating or kayaking free of charge. My son and I went paddle boating more then once and we both loved it. It was a perfect activity, simple enough to do without a guide. The breakfast was one of the many highlights of the visit. Now for those of you who know me, know I love breakfast. And Hilton did not disappoint. The breakfast was pre-ordered the night before and was arranged beautifully on the patio of my garden side room minutes before we woke up. The breakfast was so good that I choose to enjoy it by the beach on the second day. The Hilton Mauritius also has a jetty, where guests enjoy evening drinks, cocktails and mocktails. The Jetty can be booked as a venue for personal or corporate events. They also have a nice kids club and on Easter they organised some fun games and activities for the kids on the beach side. My son had amazing time at the Hilton I must say!

Spa Day

Photo Safari No trip is complete without a relaxing Spa experience. I opted for SOL Spa at the Sofitel Hotel and must admit it was amazing. I loved the massage, the coconut scrub (it smelled like fresh coconut) and a quick refreshing facial. It was a perfect Me time and that’s how I ended my trip to Mauritius. I’m still posting lots of pictures on my social feeds, so make sure you check them out.

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting #MyMauritius , make sure you go home with quality photos that does it justice. This photo tour will take you on a journey to discover the very essence of #Mauritius, it’s beautiful people and culture, and of course it’s pristine landscape. The tour packages are tailor made to cover what you want to see and capture on camera. Clique Photo Safari Mauritius was featured on CNN and was quoted as “The world’s most stunning Photo Safari” @photosafari_mauritius_tour

JAN 2020 55

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now’s the time to start planning a romantic getaway. Orlando offers some of the most unique and romantic experiences available, from dazzling rooftop fireworks to sloth cuddles and even spectacular proposals with the help of a dolphin. And while they are perfect for a Valentines’ weekend getaway, these experiences are available throughout the year: Dazzling Views – Orlando is home to fireworks every single night of the year. While they are theme park spectaculars, there are some amazing and romantic viewing spots outside of the theme park gates: • Capa, located on the 17th-floor rooftop of the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World, boasts the best of Spanish-influenced cuisine with a stunning view of the nightly fireworks. Whether stopping by for a full meal or just drinks on the spacious patio, this spot exudes romance. • Bar 17 Bistro, on the rooftop of Universal’s Aventura Hotel, is guaranteed to provide breathtaking views of Universal Orlando’s three theme parks. The bar offers unique dishes and classic plates as well as custom-crafted cocktails designed to pair well with the urban international flavors on the menu. From spectacular sunsets to roller-coaster watching, there’s not a bad spot to sit for an unforgettable date. • California Grill, on the 15th floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, offers rooftop views that are perfect for watching the nightly fireworks show FACE MAGAZINE


and the sunset sky. Even before the fireworks start, this restaurant entertains with a lively onstage kitchen, where chefs prepare meals in front of guests. Unique Experiences – Studies show that couples who participate in “novel” activities together reported improved relationship quality, as well as increased passion for one another. Orlando offers plenty of novel activities that fit the bill: • Get Up and Go Kayaking offers twohour guided sunset tours in clear kayaks through the scenic canals of the Winter Park Chain of Lakes. Enjoy the glittering lights on the water, navigating narrow Venetian-style canals and views of historic houses lining the shores. • Orlando Balloon Rides offers daily flights (weather permitting) for a bucket list romantic experience. Guests can watch the sun rise over Central Florida, spot landmark site from theme parks to orange groves, and enjoy a champagne toast after landing. • Wild Florida offers the perfect way to surprise an animal lover. Guests can choose from several packages, electing to meet sloths, lemurs, porcupines and more. Wild Florida also just opened a 75-acre drive-through safari park, bringing visitors up close giraffes, wild boars and other animals.


JAN 2020 57

Perfect Proposals – It’s a big decision, where to pop the question. Fortunately, Orlando offers some of the most unique and romantic spots to plan a proposal, from extravagant to intimate: • The Wheel at ICON Park Champagne Experience offers everything needed for an iconic proposal, from a 360-degree view of Orlando to a private capsule and champagne toast. The 23-minute ride is just enough time for a heartfelt talk, with an unforgettable backdrop, especially at sunset. • A Dolphin-Assisted Marriage Proposal at Discovery Cove is one of the most extravagant and unique ways to FACE MAGAZINE


pop the question in Orlando. Guests can arrange for a dolphin to swim up with a special buoy in their mouth, reading “Will you marry me?” In addition to that, Discovery Cove provides plenty of other opportunities for romance, including up-close animal encounters, private cabanas, sandy beaches and ample ways to relax. • For something more intimate and budget-friendly, Lake Eola in downtown Orlando is one of the best places in the destination to pop the question. The park features plenty of private areas, a Chinese pagoda and even swan-shaped paddleboats.




THIS VALENTINE’S DAY Brand-new luxury island resort spreads the love with and overwater villas each with a deck exclusive couples’ and pool for total privacy, making it the ideal choice for travelers looking for a experiences last-minute romantic escape. this Valentine’s Day In honour of Saint Valentine, the recently opened JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa unveil a series of romantic couples’ experiences to embark on a quick island escape to the world’s most romantic islands. Nestled on Vagaru island, the new five-star luxury resort is located just 55 minutes via seaplane from the capital of Male, Maldives – just a short four-hour flight from the Middle East. Positioned in an area celebrated for its pristine natural beauty, JW Marriott Maldives Resort & Spa boasts 61 beach FACE MAGAZINE


On the 14th February, dive into an extraordinary culinary experience with a romantic Valentine’s Dinner for two on one of the world’s most romantic islands. The exclusive Valentine’s menu features five exquisite courses, with choices including the freshest oysters, pan seared Foie Gras and Lobster bisque to start. Mains include smoked braised short ribs or pistachio crusted salmon, followed by a delectable chocolate dessert. Priced at just $325 per person, couples will also receive a bottle of rosé Champagne and live music, set up in the most intimate private setting on the beach.

For couples looking for even more indulgence, The Spa by JW is a private enclave of tranquility, offering guests the utmost in a relaxing and individual spaexperience. In celebration of the most romantic day on the calendar, The Spa by JW has curated two couples’ packages – Island Romance and the Toi et Moi – both of which will be available to book throughout the month of February. The indulgent 90-minute Island Romance package includes a frangipani full body scrub and massage for just $320 per couple. Alternatively, for just $430 per couple, Toi et Moi offers guests a vanilla foot soak, rose oil full body massage, rose facial, Champagne and heart chocolate. Home to worldrenowned experts, firstclass facilities and superior spa products – The Spa by JW is the ultimate rejuvenating retreat.

Boasting picturesque villas, an array of stunning dining destinations, relaxing leisure activities, pristine oceans all set alongside one of the world’s greatest sunsets – there’s no better spot to whisk your loved one away to this Valentine’s Day.

JAN 2020 61



Visit The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi on February 14 for a full day of celebrations with your loved one

The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi leaves you spoilt for choice on Valentine’s Day this year with three different dining experiences, a variety of live entertainment and incredible spa offers. Take advantage of the seafront setting or the dining ambience at Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi on February 14 and enjoy a sharing menu created exclusively for the night that highlights innovative Asian fusion recipes. What’s more; DJ Margo takes a break from her residency in London to bring her phenomenal house and lounge tracks to the decks of this multiple award-winning restaurant. Whether it is progressive house or lounge music, the Estonian artist is sure to lure you into a musical haze from 10pm onwards, while effortlessly shifting from soulful tracks to old-school funk hits.



Those celebrating their special night with Buddha-Bar Beach Abu Dhabi will also get the chance to win a night’s stay at the resort’s ultraluxurious St. Regis Suite. Dinner, priced at AED300 per person, will be served from 7pm until 11.30pm. While Santorini may not be in the books for you soon, MAZI Abu Dhabi brings you very close to the experience. Enjoy the best of Greek dining with a sharing set menu, while viewing the incomparable Saadiyat sunset from the restaurant’s dreamy setting and being serenaded by a pianist. Available for AED225 per person, this dinner automatically enters guests into a raffle draw for the chance to win a 60-minute massage for two at the award-winning Iridium Spa. The a la carte menu will also be available on the night.

Sontaya is the answer for anyone looking to treat a loved one at the most romantic restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Dinner will be served in an intimate setting nestled within floating pavilions, while a violinist performs live. The set menu is available for AED 550 per couple and includes a complimentary cocktail on arrival. That’s not all; every couple who has a treatment booked for February 14 at Iridium Spa will receive a special goodie bag from the resort’s awardwinning spa. All guests at the wellness haven can also enjoy a strawberry dip after their treatment.

JAN 2020 63

Map Out Your Love Under the Stars at Sonara Camp This Valentine’s Day



The one-of-a-kind dining destination is serving up a host of delights alongside its exquisite sharing menu featuring the best of seasonal ingredients, with bubbles and rose bouquets on offer. Couples can enjoy live music from the saxophonist, be serenaded tableside by Sonara Camp’s singer, or stargaze at the observatory with an astronomer. There is plenty on offer for families too with sandboarding and pétanque among the activities available and children can also relax while enjoying a movie under the stars. For those wishing the night not to end, Nomadic Tents are available for the evening so guests can watch the sunrise while enjoying breakfast in the dunes of the nature reserve.

Activities and entertainment include the following: • Camel ride inside the camp • Live music from a Saxophonist • Memorable Fire show • Singer will serenade at your table • Volleyball • Soft Archery • Sandboarding • Pétanque • Meet our Falcon • Photographer • Children can relax with a movie under the stars • Stargaze at the observatory with an astronomer JAN 2020 65

Party Brunch at ‘Fifty Five East’

‘Party Brunch’ brings in the trend to brunch in style and celebrate this season only at ‘Grand Hyatt Mumbai’. Brunch and party in delight with your dear ones at the multi-cuisine speciality restaurant ‘Fifty Five East’ with the best of world class cuisine and beverage offerings and groove to the beats of DJ. An array of signature delicacies will be showcased for our guests from the handcrafted dishes to indulge in. Experience the ‘Oscar themed brunch’ showcasing the best of multi-cuisine delights, free flow of beer, wine and spirits and much more on 9th February Indulge and party in a themed set FACE MAGAZINE


up, themed food curation and come dressed in a themed avatar to win the best dressed award and win a complimentary stay.

JAN 2020 67


Food Saakshi Gupta Satav

Some foods are believed to arouse more than just our taste buds. Lets explore how much of this true or are these foods of psychology?


et’s be frank, people have been enjoying sex for a very long time. We celebrate our love lives most in February, the month of romance. It’s not all hearts and flowers, but food too. Every Valentine’s Day, the internet is clogged with endless lists of aphrodisiacs – foods that supposedly enhance sexual desire – and restaurants all over the world unveil aphrodisiac-inspired menus. FACE MAGAZINE


For anyone who is just joining the discussion on what aphrodisiacs are, here’s what they mean. Named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, an aphrodisiac is a food, drink, drug, scent, or device that supposedly has the power to increase sexual desire, or libido. Who hasn’t heard that chocolates, strawberries and oysters can have such a powerful effect? The use of food as an aphrodisiac may be more truth than myth. Take oysters, for example. Oysters were first called aphrodisiacs by the ancient Romans, who wrote about the immoral behavior of the women who ate them.

For one thing, oysters are high in zinc, which is supposed to increase sperm count. For another, they’re high in omega-3 fatty acids, which improve nervous system function. The banana is another example. Considered an aphrodisiac due to their shape, bananas are rich in potassium and B vitamins, which are said to be necessary for sex-hormone production. Some ingredients such as artichokes , avocados and figs are also considered arousing because of their looks and shapes but they have no biological effect on the body or the sexual functions of the body. There are two different ways to look at this, given that there are no solid studies that prove the connection of these foods to the sexual desires in the brain, there is enough evidence that these foods do support the sexual functions in the body, which in turn makes them a part of the sexual process anyway. But the latter part also implies that having chocolates or strawberries wont help in sexual functions only by eating them once, it’s a process and hence will need consistent dosage to have their effects. On the other side given the general perspectives and also credit to they’re

looks and shapes some foods can be used as suggestive sexual intentions. A gesture of cooking or getting these foods for your partner can give them the idea of your intentions. Also credit to our biological thinking process and our readiness to have sex, the appearance of some foods can work as catalysts to get us in the right mood. Irrespective, the romance community have made their decisions and declared some foods as aphrodisiacs and have been famously been followed to be so. From fruits and vegetables to chocolates and desserts, herbs and oils have also joined the race to become ‘love potions’. This has become a famous commercial product with its peak season during February the Month of Love. So let’s experiment this Valentines Day and try out aphrodisiacs for ourselves and decide how and if they do influence the ‘mood’.

JAN 2020 69


Something classy by the view?

Splash of colors & sass is the aura that’ll surround you just as you enter Mannrangi Ambience

Kashmiri Nadru Churma


‘‘Mannrangi’ . An attractive bar counter with certainly all kinds of alcohol to keep you grooving to the mellow music & an even better view to have your lunch & dinner by. The vintage chandeliers and the dim bulbs will for sure make your evenings count with your friends, family or even a romantic date with your special someone as you cheers by the lovely city lights. ‘Chic & contemporary with an Indian

style’, is what Mannrangi is all about. FACE MAGAZINE

70 7 0

The food presentation is so darn at tractive, which makes your taste buds keen to try out almost everything on

Signature Cocktails

Valentine's special cocktail

the menu. There are unique innovative cocktails infused with Indian spices that blend with different kinds of alco-

Mishti Doi

JAN 2020 71

Chicken Cafreal hol to get you jazzy by the end of your meal. Mannrangi not only limits itself to food & alcohol but on weekends it also is a destination to enjoy Live Band performances & renowned DJs as you sway to the beats of nightlife. The cherry on the cake is the courteous service that never leaves you unattended & makes you feel at home. Being the month of Valentine, what’s better than having your date set up in Mumbai’s Progressive Indian Lounge? With food so finger-liciously delicious, valentine special cocktails & a red valentine theme will make your mood romantic as you spend a memorable evening with your lovely valentine. You’ll have to keep coming back here, as there’s so much to try at Mannrangi.

So check it out on Zomato or Facebook & Instagram @mannrangi to book your table.

Watermelon Shrikhand

Dhaniya Daruwala



JAN 2020 73

20 destination wedding trends that will shape 2020 Destination weddings are here to stay and growing at a phenomenal rate with millennials at the forefront driving the demand with requests for unique experiences over unique possessions stirred with social media aspirations. The organisers of the world’s largest destination weddings platform, the DWP Congress, reached out to top wedding experts working for leading venues and destinations on what you need to look for when planning your 2020 destination wedding.

“Couples are thinking about the bigger picture not just their wedding, but how it can impact the world and make their statement or contribution to something they believe in. Where Ecodécor and reusable elements considering 3R, reduce, reuse and recycle, where recycling is the last resort – zero waste and zero plastic are trending with the increasing world awareness. Natural settings are largely favored and the wedding décor, flower arrangements and menu as requested to be real, local and seasonal produce thus integrated with the destination/ venue selected.” Shares Evelyn Nguyen Van from Zaya Nurai Island in Abu Dhabi. FACE MAGAZINE


Along with eco-friendly weddings, Lefteris Tsoukalas from Mitsis Alila Resort & Spa, the host hotel of the DWP Congress 2020,

indicates that “themed

wedding celebrations and outdoor wedding ceremonies with natural lighting and visual effects (on beach weddings, poolside and garden ceremonies) will be the choice of modern couples. Couples are

looking for personalization and incorporating vivid elements which reflect their love story.” Interesting insights on destination trends came from Mireia Tubau from Barcelona

combines sublime locations, delicious cultural experiences and truly bespoke experiences beyond culture nature and sea combine with excellent flight connections and pleasant weather.” Couples are exploring new places around the globe. The world is their oyster when it comes to the choices. Casey Wagner from Aman Hotels & Resorts says, “Brides, grooms, and planners

exploring new, fresh destinations; places their friends have not yet visited or gotten married (i.e. Kyoto, Vietnam, Montenegro), incorporating local culture into wedding celebration, like shaman blessings; street party with food trucks of local cuisine are some of the biggest trends this year.” Turisme. “Couples are looking

for new destinations for weddings. They are looking for culture, history, and art so urban weddings are becoming trendy. Apart from that, a wedding destination that

Speaking about décor , Luis Goncalves from Hotel Fairmont Ray Juan Carlos believes

“Flowers and colorful decoration have always been one of the most important bullet points on a wedding checklist, we think that it will have a special protagonist in the upcoming years on the wedding industry.” Themed weddings will continue to rule hearts in 2020. Nathalie Lebon from Deco-Flamme Live Production suggests ‘Homestead Elegance,’ ‘Dinner Party Romantic Chic’ and Rustic Wedding as few emerging themes. “These wedding themes incorporate natural outdoor details with elegant, sophisticated JAN 2020 75

elements to create a unique mixed theme that can be seen within all of the emerging trends. In particular, the themes are tied together by a neutral color palette that is set off by lush, romantic floral arrangements of peonies and garden

roses.” Millennials are choosing a picturesque location where it is all about breathtaking backdrops, swooning details, and gorgeous sceneries. Celebrities are leading this trend. “Hotels,

wedding vendors and planners shifting focus to Instagram (away from traditional website) to increase brand impression and define the style in an effort to recruit clients/ brides/grooms (clients don’t care about websites and print media as much as Instagram).”- adds Casey Wagner, Aman Hotels & Resorts. Juana Ortiz Basso from Los Cabos Tourism Board says,

“Tailor-made experiences, personalized with a unique style is the top trend for 2020. It’s all about the experience! Fun and memorable activities for the groom and bride as well as for the guests are making their way to a more unconventional wedding.” Iosifina Politi from Santorini Gem adds, “The couples are more driven than ever to offer their guests a unique experience. They want their guests to be actively involved and enjoy the destination wedding experience. FACE MAGAZINE


Interactive entertainment, surprising decorations/ micro-events, and individuality to embrace the destination traditions along with the couples’ culture are the top 3 trends that will rule the destination wedding industry”. Speaking about entertainment, Aurelien Guery from Grand Hotel du CapFerrat, a Four Seasons Hotel shares,

“Entertainment is becoming more and more present/important during the cocktail receptions, dinners and after dinner parties: performers, dancers, singers, emotional catering (interactive moments).” To add to this, Carolina Moreno from Banyan Tree Mayakoba also focused on larger events and the

of lights are still a trend in wedding decoration. From hanging installations to tube lighting and LED bars, the options are endless” she says. Adding to the above list, Tania Marques from Hotel Palacio Estoril has a very interesting trend to add which she feels will grow extensively in the coming years. She says “most of the marriages are

based on cultural heritage and this trend will increase in the coming years. These days the bride and groom seek to return to their origins”.

These global luxury wedding experts will be heading to the Mitsis Alila Resort & Spa from April 1st-3rd 2020 in the sunny island of Rhodes in Greece, which is the Official Hotel Partner for the 7th Annual DWP Congress. Lefteris Tsoukalas, the General Manager of the property shares his views on winning teh bid to host 500 luxury wedding connoisseurs from over 75 countries. “We are really thrilled to

importance of unique entertainment for guests. Emphasizing on the importance of lighting as part of the décor is Florencia Abramzon from El Dok Haras. “Strings

host the DWP congress at Mitsis Alila Resort & Spa! It is a great honor that our hotel has been chosen for its unique location, facilities, service standards and overall ambiance as the ‘Official Host Partner’ for the 7th Annual DWP congress next April” he says. JAN 2020 77

Adding another feather to their hat , The band performed at Pillai’s Alegria which is THE biggest fest in Mumbai .



y opening for the mesmerizing Arman Malik and performing at the same stage which is known to accommodate famous artists such as Aayushman Khurana ,Guru Randhawa ,Vishal Shekhar and Farhan Akhtar .



Making the crowd grove and move to their music , they rocked the venue with their engaging performance and had moments where the whole crowd sang with the band in unison with their hearts out .

JAN 2020 79




The 19th Asia Cup Polo International Day was held in the Pink City of Jaipur VIP guests were hosted by Asia Cup founder Neil Sen and the Royal Family in the Sobha

JAN 2020 81

Niwas room at the City Palace. Thwas a who’s who from Jaipur Delhi Mumbai Singapore and London. J Oppman wines greeted the guests as they admired the spectacular views of fort and temple that shone brightly against the night sky. The following day was the International match with the Singapore team captained by Kwan Lo and the Royal Jaipur team captain by HH Maharajah Padmanabh Singh. Its always difficult for teams in any sport playing away from home but in polo the effect is even more dramatic as the horses play such an important role in the sport.



Having said that the Singapore team started very brightly especially Patrick Furlong who was the highest goal player on either team at +4 goals. At the end of the second chukka (polo has 4 equal “chukkas� of 7 minutes each) Royal Jaipur had a lead of 3 goals to 2. HH Jaipur then continued his fine Indian polo seasom form and contributed 3 goals with Pratap Kanota and Vikramaditya Singh Barkana chipping in with 2 goals each as Royal Jaipur ran out comfortable winners at 7-3. Despite the loss it was decided that Patrick Furlong was the Man of the Match for his outstanding play. Maharaj Narendra Singh presented the prizes along with partners and sponsors including Bankim and Bahul Chandra from Dotsquares. Ritika Seth of Turkish Airlines presented the prize of a Business Class return ticket to one lucky winner from the large VIP crowd in attendance. The Asia Cup Polo International day now moves on to its 20th event (coincidentally in the year 2020 ! ) in the summer in London with further events planned for Singapore and Dubai later in the year.

JAN 2020 83



JAN 2020 85

Backed by Ratan Tata, this couple is changing the game of diesel distribution in India


acked by Ratan Tata, this couple is changing the game of diesel distribution in India Pune-based Repos Energy is changing the game of energy distribution in India by starting a door-to-door diesel delivery with the Oil Marketing Companies. Starting with a team of two, to over 150 in just a year, this young couple is making the dream of door-to-door diesel delivery ‘legal’ come true From a homegrown petrol pump business in Chakan, Pune, to forming a dynamic energy grid. This young couple is setting up a whole ecosystem to provide cost-effective solutions for India’s ever-growing need for energy logistics - Starting with diesel, through mobile petrol pumps. Two years ago, Aditi Bhosale Walunj (27) and Chetan Walunj (30) set on a mission to take their family business of a petrol pump, to a newer and much larger dimension. Fueling large



scale industries was something that they were catering to on an everyday basis. But after noticing a massive amount of energy loss due to fuel theft and spillage the duo decided it was time this issue was addressed. They saw a great opportunity to overcome these challenges by offering a door-to-door service of diesel to not just their existing end users - but to the entire nation. But to offer this kind of a service on a large scale, they had to face multiple roadblocks - the know-how, infrastructure, and most importantly - government approvals around fuel distribution. And to realise their dream, Aditi and Chetan spent over a year doing the R&D. During this time, they reached out to everyone who could lead them to their goal - to create a global brand that is ‘Made in India’. An energy efficient logistics solution, which will help reduce harmful carbon footprint, save energy, increase efficiency and organize energy distribution. The two went on to meet the officials at the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, wrote to the PM’s office and got the support of Ratan Tata.

Married to their dreams Chetan and Aditi met in 2015, when their parents set them up for an arranged marriage. While Aditi was planning to leave for New York to pursue Journalism, Chetan was single-handedly managing his family business. Their first meeting ended up in another, where they discussed their aspirations and future goals to be able to make a difference in the world. A student of Chemistry and Forensic Science, Aditi often found herself diving into things she found interesting. Chetan was still in his 2nd year of Mechanical Engineering, when he took over his father’s successful fuel station business. What got the two close were their similar dreams, and that laid the foundation of Repos Energy. “Initially, Chetan’s father was quite apprehensive about our idea of door-to-door fuel distribution, but his strong belief in his son’s ability convinced him. That was our first major breakthrough,” says Aditi. The two took up a cosy office space in the city, and started building a team. The following months were spent in meeting various officials to understand the processes and legality of such a huge project, which was still just an idea. “Both Aditi and I realized that we needed a selfsustainable model. And so we decided that we needed to build the whole ecosystem to successfully manage the logistics. To do this, we created a three-step delivery model - where we combined the technology with logistics by developing a mobile app, and replicated a stationary petrol pump on a vehicle chassis making it a certified smart Mobile Petrol Pump” adds Chetan.

Meeting Ratan Tata Their second major and the most significant milestone was a brief meeting with Mr Ratan Tata. The duo spent about a week outside his house, and finally managed to reach him through a letter seeking his mentorship. “He supported our idea, and connected us to the right people to get us closer to our goals,” says Aditi. Their first pilot was to build a Mobile Petrol Pump for Tata Motors in 10 days. “It seemed impossible, but that’s what our company stands for - Relentless & positive. We believe if you set out for the right cause with a right intention, everything is possible,” adds Chetan. The start-up is going to be officially backed by Ratan Tata. JAN 2020 87

Overcoming challenges

Repos has been completely self-funded from the beginning. “My father, Rajendra It was not a smooth journey all the way. “The biggest challenge for us was to have Walunj, was the first one to believe in our a policy in place. Which is why it was very idea, and the efficacy of the solution. He important that we reached out to the joined our company as the director and pumped in the first 3 crores by selling Ministry of Petroleum, as this needed a his lands we had in Pune. Post that, we new government policy in place,” says Aditi. The other challenges were lack of kept getting small rounds of investments know-how and expertise, which they from him to grow the operations,” says Chetan. gained in the process. There was also a huge need to create From lands, and a fully-functional awareness about diesel distribution, and restaurant, along with the petrol pump in the importance to organise the sector. Chakan, Repos received capital from the family-run businesses. Until recently, when Ratan Tata officially confirmed his association with the company and has Initial Funding come on board as an investor. FACE MAGAZINE


Building the core team Chetan and Aditi say they never really built a team. They put out their belief in what they were trying to do to everyone they met in the journey. And those who believed in their vision, started becoming a part of Repos team. “We formed beautiful synergies,” adds Chetan. “It was just the two of us who took up an office, as we felt the need to first have a base,” says Aditi. “We two began working, when there was no concrete government policy on this particular concept. And today, we feel proud to announce that we pushed our boundaries, and made the system completely legal. And as the government policy is out, we are a team of 150 strong individuals who share the same vision,” informs Chetan. Current Revenue Model & Future Repos Energy is building an ecosystem on the following revenue streams: When Aditi and Chetan started out, the company barely had a lakh in monthly sales as they were still new and figuring out their strategy to penetrate the market. But one thing they were sure of at that time, was that they wanted to focus only in Pune region. The company turned 2 on the 1st of June this year. And from 1-2 orders a month, Repos is now clocking 35-40 orders just in Pune. In terms of value, the turnover has grown from a mere INR 70,000 to nearly INR 2 crores a month (just Pune). “While our focus revolves around giving convenience to the customer, the customer does not bear the cost of this convenience (unless the order

quantity is low). We are able to meet our costs through the Gross Margins which we share with the Petrol Pumps that we partner with. As of today, the gross margin on Diesel stands at INR 2.2 per litre. This margin is shared between the petrol pump owners and ourselves in a certain ratio depending on the type of model,” Chetan explains. Market Presence Today, Repos is present in 32 cities across India through 49 Mobile Petrol Pumps (Mobile Petrol Pumps). The company’s strategy so far was to monetize Pune first before monetizing other locations. “When we say monetize, we enter into a revenue sharing agreement with our dealers across the country. So far, we have two dealers in Pune whom we share our revenue with. The basis for sharing revenue is the Sales and Marketing effort we generate through our Sales team in addition to the marketing efforts,” adds Chetan. Over the next 3 quarters, Repos plans to monetize 120+ dealers across 4 geographies of Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. The company plans to break even approximately 24 months from now. Towards a Greener Future Energy can be replaced at many places with diesel as green is the new tomorrow. Today we have diesel and we are just using it wisely. And this wise use of diesel is helping us reduce carbon emissions and loss of diesel.

JAN 2020 89

Celebrated artist Madhuri Badhuri unveiled her ‘Moon’ series among city’s who’s who! After showcasing her enchanting art all across the globe, Madhuri Bhaduri is back in the city of her birth after a gap of 6 years. This time to ‘wow’ the art lovers with her latest ‘Moon’ series.


he inauguration was held at Pune’s JW Marriott in the presence of Padmashri Anu Aga and Suman Kirloskar along with city’s who’s who. City’s eminent personalities Meher Pudumjee, Gauri Bhosale, Mruga and Dhaval Kirloskar, Sulajja Firodia, Latika Padgaonkar, Madhuri and Suresh Iyer attended the opening. The event opened with a heartfelt speech by Anu Aga and had the

Madhuri Bhaduri & Supriya Mohite FACE MAGAZINE


Inauguration Ceremony by Padma Shree Anu Aga and Suman Kirloskar

guests indulging in uninterrupted art over wine and cheese. An informal conversation about her new collection was followed by a scintillating music

Ar. Christopher Benninger, Madhuri Bhaduri, Ramprasad Akkisetti and guest

performance by upcoming singer, Salman Ali, who has recently made it big in the industry by winning Indian Idol and bagging his first break in Dabangg 3. Salman enthralled the audience with his power-packed voice and brought everyone on the floor. Madhuri’s art exhibition will be open to the public at Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park, between February 11-February 17, 2020. The exhibition will also showcase a collection of Madhuri’s artworks from the series reflections, horizons, glimpses and beyond. Speaking about her new series, “The moon is always an artist’s delight, whether it’s music, dance or painting.

Meher Pudumjee, Madhuri Bhaduri, Dr. Surud Sardesai and Padma Shree Anu Aga

Mruga & Dhaval Kirloskar with Madhuri Bhaduri

Salman Ali & Madhuri Bhaduri Madhuri Bhaduri, Salman Ali and Saurabh Bhaduri

Sulajja Firodia & Madhuri Bhaduri

It is the most romantic element, and my new collection is all about the romance of the moon. I have worked mostly with pastels, and tried to use a subtle color scheme.”

JAN 2020 91

HOROSCOPE Aries (21 March – 20 April)

Predictions with Pankaj Sharma

Taurus (20 April – 21May )

Health: - You would be a great mood and health across the month. Keep yourself fit through exercise and aerobics.

Health: - You would be a steady and healthy February. You would recover from the long burden of diseases. Start your day with walk-in the garden and connect with nature.

Education: - Students who are preparing for competitive exams should not lose their focus. Take additional tuitions and lectures if required

Education: - Your hard work would give you fantastic results. Participate in discussions with friends, students, and teachers for unexplored subjects.

Career: - Keep yourself focused and engaged in smart work in a professional workspace. Don’t get into unnecessary arguments Finance: - The financial prospects look good in February as you will get multiple opportunities and profitable deals. There might be sudden gains in business and professional life. Family and relationship: - There may be arguments at family and relationship front. Be open and patient enough to listen to others as well. Favourable dates: 10,11,19,20,24,25. Suggested Crystals: - Clear Quartz FACE MAGAZINE


Career: - You will get the due to your efforts at the professional front. Your colleagues and boss will appreciate your efforts Finance: - You must be mindful of your finances this month. Business front, you may see a slump which will give you time to prepare for the future. Family and relationship: - You would have normal and balanced relationship with your family and relatives this month. Favourable dates: 12,13,21,22,23,26,27,28 Suggested Crystals: - Green Tourmaline

Cancer (21 June – 23 July )

Gemini (21 May – 21 June) Health: - You would be in a great energy state but don’t take your health for granted. If you feel any downs in health, then consult a doctor immediately. Education: - A great month for students who has been putting a lot of efforts in studies. Career: - The month would be business as usual. You will do mundane work at the office. You will receive cooperation from colleagues Finance: - You may receive money back from your friends and family members. There might be an increase in expanse this month. Make a planner and plan your expenses. Family and relationship: - Couples who were planning for marriage may see a positive time. You would come closer to your family and relatives. Favourable dates: 1,2,3,14,15,24,25,29

Health: - You would have a sound health and high energy this month. Don’t stress yourself and take proper rest. You can go for meditation. spa and nature therapy to rejuvenate your energy. Education: - There may be sluggishness which may lead to frustration. Consult your guides and teacher for shortcuts. Career: - A great time for professionals who were waiting for promotions in their jobs. You may also receive new job opportunities. Finance: - Positive time for finances as you would profit from your old investments. You may want to invest in stocks and real estate. Family and relationship: - You would see a great bonding among family members which would keep a positive environment at home. If you are planning a family trip, then go for it. Favourable dates: 4,5,16,17,18,26,27 Suggested Crystals: - Tanzanite

Suggested Crystals: - Citrine JAN 2020 93

Virgo (23 August – 23 September) Leo (23 July – 23 August) Health: - Health and healthy habits should be your top priority. Avoid oily and fried food outside. Education: - This month would be quite smooth in terms of education. You may have to travel for an upgrade in studies. Have a discussion with co-students for a deeper understanding of subjects.

Health: - The health aspect looks normal this month. Avoid unnecessary stress and strain. Occupy your logical brain with playful time with kids. Education: - An all-round time for students with a lot of energy and performance in education. You may get lifetime opportunities and experiences this month.

Career: - Promotion in job or job switch would be in the corner for Leo. Your passion to grow in your workspace may be noticed by seniors.

Career: - This month would be quite productive and effective at the career front. You may receive an opportunity to lead a project which may be careerdefining for you.

Finance: - Independent nature and courageous approach would benefit for a greater profit for you this month. Businessmen who have taken a risk in the past may see positive fruits.

Finance: - Your finances look great this month. You may receive long-pending bonuses and increments this month. You may want to invest in a vehicle purchase.

Family and relationship: - You would spend quality time with your loved ones.

Family and relationship: - You need to create a balance in personal and professional life. You may see some stress at the family front due to a lack of attention on family and relationships.

Favourable dates: 1,2,3,6,7,19,20 Suggested Crystals: - Topaz

Favourable dates: 4,5,8,9,21,22,23 Suggested Crystals: - Kyanite



Scorpio ( 23 October – 22 November )

Libra (23 September – 23 October ) Health: - The health aspect looks average this month. Please take extra care for muscle and joint pains. You may want to slow down in heavy gym exercises. Education: - You prepared hard for your exams so don’t take unnecessary stress. Please experiment with your writing style in exams and be more expressive to obtain higher marks. Career: - Libra would have an awesome time at career front with promotions, recognition or good hike in job switch. Finance: - You need to control unnecessary expenses and be meticulous about income vs spend ratio. Family and relationship: - You would strengthen your bond with family members. Take them a picnic and spend quality time.

Health: - The health aspect looks average this month. You need to be more active in terms of exercise and follow a proper diet plan. Education: - The month would be ordinary in terms of educations. If you are feeling stuck, then interact with teachers. Taking a short break would refresh your mind. Career: - The month would give satisfactory results to your efforts at workspace with positive ideas and innovation driving your work. Finance: - The proper financial planning would help you to multiply savings and finances this month. Please have a proper discussion with finance experts for the same. Family and relationship: - A positive environment at home which would lift your mood as well. You may want to plan a short trip to hill stations. Favourable dates: 8,9,12,13,26,27,28 Suggested Crystals: - Red Sapphire

Favourable dates: 6,7,10,11,24,25 Suggested Crystals: - Labradorite JAN 2020 95

Sagittarius (22 November – 22 December ) Health: - The month would go peacefully with nominal stress or tension. Stay with positive people and friends to keep mental health in check. Education: - Students must focus high on education since they may be diverted with a lot going around you. Social activities and functions may interrupt your studies. Career: - All is well at a career front with appreciation from your boss and colleagues. However, keep your ego and in check to avoid any conflict. Finance: - The finance would be quite average this month, so you need to be quite mindful about wasteful expanses. Family and relationship: Communication is the key to the success of any relationship. There are no ups and downs in relationships. You would enjoy a healthy status for the same.

Capricorn (22 December – 20 January) Health: - Due to a lot of workloads, you may feel stressed. It may impact your overall health so please follow meditation and alternative therapies to rejuvenate your energy. Education: - Your temperament, focus, and hard work would fruit good results for you. Please don’t get distracted before exam time which may impact your exam results. Career: - Your nature and thinking capability land you new opportunities and additional responsibilities at workspace. Finance: - Money would naturally flow to you this month. A lot of work done in the past may see good benefits for you. This is the right time for long term financial planning.

Favourable dates: 1,2,3,10,11,14,15,29

Family and relationship: - Life would be very joyful and pleasant with positive vibes and communication among relationships.

Suggested Crystals: - Rhodochrosite

Favourable dates: 4,5,12,13,16,17,18 Suggested Crystals: - Black Tourmaline



Aquarius (20 January – 19 February) Health: - Your health bar would be average, and so you may have to be careful about your fitness and diet. You can think of joining yoga and meditation classes. Education: - Students require a complete focus in studies this month. There are possibilities of health issues, affecting your preparations. Career: - You would need a lot of patience and a cool mind to handle work and multitask a lot of things. You need to be detail-oriented with subordinates. Finance: - Your finances would be impressive this month. Good money flow and an increase in income would help you to plan the future. Family and relationship: - Family and relationship front would be largely normal with any unnecessary arguments or drama. Favourable dates: 6,7,14,15,19,20 Suggested Crystals: - Amethyst

Pisces (19 February – 21 March) Health: - Workload may deprive you of rest and overlook health. Please consume a nutritious diet and a healthy routine to keep fit and healthy. Education: - Students may this month an average month for their educational pursuits. Overconfidence and ignorance may result in some setbacks. Career: - Your performance would be great if you keep a positive mindset and plan your tasks well. Don’t get into unnecessary arguments at the workspace. Finance: - You would see a steady growth in your finances with plans to buy vehicles and real estate. Family and relationship: - Closeness and warmth of Family and relationship will up your mood. Keep things simple and transparent with relatives. Favourable dates: 8,9,16,17,18,21,22,23 Suggested Crystals: - Lapis Lazuli JAN 2020 97

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F.A.C.E Magazine is bringing to you all your required updates and much more in context to Fashion.Art.Culture.Entertainment by digging out t...


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