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Drop Dead GOURGEOUS Fashion for Fall

Ghostbusting Personal Style

Imaginary Friends and Social Grow th

Nikki Landry Vincent

A devastating diagnosis of breast cancer at age 35 sets a wandering soul on a new and meaningful path.

Local Spirit Spirits! s! Local So meth ing’s Something’s Brewing Brewing

Haunted Lafayette? 5 Frightfully Good Reads

Mistakes of the Job Search R CE N S CA ES ST REN A E A BR AW

p o h S

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Dr. John Bolin

Dr. Reatha M. Williams

board-certified, breast-dedicated surgeon

board-certified, breast-dedicated surgeon

Dr. Tyshaun James-Hart board-certified, breast-dedicated surgeon

Dr. Philip Meyer

board-certified, diagnostic breast radiologist

For anyone, breast cancer can be an intimidating opponent, and the specialists and surgeons at Women’s & Children’s Hospital believe every strategy should begin with a strong defense. Our board-certified, diagnostic breast radiologist and board-certified surgeons are dedicated to your care — from your mammogram at the Elaine M. Junca Women’s Imaging Centre to your post-surgery recovery at Women’s & Children’s. You deserve a comprehensive team approach to your breast health.

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On the cover 36 Nikki Landry Vincent

“Breast cancer saved my life.”

Features 20 Halloween

Hauntings, Ghosts, and Zombies, oh my!

33 Women of breast cancer awareness month 60 STar studded style

08 community matters 12 health matters Diabetes Type What? 28 the cause 44 career Top 10 Job Mistakes 46 grace notes Simple Elegance 48 Family Imaginary Friends 50 relationships Ghostbusting, Personal Style 52 beauty 56 home 58 style Rent the Runway 68 Show Your Face

On the Cover: Hair and makeup provided by Annie Kirkpatrick, Licensed Cosmetology Instructor at Aveda Institute – Hair Styling, and Katherine Kirkpatrick, recent Aveda Institute Esthetics graduate and lead singer for One Trick Pony – Makeup Annie and Katherine’s mother, Leigh Kirkpatrick, is a breast cancer survivor that battled the illness in 2011. Annie and Katherine are proud to celebrate and honor their mother, Nikki and all other breast cancer survivors for the month of October. | FACE 5

EDITOR’s Desk | Lisa DAY

My favorite time of year is here! Or I should say, fall is officially here even if the fall weather has yet to make an appearance. Autumn in Acadiana means many things to many people--football and hunting seasons, new fall fashion, Halloween (my favorite) and homecoming dances, fall food and festivals, charity balls and galas, fresh fall air for exercise and outdoor events and living life to the fullest… the list goes on. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a time to celebrate life. Many women in Acadiana are affected by breast cancer and although strides are being made in the fight against breast cancer, new cases are being diagnosed daily. No longer is this a disease that affects the ‘over 40s’. It is attacking younger women each year and we now see many cases of breast cancer in women in their 20s. Take care of yourself first!


Have fun and celebrate life this fall!

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...AND MOrE!







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Fall Festivals in Acadiana By Tim Borland Acadiana’s rich culture has many notable

and white splotched fleur de lis, this

benefits, not the least of which is the

happening is currently in its 65th year.

slew of festival events that frequent the

There will be a cooking contest, baby

area every year. Any local citizen who

show, cattle livestock show, a parade,

has yet to explore a South Louisiana

and much more.

festival is missing out on the true Acadiana experience. Many crop-centered assemblies remain as archetypes of traditional harvest festivals that were initially designed to coincide with the reaping season. With several high quality events in such a dense area, many will be hard pressed to choose from the many experiences to be had. October 5 features two separate events based around different concepts. The Louisiana Yambilee is dedicated to the sweet golden yam and is currently celebrating their 68th year. The Opelousas event features multiple pageants, with participants ranging from 0 to adult. Simultaneously, the Latin Music Festival will be underway in Lafayette’s Parc International with free entry for all. Running from noon until 10 p.m., the festival will contain food, live music, arts and crafts vendors, and family related activities. Another festival based around a crop, the Louisiana Cotton Festival, occurs October 8 through 13 in Ville Platte, La. Here guests will be able to attend a carnival, visit the beer booth, and view the Cotton Coronation of King and Queen Cotton. Overlapping this jamboree will be the Louisiana Cattle Festival in Abbeville October 10-13. Represented by a black


October 11-13, Festival Acadiens et Creoles is when the season really begins to hit its stride. The festival is divided into numerous scenes. Festival de Musique combined with the Atelier and Jam Tent will showcase the best Creole and Zydeco influenced repertoire replete with accordions, fiddles, ti fers, and more to ensure all the true Acadians can dance into the evening. Meanwhile, the Bayou Food Festival and Culture Sur La Table scene will bring some of Cajun and Creole cuisine to the masses in attendance. C’est bon! The Louisiana Craft Fair will occur on Saturday and Sunday in Girard Park, with numerous local artisans selling their wares. The family friendly event even offers a new children’s program. La Place des Petits will introduce French games, crafts, and music as well as Acadian culture to a younger generation of Acadians. Each year the International Rice Festival in Crowley honors the local resource Cajun Country Rice. October 17-20 will be the dates of this year’s installment, and patrons can expect multiple music stages, as well as a pageant to crown the International Rice Festival Queen. A rice cook-off along with a 5K Rice Run and a classic

car show will round out the activity

to food vendors, the amphibian inspired

schedule. Naturally, as a festival based

gathering has a little something for

around a local crop, there is also a rice-

everyone. Perhaps the most fun games

grading contest.

at the festival are based around the frog theme. There is a bullfrog costume contest,

There are many other food resources

frog-jumping contest, and frog racing.

distinct to the Acadiana area. Perhaps none are as widespread as boudin and

Nearly all these events include musical

cracklins. The 2013 Cracklin Festival will

performances of some kind, whether local

emerge November 7-10 in Port Barre,

or big names. As for cuisine, well the more

La. A fundraiser for the Port Barre Lions

prominent festivals are basically dedicated

Club, the occasion will contain fair rides and multiple music performances. The highlight of the weekend is the infamous Cracklin Cook-off, where amateurs and

When examining these popular Acadian celebrations, one truth

to food items from the area so one can expect plenty of delectable dishes. There is no wonder why southern Louisiana residents look forward to these stirring

professionals alike can show off their

becomes abundantly

affairs; they can each be viewed as a

fry skills.

clear: it is not truly a

lagniappe to the community that supports

During the same weekend, the Rayne

Louisiana festival without

Frog Festival appears in Crowley, La.

music and food!

From rides to crafts, and pageants

them. Those uninitiated with Louisiana’s festival atmosphere should do themselves a favor and take part in the celebration this fall.

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Local Spirits

By Flint Zerangue, Jr

There was a time before prohibition and World War II when America possessed a culture full of thriving home brewers, nano-distilleries, and hobbyists who traded and sold their goods locally. During this time, it wasn’t uncommon to know an Irishman brewing his favorite stout or a Russian distilling vodka. Using only the local resources available to them and variations of recipes passed down from generation to generation, we began to see an array of styles and practices that led to an influx of flavors and types of alcohol we could consume. Then Prohibition happened. Many of these people lost their self–

Rank Wildcat LLC

Louisiana Sweet Crude Rum Co-owners David Meaux and Cole Leblanc What in the world is a rank wildcat and why would someone choose to name their company that? Well, for David Meaux (left) and Cole Leblanc (right), two Land-Men best friends, Rank Wildcat LLC was the perfect name for their new endeavor, distilling rum. In the oil and gas industry, a rank wildcat is the term used for describing the possibility of oil in any given well, or better yet, the high probability that there isn’t any oil at all — a long shot of sorts.

It was the summer of 1999 when my family introduced me to Hansi

During the infancy of their newfound hobby, the two friends never thought that distilling rum could ever be a career opportunity. It started as an observation that Louisiana, one of the sugar cane farming meccas of the world, only possessed one rum distillery. Soon they realized that there was a strong market for their weekend side project. In 2012, the two opened shop and began selling their product to the public in

Phafel, an Austrian exchange student brought to us by our local

128 Louisiana locations.

employed status and others, who didn’t brew or distill, supported only big-time American breweries after the war. Over time, we lost diversity within our spirits, beer, and liquor products by shunning the entrepreneurs who were introducing us to their cultural flavors.

church, who was just a year or two older than me. Hansi explained to

Aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, and sisters all had a job and earned a

Meaux and Leblanc epitomize DIY concepts. They’ve devised a recipe all their own, fabricated their own still (named LuLu), and even drawn their own label for what they call Louisiana Sweet Crude Rum. What began as a simple hobby has turned into a revolution over the past year. Others have noticed this, too. Just in the year that Meaux and Leblanc have been open for business there have been 4 new rum distilleries pop up,

living--working together. You can think of it as a small community. As

and Louisiana is expecting 6 more in the next year or two.

a kid I remember thinking the adolescent thought, “That’s neat,” but as

One would think that the increase of local distilling and major competition would alarm the two friends, but it’s quite the contrary; they welcome it. The two feel that growth within local distilleries will greatly benefit local economies and revolutionize the way others view the quality of Louisiana rum. Meaux says, “We have the vision to make

us that back in Austria his family were wine makers and had survived numerous economic adversities over the years by making and selling wine. He said that his family had been doing so since the late 1800s and even Hansi himself was an employee of the vineyard. When I say his family had been doing this for many years, I mean his entire family.

an adult, I see the importance of wine making to the Phafel family and that they may not have survived tough times without it. As people turn away from mass-produced products, demand is growing for locally produced beer and spirits. The desire for locally influenced alcoholic beverages is a growing fad across America and it’s an important trend that promotes wealth and diversity among local economies. I’m proud to say that Louisiana is home to nine breweries, seven distilleries, and six vineyards, all of which are promoting the indigenous flavors of Louisiana and are supporting other local businesses by using their products and services. Just as Hansi’s family worked together like a small community through good times and bad, so do today’s micro-breweries and distilleries

10 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

Louisiana to rum what Tennessee is to whiskey.“

Bayou Teche Brewing

across the nation! Right here in Acadiana we have Rank Wildcat

Karlos Knott, President

Spirits, LLC boasting their Louisiana Sweet Crude Rum made from local sugarcane, Bayou Teche Brewing using peppers and honey from local farmers, Parish Brewing using Steen’s Cane Syrup in their Canebrake recipe, and Bayou Rum that uses Louisiana sugarcane and molasses. In speaking with Karlos Knott, President of Bayou Teche Brewing in Arnaudville, about the contributions of local service to his company, he said, “Sure, we can’t obtain everything we need for our beers through local means, however, we pair up with Bernard from Bernard’s Honey for some of our limited-release recipes, Primeaux’s Peppers in one of our recipes, we have a line of hot sauce that a local company bottles and distributes for us. We also supply jobs to Acadiana residents when we have repairs needed on our brewery because we call local plumbers, electricians, and servicemen. And lastly, I’m honored to say that if I was ever in a bind and needed anything, I could call up any of the people in my industry and get help.” It’s this symbiotic relationship among our community that has helped Bayou Teche Brewing earn the ability to sell their products in all of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and New York.

As a cavalry scout serving our country across all of Europe, Karlos Knott didn’t get many hours of playtime to enjoy. He did, however, find an appreciation for European-style beer that eventually grew into an official craft brewery known as Bayou Teche Brewing. What he enjoyed the most about European beer were the succulent new flavors that gave subtle hints of local flare and tradition. In remembering his journey, Karlos reflected, “Each town had their own brewery, giving me a nice variety of beers to choose from and many of these breweries were major boosters for the local economies.” The Knott family had been brewing small batches of beer for personal consumption over the years. Upon his return from his six year tour in Europe, Karlos spent the next ten years taking the family’s brewing more seriously. He even began to teach his brothers who would help Karlos brew small batches for family get-togethers and holidays. Bayou Teche Brewing was then founded on this simple dream: to craft beers that compliment the cuisine and lifestyle of Cajuns and Creoles. With that mission, on St. Patrick’s Day in 2009, the Knott brothers decided to convert a discarded rail-road car into today’s farmhouse brewery.

Many of Louisiana’s alcohol providers have had similar success. In South Louisiana we have plenty of opportunities to continue supporting these fine companies and their endeavors to help preserve and promote our culture’s flavors and diversity. Many of their products are available in bars, restaurants, and night-clubs right now! Festival Acadiens et Creoles and Gulfbrew are two major events that are happening in October that will provide opportunities to sample local flavors. And although the liquor won’t be on tap at Gulfbrew, nearly all of Louisiana’s beer providers will be showcasing their homegrown Louisiana products.

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FACE | HEALTH MATTERS Healthy diet and lifestyle are so important especially for anyone with Diabetes. Here are some helpful tips when “making” groceries:

Diabetes Type What?

• Remember to shop around the perimeter of the store, this can help you to stick to fresh and non-processed foods.

Understanding Diabetes and how to reduce your risk of development. The year is 2050. Sure, we may be riding hoverboards like Marty McFly in Back to the Future but the real question is will we be healthy enough to enjoy said hoverboard? According to the American Diabetes Association, if Americans continue with today’s trends, by 2050, 1 in 3 American adults will have diabetes. So what is diabetes you ask? Diabetes is a disease that affects the way we digest food. On the simplest level, the human body is made up of cells. Each cell needs nutrients such as glucose (aka sugar) to survive. When we eat, food is broken down into a usable form of energy called glucose. Glucose enters the blood stream where it is then headed for the cells with the help of insulin. Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas (a large gland located behind the stomach that aids in digestion). Imagine insulin acting like a key to “unlock” the cell to allow glucose inside where it can be used as fuel for the cell. Without insulin, the glucose is “locked out” of the cell and builds up in the blood stream. This is called hyperglycemia or high blood sugar. If the high blood sugar is not controlled, this can lead to complications over time. Diabetes and its complications kill more Americans than AIDS and breast cancer combined.

• When buying grain products, look for Whole Grain. The ingredients are listed according to volume. The first ingredient should read “Whole.”

So, there are different types of Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes can be caused by genetics, environmental factors, or an autoimmune response which destroys the cells in the pancreas that are responsible for insulin production. Type 1 Diabetes, formerly called Juvenile-onset or Insulin-dependent, accounts for 5% diabetics. Type 1 can happen at any age although it is most common in children and young adults. In Type 1 Diabetes, the pancreas makes little to no insulin. People with Type 1 Diabetes must have insulin injections to stay alive. With insulin therapy, people with Type 1 diabetes can live long, happy lives.

• Watch labels for sodium. If you are over 51 years of age or have high blood pressure, 2,000 mg of Sodium per day is recommended. • Fiber is a great way to stay full and keep blood sugar regulated throughout the day. Fiber comes from plants: fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 25-30 grams per day is recommended for most adults.

healthy weight can greatly reduce your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes, formerly known as Adultonset or Non-insulin dependent diabetes accounts for over 90% of diabetics in the US. Heredity, obesity, and an inactive lifestyle are all factors that can contribute to the development of Type 2 Diabetes. With obesity, insulin resistance is at play. Insulin resistance is when the cells cannot recognize insulin as the “key” and glucose cannot enter the cell therefore leading to hyperglycemia. African Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, and American Indians are at particularly high risk for Type 2 diabetes.

If you would like more information about how to control your diabetes or if you have prediabetes, call Steppin’ Up at Dauterive Hospital in New Iberia. Steppin’ Up is a SelfManagement Diabetes Education Program and is accredited by the American Diabetes Association. Call Celeste Hay, RD, LDN at 337-374-4315 for more information. About the author: Celeste Hay, RD, LDN – is a Lake Charles native and LSU grad. She is currently working at Dauterive Hospital in New Iberia as their outpatient Dietitian and Diabetes educator. She has spent the past several years in Texas and is so glad to be back in South Louisiana! Celeste enjoys traveling, cooking, live music, spending time with friends, family, and her dog Gus.

Regular exercise, eating a healthy and balanced diet, as well as maintaining a

What Do These Labels Mean? Label

A1C (Percent)

Fasting Plasma Glucose

7 million Americans have undiagnosed diabetes.


About 5%

99 mg/dL or below



100-125 mg/dL


6.5% or above

126 mg/dL or above

79 million Americans have prediabetes. Lifestyle changes in prediabetes are key. With healthy diet, exercise, and 5-10% weight loss (if overweight or obese) can still help prevent Type 2 diabetes in this phase.

12 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

A New Reason to Smile

Rachel A. Durel, DDS

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legacy atchafalaya

of the

In collaboration with the Evangeline Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Saturday, October 19, 2013 6:00 pm /// Heymann Performing Arts Center

GUEST ARTISTS: The Harlem Quartet (2013 GRAMMY速 Winner)


baton rouge saturday, november 2 Capitol Park in Downtown Baton Rouge

free admission Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne | Louisiana Center for the Book State Library of Louisiana | Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism Louisiana Library Foundation | Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities

Louisian a B o o k Fe s t i v a l . o r g

Photo provided by Winn Parish Enterprise

14 FACE | OCTOBER 2013 | FACE 15


This One Simple Fact about Diabetes Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death listed on U.S. death certificates. The reason I know this statistic so well is that my mom was one of the victims; however, my family was also one of the casualties. Losing a mom, a grandma, and a friend who was only 67 years young is too soon. It is one of the reasons I am so passionate about health and promoting a healthy lifestyle through what we put in our bodies and how we move our bodies. My children can certainly attest to this as they have learned to read food labels before adding an item to our shopping cart at the grocery! Most people today believe that just because they have not yet been diagnosed with a disease, they are healthy because that is how our medical community treats them. For example, if you are one of the millions of prediabetics, insurance won’t pay for nutritional counseling. That is until you are labeled “diabetic” at which point it may be covered, even though it more than likely could have been prevented! See the problem here? Also, diabetes is labeled a “chronic” disease, suggesting it cannot be reversed when that is far from accurate. In his book “Discover Your Optimal Health”, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen states, “Those with Type II diabetes can arrest its progression and even 16 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

remove all its physiologic traces. Reversing and eliminating disease is what we should focus on.” But the crux of the problem lies in creating the desire in people to want to take charge of their health. To move them from “should” to “would” and exactly how to go about doing just that. We all know being healthy involves pursing a healthy diet and adding movement into our daily life. We are surrounded by headlines on the news, in magazines, and newspapers warning us about eating unhealthy food and developing disease. We are more knowledgeable now more than any time in history about how we should live to be healthy. We are definitely more knowledgeable today about the disease of diabetes than we were thirty three years ago when my mom was diagnosed. Yet the disease is still on the rise and threatening to reach alarming proportions (1 in 3) in the year 2050. This both frightens and saddens me because of the personal loss we experienced six years ago. However, it was actually nine years ago when the end of this life actually began for my mom. “What happened nine years ago?” The dreaded “D” word – dialysis.

Let me share with you a week of my mom’s life on dialysis. Monday’s dialysis would leave her exhausted and she would tell me it felt like “all the stuffing had been taken out of her.” She would spend the rest of the day in bed. Tuesday she would be tired, but might be up for a game of Bridge. Wednesday she would feel pretty good and would even have lunch with friends or have the grandkids over to swim. Thursday was another dialysis day and the cycle repeated. Her weeks consisted of two really good days out of seven. Speaking of Bridge, my mom loved that game! She used to travel to tournaments to accumulate her points to achieve Life Master Status. Luckily, she was able to complete that goal before the dialysis began and put a big dent in her ability to venture too far away from her dialysis center. I loved seeing her accomplish that goal. It was one of the many lessons she taught me in life: When you set out to achieve something give your all and never, ever give up! There were a number of other lessons I learned from her as well. Here are two of my favorites: 1. Life is too short to be sick. In addition to giving up her travel, in the end she could no longer do many of the things she loved – no more tennis, no more making Christmas stockings for the grandkids, no more sleepovers with the grandkids, just to name a few. I know that if she could whisper in your ear right now she would say, “Be healthy!” 2. Sing out loud! Those who knew her could definitely attest to her love of life. She lived life to the fullest and that included singing along (loudly) even when she didn’t know the words! She was full of passion and it was contagious to those around her. In honor of her memory, I encourage you to be the healthiest you possible. Small, healthy changes to your daily life can yield huge long-term dividends. There is simply nothing more precious than true health. It is a gift to yourself and to those who love you. About the author: Robin Ferguson has been a Group Fitness Instructor for 25 years and is currently a Certified Health Coach with Take Shape for Life. She has worked with approximately 200 clients on achieving and maintaining Optimal Health. “As a health coach, I have been blessed to help people learn how to make small daily changes, become the healthiest version of themselves and live their best life."



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Homecoming 2013

You see the inconvenience of disease is not necessarily the disease itself but how it erodes quality of life. The hassle of being tied to daily medications, finger pricks, self-administered shots of insulin and lower extremity amputations. However, all of these were nothing compared to the lack of freedom in her life when tied down to dialysis multiple times a week.


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Frightfully Good Reads I love a good ghost story. Not the ones exaggerated for the sake of scaring a reader, comparable to the TV shows where camera angles are tilted and superimposed with skeleton faces, but a tale of the unknown where reality will either frighten or fascinate. Many ghost stories aren’t scary at all. From the years of interviewing folks living in haunted houses or working in haunted establishments, the majority were quite happy to have the ethereal souls hanging around. For me, I’m more interested in their personal stories and why they are still here.

Gary Jansen grew up in a house on Long Island where his mother was convinced the ghost of a woman shared their space. When Jansen later moved into his childhood home with his own family, paranormal experiences returned. He seeks to come to grips with both the unexplained and the explanations the Catholic church offers regarding life and death in Holy Ghost or How a (Not So)

Good Catholic Boy Became a Believer in Things That Go Bump in the Night. The book is a mix of haunting tale with spiritual explanation that concludes with answers as to why his home was haunted, something readers don’t usually receive in a ghost story.

Here are a few of my favorite ghost books to enjoy this Halloween season, some offering a spooky thrill or two and others merely a glimpse into the beyond...

Most people know Chip Coffey as the psychic from A&E’s “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal” and “Paranormal State.” In his memoir, Gowing Up Psychic: My Story

of Not Just Surviving but Thriving — and How Others Like Me Can, Too, Coffey explains his “gift from God” in

Ghosts Along the Bayou: Tales of Hauntings in Southwestern Louisiana by Lafayette’s Christine Word emerged in 1988, containing wonderful stories of Acadiana haunts. The stories range from attractions open to the public, such as Jefferson Island and T-Frere’s Bed and Breakfast, to personal homes, Catholic rectories and mysterious roads and bridges. Word offers a fine and varied collection, some of which will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. The book is now out of print but can be found at Lafayette libraries.

speaking with those who have passed on. The book is filled with Coffey’s life story, psychic experiences he’s had growing up in a haunted house, tales from children of the TV series and intuitive people Coffey has met. It’s a great, personal guide to the paranormal. Dahlonega, Georgia, sits on a mountain of quartz and gold, the site of the nation’s first gold rush. Folks there will tell you that this unique geological formation is why the town is full of great ghost stories. To learn more, I picked up a copy of Dahlonega Haunts:

Years ago I read Passing Strange: True Tales of New England Hauntings and Horrors by Joseph A. Citro and it continues to be one of my all-time favorites. Citro spins a ghost tale well, offering fascinating unexplained experiences within the cities and wilds of New England. It’s a great ride, one that’s both frightening and fun.

Ghostly Adventures in a Georgia Mountain Town by Amy Blackmarr and discovered that indeed the town has more than its share. If you’re heading that way — a charming town about an hour north of Atlanta — and a fan of great ghost stories like I am, this book is a must.

About the Author: Cheré Coen is the author of Haunted Lafayette, Louisiana, newly published by The History Press.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas This season, try these simple decorating solutions for oh-so-pretty pumpkins. Get out the paint, glue and sequins, buttons and bows, and even old lace to make a simple pumpkin a piece of art!

20 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

Haunted Lafayette

By Tim Borland In August, local author Cheré Coen released the ghost story collection Haunted Lafayette. The rich folklore is seeped in the culture of southern Louisiana. The book is the perfect spine tingling read for late fall evenings. “Over my long newspaper career I wrote about many South Louisiana ghost stories. These are some of those stories, plus many I discovered while writing the book. I did a lot of research on these places and presented them with as much historical detail as I could find,” Coen describes. Cheré is an eighth generation Louisianian, which explains why the surrounding area has caused such an impact on her writing. Originally from New Orleans, the author relocated to Lafayette nine years ago. “I love South Louisiana; it's in my blood…When I worked for The Advocate in Baton Rouge, I came over here [Lafayette] regularly to do stories,” Coen reminisces. An asset to the Acadiana area, Coen has contributed much to her local community, such as serving on the board of the Writers’ Guild of Acadiana. Currently, Cheré serves on the board of the Festival of Words literary event in St. Landry Parish, and on the self-published committee of the Louisiana Book Festival. In addition to tales from the Lafayette area, Haunted Lafayette contains local legends from the Crowley, Arnaudville and St. Martinville areas, among others. Some myths are based upon Acadiana’s unique Creole and Cajun culture, such as the feu follet, the loup garou, une grosse betaille, and Madame Grand Droigt. The author has published five historical novels and a novella set in Acadiana. She has also written a cookbook with Lafayette's "Cajun" Karl Breaux titled Cooking in Cajun Country, a book on gris gris titled Magic's in the Bag, and a travel guide to Acadiana with a history angle titled Exploring Cajun Country: A Historic Tour of Acadiana. Clearly, Cheré's location is inseparable from her writing. “There are ghosts everywhere. We have no monopoly on hauntings. I do think because of our age and the mixtures of cultures that have made up Louisiana history, we might have more than our share,” Coen suggests. | FACE 21


DIY Halloween Costumes

For the Whole Family

With costumes costing more than $30 for a child and almost $60 for an adult, it’s hard to create a memorable outfit that doesn’t frighten your bank account, especially when you are buying for By Jessica Manalfi more than just yourself. Growing Pains Sometimes it can be difficult coming up with a creative costume idea, especially for an expectant mother. Ideas are always limited, but not impossible. One adorable costume combination that any expecting couple can construct is Juno. The memorable, striped shirt of Juno and the iconic running shorts worn by Bleaker make for a hilarious, yet appropriate costume for Halloween.

Vote For Pedro

A Teaspoon of Sugar

A great, recognizable ensemble for the whle family is the cast from Napolean Dynamite. This quirky, retro crew creates many laughs and memories with the 80s side ponytail and the American flag workout pants. Even the kids can join in on the fun with a “Vote for Pedro” shirt and baby mustaches.

This cute couple’s costume idea is unique and can be put together with scavenged items like, an umbrella, a bowtie, a top hat, and a broomstick. You don’t necessarily have to be hands on to put this interesting idea together. All you have to do is have a little imagination and take a trip to Goodwill.

Eight-Legged Darling Sometimes the little ones can be difficult to dress up, but with this creative and unique do-it-yourself creation, this octopus costume will definitely be a hit. Take several pairs of leggings, stuff them with cotton, and sew them to the matching leggings the child will wear or even to the bottom of the shirt. The eight-legged darling will be adorable and you didn’t spend a fortune in the process. 22 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

Flower Power Adorable DIY costumes can be easy, quick, and cheap. It just takes a little creativity. This fun flower pot costume, appropriate for any age, only takes three easy steps: Cut out the bottom of a plastic bucket (selected based on the size of the person wearing it), glue some straps to the inside (jump rope is a surprisingly effective strap), and find some colorful flowers at the local crafts store to tuck into the sides. If there are any flowers left over, make a cute headband to match.

Castaway Couple If you are a hands-on type of person, this couple’s costume will be perfect for you and your partner. Most men will find dressing up as Tom Hanks’ character, Chuck Noland, an easy task. All they need is a beard, a Fed Ex box, and a pair of cut-off shorts. However, the real showstopper is the papier-mâché volleyball everyone knows as Wilson. The easiest way to create the large ball is to find a large blow-up ball, wrap the papier-mâché around it, and once it dries, let the air out of the ball. Then paint a large, red handprint. Finish the outfit off with a white long sleeve shirt and pair of pants or leggings.


Bookkeeping Serving All of Acadiana

affordable bookkeeping, general accounting, and tax services for the home or business

Beth Guilliot, E.A. 337-988-3260

We’re tackling your urgent care needs!

Walk-in care for minor injury and illness, such as: u Minor

cuts that may need stitches broken bones or simple fractures u Sprains and strains u Fever u Ear or eye infections u Severe sore throat u Vomiting/diarrhea u Possible

Serving you with daytime, evening, and weekend hours at three convenient locations in: u Lafayette u Carencro u Breaux Bridge For more information, visit us at Follow us on | FACE 23


Children’s Shelter Vampire’s Ball Day of the Dead Casino Fundraiser

The Children’s Shelters of Acadiana Youth will host the 4th annual Vampire’s Ball – A CHAIR-ity Event on October 19 at River Oaks Catering and Event Center. This year’s theme is the ancient holiday celebration of Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, and the Children’s Shelters of Acadiana Youth will host a Day of the Dead Casino. River Oaks will undergo a lavish transformation replete with relics from the traditional Mexican holiday. The public is invited to celebrate from 8pm to midnight while listening to the sounds of Krossfyre. The event is sure to be an extravagant affair filled with fun games and festivities including slot machines, black-jack tables, roulette, craps, three card poker, let it ride, a silent auction, and lastly, a raffle. The Children’s Shelters intends on maintaining their own tradition of hosting a CHAIR-ity event in which patrons can bid on an array of differently styled, hand-painted, decorated, and nondecorated chairs. In Mexico, Day of the Dead is an ancient holiday in which the indigenous people celebrate by honoring their deceased loved ones. They believe that the gates of heaven are opened at midnight on October 31 and the spirits of the deceased are allowed to reunite with their families for 24 hours. In villages across central and southern Mexico, beautiful altars are crafted and decorated with candles, buckets of flowers, mounds of fruit, loafs of bread, and plates of turkey mole. Small folk art skeletons and sugar skulls provide the final touches for decorations in people’s homes as well as gravesites. For the past three years the Vampire’s Ball has helped raise over $75,000 for children in need; and some of those funds have been used to help provide aid for utility bills, roof repairs, and even the purchase of a 12 passenger van for those without transportation. The Children’s Shelters of Acadiana Youth is currently facing state budget cutbacks and could greatly benefit from another successful event. The organization has served our community for nearly 40 years and although some programs have been cut, the organization fully intends to continue serving the fine youth of our community through the three programs that are still fully operational. For more information about the Children’s Shelters of Acadiana Youth or the Vampire’s Ball, visit

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$23–Early / $25–Late YOUTH ENTRY FEE (AGES 12 AND UNDER)

$28–Early / $35–Late ENTRY FEE (AGES 13 AND UP)


Help us light up the night sky by wearing things that “gleaux!” Registration includes gleaux gear to get you started, but don’t stop there! Awards given for best gleaux!

REGISTER A TEAM Invite your family, friends, and co-workers to join a team! There’s no additional cost. Visit to get started!

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Discovering who you are is part of every life’s journey A Journey where students.. find their Passion develop a love of Learning become effective and compassionate Leaders Begin your Journey in Grand Coteau Acadiana’s choice for Single-Gender education

Two SchoolS - one campuS

Wednesday Walkabouts Every Wednesday in October, 9-11am 337.662.5275

SSH accepts qualified students of all races, religions, national and ethnic origins. 26 FACE | OCTOBER 2013


A Walk on the Dead Side By Jessica Manafi

“The film’s best thrills, which almost always rely on the terror of space rapidly collapsing, leaving you no place else to run—the very essence of panic, which is the film’s primary emotional register.” – James Kendrick, Film Desk Reviews of World War Z. Since The Walking Dead and World War Z have graced television and movie screens with their realistic portrayals of the living dead, zombies have become a worldwide phenomenon. But is it that most just have an extreme interest in the putrid armies of the undead or is it really about us, the “survivors”? People seem to appreciate a survivalist drama. The ones who live in tent cities, marching aimlessly to a “safe area” guarded heavily by guns and an impromptu army. Or those who scrounge for valuable items of survival and, at any moment, are faced with throngs of bodies suddenly amassed around them in a tangle of grasping hands and arms. The zombies we know and love today differ drastically from their Haitian roots, where a man was killed by a bokor, revived, enslaved and used primarily for manual labor. No trace of cannibalism, but man's fear of having no say in his actions is still apparent. Today’s zombies seem to have evolved from being fueled by a mystical dark power to products of an escaped lab virus found at the site of some human dumping ground. But what if our fascination with the undead resonates from our own fear of death and the uncertainty that follows, similar to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein when Dr. Frankenstein brings the monster to life. But not everything in entertainment is about the fear and gore of the living dead. There are even romantic zombie comedies like Summit Entertainment’s Warm Bodies. And now, people even use zombies as a fun way to amp up a traditional costume for Halloween or to involve a community for a better cause. Most consumers can find anything from zombie nerds to zombie cheerleaders to zombie pets. You can find a zombie version of anything ranging from harmless and funny to downright disgusting. There is no easier, or cheaper, Halloween costume than the zombie. Old clothes and rags regain some value for one night. Face paint, fake blood, and voila! You’re a zombie. Locally, zombies are a great excuse to bring the community together in a frightfully fun-filled way. The Lafayette Science Museum Foundation is bringing back the ZombieWalk for its second year, which means on Oct. 26 at 6 p.m., Downtown Lafayette will again be invaded by living, breathing zombies or better known as the locals. It’s free to participants who choose to dress up as the living dead. Spectators are encouraged to join in on the fun, watching in horror and/or amusement as the streets are filled with “corpses.” The walk will start on the lawn of Parc Sans Souci and will end back at Parc Sans Souci just in time for the after-party. The postmortem festivities continue with a costume contest and live music from Yakk and Bearfighter. Entertainment will also be provided by Planet Radio and Trybe Habibi Bizarre, with beverages provided by Schilling Distributing. Make sure to leave time for Museum of Fear, a climate controlled and safetyinspected haunted house that will keep you scared witless. | FACE 27


Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation There are approximately 3 million Americans living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), and more than 30,000 children and adults are diagnosed every year. T1D is a chronic, debilitating disease affecting every organ system that strike children and adults suddenly, and lasts a lifetime. T1D is an autoimmune disease in which a person's pancreas stops producing insulin, a hormone that enables people to get energy from food. The challenges people with T1D must endure include multiple injections of insulin daily or continuous infusion of insulin through a pump just to survive. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. JDRF’s goal is to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until we achieve a world without T1D. JDRF collaborates with a wide spectrum of partners and is the only organization with the scientific resources, regulatory influence, and a working plan to better treat, prevent, and eventually cure T1D. More than 80 percent of JDRF’s expenditures directly support research and research-related education. In 2012 Forbes magazine named JDRF one of its five All-Star charities, citing the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. The Acadiana Walk to Cure Diabetes and 5K Fun Run will be held Saturday, November 2nd at River Ranch. Enjoy entertainment by the

Crystall Coroy (above, left), along with her twin boys Ellis and Ean, enjoying last year’s Acadiana Walk to Cure Diabetes. Coroy was the team captain for Team E, her family walk team. Coroy’s family team has participated in the Walk to Cure Diabetes for several years and received the Top Family Team award at last year’s walk. Coroy along with her friends and family participate in the Walk to Cure Diabetes each year because Coroy’s son, Ean, has type 1 diabetes.

Michot Courville Band, space walks, face-painting and great food and beverages. Visit to register for the Walk or 5K Fun Run. For additional information, contact Cherie Lato at the JDRF Office at 225-932-9511 or

As a local business owner and a parent, I share the Junior League’s goal of creating lasting community change. Together, we built a playground that will enhance the well-being of local children for decades to come. Through strategic partnerships with local nonprofits, we contribute thousands of fundraising dollars and volunteer hours to improve the lives of women and children. The vision began 55 years ago, but it’s today’s Junior League of Lafayette.

ELIZABETH HAIK JOHNSON Wife to Chris; mom to Avery, Caroline & Coleman; designer shoe store owner, attorney, Junior League of Lafayette Nomination & Board Development Committee member.

28 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

Who will be Acadiana’s DANCE CHAMPIONs??? Cast your votes for your favorite couple Votes are $1.00 each and benefit Schools of the Sacred Heart at Grand Coteau

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beth Baumer & Shannon Cain choreographer Rachel Breaux

Kathy Gerami & Edward Fremin choreographer Rebecca Landry

Jessica Colligan & Tiger Pharr choreographer Ashley Guidry

Madeline Hebert & Brian Broussard

choreographer Whitney Willis Hebert

Sandra Judice Moore & Leonard Louviere

Angi Davis & Father Howard Blessing

Jess Kuhar & Robert Foard

Ann Mouton McCarroll & Mike Mosing

choreographer Lou Brit

choreographer Victoria Pourciau

Nicole Morrow & Dr. Eric Chatman


Choreographer Corie Wells

Rebecca Comeaux & JosĂŠ Sanchez

choreographer Missy Bienvenu Andrade

choreographer Jill Listi & Lisa Mann Breaux

choreographer Jennifer Medver Hebert

Sharon Moss & Paul Segura choreographer Jade Gautreaux

Gail Savoie & Dr. Jude Bares

Renee Nugier & Chris Monceaux

choreographer Michelle Bernard

choreographer Ashley Baudoin

The event may be sold out, but you can still VOTE ONLINE!!

Online voting ends October 8 | FACE 29


March of Dimes Signature Chef’s Auction In celebration of 75 years of working together for stronger, healthier babies, March of Dimes is hosting the Signature Chef’s Auction featuring twelve of Acadiana’s top chefs who will samplings of their signature dishes. Colt Patin, Zea’s, Cravin’ Cajun, Ruffino’s, City Club, Crawfish Town are only a few of the celebrated chefs that will be featured October 24th at the Petroleum Club. The event will include an auction featuring not only dining experiences

with tickets to the Tiger Woods Invitational in Los Angeles. The Tiger Woods tickets include membership privileges, and tickets to a Final Round Reception where the winners can meet and mingle with the golfing greats. The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality,

from the participating chefs but March of Dimes has created a very

while helping inexperienced mothers learn the obstacles of having

diverse list of auction procurements that would satisfy anyone’s

a newborn. Many first-time, expecting mothers are unsure of the

interests. The winnings range from a custom-designed “Diamonds and

proper nutrition required during pregnancy, what types of exercises

Pearls” piece from Paul’s Jewelry symbolizing the 75th birthday of March

are allowed, and how to care for a newborn. March of Dimes

of Dimes and the Chef’s Auction to autographed sports memorabilia from

provides information and education to expectant mothers on having

the Miami Heat, Nolan Ryan, and Drew Brees as well as vacations to

healthy babies.

favorite locations like Florida and Colorado. March of Dimes is also offering 2 rounds of golf from Bel-Aire Country

For more information on these programs call the office at 337-205-8956.

Club in Los Angeles with complete membership and privileges paired


Phone: 337.837.1855

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“I’m proud to lead the fight against breast cancer.”

DR. RIDEAU I tell all my patients, in the fight against breast cancer, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make sure to schedule an annual breast exam. With the technology and expertise at Lourdes, we are much more likely to catch cancer in its early stages and have a better chance of treatment before it advances. Our network of doctors work together to provide a comprehensive approach to care, backed by spirituality and faith that helps our patients heal. I’ve prayed with patients before biopsies, and I know they find comfort in a place like Lourdes, where faith and medicine come together for extraordinary results. Our Lady of Lourdes is proud to offer our national accredited cancer program to Acadiana, featuring a team of specialists offering a full range of oncology services that work together to fight cancer. We are especially proud to have Dr. Alecia Rideau, one of the region’s best breast imagers, helping to lead the effort.

Join us in the fight against breast cancer. Call 470–SCAN and schedule your mammogram today.




the ocean

Sunday, October 6, 2013 3:00 pm /// Acadiana Center for the Arts

GUEST ARTISTS: Bridget Kibbey, harp ASO chamber players

GUEST ARTISTS: Bridget Kibbey, harp ASO chamber players


Buying or Selling, We’ve Got You Covered!

215 Ursuline| $218,500

103 Olive Vista | $204,900

1040 Bear Creek | $308,750

Elegant New Orleans style townhouse with large master, beautiful courtyard, balcony with quiet shaded front porch. Central Lafayette. 3 Bedroom / 2 ½ bath.

Former Parade Home. Great location in Scott. Beautiful wood floors, fireplace, open floor plan, and lots of extras! Very well maintained. 3 Bedroom / 2 Bath.

Beautiful custom built home with open floor plan and beautiful island kitchen. Heated/cooled garage and large yard in rural neighborhood of Breaux Bridge. A MUST see! 4 Bedroom / 3 Bath

We also handle succession and divorce sales.

Licensed by the LA Real Estate Commission

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October Marks Seasonal Change and Awareness Women of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Every year about this time, Acadiana begins yearning for cooler temperatures and the telltale browns and golds that are synonymous with the ushering in of fall. Additionally, October is also the month that the nation pauses and takes time to observe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While much medical progress has been made in the last few decades, breast cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer death in women, outpaced only by lung cancer. The probability that breast cancer will be responsible for a woman's death is about 1 in 36 (about 3%). However, death rates from breast cancer have been declining since about 1989, with larger decreases in women younger than 50. These decreases are believed to be the result of earlier detection through screening and increased awareness, as well as improved treatment, according to the American Cancer Society.

Why Choose Breast Center of Acadiana for Your Mammogram?

The additional good news is women continue to educate themselves about breast cancer and their own personal medical and family history. Women today are taking the time to ‘do their homework’ and ask detailed questions of their healthcare providers and research options on their own. Medical advancements in the detection and treatment of breast cancer are also giving physicians new ‘tools’ to help patients beat the odds and live full, productive lives. Some of these courageous women will be featured at this year’s 20th Anniversary Breast Health Symposium. The Symposium has become Acadiana’s iconic October breast health awareness event featuring some of the latest breast health information from area healthcare providers, inspirational stories of survivorship and breast cancer survivors modeling the latest fall fashions on the runway. Continue reading

It’s simple. Breast Center of Acadiana is a state-of-the-art facility with fully credentialed technologists and knowledgeable staff that deliver excellent service. Their two dedicated breast imaging specialists, Dr Gary Mathews and Dr Jennifer Daly, have over 20 years combined experience and believe in a patient-focused care practice. The Center has implemented the newest protocol in screening, whole breast ultrasound screening, for women with dense breasts. This additional test can identify cancers in women with dense breasts not visible on a regular mammogram. We are the first in Louisiana to offer this service to our patients. The Breast Center of Acadiana Foundation has been established to raise for uninsured women in the Acadiana area to receive free mammograms and to support Elaine’s Sisters of Hope and The Pink Ribbon Divas.

Visit us today at for more information, to schedule online or to pay your bill.

Expanding to Youngsville in Fall 2013 | FACE 33


Linda Dawson Robertson “I feel like I’m in familiar territory when the word cancer is mentioned,” says this five-time cancer survivor. At age 21 Linda Robertson found a lump in her neck and was diagnosed and treated for Hodgkin’s disease (cancer). When her daughter was 2 years old, she too was diagnosed with cancer. Nine years after Linda’s initial diagnosis, she had a reoccurrence and was treated again. Then at age 49, she found a lump in her breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the same time, her younger son was diagnosed with cancer. At age 59, Linda’s breast cancer reoccurred. Early this year, while running tests to determine treatment for a heart condition, her doctors found cancer again. Even with all these reoccurrences, she feels blessed that her body has been receptive each time to treatment. Linda is constantly looking forward. She doesn’t look back. She says, “Don’t wait around for someone else. Take the bull by the horns! When that diagnosis comes, research it for yourself. Take an active role in making the decisions regarding your treatment and make the best decisions for yourself and your family. It’s perfectly fine to get a second opinion and to shop around for the doctor that best fits your needs. Your doctors need to be there for you and not make you feel like you are just a number.” She also encourages patients, “Take someone with you to every appointment; that extra set of ears will prove invaluable.” Linda reveres her three children as her greatest achievement and her greatest gifts. “I lean on them heavily in my medical decisions.” Telling her children that mom has yet another challenge to face is possibly the hardest for Linda, yet she relies on honesty with herself, her husband Talbott, her family and her doctors. Keeping the lines of communication are key to making this work. Linda has a great sense of humor, a strong faith, and the resolve and spirit of an overcomer. She’s supported and encouragement by her Lady of Lourdes cancer support group and the friends she’s made through that group over the years. She eats right, exercise, travels, reads, and loves to cook. Although she is currently undergoing treatment, she radiates vitality, hope and health.


Renee’ Hebert

Seven years ago, Renee Hebert’s nanny was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. Affected by her godmother’s diagnosis, Renee’ began examining herself twice a month. On Mother’s Day of this year, at age 35, Renee’ found a lump and after a whirlwind of tests, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. In a matter of days, Renee’s entire life changed…Amid the chaos, her family made the decision to go to MD Anderson in Houston. Renee’ believes it was the best decision. Her cancer is an aggressive form and therefore her treatment plan includes chemo, surgery, then radiation and follow-up checks. Renee’s attitude is amazing! She’s positive, upbeat, and spiritually grounded. Her smile and laughter are completely contagious! Renee’ lives on Cow Island with her husband, Draper, and their four children, ages 3-10. Her husband is her best friend, strongest ally, and fiercest defender. Together they find strength in one another, their relationship with God, their family and community. “This has all brought us closer.” Renee’ has continued working as a bus monitor for the deaf and blind throughout her treatment. When asked why she’s still working, “What? Not work and stay home having a pity party? I don’t think so!” Renee’ has always been active with her children and doesn’t want cancer to alter their lives. She’s been overwhelmed with the compassion and generosity from her friends and neighbors. Her church family bought Team Renee’ t-shirts to remind one another to pray for Renee’.

Look for Linda and Renee strutting their stuff in the fashion show at this year’s Breast Health Symposium.

She admits that it was hard to accept help from other people, but she knows that it is God’s way of taking care of her and her family. Renee’ knows she can’t fight this alone. With the help of God, her doctors and nurses, The Divas support group, her husband and family, and most importantly her positive attitude; she is carried through this time in her life! P LA S T I C S U R G E R Y A S S O C I A T E S

Plastic Surgery Associates of Lafayette welcomes our new Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey S. Williams, to the practice! Darrell L. Henderson, M.D. and Terry A. Cromwell, M.D. are pleased to have Dr. Jeffrey S. Williams join them.

Join us and meet the Doctors at the 20th Annual Breast Symposium October 9th at Cajundome Convention Center

Call to schedule a consultation


Services Provided • Breast Enlargement, Reduction, Lift, and Reconstruction • Body Contouring • Facial, Cosmetic & Nasal Surgery • Arm Lift & Thigh Lift • Cleft Lip & Palate Repair • Skin Care, Injectable Filler, and Botox • Hand, Wrist & Elbow Surgery

1101 South College Road, Suite 400 Lafayette, LA 70503 |

Serving Acadiana for 40 Years

Jeffrey S. Williams, D.O. | FACE 35

36 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

Blessing in Disguise Nikki Landry Vincent


Like many twenty-somethings, Nikki Landry Vincent drifted through life aimlessly on an uncharted quest to find herself. Never taking herself too seriously, Nikki spent years working

Nikki was in shock and disbelief. “I never in a million years

in various jobs but just never found the right fit. At age 26,

thought that I’d have breast cancer! I remember saying,

she decided to go back to college and earned her Liberal Arts

‘You just took 80% of my chest; there’s nothing left to worry

degree in Public Relations and found herself on a new path.

about, right?’”

After graduating from UL, Nikki began working for a luxury apartment community; a solid and challenging position with great benefits and an opportunity to finally save some money. During this promising time, she also met the man she wanted to share the rest of her life. After searching so long, Nikki’s life was on track and she was content.

Nikki left her doctor’s office in a daze repeatedly assuring the nurses that she was fine. She was not fine. At the first traffic light, Nikki burst into tears and sat through the light oblivious to her surroundings until other cars began to honk. Snapped back into reality and not knowing what to do, she drove to her office where a coworker hugged her as she collapsed in shock.

For years, Nikki suffered severe neck and shoulder pain from

Later that evening, she shared the devastating news with

tension caused by the weight of her breasts on her petite frame.

her boyfriend.

Now having some money tucked away in savings, she felt it was time to seek out a plastic surgeon that could do a breast lift or reduction.

The contented life Nikki had diligently built was now crumbling around her. “I was indescribably sad and depressed. I kept thinking, ‘I’m going to die at 35.’ I didn’t

Her search for a surgeon ended when she met Dr. Henderson

even really know what cancer was. I thought it was a worry

with Plastic Surgery Associates. After consultations discussing

for older women.”

her concerns, Nikki decided to have breast reduction surgery. As a standard practice, Nikki was offered a mammogram but was told it was not required and purely her decision. “Since I was not old enough at age 35 for insurance to cover it, it was an additional cost that I didn’t think I needed.”

Four days passed, it was Christmas Eve, and her whole family was gathered together to celebrate Christmas. “I have some news,” announced Nikki. The happy, expectant looks on all the faces soon shattered when Nikki dropped the bomb. “They thought I was getting engaged. I felt my grandfather’s heart

Nikki’s reduction surgery was a success and 80% of her breast

skip a beat. He was so sad and that’s when I felt like I was a

tissue was removed transforming her from a DD cup size to

disappointment, a failure somehow.”

her newly selected size B. As standard protocol, the removed tissue was sent to pathology for testing. At Nikki’s follow-up appointment on December 20th, Nikki was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two types of cancer were found in the removed tissue: 2mm infiltrating ductal carcinoma and multi focal lobular in-situ, the latter to be of greatest concern. 38 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

Then it was time to make critical decisions but Nikki had no idea how to proceed. “It was the lowest point of my life. So many negative things were going through my mind, I couldn’t breathe.” Within ten days of diagnosis, Nikki walked into Continue reading | FACE 39

"Everyone needs to be aware of their own bodies, even if the doctor isn’t sure at the time... Go with your gut and don’t stop searching for answers until you are satisfied with those answers.”

40 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

her first support group meeting, notebook in hand, full of questions. “I was shocked when I opened the doors, looked around, and I was the youngest there by 20, possibly 30 years. How would I be able to relate?” Nikki walked out of that

and reconstruction, potentially, both out of state. Nikki was confident with her local doctor whom she trusted, and was aware that he could easily do both surgeries at the same time; but insurance was not set up to handle this

meeting with a new attitude, treasured advice, and love

process. Through her insistence

and support that would get her though the next months, “I haven’t stopped thanking those ladies!” The main cancer concern for Nikki was the multi-focal lobular in-situ which could spread from breast to breast. There was no way of knowing which breast the cancer was in given

on staying local and wanting the

“In many ways, breast cancer saved my life. a rut, and in a stressful and

through an appeal process and

unhappy job. Now I don’t

or how quickly it could come back. It

I run, travel, and see

consultation, and prayer, Nikki decided to have double mastectomy surgery and reconstruction. “I did not want to

things differently. I am now optimistic and I make the most of every day.”

do chemo or radiation and just wait to see if it would spread. I wanted it gone.” Mastectomy and reconstruction surgery performed on the same day is not an option for everyone. There are vastly different treatments and many who have breast cancer require chemotherapy or radiation before or between the surgeries. Because of the stage of Nikki’s cancer, and having already removed the majority of the breast tissue in the reduction surgery, it was a viable option to select the mastectomy and reconstruction surgeries to be on the same day.

were able to gain approval for the surgeries by working together

take anything for granted.

After considerable research,

time, Nikki and Dr. Henderson

I was complacent, stuck in

the tissue had already been removed,

would be a horrible waiting game.

surgeries scheduled at the same

ultimately conducted the surgeries as she preferred. Nikki considered her entire family as her support system but her mother was truly her ‘rock’ . “She was devastated. She would have traded places with me in a second. Seeing her only child in so much pain was hard on her.” Amidst all of the physical and

psychological pain, the strength of love still blossomed and Nikki and Robert became engaged to be married. Already standing by her, for better or worse, Robert Vincent proved to Nikki that there was nothing that would keep them apart. “He is the most loving and supportive man. He never doubted my decisions or worried how I would look. He was by my side the whole way.” Nikki and Robert were married on a memorable November 11, 2011 (11/11/11).

Nikki sought second opinions because her insurance was

Working through the physical toll of cancer and the surgeries

limited to certain doctors. This restriction made the surgery

was an uphill battle but it was not the only recovery necessary.

process more complicated than necessary. Insurance would

There was the much needed recovery from the emotional toll

require Nikki to go to different doctors for the mastectomy

of breast cancer as well. “From the moment of diagnosis, the Continue reading | FACE 41

only thing you can think is ‘cancer’ every second of every

“In many ways, breast cancer saved my life. I was

minute of every hour of every day. You can’t help it. But it

complacent, stuck in a rut, and in a stressful and unhappy

does get better.”

job. Now I don’t take anything for granted. I run, travel,

Nikki’s Southern Baptist upbringing helped her put her faith in God to ease

and see things differently. I am now optimistic and I make the most of every day.”

the emotional pain. She also took

Giving back and being a good

up yoga on recommendation from

role model is important to Nikki,

her doctor. “Even though I couldn’t

“I want to live life being the best

do everything at first, I loved it. It

example I can be.” Nikki attends

was the only hour of the day that my

the Breast Cancer of Acadiana

thoughts were quiet and I didn’t think

Young Survivors Support Group

about cancer.”

meetings regularly so that she

Nikki has continued to attend the

can share her story, her advice

support group meetings—for herself

and support with others recently

and for others. She is shocked and

diagnosed, just like the women who

saddened to see the new girls walking

helped her when she was lost. She

into the meetings, just as she did

is a regular volunteer for Komen

just a few short years ago, are getting

Acadiana, and will be walking

younger and younger; even younger

the runway at the Breast Health

than she was at the time of her

Symposium this month. Nikki


has also been a volunteer with Girl

Nikki is a staunch advocate for ‘asking

Scout Troop 30 for the past four

all the stupid questions you can and

years. “Since I don’t have my own

getting second (and third) opinions’.

children, I want to spend time

“Everyone needs to be aware of their

with children and be a positive

own bodies, even if the doctor isn’t

role model.”

sure at the time. Don’t second guess

Nikki’s optimism is evident the

yourself, get a second opinion. Go

moment you meet her—it’s in her

with your gut and don’t stop searching for answers until you are satisfied with those answers.” Today, Nikki works at Lafayette Veterinary Care Center. She chose to trade in the high stress job for a new job

words, her smile and her demeanor. She wants to see the best in everyone and everything, so much so that occasionally her mother says that she is ‘wearing rose colored glasses’. But that is okay with Nikki.

that she loves and considers to be her own personal daily

“When I was diagnosed, I said ‘Why me?’ Now, I say “Why

therapy with pets. She spends her free time traveling with

not me?’ because I can handle this and I turned my life

her husband and making the most out of life.

around in the process.”

42 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

“When I was diagnosed, I said, ‘Why me?’ Now, I say “Why not me,’ because I can handle this and I turned my life around in the process.” 43 || FACE FACE 43


Fail-Proofing Your Job Search

The top 10 biggest mistakes job seekers make and how to fail-proof your job search. Beginning the search for a new job requires a great deal of time. And with the job market heating up with activity this month, you'll want to make sure your efforts are effective. To ensure your job search is successful and quick, here are the top ten mistakes job seekers are making and how to avoid them. Communicating Responsibilities Rather Than Accomplishments What you accomplished in your professional history is much more important to an employer than a list of our job duties. Hiring authorities are looking for individuals who are able to improve their operations, customer satisfaction, and bottom line profitability. Highlighting your accomplishments shows that you can deliver these desired results. Not Seeking Help You should seek help from a mentor, friend, family member, or, even better, a career development professional. Have this individual review your resume, cover letter, social media outlets and portfolios for any errors, irrelevant information, and other ways to improve these job search tools. Not Diversifying Your Efforts There are a multitude of resources available for you to find job opportunities and you should implement a variety of them into your job search strategy. Make sure you are reviewing online job postings, networking with individuals, researching individual companies, attending events, and reviewing hiring trends. A balance, diversified job search is the most effective strategy.

Not Dedicating Enough Time The best way to ensure you spend enough time job searching is by setting a routine that works for you. Like creating a routine that involves looking for new openings each morning, sending applications in the afternoons and networking in the evenings or vice versa. This will ensure you do not neglect any part of the job search process. Not Establishing a Clear Focus To ensure your job search efforts are effective, you need to establish a focused job search that will lead you to achieve your career goals. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time applying for jobs or networking in areas that do not meet your goals. Using a Generalized Resume and Cover Letter A resume and cover letter, customized to a specific job opening and organization, are an effective way to show a potential employer your interest, attention to detail, and that you are serious about your job search. Implement industry key words found in the job posting. Lacking Online Presence Maintaining a professional online presence will expand your professional network and demonstrate your dedication to your career and professional development.

Failing to Follow Directions When applying to a job posting, ensure you are following all of the employer’s directions for the application process. Failure to do so shows a lack of attention to detail and inability to follow directions. You also risk your application being lost or completely thrown out. Not Conducting Your Research Before you go to a job interview, conduct research on the company. You want to gather information on the organization’s goals, mission, achievements, and future endeavors. With this information you are able to identify and communicate the ways you can fit into the organization and aid in the achievement of the company’s goals, which is just what the interviewer needs to know. Letting the Job Search Get the Best of You Searching for a new job can be emotional and tiring, but it is important to keep a calm, positive attitude. Do not forget to take care of yourself to ensure you are in the best shape to pursue a new job. A healthy diet, exercise, and taking the time to socialize with friends and family are important to your physical and emotional health.

Abour the author: As the owner of career-consulting firm DMD & Associates, Inc., Danielle Dayries is dedicated to providing her clients with resources to enable them to achieve their full career potential. Contact Danielle at Danielle@, 337-254-0734, or For more career advice and tips, like her on Facebook (DMDCareerConsulting) and follow her on Twitter, @CareerCoachGuru. 44 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

NEW, VINTAGE & RECONSTRUCTION 1921 Kaliste Saloom Rd. #119 Lafayette, LA 70508 337.534.4759 | FACE 45


Simple Elegance Lead your own charmed life with dignity and style. What does “putting on airs” mean? The August 1899 edition of Ladies World offers a fascinating, yet timely resource into human behavior and the elements of good taste. Putting on airs at the turn of the 20th century meant presenting yourself as someone living above your actual station in life. While it may have seemed cool to show off in 1899, as some may think it does today, you can always be readily pegged as an imposter. We are so overexposed to reality television shows that showcase women proudly displaying plastic surgery and running their mouths off about themselves, crazily spending cash that they did not earn, and recognizing no boundaries as to opulence and excess. Money rules in their world. With no thought of tactful restraint regarding expensive clothing, furniture, homes and entertainment, showing off their capacity to throw money away has become a sport that few can emulate without stretching their own reality. Is that how you want to live? And honestly, do you enjoy hanging out with people like this? Who are we as a society? ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ trying to keep up with a lifestyle that is not sustainable or enjoyable is a dead end street. Living in grace and style, exercising restraint and good taste, allows you to be comfortable with elegant choices that fit your means. What a positive impact you can make upon our world. We hope you enjoy these Grace Notes as a means to empower you to lead your own charmed life with dignity and style. 46 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

Polite Manners Are Always in Style Remembering to say, “Please” and “Thank You,” as you wait your turn in line, handwriting thank-you notes to those who have given you gifts or bestowed favors upon you, and listening to others rather than interrupting them to interject your own thoughts are timeless and elegant behaviors. So many times we hear grown-ups lamenting that children never thank them for anything and have no idea that the world does not revolve around them. Perhaps the children are not seeing polite behavior being emulated in their own home? They certainly do not see appropriate behavior being shown on television, the movies, or the internet. Consistently modeling polite traits for your own children is a timeless and free gift of grace for today, as well as for future generations following us.

Home Parties Can be Fun, Elegant & Inexpensive Living in grace and style, exercising restraint and good taste, allows you to be comfortable with elegant choices that fit your means. What a positive impact you can make upon our world.

Remember children’s parties being simple? A homemade cake, sack races, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, and hide and seek are so much fun, and cost relatively nothing! Winning at bingo is hands down one of the most fun things to experience. Why do we feel so compelled to outdo the last party or select the most expensive choices as a way to express that we know how to throw a party? Whether we are entertaining children or adults, the most heartwarming memories that last a lifetime are of the people we entertain and love, not the fact that our party cost more than others or that we topped someone else’s grandiose event. Children learn from us. Let’s teach them. And while we are at it, let’s remember this as we plan our own grownup parties.

Restraint in Expenditures for Home, Fashion & Accessories Ostentatious displays of jewelry, cars, art, and clothing do not make the person. We love the example set by French women who embody elegance and choose a small, minimalist closet of timeless classics of good quality. Less can truly be more and what a relief not to have a closet jam-packed with clothes and ‘nothing to wear’. Who are you really impressing by wearing loads of jewelry and expensive clothes and shoes if you cannot handle your debt load? When you think of the most impressive people you have met, what comes to mind first: the make of their car or their kind and gracious demeanor that made you feel welcome and special? Elegance is defined by the New Oxford English Dictionary as “pleasingly ingenious and simple.” Why not disarm others, and set a good example for your children, by returning to the simplicity of being yourself and making elegant choices that are fitting for you and your family. Who you are is more important than what you have. The most important gift you can ever share with anyone is the gift of your authentic self, which is one-of-a-kind made in God’s image. There is no need to embellish who you really are by putting on airs. Knowing this is freedom.

About the authors: Lynley Jones and Jan Swift are partners in Grace Notes, LLC, an etiquette endeavor to help further society’s niceties. You can contact them at

A Fun-Filled Math Event for Kids in Grades 2, 3, 4, & 5 3rd Annual


In partnership with:

October 19, 2013

+ Exciting participant gifts - including a FREE ($s$ l 1$ 9.99 value) downloadable math game* from Lakeshore ! ®

*For MAC/PC home computers.

+ Student participation supports local schools + Local and national winners Register online at:

or at: Mathnasium River Ranch 206 Rue Pomenade, Lafayette LA 70506

(337) 984-MATH (6284) Sponsored by:

Smarties® is a registered trademark of Smarties Candy Company, Union, NJ 07083.

©2013 Mathnasium LLC. All Rights Reserved. | FACE 47


Imaginary Friends Promote Social Growth Our son just turned three when Glinga and Jorsten entered our lives. We quickly learned Glinga and Jortsen were not friends from school but were his imaginary friends. Their arrival was spontaneous and they came with complete and ever-changing identities. We, like many parents, became concerned that our son was lacking some basic emotional need or perhaps companionship. However, the negative view of imaginary friends as fulfilling some dark emotional void is long outdated! In fact, imaginary friends are just plain fun. They are also quite beneficial to cognitive and social development.

Imaginary friends are a product of your children’s vivid imaginations. Admire and celebrate your child’s creativity. Ask questions to find out more information about the mysterious life of the imaginary friend.

Approximately 65% of preschoolers and early elementary students have an imaginary friend. Imaginary friends may be in the form of a human, an animal, or a magical creature. Children who have imaginary friends are usually first-born or only children, although they may occur regardless of birth order. An ample amount of unstructured free-play time appears to be a prerequisite to imaginary friends. Children with imaginary friends also tend to be creative thinkers with welldeveloped vocabularies. It takes a great deal of creativity to devise an entire identity, with likes, dislikes, roles and responsibilities. Some children may be able to describe how their imaginary friends look, may describe how they sound, and how they feel. It was once believed that those with imaginary friends were introverted, quiet and shy. However, extroverts who have positive interactions with peers are more likely to have imaginary friends. Imaginary friends offer wonderful opportunities for social growth and development. The ability to see another person’s perspective is enhanced as children have to play both sides of the interaction with their imaginary friend. Imaginary friends 48 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

also provide practice with conflict resolution. The imaginary friend may have trouble taking turns or sharing, may be late for work, or may be expecting the birth of a sibling. The child often resolves the conflict in a manner similar to how he has witnessed influential adults in his life address conflict. Additionally, the imaginary friend may offer a sense of comfort when the child experiences his own major life change or stressor. Researchers have interviewed young children and asked specific questions about their

imaginary friends. The imaginary friends often serve as role models. Imaginary friends are usually older than the child and can perform skills that the child has not yet mastered. For example, imaginary friends may be able to tie their own shoes, drive a car, or have a magical power. Parents may become concerned their children cannot tell the difference between the pretend world and the real world since their child provides so many specific and clear details about their imaginary friends. Researchers reported children have very clear lines between pretend and reality. In fact, during the researchers’ interviews, children interrupted to make sure the researchers were aware this was “just pretend.” The life span of an imaginary friend is highly variable. For some children, the imaginary friend fades away as they enter school full-time and have less time for free play. Other children may place limits on their imagination or become self-conscious of their imaginary play. Although not the norm, some imaginary friends may enjoy a life as long as their creator. Imaginary friends are a product of your children’s vivid imaginations. Admire and celebrate your child’s creativity. Ask questions to find out more information about the mysterious life of the imaginary friend. The imaginary friend is likely a temporary guest and should be treated as such. Join in on the play theme. Have a telephone conversation with the imaginary friend, buckle him into his own car seat next to your child, or tuck him in as part of the bedtime routine. Imaginary friends serve as developmental stepping stone that leave longlasting imprints on the social and emotional path of young children.

Dr. Joslyn M. McCoy is a Licensed Clinical (Child & Adolescent) Psychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst specializing in the evaluation and treatment of a variety of learning, mood, behavioral, and developmental concerns. Dr. McCoy currently practices at Family Behavioral Health Center in Lafayette. Dr. McCoy also volunteers as a member of the Autism Society Acadiana Advisory Board.

Happy Holidays from The Palmetto Club

Christmas, New Years, and Mardi Gras Party Dates Available Bring your favorite caterer, bar service, music and guests, and we will take care of the rest. Call today to book your party or corporate meeting.

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*Previously a la Carte' in the Oil Center

Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Health This Valentine’s Day!

Rediscover the Beautiful You



HAIR STUDIO exclusivelY BY appointment


• • • •

Walk in's welcome Friendly, efficient staff In house x-rays Nutritional supplements

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Personal Style

It’s Halloween season—the time of year when we open ourselves to all things spooky. We go out of our way to visit haunted houses just for the thrill of it. I remember one particular ghost quest from my childhood. It was a crisp glorious fall morning. My mother and one of her friends set out for Cheneyville. They had heard that a certain Civil War era mansion was haunted, and they were determined to see it I sat in the back seat, my feet still unable to touch the floor. I felt a little uneasy about all this but wanted to be with Mama in any case. Once inside the old mansion, we were shown a room where they say a Yankee soldier had shot the house’s owner. The guide pointed out one old blood spot on the floor. She thrilled us with her sotto voce suggestion, “They say at night the ghost of the murdered householder haunts this room.” We drove home satisfied that our thirst for a fear-thrill had been fulfilled. The truth is that we don’t have to drive miles and miles for such an encounter. We need look no further than our own psyches for our personal ghosts. I call them The Watchers. These are the people we carry in our minds as judgmental observers of all that we do. They hold power to cause us stress and to rob us of serenity. They can scare us out of our plans and dreams; magnifying small fears into action-freezing terror.

50 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

Exorcise your own personal ghosts this Halloween season.

As I work with individuals and couples in counseling and workshops, the identities of these Watchers reveal themselves. When I ask people, “Who does that kind of fearful thinking remind you of?” Invariably, the voices of powerful people from childhood and teen years become clear. For some, it is a critical or demanding parent. For others, it was a punitive teacher. For still others, it was an overpowering sibling. Here is a list to assess how the Watchers may have been instilled in your mind:* • Did a parent or other relative threaten you with the “bogeyman”? • Did your parents talk about all the scary things that could happen to you if you tried something you longed to do? •

Were your efforts criticized by your family or teachers?

Were you frightened with an image of a supreme being who would punish you harshly for being human?

• Were you scolded for trying new things, coming up with new ideas, or offering input? Each of these items can instill magnified fear messages that may haunt us throughout our lives. In fact, these messages can weaken us

and limit the exercise of our personal power. The good news is that we can engage in our own personal ghost-busting. All it takes is one important realization: The Watchers hold power only because we place them on a pedestal as judges for whom we must perform! Once we remove them from that pedestal, they no longer hold power to haunt us. Yes, we can exorcise our own personal ghosts this Halloween season. It can be done in 3 simple steps. Identify your Watchers. List the powerful people who instilled in you the belief that you do not have the right to exercise power in your own life. Challenge the Watchers. “I’m not here to live up to your expectations!” Claim your personal power. “I have the right to dream my own dreams; to make my own decisions; to live my own life!”There you go! Haunted no more. Free to be you! About the author: Kathryn Elliott, Ph.D., LPC-s, LMFT is Director of Anthetic Psychology Center. She specializes in helping individuals break free from family-of-origin pain and in guiding couples and families to repair and revitalize their relationships. Kathryn is co-author with James Elliott of Disarming Your Inner Critic. She appears each Sunday on KLFY TV 10’s Passe Partout. Visit her website at


12 months interest-

free available full-time gemologist on staff

REAL ARCADE STYLE BOOTHS Let’s keep it classy, elegant & totally fun for your next event! Whether you’re having your wedding reception, a corporate event, or a private party, SmiLe Moore Photo-Booth is the best way to get the party started.

exclusively at 204 Feu Follet Rd, Suite 300 | 337-593-0282 ANdYSJeWelRY.Net | M-F 9:30-5:30 | SAt 10-2 | FACE 51


and skin rejuvenation. Acne or other Skin

Laser Skin Care

Rejuvenation PDT treatments involve the application of a photosensitizing agent which is then activated with a special light source. This “off label� therapy (depending on the particular light or laser chosen by your physician) results in significant improvement in moderate to severe acne and oiliness and/ or a dramatic improvement in pore size, skin texture, and pigmentation. Generally a series of three treatments is recommended for optimum improvement. Two days of strict sun avoidance (indoors) and of mild to moderate sunburn-like downtime is required for

Everyone is geared up for football season,

downtime. Some of the many skin benefits

tailgating, and gumbo cook-offs and most

of this treatment are improved fine lines and

people start to abandon their flip flops for

wrinkle, improved tone and texture, reduced

boots, bathing suits for sweaters, and beach

pore size, less acne and a reduction of acne

vacations for fireside chats. This is laser

scarring. Generally 5 monthly treatments are

season and the perfect time to get laser


treatments started. If you are tired of feeling

CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing

self-conscious about spider veins, unwanted hair or uneven skin tone, now is the time to tackle those issues.

Laser technology provides excellent results in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions

has similar benefits to the non-ablative laser resurfacing but even better results can be achieved, all in one treatment; however, there is a short downtime associated with this procedure. Some of the benefits include reversing the appearance of aged and blotchy,

this treatment. Pulsed Light Hair Removal treatment is

a safe and effective way to rid yourself of unwanted hair on many different areas of the body. An average of five to seven treatments is needed for best results. Laser Vein Removal is a treatment that can

help with facial spider veins, leg veins, port wine stains, and the redness of Rosacea. The laser emits a powerful beam of specialized light that passes through the skin and is preferentially absorbed by the unwanted blood vessels, causing them to disappear.

sun damaged skin, as well as improving

For optimum value and safety, make sure that

quickly and conveniently. Some

texture, tightness, and firmness. Wrinkles and

your treatment is performed by staff that are

individuals may even benefit

lines are smoothed, acne scars are reduced

medically directed by a physician skin and

and your skin is renewed.

laser expert that specializes in the latest and

from an appropriate combination of lasers to achieve their desired goals. These are some of the most popular and effective laser treatments available today: Non-Ablative Fractional Laser Resurfacing is a revolutionary treatment for

Photorejuvenation offers comfortable

and effective photo-facials for the treatment of sun damage, freckles, sun spots, and fine visible veins. This light treatment will help reduce brown spots and sun benefits. Three treatments are usually recommended, and typically there is no downtime.

soft tissue coagulation and non-ablative skin

PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT) is

resurfacing with high efficacy and little or no

revolutionizing the treatment of acne

52 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

greatest techniques. About the author: Dr. Chris Hubbell, M.D. is the Medical Director of a JeunĂŠ Advanced Medical Spa and Acadiana Dermatology. He has been in practice since 1991 and is Board Certified by the American Board of Dermatology. Dr. Hubbell is committed to offering the very best in medical, surgical, and aesthetic skincare.

Nominate YOUR Favorite

TEACHER 16th Annual

Nominate a Teacher by

october 31 Say thank you to a teacher in your past or present who has made a difference! Nominees must be active academic educators in Lafayette Parish Public, Private, or Parochial Schools – Grades K-12. Nomination forms are accepted from students, parents, educators, and the general public. • 337.234.3229

On the Boulevard * 113 Arnould Boulevard * 337-984-3263 Mon - Sat 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Shop online at | FACE 53



* * ITH


* *

* *

* *

OCT. 23 6:00 PM * OCT. 23 * 6:00 PM Parc International Lafayette, LA Parc International * * Lafayette, LA



Years o f

S er v ice 1938


54 FACE | OCTOBER 2013


Years o f

S er v ice


We’ve Moved! Visit our new location in Time Plaza (Across the street from our previous location on Johnston St.)

Monograming Available!


Accessorizing Secrets For a Beautiful Home and a Beautiful You! (BPT) - Accessorizing is a beautiful thing; the right accessories can make your home exciting and inviting, and give you confidence and style. Yet accessorizing can be intimidating as well. With so many options in terms of design and color, it can be difficult to refine your personal style - and express your tastes in your own wardrobe and your home's decor.

Fortunately, the fundamentals of good accessorizing are the same, regardless of whether you're dressing up your house or spicing up your own look. Whether you have a knack for pulling together an outfit as easily as a room, or can't quite seem to get it together, a few simple tips can help you enhance your style. Pop That Color. Neutrals make an awesome backdrop for pops of color. Whether it's a neutral shade on the walls of your living room, or a classically cut skirt in a subtle hue, set off your neutral backdrop with brightly colored accessories. Pillows, plates, photo frames, candles and other colorful accessories create interest and depth in a room's design. All kinds of small and decorative items can be colorful and inexpensive. You can find fashionable and fun items in shops that specialize in the unusual. Explore the offbeat; they can add zest to a room's decor when used as a colorful display. Adding a bold necklace, chunky bracelet, bright belt or scarf can layer your look with personality. As a bonus, if you find a look that fits your personal style, consider incorporating it into your home decor with accessories. For example, trendy coastal-themed jewelry and home decor items echo the easy, relaxed style and sea-side colors of the shore. 56 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

Simple Styling. One of the most challenging aspects of accessorizing can be settling on a style. The good news is, when you find one that works for you, you can apply it to both your personal style and your home decor. Does classic sophistication work for you? Subtle colors that convey classic styling in your wardrobe can make great hues for walls, carpeting and upholstered furnishings. Is quirky and unconventional more your style? That tropical print you love on your bedroom drapes can add humor and excitement to your wardrobe when it shows up in an airy cotton scarf. That same color and pattern combination can make a statement when you use it as a runner on your dining room table. You Need to Love Your Atmosphere. Whatever the purpose of a room or an outfit, you need to love the atmosphere it creates. Whether you're designing a space for family fun or pulling together a knockout look for that special night out on the town, the colors and styles you choose will create a specific ambiance. It should be one that speaks to you and your personality. For example, are outdoor gatherings with friends one of your favorites things to do? Evoke summer fun year-round with fun red lighted garland and matching red picnic cup stemware. Keep the effect going by adding that shiny red hue to your wardrobe accessories with a belt, necklace or scarf. Have an affinity for the horse set? Stable decor featuring riding-inspired accessories such as candleholders and canisters with whip-stitched accents is popular and a horseshoe doubling as a tea light holder evokes the look beautifully. Just keep a few secrets that apply to both home decor and wardrobe building in mind, then let your adventure begin.

Every Buddy’s a Hero!

October 27thth

at Parc Parc International International at

9th 9th Annual Annual

DSAA BUDDY WALK Together... Families Families Dream, Dream, Hope, Hope, and and Soar Soar Together...

October 26 | 9am – 1pm

Sponsored By Registration Registration starts starts at at 9am 9am || Walk Walk starts starts at at 9:45am 9:45am

Parc International Lafayette, LA

Every Buddy’s a Hero!

To learn more or to join the fun, contact the Down Syndrome Association of Acadiana at or

P. O. Box 81323 • Lafayette, LA 70508 337-234-3109 • Down Syndrome Association of Acadiana, Inc. is a non-profit organization. DSAA’s goal in staging the only Buddy Walk in the Acadiana area is to raise community awareness of the abilities of people with Down syndrome by offering a gathering of community for a day of fun, food, and entertainment. | FACE 57


Rent the Runway

Off-the-Runway Fashion at a Fraction of the Cost — Perfect For Your Next Big Event By Jessica Manafi If you are anything like me, your closet is overflowing with dresses and gowns that date all the way back to high school homecoming. The styles are old and the fit is tight, but we are never willing to donate them. Living in southern Louisiana, many of us also attend annual Mardi Gras balls that require formal attire, so you never know when we may need that lavender ball gown or blue chiffon dress that’s tucked away in the corner and out of sight. But as young women attempting to make a name for ourselves, clothes are important to us as it portrays an image that we want to project towards others. But we all know this gets expensive and can create a clutter that can become overwhelming to even the largest of closets. Two Harvard Business School graduates, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter Fleiss, found what Fast Company Magazine and others have labeled as, “one of the most innovative fashion companies of the year,” and what may be the solution to everyone’s problem. Rent the Runway’s concept is to rent a dress from a top designer’s collection that was previously worn by professional models for either a four or eight-day period. When most people hear the words 'top designer,' they think Vera Wang, Dolce and Gabbana, and Versace. And they’re right. Rent the Runway houses hundreds, if not thousands, of designer clothes to choose from. And not only do they address your attire for the evening, they allow you to accessorize and purchase necessities to accompany the outfit.

58 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

As the business grew, universities like LSU became involved in promoting the company, giving their fashion-focused students some experience dealing with similar merchandise. Taylor Beadle, a sophomore Textiles and Apparel Merchandising major from Lafayette, signed a one-year contract to become Rent the RunwayLSU team blogger. A total team of seven students are responsible for setting up events like the Trunk and Fashion Shows that's held on campus, passing out flyers with discount codes to students, and reaching out to organizations like campus sororities who would benefit most from the business. “We had to go through an extensive interview process to become a team member. Someone from a previous year had to refer us to the program and after an interview process, we were offered a year-long contract,” states Beadle. But the perks are good. “We, as reps, receive discounts from Rent the Runway because of the amount of time we put in promoting it.” Beadle is convinced that it will be a good year for LSU’s involvement, stating, “We haven’t even had our first meeting, but I am already feeling confident in what we will be doing this year.” So do your closet, your wallet, and yourself a favor. If you cannot find just what you are looking for, if you can’t afford a $300 gown, or if you just cannot fit one more dress in your closet, browse through Rent the Runway’s selection at and see what outfit is next in your future.

Simple Elegance

& present “It starts with a DREAM, after that, the Sky’s the Limit”




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“It starts with a DREAM, after that, ge the Sky’s the Limit” Ro ad

The Horse Farm Ro


The Horse Farm at



The Horse Farm

2913 Johnston Street

A Fundraiser To Build

“Unity in our Community” Sunday, October 20th

1 Mile Fun Run/5K Trail Run • Art Barn & Market Face Painting • Fun Jumps • Horse Shoes Volleyball • Hay Rides • Live Music • His & Hers Raffle Charity Cook-off Competition

benefits Monies raised will benefit numerous non-profit orking r the Special organizations in our community and promote the development of a residential community for special needs adults in Acadiana. ival

rdinated to of Acadiana” dation of y to develop a r special a.

“It starts with a DREAM, after that the Sky’s the Limit”

S. C olle

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FARM uc et



& present present

Christopher Blue Hobo the Original McCarty’s Pottery | Desigual Peter’s Pottery at

The Horse Farm A Fundraiser To Build

“Unity in our Commun

Sunday, 20th at Boutique The forOctober Women

The1 Mile Horse Farm Fun Run/5K Trail Run • Art Barn & M 2913 Johnston Street

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Sunday, October 20th

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60 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

Star Studded Style

Make homecoming an affair to remember when classic meets brilliant in our bold custom suits and sparkling crystal jewelry. Bring out your inner screen goddess in an elegant golden cream formal gown with a seriously flirty backless drape. Your next special occasion calls for spicing it up in an LRD. This smoldering, curve loving crimson lace dress will turn heads whether headed to homecoming, brunch, or a holiday party.


Can’t go wrong with a great basic shift dress and this one has a little extra edge with studded seaming. Kick it up with a gold plated tassel necklace or multi-colored tubular bangles made in the US by AV Max. 62 FACE FACE || OCTOBER OCTOBER 2013 2013 62

Show your classic beauty in this strapless sequined peplum dress by Mori Lee. Accessorize with clear and iridescent crystal floral drop earrings and iridescent crystal bracelet, both by Jim Ball Designs. Nude glitter and iridescent crystal ankle strap heels by Sweetie's shoes. || FACE FACE 63 63

Show your love for haute couture in this long sleeved sequin zebra dress by Haute Hippie and Kelly Ann studded platform heels by Dee Keller. Accessorize with pyrite necklace with pave diamond lobster clasp by S. Carter Designs, mosaic black diamond pendant earrings by Jill Reno and fur evening clutch by Halston Heritage.

64 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

Be a vision in white in this lovely Rachel Zoe ‘Adrienne’ leather sequin dress with coordinating white evening clutch by Whiting & Davis. Complete the look with Pave diamond earrings and natural arrowhead necklace by S. Carter Designs. | FACE 65

Lola Minx is made in the US and known for great fitting, easy to wear dresses. This pocketed cobalt dress is a great addition to any wardrobe – simply casual or dressed up with a cropped blazer by Everly and layered gold necklaces. Or try this black little number with gorgeous sequined cuffs at the wrists.

66 FACE | OCTOBER 2013

This stunning strapless bronze dress with peplum detail by Terani Couture is sure to turn heads at any gala. Don’t forget the black crystal chandelier earring by Jim Ball Designs and black lace d'Orsay peep-toe pump with bow detail by Your Party Shoes. | | FACE FACE 67 67


'LAFAYETTE'S ABSOLUT速 BEST MARTINI' 2013 The Hilton Benefitting Healing House

68 FACE | OCTOBER 2013



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DONNA BOUMANS PERSONAL TRAINING “In-Home Personal Training” 337-288-5258 Lafayette, LA NASM Certified


Contact AMR to receive a free home valuation or broker price opinion for your home in Lafayette Parish 3205 Johnston St.


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1209 Albertson Pkwy Broussard, LA 337-837-4033 | FACE 71


Christopher R. Hubbell, M.D. Founder & Medical Director a JeunĂŠ and Acadiana Dermatology

American Board of Dermatology Certified Dermatology & DermaSurgery

Face Magazine October 2013  

Acadiana's only women's lifestyle magazine. Women Children Family Fitness Health Beauty Fashion Relationships

Face Magazine October 2013  

Acadiana's only women's lifestyle magazine. Women Children Family Fitness Health Beauty Fashion Relationships