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ABOUT FABRYAN (fa-bri-an) is a luxury womenswear & accessories brand with ethical values. Launched in September 2010 during London fashion week by selftaught designer Samantha-Jane.The independent brand has been growing from strength to strength in the initial tertiary years as a result of the designer’s business acumen and her adoration for all things fashion. The brand has been featured in notable press such as: Fashion TV,Tatler,Vogue and Glamour magazine to name a few. The collections are designed with simplicity and elegance in mind; whilst intelligently fusing intricate hand techniques on fabrics to develop textures. Fabryan has made an international presence by showcasing our collections at fashion weeks and events in Berlin, New York, Malta and Vienna; as well as stocking across Europe, USA and UAE. Philosophy At Fabryan, we combine both high-end fashion and social development that embodies our philosophy as a luxury brand. Our clothing are designed and made in U.K.We take special care in choosing the suppliers we work with. Wherever possible, we source locally using only the finest fabrics. Our original prints are made from pure silk yarned from silk worms and mulberry that are free from any pesticide.The silk is then digitally printed using nontoxic eco friendly inks. Philanthropy Fabryan supports the Children of Haggai Foundation by donating a percentage of sales to sponsor orphans in Nigeria to get an education.


SAMANTHA-JANE AGBONTAEN Samantha-Jane Agbontaen was born in Benin, Nigeria. She moved to London when she was 12 years old. She is inspired by her dress designer mother.At a young age, she would use scraps of left over fabrics to make dresses for her dolls. She studied business and subsequently worked in graphic & web design before turning her hand to fashion design. Samantha-Jane has no formal fashion training. She taught herself to design and sew. Samantha-Jane launched ‚Fabryan‘ in September 2010 with a debut collection during London Fashion Week. Her concept for ‚Fabryan‘ is to create a fashion brand that designs wearable pieces.

‚Simplicity and Elegance‘ is her motto. Samantha-Jane was commissioned for Daniel Peacock‘s new TV revival of the Cave Girl series to design and make all the costumes for the show.A movie is also in the pipeline. In 2012, Samantha-Jane was nominated for ‚Designer of the Year‘ by Fashion‘s Finest.

Q & A WITH SAMANTHAJANE Favourite designer - Diane von Furstenberg Favourite city - Barcelona Favourite colours - Black and White Hobbies - Cooking, Skiing, travelling, and films Favourite quote -‘Everyday is an opportunity to be a better version of yourself


SPRING/SUMMER 2011 The debut collection, launched during London Fashion Week in September 2010, played on antonyms of purity and mystery, with inspiration drawn from yin and yang, day and night, light and dark; resulting in fresh, demure pieces. Key styles from this collection include the elegant red Lola Dress, pure white Navaeh Dress and the exquisite black Saiva Dress.


AUTUMN/WINTER 2011 The Autumn/Winter 11 collection was showcased at Fashion Mavericks during London Fashion Week in February 2011.A striking combination of urban glamour, with delicate, deluxe fabrics finished with leather bindings, with extra detail given to ruffles, ruching and the gathering of material. The Fabryan signature prints played a strong role in this collection too, helping to further distinguish each style and offering a real wow factor. Key pieces to watch in the AW11 collection are the Sheffy and Lulu dresses along with the full hand sequin Luciana dress.


SPRING/SUMMER 2012 Following the summer’s successful launch of their Psychedelic accessories range, London-based fashion designers Fabryan have unveiled their Spring/Summer 2012 evening wear collection. Duchess satin, silk charmeuse and real feathers have been used to create a collection of nine signature dresses in shades of black, red, royal blue, black and white and green. A great deal of attention to detail has gone into the making of each garment with most of the stitching done by hand in true couture style, lending a certain elegance to the look and feel of each one. The dresses were designed with a philosophy of simplicity and elegance in mind and intelligently matches beauty with style. The new collection marks the start of a new era for the fashion brand, which sees the creation of designs that are redolent of the glitz and glamour of the red carpet. Fabryan are steadily building a reputation as designers of distinctive women’s wear and hope that this new collection will really catapult their status as an innovative brand that is setting the pace for others. The designer behind Fabryan, Samantha-Jane, says that the essence of the new collection is‘star appeal’.“Our starting point was simplicity and elegance, taking inspiration from the allure and magic of the red carpet.” “The collection is targeted at women who want something special for that big occasion. Whether it’s a charity event, an exclusive party or a summer ball, these dresses command attention and are for women who aren’t afraid of being noticed.”Each dress in the collection has been given a distinctive name and include a few favourites from the Spring/Summer 2011 Collection.


AUTUMN/WINTER 2012 – DARK ROMANCE This collection reflects a mysterious, sexy, dark approach to the Little black dress. Rich fabrics in silk and wool coupled with a touch of sleek leather trim creates beautifully crafted feminine silhouettes. The AW12 collection offers the modern woman versatility and elegance with a range of styles to suit any and every occasion. Key pieces to watch in the AW12 collection are Vixen and Zena dresses. The ultimate winter ‘wow’ comes courtesy of the Ashley coat.


AUTUMN/WINTER 2013 “The collection is inspired by 1950‘s glamour. The old black & white movies captivate me. I love this era so much as it translates glamour, class and the start of female dominance in fashion. Women experimented with their clothing and embraced fashion”, says Samantha-Jane. Light tones in whites and darker tones in blacks alongside splashes of red create a perfect contrast. Delicate organic silks, laces, and rich wool add weight to the collection. Intricate hand techniques on fabrics, developing textures play a pivotal role in the AW13 collection. The Fabryan woman is a modern lady who is not afraid to stand out. She is elegant; she embraces her body, wearing clothes that accentuate her curves without being a fashion victim.


‘ENCHANTED GARDEN’ SS14 COLLECTION Fabryan London is delighted to present their ‘Enchanted Garden’ collection for Spring/Summer 2014. Based on Fabryan’s zealous philosophy that rejoices the modern woman, the colourful collection features peplum styles that are designed to celebrate the curves that belong to a feminine figure. Enthused by the natural elegance of a woman’s body; the designer, Samantha-Jane was inspired by her love of nature for this collection.This is reflected in the vibrant prints that play a pivotal role in the collection. ‚Enchanted Garden‘ embraces the exotic beauty of flowers such as Bird of Paradise, Rosa chinensis, Cherry blossom, Daffodils and Daisies. Flowers were integral to Fabryan’s collection as they are symbolic to femininity and natural beauty.These are two values that Samantha-Jane wishes to portray in her designs whilst boasting luxurious and high end tailoring day to evening dresses. Key pieces to look out for in the SS14 collection are the hand sequined dresses.The dresses are handmade with love and care.The process took twelve weeks to complete. Fabryan is showcasing the collection at The British Embassy in Vienna for the launch of the new Range Rover Sport on the 26th of September 2013. Fabryan is also delighted to be collaborating with London based jewellery brand: Jerboa.


LA FEMME FATALE AW14 COLLECTION Mysterious. Enticing. Seductive. Let Fabryan captivate you into our alluring Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. With clean cuts, structure and high end tailoring Fabryan has designed pieces for the woman who is fiercely irresistible, independent and sophisticated. The designer, Samantha-Jane has produced her most coherent and strongest collection yet. Whilst maintaining a dedication to her love of monochrome designs that signifies the elegance that is Fabryan; she has also taken a daring decision to implement a splash of burnt orange to the collection. La femme fatale shows an abundance of sexual desire and dominance with luxurious materials such as leather, chiffon, velvet and silk crepe.The collection is a celebration of female power. Fabryan is of course the definition of feminine strength after all. The collection would be presented in a catwalk show at Berlin Fashion week (Lavera Showfloor) on Thursday, 16th of January 2014 at 6PM. For more information about the brand and collections, please visit website at


FABRYAN LAUNCHES GAUDI COLLECTION After the successful launch of their accessories range; the Psychedelic collection, Fabryan is pleased to now present the ‚Gaudi collection, a vibrant luxury hand finished range of scarves which are inspired by the Catalan architect Antonia Gaudi. The designer, Samantha-Jane has always been an admirer of his great works and drew inspiration from La Sagrada Familia during her many visits to Barcelona.The hyperboloid vault of the nave in La Sagrada Familia swayed one of the distinctive designs in the collection. Based on curved lines, the freedom of colours, imaginary shapes and audacious prints, the Gaudi collection feels like an invitation to travel. The colours embody the liveliness and overflowing animation of Las Ramblas, the fantastic universe of Park Guell and the festivity of the Olympic Port of Barcelona. Orientated towards feminine women, combining elegance and refinement.The collection offers a line of quality products designed to arouse desire and even excite.... with her graphic and architectural influence, Samantha-Jane creates sophisticated yet functional everyday vibrant accessories. The collection is produced in small quantities consisting of silk, wool and cashmere, available to purchase on Fabryan‘s online shop as well as other UK and international stockists. ( RRP £100-£250


FABRYAN LAUNCHES THEIR NEW NATURE INSPIRED ACCESSORIES RANGE Taking their creative inspiration from the beauty on display at Kew Gardens, Londonbased womenswear designers Fabryan have launched a new range of luxury handfinished scarves as part of their accessories range. Already established as designers of distinctive women’s wear, Fabryan have brought their characteristic cutting-edge styling to new designs that are a visually stunning evocation of the energy and vibrancy of mother nature. Each is hand rolled with hemmed edges and is made with 100% organic silk using a unique, digital printing technique that give the scarves their fresh originality while ensuring their quality. With bold colour splashes and abstract flourishes it’s no wonder Fabryan have called their new range their Psychedelic Collection. With names like Bird of Paradise, Rainbow and Ripples, it’s clear that nature really has been a powerful source of inspiration for them. Samantha-Jane, the designer behind the Fabryan brand, says that she’s delighted with the result. “I love nature‘s colours and the flowers on show at Kew Gardens are breathtaking. I wanted to fuse those colours with distinctive patterns to give a sense of the vitality and spirit of nature. I couldn’t have hoped for a better result and hope that the scarves will become an indispensable accessory to every woman’s wardrobe.” Fabryan hopes that the new Psychedelic Collection will be as well received as their earlier collections. “Women’s fashion moves quickly and rather than trying to keep up, we try to set the pace. Women want originality and want to step out in eye-catching designs and that’s what we try to create.” Scarves from the new Psychedelic Collection are available online at with prices £70 - £100.









London Fashion Week (Off schedule) - September 2010 London Fashion Week (Off schedule) - February 2011 London Fashion Week (Off schedule) - September 2012 Berlin Fashion Week (Off schedule) - January 2013 Passport for Fashion (Charlotte USA) - April 2013 Mercedes- Benz Malta Fashion Week - May 2013 Brighton Fashion Week - June 2013 British Embassy Vienna - September 2013 Berlin Fashion Week (Lavera Showfloor) - January 2014




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