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A NEW COLLEGE FOR CAMBRIDGE North West Cambridge Designing and building new university housing in Cambridge is an inspiring challenge. During many centuries, layer upon layer of architectural invention has been added to the city. This has resulted in a unique composition of urban space, architecture and landscape, interwoven into one continuous network . Our project wants to add a new layer, building on the rich traditions and unique collegiate character of Cambridge. The characteristic variation of enclosed and open spaces, the alternation of formal and informal groupings of buildings are the departure point for our design. As a next step, our design wants to introduce a new interpretation of the public and private realm in and outside the college. We want to activate the inner open spaces, and create a direct connection between the dwellings and the open spaces. Galleries will surround courtyards, making a large threshold between the private space and the collective space. The galleries will become covered outside livingrooms where the inhabitants will meet and interact. In other parts of the project, dwellings are grouped around spacious central halls with access of daylight, that all lead into the courtyards. The courtyards will invite an active use by means of small allotment gardens where the inhabitants can grow vegetables. Flowers can be grown in large flowerbeds, outside fire places invite the dwellers for shared dinners in the open air. Another transition is made on the outside of the new college. A private pavement zone, a typical Dutch element called a ‘stoep’, will provide another means to connect and define the private and public space. Centre of the design is a covered open space that connects the main entrance gates on the north and south side. This arcade will serve as a public passage through the building complex, and binds the courtyards, access point to the dwellings and the communal spaces together. The colours of glass facades and lighting, the vaulted ceilings and beautiful pavements will turn this space into the heart of the buildings and give a unique identity to the new college. Courtyard options

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