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Fabrizio Introini Born in Rho (Milan), the 7th of October 1985. Living in Bareggio (Milan).

master degree in architecture


may2007 arch. Roberto Altini Drawing of mainly residential projects jul2007 of different dimensions.

Competent in the design process for both landscape and architecture. Having participated in some competitions or workshops that had short deadlines, I’m prepared to work at different rhythms and under pressure, being able to focus on the solution or on the final result, without giving up precision.

apr2009 arch. Laura Quatela Design, drawing and layout for a competition on public housing, within a team.



Work Experience

I attended a english language master degree in which many of the students were foreigners, so I developed a grasp in both everyday and technical english; furthermore I had the opportunity to work and study with people from different countries and to experience different cultures and different kinds of approach to architecture.

oct 2010 LAND Assistant designer in projects for dec2010 public spaces, gardens, strategic city and matropolitan plans.

Italian native speaker

English C2 level (TOEFL certified)

Since most of the works I’ve took part so far were group based, I grew a good team work attitude and organization ability, being naturally sociable as well.

jan2012 Well-Tech Creation and editing of videos about concept hotel spaces.


Academic Works

2004 ITIS “E. Alessandrini”

feb2012 Lapo Lani Architetto Assistant designer on the interior of a nursing home for elderly persons and Alzheimer’s patients.

Working with a RE Company

Diploma, High school specializing in science education. 91/100.


A plausible alternative to a development in Ho Chi Minh City that works on public/private dialogue.

2008 Politecnico di Milano Bachelor degree in Environmental Architecture. 105/110.

sep2012 Politecnico di Milano Assistant of prof. Matteo Aimini in the feb2013 “architecture design studio” class held by prof. Oliviero Godi.

2011 University of Thessaly Attendance of the workshop “Changing Landscapes”.

may2012 Planurban+ Preliminary design, dossiers for public jul2013 offices, timescales, branding of the studio, contacts with the clients.

Cultural Center in Porta Volta A series of culture related buildings creates a uniform wall that surround a garden.

2011 Politecnico di Milano Master degree in Architecture. 110/110.

Observatory for the Changing Landscapes What looks like a normal observatory is in fact a screen that displays a terrifying dystopia.

MS Project




3ds Max









India Pavilion at Expo The plot is used as a calendar that makes diverse agriculture and different cultures meet in holidays.

Lake Karla Labyrinth A labyrinth is the way to express the identity loss of this lake that has been drained and reflooded.

Thomas Moore


Eco-Archaeological Park of Urkesh

Post Punk Civilization games

Programming masterplanning and small intervention in a region around an excavation site.


I authorise the use of my personal data a in compliance with Legislative Decree n°196/03

CV 2013  

Brief Resume

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