Fabrik - Issue 32

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Adam Linder. Vexed Vista, 2015. Performance at Les Subsistances, Lyon, France, January 2015. Stage detail. Photograph by Shahryar Nashat.

The exhibit includes the work of 26 artists immersed in a variety of disciplines extending beyond the typical museum fare of painting, sculpture, photography, video and assemblage. Also included are construction, fashion, performance art, music, dance and poetry, notably that of artist-poet Aram Saroyan whose poem, a, the, though, only provides the exhibit’s subtitle and an invisible understated theme. The range of ideas and media included in this survey even goes so far as to get literally down and dirty with Rafa Esparza’s adobe brick floor installation in an upstairs outdoor gallery, a work that will no doubt crumble during the course of the exhibit, leaving the telltale tracks of viewers’ footprints throughout the museum. Clearly, an inclusive, expansive net was cast in an effort to accommodate what Walker has referred to as “a raw spectrum of cultural expression.” If this seems a little overwhelming, in a way it is. The exhibit is vast in its reach and breadth. While thrilling, it may even be overly ambitious in scope, but the range of art and artistic visions is really the whole point. Irrespective of the overall context, there are numerous gems in the offering and moments of awe-inspiring splendor. Among these is a mini-retrospective 12