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REVIEWS ACTUAL SIZE, LOS ANGELES Linguaviagem: A Poesia Concreta Dialogue (January 23-February 18) Words Peter Frank

Linguaviagem: A Poesia Concreta Dialogue, with its compact vitrines and small, primarily black-and-white publications, was one of the most purely “concrete” shows of concrete poetry presented in recent years in LA, if not in all of the U.S. Indeed, the very purity of the predominantly British and Brazilian gathering revealed the simple, almost romantic heart beating at the core of what may otherwise seem a rather austere phenomenon. In a word, concrete poetry employs typography to visual ends without abandoning the verbal significance of letter combinations. As such, many concrete poems encapsulate meaning “in a word,” elaborating across the page (or other support mechanism) so that the concepts associated with the word in question expand in space. One sees the poem and reads the picture—a classic postwar intermedium grounded in earlier avant-garde practices (notably Futurism and Dada, but also De Stijl and constructivism).

Linguaviagem, Installation View


Fabrik - Issue 31  

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