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Las Transformistas of Havana

First of its kind limited edition, fine art book on Havana’s gay cabarets "¡OUT! The Transformistas of Havana” is a celebration of the performers in Havana’s gay cabarets, both male-to-female transgenders and gay female impersonators (many of whom are considering or in the process of gender reassignment). It celebrates their individuality, creativity, sense of confidence in who they and their pride in being members of a larger community. "¡OUT!” offers a glimpse into a previously underground world, a part of Cuba rarely seen to the outside world that is suffused with the colorfulness, sensuality, and conviviality that so commonly are associated with Cuban culture as a whole. “¡OUT!” explores a unique and compelling juncture where gender identity, politics, community mobilization and artist expression intersect in Cuban culture. “¡OUT!” will be the subject of two concurrent exhibitions in Havana beginning May 15. “¡OUT!” is packaged strikingly with wrapping made of pink sequin material in a custom cut acrylic case with prominent sponge lips on the cover protruding from the case. For more information and to buy the book please visit

Fabrik - Issue 31  

This issue coincides with Fabrik’s Photo Independent Art Fair, and the Month of Photography LA. The photography theme crops up in our covera...