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JACKI APPLE Jacki Apple is a Los Angeles-based visual, performance, and media artist, designer, writer, composer, and producer whose work has been presented internationally. Her writings have been featured in numerous publications including THE Magazine LA, The Drama Review, Art Journal, and High Performance. She is a professor at Art Center College of Design.

APARNA BAKHLE-ELLIS Aparna Bakhle-Ellis is a writer enthralled by the consonance and dissonance of ‘being’ in Los Angeles. L'écriture féminine, outsider art, and altered states of consciousness rank high among her myriad interests. She is also Fabrik’s Managing Editor.

NICHOLAS FORREST Nicholas Forrest is a Sydney/London based art market analyst, art consultant and writer. He is the founder of the Art Market Blog ( which offers independent commentaries, research and analysis on the current art market.

PETER FRANK Peter Frank is art critic for the Huffington Post and Associate Editor for Fabrik magazine. He is former critic for Angeleno magazine and the L.A. Weekly, served as Editor for THE magazine Los Angeles and Visions Art Quarterly, and contributes articles to publications around the world. Frank was born in 1950 in New York, where he was art critic for The Village Voice and The SoHo Weekly News, and moved to Los Angeles in 1988. Frank, who recently served as Senior Curator at the Riverside Art Museum, has organized numerous theme and survey shows for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Venice Biennale, Documenta, and other venues. McPherson & Co.-Documentext published his Something Else Press: An Annotated Bibliography in 1983. A cycle of poems, The Travelogues, was issued by Sun & Moon Press in 1982. Abbeville Press released New, Used & Improved, an overview of the New York art scene cowritten with Michael McKenzie, in 1987.

ERIC JUNKER Eric Junker is a Los Angeles based creative thinker whose background as an artist, writer, entrepreneur, graphic designer, bicycle commuter, banjo picker, and surfer fuels his insights on the merging of artful thinking and practical living.




Lanee Neil is a Los Angeles-based writer who uses her craft to pursue her passions: travel, culture, cuisine, and discovering artisans from around the globe. You can follow her latest quest at and @wanderlushdiary.



269 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 1234 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Tel 310 360 8333

Phil Tarley is a Fellow of The American Film Institute and an artist member of the Los Angeles Art Association. He posts regular stories on The WOW Report as its art and pop culture critic and writes about art and photography for Fabrik Magazine. He is currently working on a book of narrative non-fiction travel stories and a variety of art projects.

INFORMATION Fabrik is published Quarterly by Fabrik Media Group, Inc., 269 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 1234, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. Contents cannot be reproduced in part or in full without the written permission of the copyright holder. The opinions expressed are those of the artists and writers themselves and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Fabrik or Fabrik Media Group. Copyright © 2012. All rights reserved.



ON THE COVER Josh, 2007 Catherine Opie Chromogenic print 30 x 22 1/4 inches (76.2 x 56.5 cm) Edition of 5, 2 AP


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Fabrik - Issue 16  

Celebrating MOPLA (Month of Photography Los Angeles), Issue 16 of Fabrik concentrates on Photography with profiles of the inimitable Catheri...

Fabrik - Issue 16  

Celebrating MOPLA (Month of Photography Los Angeles), Issue 16 of Fabrik concentrates on Photography with profiles of the inimitable Catheri...

Profile for fabrik