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Volume 28, Number 2

Spring 2018

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German Editeurs Are Finding Things Very Tough Indeed As They Seek Restructuring and the Local Courts for Salvation F&FI News Network


EW YORK, New York — As the world heads to Proposte for the annual showing

of European suppliers, German editeurs are battling difficult market conditions in the wake of declining sales and poor reorders leaving their vendors and

Richard Smith Says Thieves Stole Artwork From Three Companies at Heimtextil



agents out of luck for payments. This will no doubt put a damper on proceedings at Proposte this year but everyone is hoping for the best. The Germans are seeking the cover of insolvency laws which give them a temporary way out of the mess they are

in but this is no panacea; sooner or later, the editeurs will have to come to grips with their difficult situation. Veteran sources say that Germany is not the problem; it is the overall decline in the EU market and the devastating effect Chinese suppliers have had on pricing the overall market down (continued on Page 14)

David Li Sees China Giving Way to U.S.

Remo Rentgen - Nya Nordiska


Richard Smith David Li


Christoph Haussler - Sahco

w w w. F a b r i c s A n d F u r n i s h i n g s . c o m

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Michael with his two sons Ben and Jack

Michael Schneider Named Publisher


Spring 2018

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German Editeurs Are Finding Things Very Tough Indeed As

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CORRECTION: In the previous issue of Fabrics & Furnishings International, (winter 2017/8) on page 22, we neglected to mention that Claudine Simone is the Director of Upholstery Merchandising for Heritage Home Group. We regret the error. Heritage Home Group is one of the Top 28 Upholstery Fabric Buyers.

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Spring 2018



Letter from the

Publisher It’s not everyday someone hands over the keys to a kingdom- a Fabrics & Furnishings kingdom that is! After building F&FI for 27 years, my father, Eric is turning the business over to me. But don’t worry, he will still be handling all things editorial, so you will still see him around! Ten years ago, we worked together first with F&FI and then created Boutique Design for the hospitality industry. Subsequently, we sold Boutique Design to ST Media Group in 2008, and today that brand encompasses a magazine, two trade shows, conferences and events. I still work with Boutique Design as an independent sales manager alongside publishing F&FI. Now, that F&FI is going into its 28th year, we believe that it’s time to revitalize and modernize the brand. Here’s a taste of what’s to come: • Brand new website (estimated May) with a revival of the Buyer’s Guide • Requalification effort of the current circulation and adding additional subscribers • Increased content striving for a 60% advertisement to 40% editorial ratio • Additional editorial on topics you care about most Eric has laid the foundation and has created a legacy not just for himself, but for the industry. He has touched so many people personally and business-wise. His shoes won’t be easy to fill, but I’m up for the challenge! Dad, I dedicate this issue to you. You’ve worked hard for the past 27 years, now you can relax a little and let the next generation carry the torch. From one generation to the next, I’ll continue your legacy and make you proud.

F&FI Publisher, Michael Schneider, presenting the Winter edition - 100th anniversary plaque to Cary Kravet, President of Kravet

The Chintz Room Carrie Stettheimer (1869-1944) built a dollhouse complete with interior furnishings. One room was called the chintz room, filled with chintz fabrics. To see it, go to The Museum of the City of New York.


Michael D. Schneider Publisher/CEO

Eric and Michael Schneider flying to Nantucket

Spring 2018

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F FI NE W S (Continued from front cover)

German Editeurs Are Finding Things Very Tough Indeed As They Seek Restructuring and the Local Courts for Salvation to the point where fabrics lose their value. “The market is flooded with fabrics today,” says Henry Levy, Principal of Levy & Company, an important wholesaler in Latin America based in Panama. “You can buy closeouts all styles—anything you want for fifty HFI plans Gaffney, SC expansion cents a yard. The closeout buyers say they have no more ruptcy while important editeurs like room in their warehouses for these Zimmer & Rohde find they have to restructure their business model. goods,” he adds. Meanwhile, Nya Nordiska, The stories on this page are testaSahco Hesslein have filed for bank- ment to their troubles. F&FI

Nya Nordiska Voluntarily Reorganizes Business Halts Payments But Wants Continued Shipments F&FI News Network

trust his company to make good on those payments in the future and still continue current shipments. “With the initiation of the judicial restructuring process…it is impossible for us to make any payments on your existing financial claims,” Rentgen says. “All receivables existing as per effective date of January 31, 2018 are included in a comprehensive restructuring plan, which in consultation with the court appointed trustee, specifies in detail the quotas which will be used to satisfy your existing claims.” Nya Nordiska is an international textiles editeur with subsidiaries in Paris, London, Como and Tokyo. The family business was founded in 1964 by Heinz Röntgen and today employs about 120 people according to its website. F&FI

The move to reorganize was made to “adapt our company to the changed market and competitive conditions,” Rentgen says. Nya Nordiska has asked its suppliers to temporarily waive payments for previous deliveries. Rentgen wants these suppliers to


ANNENBERG, FDR—Nya Nordiska, a medium sized German editeur, filed for protection under the Germany bankruptcy laws February 2 according to a letter sent to its suppliers by Remo Rentgen, CEO.

Sahco Hesslein Files Voluntary Bankruptcy It Follows Nya Nordiska by Just Two Weeks! F&FI News Network


UREMBERG, FDR—Sahco Hesslein, the small German editeur based here has filed for insolvency as of February 8, just two weeks after another German editeur, Nya Nordiska found itself in similar financial straits. “It’s not Germany but the global textile situation,” one veteran textile source explains about the two insolvencies. “Consumer habits, tastes changed and less fabrics are used in homes,” he feels.

“Also, there are just a few big players who can manage to cope with the sourcing problems in production and competition from China. First we saw the disappearance of the general textile industry in the face of Chinese competition and now we see the departure of the editeurs from the market.” Sahco Hesslein Managing Director Christoph Häussler says “we are taking this step at an early stage where the company is not indebted and has good liquidity. Since we have an export share

of 80 percent we see there is an economic weakness in many countries in Europe. There is also a decline in trade in Germany. “The Sahco business will remain unchanged,” explains the provisional insolvency administrator Dr. Harald Vens Schwartz. The 80 employees at the company headquarters in Nuremberg and 20 more in foreign subsidiaries will continue to be employed. “We will do everything we can in order to make the company competitive again the Nuremberg lawyer says.

Christoph Häussler Sahco was founded in 1831 Since 2000, JAB (Josef Anstoetz of Bielefeld) has taken a minority position in Sahco Hesslein by purchasing shares of the former partner Hans-Herbert Stadt as managing partner in 1996. F&FI

Klingensmith Leaves Z+RSee Page 45

China Took 20 Years to Become Manufacturing Force But Now Loses Ground to USA By Eric Schneider


HANGHAI/USA—The wheels of the Chinese market have turned so much in the last 20 years that China has given some of the ground won in textiles back to the United States, according to David

David Li


Li, a Chinese born entrepreneur who has been an American citizen for many years who now spends one third of his life on the road calling on customers for his company, HFI. He has a partner named Shen Jian who watches the Shanghai plant where the piecegoods and cut and sew kits are produced for HFI . “China has evolved from a third world, developing country to the dominant industrial power in the world.” “Today, capital is more expensive in China; material is more expensive than it used to be and so is labor; the corporate tax rate in the USA at 21 percent right now is among the lowest in the world,” he says, pointing to what the Trump administration has done. “America will be stronger again in textiles in the future,” he feels based on the new economy. “We have a transparent and predictable legal system

in the States. The cost of money in the States is now half of what we pay in China.” “We are doing about $50 million worth of business today mostly in cushions, pillows and pet-beds. Why do consumers pay $29 for a seven-piece comforter set but are happy to spend $50 on a pet-bed?,” he asks Originally, Li was a major

producer of bedding products but he found it was impossible to make money in this business so he shifted production to cushions, pillows and pet-beds for major big box retailers. His company HFI has one million square feet of manufacturing space in Shanghai. “We used to produce a seven piece comforter set that retailed at Walmart for $29!”

“Today, America is more attractive to me than China as a place to do business,” he says. Add to this the fact that .com sales at retail are now pushing over 50 percent of sales and Li makes a case for getting closer to the market by being in the USA and offering quick delivery to online (continued on Page 16)

Spring 2018



“Wowed” By An Unexpected Icelandic Adventure

(Continued from Page 14)

China Took 20 Years to Become Manufacturing Force But Now Loses Ground to USA

By Rachelle Tenace


oriented retailers like Amazon, Wayfair Brazil under the watchful eye of Rodrigo and Walmart. Brick and mortar retailing is Prieto. Quaker is selling fabrics from China, USA and Turkey, Li says with some fabric going through big changes right now. “Five years ago, HFI was selling $30 purchasing in India. Li has been nimble and moved quickly million worth of bedding like this and making next to nothing on it. Today, we pro- to meet the market changes presented by duce seven figures in bedding. We’d rather the Chinese economy. Where he had 4,000 sell piecegoods whether its decking fabric employees, he now has 1,000 employees for under $1 a yard or our top embroidery and is highly automated. “We used to be items for $20 in natural and polyester able to pay employees $800 a year 20 years ago and today, we pay $20,000 a year per blends,” he reasons. Li spent six years at Ametex, a piece- employee.” The majority of what he produces in goods converter prior to starting his comChina are kits that are now sewn in Gaffney. pany in 1994. Today, he is his own customer for much Kits actually cost less duty to manufacture of the 300 million yards of fabrics he pro- than piecegoods, he points out. duces annually in Shanghai with six pigment printing lines that produce at the rate of 80 meters a minute; one flatbed printer, 10 heat transfer machines, 30 dye ranges. He buys double width greige goods for printing. He has just added 350,000 square feet to his Gaffney facility bringing it to a total of 600,000 square feet with an additional cost of $5.5 million that he is investing. ADF, another division managed by Jack Cobb, also in Gaffney is supplying major furniture manufacturers with upholstery and decking fabrics. ADF is David Li singing Peking Opera in a show. a major supplier to Ashley Furniture, both with China to China goods and His sister is Shannon Li and she too is in to Ashley plants in the USA. “Ashley does China-to-China, China-to-Vietnam. Ashley home furnishings textiles under the name is moving rapidly to Vietnam because of the of Claridge. She is producing her products in David’s plants in Shanghai and the USA lower costs there than China.” A third division under the brand name today, although she is an independent oper‘Quaker’ Fabrics operates out of Sao Paolo, ator. F&FI

verybody is familiar with the expression, “Be careful what you wish for!” In my case, that is exactly what had happened on my trip home from Heimtex. When I was booking my flight to Germany way back in October, I was put off by the high prices for flights to Frankfurt, in particular. It seems there is some type of collusion to raise prices exactly on the dates I had to fly to get to the show. Not wanting to pay the exorbitant fares, I decided to take my chances with a new upstart airline called WOW, which is based in Iceland. Yes, that IS the name! I should have known better! But I decided to take a chance and book the flight, which had a stop in Reykjavik. Flying to Germany was no problem. The return, however, gave me an unexpected adventure. Long story short, I and several other weary travelers had to stay in Iceland for a night. After

missing all of our connecting flights, we were told to pick up our suitcases, proceed to the service counter at the Reykjavik airport and were handed a voucher for our “youth hostel” as well as one for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That was a bit alarming! There wasn’t even an opportunity to put up a protest. It was evident that none of us were going anywhere anytime soon so we all looked at each other, resigned to our fate, and decided to make the most of it. Secretly, many of us had wished that we could have spent at least a little time in this strange and beautiful country. Now our wishes were coming true! We immediately split up into groups. The young, seriously financially challenged travelers formed their own group. They decided to hang out at the local pool hall for the evening and down some native brews. Those us of with “professions”, many of us show- goers, decided to rent a car and drive from our hotel to the nearby Blue Lagoon, labeled (continued on Page 20)

The Blue Lagoon

Michael Schneider Joins Fabrics & Furnishings International As The New Publisher His father Eric will continue to edit the magazine F&FI News Network


IAMI BEACH, Florida — January 1, 2018 - Michael Schneider has taken over the publishing role at Fabrics & Furnishings International (F&FI) from his father Eric Schneider. Eric will continue as publisher emeritus and editor-in-chief. Michael and his father worked together at Sipco Publications Inc. during the years 2008—2013 and launched Boutique Design Magazine which was subsequently sold in 2013 to ST Media Group.


Michael also helped launch BDNY, a successful trade show at the Javits Center in New York, now with more than 700 exhibitors. Michael will continue in his role at Boutique Design as an independent sales agent while developing new business opportunities with F&FI. Michael will be responsible for sales and marketing, while Eric will handle the editorial responsibility. About Fabrics & Furnishings International: Fabrics & Furnishings International is the global home & contract sourcing quarterly news-

paper started in 1990. It covers the upholstery and curtain fabrics industry worldwide; the coverage also includes news of the fabric mills, converters, importers and wholesalers of fabrics for decorating and furniture. Subscribe online at our website, Contact: Eric Schneider, +1 917-251-9922

Michael Schneider

Spring 2018



Spring 2018


Spring 2018

n 19


Bill Geiger Quietly Takes Retirement, Paves Way for Frank Andrew, New Carole President F&FI News Network


UGUSTA, Georgia — After 45 years with Carole Fabrics, Bill Geiger, President and CEO decided to retire but will continue to consult with the company and make a smooth transition possible with Frank Andrew, the new President. The changes, which happened last July, were never announced publicly until now. Both executives

report to Ron Rubinoff, President, Window Designs Group, Hunter Douglas, based in Bessemer City, NC. Geiger built Carole Fabrics on the legacy of his father who started the company with several partners. Bill joined Carole in 1972, became President in 1983 and never left. He eventually sold Carole to Hunter Douglas in 1990. That marriage has been described as a very good one.

(continued from Page 20)

Icelandic Adventure as one of the 25 wonders of the world. Heck, if we were going to be stuck in Iceland, we were going to see something, gosh darn it! It turned out to be an amazing experience and EXACTLY what the doctor ordered after a few, very busy and exhausting days at Heimtex! The Blue Lagoon was just as I had imagined, and was surprisingly mesmerizing at nighttime, with the cold air on my head, a sea of stars above and a foggy mist floating on the heated water. It was also funny as well, with most people, from all over the world sporting the special mud masks dripping from their faces looking like Mrs. Doubtfire or an outback Aborigine! I met some amazing people who’s motto in life, like mine, is Carpe Diem. We definitely seized the moment and experienced what many people only dream about, albeit a little against our will initially! For those of us ‘stuck’ in Iceland, we went with the flow, literally, and have some great memories to show for it! Once in awhile, the universe gives us what we secretly wish for and then some! F&FI


The ‘Blue Lagoon is totally awesome, says Tenace who was stranded there after Heimtextil. “On some occasions, you can see the Northern Lights while in the pools at night….we unfortunately didn’t see them!”

Hunter Douglas allows Carole to operate very independently as a soft goods jobber. “Bill has successfully navigated six recessions, three changes in ownership and two near collapses of the housing and financial markets, all the while, continuing to build upon Carole’s leadership position in the custom manufacturing/decorative fabric industry,” Rubinoff says.

Carole’s strength still lies in developing custom made products through its own workroom in its 141,000 square foot facility in Augusta. Geiger expects to work on his charitable foundation, participate on not for profit boards and devote more time to local charities according to an internal memo sent to HD Frank Andrew (continued on Page 36)

M. L. Arora Founder of Dicitex Furnishings, 75


UMBAI — M.L. Arora, the founder of Dicitex Furnishings Pvt. was born August 18, 1942 and passed August 28, 2017. Arora left his native village in Punjab India as a school kid in

Frank Andrew

order to relocate to Mumbai. He was unable to continue his studies for want of money and his responsibility to look after family members. As a result, Arora joined his father’s small textile trade activities. In May 1999, he started Dicitex Furnishings with a singular vision to succeed in the manufacturing and marketing of home decorative furnishings. His two sons Rajjnish and Nimish continue to run Dicitex Furnishings today which has grown at a steady pace over 30

years, “Our father had the right attitude and had self-confidence towards business that translated to success. He helped us to build a business of $80 million in furnishing fabrics that is being exported to several countries,” says Rajjnish and Nimish, the two Directors. Arora was considered to be very religious and was a follower of the Hindu goddess Vaishno Devi. Vaishno Devi Mandir is a Hindu temple in Jammu and Kashmir. He sponsored several paid trips to the temple for many friends and relatives. F&FI

Boyteks Develops Highly Technical Fabrics


F&FI News Network

AYSERI, TURKEY—Boyteks, a major upholstery fabric weaver has developed a series of technologies which creates a fabric that is either easy to clean with water, its ‘Clean Ink’ brand; photocatalytic coatings which can produce relatively germ free, self cleaning indoor and outdoor fabric surfaces and Magnerest brand of anti magnetic fabric. The developments are now available on commercially made Boyteks upholstery fabrics according to Ozkan Yildizhan, R&D Brand Manager. “Photocatalytic technology is a nanotechnology that fractures and scraps the impurities on the surface using the energy of light beams,” he says. “The self cleaning fabric interacts with organic molecules to separate and and break-up the impurities in its structure,” he adds. Lab tests have shown the self cleaning Boyteks fabric to resist stains like ketchup, mayonnaise and wine among other kinds of stains and is resilient against washing and detergents. Removal of ink from the treated fabric is also possible using water, Boyteks says. Magnerest branded fabric reportedly improves circulation in humans with the magnetic field it creates. F&FI Catalog covers

Spring 2018


T EXTIL E S O LUT I O NS MA D E IN GE R MA N Y S IN C E 1965 Residential Spring 2018






Co n tr a ct |


Win d o w Co ve r in g s 21 | Visit us at


Flokser Regroups; Closes Down Former Microfibres Operations in USA Moves Flock Equipment to Turkey Expects to Continue Producing Flock in Turkey and China, but Not USA F&FI News Network


REENSBORO, North Carolina ­— In less than six months, Flokser of Turkey, a major flock producer in China and Turkey opened and then partially closed the former Microfibres flock operation in Pawtucket, RI and Winston Salem. Some of the Microfibers flock manufacturing equipment has been moved to Turkey because Flokser decided to not manufacture anything in Winston-Salem. They felt like they could make the same items in Turkey. Part of the space in Winston-Salem will be utilized

but there will be further consolidation in the next six to eight months it was learned. Flokser will stock flock goods for the furniture manufacturers in the USA that are made in China and by Suedser division of Flokser in Turkey. This will be a sales and distribution arrangement as opposed to manufacturing in the USA. HP Fabrics, the Flokser U.S. holding company plans to liquidate all of the real estate it inherited in Pawtucket, RI when it bought the Microfibres operation in a bankruptcy sale. They should be able to recoup their entire investment with the real estate sale, industry

observers say. The last remaining flock producer in the USA is Spectro Coating Corp, Leominster, MA and owner Hemendrah Shah explains his main business today is automotive and industrial—not furniture. Although the Microfibres brand produced by Flokser introduced a new velvet line priced from $4.95 for plains and $12 for higher end wet printed velvet at Winter Showtime in December, it didn’t gain traction with the customer. Flokser thought it would export Microfibres greige goods from the USA to China for domestic consumption as basecloth for prints

Julie Morris Named VP Sales, Kravet; 29 Year Veteran Susan Lorenz to Retire F&FI News Network


ETHPAGE, NY — Julie Morris has joined Kravet Fabrics Corp. as Vice President of Sales. She reports to John Dull, Executive Vice President, Sales. Morris will follow a trail blazed by Susan Lorenz, a 29-year veteran of Kravet who retired in February from full time work but continued part

Julie Morris

time for a few months after. “Susan has been with Kravet for 29 years and has been an extremely important component in our growth over the years in both our furniture division as well as the expansion of our showroom network and showroom sales,” says Cary Kravet, President. “Given her years of experience, the knowledge she has

of our products and the way she effortlessly interacts with our employees, sales people and customers, Susan is truly a ‘one of a kind’ and will be very missed. I know she is looking forward to spending more time with…her growing number of grandchildren and we hope she has many years of health and happiness doing just that.” “To ensure the transition will be as smooth as possible Kravet says Julie Morris will have the role of V.P. of Showroom Sales as well as have direct oversight of Kravet showrooms in the Northeast.” “With over 25 years of experience in retail sales and merchandising, we look forward to learning from her as well as sharing with her our industry best practices. Over the next weeks and months Julie will be visiting our facilities and our showrooms throughout the country.  We are very confident that in a short period of time she will learn our products and people and will be a great addition to our management team.” “I have been fortunate to have followed my passion for interior design and custom crafted product for the home my entire career,” Morris says. “Now I join Kravet, the industry leader in the ‘to the trade’ home furnishings industry. I couldn’t be happier to be back on the textile side of the business.”

where there is a large appetite for flock upholstery. On second thought, they found it was better to produce the goods in Turkey and print them in China where there is a big appetite for cheap flock in the furniture industry. The US just didn’t figure in the equation. HP Fabrics, the name of Flokser’s U.S. holding company, started its local recruitment efforts in North Carolina and named Steve Trastelis, a 40-year veteran of the textile industry, as the Chief Operating Officer. His office was located in WinstonSalem. HP also appointed Mike Czarnecki as head of sales and

marketing. None of these changes lasted very long as Flokser decided to cut and run. Rafet Tukek the owner of Flokser purchased Microfibres intellectual and physical property from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in March of 2016 for $5.92 million. Since making that acquisition, Flokser had moved its recently acquired flock equipment from Pawtucket, Rhode Island to its Winston-Salem, NC facility which has a wet printing line. Winsotn Salem has since been closed down. F&FI

Marc Layne Named Arc-Com President F&FI News Network


RANGEBURG, NY—Marc Layne has been named President of Arc-Com a hospitality and contract specialist jobber. Marc joined the executive management team at Arc-Com in 2016. Previously, he spent two decades as an investment banker for Bear Stearns, J.P. Morgan and most recently, RBC Capital Markets, where he left as Marc Layne a Managing Director. He holds a B.S. from Lehigh University and an MBA from The Stern School of Business at New York University. “Marc brings outside financial perspective and an appreciation of the arts that are helping us reach for a new level of design leadership and business success at Arc-Com,” said Jeff Layne, Chief Executive Officer and Founder. “The Arc-Com family business started in 1972 and I am thrilled that Marc will continue our position as a leading resource of exceptional textiles and wallcoverings. Marc’s experience, drive, and passion for providing remarkable customer service have already resulted in significant improvements at Arc-Com.” “I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity to diversify and further build Arc-Com,” said Marc. “This business is part of my family, and I have been on the periphery of Arc-Com since I was a young boy. I have grown to appreciate its uniqueness, quality, and scale. When I hear designers talk about how our products support their creative vision while still meeting performance needs, I know we are on the right path. Our executive management team has been, and will continue to be, committed to driving growth and making investments to better serve our customers.” Marisa Pichigian, Executive Vice President, added, “The ArcCom team is enthusiastic about Marc’s appointment as President. We are excited to see the next generation of the Layne family continue the tradition of this independently owned, innovative, and creative company. Marc’s perspective and insight have been great additions to our executive management team. I look forward to continuing to work with Jeff and Marc as we expand our market share in the design community.” F&FI

(continued on Page 36)


Spring 2018


Feel the Silence – See the difference The German high performance weaver is based in Upper Franconian Marlesreuth. The small village is populated by only 740 people and idyllically surrounded by woods and meadows. Not the first place you would look for one of the most modern jacquard mills in the world. “We are proud to run the company solely here in Marlesreuth, ever since it was founded in 1925” says Klaus Munzert, one of the two managing directors of the family owned business. Now the company launches an acoustic collection which stays true to the company’s philosophy INNOVATION and AUTHENTICITY – 100 % MADE IN GERMANY. “With the development of our acoustic tested fabrics we combine the spirit of modern architecture with the inventive possibilities of a jacquard mill. The solution for a universal problem never looked as good. The noise level in private and public areas is secretly but noticeably reduced which ultimately leads to an enhancement of quality life.” Says Bernd Kout – managing director. Gebr. Munzert uses the combination of intelligent materials and sound absorbing weaves as foundation for this inherently flame retardant collection. It contains sophisticated drapery constructions as well as two faced dim-out looks. The selective use of a noise reducing yarn enables even sheer constructions to become severe masters of sound. All constructions in this collection are tested for their sound absorbing properties by an independent lab. The multi-talents Soft Basic 5.7 and Soft Duo 5.7 from the PIVOT line even add high abrasion levels, dim-out and isolation effects to their sound absorbing characteristics. Asked for a Proposte forecast, Bernd Kout says “Apart from the acoustic collection our focus for Proposte is the continuous expansion of our premium Brand PIVOT. Besides the launch of new Pure Elements designs we are extremely proud of a brand new construction called Pure Balance which brings the purity of this collection to the next level. Pure Balance combines the attributes of PIVOT with a recycled cotton component to enhance the moisture absorption and the seating comfort rigorously.”

Klaus Munzert and

Spring 2018


Bernd Kout 23


Portugal Swings By Rolando Henao

Belem, Monument to the discoverers

Work traveler and veteran textile man Rolando Henao wanted to share his recent vacation trip to Portugal with F&FI readers. “I tried to pick a few personal photos that give you a taste of what the country is about: lots of history, very good food, tons of development and delicious oranges everywhere.” “I was surprised at how many world heritage sites there are; For a country that is relatively small in size, there really is a lot of history. “We spent 10 days visiting Lisbon, Porto, Estoril, Sintra and other smaller towns in between. It really was not enough time... we will be going back!”

“The food was excellent; the people very nice and they cater to tourists (we were told the country has the two best Intercontinental hotels in Europe; impressive) . Most people we talked to spoke English. The roads are very good and, surprisingly, Portugal is very affordable.”

Sardines are the most Portuguese dish you can eat

Old town view of Lisbon from Santa Justa elevator

Medieval town of Olbidos Portuguese tile production is a big industry

Oranges in Olbidos


Trolley service in Lisbon, near Sao Jorge Castle Old town at night, Lisbon

Spring 2018



Many Think Ken Gold is The Converter’s Converter, He Travels the Globe, Shops Heimtextil Hard Many mills seek his color and design advice F&FI News Network


ARMINGDALE, NY—After 43 years at the helm of Doral Textiles, a small converter based in the USA, Ken Gold has established his reputation as the converter’s converter. This opinion is shared by more than a few agents and peers in the decorative fabric industry. Says one veteran decorative fabric agent: “He is a very energetic guy, a lot of fun with plenty to bring to the conversation.” “He spends time with a mill if

he thinks there is potential. I have worked with him for hours as he recolors a collection for his customers. My suppliers are always delighted to see him.” “I have noted that suppliers in general think highly of him He is thoughtful and has his finger on the pulse of the market. He is knowledgeable and one always learns from him; he makes (and keeps) appointments; he does his homework and is accessible. He treats mills and agents with respect.”

A Short History of Doral Fabrics Doral was started as a converter of handbag fabrics by Ken’s grandad Max in 1940. Ken’s father Eugene found a niche for interior furnishings under his reign. “My grandfather travelled eight months of the year and my father frequently joined him. Grandad also sold silk goods to Curt Pindler’s grandfather (Pindler & Pindler on the West Coast of America). On one of those trips, the Golds (Max and Eugene) went to Finland and formed a joint venture called Barker/Doral with a Finnish mill that resulted in what was ultimately a 19 million yard business, 26,000 yards per shipment in 100,000 double rub contract FR fabrics in the USA from 1969-1983. The deal with the Finnish mill ended badly with the Finnish Government purchasing the two mills still operating in that country and burying the business. Ken joined the firm in 1979 and followed up the Finnish success with a $4.95 a yard 40 inch width single ply dupioni Indian silk line with J.C. Penney. It was a 20,000-50,000 yard a month business but Penney ultimately went direct and failed to succeed on their own in a few years. “China doubled the price of silk yarn

and killed the business in 2008 when the US economy crashed, he remembers. “Our industry still has not recovered from the meltdown.” The Golds were the first to go to China even before Richard Nixon made China a favorite nation. At 63, Gold still travels 150,000 miles a year combing the globe for product which now includes about ten countries including South Africa, India, Poland, China, Taiwan and Thailand. Ken remembers that when he started, the customer knew more than he did about textiles. As a result, he went back to North Carolina State to get his Masters Degree in Textiles and that is where he learned about color and design. This sets him apart from everyone else and the mills at Heimtextil seek him out for his color advice. Some of the recolored patterns are still selling in the Doral line after 20 years, he says. Ken has four sons, 35, 33, 31, and 27 and none of them are in the business. The smart money is betting that at least one of them will recognize the value of the business and take the reins in the future but that is of course speculation at this point. Also, Ken Gold shows no sign of slowing down. He loves the business just too much!

Ken Gold still breaking new ground with longtime suppliers like Kishan International of Bangalore (owner D.H. Narayansha on right) Gold is sought after by many mills for his opinions on colorations which he happily changes to suit his market in the US and Canada. “This year, the colors of decorative fabrics at Heimtextil in Halls three and four featured five to six shades of blue and moved away from the ‘mauvey’ ranges in 2017,” he comments. “This is still a jacquard woven market and prints are not surging back in my opinion,” he feels. “Outdoor fabrics are still making inroads and I was lucky enough to pick up a very well designed French outdoor fabric line at Heimtextil this year on an exclusive basis in the States. ”The German mills excel in better fabrics and are still there developing fabric structures almost impossible for the Chinese to copy, he observed. He gave high marks out to the textile products and service offered by Neutex, Hofmann, Apelt and Gerster. “Neutex can deliver a piece very quickly,” he comments. “Some Germans import commodity products to offer with the special goods they still weave. In spite of the Euro increasing against the dollar, the Germans are still competitive,” he points out. In other areas, he gives credit to the Chinese makers of polyester velvet. However, he feels you can get better quality and prices from Taiwan suppliers instead of China. “Velvet is making a big comeback and several Chinese mills are making good quality velvet.” (continued on Page 36)

Spring 2018




Fiama Textiles Wants New Residential Business Novik, Omati partners in two South American Mills F&FI News Network


EW YORK­­—Fiama Textiles, Inc. is a mill direct resource currently selling two accounts, Crate and Barrel and Arhaus. “We work with them on exclusive products for them alone,” says Leonardo Novik, one of the two partners. The other is Thiago Omati. “We develop for them alone and then they tell manufacturers to buy their fabrics from us,” he explains. Fiama has been selling direct for over two years and is looking to expand with a third customer in the residential market according to Novik who runs the ‘Fil Doux’ brand for hospitality/contract and ‘Contract Doux’ for offices. Omati

Thiago Omati

is responsible for Fiama brand for the residential business. “The residential fabrics pass 40,000 to 75,000 double rubs so the same fabrics are used for the contract market,” Novik says. “We are selling direct since 2015 and before that we were selling to other jobbers/distributors but we stopped doing that in order to go to the customer direct.” Fiama has offices and a 6,000 square foot warehouse in Greensboro, North Carolina. Coley Colet is the design director based in New York. “We are dedicated to our two customers right now,” Novik continues, but we always try to be different. Our two plants are in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil and Santiago, Chile. Thiago’s family and my family are 50/50 partners/ owners of each mill which are completely vertical. We make the yarn, dye, weave and finish on site so we can control all of the manufacturing process. “We are big in Brazil where we have printing, finishing and 70 jacquard looms with two finishing lines and three printing machines. We produce linen, cotton, polyester, rayon, boucle, and chenille,” Novik says. “The Brazil based mill focuses on woven and printed fabrics. Chile focuses on linen woven and poly/ cotton yarns. We are flexible, we do a lot of small production of really

high end product.” Novik says he offers “fourweek delivery from the warehouse if not earlier.” F&FI

Leonardo Novik

French Editeurs See Growth in Custom Fabrics With No Interest In Off the Shelf Curtain Panel, Readymade Business By Gerard Poirot


ARIS—French wholesalers including Pierre Frey, Thereon, Créations Métaphores and Nobilis Fontan are committed to selling custom fabrics from European suppliers and Indian made embroideries with the view that off the shelf curtain panels are products better left to retailers like IKEA. In fact, these French editeurs see a continued expansion of their business in Europe and North America in the custom fabrics area. However, the overall size of the custom fabric market “has most probably been reduced over the last 10 years due to the 2008 economic crisis and changing consumer behavior for buying curtains and wall paneling,” according to Norman Halard, Managing


Director of Nobilis, Halard says the retail business remains fragile while the contract business is growing. “Nobilis tried a decade ago to sell readymade panels/curtains, with little success.” Halard believes that a fab-

Patrick Frey of Pierre Frey

rics editeur does not belong to that business. “Pricewise, an editeur will never be as competitive as a mass market retailer and never has the right dimensions of readymade curtains since standard sizes vary in many countries.” He believes in promoting state-of-the-art textiles dedicated to custom-made curtains/panels and upholstery to meet Nobilis customers’ special requirements. In general, Nobilis is focusing on its core business: high end fabrics and wallpaper while looking at opportunities for acquisitions and extending its furniture and home accessories line. The Nobilis 2018 fabric collection blends printed and embroidered raw silks, curtains with bold and contemporary patterns, and oversized upholstery designs.

Caroline Dumiel (Créations Métaphores)

Nobilis has a new classical collection, matte and precious as well as a wide wallcovering program in a previously unseen style. Patterns are revealed by Norman Halard (Nobilis) transparen-

cy with playing on smooth or fibrous grounds; shell, raffia and straw are interlaced in crafty and rare weavings. Just like Pierre Frey, Nobilis has dedicated one staff member to manage its presence on social networks. An analysis recently conducted by Kim Przybyla, a Parisbased social network consultant, concluded that Pierre Frey is leading with more than 20,000 Facebook subscribers and 101,000 (continued on Page 36)

Spring 2018



Regal Expands Business, Builds 94,000 square Foot Warehouse

Hello Eric , Hope you are recovering well and will be running around soon! From left to rightSimrat Kaur (daughter) , Gurvinder Singh , Sunny Manchanda, Nimrat Kaur (daughter) , Ramanjit Kaur (my wife). See you during proposte! Best Gurvinder

Dear Eric: I appreciate your interest in Regal. The company is doing just great. Business is continuing to grow. It’s probably a little early to write about the warehouse. It’s still fairly early in construction. The foundation is finished and the steel beams are starting to be erected, although the severe cold might delay things a few more weeks. The pictures I have are only of a construction site. In the spring, the structure will be up and that might Steve Kahan, Regal Fabrics be a better time to see it. It’s going to be a good sized building - 94,000 square feet. The main purpose is to support our continuing growth. Our primary business hasn’t changed. We focus on upholstery fabrics for residential upholstery. Customers are furniture manufacturers and jobbers. We’ve had some nice success behind our expanded merchandising and customer service efforts the past few years. When the time’s right, we can certainly fill in with whatever information you need to support the news about the building. (Note: Regal has a permanent showroom at the Textile Tower in High Point, NC and is a regular exhibitor at Showtime USA) Happy New Year and Best Regards, Steve Kahan, Principal Regal Fabrics, Middleton, MA. (USA)

D’Decor Wins Well wishes from Five Export Arthur Sager Awards Dear Eric: I only learned at Heimtextil of your mandated “detour” that had you missing the opportunity to enlighten Arthur Sager during the fair. The only good thing that came from your absence was that I got an opportunity during the press dinner to learn interesting things from a delightful Brazilian born, Prague dweller about her architect background and now profitable blogging career. Much better than two “seniors” talking about mixing medical issues with their business activities! Seriously, recent medical issues I am told are now behind you and you are on the road back. Sorry that you had to go through it but you should be grateful that we have these medical solutions today to enable us to live relatively normal lives. I wish you continued good news and a return to full participation in all that you do. ~Arthur Sager, President Quantum Strategies Inc.

MUMBAI—D’Decor Exports Pvt Ltd, a division of D’Decor Group has won best overall export performance in the category of man-made embroidered and value-added textiles (gold) and second best overall export performance in the category of synthetic and rayon filament fabrics (silver). D’Decor Home Fabrics Pvt Ltd., the sister division won best overall export performance in the category of synthetic and rayon filament fabrics (gold), best overall export performance in blended fabrics of synthetic and natural fibers (gold) and second best overall export performance in fabrics based made-Ups (silver). The awards were presented by the Synthetic & Rayon Textiles Export Promotion Council India. The Council is engaged in promoting synthetic fiber and textiles export from India to overseas markets. Since 1999, D’Decor Group has been a manufacturer of curtain, upholstery, bed Linen, readymade curtains, cushions, blinds and wallpaper. The company exports to all major destinations in overseas markets and is recognized by Fabrics & Furnishings International as the largest mill in the world by dollar volume. F&FI

Dear Eric: Hope you are feeling better. The VFF Gang wishes you a speedy recovery! (Note) This picture was taken in 2015. That’s Eric on the right with Michael Dobin (top step); Diane on the left and Judy right front; Ahmet Sapmaz on the front left.

Valley Forge Friends At Heimtextil 2015: Valley Forge CoPresidents Diana Dobin and brother Michael Dobin (top row); Ahmet Sapmaz, Viice President, Sourcing with Allie Dobin, the fifth and final member of the Dobin clan to join the company with her mom Judy, a co-founder of Valley Forge Inc., with her husband Dan (not shown) Holding the foot is Alyssa Weiss - director of special projects. Also pictured is Catherine Pauciello Senior Director, Design & Sales


Editors Note: Publisher Eric Schneider and his new friend recover from heart surgery together. in December. The friend was introduced to Schneider by Mark Kresel of Baltimore, MD. Schneider is working on recovery and says he’ll be supercharged version of his old self in a matter of weeks.

Spring 2018


Spring 2018

n 29

— Erdogan Peker, Brand Representative


oyteks has developed new products specially for the American market. “As a result, we even took professional pictures of the new products with attention paid to the details of the fabrics,” says Erdogan Peker, Boyteks Brand Manager. “We promoted these pictures in Fabrics and Furnishings International and in order to have an effective impact we

used the facing page format, or a spread as an advertisement. The product line which we specially produced for America was shown in Fabrics & Furnishings because it’s a magazine that is also specialized in the American market.” “Our aim was to reach this market in the shortest time and we did! In a very short time we got positive feedback from our advertisements. During the

Showtime fair in High Point, North Carolina, prospects came to our stand holding Fabrics and Furnishings in their hands, showing us our advertisement and saying that they wanted to see these same products.” “We saw that our newly developed products reached the target audience in such a short time. This proved that we had chosen the right magazine. This made us very happy!”

For marketing information contact Michael Schneider +1 212-404-6936 •


Stephen Levine Named Creative Director Of The Robert Allen Duralee Group™


AUPPAUGE, New York — The Robert Allen Duralee Group™ has Named Stephen Levine Creative Director, overseeing the Robert Allen, Beacon Hill, Duralee and DF Monogram brands. Stephen will be responsible for leading the company’s efforts in developing, managing and maintaining The RAD Group residential product lines and providing leadership and vision to drive product design in all categories, including fabric, furniture, trimmings and drapery hardware. As creative director, Levine’s

prime focus will be the development of products that preserve the differentiation and aesthetic integrity of the organization’s 12 individual brands. With an extensive product line that ranges from traditional to contemporary, the further development of consistent, brand-specific products will strengthen each brand’s presence in the marketplace. “The merger between The Robert Allen Group® and Duralee® this past spring has created a unique opportunity for the continued growth of our brands. It

was important to bring in an individual with innovative foresight, a deep understanding of the design industry and the appreciation for the stylistic nuances of each of our product lines,” said Lee Silberman, CEO of The Robert Allen Duralee Group, “Stephen is the perfect candidate for the position, and we look forward to working together to broaden our reach within the design community.” Most recently, Levine was the Senior Design Director at Frontgate, Grandin Road and Porto Forma. Previous roles include several posi-

tions at Donghia, Inc. including Director of Visual Merchandising and Design Director, for Furniture, Lighting and Accessories and the position of Creative Director at Rose Tarlow Melrose House. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida. The Robert Allen Duralee Group™ is one of the largest companies in the industry and an unparalleled resource for luxury home décor. Boasting an expansive product line—more than 45,000 SKUs of fabric, trim, decorative hardware and furniture within

multiple brands from commercial to residential—our well-merchandised collections are supported by a global network of showrooms, customer service specialists and a state-of-the-art distribution center. F&FI

Stephen Levine

Osborne & Little Celebrates 50th Anniversary at Paris Deco Off French Sales Manager Says China is Playing a Part in Sourcing In Competitive Marketplace By Gerard Poirot


ARIS—Osborne & Little belongs to “the high end editeur’s club but we manage to offer cheaper prices than our competitors, say for instance Pierre Frey, because we source some of our fabrics in China, while maintaining suppliers in Belgium, Italy and India for embroideries,” says Yannick Mayer, O&L Sales Manager in France. Mayer was interviewed by F&FI during Deco Off, the French fabric show with 90 participants. Osborne & Little chose the basement of trendy Bel Ami the left bank hotel, to entertain customers and press with champagne and canapés on

Spring 2018


the occasion of its 50th anniversary during Deco Off. Nearly all of the 2018 exhibitors showed new collections in their permanent showrooms, concentrated mainly on two neighborhoods on both banks of the Seine River, rue du Mail and Saint-Germaindes-Prés. Mayer says that wallpaper sales now account for about a third of sales in France. “Two thirds still come from fabrics, whose volume is declining, mainly because younger consumers are less interested in using fabrics for decoration. Chinese companies we work with are carefully supervised.” Mayer and her British bosses were reluctant to publicly acknowledge the Chinese sources

“because it is not generally considered glamorous and we do not want to communicate that image to the public,” she says. The Italian Riviera and the art history of Italy inspire the spring collection featured during Deco Off, with colorful printed, embroidered and woven fabrics, as well as coordinating wallpapers. Osborne & Little also partners with British Designer Matthew Williamson, whose new collection is released in the fall and was not highlighted during Deco Off. The French fashion designer Alain Lalou, with years of experience and successful sales in international markets, said that the found the Osborne & Little spring collection as interesting as many other collections shown in the Deco Off showrooms. But, he said, “It lacks innovation, missing the high-tech revolution in fabrics which could attract new consumers”. He added that he understood “it is not easy and it will take time for established editeurs to move from pure tradition and classics and challenge their customers with bold new products’. Osborne & Little distributes Designers Guild in the U.S., whose Spring collection, shown in their Right Bank rue du Mail showroom, explores the influence of muses on artists, adding new designs to its library of over 5,000 plain and tailored textures. Osborne & Little was founded in 1968 by Peter Osborne and

Antony Little. Little has since left the company and now lives in South Africa. Osborne & Little used to have its own permanent showroom in Paris, slightly off Place Furstenberg and its surrounding area where some of the leading editeurs keep their flagship stores in Paris. Osborne & Little used to be there before, but the British parent company decided to close its French subsidiary after the September 2001 crisis to manage the French market from the U.K. and subsequently shut down its

Furstenberg showroom to anticipate the Brexit consequences. Management then moved the flagship store to the small boutique of Manuel Canovas the designer of the Lorca collection for Osborne & Little) Deco Off organizers claim a total of 37,000 visitors during the last week in January, simultaneously held with Maison & Objet, the decoration exhibition at Villepinte, a remote suburban area near Charles de Gaulle airport. F&FI 33


Heimtextil Photo Gallery Heimtextil Largest Home Furnishings and Fabrics Fair on the Globe F&FI News Network

Heimtextil 2018 proved again it’s the largest home furnishings and fabric fair on the globe. However, Halls 3 and 4 were very active while Chinese goods got less attention from buyers than in previous years. Here were some of the notable attendees.

Perry Banafshe, top supplier of high-end bedding through his Los Angeles-based companies Pacific Coast, Sherry Kline Home and Austin Horn, shares a laugh with Tarandeep Singh, Alps GMMarketing while Agent Joe Romano chimes in from the background.

Zoe Zhang, GM of Hangzhou Monad Fabrics CO LTD. Her brand is Zest and her sales associate is Helen (left). She’s Normally at their stand in Hall 6.1 where we saw several major US converters working on jacquard and print programs. By chance, we reconnected at the Capri by Fraser, her favorite Frankfurt hotel. Zoe is a designer and also owns This company.

New CEO, Frank Andrew at Carole Fabrics, (center) replaces Bill Geiger; with Kathy Moreland Sr Merchandise Mgr (right of Frank) and Maria Rhinehart merchandise manager (left). Picture taken at Ravi Exports Ltd., Surat, India with Yadav Kothari owner (left) and Trishul Zade export manager of Ravi.

Dicitex Amitabh Narvankar of Dictex Furnishings Pvt. and customer Mr. Amer, owner of Yalda and Villa Armani in Kuwait.

Aznar Export Director Ana Rios and Christina Sanjuán, export area manager, work with customer Jan Svobada, director of Optimal Interior Design — Praha, Czechloslovakia.

Large workroom specializing in upholstery visiting Spanish Supplier Textil Roig of Barcelona. Left: textile agent Jarmo Loksy Oy, Albert Matarradona Reira, owner Textil Roig, Pia Maenpaa Interior Designer, Unikulma Oy and Sauli Koivisto, Purchasing Mgr Unikulma Oy, Finland.


Left to right: Mitesh Kothari Sales Director Ravi; Ravi Kothari, Director Production Ravi; Nimit Khungar, Director Super Woolens Pvt. Ltd of Panipat (Delhi); Adrian Wills, Wills Textiles LTD of Dorset UK; Trishul Zade Sr Mgr, Ravi Exports; Yadav Kumar Kothari, mng Director Ravi Exports Ltd. Ms Emiko Ishiwada, buyer for Surugaya Gofukuten, Co, Ltd, Tokyo, Japan with Mr Riccardo Walter of Como, Italy reviewing the new Giber Collection.

Marco Chen, GM OF Taiwan customer WindFlower Enterprise Co, LTD; and Lucas Chen, his colleague, enjoying a moment with Vigano’s Giusi Corti, US Sales Mgr and Davide Bianchi Area Sales Mgr.

Photos by Elaine Taylor-Gordon

Spring 2018


Heimtextil Heimtextil Photo Gallery

Levent Dogan, Chief Sales Officer, ON-EM Tekstil, Bursa, Turkey and Magdalena Bartłomiejczak, Owner, Berezzino, Plewiska, Poland

Erdoğan Peker, Corporate Communication & Brand Representative, Boyteks, Bursa, Turkey; Wayne McNeely, President, Heritage Fabrics, Concord, NC, USA; Erin Finn, Design Director, Heritage Fabrics, Concord, NC, USA; Gökçen Kîbrît, Area Sales Executive., Boyteks, Bursa, Turkey; and Yusuf Esen, Area Sales Coordinator, Boyteks, Bursa, Turkey

Steve Downend, Designer, Warwick Fabrics, Gloucestershire, UK; John Andrew Ovenstone, Director, Warwick Fabrics, Gloucestershire, UK; Ivan Vandeputte, Account Manager, Beaulieu Fabrics, Kruishoutem, Belgium; and Simon Bowler, Director, tex-style, Mansfield, Nottinghamsiure, UK

Kabir Sehgal, Director, Beekalene Fabrics, Mumbai, India; Saidi Abdelhak, General Manager, Ets. Moulay Slimane, Tangier, Morocco; and Karan Sehgal, Director, Beekalene Fabrics, Mumbai, India Anya Gomulski, Senior Textile Designer, Ashley Wilde Group, Herts, UK; Emma Brickwood, Sales Manager, Ashley Wilde Group, Herts, UK; Ujjwal Vats, General Manager Product Development & Sales, DCTEX Furnishings, Mumbai, India; Nimish Arora, Managing Director, DCTEX Furnishings, Mumbai, India; and Simon Brodin, Managing Director, Ashley Wilde Group, Herts, UK Beatrix Stevens, Sourcing Associate, Valley Forge Fabrics, Fort Lauderdale, FL; Catherine Pauciello, Director of Product Development, Valley Forge Fabrics, Fort Lauderdale, FL; and Ayça Kurtcan, VP of Sales, Rekor, Bursa, Turkey

Magdalena Jaksztowicz, Director of Product Management, Fargotex Group, Łomza, Poland; Magda Tarnowska, Supply Chain Manager, Fargotex Group, Łomża, Poland; Ewelina Staby, Fargotex Group, Łomza, Poland; Józef Kosiorek, President, Fargotex Group, Łomza, Poland; and Yavuz Acar, International Sales Director, KETS, Istanbul, Turkey

Kaya Cinoglu, Co-Owner, Marteks, Bursa, Turkey; Gabriel Warde (Andre’s Son), Warde, Beirut, Lebanon; Andre Warde, CEO, Warde, Beirut, Lebanon; and Fatih Cinoglu, Marteks, Bursa, Turkey

Jorge Risso, Director, Reina Ana Textiles, Montevideo, Uruguay; Michel Viscio, General Export Manager, STOF, Tourette, France; Benjamin Chomette, USA/Canada Sales Manager, STOF, Tourette, France; Eduardo Esrubilsky, President, Etamine, Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Jose Angel Gil, Commercial Agent, STOF, Tourette, France

Owen Puylaert, Puylaert Designs of the Time, SintNiklaas, Belgium; Elaine Puylaert, Puylaert Designs of the Time, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium; Yvan Puylaert, Executive Managing Director, Puylaert Designs of the Time, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium; and Ester Tomassini, Business Developer Decoration Division, Gierlings Velpor, Santo Tirso, Portugal

Photos by Michael Schneider

Spring 2018

n 35

F FI NE W S (continued from Page 36)

(continued from Page 26)

French Editeurs See Growth Instagram subscribers vs. 5,000 Facebook subscribers and 25,000 Instagram subscribers for Nobilis. Pierre Frey, (the Pierre Frey company founder’s grandson) insists that his house, has been “selling more, not less” custom-made fabrics, to meet its customers’ needs. Pierre Frey says it will not sell panels, and expects to continue selling high-end custom-made fabrics by the meter. Pierre Frey is considered the leading high-end fabrics editeur, with €45 million annual sales including 70 percent international revenue. “Final customers now need smaller pieces, well below the formerly accepted minimum of 300 meters,” he says. Suppliers have changed accordingly to accommodate those needs. Business customers mostly include hotels, which demand custom-made products. Hotels represent 30 percent of its worldwide business versus 70 percent for residential customers. Frey has close to 2,000 French customers. “The revenue breakdown can vary slightly depending on the occurrence of large special projects, such as the renovation of Hotel Ritz Paris, which happened in 2016. “Most of our suppliers have been our partners for years and can adapt their productions and manufacturing tools to meet

the needs of Pierre Frey.” Pierre Frey’s own fabrics production unit in the North of France manufactures nearly 70 percent of its products. Foreign suppliers, especially in Italy, can supply custom-made fabrics. “Pierre Frey does not buy in China and has no plan to do so.” Indian manufacturers, which supply almost of Pierre Frey’s embroidery, are considered excellent, precise, talented and creative. Some specific products are manufactured in Belgium (velvet) and Switzerland. “Fabrics will remain Pierre Frey’s core business,” Frey says. However, the house keeps developing by-products such as wallpaper, which the company introduced thirty years ago. It also offers custom-made carpets and wall-to-wall carpets to meet an increasing demand and, finally, pieces of furniture, whose first collection of couches was launched in 2002 and is selling especially well, Frey says. Pierre Frey’s opening of a second US showroom in Miami Design Center in October 2007 (10 years after the first one in New York) will be followed by events during Miami Design. Frey is present in Asia, but Japan remains a small market. New staff members were

recently recruited for the furniture line, but the management team is still mostly made of Frey family members (four out of six, Patrick, chief executive and his three sons). Pierre Frey was active along with other Paris-based designers in setting up Paris Deco Off, an alternative week-long event housed in the designers’ own showrooms, announced for mid-January 2018 alongside Maison & Objet Paris. A smaller Paris-based fabrics editeur, Gérard Thévenon, still has some of its fabrics manufactured by a production unit in central France. The principle says he has seen the emergence of a new market for excellent quality products at cheaper prices that can be delivered by suppliers in countries such as Poland, but not China, “since it is not competitive if you take into account transportation costs.” Thévenon believes his strategy of selling fabrics at ‘affordable’ prices ‘will be more and more popular with residential customers.” Créations Métaphores, does not see any decline in the custom fabrics market. “Business is expanding, mostly in North America and in Europe, where we recorded double digit growth,” according to Caroline

(continued from Page 20)

Bill Geiger Quietly Takes Retirement, Paves Way for Frank Andrew, New Carole President personnel by Rubinoff. Frank Andrew, the new President was most recently involved with Panalan, an engineered surfaces company in Atlanta and prior to that, he held marketing and product development positions with Black & Decker and Mohawk Carpet. Andrew has moved with his family from Atlanta to Augusta to run Carole. He was most recently attending Heimtextil in Frankfurt with his buying/design team. F&FI


Bill Geiger and his favorite Porsche

Dumiel, General Manager. Most of Créations Métaphores production is made in France. Its know-how remains quite unique for hand-feel, exclusive printing and dying techniques, interpretation and reproduction of archives from the 16th to the 19th centuries and color palettes. Créations Métaphores partnerships include Claude Cartier in Lyon (Inside Creative Store), CQ studio for the launch of their ‘Essentials’ collection; designer Pierre Marie for a limited edition collection presented in Créations Métaphores flagship showroom, Bon Marche store for a made-to-measure concept allowing customers to order their cushions from among 2,800 options. F&FI

Many Think Ken Gold is The Converter’s Converter

Gold complimented Heimtextil on its ability to move people into and out of the Fair quickly. “Hall three now has outside shopping malls, restaurants and the subways are so efficient,” he says. Gold puts in long days at Heimtextil, from 9:30 to 6 at night and then on to dinners which end at 10-11 pm. He does this for three straight days and feels he could use even more time at this important Fair. F&FI

(continued from Page 26)

Julie Morris Named VP Sales, Kravet; 29 Year Veteran Susan Lorenz to Retire Prior to joining Kravet, Julie’s previous job was Senior Vice President, Merchandising and Product Innovation at Blinds to Go in New Jersey. She was in the process of getting B2Go into the soft side of the window coverings business. She was there 19 months after a long career at Calico where she was most recently Vice President of Merchandising. Prior to that she was Vice President Cary Kravet of Stores and Operations for Calico, covering 74 plus store locations. She left Calico in 2016 after a 26-year career beginning as a buyer in 1990. F&FI

Susan Lorenz

Spring 2018




Showtime Photo Gallery

Performance and Prints Get More Attention at Showtime By John Lowe

HIGH POINT—Performance fabrics still appear to be first and foremost in popularity and most likely will remain so as increasing numbers of suppliers unveil “C6” introductions (the code name for environmentally friendly chemicals that add “performance” to fabric). There were few if any showrooms that did not feature exotic prints in eye-catching patterns and colors. Some buyers’ interests in these non-traditional prints were limited to pillows and draperies to add sparkle to rooms with traditionally colored upholstery, while others would not rule out the possibility that these fabrics will be married to upholstered furniture frames for display at the upcoming spring International Home Furnishings Market. Whatever the case, Showtime is the place where upholstered furniture manufacturers’ product stories often begin. ~John Lowe

Covington/Ethan Allen: (left) Florence Grazi, Ethan Allen; Director, Fabric & Leather Program’s, (inside left) Chari Voehl, Covington Fabric & Design, LLC; Vice President, Design, (center) Thomas Bruno, Covington; Senior Vice President, Sales, (inside right) Anne Lekow, Ethan Allen; Senior Director, Upholstery Merchandising, (right) Maggy Milford, Covington; National Account Sales Director

Keystone Weavers/Fairmont Designs: (left) Teresa Childress, Fairmont Designs, Showroom Manager, (center) Lisa Romero, Fairmont Designs, Fabric Merchandiser, (right) Reuben Lentz, Keystone Weavers, Sales Representative, Fairmont Designs is based in Cerritos, CA and has a plant in Hickory

Valdese/Taylor King: (left) Blake Millinor, Valdese Weavers, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, (center) Del Starnes, Taylor King, President/COO, (right) Patrick Shelton, Valdese Weavers, Director of Sales

44 Spring 2018


Fabrics To Go/Premier Prints: (left) Denise Teuffer, Fabrics To Go, Inc., Buyer, (right) Michael Hodges, Premier Prints, Sales Manager

Euroleather/Southern Furniture Company: (left) Giovanni Guidi, Euroleather, President/ Owner, (center) Michelle Doherr, Southern Furniture Company, Merchandising and Sales Representative, (right) Jackie Taylor, Southern Furniture Company, Merchandising and Sales Representative, Euroleather is based in Newton, NC, Southern Furniture Company is based in Conover, NC 44 Spring 2018 n


Designers Continue to Play Musical Chairs With American Jobbers Scalamandre Hires Sumitra Mattai; Thompson Taps Susan North and RAD Group Looks to Replace Alexis Audette, Now at Schumacher F&FI News Network


EW YORK­—Sumitra Mattai has been named Senior Design Director for Scalamandre Design Studio.She will be in charge of Scalamandre product development. She replaces Susan North who left Scalamandre to join Jim Thompson, The Thai Silk Company Limited as Senior Design Director. North had been at Scalamandre since July, 2014. Mattai comes to Scalamandre from Lori Weitzner Design, Inc., with over a decade of experience in the luxury home furnishings industry, according to Suzanne Alfieri, Vice President, Operations at Scalamandre. Mattai was in attendance at Heimtextil in Frankfurt, Germany this week with Louis Renzo, Principal of Scalamandre; Chad Stark, President of Scalamandre; Peyton North, design manager and Lorraine Lang, Design Director of Old World Weavers.

Mattai will begin working in the Scalamandre design studio immediately following Heimtextil. In other design developments, Alexis Audette previously with RAD/Beacon Hill left for a position at Schumacher. Her replacement will be tasked to Stephen Levine, Creative Director of RAD. F&FI

Susan North

Louis Renzo

Chad Stark

Alexis Audette

Lorraine Lang

Lori Weitzner

Klingensmith Leaves Z+R F&FI News Network


EW YORK—(USA) Robin Klingensmith, design director for Hodsoll Mckenzie and Travers brands at Zimmer + Rohde since 2015 has left the company, it was learned. Klingensmith’s tenure with Z+R predates 2015 when Erin Finn left the company in October, 2015. Finn was designing for Travers only but when she left, Klingensmith was given responsibility to design all Z+R lines out of the New York office including Travers. Several times a year, Klingensmith would visit Z+R headquarters in Germany to review her work with Andreas Zimmer, Z+R Principal and her boss. Klingensmith worked out of the New York design office for Z+R which was expanded when she joined the company. Meanwhile, the whereabouts of Aldo Noninno, Z+R Vice President in the Stamford, CT. office of Z+R is not known. He has been with Z+R for eight years, originally from his native Italy. Apparently, that office has been closed. No further details are known at this time. F&FI

Spring 2018

n 45


— Mukesh Gupta, President, Silk Crafts Inc Syosset, NY

“I have been in the home furnishings industry for over 30 years but I’ve always had anxiety about working with an American company which is owned or has strong tie-ups with overseas production. Generally, I will walk away in fear of being knocked off and then be used in the process for development and sampling. Why should I do the all of the hard work and then be knocked off by an overseas company?

I’ve developed this attitude due to several back-to-back bad experiences over the years.

prompted to call the principal decision maker to understand the project and the game plan.

Recently, I was forced to change my mind, after seeing several full page advertisements in Fabrics & Furnishing International.

I am glad I did so. It seems we have a program from that advertiser which could be very meaningful and fruitful for us.

I changed my mind because the company I avoided made such beautiful products! By showcasing their products in such a prestigious industry magazine, I was

I am glad I saw the ads and acted on it! Thanks are due to Fabrics & Furnishings International.

For marketing information contact Michael Schneider +1 212-404-6936 • 48

Spring 2018



Richard Smith Says Thieves Stole Artwork From Three Companies at Heimtextil But Messe Frankfurt Recommends Hiring Security lished Messe Frankfurt’s Operation & Security Center, (OSC) including RANKFURT—Theft of intel- a hospital ward for first aid, a fire lectual property reared its ugly department and a police station.” “We will continue to do our head at this past Heimtextil January best to observe and improve overall 9-12 in Hall 4.2. Italian mill Vincenzo Molteni, security and hope that the exhibiRichard Smith Textile Services tors also do their part and not leave (UK) and The French company valuable items unattended and that Theony, at stand F41 were the vic- they take advantage of hiring stand security if possible or report anytims of theft. “I’m very sorry that a paper thing suspicious.   “Preventing theft of commercial design was taken from the wall of the exhibitor’s booth,” says intellectual property is hard enough Thimo Schwenzfeier, Director today with quick pictures and cut of Marketing Communications, and paste technology,” Smith says. “Thankfully I have a scanned copy Messe Frankfurt. “Our exhibitions grounds con- of the 1952 Archive that went misssist of 366,000 square meters of ing.” “Perhaps might hall area, 96,000 square meters of outdoor areas and 90 congress and also re-consider their duty or care conference halls. It is like a city more if they knew their exhibitors within a city including all required might not spend their money with infrastructure. As in a regular city, them in the future because theft there is a wide variety of people is becoming more commonplace,” from many countries spread out he says. Smith also says he “was unhappy over a large area – for an event like Heimtextil sometimes more than with the security cover out of hours on Sunday evening in Hall 4.2 and 100.000.” “There are security patrols the irony was not lost on me of seeduring events and cameras ing Heimtextil security personnel observing the venue, according to only patrolling the Hall in numSchwenzfeier. “Also, before and bers on the show’s last afternoon after the official event times, there (Monday, January 12) to ensure are increased spot checks of indi- exhibitors did not dismantle early!” “We chose not to hire security viduals and vehicles on the exhibito sit on our booth overnight. Costs tion grounds.” However, Schwenzfeier recom- are difficult to recoup as it is,” mends hiring stand security, espe- Smith adds. “I can put the expericially during the build-up days as ence down to bad luck this time but there is a lot of extra traffic going in as I am aware that my Italian Mill Vincenzo Molteni had a full length and out of the halls. “To keep control and care for of one of his prototype weave blansecurity during trade shows and kets stolen from his booth in 4.0 exhibitions, we have also estab- and a fellow French exhibitor in hall 4.2 had a theft too.” “I was there (at Heimtextil) all week but felt that I should stay close by my Archive booth E43 in Hall 4.2 after a  regrettable (costly?) incident over the Sunday evening January 11, the third day of the Exhibition,” he says. “Regrettably we had an archive point paper design taken from the wall of our booth overnight!” “Here is the picture of my missing Archive article WB106. Date 1952. This textile point paper had approximately 75 man hours in it when drawn up and then it was read prior to punched loom Sandrine de la Simone of France had cards weaving the furnishartwork stolen, 4.2 E43 ing fabric. It contained F&FI News Network


Spring 2018


Richard Smith

This design was stolen from Richard Smith Textiles at Heimtextil 2018 approximately two million binary dots/squares to read!” “This era of jacquard design employed high quality craftspeople. Their  masterpieces of work didn’t involve a single bit of the copy, click, cut and paste high speed technology of today!! I’m not a luddite and think that no industry cried out more for an electronic and digital revolution.” Smith says he filed a report to the Heimtextil people and the Police but “the original is gone! Well when I say that …. half the original is gone! Yes, the piece has two parts and only half was taken!” F&FI


Contract/HospitalityNews C/HNEWS I Producers Say Vegetable Dyed Fabrics Made of COEX® Offer Fire Proof Protection New Products Shown at Heimtextil and Déco Off 2018 F&FI News Network


Italy — COEX®, reportedly the first and only fully fireproof fiber of vegetable origin, is increasing its presence at iinternational trade fairs in Europe, namely Heimtextil 2018 for the third year. In Frankfurt, publishers Alessandro Bini | Tessuti d’Italia, Gunther Maasberg and Torri Lana and the creators Vagatex, Tendaggi Paradiso, Casalegno, Lodetex and HispanoTex have chosen COEX® for some of their new interior fabric collections. Some of the new features are the four Maasberg collections: Simona, Mariam, Andrea and Veronica, all made of COEX® 100% cotton with different weights, from 63 to 359 gr per square meter with colors ranging from five to 20 per collection, to meet any interior decoration ilan,

need, from curtains to seat lining and upholstery. New cotton and linen collections for seats and upholstery also by Alessandro Bini | Tessuti d’Italia, offer 50 colors ranging from the softest nuances to bolder tones, plus a collection of made of COEX® 100% linen curtains. Finally, Venere is the name of the new line of curtains by Casalegno, made of COEX® Alessandro Bini and his son 100% linen, it is available in four Nicolò | Tessuti d’Italia natural colors and two finishes COEX® is also the only fully (smooth and soft). The textile company from fireproof fiber in the world,” Florence, Alessandro Bini | the producers say. “It does not Tessuti d’Italia, was also the burn, does not leak, does not release harmful fumes, such as special partner at Déco Off. “The softness of the made dioxin, and is resistant to the of COEX® fabric is reportedly highest temperatures and can unique in the world. In addi- be dry-washed or washed with tion to the extraordinary com- water in any type of washing fort and invaluable aesthetic of machine or industrial machine, a fabric such as linen or cotton, without any problems.”

C/HNEWS I CDI, Valley Forge Offer One Stop Drapery/Roller Shade Installation CEO Mikey Dobin expects to improve industry standard from existing 4-6 week delivery F&FI News Network


Lauderdale, Florida — Valley Forge Fabrics expects to raise the bar on faster delivery of finished window treatments to the hotel industry according to Mikey Dobin, CEO. With the Valley Forge Fabrics acquisition of CDI (Contract Décor International), the newly developed company – CDI, a Valley Forge Company, the company is following through on a promise to his customers to be a one-stop shopping mecca ort


for window treatments, roller shades, and COM drapery installation. “Valley Forge Fabrics has a precision process flow in place and CDI has a team with incredible knowledge and experience in the window”,” Dobin points out. Michael Handler, who purchased CDI from his father Larry, is now General Manager and a partner in the new ownership of the 120 employee company (Brockton, MA) with (continued on Page 54)

Mike and Diana Dobin

Gabriele Verniani | Vagatex COEX® is the result of years of study and research by the Italian companies. Zanolo Spa

Luca Farhanghi | Lodetex and Torcitura Padana Spa, which have been operating in the textile (continued on Page 52)

C/HNEWS I Patty Wilson Named Covington VP Contract F&FI News Network


EW YORK—Patty Wilson has been named Vice President of Contract Sales Covington Fabrics & Design LLC. She took the position that was previously held by Craig Shirk who passed unexpectedly last year. Patty joined Covington in February, 2017 as Contract Sales director and at the end of November was promoted to her new position. She now reports directly Patty Wilson to Tom Bruno, Senior Vice President. Patty has been in the industry for over 20 years. She started on the residential side of the business and then transitioned into contract sales while working at Bel Air, a French voile drapery producer. After Bel Air she went to Applied Textiles selling their lab services and fabric processing.  F&FI

Spring 2018



C/HNEWS I Rizzy Hospitality Formed to Sell Indoor and Outdoor Rugs, Bedding Jay Dash International to lead charge in US Market F&FI News Network


EW YORK—Rizzy Home, based in Calhoun, Georgia and Delhi, India is throwing its hat in the contract ring with a line of better quality machine made rugs in polypropylene, polyester and wool that will be exported to the USA from Delhi and stocked in Calhoun. He anticipates doing $18-$20 million in sales by 2020. Steve Roan is handling sales in North and South America with assistance from Jay Dash International’s hospitality network. Pillow, drapery and top of bed

will also be part of the new Rizzy Hospitality program according to Rizwan Ansari, principal. And his brother Shamsu who is a textile specialist. Metallic and pearl printing of pillows and top of bed is available, he says. Private label is available. “We are a one stop rug shop with fully vertical handmade, tufting and knotted machine made varieties.” Machine

made rugs are produced in Kashipur in Northeast India. The rugs feature an FR backing, Ansari points out. “The polypropylene rugs are geared for outdoor use while the wool rugs are for interior use in hotels,” he says. “We can produce up to 15x25 common area rugs for hotels in any design and any color. Custom work takes 90-120 days,” he says.

“We are working on dozens of hotel projects in Dubai today and have a thriving hospitality business in India. American and European design firms are doing the specifying of hotel projects in Dubai as we head into the World’s Fair there in 2020. Over 200 new hotels will be built by then.” Rizwan Ansari joined his father’s company in 1971 after being a yarn

specialist in India. His father became a weaver n 1970 under the name Bhadohi. Rizwan started his new life selling rugs to the Italians and later he made and sold furniture to European and German buyers. Rizwan established his own separate company with Shamsu in 2004 in Delhi and made only handmade rugs until 2007 when he diversified into machine made. F&FI

Steve Roan, Rizwan Ansari and Jay Dash

Alison Goldman Named VP Sourcing, Fabric Innovations F&FI News Network


IAMI, FL—Alison Goldman has been named Vice President of Sourcing at Fabric Innovations, a hospitality bedding, drapery and fabric jobber here. She reports to Deborah Herman, President and Principal. She was previously the Vice President of Marketing & Design for Zavi Textiles since 2015. Zavi is a hospitality textile company specializing in decorative fabrics for hotels and restaurants. Goldman managed an independent sales force of 20 sales representatives for that company and worked with key hotel accounts. Prior to that, she was Director of Valtekz, a Valley Forge Company from 2008 to 2011 where she managed all aspects of that business. She was also Sales Director & Artist Liaison for Bespoke Global from 2011 to 2015, where she managed the efforts of 200 artists. Goldman was with Valley Forge as Director of Product Development from 1996 to 2008. She is a 1996 graduate of Florida International University with a BA in Fine Arts. F&FI

Spring 2018

n 51


(continued from Page 50)

Producers Say Vegetable Dyed Fabrics Made of COEX® Offer Fire Proof Protection industry for fifty years. It is the only natural fireproof fiber in the world and can also be made in total white, ensuring stability and performance that remains unchanged over time, thanks to a natural and simple regeneration system, the produces say.

“COEX® offers enormous advantages, not only in terms of fire protection, but also in terms of eco-sustainability and Green certification thanks to its natural prop-

erties linked to its cellulose-based composition, making it biodegradable to the point of being potentially compostable.” F&FI

Ludovico Casalegno | Casalegno

Gunther Maasberg

Vagatex Heimtextil

Bini Heimtextil


Casalegno Tendaggi

Maasberg ©maasberg gmbh

Coex Maasberg Heimtextil

Enduratex Launches LeatherPlus Engineered Leather F&FI News Network


ORONA, CA — Enduratex, a provider of performance upholstery fabrics, has offered an engineered leather composite fabric that is different from bonded leather and priced competitively versus a leather hyde.


LeatherPlus™ is reportedly an earth-friendly, leather-derived and upcycled leather collection of 13 sku’s initially but other grains and colors are expected,” says Eric Petersen Director of Marketing & Sales for Enduratex. “The process of upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the

transformation of by-products, waste materials and unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for environmental value,” he says. The intended targets for LeatherPlus are: automotive, hospitality, senior living, marine and transportation according to

Petersen. “LeatherPlus is 75 percent real leather and the entire construction has leather in it, not just the backing. LeatherPlus is competitively priced to leather and will wear better than some types of leather. Also, the yield (continued on Page 54)

Eric Petersen

Spring 2018



Spring 2018



(continued from Page 50)

C/HNEWS I CDI, Valley Forge Offer One Stop Drapery/Roller Shade Installation Valley Forge. The goal of Diana and Mikey Dobin, as well as Mike Handler, is to offer finished window treatments to be delivered even faster than the industry standard of four to six weeks from receipt of fabric delivery and measurements. “Our customers wanted us to do this,” Mikey explains. “We want to be

able to offer the best experience to our customers in the market for installation of window coverings,” Diana, who is very passionate about the project, explains “We have prepared ourselves internally for the past 18 months with the necessary process to make this work and be totally responsible.” Both Dobins say that fabricators

have also always gone direct to the customer for window treatment business so that is nothing new either. “We’ve sold roller shades these last three years and worked with other fabricators with fabrics for draperies. “Cut and sew, coupled with installation, is the central issue for timing and price and we have found a great way

to control both with this acquisition,” they said. Dobin says that Valley Forge is flattening the supply chain with the purchase and offering one level of accountability to the hotel customer for window treatments. Previously, the industry practice was for either the fabric company or the workroom

to finger point at each other when problems arose Now, purchasing companies, hotels, and designers with have one responsible party. As far as critics who say that other converters will not do business with CDI under the new ownership, Dobin is surprised and has already spoken to many friendly fabric competitors. “Today, CDI receives the order from a purchaser and is sent COM to make window treatments. Our fabric competitors shipped to CDI in the past, and that will not change per our mutual customers’ requests.” Per Mike Handler – “It is business as usual at CDI, a Valley Forge Company – we have and will always accept COM. That COM will come from any company that our customers choose, and we will be happy to work with it.” F&FI

(continued from Page 52)

Enduratex for LeatherPlus is much greater since you lose 30 percent with real leather. This makes the total price per project much better since there is virtually no waste.” Bonded leather, a less expensive alternative to LeatherPlus, with significantly less leather content, peaked in the residential furniture industry several years ago. Additionally, Bonded leather is NOT a performance textile,” added Petersen. Enduratex sells through other hospitality jobbers in the USA through its own warehouses in Lebanon, TN and La Mirada, CA. Its parent company, China General Plastics Corporation is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. China General Plastics Corporation of America, or Enduratex, is part of U.S.I., a $2.3 billion publicly traded company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. F&FI



Spring 2018



Zhongwang Pulls Plug on European Division Z-Wovens Europe Fails to Reach Initial Goals F&FI News Network


RUSSELS, BELGIUM—After four months on the market, Z-Wovens Europe has ceased operations under Guy Parmentier due to the high cost of developing new designs for the European market in the face of disappointing orders. The first collection was launched in Brussels at the MoOD 2017 exhibition in September. Z-Wovens Europe has a substantial stand at this fair. Z-Wovens Europe, is a subsidiary of Zhongwang Holding Group of Hangzhou China. It originally established itself in Europe under the direction of Guy Parmentier, a well-known export specialist and consultant based in Europe but this relationship has ended. It is understood that initial sales were in the $160,000 range with more to come according to Parmentier. Based on the successful concept of Z-Wovens USA, the European version of Z-Wovens initially targeted the major Europe based importers, distributors as well as some large manufacturers offering woven collections with European style handwriting, ZW principals thought it could build a European version of the US operation.

Zhongwang (ZW) is one of the larger upholstery mills in China with sales in excess of $25 million under the ownership and leadership of principal Yang Lin Shan and his daughter Rena. Rena did not comment on the status of the Z-Wovens Europe project. In 2006, Yang Lin Shan adopted the finishing and weaving

techniques of Quaker Fabrics in a Hangzhou finishing plant when the two companies were working together in a joint venture. Zhongwang prospered and started a US division in 2010 and established Z-Wovens Europe this past March. While Quaker ultimately went bankrupt, Zhongwang has thrived

and is an important resource today for many American upholstery manufacturers and counterpart companies based in China. ZW is a mill that specializes in woven residential upholstery fabrics mainly with polyester and acrylic yarns. F&FI Guy Parmentier

Rena Yang and Yang Lin Shan

MoOD Sold to Easyfairs F&FI News Network


RUSSELS—Easyfairs, a Brussels based trade show organizer has purchased MoOD, the annual decorative fabrics, window covering, upholstery and wall covering exhibition from Textirama. The current management headed by Patrick Geysels will continue to manage MoOD under the new ownership. The next MoOD is September 11-13 at the Tour and Taxi Center. F&FI

Spring 2018

n 55


Craft & Tech Pull the Reigns


By Jennifer Castoldi

The studio behind the staging of the 2018 Heimtextil Theme Park, FranklinTill, writes, “There is burgeoning demand for learning experiences that show people how to create and make, from weekend workshops led by craftspeople to apprenticeships to online videos made by fellow enthusiasts.” Trade shows are expanding their do-it-yourself offerings and manufacturers are producing ranges developed through co-creation. Transparency, smaller runs, and community-led designs are shifting the traditional models of doing business.

ndigo dyes and Shibori are undoubtedly one of the largest continuing trends and ever-growing design directions seen at the winter exhibitions. From Lola Lely’s hands-on atelier at Heimtextil to the DIY trends at Creativeworld and high-end firms exhibiting at Maison&Objet, these hyped tie-dye looks are spreading even further.


here has been a backlash against surplus mass production and a simultaneous renewed appreciation for skill and artistry. At Heimtextil a number of larger companies were showing collections with a strong craft feel of slowness and imperfection, plus the use of indigo-like blues, as seen with Christy England and Kas.


extile waste has been a growing concern for the environment. Companies can now donate their offcuts to a number of creatives who will use the scraps to produce rugs, wall-hangings, and other home fashion products. The Bristol Weaving Mill led the production of a collaborative tapestry weaving project, before and after images seen here, and Creativeworld showcased how hobbyists can also participate in the trend.


Spring 2018




eep, bold colors are popping up all over a number of materials such as HP digitally printed eco leather boasting prints from Elli Popp, and acoustic upholstery textiles by Pongs decorated with patterns from ATADesigns. Double-sided digitally printed viscose/linen blends at Standfast & Barracks feature intricate designs from recent graduate Chloe Nalwoga. The cosmos, biophilia, and heritage paisleys influence today’s contemporary surface designs.


ontract ready textiles were spotlighted on a new platform at Heimtextil in Hall 4.2. Trevira had a showcase of its network of spinners, twisters, texturizers, dyers, and printers, focusing on innovation and technical textiles that are sustainable, flame retardant, and OEKA-TEX labeled. Ege rolled out an enormous customized carpet to demonstrate its advanced manufacturing technology and customized soft floorcoverings, which can be turned around and shipped in less than three weeks.

Spring 2018


Jennifer Castoldi is the CEO and Chief Creative Director of Trendease International. Since 2004, Trendease has been providing cutting-edge and competitive design information to readers and clients spanning over 170 countries. Trendease is an influential resource reporting on global trends and key international design events. Hundreds of images and forwardthinking articles are presented on each month, additionally videos and podcasts are available on www.Trendease.TV. 57





March 5-8 Sea Trade Cruise Global Show

May 2-4 Proposte

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Villa Erba, Cernobbio, Como Italy

March 19-22 New York Home Fashions Market

May 2-4 HD Expo

March 26-28 INDEX, International Interior Design Exhibition 27th edition of INDEX will be held in Dubai, World Trade Center. INDEX Design Series 2017 covers design, upgrade of residential, retail, and hospitality spaces in the Middle East.

April April 4-5 BDWest

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

May 20-22 Surtex Jacob K. Javits Convention Center New York, New Yrok

June June 3-6 ITMA Showtime-High Point, NC June 27-29 Heimtextil India Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Los Angeles Convention Center

April 24-28 Evteks CNR Expo Center, Istanbul, Turkey

Boyteks. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-11 Covington. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 D’Decor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-7 Dicitex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 Express Air Freight. . . . . . . . 54

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URSA, TURKEY—Levent Dogan, joined On-Em January 1 as the head of the contract, transportation and high end (Editeur) division. These represent all new markets for On-Em, a 20-yearold mill here with new management under Onur Karapinar, the second generation family owner. Dogan says he will handle these customers worldwide with his international sales team.

Anzaldi Joins CTA F&FI News Network

Keyston Bros., Atlanta, GA based fabric jobber celebrated 150 years in business recently. Here’s Mark Schechter, Senior VP and National Sales Manager with Elaine Schroeder, Senior Sales Manager and Dee Duncan, President and CEO.

ARI, Italy ­— Patrizia Anzaldi has been named Export Manager at Centro Tendaggi Arredamento srl (CTA) in Bari, Italy with an office in Milan. She previously held a similar position at Giber for seven years. In her new position, Anzaldi will be working closely with Roberta Marzo, Sales and Marketing Manager for the 80-year old company. Roberta is the fourth generation of her family in the business founded by her great-grandfather. CTA,  Italian editeurs, based in Bari, began exporting outside of Italy three years ago specializing in cut lengths. Prices reportedly run from 5€ for plain voile to 70€ for silk drapery in double width. F&FI

GM Fabrics. . . . . . . . . . . . 18-19 Gebruder Munzert. . . . . . . . . 23 J. Queen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37-41 Kravet. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Magitex Decor. . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 MoOD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Neutex. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 ON-EM. . . . . . . . . . . Cover, 8-9 PDF Systems, Inc.. . . . . . . . . 45 Proposte. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Richloom Fabrics Group. . . . 15 Rockland Mills. . . . . . . . . . . . 2-3 Serrrano. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Softex. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 STI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Yongshun. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30-31


“We prepared a large collection in Trevira®CS for Heimtextil this year and will enlarge this collection for the Proposte time period, he explains. On-Em’s efforts are geared to showing customers better values than ever before at any price point, Dogan explains. The price of the Trevira collection averages €11 per meter and represents a new, higher level for this mill. “We are also preparing a high end collection for Editeurs


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He Leads the Charge at Higher Price Points

Keyston Hits 150!

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On-Em Enters New Markets Under Dogan

Patricia Anzaldi and Roberta Marzo

Levent Dogan

during the Como exhibition at price points of €9-10 on average.” In regards to the new transportation fabrics effort at On-Em, Dogan says they will launch the first non-velvet collection in April at a specialized show in Turkey. F&FI

Evteks Makes Fashion Statement

Changes Dates to 24-28 April, 2018, One Week Prior to Proposte in Como F&FI News Network

I Caprera

STANBUL—The 24th running of Evteks in Istanbul has new show dates of April 24-28 according to Istanbul Trade Fairs, a division of CNR Expo, the show organizer. The reason for the new dates had to do with the fact that Ramadan starts the 15th of May this year and the old show dates would have conflicted with this important holiday. Evteks was always held about two weeks after Proposte in Como, Italy but this time, Evteks will be held one week prior to Proposte May 2-4, 2018. This may give international visitors a chance to cover both events because the flight from Istanbul to Italy is only 2 hours and 35 minutes. As part of the festivities, Evteks has hired Nelly Rodi™, the international fashion trend forecaster to introduce the 2019 design trends during the Evteks Fair. By including Nelly Rodi as the keynote speaker covering fashion trends and by pre-empting the Proposte dates by one week, the Evteks Organizers are injecting a new fashion awareness to the Turkish Show that wasn’t as obvious in prior years. F&FI

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Fabrics & Furnishings Spring 2018 issue  

Fabrics & Furnishings International is the global home & contract sourcing quarterly newspaper since 1990. It covers the upholstery and curt...

Fabrics & Furnishings Spring 2018 issue  

Fabrics & Furnishings International is the global home & contract sourcing quarterly newspaper since 1990. It covers the upholstery and curt...