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Volume 28, Number 3

Summer 2018

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Shade Specialist Comfortex Rolls Out Digitally Printed Custom Made Drapery for Consumers, Designers Online Company Sees $50 Million Business in Custom Soft Window Treatments F&FI News Network


APLEWOOD, New York — After 32 years in the window shade business under the Color Lux brand, Tom Marusak, the 67 y/o founder of the $50 million plus operation,

says that Comfortex is now moving into digitally printed draperies, valences and cornices which coordinates with its own line of hard window treatments. He feels there is another $50 million in sales in the soft window treatment market, especially

if Comortex concentrates on the 65,000 plus interior designers in North America. Comfortex started to digitally print Roman shades, roller shades, cellular and pleated shade fabrics in utra violet inks five years ago using its own wide

format printers in its 180,000 square foot plant near Albany, N.Y. “The company employs 300 people and is taking on more of a design-driven culture due to its thirty-something aged employees,” says Marusak, a former

aerospace engineer with a specialty in solar architecture. Just two years ago, Comfortex started to print three different kinds of polyester basecloths in highly textured faux linen, matte and luster finished sateen and for (continued on Page 13)

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Aperture Contract Adds Motors



34 Meet

Phil Landau, COO and Mike Mondello, President, Aperture Contract at R+T Exhibition

Ilknur Omay 42 PAGE

Bob Bruijn, Owner and Holland Haag Exterior

Ilknur Omay, Microfibres CEO

Delta Peaks in US Furniture Market But Expands China 39 Business PAGE

Freeman Shen


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Summer 2018

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Shade Specialist Comfortex Rolls Out Digitally Printed Custom Made Drapery for Consumers, Designers Online . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cover Kvadrat Buys Sahco Hesslein, Its 27th Subsidiary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Oscar Reig-Plaza Joins SAMI Textiles. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Ennis Fabrics Reveals New Look. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Microtex Doubles Dallas Area Warehouse Makes Bold Move. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Larry Kravet, Design Industry Icon, Passes at 92 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Silberman Ponders How To Make More Sales Through Interior Designers. . . . . . . . . . . 16 Tom Warwick Passes, 76. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Whalen Appointed President of Pollack/Weitzner. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Revolution Announces Partnership With Savvy Giving By Design. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Stefan Lasek Joins JF Fabrics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Holland Haag Opens New Facility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Reynolds Named Valdese VP Design. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Rockland Mills Names Darren Fradin President. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Valdese Weavers Names Four Vice Presidents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Covington Further Strengthens Upholstery Lines. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 India’s Textile Industry Continues to Attract New Investments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Delta Peaks in US Furniture Market But Expands China Business. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Materialised Acquires Florence Broadhurst Design Rights. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Kucukcalik Signs Exclusive Deal With Unifi Repreve®. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39 Meet Ilknur Omay, HP Fabrics CEO, Microfibres Owner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42

Contract/HospitalityNews North America Drives Greater Volume Through Coulisse Aperture Contract Motorizing Roller Shades


Milliken Opens Showtime Showroom After Nearly 30 Year Hiatus



PDF Specializes in the Contract, Residential Fabric Industry Where Big Brand Software Can’t Compete



Eric Schneider’s 70th Birthday Bash

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Summer 2018



Kvadrat Buys Sahco Hesslein, Its 27th Subsidiary F&FI News Network


BELTOFT, Denmark — Industry watchers are very pos-

itive about Kvadrat’s acquisition of Sahco Hesslein on May 1. “Kvadrat has been very aggres-

sive in the European contract market on a high level (on top of Bautex and even JAB) and this will add the

Anders Byriel

upper market for home furnishing fabrics,” an informed source says. “This is an excellent move and Kvadrat will gain lots of prestige with this acquisition,” he adds. While Kvadrat started out in life as a European fabric editeur, it has become a global player largely due to the business strategy of Anders Byriel, the 53 year old CEO of Kvadrat. Since becoming CEO in 1998, at the age of 33, Byriel has expanded the company from a $20 million to a $200 million business with 26 subsidiaries according to an article in the Wall Street Journal published on May 31, 2017. Erling Rasmussen and Byriel’s father, Poul Byriel, are the founders of Kvadrat, and their two families continue to own and manage the company. Kvadrat acquired Sahco

Hesslein out of bankruptcy from the German Bankruptcy Court in Nuremberg. Sahco Hesslein, a German editeur with 80 employees based in Nuremberg, filed for insolvency on February 8. Kvadrat, a designer and wholesaler of contemporary styled high-end textiles for commercial and more recently for residential applications has been in business at the same location in Ebeltoft, Denmark since 1968.  F&FI

(Continued from front cover)

Shade Specialist Comfortex Rolls Out Digitally Printed Drapery Coordinates for Consumers, Designers draperies sourced from Turkish and Asian suppliers. The next step includes sheer fabrics from Turkey and FR fabrics for the contract business. These digitally printed fabrics are sold to other fabricators for drapery confection. As a result of the demand for these fabrics, Comfortex has started to print its own fabric lines of licensed and proprietary designs while color coordinating them with its lines of blinds and shades in over 800 colors. Comfortex can

even match the fabrics to paint colors if that’s what the customer wants. “Everything is color harmonized by our in-house designers which include Kate Smith, an internationally recognized colorist,” Marusak explains. Comfortex is using stationary dye sublimation printers made by Epson to give the fabrics a soft hand. Of course, it’s not just about the color and the ability to show the finished/layered ensemble

featuring a roller shade with a drapery overlay in a virtual format. Comfortex goes the next step by sending a printed sample to the designer within 24 hours. “We don’t want thousands of samples. That’s the old way of doing things,” Marusak says. “We’re having terrific results with this Color Lux program because we make it easy for the customer and the designer to color coordinate everything and see the finished result before they order,” he adds. John Fitzgerald, Vice President of Marketing is rolling out the program in the U.S. and Canada. Marusak was part of the recent R+T Fair held every three years in Stuttgart, where he was able to meet many of his dealers from around the world in the 50 countries where he does business. “The Color Lux program is for the USA and Canada initially,” he says. “There may be some opportunity to roll it out internationally.” Marusak started up Comfortex in 1986 after a stint in the construction business. Customers would complain his glass enclosed rooms were either too hot or too cold so he started to get into the hard window business to regulate

the temperature of the rooms he built. One thing led to the other.   F&FI

Tom Marusak, President of Comfortex

Oscar Reig-Plaza Joins SAMI Textiles F&FI News Network


ALLAS, Texas — Oscar Reig-Plaza has joined SAMI Textiles as Executive

Vice President of Sales, as of May 7. He was previously Vice President of Sales, western region based in Dallas for Covington Fabric & Design. He held that post since January 2008, but prior to that he held various sales posts at Covington for at least 10 years. SAMI Textiles LLC is a division of AARTHI A1 Traders, a home furnishings fabric company that is family owned and operated for more than 25 years based in Bangalore, India. SAMI specializes in yarn dyed fabrics in cotton and natural fibers.   F&FI Oscar Reig-Plaza

Summer 2018

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Ennis Fabrics Reveals New Look F&FI News Network

Larry Kravet, Design Industry Icon, Passes at 92


DMONTON, Canada — Over forty-five years after its founding, Canadian fabric distributor J. Ennis Fabrics has shortened its name to Ennis Fabrics. The new name will be accompanied by a new logo, reinforcing their commitment to customer success and simultaneously honoring their past while looking forward to the future. “Styles change, even those that are timeless,” explains company president Jim Ennis. “We simply felt it was time to revitalize our look.” “As we went through the process of looking at our brand, we sought to define who we are, and identify what sets us apart. In speaking to our team members and long-time customers, the one thing that came up time and time again was how everything we do is about making our customers more successful. This is my father’s founding legacy, and a tradition that will continue to guide us forward,” Ennis says. As part of their commitment to modernization, Ennis also says it would be introducing more online tools designed to improve the customer experience in the months to come. “Great customer service has always been the fabric of a strong client relationship,” Ennis continued. “Yet in today’s environment, clients have different expectations when it comes to service delivery. We’re committed to keeping pace with the changes facing our industry, and becoming our customers’ most valued supplier.”   F&FI

F&FI News Network


Jim Ennis

Microtex Doubles Dallas Area Warehouse, Makes Bold Move F&FI News Network


IALEAH, FL — Microtex Fabrics has purchased a 50,000 square foot warehouse in Carrollton, Texas and will move the bulk of its operations there according to Steven Barek, Principal.

Microtex, a 20-person firm, is a converter of upholstery and curtain fabric produced in China, Turkey, Italy and Brazil. His son Ethan, 25, was recently married and will live in Dallas near the warehouse. A small office will be maintained in the

Miami area to serve the local market and Steve expects to shuttle back and forth once each month to visit the Dallas facility. Microtex has operated out of its own Hialeah warehouse since its founding in 1991, so the move represents a major increase for this mid-size converter and a big bet on the Dallas location. “We picked Dallas, because it is the center of the USA, and we faced higher shipping costs going across the USA from Miami,” he explains. “Dallas is a better location to reach our customers. We expect to improve our service to our customers out of Dallas.” Microtex has had its ups and downs with the flock market but now, it is out of that category, especially since it converts a woven velvet in printed and solid colors for $5.95 to the jobber. Its latest collection of 77 sku’s is one of ten new programs this year for the jobber and manufacturer. “If you don’t pump new programs into this market every week—you can’t stay in the business,” he says.   F&FI

Remembrances of Larry Kravet I first met Larry Kravet in N.Adams, MA. at a farewell party for Mr. Durocher of the premier  home furnishing fabric printing company, Arnold Print Works. Larry’s warmth and his gentleness were obvious. It was a pleasurable moment and hard to forget. —Sidney Kohana

Hi Eric, Just to note we are sad to see that Larry Kravet, a true icon in our industry has passed away. Larry was a member of our home textile community that everyone respected. Kravet Fabrics, and the team he created is the face of our home textile industry in the United States and Internationally. The Kravet family has been at his side throughout the years to create a company that has been a leader in the home decorating community for the past 40 years. Larry and his team have always shown respect to their suppliers as well as their clients. A true sign of leadership and fairness that we all knew came from the top. Condolences to Utta, who was his lifetime partner. We all remember the cutest couple at the fairs holding hands as they searched for new looks and colours for their clients. We wish Scott, Cary and all the family the great future you all deserve as you move the Kravet group into the future. All the best, Johnny Johnny Keeton Sales Agents

Ethan and Steve Barek


ETHPAGE, NY — Larry Kravet died peacefully in his bed at home with his family by his side on Wednesday, March 7. He transformed a small, local fabric jobber into Kravet Inc. – North America’s largest integrated ‘to the trade’ wholesaler of decorative home products. He was the third generation of a now five generation family company. Brands owned by Kravet Inc. include: Kravet, Lee Jofa, Brunschwig & Fils, Groundworks and G.P.&J. Baker. Larry was born in Brooklyn, the eldest of three children. He volunteered for WWII in 1943 and served as a Navy medic on a ship in the Pacific. He graduated from LIU with a business degree in 1948 and joined what was then S. Kravet and Sons in 1949, the same year he married Utta Falkowitz. After serving his country again in the Korean War, Larry resumed his work at what became Kravet Inc. for the next 60 years. Larry was a man with many passionate interests. He loved art and nature; more specifically, the colors that are created by both human talents and non-human forces. These would often be integrated into his textile products. He loved fishing, walking in the woods and just observing the details and interactions in nature. He also loved to travel to almost anywhere. Most importantly, he was passionate about his family. He is survived by his loving wife of 68 years, Utta, his dear brother, Alvin; his devoted children, Ellen, Cary and Scott; his son-in-law Raymond Burke; his daughters-in-law Lisa and Leslie; and his five grandchildren- Sara, Daniel, Sander, Shayna and Layton. He was predeceased by his granddaughter Ariana and his sister Marilyn Chaus. Larry was also deeply loved and respected by his many nieces, nephews, friends and colleagues.

Summer 2018



Silberman Ponders How To Make More Sales Through Interior Designers; Custom Means Designer—Not Retailer! F&FI News Network


AUPPAUGE, NY — “In my parent’s generation, custom designed meant using the services of a designer while today’s generation of millennials think “custom design’ offered by the retailer is good enough,” says Lee Silberman, CEO and one of the four owners of Robert Allen Duralee Group.

Silberman, his cousin Amy Benjamin, Martin Rosenberger and Altamont Capital Partners are still the same four owners of the combined companies. He says that Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and West Elm have brainwashed the consumer into thinking that an in store sales person is the same thing as

getting an interior designer to do custom design, when they are not. As a result, the designer is losing out on the business and so is the trade showroom. Silberman maintains that fabric wholesalers must figure out what the new recipe is for attracting the customer to the interior designer for custom design. “We are losing

out to the retailer,” he says. “We have to coexist with the retailer.” “There is less and less trade only product in the showroom today. The consumer feels she can buy it online—that the product is close enough to being custom— when it’s not! By buying online or at retail, they lose the ability to

pull it all together with a custom look. Consumers think that using an interior designer is expensive when in actuality it does not have to be more expensive than using a retailer. Designers have not done a good enough job educating the consumer.” Silberman doesn’t feel he has figured out how to change the perception out there, nor do his vendors understand the gravity of the situation. “How do we get the consumer in the showroom while supporting the design community?” he asks. The Robert Allen Duralee Group (TRAD) has been able to offer its own line of upholstered furniture on several websites at retail prices—at double the designer net price—giving the designer plenty of room to compete and giving the opening to the designer. “We want to be able to give the consumer what he/she wants at a better price through the designer,” he adds. Silberman says that very few designers come to the TRAD website for anything more than the convenience of placing and following orders—less than five percent of them buy online, but email marketing is getting more designers to use the website. “Even if we assume that more designers use the website to order samples instead of the sample book, more memo samples will be ordered than ever.” On other matters, Silberman says the temporary interruption in supply is behind his company and he is optimistic about the future of the business. He expects EBITIDA will be up in 2018 over 2017 even if sales are flat. “My original thoughts about merging Duralee and Robert Allen together are panning out as we eliminated duplicate overhead allowing us to move forward with our strategy. Without the merger it would have been more difficult,” he says.   F&FI

Lee Silberman, CEO TRAD Group


Summer 2018



Inside Villa Erba, Proposte What Goes On in Como, Italy? Every May, Proposte holds a show that is second to none in terms of the quality of textile design in upholstery and decorating fabrics and the 2018 version was not disappointing to the buyers. The big trend was toward velvet in all forms, especially for the European buyer and all forms of linen and linen blends. Coralled on the way back from Proposte at 50,000 feet, Stephen Elrod, President of Lee Jofa says this year’s show was “better on the inside than the outside” in terms of what he saw. Of course, for the 100 exhibitors at Proposte and another 100 exhibitors outside, that’s a matter of opinion! —Eric Schneider

Chris-Jacob Schminnes, President of JAB, Bielefeld, Germany with Samir, the other Tazi brother and owner of PIF

Esther Lee, Designer, Designtex; Catherine Stowell, Director, Designtex; Bernd Kout, President, Gebruder Munzert and Rachelle Tenace, U.S. Sales Agent

Jo Demunster, Principal of Movantex and Bekaert Mills, Belgium with Schle Wood, Principal of Satin Mills, Bangkok, Thailand

Lance Garcy, President of P/Kaufmann Fabrics, the international converter with Annicia Durka, Design Director, Woven Product, New York with Fabrics & Furnishings International Publisher and Owner, Michael Schneider

OnEm at Villa Gastel

DFS Trading Limited’s Philip Watkin, Design Director (Nottinghamshire, UK) and Ashleigh Jane Ellis, Senior Upholstery Buyer, (Doncaster, UK) choosing designs with Susan Munns (seated) of the Art of the Loom sales agency, Lancashire, UK. The trio was spotted at the On-Em (Bursa, Turkey) location at Villa Gastel, Como during Proposte on May 3. DFS is a major upholstered furniture producer.


Tricia Guild, (extreme right) Owner of Designers Guild with colleagues Mikaela Nordvaller and Tanja Sharp, Senior Product Development Manager (center). Tricia has opened a paint store in London with her special color sense!

Laura and Francesca Cicala, second generation mill owners of Real Seta, Limatola, Italy with customer Tiziana Maria Rigoldi, Styl Art, Nebbiuno, Italy

Gustavo Denegri, the silk and IMO mill specialist from Casaerta, Italy with Saad Benjelloun, principal of Madurel, (House of Fabrics) Casablanca retailer

Valeriya Zakernmichnaya, Art Director of Unico, Moscow based wholesaler with Nabil Tasi, Principal of PIF, Casablanca mill with Alexander Lundina and Anna Mitina, also Unico

Summer 2018


Proposte Bimitex party at Studio 54 Night Club, Como, Italy Adolfo Carrara (Studio Design) in the striped jacket with supplier Casalegno Tendaggi, Torino, Italy—Maria Bottero, Export Division and Ludovico Casalegno, Principal

You’ve got to applaud Franco Nannucci and Riccardo Biagioni for throwing one of the best annual parties ever. Many high-end designers were in attendance and we understand the dancing went on to the wee hours!

Alessandro Tomassoli, Finishing Department with Ariana Pieraccini, Export Department, Bimitex, Prato, italy

Catherine Pauciello, (right) Design Director, Valley Forge Fabrics, Pompano Beach, Florida with designer Brandi Kolanz, also Valley Forge

Nelen & Delbeke laser burnout fabric Newlyweds Dexter Del Beke and beautiful wife Sandine Bayart-Delbeke of Nelen & Delbeke, Belgian mill doing laser burnouts in linen looks and 100% linen for 23 Euros and a new polypropylene outdoor fabric with soft hand, solution dyed for 10-18 Euros; pigment dyed IMO fabrics in cotton for 15 Euros.

Til Sayle, Managing Director, Design & Emotion Ltd., Eningen, Germany with friends Mariko Era, Shop Manager, Conde House Co., Ltd., Hokkaido, Japan (12 branches including Europe and USA) and Konde Chief Buyer Hinako Sano.

The Arc/Com squad: Amanda Eaton, Design Director with Marisa Pichigian, Executive VP; Jeff Layne in middle with wife Sheila and son Marc who is now the chief Poo-Bah of Arc/Com. Jeff says they are big in vinyl!

Summer 2018


Scott Kravet with Shelby Miller, designer with Lee Jofa and Danielle St. George, designer with Lee Jofa

Alicia Piazza with Antiprima and supplier Amanda Zhou, Mandatex Mill from Hangzhou, China. Mandatex sells plains from $1.50-$3.50 a yard.

Marisa Pichigian, Executive Vice President and Amanda Eaton, Vice President, Design. Arc-Com

Scott Kravet, Executive Vice President, Design, Kravet Corp., Bethpage, NY, dressed as a Star Wars character. Scott sees almost every line at Proposte and the surrounding areas, nearly 200 companies!

Lorraine Lang, Vice President, Design, Old World Weavers division of Stark Carpet, New York with Peyton North, designer, Grey Watkins division of Stark and Sumitra Mattei, Scalamandre designer

Fabio Fabbri, Principal, Linterno, Padova, Italy with Riccardo Biagioni, Bimitex owner

Carlo Sardi, Export Manager of Anteprima, a Prato, Italy based jobber with Mindy Marcus, US agent with NE Textiles

Franco Nannucci, Studio 54 Party Organizer and U.S. sales agent for Bimitex, the Prato, Italy based mill with Eric Schneider, Editor of Fabrics & Furnishings International 19


Letters to the Editor Comments on Top 28 Upholstery Fabric Buyers (Winter 2017) I assume by the list that you are only looking at US or Canada based companies of upholstered furniture because I don’t see any distributors, outdoor, contract, or RV accounts on the list. Below are 14 companies that I agree that should be on the list. La-Z-Boy, Ashley, Best, Ethan Allen, Flexsteel, Bassett, Jackson, Franklin, Klaussner, Craftmaster, Bernhardt, Jonathan Louis, Bauhaus, Palliser… It gets tricky after that. (Sherrill, Lexington, Heritage Home, Lee Industries, Schnadig, Rowe, Hooker,) may or may not buy enough total fabric to make the list. They may have a plain fabric that is broadly placed but the business tends to come in one sofa at a time.  It is really a special -order business now. It is hard to measure because they may buy at

some higher cut yard price points but the aggregate yards are small. I’m not sure about Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams anymore. I don’t think they do the volume that they once did; Again, they have become a high-end supplier. I don’t know about Universal. Their owner also owns Craftmaster so I typically think of Universal as the case goods/dining room portion of the company. I will tell you that you are missing two major companies. HM Richards is the largest supplier to Rooms to Go and is effectively owned by them. United is the largest supplier to Big Lots (a retailer) and they also have common ownership.  Note: HM Richards main merchant is Andrea Banda.  She has two people working for her. The more senior of the two is Ashley Barnett. United’s buyer is a Chris Burgett.  He was previously with Ashley. Other promotional companies

that are missing are Southern Motion, and American Furniture. Both are Tupelo, Miss. based companies who cut miles of fabric albeit mostly cheap plains and polyurethane so I’m not sure if you want them on the list. The truth is that La Z Boy and Ashley probably consume more that all others combined. Then you get into a whole other area of fully built imported furniture companies who target the dot com suppliers. Meridian Home is an example of this.  Everything is specified in China and the fully upholstered (usually some sort of KD) sofas are imported. The landscape has changed so much that is it difficult to tell who is doing the most fabric business.  I think that I have given you more questions than answers but it is very confusing out there. Name withheld on request.  


Suite 978


STYLES CHANGE… even those that are timeless.

Congratulations Hi Eric and Michael: My heart is smiling and I am full of the warmest wishes for you both on this transition of ‘passing the baton’. What a beautiful new chapter Eric to see your legacy continue and to enjoy your son and grandsons keeping the torch burning brightly. Cheers and blessings for even more successes, I couldn’t be happier for you two! Debbie McArthur, President and CEO Integral Fabrics

Dear Mr. Eric, Thank you very much for the great honor you offered us by inviting me and my fiancé to your really special birthday celebration in Como. We were really glad and privileged to be a part of this fantastic evening with your closest business colleagues and family. I know you have already many Greek friends but now you have an extra one and a loyal one too; not only for yourself, but also for your family! I will be very happy and honored to host you and your family as our guests in Athens any time you wish. I am wishing you again from my heart all the best so you will be strong & healthy to host more parties celebrating your 80th & 90th & 100th celebration! Even more!!! I remain at your disposal & see you soon. Thanks & best regards, Christos Stamatopoulos CEO, The Fabulous Group Athens, Greece

Passing the Baton Hi Eric, I am writing you from Beirut Lebanon as I am relaxing before dinner and reading the latest edition of your magazine. Congratulations on the addition of Michael to your team. You have done a wonderful job and we look forward to many more editions. I always read it cover to cover. We are celebrating 70 years in business this year and have an exciting agenda coming up. Have a great day Peter Auger President, CEO C&M Textiles


Tom Warwick Passes, 76 F&FI News Network


ELBOURNE, AUS—Tom Warwick, who was born February 11, 1942 and was the founder and Group Chairman of Warwick Fabrics Pty. Ltd, died May 8 as the result of a head injury at the age of 76. He built one of the largest decorative fabric wholesalers in the world with branches in Australia, New Zealand, UK and more recently, India. His two sons Cameron and Leighton will continue the legacy of running the $50 million plus company just two years after their father spoke to a crowd of 600 people celebrating the company’s 50th Anniversary in a Melbourne event loft. To all who knew Tom, he was a larger than life character who liked to have a good time and still work hard. Fifty two years ago, Tom was an Australian homebuilder who decided there was a better line of work to be in so he got into the vinyl coated products business for the local car and furniture industry. Little did he know at the time, but his career change would sew the seeds of an ever expanding family business with a growth rate of 10-12% a year. Cameron, 52, and his brother Leighton, 47, both Joint Managing Directors, expect the growth rate to double in sales over the next decade. Warwick is a broad line supplier and the largest fabric wholesaler in Australasia today but the competition is fierce from smaller family owned specialists in residential, contract drapery and upholstery. Warwick does 80 percent of its business in domestic Australia and 20 percent export. In the UK branch; Warwick does 70 percent of its business in the UK with 20 percent elsewhere in Europe, Africa and North America. “The USA is too competitive and we choose to focus on the other markets, especially in Europe and South Africa for growth,” Cameron says. F&FI

Tom Warwick

Summer 2018



Whalen Appointed President of Pollack/Weitzner F&FI News Network


EW YORK, NY — Pollack  / Weitzner, a high end contract and residential fabric jobber has appointed Susan Whalen as President. With more than 18 years of company service, Whalen’s career at Pollack began as Studio Manager, working with founding design director Mark Pollack. “In 2004, she shifted to the business side to work alongside me,” says CEO Rick Sullivan, “taking on additional responsibilities that led to her appointments as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in 2008.” Whalen has been credited by Sullivan for “strategizing the

ongoing success of the Pollack and Weitzner brands. She took a leading role in Pollack’s merger with Weitzner in 2011, and oversaw the expansion and modernization of the company’s warehousing and headquarters facilities in 2014.” Whalen is currently spearheading the implementation of a new computer operating system and the development of new websites. “It’s essential that our clients can access product and stock information, request samples, and even place orders, anytime and from anywhere,” Whalen explains. As President, Whalen is responsible for all Operations, Design, Sales and Marketing for both Pollack and Weitzner brands, and

Susan Whalen Rick Sullivan says he will remain in his position as CEO, acting as an ongoing advisor to Susan and her team.   F&FI

Revolution Announces Partnership With Savvy Giving By Design by Ryan Mahan


INGS MOUNTAIN, NC — Revolution Performance Fabrics has announced a partnership with Savvy Giving by Design, a non-profit organization that performs free interior decorating to families with a child facing a medical crisis. Savvy Giving was founded in 2014 by Susan Wintersteen, after a young girl in her community was diagnosed with cancer. Wanting to use her interior design skills to help the child, Susan worked with her community and multiple subcontractors to create a new bedroom that would serve as a comfortable retreat from the difficult treatment the child was about to endure.

Since then, Savvy Giving has evolved into a larger charity that has redesigned over thirty-six homes for families in similar situations. This year, they plan to establish six new local chapters across the country, with hopefully even more in the years to come through building a coalition of designers and raising awareness of their organization. Revolution Performance Fabrics first learned of Savvy Giving after the charity had purchased fabric through their online store. However, after learning more about the organization’s mission, they decided to take a more involved role. “At Revolution Fabrics we have always done our charitable giving locally in North

Carolina, but we have been interested in teaming up with a national charity that aligns with our company values,” says Revolution CEO Sean Gibbons. “Savvy Giving allows us to help people that need environmentally safe and sustainable textiles. What Susan and her affiliates are doing is truly amazing and we are so honored to be a part.” As a result of this new partnership, Revolution will be donating fabrics to all Savvy Giving by Design projects. As with all Revolution products, these fabrics will be free of environmentally hazardous perfluorinated chemicals, a point of pride for the family-owned textile mill. F&FI

Stefan Lasek Joins JF Fabrics F&FI News Network


ORONTO, CA — Stefan Lasek has been named National Sales Manager, Contract for JF Fabrics, a division of Joanne Fabrics. Prior to Lasek joining, the JF position had been vacant for about six months, it was learned.Lasek joins the company from Kravet Fabrics where he reported to Robert Duban for the past five years. Stefan will be responsible for cultivating the hospitality business in both the US and Canadian markets, according to Shelley Hovesen, Principal of Joanne Fabrics, owners of JF Contract. This includes continuing to train and retain a contract sales team in both regions, she says. He previously held sales posts with Scalamandre and F. Schumacher. He now reports to Shelley Hovesen, Principal of Joanne Fabrics in Toronto, Canada. Lasek will make his base in New York.   F&FI

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Stefan Lasek


Holland Haag Holland Haag Photo Gallery Curtain Wholesaler Holland Haag Opens New Facility By F&FI News Network

WADDINKVEEN, The Netherlands—Holland Haag opened its new modern building housing its office and warehouse in January, 2018 but the official opening took place at an open house party in April.

“The new facility is equipped with a completely new inventory, automation and machines. The production capacity has tripled in size,” says Bob Bruijn, the fourth generation family owner. The office and showroom area covers nearly 14,000 square feet and the

production area is 27,000 square feet. Holland Haag offers a complete fabrication of curtains for residential and project markets through its own workroom. Under Bruijn (who purchased all of the company shares in 1995), the company took an important strategic decision in 2005, when it stopped selling floor coverings and continued as a specialized wholesaler in curtain fabrics for the residential and commercial markets. Mrs. Agaath den Heijer is CEO since 2012. Mr. Rob Appel is the Sales Director.

Rob Appel (Sales Director of Holland Haag B.V.), Agaath den Heijer (CEO of Holland Haag B.V.) and Bob Bruijn (owner of Holland Haag B.V.)

Bob Bruijn and Ute Singer, Director Sales Export Division, Gebruder Munzert

Agaath den Heijer, CEO Holland Haag

Demonstration of the packing and conveying line from Tecnoteam S.R.L. in Cirimido, Italy

Hans Bruijn, 3rd generation Holland Haag and father of Bob Bruijn

Guests: Pascalle Vantomme - Sales manager, Muvantex; Jo de Munster - CEO, Muvantex; Emre Dirik - sales manager, DCM; Murat Egreti - CEO, Egretli; Özkan Öcalan - sales manager, Egretli; Ute Singer - Director Sales Export Division, Gebruder Munzert; Skian Mual - Agent of Gebruder Munzert; Mick Bloemers Commercial Director, Texco, and his wife, Marjan Bloemers; Evert Bonte - Agent of Bru; Brigitte Gyselinck - sales manager, Bru; and Jason Neiman - CEO, Bru


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Summer 2018

n 25

Eric’s 70th

Eric’s 70th Birthday Bash Como, Italy

Eric (Publisher Emeritus and Editor F&FI) and Michael Schneider, Publisher F&FI with Elaine Taylor-Gordon, Sales Agent, USA (center)

Patrick Geysels, Ton Merkx & Sevim Gunes, Katrien de Smet, and Jennifer Castoldi This beautiful girl is Gail Goldman, Eric Schneider’s wife who has put up with Eric for almost 20 years! This picture was taken in Positano, Italy as part of the birthday celebration! Thank you Gail for keeping me alive! —Eric

Martin Irvine, Managing Director of Warwick New Zealand, Cameron Warwick, Principal of Warwick Ltd., Melbourne based wholesaler and Eric Schneider, Editor, Fabrics & Furnishings International

Paulina Muzekari, Designer for Morgan Fabrics, Los Angeles with Darlene and Johnny Keeton (JKS Sales, Palm Air, CA, USA) and Cameron Warwick, Warwick Fabrics Ltd., Melbourne, Australia

Onur Karapinar, Principal of On-Em Upholstery, Bursa, Turkey with colleagues Cenk Tuzcu and Murat Karabulut, who recently joined On-Em as a specialist in aircraft fabrics.


Athens based Wholesaler K. Stamatapoulos Principal Christos Stamatopoulos, (brand of the Fabulous Group-left) with girlfriend; Michael Josephs, (right) Manchester, UK, Principal of Lezam Agency with Michael Gittelson, Principal of Morgan Fabrics, Los Angeles, CA; Scott Kravet, Principal, Kravet Fabrics, Bethpage, NY (standing)

Katrien De Smet, sales manager of MoOD (left) with Jennifer Castoldi, Principal of Trendease, London design forecasters with Patrick Geysels, General Manager of MoOD

Veterinarians Dr. Matthew and Dr. Julie Merriman (ends) with Bethesda based attorney Judy Feinberg and Robin Fitzgerald, Raleigh based entrepreneur, Schneider/Goldman family members.

The Cake was whipped cream and strawberries over chocolate. Chef Carlo of K Restaurant, Sheraton Como is a genius!

Dexter and Guy Parmentier (father and son agency, Ypres, Belgium) with Archie Tchernov, Moscow based Arben wholesaler

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— Darren Fradin, President Rockland Mills

“Whether I’m looking to research, prospect, or collaborate — F&FI is my go-to resource for home textile industry information. I’ve discovered new talent, learned important industry news, and developed meaningful business connections by faithfully reading and advertising in this publication.”

For marketing information contact Michael Schneider +1 212-404-6936 •


Reynolds Named Valdese VP Design Valdese Weavers Names Four Vice Presidents V F&FI News Network

ALDESE, N.C. — Valdese Weavers, has named Ann Reynolds Vice President of Design. In her new role, Reynolds will report to Chief Creative Officer Laura Levinson and oversee the styling of several product lines including Circa 1801, Valdese Weavers Residential, Dicey Fabrics and the newest performance brands, Inside Out and Sustain. Reynolds has been with the company for 24 years. For the past seven years, Reynolds served as senior creative director, and from 2003-2010 she was the creative director. In these positions, she managed a staff of designers and led the design, color and merchan-

dising of more than 250 fabrics each year. Reynolds honed her craft in the company’s design department, where she excelled in several positions from product design to new technology. She began her career with Valdese Weavers in 1994, when she was hired as a fabric designer. Reynolds is a member of WithIt, the women’s leadership organization in home furnishings, and in 2009-2010, she served on the WithIt board of directors. She graduated from North Carolina State University in 1994 with a B.S. in textile design and a minor in graphic design. Reynolds lives in Hickory, NC.   F&FI

F&FI News Network


Ann Reynolds

Rockland Mills Names Darren Fradin President Mitchell J. Brown Appointed Executive Vice President

Darren Fradin F&FI News Network


ALTIMORE, MD — Darren Fradin has been named President of Rockland Mills division of Rockland Industries, Inc, replacing his father Stanley who retired several years ago. Darren was previously Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Rockland, a manufacturer of blackout window coverings. He joined Rockland in 2010 after

holding various sales positions with Sunbury Mills, Covington Fabrics and P/Kaufmann. Mitchell J. Brown has been named Executive Vice President after joining the company in 1984. He covered the West Coast of the U.S. and Mexico as Vice President of the Western Region prior to his new post. Both report to Mark Berman, Rockland Industries CEO. “Rockland is now bringing all of its marketing within the Rockland Mills structure, uniting our window covering business with our home sewing fabric business,” Berman says. Rockland started up in 1832 and remains in family hands. It is based in Baltimore with manufacturing in Bamberg, S.C.   F&FI

ALDESE, N.C. — Valdese Weavers, has named four executives to top management posts according to Carson Copeland, chief operating officer. Ray Barnette has been promoted to Vice President of Information Systems. He formerly held the post of ERP systems development manager and director of information systems. As Vice President, Barnette will manage and direct all systems development and staff, including SAP, EDI and web development.   Barnette graduated from Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute in 1991 with an associate’s degree in computer science.  He has been an associate of Valdese Weavers for 26 years.   Roger Berrier, the former President of Unifi Yarns has been named Vice President, supply chain and procurement. This is a newly created position and covers yarn procurement only at this time. Berrier will report to Copeland. “Berrier’s extensive work in global textile yarn production and global sourcing will benefit his new role in procurement,” Copeland says. Berrier received his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from UNC-Charlotte.  He has 20 years experience in the textiles industry. Jennifer Gwynn has been named Vice President of Product Assurance. Gwynn has been employed with Valdese Weavers for 10 years and most recently served as the quality assurance manager at Valdese. Previously she

was the director of operations at the Lovelady finishing and distribution center. “Gwynn will be responsible for the quality of the Valdese product, both from an internal performance standard and from the customer’s perspective, as she works with them to ensure the product meets the technical demands for performance,” Copeland says. She has a bachelor’s in textile management from North Carolina State University and lives in Clemmons. Todd Irvin has been named vice president of logistics. Irvin has been with Valdese Weavers for 10 years serving in various roles including logistics manager, quality assurance manager, Circa director of manufacturing, and leader of the Dicey Fabrics integration into its Valdese location. In his new role, Irvin will be responsible for resource planning to satisfy customer needs. He will manage logistics and planning associates at the four Valdese Weavers facilities in Burke County. Irvin is from Union Grove, South Carolina. Valdese Weavers, a 100 percent employee-owned ESOP company, is the largest manufacturer of decorative textiles in the United States for use in residential and contract markets. The company operates four facilities in Burke County, N.C., and trades under the brand names Valdese Weavers, Valdese Weavers Contract, Circa 1801, Home Fabrics by Wesley Mancini, Valdese International Products (VIP), Dicey Fabrics and Inside Out Performance Fabrics®. F&FI

Covington Further Strengthens Upholstery Lines F&FI News Network


EW YORK — Covington is expanding existing product lines that are successful and offering couture looks at affordable prices with a 380 sku line-up at Showtime. “We’re building on the performance fabric business with a lighter color palette at $11.95 in our Easycare finish,” according to Tom Bruno, VP Sales. ‘Glam Sham,’ ‘Putting on the Glitz’ and ‘All That Glitters’ ($12.95 on average) is part of a major effort to develop metallic looks, says Chari Voehl, Vice President, Design. “This look is very hot in apparel right now,” she points out. Colors are copper, gold and silver.

Summer 2018


The Purple Reign Collection offers plum, lavender and plum colorations. Floral prints, particularly ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Massimo’ ($13.95) are doing well, she says, going into the Spring Showtime. Wet printed linens are also available at $13.95. Covington brand ‘SPF’ outdoor fabric is priced at $12.95. “We have also arranged many of our fabrics by color so the jobber can mix and match them,” Bruno adds. Covington has launched a cut velvet line in polyester/viscose and knit velvets with embroidery from $10.95-$21.95, including foil printed velvets.   F&FI

Tom Bruno, Senior VP Sales, Cheri Voehl, VP of Design and Stefanie Wotton, VP Marketing


Pretty in Pink 29

On the Road! Baris On the Road!

On the Road to Lviv, Ukraine By Baris Coskun

Baris Coskun, a Turkish Sourcing specialist took a recent trip to Lviv, Ukraine. Here’s what he saw!

Old market square, built in 16th century, listed in Unesco World Heritage

Lviv Chocolate Factory Lviv Style Coffee drank with cinnamon & lemon.

Ignacy Łukasiewicz, inventer of gas lamp and petroleum refinery.

The Boim Chapel was built from 1609 to 1615, late Renaissance building Lviv’s opera house ; is unique in that it is built on top of Poltava river.

Café Trout, Bread And Wine / 1826


Dominican church and monastery, 18th Century, late baroque style.

Lviv Candles Manufacturer

The chimney sweep fulfills your desire, if you throw a coin into his hat.

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Evteks Photo Gallery Evteks

Bob and Avi Greenfield, owners of MagitexDecor in Miami, Florida (USA) — both ends with Baris Coskun, (second from left) Turkish Sourcing specialist and Eric Schneider, (second from right) Editor of Fabrics & Furnishings International

Evren, Area Sales, Boyteks, Bursa with colleague Baris Ozcan and customer Andrzej, President of the Board, Top Textil, Krakow, Poland

Istanbul—Turkey is the bridge between Europe and Asia and the buying crowd who came to Evteks this year certainly reflected this fact. Evteks still attracts serious buyers from Russia and the Middle East but its biggest attraction is the local Turkish market and some Austral/Asian buyers. European and American buyers gravitated more to Proposte to see the European lines that were there. Of Umut Carboga, International Sales Manager, Microfibres, Cerkezkoy/Tekirdag, course, many international exhibitors showed their lines at both Evteks, Turkey with Mike Moon, President, E.F. Proposte and International Observatory, World, Seoul, Korea and Daniel Choi, President, Maison de Couture, Gyeonggi- especially the Turkish companies. For Turkish goods, there is no Do, Korea substitute for Evteks, especially for novelty sheers and better upholstery. The new Evteks dates were close to the dates of Proposte but attendees didn’t necessarily attend both fairs. It was an either/or situation for the most part. So, if you went to Evteks, you didn’t go to Proposte and vice versa. Having said that, the third photo on this page is of Mike Moon, President of E.F. World, Seoul, Korea. He went to both Fairs!! —Eric Schneider

At Aydin: (front) Hamir Merchant, Principal of Neptune House Furnishings Ltd., Ahmedabad, India and agency for Aydin in India under the name Merchants Corp.; Ali Aydin, Chairman of Aydin upholstery, Istanbul; Neel Merchant, Merchants Corp, Mumbai branch; (back row) Ibrahim Ethem EMRE and Sinan ESEN, both Aydin Regional Sales Managers At Boyteks: Davis Fabrics Team--Yevgenli Ryzhykov, Director of Apparel, a distributor of Davis Fabrics in Slovenia with colleague Natalya Lyashenko; in front, is Monika Fedor, Product Manager,also Davis in Bielsko-Biala, Poland headquarters; Bearded man is Davis’ man in Kiev, Sydorenico Dneitry; Bartlomiej Wojcik, Export Sales Director for Davis based in Poland headquarters (in red jacket) and finally, Frederic Capiau, Davis Export Manager from Polish headquarters. Davis trades over $100 million worth of fabrics each year.

Robert Zwaak, Belgium based consultant with Ramilia A. Zhafyaro va, Member of the Board, Leathertouch, St. Petersburg, Russia. Leathertouch is an expanding upholstery wholesaler with its own Russian sales office—14 in all—“we’re doing more business but profits are smaller,” she says.

Summer 2018


Rachel Paley, Fabric Designer with Westbridge Furniture Designs, Ltd., Deeside, Flintshire, UK and Mark Beacroft, MB Sales Agency UK. Says Mark: “I saw six accounts from the UK and it was definitely worth it to be at Evteks because of that fact.”

At D’Décor: Shah Aagam, Manager, Chia Cheng Chong, Chia Chee Huang, all Diva Design, Puchong, Malaysia with Sneha Gaonkar, Assistant Vice President, Business Development, D’Décor, Mumbai. (man in the background was not part of this photo)

Steven Marasco, COO, Sonata Fabrics, Victoria Australia based wholesaler; Graeme Kennish, Sonata’s Marketing & Design Manager with Hakan Yilseli, Boyteks Sales Rep for Australia; Toby Tribe, Director, Cambridge International Textiles, Victoria, Australia, agent for Boyteks and Gokcen Kibrit newly promoted Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Boyteks in Bursa. 33

Contract/HospitalityNews C/HNEWS I North America Drives Greater Volume Through Coulisse Company; Chalks Up Raid Growth of Sustainable Products

Coulisse he’d office-Enter, The Netherlands F&FI News Network


IAMI, FL — Sustainability is the new mantra at Coulisse as the company ramps up more roller shade fabric that is environmentally conscious according to Jop Vos, Managing Director, for the Americas for the Dutch company.

Jop Vos

Vos sees more applications of roller shades in concert with soft fabric window coverings in the hospitality and healthcare fields, he says. “Roller shades are being combined with blackout curtains or sheers with blackout roller blinds. Some very modern projects are specifying 100 percent roller binds.” In addition to the move towards recycled materials, mostly polyester (PET) fabrics, Coulisse is placing heavy emphasis on motorized roller shades for residential applications but Vos says this will translate into hospitality applications in the near future.

“About 25 percent of our fabrics are now recycled materials in pvc free recycled polyester and Trevira ®CS polyester woven by Coulisse in Holland,” Vos says, having just returned from the R+T Exhibition held every three years in Stuttgart, Germany. Coulisse held court at R+T from a 10,000 square foot stand complete with entertainment, a 5,000 square foot restaurant and entertainment at night over five days. Literally, thousands of customers went through the stand which featured a wall full of new sustainable roller shade fabrics. Vos, who has been in his US position for four years, says there was increasing interest from the USA in roller shades and his Coulisse’s business is expected to grow by double digits in 2018, ahead of 2017. “We were strictly a European company in the past but we are expanding rapidly in the USA, Canada, South America. “North America is getting increased support from Coulisse since Rob Boogaard became CEO of the company about one year ago in Enter, The Netherlands,” he points out.

The company wants to expand the business to something much bigger which is why the company founders brought in its first CEO. “Boogaard has a lot of experience in the US market since he worked more than 15 years for

Steelcase in Atlanta and Grand Rapids, MI,” Vos points out. “We are working to become a global player in the shade window treatment business,” Vos says. Coulisse expects to exhibit at Heimtextil 2019.   F&FI

Coulisse sustainable product wall at R+T

R+T Coulisse stand

C/HNEWS I Aperture Contract Motorizing Roller Shades F&FI News Network


EW YORK — Aperture Contract expects to lead the hospitality market in the installation of motorized roller blinds in North America according to Mike Mondello, President and Phil Landau, COO. Aperture is the one-year old roller shade division of Samelson & Company, a decorative fabrics converter. So far, it is one of the few decorative fabric converters or jobbers which has embraced the trend in a major way. “Most companies are just dabbling in roller shades,” Mondello says. “Our strength is in the types


of fabrics we put on the roller shade; it’s not typical of what others use in the corporate arena. “We don’t offer corporate looking roller shades for the hotel application. Our roller shade fabrics must meet our aesthetic for decorative fabrics. We’re talking about textured sheers, solar and blackout shades with the growing trend in digital prints,” Mondello explains. Aperture started in business with 40-50 sku’s but expects to greatly expand its offering this year and next. “We expect the use of roller shades in hotels to double next year over 2018,” Mondello says.

The pair attended the R+T Exhibition in Stuttgart for the first time this year and found it took them two days to cover three of the nine halls. R+T is considered the world´s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection. “We were interested in the roller shade fabric and hardware exhibits, Landau explains. The other halls were devoted to other types of screens and enclosures, he says. They said the R+T was a good show and well worth their time. It is held every three years in February. The next R+T Exhibition will be in 2021.

“We quickly realized that motorization is the next wave in the roller shade market from what we saw at R+T,” Landau says. “Part of this trend has to do with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and “the requirement to equip handicapped rooms with motorized shade solutions within the hotel. For every 100 rooms, there are 4-6 handicapped rooms in a hotel property.” Aside from that, many upper end properties are demanding the installation of motorized roller shade solutions, especially in Las Vegas. This is not a trend in

budget properties, however. “We have been specified by three major hotel brands so we expect to have a full complement of motorization solution depending on the size of the window and the weight of the fabric used,” Mondello says. There are many variables as to what type of motor is recommended for a window installation. He feels that Aperture will not have the cheapest mechanism because “we want to have the best at Aperture.” Aperture fabrication is made in the USA as opposed to offshore, he points out.   F&FI

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C/HNEWS I Milliken Opens Showtime Showroom After Nearly 30 Year Hiatus By John Lowe


IGH POINT, NC— Milliken Specialty Interiors is set to stage a grand opening of its new showroom at the June Showtime to mark its re-entry to the semi-annual upholstery fabric exhibition as well as to make its statement about the benefits of manufacturing responsibly with respect to the environment. Marketing Manager LeAnne Flack said the company’s decision to return to Showtime was impacted by its recent development and success of Breathe™ by Milliken, a plant-based environmentally friendly chemical that yields Milliken’s liquid-repellent, stain-resistant fabrics when combined with either natural or synthetic fibers. Breathe caught the attention of officials last year at Pottery Barn, which became Milliken’s first customer for the new product. Four Seasons, a Seagrove, NC, manufacturer of upholstered furniture and slipcovers, also joined the customer list with plans to launch at least one product featuring Breathe at High Point’s recent spring International Home Furnishings Market. There are other factors that aligned the planets for Milliken’s return to Showtime, Flack said. The company left Showtime during the 1990s, when significant numbers of manufacturers outsourced upholstery operations to China. By the time business conditions became favorable for production to return to the United States, outdoor furniture performance fabrics had gained a share of indoor furniture sales, and customers wanted more control over fabric selection for new furniture. “We were just in the residential market during the 1980s and 1990s when a lot of production began moving overseas,” Flack said. “Since then, interest in performance fabrics has spread to the commercial, hospitality and office markets, and increasing numbers of customers in all of these markets want to be able to pick out fabric for their chairs and sofas.” A manufacturer of diverse products ranging from chemicals, floor coverings and textiles to flame-retardant curtains

Summer 2018


and noise-absorbing accoustic panels for theaters and restaurants, Milliken has long been focused on conserving and recycling resources, and their efforts have led to the company’s membership in Unifi’s Sustainable Furnishings Council and being honored as a REPREVE® Champion of Sustainability. Unifi is a leading producer of multi-filament polyester, nylon textured yarns and related raw materials, and its REPREVE brand includes polyester fabric manufactured from plastic bottles. The company reportedly has produced fabric from more than 11 billion recycled plastic bottles. Company officials point to this recognition as a reflection of Milliken’s vision to manufacture at little or no expense to the environment since 1900. “Milliken’s focus on natural, recycled and easily recyclable materials is part of our overall sustainability journey to improve product design, manufacturing and sourcing practices,” said Jennifer K. Harmon, Milliken Specialty Interiors vice president. “We look forward to working closely with the Sustainable Furnishings Council and other concerned parties to build on our proud legacy of environmental stewardship and leadership.” Paul Pruitt, Milliken’s senior director of Environmental, Health, Safety and Engineering, said the Milliken company’s “sustainability policy has its roots in protecting the land” and the Milliken family “has always been passionate about the outdoors” and purchased large tracts of virgin land in several states. He recalls a story he said he was told by a recently deceased family member who had a long history with the company. “In the early 1900s, a family member clear-cut a large section of forested property, leaving a mess,” Pruitt said. “His relatives and business officials recognized the short-sightedness of his action and planted trees to replenish those that had been harvested. “The family immediately realized that this action was not a long-term sustainable solu-

tion,” Prutt said. “It was not called sustainability back then but leaving resources in good shape for future generations is the essence of sustainability. “The same type of thinking went into the manufacturing mills. A lot of work and cost went into raising cotton and getting it to a plant.  None of the resources -- cotton, energy, water, money, human capital -- are limitless.  To make the company successful for future generations, it makes good sense to utilize all of the value that can be extracted from each resource.  “Eliminating waste and recycling is a long-term view. From a business sense, less waste,  lower cost, advantage over competition is a recipe for longevity.” A century later, this viewpoint has been adopted for eco-

logical reasons. “Think globally; act locally” is a catchphrase for citizens who advocate conservation and preservation of the environment. “A yard of polyester fabric can divert six to 10 products from a landfill,” Flack said. “It really starts to add up when you’re talking about a sofa, which consists of about 30 yards of fabric. At six to 10 bottles per yard, we’re talking up to 300 bottles. Customers who really care about the environment very well might choose to purchase from companies focused on sustainability.” Milliken’s return to Showtime comes with a commitment to exhibit there indefinitely, according to Jennifer Harmon, vice president of Milliken Specialty Interiors. “Establishing a permanent presence at High Point is fur-

LeAnne Flack ther evidence of our commitment not only to expanding our presence in this important market, but to driving innovation and educating key audiences about the unique capabilities and solutions Milliken can provide,” Harmon said.   F&FI

SFC SPEAKER TO ADDRESS HOW ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRACTICES IMPACT A COMPANY’S BOTTOM LINE Ecologically friendly resources and production methods will positively impact a company’s profit along with the environment. Milliken Specialty Interiors officials say they are guided by this belief and have invited the top executive of an organization that advocates the same to address the issue at Showtime. Susan Inglis, Sustainable Furnishings Council’s executive director, is scheduled to speak on the topic “Materials Matter” at 4 p.m. Monday, June 4, at Milliken’s new showroom. Milliken’s efforts to promote ecological sustainability have led to the Spartanburg, SC based company’s recent acceptance as a member of the council. The SFC is a coalition of manufacturers, retailers and designers within the home furnishings industry dedicated to increasing corporate and consumer focus on recycling, development of ecologically safe products and the practice of environmentally friendly production. The organization’s stated mission is to raise awareness that taking care of business requires taking care of the environment, to assist companies in the adoption of green manufacturing practices and to provide a symbol Jennifer Harmon of consumer assurance to

member manufacturers. “We help individual companies reduce their environmental footprint, and we help individual consumers find environmentally safe furnishings,” Inglis said in a telephone interview. Inglis was involved with the SFC’s founding in 2006 and its incorporation in 2007 prior to becoming its executive director in 2009. A University of North Carolina graduate with a degree in Anthropology, she is founder and owner of From The Mountain, a Chapel Hill, NC, importer of yarn spun by Afghan women. She also has worked with international artisans from numerous countries to find new markets for their handcrafted products. Milliken Specialty Interiors also is one of (conntinued on Page 42)

Susan Inglis 35


C/HNEWS I PDF Specializes in the Contract, Residential Fabric Industry Where Big Brand Software Can’t Compete PDF Systems Owner Steve Hagen Identifies Software Selection Pitfalls F&FI News Network


RINCETON, New Jersey —PDF Systems has developed software specifically for companies in the fabric business according to Steve Hagen, one of the Principals. “It’s easier to respond with things that won’t change. Designers, decorators and architects will continue to demand creativity and imagination in the product. Companies that can provide these products and back up sales with smooth, efficient and mistake-free shipping and customer service will continue to flourish. We are seeing an increasing demand for ‘green’ products. “As the older generation of designers is replaced by millennials, home furnishing companies need to invest in their website and mobile applications. This new breed of designer is tech-savvy and will want to place and edit reserves, pay for orders, approve cuttings, check order status and request memo samples online and outside of working hours. Home furnishing companies that cannot meet these demands will be at a disadvantage,” Hagen maintains. “Road reps will want mobile apps that provide the ability to: add new customer accounts, check sales and sample history for existing accounts. Road reps want to place sample requests, check prices and stock status,

place books and record the location. “One specific area where we do see changes coming is in sampling. Companies that can keep memo samples in stock, quickly deliver samples on demand, provide books to key locations and keep sampling costs to a minimum have a distinct competitive advantage. New methods need to be developed to correlate sampling costs to sales specifically generated from that sampling. “There are three major changes in the software being developed for the Fabrics Industry. “We see movement away from software systems that require major investment for in-house servers, network and IT staff, because owners and management want access to their data while travelling, using standard browsers and the Internet.” “Road reps require smartphone/tablet functionality to drop books, request samples, create new customer accounts and obtain order status. “PDF’s Web-Distribution and Order-Track software are completely cloud-based and are able to run using standard browsers on PC’s, Mac’s, tablets and smartphones. It’s impressive to see an actual sales order entered on a smartphone!” In terms of new products at PDF, Hagen points to creat-

ing standard Accounts Payable and General Ledger modules. “We’ve added new Wi-Fi functionality to our Warehouse Management module.” “We are also completing an online help function and are in the process of creating an industry-specific phone app for road reps. “Companies should consider a number of costs involved with implementing an ERP/CRM system; the main four are defining your company’s requirements; because big brand software is typically not specific to our industry, this task can easily take over 1,000 hours of staff time. A significant number of these hours are spent educating the integrator/software company about the industry. Since PDF’s Software is specific to the industry and our staff understands the typical requirements, we take a small fraction of those hours to accomplish the task. “Training on BBS requires an extensive amount of staff time; because PDF’s software is industry-specific, the intuitive layout of menus and programs minimizes operator training. This is key when you experience staff turnover as new employees can be productive very quickly. “BBS typically runs on costly in-house server networks. In addition to the hardware costs, these servers will require significant support staff and/or third-party support contracts.

“PDF’s software is specifically designed to run in the cloud, eliminating these costs. BBS implementations will cost between $250,000 and $1,000,000. Add $4,000 to $8,000 for monthly support,” Hagen figures. “PDF’s software is very scalable. For a basic 2-user system the cost is as low as $400 per month. A 40-user system that includes many of our optional modules will cost approximately $3,500 per month. These fees include support.” PDF says it has nearly 40 years in the industry work-

Steve Hagan ing with over 60 companies. During this time Hagen has (continued on Page 38)

PDF Systems Software Designed for Fabric Industry F&FI News Network

PDF Systems develops Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Client Resource Management (CRM) application software for the home furnishing industries. Its first systems, developed in the 1980’s, targeted distributors of residential fabric and wallpaper. As PDF’s user base grew, it added functionality to meet the needs of companies processing primarily contract orders as well as multi-line showrooms. With the development of the Internet, PDF revolutionized the customer service function with Order-Track, a website that provides showrooms and reps with online access to orders and stock status. PDF current efforts have been in developing Web-Distribution, a cloud-based version of its application software that eliminates the need for a dedicated, in-house server, according to Steven Hagen, Principal.



Summer 2018



India’s Textile Industry Continues to Attract New Investments, Despite Economic Difficulties By Vishnawath


ANGALORE — After two subpar years interjected by demonetisation and rollout of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), India’s GDP growth is seen recuperating to a respectable 7.5% in the year 2018. However, this is still below the thirteen-year average. As the country’s growth recovers, the Indian home textile manufacturing industry continues to attract investments. “CRISIL expects the 63 firms to spend as much as Rs 3,700 crore [$552 million] to expand capacities in fiscals 2018 and 2019. That would be significant considering that Rs 4,600 crore [$686 million] has already been spent in the previous two fiscals,” noted Indian analytical firm CRISIL. However, growth in GDP needs to be understood in a wider context, particularly whether it leads to a jobless or job-creating growth. Job losses in the textile industry are serious, as layoffs and shutdowns happen regularly. In addition, the budgetary allocation for the Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) was reduced by 23%, from $390 million in 201617 to $300 million in 2017-18 to 300 million for 2017-18 from 390 million USD for 2016-17. This new budget is even lower than the one prior to 2014-15, despite TUFS being one of the key drivers for investments in the textile sector. “We are keeping our fingers crossed, as we have passed through a challenging period after demonetisation and hope our efforts to increase business succeeds,” expressed Mandeep S. Wadhwa, the managing director of New Delhi’s Seasons Furnishings Limited. By large, the retail system in India had always been a cash market, but customers now have to accept and adopt paying taxes for all purchases, and a higher sales tax has added to subdued business in this sector, he added. “But growth is a must, and since 2016 we have prioritised more on the B2B model,” said Wadhwa. “Online marketing by e-retail majors is also an irritant, as ready-to-use products such as cushions and curtains are mass-produced at low costs, and youngsters seem to prefer the convenience of buying online. This has added to acute competition, as profits are too narrow to manufacture and market,” observed Wadwha. Currently, the home textile industry is deeply concerned about the goods and service tax. All charges and taxes are exempted for exports, but taxes have to be paid as soon as the invoice is

Summer 2018


made, and the wait for refunds can be indefinite. These issues lie in the refund delivery mechanism, as refund applications are processed manually. The exporter pays a 12% tax up front, and refunds are indefinitely delayed. This blocks working capital, and borrowing from banks has never been easy. “Operating margins in the home textile industry have always been

competitive, and these delays are causing havoc. International competitors will reap the orders”, commented Amitabh Sen, a consultant for a few home textiles exporters with sixteen years’ experience in furnishing fabrics for global markets. India’s tax system is causing huge amount of working capital to be locked up, severely hurting the businesses of exporters and affect-

ing their ability to be competitive in international markets. “I will not be surprised if textile exports dip. Some stagnation is already happening, as export figures are showing a negative growth. As soon as possible, the administration should resolve this refund issue to put growth of textile exports back on recovery mode,” opined Sen. Indian banks have been hesitant to lend to the textile indus-

try, as few are in medium size, and the SME sector has not been able to service the debt. Textile major Alok Industries, a Mumbai-based textile manufacturing company with a loan default of $3.5 billion, has declared bankruptcy. “Nevertheless, home textile exporters here are capable of recovering quickly, if the GST refunds are resolved quickly,” said Amitabh Sen.  F&FI 37


(continued from Page 36)

C/HNEWS I PDF Specializes in the Contract, Residential Fabric Industry seen the impact that a great customer service team can have on sales. “Providing accurate stock status and delivery information, following up on CFA (cutting for approv-


al) and reserve orders, efficiently shipping and invoicing all translate into return sales. Our system allows owners to design and sell without having to worry about the cus-

tomer service function.” Note: CFA is short for Cutting For Approval. For high end residential textile companies like Donghia, Brunswick &  Fils and Schumacher), designers

ask for a CFA  to compare to the Memo Sample before ordering the fabric. “Most other providers force the end-user into conforming to their system. Our

systems have been specifically designed for this industry. Additionally, we understand that every account is unique and that owners will want some amount of customization. We expect this and are happy to provide custom programs. “Lastly, we handle all issues/problems directly. Nothing can be more frustrating that having to go through layers of bureaucracy to get questions answered and issues resolved. Our programmers handle all issues, directly leading to quick resolutions and better understanding of the system for the operators. “We have seen two major mistakes in selecting and retaining software systems. First, we’ve seen many owners think that bringing in large, name-brand systems will make them equally large and namebrand. Typically, these systems are not specifically designed to this industry. This means the user is forced to change how they operate in order to ‘fit’ into the application software. The package is very expensive to purchase and maintain and frequently requires a large expense in IT infrastructure. Overhead costs skyrocket and become very difficult to cover. “Second, the IT and Finance departments frequently have an inordinate amount of control over the decision-making process. The Customer Service staff is involved with all facets of operations and know what is efficient and what isn’t. As such, they are usually under-utilized in the decision-making process.”   F&FI

Summer 2018



Delta Peaks in US Furniture Market But Expands China Business The Kit and piece goods supplier says U.S. is stable market


F&FI News Network

ANGZHOU, China — Delta Textile Co., Ltd. doubled its loom count in 2017 to 40 double wide looms in order to meet the demand from the domestic Chinese market while continuing to service its customers in “a stable North American market” according to company owner Freeman Shen. Aside from the loom expansion, Shen says he is also installing a finishing line to do fabric back coating. “The Chinese domestic market for upholstery is growing fast along with the rapid growth of the Chinese middle class,” he says. He expects the US market for furniture to decline 10-15 percent in 2018, while there will be a gain in the furniture business in China. “At the same time, the market has become more competitive in Chinese export and the fabric prices keep going down,” Shen says. “However, if the US passes tariffs against China, it will drive fabric prices up,” he feels, “but this may never come to pass.”

Materialised Acquires Florence Broadhurst Design Rights F&FI News Network


EW SOUTH WALES, Australia — Materialised, a contract specialist serving the Australasian market has acquired the license to the Florence Broadhurst design archive according to Gary Price, Principal.

Freeman Shen Shen, 41, founded his company in 2005. He says he scored $79 million in sales in 2015. The US furniture industry accounts for 70 percent of Delta’s sales today but Delta also has accounts in Germany, UK, Russia and Canada. Shen says that Delta has not grown significantly since 2015. He is now setting his sights to servicing the local market from Delta’s 60,000 square foot warehouse and factory in Haining. Delta supplies open line fabrics and fabric kits to about a dozen important furniture manufacturers in the American market with prices ranging from $1.80 to $6 a yard FOB Shanghai for polyester chenilles at

Gary Price

The archive, consisting of 500 designs was the inspiration for the first collection of 10 contract upholstery designs. The next collection will feature 25 designs for wallpaper and textiles for both contract and high end residential, Price says. “Our print process enables easy transitioning to numerous substrates,” Price points out. Broadhurst’s work was originally hand screen printed as wallpaper and textiles in her own studio where she was mysteriously found murdered in 1977 at the age of 78. This remains an unsolved crime. Her work is showcased in Australia’s museums and her designs were recently featured in a Kate Spade collection.   F&FI

Florence Broadhurst

(continued on Page 42)

Kucukcalik Signs Exclusive Deal With Unifi Repreve® IKEA Bedding Expected In Store 2019 F&FI News Network


STANBUL — Recycled polyester fabric is becoming more important as a category—first with Contract (green hotels) and now with residential applications. This product is also being marketed in Kucukcalik window shade fabrics which are PVC free. Both developments were presented to the attendees of EVTEKS beginning April 24 in the Kucukcalik stand. Kucukcalik, is spinning the recycled yarn from chips in piece-dyed and solution-dyed fabrics as the exclusive licensee in Turkey from Unifi Repreve yarn (USA). The program is traceable to the source and the Repreve yarn can be mixed with cotton or new polyester yarn. Manufacturers can buy the recycled yarn separately which Kucukcalik is aggressively market-

Summer 2018


ing and spinning in its own Turkish plant. F&FI has learned that IKEA will start a program in 2019 featuring the Kucukcalik fabric in bed coverings made from Repreve. Kucukcalik supplies the piece goods to the IKEA bedding subcontractor. Kucukcalik executives said due to agreements they could not confirm the details of this activity. F&FI found out the specific details from sources outside the company.   F&FI

夀吀倀 一䔀吀圀伀刀䬀䤀一䜀 匀伀䌀䤀䄀䰀 吀唀䔀匀䐀䄀夀 ⴀ 䨀唀一䔀 㔀 ⴀ 㘀倀䴀 䈀刀伀圀一 吀刀唀䌀䬀 䈀刀䔀圀䔀刀夀 ㄀㈀㌀㐀 一伀刀吀䠀 䴀䄀䤀一 匀吀刀䔀䔀吀

䘀伀䰀䰀伀圀 唀匀 伀一 匀伀䌀䤀䄀䰀 䴀䔀䐀䤀䄀 䀀夀伀唀一䜀吀䔀堀吀䤀䰀䔀倀刀伀䘀䔀匀匀䤀伀一䄀䰀匀

Kucukcalik is making roller shade fabrics in pvc free polyester 39


World Travels & Global Design By Jennifer Castoldi


ravel, love, food, exotic animals all play into the next wave of design directions spotted by the Trendease Team during our international adventures.


uring our international adventures, while checking out the latest textiles coming onto the market, we noticed a noteworthy repetitive design direction: printing on top of open weave fabrics. Mainly used as a window treatment, these looks range from traditional florals to vibrant splashes of color.


here is a smorgasbord of good surface design to choose from out there. Thankfully that means that there is something for everyone. But what types of interesting movements are happening in the world of patterns and motifs at the moment? Trendease calls this one the “mille-feuille” design direction, which stretches across rugs, wallcoverings, bedding, and one-of-akind weaves. If you are a dessert lover you may be familiar with a mille-feuille pastry and its (somewhat exaggerated title meaning) “thousand leaves (sheets).” Culinary tastes aside, we see this layering of pattern growing evermore across home fashion categories. At Heimtextil, Maison&Objet, and in Milan at the Salone del Mobile, SaloneSatellite, Ventura Future, as well as other Fuori Salone events, we came across numerous examples of this technique of blanketing one design on top of another to create a complex aesthetic.

Tanriverdi, Deco Design Fuerus, Création Baumann

Tessitura Toscana Telerie, Marcel Wanders, Kerrie Brown


Summer 2018




utdoor and indoor furnishings are getting slightly more complex in design. The handicraft movement where consumers are desiring a more human touch relating to their products is trickling into furniture production. Ornamental weaves and knots create intricate meshwork. Collections originating from all corners of the globe are entering the marketplace in full force.

Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien for B&B Italia, Yothaka


added, quilted, upholstered. Sound-absorbing. Warm. Comfy. Velvet, leather, suede. Patterned, brushed, stitched, buttoned. When you lay your head down to a night of sweet dreams what does your headboard look like? During Milan Design Week at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile headboards were getting the designer treatment. Upholstered headboards were gaining momentum on the floors of the world’s largest and most important design show.

Vanguard Concept


howstoppers in Milan for soft floor coverings included themes of world travel, culture, love, and extinct animals. “Both a unique and eclectic collection, Globe Trotter is inspired by the legends of fabled adventurers and explorers, collectors of rare objects, impassioned by the cultures discovered on the course of their journeys. This is where the freedom and inspiration which mark the work of its creator are found.” This is the new collection from Roche Bobois.


ike Roche Bobois, Moooi ventures out on a bold adventure around the world, exploring museum archives in order to find drawings of vanished animals. Inspired by these glorious animal illustrations, the designers of Moooi created designs for surfaces including fabrics, leathers, wallcoverings and floor coverings. With the Museum of Extinct Animals, Moooi revels in nature’s creatures and stretches the limits of imagination.

Summer 2018



ada Debs rugs are inspired by the philosopher Rumi and love; “apparently two, but one in soul” is a line from one of his poems. A traditional and modern style of rug are combined together in a way where the two together still retain their individual identities, and together also form a new identity; it is a story of love. An interesting detail is how the traditional design and the modern one swap which has the fringe, a step away from the old-style.

Jennifer Castoldi is the CEO and Chief Creative Director of Trendease International. Since 2004, Trendease has been providing cutting-edge and competitive design information to readers and clients spanning over 170 countries. Trendease is an influential resource reporting on global trends and key international design events. Hundreds of images and forwardthinking articles are presented on each month, additionally videos and podcasts are available on www.Trendease.TV. 41




Meet Ilknur Omay, HP Fabrics CEO, Microfibres Owner

June 3-6 ITMA Showtime High Point, NC

June 27-29 Heimtextil India Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

August August 27-30 Heimtextil Asia National Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai


F&FI News Network


STANBUL—Rafet Tukek and his two daughters, Ilknur Omay and Guliz Tukek, are actively managing Microfibres, the Turkish brand of flock owned by their company HP Fabrics in the USA and Sertex brand of flock in Turkey. Ilknur is CEO and her sister is the finance manager. Rafet has recently split from his two brothers Rasen and Yasin who

September 11-13 MoOD & Indigo Tour & Taxis Brussels

September 11-14 NY Home Fashions Market

November November 11-12 BDNY Jacob Javits Center, New York

December December 2-5 Showtime Fabric Market High Point, NC

Printed flock from Microfibres, China

now own Suedser and the Flokser artificial leather manufacturing division in Turkey. The flock manufacturer is also the owner of Nanfong in China, which is printing 2.7 million meters of flock monthly in narrow and wide widths for home textiles and upholstery for domestic Chinese consumption, Ilknur says. “We started one year ago in Winston-Salem to import Chinesemade upholstery and Turkishwoven goods and flock for the furniture industry in America,” Ilknur says. “We’re also shipping greige to China for printing. We have a new distribution center in WinstonSalem with 60 employees working on the operation. We’re planning a cut length and piece sales operation that will be imported from China and Turkey.” Ilknur says she stopped production of flock in Winston-Salem last September because there wasn’t enough demand for flock in the USA to justify the operation. However, by importing goods from

(continued from Page 35)

Affecting Bottom Line

Ilknur Omay Turkey and China, HP Fabrics can supply the demand that exists in the States. Ilknur explains that the goods are stocked in WinstonSalem with another warehouse in Tupelo. Embossing and finishing the imported flock fabrics also occurs in Winston-Salem. She says the company is shipping 800,000 meters per month, mostly solids for $6 a yard in the USA, while China sells printed goods for about the same price. “Flocked goods are a high performance product,” she says.   F&FI

18 founding members of The Well Living Lab, a scientific research center focusing on how to perfect indoor design and furnishings so as to improve the quality of human health and well-being. With studies indicating people being indoors up to 90 percent of each day, the organization is the result of collaboration between Delos Labs and The Mayo Clinic and is dedicated to the development of healthier indoor environments. Marketing manager LeAnne Flack said Milliken is the first textile company in the United States to receive ISO 14001 certification from the International Organization for Standardization. This status was awarded in August 2017 and will be in effect until the company is up for recertification in September 2020.  F&FI

(continued from Page 39)

Delta Peaks in US Furniture Market the lower end and jacquard designs for pillows at the higher end. “The US demand for kits and piece goods is about equal,” he says. “Some customers like Southern Motion or La-Z-Boy prefer buying piece goods while others like United buy only kits. Some customers do not want to be stuck with kit inventory at the end of the year.” Delta says it has its own in-house design capability and produces two collections a year. Shen attends both High Point furniture markets, has attended Showtime and sees his

customers twice a year on separate trips. “Customers also visit us in China,” he says. Delta also manufactures polyurethane fabrics for the furniture industry and the American RV trade and also supplies the local automotive markets in China with an upgraded PU product. He has a keen interest in the growing electric car market and hopes to supply it with seating. When Shen isn’t traveling, he is an active sportsman with an interest in golf as well as snowboarding, skiing and diving.   F&FI

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U.S. Sales Agent Wanted-Readymade Drapery Panels and cushions! We need a qualified sales agent to represent our medium priced readymade woven jaquard/embroidered/velvet/ printed/chenile line for Drapery panels and cushions. Knowledge and contacts of the big box retailer is essential. If interested, please contact Gurvinder Singh, Principal of GM Fabrics by email. Contact: _____________________________________ Spectrum Triple Play! TV, Internet & Voice for $29.99 ea. 60 MB per second speed No contract or commitment. More Channels. Faster Internet. Unlimited Voice. Call 1-844-389-8698 _____________________________________ ADVERTISE HERE! $10/word, min 25 words please contact Michael Schneider, +1 212.404.6936 _____________________________________

Summer 2018


Fabrics & Furnishings - Summer 2018 Issue  

Fabrics & Furnishings International is the global home & contract sourcing quarterly newspaper since 1990. It covers the upholstery and curt...

Fabrics & Furnishings - Summer 2018 Issue  

Fabrics & Furnishings International is the global home & contract sourcing quarterly newspaper since 1990. It covers the upholstery and curt...