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Business meetings, Sporting events, Pilgrimage, … Whatever the occasion, when you need to be there …

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Tailor-made services, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week …   Because our business is our passion, Kevelair is willing to assist you in choosing the air charter best suited for you.  

With 20 years of experience, we know how to apprehend any given characteristics related to your flight.    

By phone or email, once your request received, a dedicated team member will become your one and only contact, until the end of your flight. Thanks to our strong knowledge of the market, we will advice you regarding your flight, bearing your safety and comfort in mind. All the questions you may have will be answered by your contact at Kevelair.

Kevelair Services : a global offer

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Business Flights You’re wishing to go to a business meeting at a specific time? You would like to be granted the opportunity to work during the flight and avoid checking-in-related delays at the airport?   KEVELAIR makes a plane available for your every needs: Jet or Propeller type Taxi plane, Jet rental on demand

Special Flights KEVELAIR is on the edge of becoming one of the leader on this very specific market: Emergency evacuation from anywhere in the world Thanks to our knowledge of the market, we are able to: • Choose the appropriate operator within a very limited deadline. • Follow the operations in realtime as slots are being allocated to operators • Guarantee the reliability and the safety of the operators participating in the evacuation.

Pilgrimage Flights Pilgrimages to Lourdes, Fatima, Rome or to the Holy Land play a paramount role in KEVELAIR’s activity.   As one of the leader on the Pilgrimage market, we are very well acquainted with the characteristics of your wishes and needs and are dedicated to offering you the best service.

Other types of flights Sporting events : KEVELAIR also organizes air transport for numerous sporting events, such as: Championship, Champions’ League… Cargo flights : KEVELAIR may also set up a cargo flight, according to your needs.


 Flight Epinal / Hanover / Epinal, May 2011, 18 passengers. Operated by a German company :   "We wanted to inform you that the flight went very smoothly, in both directions. We are fully satisfied with the reception, availability of the crew and the quality of the meals. Kevelair has allowed us to organize a quality service for our citizens.   We also thank you for your time and that of Linda for organizing this flight.  »

Operation Barcelona May 2011, 240 passengers, 8 flights operated in rotation by 5 European airlines :   " Well done Kevelair !   Your efficiency and cooperation at all times made our operation possible despite being complicated to implement. We’ll get back to you very soon »

Evacuation of 1367 European and American citizens from Egypt in February 2011. Flights operated by French and European companies

"Thanks  for  your  analysis  of  this  urgent  situation.  Your  full  availability  during  these  complicated  hours,  was  much  appreciated, particularly the flow of information delivered"

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Air charter Kevelair  

Air charter solutions worldwide with Kevelair , tailor made in aviation

Air charter Kevelair  

Air charter solutions worldwide with Kevelair , tailor made in aviation