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Welcome to my embracing world of Fabric Copenhagen Being a textile designer, I enjoy travelling and being inspired by the most beautiful places in the world. I love the Vietnamese landscapes and the uniquely kind Vietnamese people. One day eleven years ago I fortunately stepped into a small Vietnamese family sewing salon. This was a moment of magic. This salon handled silks in the most amazing soft qualities and the range of colors was breathtaking. The moment I touched the soft silks and looked at the lovely velvets, I knew this was the beginning of something very special. I purchased a range of samples and returned to Denmark. The seeds for Fabric Copenhagen were now planted, and this is how Fabric Copenhagen took off. From day one, Fabric Copenhagen collections have been inspired by the eclectic Bohemian twenties. Every product has a rich and embracing feel of luxury and when your hands sweep the products you know that you are touching the softest pillows and quilts in the universe. Fabric Copenhagen continuously develops unique and exclusive products while nurturing the cooperation with the Vietnamese family business. The Fabric Copenhagen collections are all created to spice up and lift interior and exterior decorating all over the world. All products are made from contrasting and lively velvet, silk organza, linen and silk mixed with viscose. I gladly welcome my clients to the Fabric Copenhagen show room, situated north of Copenhagen. I wish to give my clients the opportunity to experience the diversity of the genuine Fabric Copenhagen collections, so each retailer gets the chance to combine an exclusive and unique collection suited for the individual and respected circle of clients.

Annette Egholm

Textile Designer, MDD

Velvet and Linen . Symphony


The Symphony collection is characterized by the contrasts of the carefully handpicked materials. One side is made of Fabric Copenhagen’s soft and most stunning vibrant velvet, and when turning around the product, you will discover the beautiful Fabric Copenhagen tonal dye in the best linen quality. The two different textiles are simply made to suit each other. Pillows

50 x 50 cm 60 x 60 cm

Quilts 110 x 180 cm Bedspreads

160 x 270 cm 240 x 260 cm 270 x 270 cm

“ The Linen Symphony Pillows collection is characterized by the clean design and the combination of tonal velvet and linen. The Pillows are made with linen on both sides and they all have a soft tonal velvet edge detail”

LSY 100

SY 100

LSY 101

SY 101

LSY 102

SY 102

LSY 103

SY 103

LSY 104

SY 104

Pillows 50 x 50 cm 60 x 60 cm

Velvet . Poetry Edge The Poetry Edge collection is characterized by the significant contrasting velvet edge detail. The quality of both sides is the same, both made of the Fabric Copenhagen embracing and vibrant velvet.

Poetry Edge

Pillows 33 x 50 cm 50 x 50 cm Quilts 110 x 180 cm Bedspreads

160 x 270 cm 240 x 260 cm 270 x 270 cm

“ The duck feather filling of the Fabric Copenhagen pillows is heat-treated to international safety standards”

PO 200

PO 201

PO 202

PO 203

“ The Fabric Copenhagen blanket is hand-quilted, making it soft and light and because it’s made with polyester filling it’s washable”

Velvet and Silk . Rhapsody The Rhapsody collection is characterized by the combination of the eclectic and flowery silk on one side and by contrast when touching the other side you will discover Fabric Copenhagen’s most unique and soft velvet. Pillows 33 x 50 cm 50 x 50 cm 40 x 60 cm


Quilts 110 x 180 cm

RH 300


160 x 270 cm 240 x 260 cm 270 x 270 cm

RH 301

RH 302

RH 303

RH 304

RH 305

RH 306

Silk . Serenade The Serenade collection is characterized by being both eclectic and flowery the Fabric Copenhagen way. Both sides are incredibly soft and silky. The unique difference here is that one side is flowery while the other side is another fabulous balanced color.


Pillows 33 x 50 cm 50 x 50 cm 40 x 60 cm Quilts 110 x 180 cm Bedspreads

160 x 270 cm 240 x 260 cm 270 x 270 cm

SE 400

SE 401

SE 402

SE 403

“ The Fabric Copenhagen pillow includes luxury details such as fabric buttons, specifically made for every single pillow�

Velvet and Silk . Ella Extravaganza

Velvet and Linen . Jazzy Minnie

The Fabric Copenhagen Collection of handbags is characterized by some lovely picks of eclectic, contrasting and flowery soft surfaces. The outside of the bag is always made of vibrant velvet with the inside lining being made of the softest silk, creating a luxurious silky space for the most important items you want to bring with you where ever you go. You can hang the feminine handbag on your shoulder or hold it in your hand. The golden plaited leather handles have a perfect length to carry it the way you prefer.

The Jazzy Minnie collection will keep a little dog warm and comfortable with style, when going for a walk in the high street or being carried around by his best friend.

“ The unique Fabric Copenhagen designs are all made from the most refined Vietnamese silks and velvets in a perfect mix of silk and viscose”

Jazzie Minnie Carrier Bag


21 x 25 cm handle 25 cm

EE 501

EE 502

EE 503

JA 601

one size Zipper on top Keeps the body warm 34 x 44 cm

Jazzie Minnie Suit

one size Body length 26 cm Shoulder width 24 cm Lovely details with the the stylish soft collar and an adjustable ribbon you can wrap around the little body, for comfort and flexibility.

EE 506

EE 500

The Jazzy Minnie Carrier Bag and Suit are both designed for a little dog’s ultimate comfort and wellbeing. The outside is made of a lively hand-quilted velvet, with the inside lining made of a beautiful toned soft linen. The Jazzie Minnie Collection is obviously made for little favourite stars.

EE 504

EE 505

JA 602

Fabric Copenhagen Collections The Fabric Copenhagen Collections is an inspiring mix of all times favourites, contrasting colours and material mix designs.

















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Fabric Copenhagen Catalogue 2014  
Fabric Copenhagen Catalogue 2014