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FROM THE EDITOR : Hello again! Here we are again bringing you a fresh summer holiday issue called ‘Metamorphosis’ with more wonderful work from artists from all over the world. Discover them, love them and admire their talents, as this is just amazing to see what they have created - a result of a real passion. Enjoy the work and don’t forget to share yourr support ;) Looking forward to seeing you again in Fabric-a’s regular issue ‘Glow’ in September 2014! stay creative, stay inspired!


26th July 2014

editor in chief / design editor@fabricamagazine.com

front & back cover Credits : PHOTO & IMAGE MANIPULATION: Pawel Piatek DESIGNER: Anna Karenina MODEL: Mia Pulmano HAIR & MAKE-UP: Chloe Hiskett RETOUCH: Monika Piatek






50 58



MONIKA DEKOWSKA monika.dekowska@gmail.com Facebook gallery & jewellery shop: www.facebook.com/DekowskaMonika www.ciernczka.digart.pl

Monika grew up painting and drawing in the beautiful land which is Poland. Her art previously focused on the female form, dolls, and embryos. With a phD in Psychology, she is fascinated by human nature surrounding sexism, especially discrimination, women rights and also the influence of religion. She has exhibited her works in Poland and Germany, she has been an award winner in several important art competitions. She has designed posters for non-governmental projects helping children and disabled. Recently she has been suffering from a very rare genetic illness called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which causes her severe back pain. This is why she works and paints laying down. For about a year she has been also designing art jewellery using pieces of her own work. Though you might not suspect it from her works, Monika is in fact an extremely cheerful person full of love and her crazy, beautiful ideas!


h c t a w ones to


Rzygi / Sick


Janioł Wózkowy / Wheelie Angel


Zima / Winter


4 ręce 4 pory życia / 4 hands 4 seasons of life

Krzyk z dziurką / Scream with a hole


Schizofrenia /Schizophrenia



Deszcz w g贸rach / Rain in mountains


Spotkanie / Meeting


Człowiek w prezencie / Man as a gift

Nauka szycia / A sewing lesson




Szubienica / Gibbet


antithesis PHOTO & IMAGE MANIPULATION: Pawel Piatek DESIGNER: Anna Karenina MODEL: Mia Pulmano HAIR & MAKE-UP: Chloe Hiskett RETOUCH: Monika Piatek

I am interested in the body, its contours, its corporeality and its intimate relation to identity. I understand the body to be the site where power struggles are fought - of gender and sexuality within a predominantly heterosexist society. As such, I am drawn to corsets as ambivalent objects laden with a history of women’s oppression as well as the subversion of heteronormative desire. The process of design, for me, entails playing with this ambivalence within a high tension zone in which genders and sexualities can not only be rethought, but embodied in different and novel ways. In this collection, I was inspired by the figure of the Geisha, as a powerful sexual figure within a material context not of her making and not under her control. I aimed to pervert the corset as an object and the Geisha as a figure to such an extent that their oppressive character in relation to the body they gender and sexualise shifts towards transgression. The collection and the prominent silhouette the neck corsets create articulate the aforementioned ambivalence as a desirable tension, a charged desire, of extravagance and restriction.

Anna Karenina 18












into the woods photography Ewa Zuk

Photographer: Ewa Zuk Model: Kimberly Battista at Click Models of Atlanta MUA: Kimberly Battista Stylist: Emiliya Aluminova Stylist’s Assistant: Jessica Lanning Photographer’s Assistant: Stephanie Rowe Light: Marek Gracz Wardrobe: Ava’s Attic Boutique Jewelry: Rainy Wish Studios by Charles Barnes & Ava’s Attic Boutique

Top: Lookbook Store Shorts: Echo Necklace: Rainy Wish Studios by Charles Barnes




Top: Lookbook Store Shorts: Echo Necklace: Rainy Wish Studios by Charles Barnes


Top: Notations Shorts: Lookbook Store Headbands: Models own Jewelry: Stylists own Belt: Stylists own

Dress: RVCA Necklace: Rainy Wish Studios by Charles Barnes Belt: Stylists own Bracelets: Stylists own


Dress: Nicole Miller Hat: Stylists own Belt: Stylists own Necklace: Rainy Wish Studios by Charles Barnes


Dress: Ava's Attic Boutique Vest: MAK B Jewelry: Ava's Attic Boutique

Lisa Simonenko

Photographer: Lisa Simonenko Model: Vitaliya Cheverova @ Select

Deluxe model management Makeup: Oksana Dronova Hair: Elena Konstantinova Stylist: Anya Konysheva Horse belongs to Yulia Kizhaeva Location: Aspen grove, Russia





PLASTIC PHOTOGRAPHY: Roberto De Micheli Make Up: Maria Papadopoulou with MAC Cosmetics Hair: James Anthony King at Taylor Taylor using Sabastian and Moroccan oil products Stylist: Giulia Peduzzi Models (in order of appearance): Kate Lomax, Dark Arts Agency - Chloe Borusaite, LoveChloe - Yevra Cobra Retoucher: Svetlana Pasechnik All plastic skirts created by the stylist


Shoes Aldo; Black Fur Mango; Bracelets vintage



Shoes Aldo; White fur Bershka


Shoes Aldo; Stockings H&M; Lace Top - stylist’s own; Bra Philippe Matignon




Black Fur Mango; Necklace MYBF,


Frisson by Magic Owen

Publications: Voir Fashion Huf Magazine Solis Magazine EllĂŠments Magazine Biblond Magazine Babiekins Elegant Kids InCOVER Magazine Vogue Italia Online Fashion Affair Vigore GLASSbook Fashion TV Stilo TV Fashion Shift Magazine Jute Magazine Devour Magazine Coco Magazine Institute Mag MODO Magazine Vanquish Magazine Bisous Magazine Dark Beauty magazine Oppa Magazine DeFuze Magazine Elegant Magazine Vintage Life Magazine




rom an early age Magic always had an attraction to the arts especially Photography. She started experimenting with film cameras and spending hours in the Darkroom. The digital age gave her freedom to experience new concepts and let her imagination run free. Always buzzing with new ideas, Magic is a true artist, connecting with models to capture something unique and making every editorial fresh and different. She uses an OM-D and a 12-50 Olympus lens + a Leica 1:2.8/45 macro lens, lensbaby products, Linux workstation running Gimp/Darktable, and Bowens lighting. Specialing in model portfolio/testing and coaching, (high) fashion/ Couture and hair/beauty, designer Lookbook/ Editorial, she is also a videographer and a retoucher. Her fashion videos have been featured on fashion TV, Stilo TV and US TV, winning a 2014 teleAward.Magic is multi-lingual and is in constant world wide demand for her award winning fashion photography. Macro Photography is just an other way for Magic to express herself and create art.












Marina ReneeCemmick Biography Fascinated by societies ideas of morality, femininity and religion a running theme throughout Marina’s practice explores the idea of ‘boundaries’: personal, societal, moral, and scientific. Where do we place ourselves in the world? Her conceptual oil paintings look to express ideas of society and humanity through portraiture, asking people to question where do our boundaries lie. Born in Witton Le Wear in County Durham, Marina moved to Dorset aged two, coming to the beautiful countryside near the sea where she has lived ever since. She studied at Arts University Bournemouth and growing up in a creative family of Artists, she had the space and facilities to experiment from a very young age, rarely found without a sketchbook and pencil in hand. She exhibited in the ‘Dorset Art weeks, 2013’ She won the ‘Eric Morris Award for Outstanding Artist, 2012’, ‘Prep HE Best In Show, 2014’and has been commissioned many works with one painting featuring in the 2013 edition of the Evolver. Alongside art she has a keen interest in theatre, music and dance, having performed across the South West and London 2011-13.

Art is a passion that has been nurtured and encouraged throughout my life allowing me to develop ways of looking, a great sense of patients and a blossoming desire to learn more. I agree, as Picasso once wrote, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary”.


Magdeline Daughters

I have always been interested in documenting the people around me, a natural fascination with how we move, talk and express ourselves. I explore ways of capturing the expressions that create character, personality and individuality through biro and pencil sketches that spill out of small moleskin sketchbooks, napkins, and receipts. I am rarely found without a pencil and paper in hand. Reflecting the world around me, I explored the pressures that young people face in today’s society through “Temptations – Sitting on the Fence”, which explores the importance of personal boundaries; do the paths we choose throughout our lives decide who we are, and how we live? Through the Ironing board piece, entitled “The Magdalene Sisters” I have explored themes that relate to the role and treatment of women. I was inspired by the stories of women incarcerated in the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland; physically entrapping the figures I painted in the three-dimensional objects that I have used as canvases.


More recently I have questioned where our boundaries lie in relation to modern scientific advancements.

Through my most recent works: “From the Heart” and “A Modern Man”, I have examined our relationship with science. Now able to create stem cells and grow organs from scaffold material, I began me to realize the fictional ideas of a future where man and robot live together are no longer a distant fantasy, but increasingly becoming a reality. This lead me to question, in this technological age of scientific advancements and artificial intelligence, how far will we go to creating new, improved versions of ourselves? What makes us differ from these modern cyborgs? And therefore, what makes us human? Although these questions seem daunting and frankly terrifying, they have drawn me closer to understanding the incredible complexity of the human form; our capabilities, emotions, ideas, dreams - aspects that can never be recreated. My work reflects the world around me, not only everyday happenings, people and surroundings; but on a grander scale, the possibilities of the future, ideas that will affect everyone. I hope to raise questions, to make people think, raise debate and spark interest – I hope my work will inspire.

Temptation - Sitting on the fence


From The Heart

Heart Valve


A Modern Man


based on Franz Kafka’s story

Metamorphosis photography Sanja Fera

This character was made for a theatre play, academy project for Scenography class, based on a Franz Kafka’s story ‘Metamorphosis’. It is a main character preview after his conversion into an insect (he is human for a very short time), set on a scene which has been covered with water and glass cubes. (One cube has only three sides. It has been designed for the main character’s metamorphosis, from a man into an insect and this the place where he has been for the whole time during this process). The rest of the scene has been designated only for other characters. At the end of the play, the main character takes his clothes off showing the skin which is white as milk and then totally naked, disappears. Only a dress remains and a wig from his human nature along with antennas from the insect part of him. The character is neither male nor female The puppet was made from wood, hair, plastic, textiles (lace and velvet) and plaster. It was extremely fragile, and it was about 21 inches tall. 64








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Fabric-a Special Summer Issue 'Metamorphosis'  

here we are again :) Fabric-a presents our special summer holiday issue called 'Metamorphosis'. Share and support this talent, stay in touc...

Fabric-a Special Summer Issue 'Metamorphosis'  

here we are again :) Fabric-a presents our special summer holiday issue called 'Metamorphosis'. Share and support this talent, stay in touc...

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