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FROM THE EDITOR : Hello again! Very excited to present you this May/June Issue ‘Lines’ with more wonderful work from all over the world again. It is a time of the year when can rain for days, when the weather makes us want to escape anywhere else, sometimes out of ourselves...getting into new places, discovering things surrounding us, finding an every day object extremely interesting as you’d never look at it this way... Dear all, let’s have an adventure and make it a venture. Since we all are heading towards a summer break, let’s create something unique... looking forward to seeing it in Fabric-a Special Issue in August 2014! stay inspired!


31st May 2014

editor in chief / design

front & back cover Credits : Photographer: Goizane Jayo Model: Leyre Cerezal Makeup: Alba Jato














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Emma-Jane Lewis

"become insane" Photography / words: Emma-Jane Photography Makeup: Patrycja Firmanty Models: Maz Ulvants and Toni Harrison Dresses: ONEofONE by Maibritt Kokholm Lighting: Alan Clarke

Creativity, ideas, passion, art, colour! This is something that I live and breathe. It is sometimes hard in the every day world to keep that up! Society likes us going about in our normal, daily commute, shuffling along like little lemmings, not questioning the system, working for the system, getting led by the system, let alone coming up with our own ideas to be financially better off and in charge our own lives. So when all of these pressures are upon us in everyday life, what is the solution?! Simple, become insane! Now that is not to say that you going stir crazy and getting locked up with only padded walls as your companion. What I mean to say is how often have you had an idea, done something or suggested things and people say that you are insane? That the idea was insane and you were better off not doing it. Often people are wired to take the easy option out, so even when it is not them directly taking the risk, they are wired to refuse the suggestion, others might not want to see something so daring succeed. I’ll throw in a little Psychology of our fight or flight system. If you see a killer bear running towards you at full speed then you will either freeze on the spot or run. This is a natural behavioural response, but is being applied more so in our everyday lives. We freeze if we have to make a decision out of out comfort zone, often afraid or not confident enough to take the risk, or we run away from the situation all together. I tend to try to ignore both of these options, now that’s not to say I’m not screaming and crying like a little girl inside, rocking back and forth inside a dark corner in my head. Buuuttttt.... It means I am willing to take that risk of being vulnerable to get what I want and to where I want to go.

This does mean a lot of things tend to happen around me. I normally say yes to way to many things when my diary is full and I have 10 minutes to get somewhere that will actually take 30... You can do the math there. But it also means that the majority of my artwork, my creative life, is also more adventurous. I have made skirts out of peacock feathers, rolled around in mud way to many times to count, got in a pool with a model with my only pair of underwear and sat commando on the train ride home. Gone to abandoned buildings, had models in my bath filled with milk, had a guy topless in my basement covered in flour plus two others models in fields with flour, hung of window lengths, dragged cakes and tea-sets to woodlands, hung from bridges and walked miles uphill in the rain after a storm hit our shoot. But I live for all of these moments. With these ideas most models have looked at me like I was a little odd, or that I have escaped from somewhere that is searching for me. But more often then not (fingers crossed these models will agree) these shots work, but they are also different. It sets my work apart but also me apart from the rest of the world. I don’t wish to be a lemming.... But a roaring tiger ready to take down the next person who says I cannot do my next idea. My most recent accomplishment is moving to London pretty much on my own...why? I want my dream, when? Pretty much now. Is it working? Hmmmm.... Ask me that a bit later, it is a work in progress. But the important answer is: that I did it.

Emma Jane-Lewis

Behind the scenes of abandoned building shoot








Buroaug the ways of seeing

by Agustín Jiménez

The Map. Illustration, 2013

My name is Agustín Jiménez ( Menorca, 1981). Illustrator and architect based in Barcelona. I rather express myself through illustrations instead of words.


David Hockney portrait. Drawing taken from the picture “A bigger splash�, 2013


Lea Seydoux portrait, 2013

Charlotte Rampling portrait, 2013

Lombarde. Pencil drawing, 2014





enclosed madness Photographer: Goizane Jayo Model: Leyre Cerezal Makeup: Alba Jato













This new series of photographs, created using a large format camera and 4 × 5 film, is called Nesting. It is a term I heard frequently during my pregnancy. It refers to a parent’s need to prepare for the arrival of a new child. By shredding family photographs and re-purposing them to create these nests, my process mirrors my experiences preparing for the birth of my son. The nests are the visual equivalents of the destruction/creation dichotomy that occurs during the transformation into parenthood. The nests double as creatures, just like a pregnant woman’s belly represents both a safe haven and the new creature inside. The series reflects on the need to nest — to prepare to welcome a new family member — and the items, the physical body and sense of one’s self that are transformed, destroyed and re-purposed in this process.

ABOUT: about:

Jo el l e Je ns e n is a photo g r aphe r and i nd e p e nd e nt c u r ator l iv i ng i n Bro ok ly n , N Y. Je ns e n’s work is e x h ibite d i nte r nat i ona l ly and w i l l b e fe atu re d at t he Va l e nc i á Mus e u m of I l lust r at i on and Mo d e r n it y at t h is ye ar’s Inc ub ar te Fe s it v a l i n Va l e nc i a , Sp ai n . She re c e ive d s e ve r a l aw ards for he r photo g r aphs , i nclu d i ng a d ark ro om re s i d e nc y at T he C ame r a C lub of Ne w York and a Two - Ye ar Fel l ow sh ip f rom t he C e nte r for E me rg i ng Visu a l Ar t ist s . P ubl i c at i ons i nclu d e Mage nt a Fou nd at i on’s F l ash For w ard, E s qu i re ( Russ i a ) , PDN , and T he Photo R e v i e w. Cu r ator i a l proj e c t s i nclu d e D r aw i ng Pi c tu re s at C ame r a C lub of Ne w York , Po s i ng at Abrons Ar t C e nte r and Ma d C ow : Ab su rd it y & An x i e t y i n C onte mp or ar y Cu ltu re at N U RT U R E ar t G a l l e r y i n Bro ok ly n , N Y. Je ns e n re c e nt ly s e r ve d on t he b o ard of T he C ame r a C lub of Ne w York as t he chai r of t he e x h ibit i on c om m itte e.

Joelle Jensen Joelle Jensen



Doug Van de Zande

Doug Van de Zande has been a commercial and fine art photographer for more than 40 years beginning his career at a prestigious portrait studio in Poughkeepsie, New York. From there he went on to study commercial photography at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. Upon graduation in 1979, he moved to Raleigh, North Carolina where he opened his own studio. His commercial work ranges from product to industrial to annual reports, and portraits. Doug shoots many formats from 35mm digital to 8x10 film cameras.

During these years, Doug has maintained in interest in fine art photography developing a unique style of B&W printing. The process for this style begins at the time of shooting; subject matter, composition, lighting, as well as type of camera and film are all taken into consideration. In the darkroom he uses only fiberbase papers as well as his own formulas of developers and toners. All prints are hand printed and no computers are used. Each print has it’s own texture; no two prints are identical. These B&W prints have become popular among patrons of contemporary photography.



Exhibited 2000 to present The Mahler Gallery, Raleigh, NC The Martin Gallery, Charleston, SC Rice/Pollock Gallery, Provincetown, MA Mona Berman Fine Art, New Haven, CT Pickney/Simons Gallery, Beaufort, SC Chroma Gallery, Savannah, GA John Lane Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY


July 2010, The Martin Gallery, featured artist Retrospective 25, 25 top artists from 25 years of The Block Gallery, Raleigh 2009 One person documentary show at the opening of Raleigh Convention Center, 2008 Raleigh City Museum: portraits of Raleigh 2009 Three person show, Fayetteville Museum of Art, 2009 Three person show, Block Gallery, Raleigh 2006 One person show, Block gallery, 2001 Four person show, Black Mountain College, 1989 Three person show, Artspace, Raleigh, 1989

Anyone who has walked by a construction site has peeked in the holes cut in the plywood to see the progress of a building. They are sure to observe men and yes, women scurrying about at some distance, but not really “seeing” what they are doing. By the time the structure is complete, the workers have all moved on to their next project. There is usually a grand opening and ribbon cutting and everyone then heads into the new building. The AC works, the lights turn off and on, the paint and carpet are fresh. Everything looks beautiful. To get to that point though, hundreds, perhaps thousands of workers have put it all together piece by piece and inch by inch thought freezing cold and searing heat. This type of photography project works well for large commercial buildings. The client gets a documented history of the construction of the project as well as photos relevant it’s construction for them to hang on the walls when the project is complete. I have done three of these here in Raleigh and they have gone over well with the clients.

The cOuntry wAY

Photographed by DENI DANI Model: TSE WEI @ Looque Models Makeup & Hair: LINDA SUTANTO Stylist: REYME & GABBY Doublexpo: RIZKI PRIYA / HARRY KAWANDA Special Thanks: ARUM KINANTI Clothes by: BLACK MARKET









Photography: Roberto De Micheli MUA: Kristiana Zaula HAIR: James Anthony King at Taylor Taylor Using sabastian and Moroccan oil products STYLIST: Giulia Peduzzi ModelS: Magda Swider - Ola P. - Brooke Theis Retoucher: Aaron Ford


Zara Shoes; Skirt&Top Alberta Ferretti; Earrings vintage ; Plastic Necklace H&M

Dress Alberta Ferretti; Necklace Zara

Skirt&Top Alberta Ferretti; Earrings vintage; Plastic Necklace H&M; Sunglasses Aldo


Skirt&Top Alberta Ferretti; Earrings&Ring vintage; Plastic Necklace H&M

Zara Shoes; Trousers&Top Alberta Ferretti; Necklace Stylist’s own


Trousers&Top Alberta Ferretti; Necklace Stylist’s own

Photography by Hitomi Soeda Styling by Maya Kawakami Model Polina G @Premier model management Digital Operator Daniel Cresswell Stylist Assistants Ayano Santanda & Akari Tomita HAIR Atsushi Takita Using...Bumble and bumble Hair Assistant Jun Takagi Make Up Tatiane Naomi

printed parka by MANISH ARORA black jacket by YIFANG WAN shirt by Xianfen Gu trousers by Paul Smith heels by MO SAĂ?QUE necklace by Joanne Hynes bracelet, ring by Pebble London

sleeveless jacket body suit by Tryfonas Modestou red shirt by Amaya Arzuaga suspender belt by Atsuko Kudo necklace, bangles by Pebble London head piece by Rachal Trevor-Morgan

frill top by Pearce Fionda tube top, skirt by Tryfonas Modestou belt by Atsuko Kudo head piece by Philip Treacy bangles, rings by Pebble London

silk robe by Intimissimi jumpsuit by Lyudmila Lane necklace, bracelet, ring by Pebble London


dress by Claudia Gamba head piece by Philip Treacy choker by Atsuko Kudo bracelet by Pebble London haori by photographer’s own belt stylist’s own

silk house coat by Jayne Pierson top by SHAO YEN skirt by EKATERINA KUKUHAREVA earrings by Atsuko Kudo bangle, ring by Pebble London

jacket by Amaya Arzuaga skirt by John Rocha belt by The Shop necklace, bangles by Pebble London kimono photographer’s own


coat by Xianfen Gu dress by Claudia Gamba skirt by Sisley necklace, bangles by Pebble London chopsticks by stylist’s own

jacket by Xianfen Gu cardigan by Paul Smith trousers by Tryfonas Modestou belts by EDITH & ELLA necklace, rings by Pebble London shoes by stylist’s own


Photographer: Maresa Smith Studio: Fresh Academy Model: Maria Varnavas MUA and Hair: Corinne Robinson





MODERN EMPIRE Photographer: Thuy Pham Model: Paz Hsu MUA: Stacey Singer Stylist: Claudia Saadeh




gloss Model: Victoria Valska Photo and style: Anna Tea Hair, make-up: Yulia Bortnikova Assistant: Lilia Vovk





fine art

Nearika galaxy Photography - Guadalupe Delgadillo Fernรกndez

I was born in Mexico City. I live in Milan. I am a photographer and graphic designer specializing in editorial design. I love photography, it is my passion. I have been taking photographs since 1999. I have participated in several photographic exhibitions. In december 2013 I got my master degree in Photography and Visual Design at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano in Milan. Nearika galaxy it is my photography personal project, it is my galaxy, my vision, my interpretation as a photographer. These photographs are two series part of nearika, one called 'utopias night' and the other 'comet halebopp'. 'Utopias night' is a series telling an utopian visual history of nightscape of several cities (Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, Venice). I create my own ideal world, where each photograph from each series is linked with the next photograph through an graphic element. It's a cycle. One leads to the other, When you get to the final you go back to the beginning to realize that the first and last are linked. 'Comet hale-bopp' is a series of Milan which I created. This is what I want to see: one Milan with colores and complex...This series was taken on lomography negative film 120 mm. To see more work please visit:





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Happy to share new Fabric-a May/June 2014 Issue Next No will be a special summer edition out in August 2014. Regular Fabric-a issues back f...

Fabric-a Magazine 'lines'  

Happy to share new Fabric-a May/June 2014 Issue Next No will be a special summer edition out in August 2014. Regular Fabric-a issues back f...

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