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A cceler at or Pum ccelerat ator Pumpp Kits In many situations drag cars require additional pump shot to cover a lean stumble condition from a tight converter, large camshaft, excessive intake plenum volume, or low vacuum conditions. The best fix is to install a 50cc pump assembly. Our complete kit includes pump housing and screws, spring, pump cam and screw, diaphragm, and complete pump arm assembly.

Partȱ# 5565 5570

ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱDescription ȱ50ccȱCompleteȱAcceleratorȱPumpȱKit ȱ30ccȱCompleteȱAcceleratorȱPumpȱKit

Float Bowls We offer Holley performance fuel bowls in the center pivot design for high performance fuel handling. They are available bare or complete with brass float, high-flow needle & seat, sight plug, 30cc pump assembly, & adjusted ready to go. Add an A to end of part number for complete Bowls. Use “S” behind part # for new Aluminum Bowls with large Sight Window for easy float setting. Partȱ# 5364

ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱDescription ȱPrimaryȱCenterȱPivotȱFlaotȱBowl

5365 5366 5367

ȱSecondaryȱCenterȱPivotȱBowlȱ(doubleȱpump) ȱSecondaryȱCenterȱPivotȱBowlȱ(vacuumȱsec.) ȱDominatorȱBowlȱȬȱPrimaryȱ&ȱSecondary

*ȱAddȱȈAȈȱBehindȱPartȱforȱCompleteȱBowlȱAssembly *ȱAddȱȈSȈȱBehindȱPartȱforȱAluminumȱBowlȱw/ȱSightȱGlass

V acuum Secondar uning Kits Secondaryy T Tuning Vacuum secondary carburetors are designed for universal installation on various engine sizes and power levels. In turn great improvements can be made by tailoring the secondary opening rate to specific engine combinations. We have seen as much as 35 ft.-lbs. of torque increase on a 355 CID engine when combined with our machined throttle plates and hi-flow screws. We offer a complete spring kit and a kit that contains a spring kit plus a quick change removable vacuum housing that facilitates thirty second spring changes. For your vacuum secondary carburetor check page 12 for our Billet Adjustable Jet Plates for easy tuning.







Baseplates, Components & Assemblies We offer complete stock replacement Baseplates for replacing worn or damaged factory units. For the modifier or enthusiast we have our “Pro-Series” Baseplates that features machined throttle shafts, machined throttle plates, hi-flow screws, and plugged vacuum ports offering vastly increased airflow over conventional baseplates. These come completely machined and assembled ready to install. Just add an (A) behind the regular baseplate #. We also offer stock replacement and special machined hi-flow throttle plates and hi-flow screws to enhance your existing baseplate by increasing airflow up to 30 cfm. We also have new for 2012 custom “Billet Baseplates” with or without vacuum ports on page 12.



6061 6062 6063 6064 6065

ȱ(4)ȱReplacementȱThrottleȱPlatesȱ600 ȱ(4)ȱThinȱThrottleȱPlatesȱ650Ȭ830 ȱ(4)ȱThinȱThrottleȱPlatesȱ850 ȱ(4)ȱMachinedȱHiȬFlowȱPlatesȱ600 ȱ(4)ȱMachinedȱHiȬFlowȱPlatesȱ650Ȭ830

*** See Page 12 for our Billet Baseplates

Phone: 1300 350 351

Fax: 1300 350 454



6460 6465 6465A 6470 6470A 6475A

ȱ650Ȭ800ȱCompleteȱBaseplate ȱ650Ȭ800ȱBaseplateȱ4ȬCornerȱIdle ȱ650Ȭ800ȱProȬSeriesȱBaseplate ȱ850ȱCompleteȱBaseplateȱAssembly ȱ850ȱProȬSeriesȱBaseplate ȱ850ȱProȬSeriesȱBaseplateȱforȱ650Ȭ800 19 Web:


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