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Fuel System Accessories

Car oc Cartt er & Edelbr Edelbroc ockk Carbur Carburee t or Kits The AED # 4190 includes all the components to successfully rebuild and restore your Carter 9000 series and Edelbrock Performer series carburetors to their original condition. We make the rebuilding process easy and convenient by including all the gaskets, needle and seats, clips and accessories, accelerator pump, and instructions in one complete kit. Now you can buy one kit to service either of these fine carburetors. In many cases float replacement (2) is required to achieve maximum performance. Kits come skin packaged in multi-colored layout for display.

Partȱ# ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱDescription 4190


5382 5338

ȱCarterȱ&ȱEdelbrockȱFloatȱ(each) ȱCarterȱ&ȱEdelbrockȱAcceleratorȱPumpȱAssembly

Bir ood Carb Spacer tud Kits Bircc hw hwood Spacerss & S Stud AED Carburetor Spacers offer many distinct advantages that are worth mentioning. Besides traditional tuning changes in plenum volume which can improve torque and power output, Birchwood is a great thermal barrier. By keeping fuel bowls cool you get a noticeable increase in fuel density, resulting in a better charge available for combustion. We have seen results on the dyno of up to 20 horsepower. We originally designed these spacers for racing but soon found out the benefits on street cars by eliminating hot soak and vapor lock problems associated with high underhood temperatures. Todays fuels have significantly lower boiling points compounding these problems especially with aluminum manifolds. AED Birchwood Spacers are available in 1/2” and 1” heights for different configurations. They are coated with a special sealer to promote sealing and give a great look. We also have Carburetor Stud Kits for the ultimate in carburetor retention. These grade 8 black oxided allen head studs make installation a snap. Kits come complete with studs, AN washers, and jam nuts.

Partȱ# ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱDescription 6150


6155 6160 6165 6170 6171 6172 6173 6110 6120 6125

ȱBirchwoodȱSpacerȱQȬJetȱ1/2” ȱBirchwoodȱSpacerȱ4500ȱOpenȱCenterȱ1/2” ȱBirchwoodȱSpacerȱ4500ȱ4ȬHoleȱ1/2” ȱBirchwoodȱSpacerȱStandardȱHolleyȱ1” ȱBirchwoodȱSpacerȱ4500ȱOpenȱCenterȱ1” ȱBirchwoodȱSpacerȱ4500ȱ4ȬHoleȱ1” ȱBirchwoodȱSpacerȱQȬJetȱ1” ȱAllenȱHeadȱCarburetorȱStudȱKitȱ1.5” ȱAllenȱHeadȱCarbȱStudȱKitȱ2”ȱforȱ1/2”ȱSpacers ȱAllenȱHeadȱCarbȱStudȱKitȱ2.5”ȱforȱ1”ȱSpacers

AED F uel Pr essur es Fuel Pressur essuree Gaug Gauges For 2012 we have built a “Fluid Flowbench” for gauge pressure testing. We were shocked after testing not only our gauges, but competitors units to find pressure readings that varied by as much as 40% between similar models. Not only have we changed gauge manufacturers, but every single AED gauge is checked to stringent standards to provide only the finest in accuracy & quality at very competitive pricing! We provide both conventional & Liquid Filled gauges that offer additional shock resistance and optional pressure readings all the way to 30 psi. All gauges are 1.5” in diameter, chrome plated stainless steel, shock resistant, and can also be mounted on AED Fuel Lines. Gauges feature an 1/8” NPT male fitting and our attractively skin packaged for display.

Partȱ# ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱDescription 6100


6101 6102 6103

ȱ0Ȭ15ȱpsiȱScrewȱInȱLiquidȱFilledȱGauge ȱ0Ȭ30ȱpsiȱScrewȱInȱPressureȱGauge ȱ0Ȭ30ȱpsiȱScrewȱInȱLiquidȱFilledȱGauge

N e w Pr essur es es Pressur essuree T Tes estt ed Gaug Gauges 15 Phone: 1300 350 351

Fax: 1300 350 454



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2013 AED Carburettor Catalogue

2013 AED Carburetor Catalog  

2013 AED Carburettor Catalogue

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