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Rugby Pride

Gerald Wells

Fathers in

The Legacy June-July 2015 (issue 20) | plus SURF WITH SAM CHRISTIANSON + DANCE WITH DEMMI + REVIEWS AND MORE! w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a



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in this issue




Fathers in Motion Wisdom through the ages from five Umhlanga fathers. Sage advice from their fathers and advice for their children.


Surf with Sam Durban North’s Sam Christianson is making serious waves in the local surfing scene. He shares his passion for the water sport.



Active Umhlanga

Swimming Sisters

We round up the best spots to keep fit in and around Umhlanga during those chilly winter months – no excuses!

Carmen and Clarice Le Roux are gorgeous, bubbly and enigmatic. They are also champion SA swimmers with an intense drive for their craft.



Northwood Rugby Team


The first XV build on a foundation passion, determination and strength. A change of tactic to restore a proud rugby tradition.


Restaurant review Europa


Restaurant review


John Dory’s Gateway


Gerald Wells

Car Review

Dynamic father-son duo, Gerald and Wesley Wells let us into their special relationship, and give insight on the success of the GW brand. They also share their future plans

BMW i3 and i8




20 7

Gadgets And Gizmos We check out WHOOSH! Screenshine and the AAXA P3X Pica Projector.


My Town Meet Umhlanga’s Brett Sklarchik

10 Stuff you

should know Getting healthy the easy way

12 High Society

social scene Spotted out and about in Umhlanga

64 Rookie Dad The Tired Thirties

62 Roxy’s Corner Our new teen scene with Roxy Scott

68 Health

70 Property Gareth Bailey discusses the digital revolution

Synchronicity and physical activity

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editor’s note


here is a group of business people who get together every Friday morning to share their thoughts on different elements of business, leadership and just making it through life. I think nowadays we underestimate the value of these types of gatherings of minds. There is a great piece of scripture that says: “As iron sharpens iron, so man sharpens man.” It is my favourite scripture of late. It highlights how spending time with likeminded people has a positive impact and influence on your life. These days it’s almost counter-cultural to seek real connection and relationship as we get lost in the social world, thinking that knowledge and wisdom is found there. To some degree there is valuable ‘stuff’ there but I’ve come to find the real gems are found in real connections. There is something to be said for being present, not disconnected or preoccupied.

This group of people helps me remember that my greatest learning comes from sitting around a table with real people listening to them share stories and ideas. It involves waking up early on a Friday morning, early enough so you can watch the sun rise and hear the birds sing. It’s tougher for me than others because I like to hibernate in winter, but I also know the greatest gifts come where you stretch beyond what is comfortable and familiar. I urge you to seek out people around you who can help keep you sharp, who stretch you and inspire you because they are the ones who help ensure life doesn’t become mundane or boring. It’s those people who you have real relationships with and it is real relationships that make us feel significant. So, to this edition. In this, the 20th edition of The Umhlanga Magazine, we get serious about leading an active lifestyle. We take you through Umhlanga’s playground, guiding you

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When you spend R250 oR moRe.

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w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Voucher only redeemable at

GATEWAY Valid until 31 August 2015

to all the spots where you can be active outside of a gym. We meet two inspirational teenagers in dancer Demmi Meek and Durban North surfer Sam Christianson, both of whom display explosive amounts of passion in their crafts. We also hear about the legacy behind the Gerald Wells brand, and hear some poignant wisdom from a few Umhlanga fathers, in honour of Father’s Day. Enjoy and God Bless Justin Scott, Editor email me | follow us | instagram @fabmagazines @theumhlangamag

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“Tonight, we dine at The

Food is a huge part of our

Greedy Buddha - Umhlanga’s

jobs – we loved the opening of

newest hot spot” We got some FB

the new W Café at La Lucia Mall.

love on this image, 35 likes and a

We had a reach of 625 on this!

few hungry shares!

Comment: Lee Anne: Had the lemon meringue today. Best I've eaten thus far.


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my town

Brett Sklarchik Brett Sklarchik describes himself as passionate, loyal and impatient; driven in whatever he puts his mind to. He is one of the faces behind the famous Press Club – the home of great coffee, mindblowing sandwiches and pie, chips and gravy. He’s also into fitness and a healthy lifestyle. This is Brett and this is what he likes to do in Umhlanga!

My Town is a celebration of local people who live and breathe Umhlanga everyday. They share with us their favourites places to go, things to do and ways to spend their time - it’s all about them. In each edition Umhlanga is their town and they love it!

Best place to grab a relaxing cup of coffee? Obviously The Press Club, but if I had to settle for second, probably a Vida, hahahaha!

Favourite weekend activity? Gym or a run in the morning. Just tried jet skiing, so that could be the new activity…then obviously the beach!

Favourite place for a day out? Place to shop? Not much of a shopper but would probably go to Gateway early, kill many birds with one stone and get out of there with my sanity.

Favourite place to relax when the weather is good? At Umdloti or Bronze Beach with my wife and son. Where do you like to work out? One of the Virgin Active gyms, but planning on trying a bit of Crossfit. Maybe could be fun.

What do you see as Umhlanga’s hidden gem? Don’t know if it’s hidden but it would be nice to do a Press Club on the Umhlanga Promenade. So much potential but no site available; a shame really.


w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

What is your favourite restaurant to eat brunch at, in Umhlanga? Don’t eat out for lunch much, but it would probably be Cape Town Fish Market as I enjoy sushi and their Norwegian salmon with savoury rice.

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a


Stuff you should know

Words Jodi van Wyk

Getting Healthy, the easy way...


herever you are these days, someone is talking about how much weight they’ve lost. Or how much they have to lose. Or how often they go to gym. Or how all they eat is salad. Right? Whoa, whoa. Maintaining an active lifestyle and staying healthy is not just down to hours in the gym and surviving on leaves for the rest of your life. Here are a few easy things you can start with right now, to get yourself healthier. Let’s go!

A cry, a smile, a dance

Don’t skip breakfast

Never deprive your body of emotion. If you want to laugh – like,

This is a no brainer (well, it should

the screeching from the tummy type where you get sore sides –

be!) When our mothers told us that

then go for it. If you want to cry, wail so that the polar bears in

“breakfast is the most important

Antarctica hear you. Dance, even if you have two left feet. If you

meal of the day” they were not

bottle up your emotions, you’ll be more stressed and knotted than

joking. Eat before you leave for

a pretzel – which is ultimately so unhealthy! Let go, have fun…it’s

work – cereal and a fruit should be

good for you!

alright. It should tide you over so you’ll be less prone to a large, overindulgent lunch.

Water yourself Personally, I struggle with this one and I know I’m not alone. Either I forget, or I get annoyed at having to hop up and down to the loo. If you’re forgetful, leave an empty glass on your desk or empty bottle in your car. Fill it up with water every time you leave your desk/car.

Take the steps I can just hear my legs crying out in agony. Seriously, people. As easy it is to hit the buttons on the elevator, suck it up. The stairs will give your heart and lungs and

Calm down Really, this is probably the

good workout. The more often

easiest tip…but the most

you do it, the less it will hurt.

difficult to implement. Actively


train yourself not to freak out, flip or melt down. Count to 10 (or 1000, in my case) and slow

Read your labels

your heart rate down before

Aha! Here’s one we can all benefit

healthy body.

you react. A healthy mind is a

from. Before you buy something, turn it over and check what’s in it. Try to cut down on sugars, fats and oils, unless you’re banting


then watch out for all things sugar,

Although some of us hide our capes behind our bathroom doors, we are not all

ending with –ose, carbs and grains.

super heroes. Our bodies need a minimum of eight hours’ sleep for our brains

If you’re at a restaurant don’t be

to function normally. (I know mine does…I’m a ray of sunshine otherwise).

shy to ask about ingredients either.

Rather record that late night movie and watch it later. Your body will thank you.

10 |

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FPP9728 FPP9728


Financial Services BMW Financial Services






Contact one of our Sales Executives to book a test-drive.

Contact one of our Sales Executives to book a test-drive.

Auto Umhlanga





FOR DYNAMIC SERVICE OUR DEDICATED NEW CAR SALES TEAM ARE WAITING TO WELCOME YOU AT AUTO UMHLANGA. From left front to back: Danvir Pooran (New Car Sales Manager); Ayanda Lugagu (Sales Executive); Bradley Williams (Sales Executive); Valashni Moodliar (Finance Manager); Mark Nourse (Sales Executive); Cindy Eloff (Stock Controller/ Sales Executive); Koogan Naidoo (Sales Executive); From right front to back: Kuben Naidoo (Dealer Principal); Kauthar Sirkhot (Customer Relationship Consultant); Kimeshen Raman (Sales Executive); Justin Augustine (Sales Executive); Tracy Smith (Customer Relationship Manager) w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a


Sheer Driving Ple Driving Pleasure


| 11

WE’LL COVER IT Having a launch, event or something social you want us to cover? Email us at

Greedy Buddha Opening Palm Boulevard The Scene The Greedy Buddha had already established its popularity in Durban North and has now brought its unique, Asianinfused flair to Palm Boulevard. Media and invited guests tasted their way around the amazing menu…everything from confit duck pancakes to a divine citrus salmon sashimi.



The People 1. Isabel Manow, Nonjabulo Sibisi, Kanyo Mkhize & Masande Majola 2. Ricky Peens & Andrea Da Silva 3. Chef Rutger Eysvogel & Jess Watts 4. Sachin Govender & Janine Moodley 5. Alfred Mpunzana, Nkhanyiso Mpunzana & Niven Padayachee 6. Manjula & Saman Nair 7. John & Elaine Herbst 8. Kubashni Nagapah, Jess Watts & Joanne Hayes







Been spotted? Email us and we’ll send you a complimentary copy of your photo or check out our Facebook page theumhlanga

12 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 13

Social Scene

Woolies Café La Lucia The Scene The Woolworths Café at La Lucia Mall is famous for its groaning harvest table and devastatingly gorgeous desserts. These were showed off at the launch of the newly revamped Café, which is part of a complete overhaul of the entire store.



The People 1. Samantha Naidoo, Riaan Bezuidenhout & Travis Scott 2. Sarah & Kristin Fraser 3. Diya, Avashinee & Yerika Govender 4. Judy Young & Marcia Swanson 5. Kubashni Nagapah, Tendai “Beast” Mtawarira & Kelly Ettmayr 6. Samantha Naidoo, Karabo Mafokane & Patsy Marie 7. Siya Sibiya, Nombusa Chili & Zakhele Mdlolose





Been spotted? Email us and we’ll send you a complimentary copy of your photo or check out our Facebook page theumhlanga


14 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a


Why shop at Cycle Specialists? Cycle Specialists, only stock premium brands Most experienced bike shop. We have a fully skilled/equipped professional workshop We help sell your old goods or trade ins

Cycle Specialists is a complete cycling destination store, catering for all kinds of bike enthusiasts.

68 Kensington Drive, Durban North, Durban

031 563 4333










From 12pm

GATEWAY 031 566 3334 Shop G324, Gateway Theatre of Shopping. 1 Palm Court Blvd VAT incl. While stock lasts. Not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion. Terms and Conditions apply. The visuals are for descriptive purposes and meals served could vary.

Enjoy Responsibly. Alcohol Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18. w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a | 15


Social Scene

Fashionistas and Fair Ladies Oyster Box Hotel The Scene Fabulously dressed ladies gathered at a fabulous venue for a fabulous morning – unbeatable! Ladies enjoyed a morning of yummy treats at The Oyster Box, listening to fashion tips from Wendy Hind of Chato Romano and checking out the latest designs from the talented Carol Clark.



The People 1. Thrisha Soni, Ruwayda Redfearn, Gio Marcondes & Paula Bennett 2. Lorraine Farrer & Vibeke Meehan 3. Terry Thomas & Carrol Fisher 4. Jenni Hammon & Jayne Law 5. Abby Waller, Linda Creed & Karyn Kershaw 6. Tamarin & Bonnie Brunton 7. A model showing off a stunning Carol Clark design. 8. Clair O’Brien & Jayde Theveneu







Been spotted? Email us and we’ll send you a complimentary copy of your photo or check out our Facebook page theumhlanga

16 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a


Barrio is the perfect venue for any private event: birthday, wedding, romantic anniversary or cocktails with your friends, with fabulous in-house co-ordination. The lively Mediterranean vibe extends to the menu. A WiFi-enabled conference venue makes it perfect for business, too. Monthly events keep things interesting and spicy.

Barrio Shop 7, 12 on Palm Boulevard Umhlanga , Durban , South Africa | Tel: 031 566 7456 | w Fax 031566 7404 w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a | 17

Social Scene

Eora Winter menu tasting Umhlanga Rocks The Scene Eora, a trendy eatery in Umhlanga Rocks, hosted their winter menu tasting recently. The intimate evening involved sampling smaller versions of delicious Eora dishes – including spicy chickpea soup, chicken and prawn samoosas and chilli and cinnamon braised beef short rib…with a show-stopping red velvet bread and butter pudding.



The People 1. Jeff & Debbie Killian 2. Berenice Bredenkamp & Chardé Barnard 3. Matthew Starkey & Timothy Baker 4. Sean Gehlig & Kayleen Justus 5. Maureen Hosking, Rosemary Hyland & Ann Boshoff 6. Nathan & Bonnie McMiles 7. Sam Vandersteen & Daniel Kubeck 8. Kubashni Nagapah & Jodi van Wyk







Been spotted? Email us and we’ll send you a complimentary copy of your photo or check out our Facebook page theumhlanga

18 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Social Scene







Been spotted? Email us and we’ll send you a complimentary copy of your photo or check out our Facebook page theumhlanga


w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 19

Fathers Day Feature

Fathers in Photo Credit: Shot at The Oyster Box Hotel by Samantha Akker Basson – Precision Photography Ballito

20 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Words Jodi van Wyk

Fathers Day Feature


henever Father’s Day nears a plethora of kitschy quotes about fathers, and what makes them great, crops up. But I find them all so generic, nothing like the priceless wisdom you glean from your father – or a man who fills that role in your life. Because fathering a child is not just about biology…it’s about mentorship, understanding, influence and love. That was among treasured sentiments shared around a table with five strong, grounded men, who each brought a unique perspective on fathering. Their collective thoughts were poignant and formed a pool of invaluable insight as we pay homage not only to the role of a father, but to the family as a whole.

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 21

Father’s Day Feature

they learnt from their ng two thoughts: a piece of advice We asked the fathers to share alo ldren. would like to share with their chi y the on less life e abl valu one own fathers and

Tom Basson “Be Present”

Father to William (4) and Luke (2) “It begins with acknowledging that parenting is difficult – for a man, that’s not easy. My father was a CA, a man who did everything by the book. I remember him giving me a credit card during my varsity days and having to send a receipt to him every time I used it. But I know everything he did was out of love; as a father now, I always seek to balance discipline and love. I find that when I’m connected to my sons I have to do less disciplining. I’m OCD and I like control and order, but with my children I’ve had to learn to let go and focus more on my relationship with them. They must build the self-control to obey an instruction even when I’m not around. A lesson I’m instilling in my boys, for one day when they are fathers, is: never compare your behind the scenes to someone else’s highlight reel. Your family is yours and it’s unique; don’t feel bad because you are not as perfect as others seem. Being a good father is just being present…there are others who could probably do my job, but nobody else can be my children’s father.”

Shaun Trennery “Never be too proud to provide”

Father to Amy (9) and Blake (7) “My father was quite the hands-off type…there was not much physical contact. He did not actively supply lessons to me, as would be the case with most fathers of that time, but I extracted and gleaned so much knowledge from him. My father’s business went through ups and downs and I remember him doing whatever it took – up to selling second hand shirts at a flea market – to provide for us. In that, I learnt that as a father I must never be too proud to go above and beyond for your children. I want my children to understand their limits but not be intimidated by them. Sometimes being irrational and taking a risk is worth it; there are no rules unless we put them there. Because we think we’re excelling, we don’t strive. I always tell Amy and Blake to break the mould, push past fear and do something nobody has done before.”

Grant Pringle “Create a family unit”

Father to Jamie (4) and Matt (18 months) “My father was a businessman. He was a phenomenal father but if I reflect now, being a father myself, I see how he struggled to balance work and business commitments with our family. These days, guys get stuck in and bath their children, change nappies and the lot; that wasn’t the done thing back then but we do it today easily. One thing my father did, which I strive for continuously, was create a family unit. One where we all were connected and dependent on each other. It ties in perfectly with what I want my boys to carry with them through life: be friends with each other. Growing up, my brother and I didn’t really like each other until we were 17 years old. Once we got past the silly fights we became best friends – there is no stronger bond than the one you share with your sibling. I encourage my boys every day to be good, close friends.”

22 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Michael Smith “Have fun”

Father to Charlton (5) “My father was not one for designer or brand names. He was a practical person when I was younger…he could not pay R500 for a pair of Nike shoes if he could get more practical, or longer lasting ones, for half that price. He taught me the lesson of value. It was quite depressing at the time but it’s rubbed off on me; you will find me at the Cape Union Mart rather than the Sportsman’s Warehouse to buy my weekend clothes. And – only replace wear and tear every three years, instead of six months! I love my father but he was not one for a laugh or a joke most of the time. In this, I have taught my son the lesson of fun, which I would like him to remember. With the limited time I get with him out of work time, his smile is all that matters to me.”


Stir-fried Organic Beef Rump with Black Pepper Sauce, Char-grilled Broccoli, Chilli & Garlic


Chilli & Cinnamon Braised Beef Short Rib


Justin Scott “Be Better”

Father to Ceagan (17), Roxann (15) and Datin (11) “I never had a positive role model in my father; my parents were divorced when I was six months old. My grandfather – we called him the last gentleman – never had much physical contact with us but he taught me to work hard for the people I love. Another man who sowed into my life is my wife’s father. When I

met Lorinda, I watched her father closely and learnt so much: respect, family and love. I was determined to impart that to my children. I am passionate about being a father to those who need you; I’m not perfect, but I’m present in every moment with my children. I always tell Ceagan and Datin to be a better father than I am; not to say I’m a bad father, but just imagine if every generation got just a little better. What a legacy we would have. A piece of advice I want to pass on comes from my mentor, Kevin Potter: you are no different to the people you meet and the books you read. Keep reading to broaden your scope. And, as iron sharpens iron, so man sharpens man – allow people in your life who will make you better, and do the same for others.”

Eggs Benedict with Char-grilled Gammon & Spinach

Shop 80 Protea Mall, 190 Ridge Rd (Cnr Lighthouse Rd), Umhlanga Rocks @eorarestaurant

031 561 7541 w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 23

Outdoor Feature

Words Jodi van Wyk


24 |

Playground A nywhere else around the world, winter conjures up images of gloves, beanies, woollen scarves and trench coats. But here, in the sun-kissed bubble of Umhlanga, we ‘cover up’ with a light jacket and – on those

really cold days – maybe an extra pair of socks. Added to our long list of why we love Umhlanga is our

incredible weather…and that winter is so not an excuse to throw fitness out of the frosted window. We have rounded up the most interesting (and fun) ways to keep fit during winter – let’s play, Umhlanga!

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Outdoor Feature

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 25

Outdoor Feature

Chris Saunders Park

This park is always quiet, so it’s ideal. And the best part: if you work or live in Umhlanga it’s more or less within walking or short driving distance. Drive or trot there during your lunch break and take a walk around the perimeter; it’s quite sizeable so you’ll work up a good sweat. When you’re done, cool down under one of the lush trees in the park with an energy drink. Bliss.

Photo Credit: Carrisa Naidoo

Rovers Sports Ground

One of the oldest clubs in the area and home to the Berea Rovers. Rugby, cricket, hockey and squash all find a home at this time-honoured ground. You can head down there to either watch or play a game, whatever tickles your fancy. You can feel the proud history pulsating through this ground; a real gem for the area and a great place to get fit. Contact 031 312 6154

26 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Active arena at Gateway

No, it’s not just for shopping, eating and movies…hands up if that’s the first time you’ve heard that! I see you. The Gateway Sports Arena is amazing: six-a-side soccer, volleyball and netball are all on offer in social and competitive leagues. There are three world-class synthetic turf pitches, change room facilities and a cricket league coming soon. A clubhouse is perfect to host a party or team building event and they’ve got DSTV facilities for you to watch sport. You’ll be safe with qualified sports stop and experienced referees. Contact 083 604 0435

Photo Credit Steve Haag

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 27

Outdoor Feature

Lagoon Hiking Trail

Umhlanga, directly translated from isiZulu, means ‘place of the reeds’. It earned its name for the clumps of reeds on the banks of the Ohlange River. Take a walk on the wild side at the Umhlanga Lagoon Nature Trail and become one with nature. Take your family along for some active fun or enjoy solitude as you go on a beautiful discovery through natural heritage and a dense forest that is years old. The trail takes about 90 minutes to complete, ending at a gorgeous lagoon. Yes, you can take your camera for selfies, if you must. Contact 031 561 4257 Photo Credit: Carrisa Naidoo

28 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Umhlanga Promenade

This is probably one of the most famous and (we are so biased) best looking promenades in the world. The Promenade starts at the Breakers Resort, heads past the iconic Umhlanga Lighthouse in front of the renowned Oyster Box Hotel and stops just short of Durban in the south. If you’re feeling brave it’s a 3km walk, otherwise pick a piece of it and enjoy a slow walk. Stop on the beach every so often and take a swim. Or visit the Umhlanga Pier, with its illustrious design jutting out over the beach.

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 29

School Rugby


Northwood Rugby Team

30 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Words Justin Scott

School Rugby


chool rugby is intense stuff. It comes with bucket loads of passion for the boys and spectators. Watching scholars on the side lines, chanting and cheering songs steeped in tradition as they carry their teams, hopefully to victory against longstanding rivals, invokes goose bumps. I might be tarred and feathered for claiming there is more of an emotional connection to school rugby, than professional.

professional approach to the sport, using scholarships and other incentives to attract top talent. While that still isn’t the game plan at Northwood - they choose to follow a more rounded approach to sport as a whole - they have made impressive changes to their rugby strategy and are already seeing positive results. In doing so, they are drawing the community closer. We speak to recently appointed Director of Rugby Grant Bashford about what they’ve been doing.

One such school is Northwood High. They have had a challenging ten years as their rugby has fallen behind other Durban schools, which have taken more of a

Grant has a history with Northwood; He is a Northlands old boy and returned to Northwood, then merged Beachwood and Northlands, in ‘92 to spend 13

years teaching and coaching rugby. He left for a short stint in private business before joining the KZN Rugby Union as a coaching officer, coaching coaches to coach. In 2005 Dick Muer took over as Sharks coach and asked Grant to join his team as assistant coach. That was the start of an eight-year journey with the Sharks, which ended in 2013. Northwood Old Boys approached Grant to bring the school’s rugby to a level where it could compete with its rivals once again. There is no question that Grant brings great depth and experience to rugby at Northwood and he is seeing good results a year into his time ‘back home’.

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 31

School Rugby

“When I arrived late last year there were definite areas that needed attention,” said Grant. He talks about how other schools had 10 years on Northwood when it came to rugby in areas like recruitment, conditioning and a scientific approach to coaching. “The first six months as first team coach were all about getting the level of conditioning up, so the boys would be ready to play in the league ahead of them. They had great size but you can’t win games if you’re not fit enough to play a full 80 minutes.” In Northwood’s first ‘reinvigorated’ season they had a few good games and beat a few schools

32 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

people didn’t give them a chance against. They won against Hilton College for the first time in over 20 years, in addition to a win over Jo’burg-based Jeppe High, ranked 9th at the time. These early wins showed that Northwood has great potential and the coaching team as onto something. Sport at Northwood is still what many of us know as traditional. The boys may have a favourite sport, like rugby, but they still play the primary sports like water polo and cricket at different times of the year. Grant believes this is a good thing. “I, myself played a range of sports at school and went on to represent

KZN in both cricket and rugby. The rugby team is still training pre-season; we just do it after other sport training. This indirectly builds team spirit and cohesion.” 2015 has started off positively for Northwood. It’s been a good recruiting year, intentionally so. The U14A tea, the foundation of future rugby, is presently ranked sixth nationally. The first XV have drawn from last year’s U16 team – which didn’t win a single match – making it a tough base to build on. Fortunately Grant has taken a long term view on rugby and has put together a young first team for 2015, with nine players still in

grade 11. Northwood knew there would be some losses this year as the young team gained experience, planning to have a stronger 2016 team with greater depth. They have already exceeded expectations this year, winning 2 out of 3 at the KEZ Rugby Festival in Jo’burg, which sees some of the country’s top schools competing. They also lost narrowly to Jeppe High, where Grant feels they could have won. “Northwood is competing with a young team and working on building a brand of rugby that’s both enjoyable for the boys to play, while attracting the community back to the school. It’s about our supporters leaving feeling like they’ve watched a great game of rugby, win or lose.” There are still challenges for Northwood as they have to deal with losing much of the younger talent from traditional feeder schools to the more ‘professional’ rugby schools. The feeder schools all produce exceptional talent and Grant is hopeful that the new style of rugby along with a rounded sporting focus will start attracting talent again. Northwood is once again looking promising as the boarding trend seems to shift to parents wanting their kids at home more. The school and coaches also understand that unless boys go on to play for the Sharks, which is a select few, they won’t

be treated as professionally as they are at first team level again in their rugby careers. Durban club rugby exists but struggles to match the backing and focus currently being invested into many of the school’s first teams. Northwood boys are treated as professionally as possible. They have physio, chiro, strapping, video sessions, analyses and all the technical assessment the professional teams get. While the real stars in rugby are getting contracted at school level already Grant and the Northwood team believe the prize of becoming a professional is really taking its toll on young boys, many of whom who are ambitious to play for the Sharks but have already had an major operation of some sort. “Boys are trying to rush their progress, going to the gym to early and pushing weights that are too heavy for where they are in their development. That comes with time and Northwood’s plan is to develop and condition players at the right pace to see them reach their best potential, properly.” As director of rugby at Northwood Grant and the team have worked on upskilling coaches across all the age groups. Additionally, in pre-season they include coaches from feeder schools who are interested in sharing ideas and learning new coaching skills. As first team coach he doesn’t get to spend as much time with the junior teams, so a

t assis t will u e j d s W o fin ting to t u yo ht fit d ig e an the r our styl y suit home. Our products range from contemporary international styles, modern interpretations of classic design and local South African designs.

Visit our NEW showroom for: • A vast selection of designoriented light fittings from exquisite pendants to ceiling, wall, floor and table lighting • Professional lighting solutions • Project and Commercial Lighting • Energy efficient lighting options • Value added and efficient service


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| 33

School Rugby

common coaching style is imperative to make sure the style of rugby is the same across all ages. The same calling system has been implemented throughout rugby along with a standard form of conditioning. Conditioning is at the heart of the schools new approach to rugby to ensure that the potential that is there is unlocked through being properly prepared. “Everybody wants to play first team but there is responsibility to being a first team player – sacrifice, effort, fitness and commitment.” Grant says their game plan and strategy is going to change every year. “Northwood will see what talent the boys bring and the game plan will change as we play to our strengths. Where there is need to fill talent we will look to scout boys, like this year where the team

34 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

includes one or two boys from Holland who bring a different skillset to the team. One year may be more focused on process and skill development, accepting you won’t win every game, but that you are working on performance and wins for the following year. The overall strategy is to develop boys into better rugby players and put together a good team each year.” The approach to developing the boys also has some unique elements at Northwood. All the boys are tracked through a smart technology solution that looks how far they travel in a game and the intensity they are running at. They get this feedback, along with the other information, every Monday. Grant shows me the stats from a game they played just a few days prior, and he confirms coaching is not just on the field; there is

a science to it that must be applied. This is unique to Northwood and something that will help develop future players to reach their latent potential. The players say rugby at Northwood is fun. Coaching is hard but only because it’s working at making the best possible team out of the collection of boys they have, and they are hungry to play winning rugby and make the rest of the school proud. Steeped in its own traditions rugby at Northwood looks very promising and while the results are never guaranteed, the school would love to see the community return to watching local school boy rugby, where something has changed, and is looking promising.

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| 35

Business Feature/Cover Story

True to

Words Jodi van Wyk

the core Gerald Wells certainly needs no introduction. His name is synonymous with quality, class and unmistakable excellence in hair care. He is undoubtedly an industry trendsetter, a leader and innovator with decades of experience. With stores nationwide the GW brand is showing no signs of cooling off; quite the opposite, in fact. We sit down with the enigmatic Gerald and his son Wesley to find out how they marry the old with the new, keep their brand relevant and hear about their plans for the future.

36 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Business Feature/Cover Story

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 37

Business Feature/Cover Story


chatted to Gerald and Wesley at a café on a relatively quiet weekday morning. The first thing that strikes me is the mutual respect between father and son and their identical mannerisms. Both are surfers, which is what Gerald was doing just before he ventured into hairdressing (or, as he called it: ‘beach bumming’). “I studied engineering for two months and was not enjoying it. My older brother’s mate had a salon and they were hiring so I went for the interview. And there I was, a 19-year-old fully booked doing hair.” That 19-year-old became one of the top stylists in the world at 21, working for the exclusive John Frieda Salon in London – one of only eight stylists with a chair in the legendary team. Gerald – a former South African hair champion and photographic hairdresser of the year – started running his own salons in 1984. Today, there are 13 stores in the Gerald Wells stable including three in Johannesburg, one in Pretoria, two in Cape Town and seven in Durban. There are four stores at Gateway and the balance being at The Pavillon, Ballito and Umdloti. The Gateway store is one of the largest in its class, boasting 29 chairs. The brand has evolved to include Splush; the biggest retailer in professional hair care in South Africa, Trend; specialising in ethnic hair and an in-house barber that offers professional hair styling and shaves. Gerald Wells is the only salon to expand nationally, from the Durban area – they aim to open between 35 and 40 stores. Much of the retail side of things is taken care of by Gerald’s innovative son Wesley. He was introduced into the business around the time Gerald’s time behind the chair ended, and he felt he needed a new direction. Wesley, a former Quiksilver-endorsed surfer,

38 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

started working with his father six years ago. “I studied marketing and business management and was working for a company that had the license for GHD in South Africa. I was not a nine to five, behind a desk person so when the opportunity came to join my father, it was exciting. Now, my job involves going store to store meeting with suppliers, motivating our staff and stylists. It’s tailor-made for me because I’ve got a passion for retail; what we do is truly unique.” Wesley and his father agree that opening new stores is one of the best parts of business. “It never loses its appeal. Every time we’re lucky enough to broaden our scope, it’s amazing. I love that every day is different.” Gerald

added that all their business success is down to cultivating and maintaining solid partnerships. “That is paramount. Relationships are the foundation of good business; ours is family-driven and we simply enjoy what we do. Everyone we work with is treated the same, as part of our family and with respect.” Gerald is equally as passionate about his children as he is his business. “My daughter Jade and second son Dylan get annoyed with Wesley and I because we seem to always talk business,” he laughs. “But my kids inspire me. Jade and her friends give me ideas from a younger perspective and Dylan is amazing with graphic design, so he’s already making

RELISH excellence


Enjoy our Rapido Breakfast

of grilled bacon, one egg, grilled tomato & a slice of toast

& get a complimentary Americano Filter Coffee


his way into the business. But, if any of them want to work with me it must be their own decision. I’d never force them. I learn from my children every day.” Wesley recalls his first few years in a salon: washing hair and sweeping at 13 years old. “All my friends were out surfing and I was working. My father even gave me a ‘pot’ haircut and I hit the ramp in one of his hair shows. Now, I’m grateful because it was meant to be.” When I ask Gerald what the secret to endurance in business is, he does not hesitate. “In business and life, I’ve stayed true to my core. All of my peers have done the same; the stalwarts in this industry have displayed dedication, hard work and persistence.” He holds tight to the idea that hair is an art form. “Stylists elevate people. When you come into the salon it’s your time out. I’ve seen clients walk in stressed and frazzled and leave feeling fantastic. You have got to believe that you transform your client,” Both Gerald and Wesley strive for professionalism in the salons. “When you walk in, it’s game face on and it’s show time.

“Greatness is a lot of small things done well. All I can do is be me, whoever that is.” – Bob Dylan. This quote is up on the office wall at Gerald Wells Gateway. It sums up the character of Gerald himself and that of his business perfectly. Gerald, who has been in hairdressing since 1976, has a single ideology to thank for his longevity: “I never sold out who I was for the sake of my job. I knew who I was and that was never going to change. Hairdressing has changed significantly since I started out with roller sets and back-combing,” he chuckles. “But one thing has not remained constant. I love what I do and I’m still just Gerald: a surfer, an ordinary guy who is passionate about what he does.” We are just a bunch of ordinary people doing extra ordinary things consistently, which comes through in our passion, hair and hair care.

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| 39

40 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Words Jodi van Wyk

Travel Review

Life is busy. Understatement of the millennium, I know. The business of publishing and magazines is one of constant bustle, deadlines and (nearly always) a tinge of panic. We thrive on the adrenaline rush of pushing a magazine through to print…and all of us have experienced that whoosh when we hold the glossy copy in our hands. But we – that’s everyone from the bosses to sales ladies to designers – need a break. And as with everything else we do, we took a breather as FABulously as we could: we hauled the entire FabMags bunch and partners off for a weekend at The Hatchery.

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 41

Travel Review

t wasn’t don’t like to relax. No, tha tly. rec cor d a typo – you rea athe Whenever I find time to bre mind my find I s for a few minute ed vinc con I’ve il unt wandering off n. otte forg I’ve ing myself there’s someth d, han my to d My phone is always fuse emails and beeping and blooping with noticed when I g the like. So, the first thin on a balmy ry che we arrived at The Hat plete lack com the Friday afternoon was lence. …si And of signal on my phone. weekend; ire ent the That set the tone for gentle the was the only ‘noise’ I heard sque ure pict the lapping of water from a fish of cry ant dist river mouth and the eagle as it flew over.


ch as we The Hatchery – or, the Hat 45 minute a ut were calling it – is abo dirt road The . lito drive north, from Bal fun. the of t to access it is only par to mind; es com t Rustic is the word tha o soft ont s car we stepped out of our ggling wri d love we pillows of sand and mies tum our ore our toes around. Bef e. littl a d lore exp started rumbling we er eth tog d tere Little buildings are clus all a, are hen kitc around a communal separates you facing a river mouth that You are ch. Bea from the Dokodweni arcane sug by d completely surrounde off cut l fee to y and water, so it’s eas dicine me t righ the st from civilisation…ju ted star m tea The if you want to relax. ing eat and hen kitc off at the communal ng ndi spe up ed area, where we end the weekend. most of our time through who live es ladi g The team of amazin r us from afte ked on the premises loo who has ny, Pen . ved the second we arri her and rs, yea for been at the Hatch and k coo y the l; crew are phenomena you or it, t ues req clean for you if you nu if you can order from the full me together ai bra a prefer. We enjoyed even load not – ight by fire and candlel rse, when cou Of us. shedding bothered the lights and off are all the cellphones

42 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

have also gone poof, then you really get into some good conversation. It was so refreshing to sit around a fire with our feet in sand, laughing and sharing stories with each other. The rooms at The Hatchery are homely and comfortable. Beds (on wheels, how absolutely cool is that?) are made from wooden pallets and covered in soft, downy bedding. The floors are cement and give you a delicious fright when you jump out of bed in the morning. Even the shower, with its bucolic-type flooring and one-way windows, makes you feel as though you’re showering in the bush – takes a bit of getting used to, but oh what a feeling! Rooms sleep between two and six adults, most with a double

bed and single beds, with an annexure bathroom. Let me just pause here to talk about waking up to see the sun rise: I’ve watched it half-heartedly through my windscreen on the way to work, sure. But waking up around 7am, seeing the sky burning orange and a shimmer of gold glittering across glassy water was incomparable. Lunch at the Prawn Shak was an experience all on its own. Just a quick hop, skip and bump from The Hatch is the gorgeous Prawn Shak, where words like ‘I’m in a rush’ and ‘let’s have a quick bite to eat’ simply don’t exist. The first course of eight is served at midday, a

y b d e r Inspi y t u a e B EXCLUSIVE CRYSTAL CHANDELIER AND FURNITURE Tel: 031 566 3889 Shop No2, 12 On Palm Blvd,Gateway Umhlanga Ridge, Durban w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a | 43

delightful Caprice salad. You barely notice the afternoon waning as the courses just keep on coming: a mini-prawn bunny chow, fish, Zulu sushi (seared beef fillet that makes angels dance on your taste buds) ending with camembert and fruit. The drinks flow, of course, all served in enamel mugs. The rules by which you must eat each course are enforced by the staff, who laughingly give you ‘strict’ instructions. We were very sad to leave the Prawn Shak, having had another afternoon of laughter (LOTS of laughter) and storytelling. Of course, we were all

44 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

stuffed to the gills when we got back to The Hatch on Saturday night, but we rustled up a fire in a drum and enjoyed each other’s’ company again. If you’re into fishing, then The Hatchery is right up your alley: the river mouth practically screams “please fish here!” Most of the guys trotted down and spent a few hours with their rods, yielding some pleasing results. Now, while the boys were fishing the girls had to find something to do: we took photographs (yes, we did!).

The couples all took advantage of the gorgeous surroundings to snap a few selfies with some of us going all the way and doing full-on photo shoots. It’s perfect for a rustic wedding as well! There’s an abundance of ‘hangout’ spots so, if you want to be alone for a while, you’ve got that option: there’s the gin pool, the ‘chill zone’, the little ponds and a deck that juts out over the river mouth…bliss, I tell you. Play table tennis, or hop on a canoe if that’s your flavour. Sunday morning came by way too quickly. We reluctantly packed up our bags, all the while admiring that stunning view and breathing in the air around us…clean, fresh, unpolluted… wow. Just wow. The Hatchery was so many wonderful things all rolled into one: it allowed us to connect with each other in the most organic way possible. Without most of the ‘luxuries’ we think we need every day, we found different ways to pass the time without TV, iPads and our cellphones. The close proximity to nature and creation made us stop,

pause and reflect on how blessed we are to live the lives we live. How we all work together as a fluid team. How we desperately need that ‘pause’ in our lives, just to stop and take it all in. At The Hatchery you are surrounded by such overwhelming, unspoiled earthy purity, that you can’t help but leave feeling absolutely refreshed and rejuvenated. A few of us remarked that it was tremendous how close this little jewel was to us, a piece of heaven less than an hour away. I would absolutely – and this goes for our entire FabMags brood – recommend The Hatchery for a weekend (or even longer) away. We also recommend going in group, book out the whole place with family or friends, it just completes the entire package. You will come away feeling like a new person, inside and out.

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Tel: 031 566 3889 Shop No2, 12 On Palm Blvd,Gateway Umhlanga Ridge, Durban w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a | 45

Surfing Feature

Only Surfers Know

Words Jodi van Wyk

What It Feels Like

46 |

“I’m Sam. I’m seventeen. I surf.” He bounds in to greet me wearing boardies, an enormous grin and a tan most would pay for. His eyes are positively dancing as he says hello and his next words explain his buoyant mood: “I just got out of the water!” Surfing is ingrained in Sam Christianson, and here’s why.

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Surfing Feature Photo Credit John Dancaster, Ian Thurtell and Alex Mcgeown

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 47

Surfing Feature

I will never forget that feeling; I was so amped I rode the wave right out to shore until my board hit the sand


orn in Johannesburg, Sam says there was precious little to do in his free time so he picked up skateboarding. The family relocated to Durban North when Sam was 10 years old and his nose followed the salty scent, to surfing lessons with his father Grant. “I wasn’t going to learn unless my father did it. He was way better than me when we first started out. I thought learning to surf would be easier than what it actually was…I put my wetsuit on back to front the first time!” Sam began living for Sunday morning surf lessons at Addington Beach and was soon rewarded with his first wave. “I will never forget that feeling; I was so amped I rode the wave right out to shore until my board hit the sand.” Sam fondly recalls his first board: a second hand, yellow Peter Lawson, which he was surprised with at his grandmother’s house. “I was so stoked to have a board of my own but I had no idea I’d get so hooked.” Sam’s first competition was rocky. “The waves

48 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

were bad, I was stressed and it just didn’t go well. My parents took me home and banned me from competitive surfing until, two years later, I was begging to try again.” The entire family tagged along to Sam’s first KwaZulu-Natal trials, with pockets of tentative hope. Grant recalls watching Sam surf against more experienced competitors and packing up after the first heat. “But then Sam ran up and told us he got through. After every heart we’d pack up, thinking he wouldn’t have got through. He kept proving us wrong and I think that’s when the bug bit.” Sam’s surfing career has since swelled, taking him to competitions in Mossel Bay, Port Elizabeth and the famous Jeffrey’s Bay to compete in the short and longboard forms. “Every year I compete in the South African Champs and it’s become our family holiday. I am always so lucky to have my whole family there to support me,” Sam laughs. The enigmatic youngster was most recently awarded the Surfer’s Surfer Award, which involved surfers from

each province nominating their favourite surfer in and out of the water. “That was humbling, to know my peers think that highly of me.” He is on Clifton College’s surf team but that’s not the only place Sam’s talents lie – he is a qualified lifeguard, plays water polo, cricket, indoor soccer and club hockey. And though he spends most of free time at the beach, he doesn’t see a career in surfing. “I’d love to go overseas to study.” Sam still surfs with his father, waking up at 4.15am - half an hour before first light to get the best waves at North Beach...though Sam admits he isn’t such a fan of opening his eyes in the dark! But just the thought of a few hours in the waves gets him moving: “There is nothing that gives me peace and calm like surfing does. A bad day just dissolves when I ride a wave. The water is thundering all around me but my head is silent and clear; when that wave is coming I feel the adrenaline inside me.”

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| 49

Swimming Feature

Words Jodi van Wyk

Swim, baby Swim


ver heard the term “water baby”? Carmen and Clarice Le Roux are the prettiest embodiment of the term I’ve seen: the La Lucia sisters are already champion swimmers

and both are yet to hit their twenties. I caught up with the girls over cool drinks at Europa.

50 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Swimming Feature

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 51

Swimming Feature

Carmen (17) and Clarice (18) were born just 18 months apart but are practically joined at the hip. One is blonde, the other a brunette but both have the same twinkle in their eye when I ask them about the one thing that brings them together – swimming. The Vereenigingborn sisters have been swimming “pretty much since we could walk,” says Carmen. “Our parents sent us for lessons when we were really little, just so we could learn to swim. They wanted us to learn how to be water-safe if we ever got into trouble. We liked it just as much as the other children who were swimming, then we really got into it.” School galas followed those beginning lessons and the girls developed rapidly. By the time they reached their teens they were competing in the national championships. “The first taste of competition was when we figured there was a future to swimming. It was amazing to come together with other like-minded people and share in this thing we loved – the water,” said Clarice. And they were doing more than just competing, they were making their mark. In 2013, Clarice placed second in the Open Water Championships in Barcelona, finishing a 10-kilometre race with ease. “I really enjoyed swimming that distance in open water. I think it’s more mental than physical: if you start with that on your mind, you’ll get tired but if you break it into pieces and pace yourself, it’s a pleasure.” Carmen, who also placed in the junior open water championships in Hungary, echoed those sentiments. “Of course you have to mentally prepare yourself before a big swim but it’s also about concentration on the day. Before I jump in, I clear my head and focus on the water…everything else comes naturally.” Neither sister expected to do as well as they have done so far. “At every championship it’s been more about the experience for us. But once you see you have an advantage, it’s different. I enjoy swimming but I never thought I’d get as far as I have.”

52 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Carmen and Clarice are now home-schooled due to their rigorous swimming routine. They swim up to five hours a day, training in several forms. “The discipline that comes with swimming is one of the best things about it. There is no time to think about anything else. It’s just my body and the water,” said Carmen. And though they are together almost all the time, the girls insist they hardly fight. “We are sisters, so we’re very close. We train in the same lane and we swim in the same events,” said Carmen. “If my sister does better than me then it’s okay. We cheer each other on; there’s no rivalry.”

In July, the Le Roux girls will jet off to Russia. The first 10 swimmers placed in this event will qualify for the Olympic Games, which both Carmen and Clarice have their eyes on. “It would be amazing to swim in the Olympics, but again…it’s mostly about the experience. There will be swimmers there who are more experienced than us, but it’s about putting ourselves up against the best and giving our best,” said Clarice, winking at her sister. “But as long as we get to do it together, that’s all that matters.”


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| 53




Umhlanga, Durban

Fourways, Johannesburg

Century City, Cape Town


Professional call answering Fully furnished offices State-of-the-art meeting rooms High-speed WiFi internet Multi-function document centres Video conferencing On-site cafe

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Words Jodi van Wyk

Restaurant Review


’ve walked by Europa countless times – you can’t miss it on any trip to La Lucia Mall. Its gorgeous bare brick and cheery awning, huge pizza oven and bustling atmosphere remind me of a cobblestoned street in Venice. This then, works perfectly with the Italian-style cuisine on offer, which Sharlene and I were very eager to taste. Owner Craig Davidson gave us a lovely booth and settled us in with drinks; Europa is always a hive of activity…everyone from busy mums to business colleagues stop in for a bite. The Europa menu is extensive: pastas, wraps, steaks, deli sandwiches and a great

wine list will satisfy any palette. We chose the bruschetta trio to share (saving space for our mains!) and were in love from the first bite. The ciabatta was toasted perfectly and topped with mozzarella, tomato and pesto, grilled mushroom, feta and rocket and olive tapenade and oven-roasted tomato. This is great to tide you over while you wait for mains, or even as a small meal for those who are not so hungry. We were spoilt for choice with mains, but Sharlene was determined to have a pasta; she went for the Montanara with a creamy Napoletana sauce, bacon, mushrooms and chicken strips. The sauce was tangy and complimented the saltiness of the bacon beautifully. A winning combination! I decided to try

the mozzarella and brown mushroom fillet steak, served with vegetables and the most divine roast potatoes I have ever had. I loved that the potatoes were done with the skins, making them crispy (love that!) and allowing them to work outstandingly with the veggies. I told Craig I wanted my steak “dead” and he laughingly asked me if he should cremate it! I was pleased that the steak was well done but by no means tough and leathery – the meat was tender and succulent and tasted amazing with the mushroom and cheese. We had absolutely no space for dessert but when I heard “Bar One Cake” I loosened the top button on my jeans, and I was glad I did. Soft, moist cake with a devastating topping…I’ll be back for another slice of that soon! Europa was impressing on all fronts: service, food and ambience. I’ve since had two meetings there and I think it will be one of my regular spots. Mi piace!

call us | 031 562 0889 visit | Shop 114, Ground Floor, La Lucia Mall, La Lucia

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 55

56 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Restaurant Review

Think Fish

Words Lorinda Scott

@ John Dory’s Gateway


hen choosing a restaurant there are just a few where you always know you will have a good meal and walk out satisfied. We visited John Dory’s Gateway and were blown away at the over-and-above service you get there. We love the look and feel of the Gateway branch and the new addition of a supervised kiddie’s area is awesome. But the food here speaks for itself and the passion that Krishaam runs the store with is tangible: happy staff, good food…overall just a fabulous restaurant. We were spoilt with a wide range of foods and, as we say, sometimes you go to a restaurant and only eat that one meal that you love, because it is always good. Krishaam made us try new things and I was pleasantly happy with his choices. For sushi we tried the ever popular prawn avalanche. The bomb

has the works and lives up to its name: It is very definitely the BOMB! And then we tried the tuna crunch roll, which was crunchy, tasty and creamy! For starters we shared a cheesy garlic Maputo roll and pan fried chicken livers with peri peri sauce, finished off with cream! It was delicious! For main we had the ¼ chicken and ribs grilled in whatever basting you prefer. This is a fabulous combo for those who can’t decide what they feel like; also another reminder that JD’s is not just a seafood restaurant but their grills and meats are fabulous too. And then the amazing John’s platter -which must be a firm favourite - amongst most people, two hake fillets, fried, with grilled calamari and four grilled prawns; this is the perfect seafood platter!

mousse and drizzled with dark chocolate ganache. This is decadent, rich and creamy. But I think our new favourite dessert is the chocolate mudslide: soft gooey, dreamy chocolate dessert smothered in a decadent chocolate sauce. Yes, please! Highly recommended as we saw many happy clients walk out of John Dory’s Gateway! Well done - it is always great to see franchisee giving a store its personal touch which makes all the difference!

call us | 031 566 3334 visit | Shop G324, Palm Court Boulevard, Gateway Entertainment World email |

For pudding we had the Millionaires dessert which is a shortbread crumble, with caramel, and white and choc chip

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Peace of Mind

with PWM

“Managing your wealth and achieving your personal

A truly INDEPENDENT financial advisory company, specialising in: • • • • •

Financial Planning Investment Portfolios Estate Planning & Trusts Retirement Planning & Income Risk Cover

Trust cannot be bought, sold or traded. It can only be earned Wealth management requires a strategic approach. Contact us to begin formulating your unique strategy for financial success.

Suite A, Executive Business Suite, Ridgeside Office Park 031 010 0555 Personal Wealth Management (Pty) Ltd is an authorised Financial Services Provider

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Words Jodi van Wyk

and financial goals should be exciting, not stressful”.


hese sentiments resonate within PWM Advisors, an Umhlanga-based, independent wealth management firm. The firm was established in 1996 by Viren Garach, one of the few professionals in South Africa to qualify as a CFP®, CA (SA) and CIMA (London). Under Viren’s leadership, the firm has blossomed to include portfolios of local and international high net-worth individuals. Whilst achieving superior returns and helping clients make sensible financial decisions is the crux of PWM’s job, time is taken to understand the personal goals of clients holistically – not only monetarily. This ensures that the financial picture is painted to match the family picture. “There is much to consider: emotion, family relations, wealth succession and protection. Money is not a hard and fast asset there is a feeling attached to it and

it means different things to different people.” Each member of Viren’s powerful team was handpicked based on their character, ethics and values. There is no hierarchy in the PWM team – every client is welcomed with a personal approach and can liaise directly with the CEO if necessary. With a substantial client base situated outside of Durban – Viren often travels, where clients welcome him to discuss their business and personal financial matters in their own homes. It is this human element that has led to PWM’s loyal client base – comprising families that have stretched across 3 generations. PWM considers this personal relationship that they have cemented with each client as their most valuable asset. The trust placed in the firm was highlighted during the 2008 global financial crisis, where none of their clients panicked or felt the need

Money is not a hard and fast asset - there is a feeling attached to it and ease of implementation being the resultant honey. For a client, the EBS offers a single location where Financial Professionals, Administrative Firms and Lifestyle Companies are housed – creating a multi-solution location for all business needs. to disinvest. In fact, PWM’s calm and disciplined approach in repositioning portfolios to take advantage of the market dislocation, filled their clients with confidence. This peace of mind has freed clients to focus their passion and genius on what they do best – and often this generates even more wealth.

The soundproof glass partitioning adds a modern touch to each suite, which range from the comfortable two-person office to the spacious six-person office. Each suite is furnished with Indian Ebony wood, accentuated with chrome and frosted glass – lending beautifully to the sea views.

PWM has birthed a second successful venture in the Executive Business Suite, situated at the Ridgeside Office Park in Umhlanga. Initially, the opulent Persian chairs and the warm receptionist welcome you to the EBS. With exotic teas, fragrant cappuccinos and Italian biscotti offered to all guests and clients – it is apparent that this is no ordinary office space.

The two state of the art, 7-seater boardrooms, are equipped with Smart TVs and support multiple teleconferencing participants via the 30-line telephone system. EBS has eliminated unpredictability, in providing its occupants with a generator backup and a UPS backup, ensuring zero business disruption.

The intention behind the EBS reaches beyond the desire to create exclusive office space alternatives for businesses to find a home. EBS aims to create a business hub, akin to a beehive: with robust business, exchange of ideas

Viren’s vision for both businesses is to increase national and international scope. “There are many options on the horizon, which are exciting. We want to build on our existing network and look forward to partnering with new clients and businesses.”

SERVICES • Fully serviced office suites (2 to 6 person) • Modern, ergonomically designed furniture • Personal Receptionist • Hi Speed, Uncapped, Fibre Optic Internet • Wi-Fi Access throughout the EBS • High-tech boardrooms and presentation facilities • High visibility brand exposure in Reception • Generator back-up (zero business disruption)

Ridgeside Office Park, Umhlanga

031 010 0550 w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

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Ballet Feature

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Words Jodi van Wyk

Writing with If I was allowed to, I’d change the Lyrics of the Abba anthem to: “… you are the dancing queen, young and sweet …almost seventeen…”

dance I would not be Demmi. Dance is my home and ballet is my safe bubble. When I dance, nobody can touch me or hurt me. Whatever I feel comes through in my dancing and I love that. My feet just move…and my head can relax.”

because it’s the first thing that popped into mind when I met sixteen-year -old Demmi Meek in La Lucia. Demmi is a devastating combination: looks, passion, spirit and talent and a good head on her slim shoulders.


he first thing Demmi tells me is: “I dance 24/7.” And I believe her. She positively exuberates excitement when she sits down opposite me, with her lovely tresses spilling down her back. The Crawford College La Lucia pupil is proficient in modern, contemporary, flat foot, cabaret and fusion dance but her heart belongs to ballet. “I started baby ballet classes when I was three years old. My mum enrolled me because I was hopelessly uncoordinated, but I ended up loving how pretty I felt. Many of my friends’ parents also put them in the ballet classes, but they dropped out after a while. I, on the other hand, fell in love and didn’t want to stop.” Demmi credits her current dance teacher Angela Smith with her recent development, particularly in ballet. “I believe – really, that I’ve been a ballerina since before I was born. Everything about it makes me happy. Dance is just in me, it is me. Without

Although she lives for dancing, practising every day except Sunday, Demmi has no aspirations of becoming a professional dancer. “I think that if I suddenly had to rely on dancing for a living I would lose my passion for it. Dancing is my friend and I never want to wake up and dread doing it. It is too special to me.” She wants to become a journalist and has her sights set on Rhodes University. “Dancing is my life, but words are my passion. When I dance, I tell a story; sort of like writing with my feet.” Demmi has her provincial colours in dance and has just been awarded a scholarship to attend the American Ballet Company’s youth summer program. The bubbly teen draws her strength from her family. “My mom, Michelle, is my biggest inspiration. She and my grandmother make all my performance outfits and are backstage at every event. My father, Eddy, drives me around like a champion and my sister Tanna is always in the front row, cheering me on. I wouldn’t dance without them.” Her passion for dance, especially ballet, is summed up in these words: “Ballet is grace and poise. Other dance forms have freedom for interpretation but ballet is strict, there is only one way to do something. I have worked hard to master ballet and it’s something I know I am good at.”

Visit our showroom 9 Mount Edgecombe Drive, Broadlands Tel +27 31 539 3251 Fax +27 31 539 3252 Email: w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a | 61

#ROXY’s Corner

our new teen corner, focused on Teens and all things that interest teens.


Roxy Scott (now awesome pink), local home-schooled, confident, funky, born blonde

INSTAGRAM Roxscott Please send your teen event, teen product info or if you have any awesome info to share, to

UMHLANGA CAMPUS - Grades 7-10 Every Friday night during school term (7pm to 9:30pm) Grace Family Church fills up with teenagers, Grades 7-10. It’s an awesome time for hanging out and making friends. But besides the fun and crazy times, something significant and life-changing is happening - young people are discovering the love of Christ and exploring what it means to have a real relationship with God. We’re on a mission to build a community of teenagers passionately following Jesus in a way that compels others to follow Him. Join us for rocking praise and worship, teaching that is relevant and real, and community where you can belong.

Alexis Ren Nous Model Travelling the world with her boyfriend (@Jayalverrez) Born in California Star sign – Sagittarius Date of Birth: November 23, 1996 (18 years old) Mimi Elashiry Self-Made model Full Name – Ismeen Marlane Ashraf Elashiry Born in Australia Star sign – Libra Date of Birth: October 8, 1995 (19 years old)

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‘Have a Spa Party! (120 min) – R 1 055, “SPA”rties are also a great way to celebrate an important birthday or special occasion. Choose any two treatments from the list below; include a Hammam Steam Session and use of the Plunge Pool. • Himalayan salt stone massage (45 min) • Chakra balancing candle massage (45 min) • Hydrating facial (45 min) • Hydrating body wrap (45 min) • Herbal body exfoliation (45 min) Party packages are available for groups of 4-8 guests. Treatment plans will be tailor-made to your group and can include cocktails or any of the dining options offered at The Oyster Box. The Teen Menu is only available from Monday – Thursday & excludes public holidays & week-ends. T: 031 514 5000 W:

Current Fav YouTube follow He makes any girl believe in having all your dreams come true! Tom Fletcher Mediocre guitarist in Mcfly. Generally lame, occasionally awesome. Owner of multiple cats. Blogger and Vlogger. Buzz and the Dandelions 6,033,783 views 2 weeks ago, This is why being a Dad is awesome. This is the first time my son Buzz has ever seen a dandelion...I think he liked it. My Wedding Speech Tom Fletcher 273,526 2,681 Published on Jan 6, 2013 Here’s my speech from our wedding 12-5-12. It’s possibly the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life (about the speech, not the wedding!). All the songs in my speech are songs by my band, we’re called Mcfly. I rewrote the lyrics for the wedding speech but if you like them then check us out at the links below. I got a load of ideas by watching other speeches on YouTube so if there are any future grooms on here in desperate need of inspiration (like I was) then I hope this helps. I’m useless at public speaking so this was my solution! memory...


Spoil dad this Father’s Day: Full Body Massage Pedicure Manicure Facial

ALL FOR ONLY R800.00 Treatment time two hours, please book in advance to avoid disappointment, Special valid from 1ST JUNE 2015 TILL 30 June 2015. Vouchers also available tailor made to suit your individual need. Contact Spa D’Sulis on: Shop No. 12, Palm Boulevard Protea Hotel, Umhlanga Ridge Tel: +27 31 566 2417 Sash Govender: +27 79 189 7776

email: website: w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

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Rookie DAD



few weeks ago I managed to get away for a “boys-only” weekend. No kids. Good surf. Lots of meat. Bliss.

But one thing we all were aware of was just how exhausted we all felt. Pretty much all the time. We concluded that the decade between thirty and forty is often the time you are making the greatest advancements in your career, stepping into bigger roles, and taking on more responsibility than ever before. At the same time most couples in this age bracket are raising small children, who are arguably at their most demanding. These two combine to form a perfect storm of tiredness. Case in point, all of us on the weekend were in our thirties, all running our own organisations or taking on higher leadership positions, and all of us with two kids under the age of four. And let’s not even talk about the sleep deprivation that comes packaged with our little bundles of joy.

WOrds Tom Basson | tombasson.wordpress. Tom Basson is an athlete, writer and pastor with a passion for living healthy and whole

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No wonder the famous writer, Madeline L’Engle, called it “the tired thirties”. Of course, alongside chronic exhaustion comes a whole host of others nasties. These include irritability, anger, confusion, decreased sex-drive, and depression. Wow… this just got super depressing! Did I just write decreased sex drive?? My point is, next time you see a young parent in the shops and their kids are running amok, or we react defensively to your innocent comment, or we can’t seem to pay attention to your story… cut us some slack. We’re just tired. It doesn’t mean we aren’t happy. We love our kids, we love our jobs. We wouldn’t change it for the world. We’re just tired. Really, really tired. And not getting enough sex. That too.

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Market Feature

Photo credit Lissa Stewart

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w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

and Mike van Heerden

Words Jodi van Wyk

Market Feature

‘Market food is about more than just food. It’s about an experience’. Market trawling has become quite the art of late. Most of us have traded the air-conditioned hallways of shopping malls for the rustic, sunshinefilled walkways of our local markets. Icy lemonade, macaroons, crispy rolls filled with pulled pork, curds and preserves, fresh produce…market food is an integral part of a market visit. Market Food is a delightful ode to these foods, and the inspirational stories behind the faces at our favourite market stalls.

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Market Feature

wart tells The first thing Dianne Ste list is not “the me about the book is: uty of bea the exhaustive! And that’s cropping s one markets – there are new up all the time.”

, Jessica Cairns Dianne and her daughters nching mu ted and Lissa Stewart star markets 50 n tha re their way around mo years two und aro around South Africa th Sou in MA an ago. Dianne, who has e ativ cre in MA an African literature and 30 n tha re mo writing, had published began to books when the tasty idea king for a loo was sizzle in her mind. “I enjoying er rath new project and was daughter My ts. visiting our local marke as an don Lon Jessica had worked in rs. Her yea 11 for international banker Colombia, like es ntri work took her to cou was she re whe India and Botswana, around ts rke ma l urfu inspired by the colo ond sec ’s nne the world.” Enter Dia her passion for daughter Lissa who, with ed the recipe plet food photography, com The girls an. beg perfectly. “And so it Zulu-Natal, Kwa in ts and I trawled marke e State, Fre the Gauteng, the Cape and …who ilies fam often taking along our ch!” mu didn’t complain too k was not The idea behind Market Boo beloved of on ecti only to create a coll stirring the tell to market recipes, but every ind beh ries entrepreneurial sto often so ts rke ma vendor. “We visit the nds. frie our e om that these people bec tional tiva mo are ys Their culinary journe ir the as ful our and every bit as flav ate a cookbook recipes. We wanted to cre just to the not , one could take to bed und two aro k too kitchen.” The book to source the had “We years to complete. ts, profile rke ma the culinary experts at of editing, nds rou them and do endless At the m. the to h going back and fort extensive y ver a is k beginning of the boo

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w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

list of markets in South Africa, so that visitors to other provinces will be able to source them by consulting the book. It involved a great deal of research. Our aim is to showcase the people we find at markets and recognize them for their talents. So, it was more than just visiting markets.” East Coast markets specifically mentioned include Wonder Market at Chris Saunders Park, Market at the Square in Umhlanga Rocks and the Umhlanga Farmers’ Market. Some of our talented

entrepreneurs are profiled too: Gareth Henderson’s divine rooibos lemonade is something to write home about. He was inspired to foray into markets by a childhood memory; his great grandmother used to make the lemonade for him. Then, there’s Debbie Rich’s wildly popular Out to Lunch stand. She is one of few vendors who manage to make healthy food appealing with her wide selection of breakfast, lunch, snack and treats – think vegan burgers, kale chips, chia-seed parfait and vegetable wraps. Her paleo granola features in the book.

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| 69

Dianne and her daughters relished their mother-and-daughter foodie mission. “Since we live apart, it was such a treat to spend this time with my daughters. I usually write alone so having Jess and Lissa around, sounding things off each other was wonderful. It was a very special experience and one I’d love to repeat.” The trio is more than happy with the final product – a rustic, bright production celebrating market food. “For this, we must thank our publishers Bookstorm, who brought our vision to life.” Looking ahead, Dianne believes

70 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

the local market trend can only grow. “Through our journey to publishing the book we developed relationships with the vendors, as many market-goers do. We witnessed the hearty camaraderie between the stallholders and saw this social phenomenon catch on. It is remarkable that, in the bustle of today’s world, we can pick up fresh produce and chat to the supplier face-to-face. It’s a family-oriented day out…spread a blanket on the grass and just enjoy our local artisan food.”

Market Food is available at all leading book stores, including CNA Ballito, Exclusive Books, Gateway and La Lucia and Pavilion and Bargain Books. The book has also spawned a fabulous website:, a stunning directory for all things market-related. Check it out!

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Car Review

I’ve seen the future,

and it works

Oil is not getting any cheaper. And while the price may fluctuate in the short term, historically all the estimates point to a continual rise of fuel at the pumps, says Richard Webb.


or this reason, the recent Cape Town launch of the iBMW brand in South Africa is a gutsy, but breakthrough move for BMW given the local infrastructure challenges at this point. BMW's i cars are note-worthy for three main reasons. First, BMW have worked out how to massproduce carbon fibre to construct them. Second, because they are positioning themselves as thought-leaders and they will force the competition to do the same. Finally, they demonstrate just how much fun electric cars can be. You can’t accuse BMW of a lack of research. More than 1,500 prototype batterypowered cars - draped in Mini and 1-series bodywork - have covered more than 320 million kilometers in the hands of paying customers around the world.

All this research revealed that on average, people drive less than 48 kilometers per day, and charged their cars two or three times per week. Let’s face it; it’s understandable that 81 per cent of those in the trial preferred plugging in at home to going to a petrol station. The market for electric cars in South Africa is small but very enthusiastic and BMW are to be commended on forging ahead with this technology with their first two plug-in electric hybrid cars, the i3 and i8. On the road, in and around Cape Town, the i3 delivered on drive and performance. The first thing you notice, though, is the almost complete absence of noise. Plant your foot down on the accelerator, and the response is unexpected. It zips surreally from standstill with no tailing

off of performance. The display shows consumption in real time and makes you more aware of driving style. But no matter how short somebody’s daily commute might be, they are still going to get range anxiety because they can only drive 130-160 kilometers between eighthour recharges (or just four hours if you use a 32A BMW wallbox). For an additional R70,000, you can buy a range extender for your i3. It’s a 650cc, 25kW rear-mounted engine to act as a generator to maintain (but not add to) the battery’s state of charge - doubling the car’s range, and should you need to go further still then you can keep topping up the nine-litre fuel tank (CO2 emissions climb from zero to 13g/km). It is very refined, rides well enough and handles beautifully, thanks to its even weight distribution and low centre of gravity (the battery is mounted in the aluminium chassis supercar-style construction technology. The i3 represents is a big step forward for electric cars, and is an extremely desirable urban runabout.


72 |

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Words Jodi van Wyk



he Umhlanga Village has undergone a brilliant metamorphosis over the past couple of years – what was once a strip of shops and restaurants has now become light, bright and bustling. Kung Thai stands out on Chartwell Drive, with its traditional décor and airy ambience. When I met owner Kit Steen he was bursting with pride and excitement: They had just been certified by the Thai Department of International Trade Promotion Thai government Ministry of commerce and presented with a Thai Select Premium certificate , affirming that they serve authentic, top quality Thai cuisine. Kung Thai is the only restaurant in KwaZuluNatal with this honour. Kung Thai has two branches: Durban North and Umhlanga Rocks; both kitchens are run by Kit’s wife Nina, a Thai chef/proprietor, she had always dreamed of running her own kitchen. That dream came true when we opened Durban North five years ago, and Umhlanga two years ago.” Nina is now the proud chef/ proprietor of Kung Thai’s two branches in Durban

North and Umhlanga and, as usual, the standard of food is exceptional. The name Kung Thai, “City of Thai” and the logo of the dragonfly was inspired by the fusion of eastern tastes from every Thai city and the dragonfly symbolizes freedom. The menu is true Thai inspiration and most of the herbs used in the dishes are grown by Nina in her garden at home. These include lime leaves, galangal (a staple in Thai cuisine) and turmeric. A meal at Kung Thai is a meal that assures you of true Thai authenticity. It is the only restaurant in KwaZulu-Natal to be presented with a Thai Select seal, affirming they serve authentic Thai cuisine. Adamant on quality, every meal is prepared fresh and if Nina is unhappy about the freshness of a single ingredient then she’d rather not make the dish. Every mouthful of every meal is a trip of the senses to Thailand, from the Puu Cha (prawn and crab donuts) to the Chu Chee Duck (crispy duck served on a bed of spinach,topped with red curry paste, coconut milk, lime leaf, basil and chilli). Nina is a tiny bundle of fiery energy and runs a brilliant ship, her staff love her and the customers seemingly cannot get enough of the stunningly crafted dishes

she prepares.Many of her staff have moved with Nina as she’s gone from one restaurant to another, surely this is a testament to both the chef and the person. Nina regards Kung Thai as her ‘child’ and says this is her dream come true; cooking authentic Thai dishes for an appreciative audience. Kung Thai is focused on staying true to the Thai culture, traditions and heritage. Trained staff ensure premium service and the restaurant is regularly visited by Thai nationals on holiday in Umhlanga, who want a taste of home. For more info contact: Umhlanga Branch: T: 031 561 2050 A: 13 Lighthouse Mall Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga. Durban North Branch: T: 031 564 5458 A: 59 Adelaide Thambo Drive, Durban North.

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Synchronicity &

Physical Activity


he definition of synchronicity is: the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. The definition of physical activity is: any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure. Now this is the area I have been delving into quite a lot recently - call it a need to get my brain firing again. I have owned and run a condition and wellness business for several years. I have been there and seen it all with fitness and the trends around it. What I noticed though, was the serious lack of brain matter stuff. The stuff of visceral feeling, mind intensity and matters of the heart. No, I am not about to sell you a new fad or idea on the fitness trend cycle. I am

trying to say that the old mind, soul and body have a connection. This means all have to be worked to a degree that causes you to see more with the heart, think less with the logical mind, listen to nature and allow the movement patterns of your body be trained the way they should be. We were designed for an integration with a universe abundant with life and purpose. We shouldn’t be boxed into glass house gyms and tin can stationary training facilities. I am not knocking them; they have a purpose. What I am saying is get to terms with YOU. Get to terms with the fact that a run, swim, surf, climb or dive can be construed as an activity that brings solace and peace to your body and allow your mind and soul to fly. Try it out sometime and even allow yourself the time to see what synchronicities you may find happening. Will you change what you do? Will you create some magic…by listening closely


74 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

to what is around you and what we have been blessed with on this Universe and Earth? You may create an abundance of events that then creates a convergence of events that will appear in a significant milestone for you. Take time out and enjoy what is the most incredible blessing we as humans know – family and pets. As its coming up to Father’s Day, get the family together and have an amazing time of connection, love and care. The best is something that involves physical activity. Something that has an element of bonding and care. We only live once so make sure you follow the mantras like “To do: Enjoy today”, ‘Don’t wait, the time will never be just right”, “The quieter you become, the more you can hear”. Take this all and run with it!!! Happy Father’s Day and a great winter season to you all.


Passionately creating quality community magazines

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• Grid-Tied solar • Off-grid solar power • Grid interactive Hybrid power systems • Battery back-up. up

to 25 y ear Scaleable • Modular • guara ntee Highest quality and efficiency

• Genuine cost saving or payback • Fully automated operation • Absolute convenience.

Kubashni Nagapah

• Domestic and commercial purposes.

Sales Executive C: 078 534 5624 Suite 104, San Hall Office Park Kirsty Close, Ballito, KZN T: 032 946 3187 F: 086 605 0098

For a personalised quote contact: 083 635 4126 •

Shiftinnovation Renewable Energy w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 75

Property | With Gareth Bailey, Principal of Tyson Properties Umhlanga & Gateway

for helicopters and planes. It will enable estate agents to show buyers what the entire property looks like, as well as the neighborhood and surrounding area. It will also allow buyers to visualize their children’s walk to school or their drive home from work.

Estate Agents need to Jump onto the

Digital Bus eal estate has not escaped the digital revolution and the way we buy and sell homes is changing at a rapid rate. Estate agents are embracing this change – some faster than others.


These portals offer estate agents the opportunity to activate premium advertising options on a per listing basis which helps to increase the property’s exposure and therefore the number of buyer leads generated.

Real estate advertising used to be mainly confined to printed newspaper and magazines. However, with the proliferation of Internet and more recently, mobile device usage, advertising is increasingly being focused on digital advertising channels.

Agents have also been experimenting with and contemplating the productive use of social media in real estate marketing with varying levels of success. These platforms allow agents to create campaigns by targeting demographic markets on a granular level segmenting on factors such as location, age, language, education, recent changes in marital status and recent travel status.

In our franchise, we track the source of our advertising leads and property portals have been outperforming printed media for a few years already. Over the past year, our agents have reported 50% more leads coming from websites compared to traditional printed media. We expect this to increase exponentially over the next few years. Most digital advertising so far has been focused simply on property portals which offer prospective buyers convenience by making it possible for them to search listings from multiple estate agent brands on one website. The two main portals are Property24 and Private Property.

76 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

I have no doubt that these platforms have an important role to play in real estate marketing due to their virality and the sheer speed of information flow. The estate agents that manage to harness the productivity of social media will tap into the awesome power of relationships. Some other current and upcoming real estate technology trends include: Drones The ability to get high quality, elevated images inexpensively, without the need

E-recording and digital transaction management E-recording involves replacing pen and paper by recording the entire offer to purchase, including signatures, electronically using an iPad. When our laws are updated and this starts happening, an opportunity will arise for the digital integration of every aspect of a real estate transaction. Software designed to streamline the process from start to finish will offer estate agents and conveyencers an easy way to communicate with financial institutions, buyers, and sellers, connecting all the parties, while managing the process at the same time. 3D Printing If you’ve read this far and still feel that real estate is in the dark ages, then consider the prospect of 3D printing homes. A Chinese company has successfully 3D printed a five-storey apartment building and a 1,100 square metre house! It has used a proprietary 3D printer that uses a mixture of ground construction and industrial waste, such as glass and rubble, combined with a base of quick-drying cement and a special hardening agent. If you are selling your home, make sure you interview your prospective estate agents and ask them questions about how they plan to use digital marketing in the sale of your home. Real estate is going digital, and the estate agents that are early adopters and implement successfully will achieve superior results for their clients.

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 77

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Profile for FabMags

The Umhlanga Magazine Issue 20 - June/July 2015  

The Umhlanga Magazine Issue 20 - June/July 2015  

Profile for fabmags

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