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Dining Out Discover the best hotels and restaurants for a romantic valentines weekend

plus My Town + Dining Out + reviews & more February - March 2014 issue 12

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Love, Marriage

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Contents Regulars 8 GADGETS AND GIZMOS For the non techno junkies and junkies alike! Top seven Gadgets to get this Christmas 10 My Town Meet Umhlanga’s Seetha Hiralal 12 High society social scene Spotted out and about in Umhlanga 16 Stuff you should know 26 alexis diack Photographers to look out for 62 Kids Bits



18 Greening the Ridge A look at green buildings in Umhlanga

57 Restaurant Review Beluga

22 5 Places to go on a romantic date 31 Dining out

59 Beauty review Spa D’ Sulis 61 Car Review

36 Pumula beach resort 38 circus circus An extravaganza for the senses 44 love, marriage & business 50 uber Durban’s new private driver service

67 Health

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umhlanga editor

editors note Love is the greatest emotion of them all and to understand love is akin to understanding life. As one of the most universal “feelings”, love has been written about for centuries and lies at the core of wars, religions, dynasties and tragedies. A while back, the question even ranked as one of Google’s most searched terms! Clearly we have a burning desire to have a greater insight into this “ship-launching” emotion. Perhaps the best way to tackle the question is to consider that love is diverse and multifaceted — if we accept that, then it means that we can appreciate that, like finding balance in our work-life, finding understanding of love requires us to work at it and try to develop it. To a physicist, love is all about chemistry — on the same level as hunger or thirst, but more permanent. Not to be confused with lust, which fires different chemical processes in us, love actually has a chemical footprint in each of us. When psychotherapists look at love, they define six different types of love. These help us to understand love of partners, family and even community. One of the most powerful types of love is Agape— an unconditional love irrespective of whether there is reciprocal love or not. This is a love that, when understood, anchors long term relationships.

commitment. It’s more than a feeling, because a feeling without commitment is really just infatuation and, without the passion, it really is just dedication. If you’re a romantic, you’d say that love is what powers all great love stories. You’d see love based on where in the season of love you are — either secure in it, in or bored with it, or perhaps even scared of it. Romance has raw love at the centre of it but, along with it, it highlights the obstacles to it. And lastly, if you experience love in a spiritual way, you’ll know that love is free, yet that it binds us. The paradox is that it is freely given and experienced, but yet is said to create bonds stronger than death and that it ultimately replaces all other instruction — purely, we are to love one another.

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It includes: • A night's accommodation in a Classic sea-facing room • Full English breakfast with fresh oysters and Bubbly • A Curry Buffet Dinner for two people in the Ocean Terrace Restaurant • A 30-minute back & shoulder massage for two people at The Spa at The Oyster Box • Complimentary transfer to & from the hotel (up to an 18km radius) It’s Valentines with The Oyster Box! All you need to do is SMS YOUR name & INDULGE to 33903 and you could win a nights accommodation courtesy of The Oyster Box. It’s as easy as that. Example: SMS Your Name, INDULGE to 33903

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EDITOR Justin Scott |

These insights are just a few of what could be thousands on what love is, what love can do and why it is the most powerful and most sought-after emotion. At this time of year we celebrate real love, not a commercial symbolism, but a real celebration of the glue that sticks our greatest journeys together — it is romantic, is does hurt and, done right, it does make you giddy when you see that special person across the room, even after 20 years of marriage. Love you, Mrs Scott!

The philosopher believes love arrives uncalled, but ends by being a passionate


PUBLISHER Lorinda Scott |

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gadgets umhlanga



By Marc Forrest |

G-Form Extreme For iPhone 5 Whether you’re an XTREME adventurer or an everyday road warrior in the business world, a sudden impact can trash your iPhone 5 in a heartbeat. The XTREME X-Protect Case surrounds your valuable smartphone with an amazing 3-layer technique, a rigid outer polycarbonate shell and an inner shock-absorbing TPE insert. It’s shock-proof yet pocket-friendly by using low-profile RPT ™ accents to provide an unprecedented level of protection. It’s more protection in a thinner and lighter form factor than ever. The added benefit of easy to the functional ports makes this case a winner in its class. The cover costs a reasonable R599 given the protection it offers, and is available for purchase at our online store –

Lenmar Chugplug – Every year at the beginning of January Geeks & Gadget freaks from around the world converge in Las Vegas for the annual CES Electronics show. The 3 day show showcases all the latest and greatest gadgets due to be released by manufactures over the coming months. The highlight this year was on wearable accessories and battery extenders for various gadgets. One of these battery extenders that caught my eye was the awesome looking Lenmar Chugplug. Despite its awkward name, it offers something that should have been developed years ago. The Chugplug offers up to an additional 4 hours of battery life to your Macbook Air or Macbook Pro, by simply with the supplied MagSafe adapter. This is a handy gadget to keep in your laptop bag, giving that extra piece of mind that is needed when your battery unexpectedly runs flat during that critical meeting or sitting at a coffee shop sending off that important proposal. The Chugplug will be available in South Africa in March. At this time Pricing has yet to be confirmed.

All gadgets supplied and distributed by Above & Beyond Distributors - All products available for purchase on or w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a




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umhlanga my town

Seetha Hiralal With a passion for all things fashion and her loving family, Seetha is known for her trend setting ways, entrepreneurial mind and high profile status in the beauty world. We speak to local owner of Style Network and Hair Emporium about what she likes to do in the town she calls home. Romantic Dinner: Candle lit dinner and dance on a Saturday night at the Oyster Box Hotel. We are spoilt for choice with the scrumptious food, bubbly champagne and delicious deserts. The ambience and service make us feel very special.

Do something fun: Going to Ushaka is always a fun filled family day. The water world is one of the highlights of our many activities. Eating brunch: I like to keep close to nature, so my all time favourite is brunch at Botanical Gardens snacking on crumpets and fresh cream. My kids also look forward to feeding the ducks and playing cricket in the open garden – It’s bliss!

Grab Cocktails with the girls: Sky bar at The Square Boutique Hotel has a fantastic view and the service is phenomenal. Fridays are always entertaining as they generally have a live jazz singer playing and happy hour!!!

the njoy t: I e u o irgin Work class at V d a y min b Zum ay. M e w e e r t f set e Ga ul is activ o e s h t d f an mo te body hyth s qui the r h t e. It’ i c w n a d . d e ic an for m mus artic cath

Watching the sunset: Going up the sky cart at the Moses Madiba Stadium reaching the summit, you are overwhelmed by the sight of the Golden Mill, it’s a magical family moment to watch the sun set across Durban.

10 |

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Week End Activity: As a family we enjoy a game of bowling at Gateway, friends also come along. It’s a challenging, fun workout! You even get to do some dance moves on the floor space.


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BEEN SPOTTED? email us and we’ll send you a complimentary copy of your photo






Jockey partners with Amanda Dlamini the party



We were recently invited to a media briefing and announcement of Jockeys first ever female brand ambassador, Amanda Dlamini.

the people 1. Hannah Francis, Kovesh Nadasen & Katey Gold 2. Garlai Combrinck,Mark Edwards 3. Monique De Villiers & Claire Veitch 4. Sharlene Odayar & Kubashni Nagapah 5. Carvin Goldstone,Taryn Isaac & Nkanyiso Mdlalose 6. Natalie Bennie & Amanda Dlamini 7. Natalie Bennie, Clare Mangan & Garlai Combrinck 8. Portia Cele, Bongiwe Zuma & Nqobile Masimula



the highlight The Banyana-Banyana star is also the founder of the Amanda Dlamini girls foundation – which speaks to inspire young girls in underprivileged communities in South Africa.



She portrays charisma , confidence ,athleticism and ambition. These attributes have paved the way to a successful football career and make her an ideal ambassador for Jockey.

7 12 |

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The new and used car sales team at Auto Umhlanga are wanting to delight you with their amazing customer experience. At Auto Umhlanga the aim of our efforts is not the short term but the long term sustainability of our customer satisfaction.

AUTO UMHLANGA Providing Irresistible Service.

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Aurelia’s Restaurant Launch



the party We were excited to be invited to the recently opened Aurelia’s restaurant, which held its official launch on the evening of 13 December. Aurelia’s Restaurant is a taste of Italy ... with a twist. The food is mouth watering and the decor is down to earth yet elegant.

the people 9. Vijan Pillay, Keegan Daniel & Jenny Pillay 10. Adrika Pillay & Pran Beekhan 11. Marlene & Terrence Gilbert 12. Nick Ferreira & Shelley Buckle 13. Brandon Pillay, Rohan Sukuram & Daryl Pillay 14. Chris Kilpin & Colette Kell 15. Trishyam & Zelda Lutchman 16. Dominique Thibault, Adam Lombard & Jane Wolff



the highlight The launch event saw guests mingling with the crème de la crème of Durban society while sampling a variety of starters and pizzas.



A high number of celebrity guests adding a touch of glamour to the evening. The consensus is that Aurelia’s is, in one word fabulous – offering patrons the best combination of exquisitely crafted Italian cuisine and an elegant, yet unpretentious atmosphere.


14 |

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Three Cities 25 Year anniversary the party



Three Cities Group celebrated 25 years in style at Three Cities Royal Palm Hotel Dish Restaurant.

the people 17. Hamini Pather, Andrew Merrill, Rekha Sohun & Lauren Bonhomme 18. Prinella Pillay & Gail Samuels 19. Tamryn Ferreria, Dean Edwards & Phillip Sithole 20. Penny Barlow, Akash Maharaj & Aileen Rodel 21. Kirsty Fonzari, John Creighton & Mike Lambert 22. Mark Whitfield & Patricia Lewis


the highlight



It was an evening of sheer celebration on Thursday, November 28, 2013, as Three Cities Group celebrated their 25th Birthday with special invited VIP guests; property owners; GMs and their media friends at a chilled-out cocktail party hosted at Three Cities Royal Palm Hotel DISH Restaurant.


Family Dentistry | Orthodontics | Dental Implants Smile Make-Overs | Teeth Whitening | Botox® and Fillers Optiphi® Skin Rejuvenation Peels | Laser Suite 5 & 6

Mayfair on the Lake

Tel:032 586 3284 D r

t h i n u s

5 Park Lane

Emergency:082 836 0810 

v a n

n i e k e r k

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| 15

Words Storm Catterick

umhlanga Stuff you should know

Get to Know your man

Five things your guy would like you to know! All too often we read stories about what women want, but how often do we get to hear the guys’ side of it? So, before Valentine’s Day, let’s learn some things that guys will never tell you, but that they would secretly like you to just know and understand — kind of like how we would love them to understand our infatuation with shoes!


The Bro Code!


Every man in history has needed his guy-time and your man is no different! So if and when you let the poor boy off the leash and he gets to be a real man with his mates, where they can burp and fart, drink beer and talk about cars, don’t expect him to tell you what goes on, on those boy’s nights out! If he does tell you, you’ll probably think that it’s stupid and get bored with listening to how his mate’s car is faster than his and how he’d like to get a souped up engine. You may hear something that makes you overreact and cause a major fight, which will lead to yet another boys’ night out. If you ask questions, he may think that you are too controlling with your Spanish Inquisition every time he’s not around you and dump your ass! Hopefully, at this point you’ll realise that men need some testosterone in their life and that watching Gossip Girl reruns gets mind-“duming” after a while.


Am I Right!

Men are genetically-problem solvers — they analyse information and make an unbiased conclusion (except when it comes to toilet seats!). So when you come with a “problem”, such as that Jane has gone and bought the same shoes as you bought three weeks ago, which you think is just sooo not cool, don’t be surprised when his response isn’t what you were looking for. If you wanted to be told that you were right, then you should have spoken to you BFF!


Too Close for Comfort!

Men love it when their girl can get on with the guys and vice-versa — it’s a real triumphant moment for them! But for me, there is a fine line between being mates for his benefit and getting too close for comfort — like spending too much time with a person, or always saying how much you like him or, God forbid, comparing your man to him. Even though you may not notice it, you are slowly diminishing his ego and friendship.


Men are not Mind-readers!

Some women expect men to be mind-readers. This stems from the fact that they feel that a guy who is in love with them should be in tune with their changing emotions, feelings and moods. While he may be able to tell that something is bothering you, it's unfair to expect him to know what's going on in your head — crikey, half the time I don’t even know what’s going on in my head! Speak up when something bothers you rather then let it fester and ruin your relationship.

Be an Upper, not a Downer!

I could go on forever, but if on the odd occasion he does try to help, don’t nit-pick at what’s wrong. Say thanks and then in a subtle way, on another occasion, tell him how he could have done it better so that he doesn’t feel criticized and demotivated. If you never give them a chance, guys will never learn and will never want to learn!

16 |

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yourself to

SiT-down and take-away menu available



- Flowers and gifts - Magazines and newspapers - Cold beverages, confectionary, chips and chocolates - Hot and cold take-away deli items



Impress that special someone with a romantic dining experience this Valentines. This includes complimentary champagne on arrival, gifts and roses for the ladies. R595.00 per couple (choice of 3 set menu options)

Choose from


Fried egg, bacon, rocket & relish

Spicy Chicken

Spicy chicken with cherry tomatoes, rocket & a balsamic & olive oil dressing

Mexican Vegetarian

Avo, red onions, coriander, cheddar, sour cream & salsa


INDULGE IN OUR ROMANTIC OVERNIGHT SPECIAL: R1799 per couple • Accommodation • Dinner • 30 minute Spa treatment (two treatment options to choose from) • Breakfast


internet access and AirPrinting

“The ideal place for your personalized wedding”

Sauce Advertising 18395

Book your date now and stand a chance to be 1 of 3 lucky brides to be randomly selected to receive a 25% discount on venue hire fees for their 2014 wedding.

Umhlanga College Glenore Centre 031 572 7437

NetCafé Umhlanga Ground floor Netcare Hospital

44 Lee Barns Boulevard, Umhlali, 4418

+27 32 947 1660

T&Cs apply. All promotional items are subject to availability. Product offering may vary from picture. The visuals are for descriptive purposes only.

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umhlanga Business Feature

Greening the ridge You’ve probably noticed that as the world’s finite number of natural resources are fast being depleted or ruined, many companies are becoming wiser and starting to think “green” when it comes to putting up corporate buildings. What started off as a change of lifestyle in homes has worked its way not only into day-to-day business operations, but also into the actual construction of business premises from the ground up. In Umhlanga alone, building “green" is on the rise as eco-minded companies try to do their bit to lessen their “footprint” on our earth. We speak to three local companies that have gone this route about what it means to build green!

18 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Business Feature umhlanga

Investec Property 5 Richefond Circle, Ridgeside Office Park, Umhlanga Rocks

Wow! How interesting that Investec is taking a “green” approach to building in Umhlanga. Tell us more. Investec recognises that effective environmental management is an essential part of embedding front-of-mind consciousness of sustainability into the organisation. We are committed to operating an effective environmental management system, compliant with King III in South Africa and ISO14001:2004 in the UK. We are increasingly incorporating environmental considerations into our daily business activities and are cognizant of the many valuable opportunities in cleaner energy sources, energy efficiency and responsible financing. In line with Investec Bank’s business responsibility of sustainability, which is reflected in Investec Property’s adherence to “green” building principles, the new head office is designed to be respectful of the environment. Is this a once-off thing for Investec, or is the bank approaching all its development projects with the same mind-set? The building was developed by Investec Property, a division of Investec Bank that engages in property development and trading activities and is a Silver founding member of the Green Building Council of South Africa. As part of our business principles, all developments are approached with a sustainable mind-set, including, but not limited to, incorporating energy-efficient elements, indigenous landscaping and use of sustainable materials. Obviously the process starts early in the planning. Tell us how early and who gets involved. This process starts as early as the conception stage, involving key stakeholders such as the

tenant, the building facilities manager, the owner and the professional team, to fully develop the implementation of the brief. In addition a “green” consultant was called in at the beginning to advise on the design and how the green elements could be incorporated into the building. Does it cost more to build with a green mind-set? If so, that’s interesting since many people think that banks look at the most financially astute approach! Yes, it does cost more to build with a green mind-set. What is important to note is that ultimately the rental that the tenant will be paying is sensitive to the developer’s return and the affordability for the tenant to pay it within the current environment. In addition, one of the challenges is to educate the tenant about the payback costs and benefits that would come their way in the long term. Are these areas self-sustainable or do they need to be managed and maintained? It is a combination of both. What are the benefits to Investec, and the people that work there, when it comes to a green building? We also recognise and support the passion and drive of our employees to be valued participants in their communities.

Incorporating green elements into our building creates a positive impact on our environment by minimising our carbon footprint. What exactly are the elements that you have made green? Take me through the building? -Energy-efficient lights (LED lights have been used throughout) with motionsensors. This enables certain light zones to be switched off when there are no occupants in that space. -Use of Indigenous plants. -Use of recycled materials — for example, the carpets in the building (and in all Investec’s buildings) contain a percentage of recycled products. -Paint — all the paint used in the building is all-green low voc paint. -Sensor-controlled taps in bathrooms to regulate water waste. -Fritted glass façade provides heat dissipation and works in lowering temperature demands on the inner glass façade. -Auto-irrigation and control. -Toilet flushing selection options. -Waste management for recycling purposes. -Standby equipment backup to allow seamless energy-efficient process continuity.

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| 19

umhlanga Business Feature

SA Home Loans

2 Milkwood Crescent, Milkwood Park, La Lucia Ridge Why the green approach to building and what was the deciding factor? As a responsible corporate citizen, our brief to the professional team was to incorporate “green” design and elements wherever practically possible. The largest single operating cost for an office building in South Africa is energy, so it makes commercial sense to ensure that the design and machinery selected are optimized from a cost / benefit viewpoint. Obviously the process starts early in the planning. Tell us how early and who gets involved? It began with our initial brief to the relevant professionals — the architects, interior space planners, mechanical and electrical engineers — and we constantly reviewed the important requirements during the design development phase. Does it cost more to build with a green mind-set? Because of the prime position of our site, with its wide-ranging views, the architects were able to achieve two key outcomes without any additional cost by orientating the building to the south. This decision simultaneously maximized the panoramic views towards Durban and minimized the solar heat-load, resulting in high energyefficiency. In certain elements, such as the air-conditioning plant design, additional capital cost was incurred on energyefficient chillers which will, however, minimize ongoing operating costs.

20 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

What are the benefits to the company and the people that work there when it comes to a green building? The benefits to the company are a high quality property investment that has an efficient and “green” carbon footprint. For the staff, the many outcomes of the design, such as the high levels of natural light, openness and maximization of the panoramic views, provide a unique and productive working environment. What exactly are the elements that you have made green? Take me through the building? Because of its south-facing orientation, heat gain is vastly reduced. Floor-to-ceiling windows on the south and north façades maximise natural light. Thanks to the high performance glazing on 80 percent of the windows there is a reduction in glare

and radiant heat. We use a chilled-water air-conditioning system which is highly energy-efficient. Open-plan workstationdesign throughout, with “white sound”, maximizes operational efficiency and eliminates wasted material costs incurred when moving or altering cellular offices. Rainwater harvested from the building into storage tanks is used for all garden irrigation. Motion-sensors for lights means that zones will automatically switch on and off, depending on activity. The basement is entirely naturally ventilated, so no mechanical ventilation is required. Hot water has only been installed for a few showers and the kitchen, minimising energy and water usage. Landscaping has been created almost entirely with indigenous plants. The materials for the interior finishes have low VOC-content where possible.

Business Feature umhlanga

Rewardsco on The Ridge Ridgeside | Umhlanga Rocks

Introduce us to the company — who you are and what you do? Rewardsco on The Ridge will be the new home for Rewardsco Sales and its parent company, Rewardsco Investments. Rewardsco Sales is South Africa’s leading provider of sales and distribution services to the telecommunications, banking and insurance sectors. Rewardsco Investments is responsible for enhancing group value through investments in a range of listed securities, private equity structures and commercial properties. Why the green approach to building and what was the deciding factor? Rewardsco’s primary focus is on delivering first-class service through investing in our people. Green elements, such as effective ventilation, insulation, solar management and specialist lighting, all contribute to creating an environment that reduces environmental impact whilst enhancing employee comfort and productivity. Is this a once-off thing specifically for this branch, or will other branches approach future and current builds with the same mind-set? Rewardsco is committed to corporate responsibility and will always seek to

combine human, environmental and commercial elements to optimise performance. Obviously the process starts early in the planning. Tell us how early and who gets involved? Developing a green building needs a holistic approach that requires commitment from everyone involved in the process, from the management team all the way through to the decorator applying a coat of paint. It is a philosophy adopted early on that guides the multitude of decisions made throughout a project of this nature. Does it cost more to build with a green mind-set? Whilst some of the elements are initially more expensive, the improvements in performance and direct cost savings on items such as electricity and water quickly outweigh the capital outlay. What are the benefits to the company and the people that work there when it comes to a green building? A combination of reduced utility costs, productivity and employee retention. Whilst the reduction in utility costs are

obvious and improvement in productivity through providing healthier and inspiring working conditions is becoming better understood, what is still developing and becoming more important in the workforce is an expectation that employers should be morally committed to improved environmental performance. What exactly are the elements that you have made green? Take me through the building? The building is connected to a number of precinct initiatives: an efficient central cooling plant serving multiple buildings, centralised storm water management integrated with rainwater harvesting serving cooling towers and toilet flushing. The building itself responds to the climate with rationalized areas of glass to give external views, provide daylight but still control the ingress of unwanted solar gain. Shading and recessed façades are used in areas where activities allow for more glass. The materials and finishes selected consider the impact on indoor air quality. The contractor is also committed to environmental and waste management plans during construction.

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| 21

umhlanga valentines feature

Words Storm Catterick

Five places to go on a


he big V Day is just around the corner and I know that most of you men are cringing at the thought of your last

failed Valentine’s Day celebration or your too-good-to-top Valentine’s Day surprise. My advice is to keep calm, crack a beer and read this article, which will tell you about the best, most romantic places to take your beloved other half for a night that she’ll never forget!

22 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

valentines feature umhlanga

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 23

umhlanga valentines feature

the promenade 1. Romantic stroll along that they have endless

along our coastline is The best thing about the beaches ets with can take advantage of the late suns you promenades, which means that let’s And ce! choi and, to your destination of a long, romantic walk, hand-in-h some on, seas as and drinking of the Christm face it, after all the festive eating in all But, g! chin ing and a little less mun of us could do with a little more walk is heat the et; on the beach just before suns honesty, I really enjoy a long walk have ds crow ding eping off the ocean; the mad bearable, with a cool breeze swe ghts ends and you are left with fresh thou zing moved on as their time for bron ! love ersations with the one you and space to have meaningful conv

2. Sundowners at the Oyster Box Bar OK, so on the big V Day a little treat to celebrate wouldn’t hurt that much! After your romantic stroll, why not indulge in a cheeky cocktail at The Oyster Box Bar and watch the last of the magnificent sunset unfolding - you’d be hard-pressed to find a more romantic setting!

3. A Movie (in the love seats) Let’s be honest, most first dates in high school involved going to the movies. Remember that awkward, but exhilarating, moment when you accidentally touched hands going for the popcorn, or the oh-so-predictable arm stretch that ends with the guy’s arm around your shoulders? Well, most of us have come a long way since then and luckily so have movie theatres. Gateway now offers couples that just can’t stand to be apart ‘”love seats” which allow you to cosy up to your special someone whilst watching — and enjoying — a movie of HER choice, much as you would at home!

4. Picnic at Chris Saunders Park As a woman, I think that a well thought-out picnic is a great way to show your undying love for your girlfriend — it shows that you have taken a bit more time and effort than simply booking a table at a la-di-da restaurant. A blanket, Champagne, strawberries and a few yummy snacks is all it takes for a romance-filled afternoon. Grab a spot close to a fountain and let the ambiance and Mother Nature’s creatures do the rest while the summer sun slowly ambles down! The park is open from 06h00 to 22h00 daily.

5. Home-cooked meal for two A home-cooked meal prepared by the man of the house is always special as they occur so rarely in most households — not to mention that this option is way less expensive! So, if you have time and really want to knock her socks off from pure astonishment, why not surprise her with a thoughtfully-prepared three course menu in the luxury of your own home. Set the mood by laying out an outfit for her to wear, finding the most romantic spot in the house — whether that is in the garden, by the pool, or in the dining room, or even on the floor in the lounge with a golden oldie movie! Roses, candles, soft music and a great bottle of wine are a must! (Two bottles will help her to forget if the food isn’t up to par.)

24 |

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| 25

umhlanga Photographer profile

26 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Photographer profile umhlanga

Words Storm Catterick

photographers to look out for

Alexis Diack We have been profiling some of Umhlanga’s best photographers, we are ending our series off with Alexis Diack, a truly inspiring and distinguished photographer who is known as a mentor to many in the industry who are just starting out. With a background in teaching and her invaluable photographic experience reaching back to the days of the darkroom and film cameras, Alexis has a talent for calmness, which is evident in her images, and which makes for naturally beautiful photos. Specialising in weddings, family portraits and couples/engagement photography, Alexis Diack is this month’s photographer to look out for.

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 27

umhlanga Photographer profile

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am an eternal optimist — I try to find the good in every situation, no matter what. I am most happy in wild, open spaces, travelling and spending time with the special people in my life. How long have you been a photographer? I initially got excited about photography back in 1999 and went into full-time business in 2004. What or who got you started in photography and did you study? For as long as I can remember, my Dad always had a camera in his hand and his passion for taking pictures clearly rubbed off on me. I also studied for a three-year Higher Diploma in Photography. Assisting and learning from my more established peers was also invaluable. What gives you ideas or inspires you to create your imagery? Doing personal project shoots for the fun of it inspires me! There are no borders or rules. These shoots give you permission to play, try new things and see with new eyes. I also love Pinterest as an inspirational tool. People and nature also constantly inspire me.

28 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a


How would you describe your style? My photographic style could be described as natural and unscripted. I try to incorporate nature wherever possible and also love the use of negative space. What type of cameras do you shoot with? I use the Canon 5D Mark III and II and absolutely love my prime lenses. Why did you choose to specialise in this photographic genre? I started assisting a wedding photographer whilst I was studying and came to love weddings, eventually going on to photograph them myself. How important is Photoshop in your final images? Photoshop is important, depending on the shoot, as some shoots will require more touching-up than others.

Who is your idol in the industry and how has he helped shape your photographic style? Some of my idols in the industry are be Max Wanger, Jonas Peterson and Jose Villa. They have each developed such unique styles for themselves and I find myself constantly inspired and challenged by their work. Destination you’ve always wanted to shoot at? I have always wanted to shoot a wedding in Norway or Iceland. Describe the ideal conditions that help to get a great photo. Ideal conditions for shooting are beautiful light, relaxed clients, great clothes/styling and sufficient time.

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 29

umhlanga valentines feature

Discover the best hotels and restaurants for a romantic valentines weekend in the best place to be - KZN’s Coastal Shores! It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. To celebrate, we asked our team for their favorite romantic destinations in Umhlanga for a weekend away that will set the scales for Valentines sky rocketing. At Fabmags, we love nothing more than eating out and make it our mission to find those places that offer that something unique for our readers culminating in that WOW experience. So instead of fretting over whether your tablecloth matches your candles make a reservation at one of these amazing hotels that are offering awesome specials for the Full Monty of Valentine experiences at a steal of a price.

30 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

valentines feature umhlanga

THE OYSTER BOX A much-loved favourite with all who visit her (royalty included), personal and meticulous attention is a hallmark of this 60 year old establishment. The Oyster Box is situated right on the beach (think long, romantic walks), beside Umhlanga’s iconic red and white lighthouse, overlooking the warm Indian Ocean. The whole picture oozes romance and luxury. Calm white buildings, set in verdant green tropical gardens with accents of red in the umbrellas and loungers and unsurpassed views. It’s no wonder that The Oyster Box, a Leading Hotel of the World, and the winner of numerous local and international awards, is regarded as one of the world’s most luxurious and sought after destinations. The annual Feast of St Valentine’s, has been associated with romantic love since the Middle Ages and this year, Valentine’s


Day at The Oyster Box, is romance personified. The Grill Room (5-course at R590 per person) and the more casual, Ocean Terrace Restaurant (4-course at R490 per person), are each offering set menues and live entertainment on the evening. Fresh Oysters and Bubbly or cocktails in the Lighthouse and Oyster Bars, both with awe-inspiring views, will set the tone for the night ahead. If you’re looking for something a little different and exceptionally special, two options are available: the private Wine Cellar and the uber romantic antique Gazebo, nestled in the tropical gardens, are both offering an intimate dinner for two at R590 per person (R3000 venue hire fee). Celebrate ‘togetherness’ during the entire ‘month of love’ at the award-winning Spa at The Oyster Box, with the ‘So In Love’

package (R1600 per couple). The offer includes use of all the Spa’s facilities, snacks in the Spa Café and a glass of sparkling wine, to seal the tryst. In addition, a range of packages, with the focus on romance, including accommodation, meals and Spa treatments are on offer in February. Whether you choose The Oyster Box for a night, day or weekend of romance, you will enjoy meticulous attention and a host of special touches. The Oyster Box …where memories are made. Booking for all events is essential. For more information or to make a reservation call (031) 514 5000 or e-mail

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 31

umhlanga valentines feature

Three Cities

Square Boutique Hotel and Spa Umhlanga

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner… so now more than ever is the perfect time for you and your partner to celebrate your love for each other in the most romantic way possible. And what could be more romantic than an intimate dinner for 2, in an elegant setting, complete with mouthwatering gourmet food, soothing live music and the alluring atmosphere of l’amor? Love struck couples will be swept away by Three Cities Square Boutique Hotel’s ‘Champagne and Chocolate’ Valentine’s celebration, to be held on Friday 14 February. The hotel has gone the extra mile to set the scene for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day where couples can delight in both each other’s

32 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

company and the delicious flavours of pink bubbly and smooth, creamy chocolate. On arrival, couples will enjoy pink champagne and chocolate truffles, while a delectable 3 course meal will include various delicacies such as mussels, escargot and Norweigan Salmon… and of course an extravaganza of chocolate for dessert. The ‘Champagne and Chocolate’ celebration will take place at The Three Cities Square Boutique Hotel & Spa’s ultra chic Cosmopolitan restaurant, the perfect backdrop for a night of pure romance. Why not turn the evening into a luxuriously romantic mini-break and

spend the night – or even the whole weekend – in one of The Square’s beautifully appointed suites? Aqua Spa, located at the hotel, is also offering a number of Valentine’s specials to pamper couples and leave them feeling relaxed, revitalized and completely indulged. The ‘Champagne and Chocolate’ evening at Three Cities Square Boutique Hotel & Spa is available at R300 per person, hotel suites and spa packages to be booked separately. Booking is essential. To make your booking, please contact Three Cities Square Boutique Hotel & Spa on 031 566 1814, email reserve@ or visit

valentines feature umhlanga

Hotel Izulu Rey ’s Place Ballito KwaZulu-Natal South Africa +27 32 946 3444

Discover a slice of heaven this valentine’s day when staying at Hotel Izulu, an inviting KwaZulu-Natal health spa in the tropical coastal town of Ballito! Pamper your loved one with a romantic candlelit five course dinner for two in Gigi’s Restaurant, a stress free stay in one of their Executive Suites, a romantic turndown service along with a bottle of Bubbly and breakfast the next morning. For guests wishing to enjoy dinner only, their Executive Chef has created a 5 course menu of note that includes, an Amuse Bouche, starters such as Five Spice Chicken Confit served with Coconut & Ginger Pancakes, Cucumber and Coriander Yogurt Dressing or Smoked Duck Breast and Baked Peach Salad, Sherry Vinegar and Honey Vinaigrette followed by a Mojito Sorbet Palate Cleanser and two magnificent options of main course - Coq Au Vin Marinated Chicken Breast Fillet with Red Wine, Baby Onions, Mushrooms and Pancetta. Herb scented Mashed Potatoes or Stuffed Lamb Loin, Ratatouille, Grilled Polenta Cake, Potato, Rosemary and Olive Jus.

Ballito (only 20 mins away)

To finish your romantic dinner off on the right note choose between a Wild Berry Cheesecake with Forrest Berry Compote or a Chocolate Hazelnut Tart, Vanilla Crème Anglaise. At R290.00 per person In addition, visit the award-winning Impilo Spa during your Vday stay and indulge in a month of romantic experiences. For the ultimate in distress and relaxation, enjoy a 45 minute back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage followed by a soothing Clarins facial. Complete this with a 30 minute jet bath filled with rose petals while savouring a glass of Bubbly for just R700 per person. Make this Valentines one to remember. Gift Vouchers are also available from the Impilo Spa making the perfect Valentine’s gift. For reservations please contact Robyn on +27 (0) 32 9463444 or on

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| 33


34 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a


w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 35

umhlanga Travel feature

36 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Travel Feature umhlanga

Pumula Beach Hotel A summer vacation for the whole family


he Pumula Beach Hotel has an incredible history dating back to nineteenth century and many families return year after year in a quest to create even more happy memories. As a family-owned hotel, we hold the stories of these families close to our hearts and we take great pride in being part of a family’s history, doing all in our power to ensure that their memories are happy ones. We have never taken our foot off the pedal as we continuously strive to improve the hotel and its facilities without jeopardising its unique historic charm. Our goal is to ensure that the experience of each and every guest at Pumula is better every time. We pride ourselves on constantly improving our product and the experience we offer and our greatest focus remains on personal attention and service excellence, something which has seen Pumula Beach Hotel winning awards year after year for exactly this. The most recent of these awards was the Lilizela Award for service excellence for the best three-star hotel in the country. The hotel has also won the award for the best family hotel in South Africa three times! In achieving this level of excellence, a huge amount of the credit has to go to the perseverance and loyalty of the hotel staff and management, who work tirelessly to maintain the highest standards. This environment lends itself to a very low staff turn-over, with our oldest staff member recently achieving a 30-year Service Award. Acknowledgement of these efforts recently came from Consumer Watch radio and media personality, Wendy Knowler, who said, “Good News — some people still strive for excellence. Kathy

Nutman spent a week at the three-star Pumula Beach Hotel on the KwaZulu Natal South Coast with her family last month. Every staff member was friendly and went out of their way to make everything outstanding, even when presented with weird requests. The food was outstanding, the wine list better than many a Jo’burg northern suburbs restaurant, the children’s entertainment exceptional and staff were constantly going out of their way to reunite guests with their mislaid personal items. The only other hotel in which I’ve had all my funny requests seen to with a smile, no matter what, was in Las Vegas, at eight times the price!” The Pumula Beach Hotel has expanded to a total of 62 rooms and has five conference venues, accommodating up to 140 delegates in our largest state-of-the art venue. Included in the upgrades of the conference venues, was the addition of catering facilities to the largest venue, making private gala dinner functions as well as standard conferencing possible. These are exciting times for Pumula Beach Hotel as the upgrades to all rooms, lounges, public areas and general facilities has positioned the business to continue to grow its market share in the leisure and conferencing industry. Pumula is unique in its location — right on a beach which enjoys Blue Flag status together with only 27 others in the country. With fantastic accommodation, tantalising meals, entertainment for the whole family, new, expanded conferencing facilities, a heated pool, spa and gym, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Tel 031 765 7100 I Fax 031 765 5195 I 082 895 9750 w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 37

umhlanga Restaurant Profile

38 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Restaurant profile umhlanga

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 39

The newly-revamped Circus Circus gives you casual, but classy, dining at its best. Don’t let the name fool you; there is nothing about this restaurant that resembles a clumsy clown

Words Storm Catterick

umhlanga Restaurant Profile


hat makes a great restaurant? There are doubtless many answers, but for most people it’s probably a place that awakens and delights all senses. It should be attractive to the eye, with the captivating aroma of freshly-brewed coffee and delicious food wafting in from the kitchen, feeling comfortable at the table and chair that you are about to call “home” for the next hour or so and, finally, the taste of a meal cooked with passion. The recently revamped Circus Circus emits the perfect mix of all these and then some! This fun and vibrant restaurant franchise is one of the longest-running of its kind in the Durban area, with the first franchise opening in 1996, bringing a fresh blend of world cuisine and Durban

40 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

culture to its menus while establishing the restaurant as a top contender in the food industry. Run by husband-and-wife team, Soti and Wendy Sonitis, whose passion and knowledge of the industry has made it a popular restaurant chain for locals and tourists alike. With five stores franchised under the Circus Circus banner in KZN, the brand is fast becoming the restaurant that people look for when visiting the Durban area. The flagship store at Gateway run by Soti and his partner, Sean Gray, is a testament to what hands-on ownership and attention to detail can do for a brand. The newly-revamped Circus Circus gives you casual, but classy, dining at its best. Don’t let the name fool you; there is nothing about this restaurant that resembles a clumsy clown. But, just as a circus finds unique

Restaurant profile umhlanga

people in every place that it travels to, so Circus Circus uncovers new flavours from exotic places around the world to be explored. Pair up a Michelin-star chef from London and a vast menu offering and you have a match made in heaven, which is exactly why eating at Circus Circus is like eating food fit for a king. What sets this buzzing café-come-restaurant apart is the meticulous eye for detail when it comes to both quality of service and food. The chef is always at the cutting-edge of food trends and constantly trying to create that yearned-for WOW experience for customers, which means never valuing quantity over quality! With only the best

premium ingredients that are sourced locally and are 100 percent fresh, down to free range eggs and hormone-free beef patties, Circus Circus has gained a place on the podium as the place to meet and eat for leisure or business and where you know that you will always enjoy quality food.

you grab a quick coffee and a bite to eat with a mate whilst you’re out shopping. For the ultimate long awaited catch-up lunch with friends, the outside seating is superb! It’s a great space, with great atmosphere and, yes, you can still people-watch. (Don’t pretend that you don’t!)

When it comes to seating, your options are awesome and very versatile. Depending on your mood, you can choose inside seating for a business lunch or just to enjoy the warm and inviting atmosphere. Then you have the cafe style dining which allows you to take advantage of the aircon and still indulge in some people-watching while

If there’s one thing that’s absolutely certain, it is that if you visit any of the vibrant Circus Circus restaurants you will have a unique experience at each one. You are also sure to feel as if you are an old friend while you enjoy the brand’s impeccable service and cuisine!

Find your Circus Circus at Gateway, the Pavilion, Musgrave Centre, Durban Beachfront and the Liberty Midlands Mall in Pietermaritzburg

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| 41


umhlanga Business Feature


Business Address

OFFIce SOluTIOn IncludeS: • A prime business address

• State-of-the-art boardrooms

• Modern furnished offices

• Presentation facilities

• Professional reception staff

• All purpose document centres

• High-speed Internet

• Ample secure parking

• Full on-site IT support

• Flexible lease periods (3,6 or 12 months)

• Reliable hosting infrastructure

• Postal and courier service

• 24-hour security

• Back-up generators

031 819 7700 | |

42 | w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Valentines Feature umhlanga

It only takes a pulse to fall in love, but it takes a plan to stay in love

Words jess basson


’m trying to teach our two-year-old to say, “I love you.” The kid can kick a ball like Pat Lambie but he’s only just starting to string sentences together. (I had begun to think that the time that my husband dropped him on his head must have caused permanent damage, but it turns out that most boys are just late bloomers!) Anyway, so far no success with attempts to teach him that sweet little phrase. He can say, “Mama, come see my poo” but, alas, not “I love you”. Isn’t it strange how saying those three words can be either so hard or so easy? I remember a certain romantic dinner with the first guy that I fell in love with. I told him that I loved him, and he told me that he’d kissed another girl on our varsity break. Classy! The next conversation of that sort went significantly better. The first time that I saw Tom, he was tanned and shirtless, leaning nonchalantly against his bakkie in Mozambique. “This guy is way too goodlooking to be smart,” I thought to myself. That gorgeous jock soon proved me wrong and I really had to hold back on telling him how I felt. Past experience had taught me well and I managed to hold out for at

least three or four weeks before I said the magic words. The feeling was mutual and we’ve now been married for eight years. Clearly, it really doesn’t take much brainpower to fall in love. It’s the staying in love part that seems like hard work. How do we say, “I love you” to that one person, and mean it, until death do us part? Andy Stanley says, “It only takes a pulse to fall in love, but it takes a plan to stay in love.” The warm, fuzzy falling in love bit is just there to trick us into choosing that particular person. When that feeling sails off into the sunset, leaving reality in its wake, it's the choices that we make that will make it work. Love is actually a decision. We have to make it every day, not just on the one when the wedding bells ring. So what choices can we make to stay in love? Here are two decisions that keep the love alive: 1. Choose desires over expectations. There’s a big difference between desires and expectations. When a desire is

fulfilled, you feel grateful and loved. But when an expectation is fulfilled, your partner is just doing his duty. For example, I expect Tom to get home and help me with Happy Hour and I don’t mean gin and tonics; I mean that twilight zone of pureed butternut and bedtime stories. If he meets these expectations, I don’t really feel loved. He’s just doing what he’s supposed to. But if I desire him to give me a hand, then his involvement becomes an act of love for me and I’m so appreciative afterwards. If you want to stay in love, choose to have desires instead of expectations. 2. Choose to fix it. In case you haven’t noticed, life is hard and sometimes stuff breaks. Today we think that if it’s broken we have to throw it away and get a new one. (No, I’m not talking about your smart phone.) Our culture tells us that if your relationship isn’t working, it’s with the wrong person. But years ago people repaired things before they replaced them. Fixing means choosing to ask someone who knows better for help. It means doing a little dismantling to see what’s wrong. Staying in love means choosing to fix what’s broken. If all of this sounds like a lot of hard work, then you’re on the right track. We know that tough exercise means a healthy body. We know that working hard means a successful career. Why do we expect marriage and love to be any different? My mom says, “Just because it’s hard, doesn’t mean that something is wrong.” Keeping our marriage going and raising our two boys is a lot of hard work, but it’s all this hard work that makes “I” and “Love” and “You” the best three words that I’ll ever hear.

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 43

umhlanga Business feature

In keeping with February being the month of love, this edition’s interview with a successful local businessperson is not just with one person, but two couples — couples who we at The Umhlanga Magazine believe are not only doing something right in our beautiful town but, most importantly, are doing it together! We chat to two influential couples who are not only husband and wife, business partners and parents, but who have been able to remain best friends whilst doing it. Their attitude towards life and business is something to be admired and encapsulates what living in a town like this should be.

44 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Business feature umhlanga

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 45

umhlanga Business feature

Dudley and Patricia

46 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a


How long have you been married, how did you meet and, after all this time, plus working together, how do you still keep the spark alive? We have been married for 52 years this year. In Grade 11, Patricia invited the head boy of Kearsney (me!) to the Epworth High dance as a “blind date”. (Unfortunately, she now sees everything.) We were best friends from the start. We are very different and fill each other’s gaps. We keep the spark alive by going to the movies, enjoying meals out and overseas and local travel as a couple…not in a crowd! What are your individual backgrounds and what made you go into business together, especially in this specific calling? Patricia was born in Ladysmith, Natal and was vice-head girl of Epworth High School, going on into a career as a radiographer. I was born in Durban, was head boy of Kearsney College and after school I became the CEO of Thompson’s Tasty Meats.

teaching course and do counselling with Patricia. We are very proud of our three kids, who have become a radiologist, a pharmacist and a teacher respectively and given us eight grandkids to spoil. What made you fall in love with Grace Church? Grace Family Church is a down-to-earth church “without walls”, where they preach God’s incredible grace. They are real and there are no religious trappings. How do you separate work from home? Patricia is always fully supportive at home, wanting to be part of the battles, but we do not ever take the stress of counselling home with us. What has been your proudest moment since you started working together? Not one, but the many occasions when we’ve seen marriages saved and also when we see people coming to a real freedom in Jesus Christ.

Patricia, after retiring from radiography to raise children, would assist with our office administration, as well as demo our products in chain stores, where she got a lot of job offers!

What is your favourite part of working together? Favourite part of working together? The same as always — keeping a sense of humour in all circumstances. We laugh at our shortcomings, especially as we get older.

After selling Thompson’s Tasty Meats, I joined the staff of Grace Family Church Umhlanga as assistant pastor and Patricia has for the past few years assisted me with counselling, speaking at marriage conferences and attending to emails and our diary.

Any advice to couples who want to work together — important things to learn before you go into it? Try not to work from home; be good friends; laugh at your shortcomings; fill each other’s gaps and don’t fight over them!

I head-up the Container Ministry of Grace Family Church that brings in approximately 400 tons of food and equipment per annum and is distributed by 156 missionaries. I also conduct marriages and funerals, lead a foundation

What is your favourite thing to do in Umhlanga as a couple? Dine out and go to the movies — or having 16 of our family at Woodlands.

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 47

umhlanga Business feature

How long have you been married, how did you meet and, after all this time, as well as working together, how do you still keep the spark alive? This year we will have been married for 14 years. We met at a local restaurant — Wendy wasn’t supposed to have been at that particular restaurant that evening and neither was I, but we met up by chance and since then have never been apart! Love and respect make for a solid marriage and this is what keeps that spark alive! What are your individual backgrounds and what made you go into business together? I have an accounting background, but have been involved with the Circus Circus Group for 18 years, since we purchased the first store in the Musgrave Centre. I also opened a successful restaurant in America which I started from scratch, which was a four- year project. Wendy comes from a strong background in recruitment/ personnel and has accumulated 21 years of experience both here and abroad. What made you fall in love with the restaurant industry and specifically Circus Circus? My love for cooking definitely played a role in this decision and my Greek background helps! My mother cooks and bakes like a champion, I obviously inherited this strong gene. We both love food and enjoy creating new and interesting dishes on a regular basis. How do you separate work from home? Easy! We never, ever talk shop when we get home! Wendy works mornings only and has three children under the age of 13 that fill her afternoons. I am a systematic, patient, careful person and we really

48 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

understand our boundaries when it comes to work and play. What has been your proudest moment since you started working together? There have been many, like winning the prestigious Curry Cup Challenge in our Musgrave Store a few years ago, but I really do believe that revamping our Gateway store has been the most rewarding. It took two years to plan the re-vamp and the outcome was exactly what we had imagined and our patrons have been so loyal and supportive of our new look flagship store. What is your favourite part of working together? We work well as a team — like a well-oiled machine. I have a solid accounting and systems knowledge and Wendy works well with people and deals with the customers, so it’s the perfect package of front-ofhouse and back office management skills. Any advice to couples who want to work together — important things to learn before you go into it? Find your niche and skills in the specific industry and stick to them! Don’t interfere with each other’s strengths. What is your favourite thing to do as a couple in Umhlanga? Definitely walking on the beautiful Umhlanga promenade early in the mornings or on the weekends with our beautiful family! Favourite quote — words to live by as a couple? “Love the world and the world will definitely love you back.”


An expression of intimate moments Indulge in the delights of Coral Tree or Thandi Restaurant this Valentine’s Day over a candlelit dinner with your loved one.

Reminiscent of timeless luxury and elegance, Thandi is the epitome of romance. Soft candlelight, fine service and exceptional cuisine will make your evening a night to remember. Savour a 5-course plated dinner for R800* per person. The height of modern luxury, Coral Tree offers breathtaking sea views of the Indian Ocean. Watch the sun set as you enjoy a romantic moment with your loved one. Enjoy a romantically themed buffet with an international flavour for R600* per person. Making your restaurant reservation is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: Contact Reservations Desk on the below details

Step 2: Receive confirmation of your reservation and hotel access code

Step 3:

Bookings are essential. Kindly contact our Dining Reservations Desk. Tel: + 27 (0)32 538 5000 or email Includes live entertainment and a complimentary glass of sparkling wine on arrival

Follow us on:


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| 49

attic rush_2794

Sit back and savour your dining experience with us

umhlanga Business Profile

50 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Business Profile umhlanga


Words Storm catterick

cool T

he latest buzz around town is definitely about the new Uber private-driver-on-demand service. Fairly new to South Africa and Durban, Uber is quickly overtaking other forms of public transport as THE company to use!

The idea behind this remarkable and innovative brand started in 2008 in Paris during a web conference when Uber’s, founder Travis Kalanic, could not find a taxi. On arriving in San Francisco and dealing with the same issue he realised that this was and was again unable to find a cab, realised that this was a global problem. He also knew that in some places, like KZN, there were no really reasonable walking distances and, in addition, there was very little good public transport. So, with the problem clearly identified, he decided to do something about it — and thus Uber was born as a classy, reliable public transportation service. This rather simple business solution connects all the private drivers who are struggling to get clients with all the clients who are struggling to get reliable private drivers through an efficient and effective app on your smartphone — proving once again that the simplest of ideas are

generally the most brilliant ones!

Uber, to put it in simple terms, is your on-demand private driver! It’s an app that’s free to download from any app store. Once downloaded, you enter your basic information and credit card details then, when you need a car, you simply go onto the app and see where the closest cars are available. Once you’ve ordered your driver, you can track his movements on the app, so there are none of those “Oh, I’m just around the corner” stories that so often come with conventional taxi services. When your transport arrives, the driver opens the door for you and makes sure that every detail, down to the temperature of the car, is to your satisfaction. Another important aspect to note is that Uber only partners with private drivers who own luxury vehicles, so you aren’t going to be picked up in a clapped-out boneshaker, but rather in a well-looked-after BMW/ Audi, etc — the luxury label does not, however, affect the price that you pay! The app was launched in 2009 in one city and in no time the service had expanded to 10 cities in the USA. The demand was high and it was apparent that there was room for growth so, with a little help from Silicon Valley investors, the Uber app went international a mere year after its launch.

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 51

umhlanga Business Profile

From 2010 to 2014 the concept has gone from strength to strength, introducing the app to 60 cities around the world and, with the 230 million dollars received by Google over the summer, they have no intention whatsoever of stopping there. August 2013 saw Uber launch in the hub of South Africa, Johannesburg, where there is a great demand for affordable Public Transport. The response was phenomenal and so, soon after that Uber Cape Town was introduced, followed by the Durban launch in October. Gone are the days of, “I’ll have one drink and drive home”. With zero tolerance for drinking and driving, there is no shortage of calls in the KZN area for a quality, reliable taxi service that is not only classy, but also safe and affordable! Uber offers you a solution that allows you to have fun without taking any risks. Uber also covers a wide area, from Shaka’s Rock up to Hillcrest and, once the car is yours, you are free to go wherever you want with it Johannesburg road trip anyone?

52 |

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Have you ever found at the end of the night that if you do want to phone a taxi service, you don’t have enough money left to order it? Well, what’s great about Uber is that when you log on, you are able to access an accurate fare estimate before you order your driver and, what’s more, no money ever changes hands. As already mentioned, when you sign up you have to include your credit or debit card details and whatever your fare amounts to at the end of the day is then deducted from your account — it’s as simple as counting to three! Best of all is the fact that Uber works globally. This means that you can catch an Uber car to the airport in Durban, fly to Paris and request an Uber car there just as easily. Besides the “uber coolness” of it all, the Uber brand is fun and innovative, often pairing up with big events in the Durban area to offer competitions and an entertaining and unique Uber experience!


w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

| 53


Taking you to the sky and back, for free


f you open to driving to Durban fro Ballito in March then you better hang on to your seats – the first Durban Land, Sea and Air Festival coming to the Durban beachfront on the 20th, 21st and 22nd March promises some adrenaline accelerating, non-stop land, sea and air action for all. And it’s free to the public! The festival’s main attraction is the neverbefore-seen-in-South-Africa Sky Grand Prix of Aerobatics where the best South African and international pilots will perform heady aerial moves and races over the ocean to see who are the finest and fastest pilots. The planes will race, twist, turn and be pushed to the extreme as they blitz through multi-storey pylons placed on the beachfront piers to complete a flawless aerobatic routine. A ranking system using the National Championships score and a regional contest was conducted to choose

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w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

the South African participants. So far the top six confirmed South African pilots are Nigel Hopkins, Patrick Davidson, Mark Hensman, Barrie Eales, Bertus Du Preez and Johnnie Smith. The last four positions will be filled after the final contest in Parys on the 2nd March. Festival-goers will also be treated to a variety of displays by the navy, SAPS and other exciting aviation acts. These include the navy brass band and a submarine demonstration. Live music, air-themed movies and other land activities will keep the crowds going well into the night. Festival organiser, Brian Emmenis from Capital Sounds, says, “We have been planning the festival since mid-2013 and are very excited to bring this event to Durban. Nowhere else in the country are people able to watch so many exhilarating

displays over and in the sea. The Sky Grand Prix of Aerobatics alone will feature world champion pilots who compete against each other regularly on the international airshow stage. It’s going to be electric!” The free, three-day festival is proudly brought to the city by eThekwini Municipality and the KwaZulu-Natal government. “Due to the beachfront’s easy access and the fact that the festival is free, this event will provide the opportunity for all members of the community to experience the thrills and exciting action that makes it unique. We look forward to welcoming the international participants and all the visitors to our beautiful city, and we are confident that this will be another exceptional and exciting event experience in Durban,” says Vivienne Holden, senior event manager at Durban’s Strategic Projects.



Unrivaled beauty, versatility and permanence.



Natural Stone Showroom - Unit 3, 9 Moffat Drive Ballito Office: +27 (0) 32 946 3249 Cell: +27 (0) 83 564 0988 Cell: +27 (0) 82 339 5571 Email: WWW.SANDSTONESUPPLIES.CO.ZA w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a | 55


Visited 15 houses with 8 estate agents over 12 months to find my 1st home. Made just 1 call for my bond. Khaya Dhladhla - New Germany We know that purchasing your first home can be a daunting experience. At SA Home Loans, we make sure that financing it is a simple, quick and happy experience. We specialise in home loans and our consultants will work with you to take away the hassle and guide you through the process. So whether you are thinking of buying your first home – or considering switching your current bond – make just one call to get the home loan you need.


DURBAN 031 576 5901

Terms and Conditions apply. Please refer to our website for further details. SA Home Loans is a Registered Credit Provider. Registration Number NCRCP1735.

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Words Lorinda Scott

Restaurant Review umhlanga


e were recently invited to come and experience the Beluga restaurant at Gateway. I like the fact that it’s on the outer edges of the Gateway shopping centre, which makes for an amazing dining experience. We were greeted by the friendly ladies at the front door (a really nice touch set by the Caviar group) and then Lesley, our waiter, showed us to our table. The restaurant is spacious but, even when filled to capacity, still seems intimate. The menu offers everything that you could possibly want without being so large that it overwhelms you. For starters we tried a number of different dishes — the Seared tuna salad, with baby leaves, avocado, sesame seeds and spicy Asian dressing, the calamari, which consists of spice-fried baby calamari with crispy pickled vegetables and a spicy peanut dressing, a roasted butternut and vegetable “tarte”, with cumin-infused, double milk feta, and the baby east coast crayfish, served with a lemon vinaigrette, sticky rice and ginger gastrique. It was all perfection on a plate! For mains we tried the asian prawn and chicken curry, with lemongrass, chilli, coriander, ginger, oyster sauce, the slow-braised shoulder of lamb, consisting of deboned and rolled lamb reduction , buttered mash and buttered vegetables, and I chose the ostrich, which is roasted with baby vegetables and potato croquettes, served with a beef reduction. Lesley was knowledgeable and explained to each person how best to enjoy their dish and “medium” for the ostrich was certainly the right choice. We also had the linefish, served with lemon beurre blanc, pickled vegetables and crushed potatoes, which was light and perfect. We also, of course, had to try the much-talked-about sushi. The blue plate, with salmon roses (four), seared tuna, tuna and salmon sashimi (six), rainbow rolls (six), California rolls (four),

tuna and salmon nigiri, was perfect sizewise. The sushi was fantastic and came at a fantastic price, too. To end this fabulous evening, we had the white chocolate beignets, consisting of Lindt white chocolate beignets, vanilla bean ice cream and butterscotch sauce, which was a perfect way to end the meal. We also had the simply ice cream, where the flavours change daily, served with caramel sauce and a pistachio biscuit, as well as the amazing vanilla creme brulee, with pistachio tuile and a mixed-berry coulis.

The food is fantastic, the service is superb and the kitchen is friendly and fast. Every order was perfect, even when we requested changes to the dishes. Beluga is also well-known for its cocktails, which are divine and also a decent size for you to enjoy — we loved the mango pina colada and the blood orange coconut mojito! If you’re looking for an alcohol-free cocktail, we thought that this sounded amazing — banana and white chocolate pina colada, with banana and white chocolate syrup, milk and condensed milk. I love the fact that you can see that the entire team loves what they do — they live and breathe Caviar and it shows in the food! Beluga is more than a restaurant; it’s a lifestyle — fun, happy and sexy! And we love it and highly recommend it.

Tel: 031 584 7430 | Address: shop G343 & G347 Gateway, Umhlanga w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

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Spa D’ Sulis is a wellness and specialist Thai massage treatment boutique. We pride ourselves on offering all our clients the ultimate tranquillity experience. Allow yourself to drift into a total state of rest and relaxation by indulging in our exclusive range of massage and beauty treatments. Treat the one you love to this ultimate Valentine’s Day spa getaway...Rekindle the flame with these deeply soothing and relaxing couple’s treatments... Package 1 • 2 x Full Body Massages – 1hr • 2x 15min Head Massages • 2x 15 min Foot Massages • 2 x Pedicures • Delicious Welcome Fruit Cocktail R 1 000.00 per couple Package 2 Ceremony of Love Couple’s Massage (1hr 15min)- R500 per couple & receive 2 free 15 min head massages ANICA: 082 433 3247 | DHARISHINI: 082 553 8206 | KERISSA: 083 387 4688 | KHUMBU: 084 235 1193 NERISSA: 083 251 5775 | SITA 083 353 1560 Shop No. 12, Palm Boulevard | Protea Hotel, Umhlanga Ridge | Tel: +27 31 566 2417

email: | website:

Spa D’ Sulis...home to extraordinary pampering, offers guests the benefits of authentic spa treatments onboard our luxurious yacht, the Spirit of Adventure, a floating paradise...

Valentine’s Spa Cruise Package • 2 treatments each – choice of: (1) – 20 min Mani or Pedi (2) – 15min Head/Neck/Shoulder massage (3) -15min Foot massage • Selection of Canapés • Complimentary champagne and cash bar on board for additional drinks and soft drinks • Belgian Chocolate per person on departure • 2 hour Luxury cruise Cost : R1 000.00 per person *Cruise times from 5pm-7pm and 7:30pm- 9:30pm

Office / corporate functions . Team Building events . Company parties . Family functions/Bridal showers/Baby Showers . Private/Romantic getaways….

Caters up to 20 guests

We customize packages to suit your requirements, taking care of all your needs, from catering and beverages to massages, we will make your event a memorable and unforgettable experience….

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For Bookings call: Amanda: 031 576 9600 | Anica 082 433 3247 Email: | visit

Spa Review umhlanga

you of that sticky feeling that often accompanies most massage oils. My two colleagues chose the more calming Swedish massage. A Swedish massage is a more soothing and relaxing type of massage that adjusts the soft tissue of the body and is mostly used to relieve stress and tension in the body.

Words Storm Catterick

From the smiles after everyone’s massages, it was clear that we were all very happy with our individual treatments. Up next, we got to choose from a facial, mani or a pedi.


’m not very good at remembering to pamper myself, but with the growing trend towards healthier living, having a spa visit has become as important for health benefits as choosing a side salad instead of chips! Stress, anxiety and pain-relief are just some of the benefits you receive. We recently visited the fairly new, Spa D’ Sulis at the Protea Hotel. Managed by Kerissa Singh the spa is beautiful and runs like a well-oiled machine. This authentic Asian wellness spa was bought by well-known businessman, Siven Dorasamy, after a visit to a Thai spa during a holiday. Intrigued by the amazing techniques and benefits of a Thai massage he decided to open his own Spa in Umhlanga - end result is a fresh, new and very classy spa which offers utter relaxation and tranquillity! Myself and Two colleagues were treated to a fabulous spa day starting off with full body massages. I opted for the Thai massage - their signature treatment!

A Thai massage is a mix of intense, fast movements that concentrate on your pressure points and lymph nodes, which helps to detox the body and relieve stiffness. My therapist, Sophia, scored five big fat, wonderful stars from me! She was thorough and really got into all my knots, the effects of the massage are instantly gratifying. During the massage, the therapist stretches the entire body, which involves pulling your fingers, toes and cracking your knuckles and back (don’t worry it sounds worse than it actually is!) What’s unique about this form of massage treatment is that the therapist kneels on the table with you and uses rhythmic pressing movements involving her hands, arms and feet (you don’t actually really feel this as it’s done so well). They truly are like graceful ninjas moving around the table with soundless speed and agility. By the end of the hour-long aroma oil massage I had literally been massaged from head to toe, but the great thing about the Lilian Terry homeopathic complex they use is that your skin absorbs it liberating

I opted for the manicure and got to really appreciate the ambiance of the spa. This is one of the biggest spas that I have been to, with eight beautifully decorated and intimate treatment rooms, as well as three foot-massage stations, four mani stations and five pedi stations. This is the perfect place to have a pamper party for your baby shower, bachelorette party or birthday. They also tailor make packages to suit your specific needs and offer a mobile spa service. Other interesting treatments they offer which make their spa so different is their Garra Rufa fish spa. In addition to that, contributing to their individuality is their exclusive Vichy Shower which takes you on a journey through three stages, a full body exfoliation treatment, massage, body wrap of your choice and shower all done on the Vichy bed - for ultimate body rejuvenation! The staff are extremely friendly, attentive, which adds to the amazing well-being that you feel when you are there. They only use premium products, which are all environmentally friendly and organic. They are exclusive stockists for most of their product range, including the Italian-made facial product, Comfort Zone, and their new Matsimela mani and pedi range with baobab seed extracts. This is a great spa that offers a wide range of different treatments and can be tailor made to suit everyone’s needs, the professionalism and overall experience makes for a day that promises relaxation, comfort and lots of customer care – all in all a must-visit!

Shop 12, Palm Boulevard, Protea Hotel, Umhlanga Ridge | 031 566 2417 | w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

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Information Evening Grade 7 boys and their parents are invited to join us for the Durban North and Dolphin Coast Information Evening. Date: 27 February Time: 18h00 for 18h30. Registration essential. Please contact or 031 765 9600. Alternative dates: 30 January - for families from the Highway Area and Midlands 6 February - for families from the Greater Durban area.

Founded in 1921

Seize the Day! Offering both boarding and dayschooling, Kearsney College is one of South Africa’s finest independent boys’ high schools. Come and discover how you can give your son the advantage of a Kearsney education.

Umhlanga and Ballito bus services Just 45km from Umhlanga, Kearsney College now offers a daily return bus service for dayboys from Umhlanga and Monday morning buses from Ballito and Umhlanga for returning boarders.

Kearsney: the benchmark for academic excellence Exceptional 2013 IEB examination results: 100% pass rate and 95% Bachelor Degree (university exemption) pass rate; 6 boys in IEB’s list of top 1.3% of pupils - more than any other independent boys’ school in SA, for the second consecutive year; 44% of Mathematics candidates achieved distinctions; 68% achieved an A or B; 79% achieved an A, B or C; 42% of Physical Sciences candidates achieved distinctions; 84% achieved an A, B or C; 63% of Engineering Graphics and Design candidates achieved a distinction; 34 boys wrote Advanced Programme Maths, of which 8 achieved distinctions (25% of candidates); A quarter of the boys achieved 4 or more distinctions; Total distinctions: 299 (average 2.3 per candidate). Our Open Weekend for 2015 Grade 8 applicants only will be held on 22 and 23 March 2014. Registration essential. Application forms can be downloaded from 60 |

Old Main Road, Botha’s Hill, 5 km off the N3, midway between Pietermaritzburg and Durban

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

Car review umhlanga

Yellow is the colour words Richard Webb

The colour yellow is the color of the mind and the intellect, or so reckons Richard Webb


ellow is the lightest hue of the spectrum. Uplifting and illuminating, it speaks of cheeky fun, happiness and cheerfulness. Colour psychologists say that yellow relates to acquired knowledge, the color that resonates with the left or logical side of the brain – stimulating mental agility and perception. So, when GM sent me their blinking bright yellow Opel Corsa 1,4 Turbo Enjoy for the Christmas holidays, it instantly became a conversation piece. If yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness, then this car is well worth a look. Its new 1,4 turbocharged petrol engine has completely changed the character of the car. Whilst it lays no claim to be a GTi-chaser it does increase the appeal of the Corsa with buyers looking for an efficient, safe and refined hatchback. Chris Cradock, Opel Brand Manager at General Motors South Africa says. “The introduction of the new Corsa 1.4 Turbo is in line with Opel’s trend of using small, efficient turbocharged powertrains to improve efficiency without compromising on performance.” Even burbling around in the choking, bargain-hunting post-Christmas traffic

was a joy. Properly spaced gearing gives near diesel levels of low-end grunt too. The start/stop system is quick and unobtrusive and there are plenty of value added extras, remote central locking, twin airbags, air-conditioning, multifunction steering wheel, 16-inch alloy wheels, Bluetooth and a USB port. ABS with EBD and BAS and other acronyms that resemble a bowl of alphabet soup complete the tech-fest. Inside, the materials are well made and nicely screwed together, with no rattles or ill fitting components, although I found the air-conditioning a little weak and the ergonomics took some getting used to. There’s plenty of room for four grown adults and it’s a quiet and civilized place to be. Maybe the colour psychologists are correct in their assertion that yellow is the best color to create an enthusiasm for life and awakens greater confidence and optimism? You be the judge. Follow Richard Webb on richardmarkwebb

Need to know Engine: 1.4-litre ECOTEC® petrol engine Power: 88 kW between 4 000 and 6 000 rpm Torque: 175 Nm of torque between 1 750 and 4 750 rpm 0-100 km/h: 10,3 seconds Fuel consumption: 5,5 l/100 km CO2: 129 g/km Top speed: 196 km/h Price: from R195 400 Service plan: 3 year/60 000 km

Like the Corsa? Consider one of these… Volkswagen Polo Refined and well made, they resist depreciation and are very economical, if somewhat personality free. Ford Fiesta A super-mini that ticks all your boxes? It’s a super-stylish and great to drive. Renault Clio Undeniably easy on the eye, this five-door hatch oozes more Gallic charm than warm Brie. Peugeot 207 Fresh faced and with a new engine line-up, it has a cheeky, charming character.

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Stand a chance to win gift vou a R250 cher fo r Funtu in Gate mbles way! All you hav do is S MS you e to r name email a & your ddress to 3390 Storm, 3 eg: storm@ fabmag to 3390 3

Ingredients • 300g moist pitted dates – roughly chopped • 250g cashew nuts • 100g raw almonds • 50g cocoa Powder • 1 pinch salt • 2 – 3 Tbs cold water

Method • Pulse the chopped dates, nuts, cocoa powder and salt in a food processor and process until the texture is coarse. • Add a little water at time until it forms a dough ball in the food processor. The consistency should still be fairly dry. • Press into the pan and cut into squares. Chill for at least an hour in the refrigerator. Keep bars chilled in an airtight container. Homemade rice puff bars recipeStir the flour, baking powder and sugar together in a bowl. Add the eggs, buttermilk and melted butter, whisk to combine. Stir in choc chips. Serve and enjoy!!

Q: What has 2 legs but can't walk ? A: A pair of pants Q: What did one fish say to the other? A: If you keep your mouth closed you will not get caught.

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Prove the existence of a small air pocket inside an egg as well as thousands of small holes in the shell called pores, while learning what air does as it is heated. What you'll need: • A clear glass or jar • Hot water (adult supervision is a good idea when using hot water) • An egg • A magnifying glass

Instructions: 1. Place the egg carefully into the glass or jar. 2. Carefully pour hot water into the glass or jar until it is nearly full. 3. Leave the glass or jar on a table or flat surface and watch the egg closely for a few minutes (the glass may become hot so be careful). 4. Use your magnifying glass to closely examine what is happening.

What's happening? After surrounding the egg with hot water you will notice tiny bubbles forming on the egg shell which eventually bubble their way to the surface. An egg contains a small air pocket at its larger end between the shell and egg white. When the air trapped inside this small pocket begins to heat up it expands and tries to find a way out of the shell, but how does it escape? They're too small to see under normal conditions but with the help of a magnifying glass you can see that egg shells contain thousands of small holes called pores (human skin has pores too). The pores allow air to pass through the shell, making it look like the egg is breathing as the air expands and is forced through the shell.

August Beach Bikini Boat Camping Fan Fishing Hat Hot Ice Cream July

June Lotion Mosquito Shorts Sunburn Sunglasses Sun Tan Swimming Tent Vacation

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directory umhlanga

RVV TILE GALLERY KZN No 1 Adam Park, Garlicke Drive, Ballito Business Park Tel 032 586 3332

TILES TAPS SANWARE FURNITURE Jamieson Projects KZN cc are building contractors specializing in up-market residential, and light commercial alterations and construction. Our dedicated and experienced staff and management ensure quality service, products, accurate pricing and cost control Architectural design and approval services are available upon request.


The Ultimate in Family Entertainment Centre catering to every member of the family

Finally there is a way for both men and women to successfully lose weight naturally. No capsules no liquid drops and no exercise. You don’t even need to go on any strict diet. Product is 100% naturally formulated and is licence grown in South Africa.

We specialize in birthday parties in our dedicated party room as well as Corporate Team Building and Events in a Pleasant and Relaxed Atmosphere. Gateway Theatre of Shopping 031 566 5668/9

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w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

SLIM N TRIM NATURALLY has been helping clients over the years successfully overcome their heartache of losing weight. Procedures are done safely by only applying formula to body using a body toner machine which leaves you stress free of gaining bulging tummy and stretch marks. The formula is safe on men and women and there are no side effects. In actual fact the treatment is a 2 in 1 procedure; you get a relaxing body massage at the same time. You also have the option of purchasing the product once of which we can deliver. Rekha: 076 391 5404 | Richard: 072 650 7208 | Business line: 031 500 7958 Email:

directory umhlanga

Month of Love


25 Ye

ars in

ess Busin


Indulgence Spa Package for 2 2 x Full Body Hot stones Massage 2 x Hydro Lift Facial 2 x Spa Pedicure *Champaign & Fruit Platter* R 1200 3 hours

Brazilian hair extensions




2 Axel, horse box trailer

R 2600 ( 20”)

(Clip on or micro rings)

Present this Add in store for a FREE Wash & Blow Wave when purchasing either of these specials


TEL: +27 33 346 0238 TEL: +27 33 386 3477 TEL: +27 33 386 1730 (Spares) FAX: +27 33 386 5130



SUPER SERVICE Pest Management


Tailors Designers Suit Emporium

Treatment And Control

Quality Service Good Value Reasonable Rates



TEL: 031 337 1161


Specialising In:

Made to measure suits, Classic ready to wear suits, Alterations neatly done, Onsite fashion consultants to assist to make you look your best. Shop 2 & 3A, The Palms, Palm Boulevard, Gateway (next to Protea Hotel) Tel: 031 827 7702 Website: w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

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Gateway - DBN 031 566 3018

Clearwater Mall - JHB 011 675 3278

Cavendish Square - CPT 021 671 9590

Gateway Salon

Umdloti Salon

Hair Hardware Gateway

031 566 3317/8

031 568 1919

031 584 7108

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Trend Gateway 031 584 7099

Health umhlanga

When good exercises go bad


lmost every exercise out there has a variation that can make it harder, faster, or otherwise change the dynamic of the exercise. As a medical professional and trainer, I am frequently asked which is “safer” and, in reality, the best answer would be, “It depends”. From past injuries to current conditioning to just plain genetics, everyone has different variables that play a role in determining how best to perform a specific exercise.

Words Doctor Lauren Dwyer

So here are my thoughts on what I consider to be the four most hotly-debated exercises: 1. The Squat — parallel vs “ass-tograss” Squatting is one of the most functional exercises and its strength gains translate into everyday life. The ideal squat pattern demonstrates adequate gluteal and hamstring control, allowing the hips to hinge backwards during the downward phase, limiting the knees from protruding over the toes and keeping the heels firmly planted on the ground. To be performed correctly and to depth, this complex movement requires a rigid trunk and mobile extremities. Contrary to popular belief, when performed correctly squatting for depth is not bad for your knees. Research has found there to be no difference in knee strain with squats performed between 70 and 110 degrees and yet some people aren’t able to execute decent squats because our lifestyle requires that we spend long hours seated at a desk or in the car. The resulting tight hip flexors, stiff ankles and weak core result in poor mobility which, in turn, reinforces inefficient mechanics which hinders strength development and one’s ability to squat to depth while maintaining good form. Having a strict “ass-to-grass” policy when your body mechanics cannot accommodate the movement will lead to a compromise in form and result in undue stress on the medial aspect of the knee. Likewise, the loss of the lumbar lordosis and rounding of the back places high loads on the spinal discs, which over time cause bulges and herniation.

2. The Push-Up — mens’ vs women’s The push-up is a great exercise and should be standard in everyone’s training regime. When performed properly, push-ups should be done with the hands under the chest and shoulder-width apart with elbows facing backwards. This helps to engage the lats and triceps as the prime movers, creating a drive from the big posterior muscles as opposed to the shoulders and chest which, in turn, reduce the risk of shoulder dysfunction and impingement injuries. A tight core keeps the spine rigid and stops the hips from swaying like a Latin salsa dancer. As much as I applaud those who attempt to do “men’s push-ups”, sagging hips, flaring elbows, winging shoulder blades and a chest that moves barely an inch from its starting point are all indicators of poor technique and over time could lead to lower back and shoulder injuries. There is no shame in scaling down the exercise (dropping to your knees) to ensure full depth and proper form. 3. Pull-Ups — strict vs kipping I understand the love for kipping and why it is used in workouts (they are energyefficient and impart the ability to do multiple repetitions quickly, while maintaining a full range of motion). However, when it comes to comparing kipping vs strict pull-ups, you will see that they are two very different exercises used for very different purposes.

sufficient force to pull the body from a dead hang to a point where the chin comes over the bar. In so doing, they develop the strength and stability of the shoulder girdle. Kipping pull-ups, on the other hand, utilise the momentum generated from swinging whilst pulling the body towards the bar. Because of the dynamic nature of the movement, it requires a far greater degree of shoulder mobility and stability to offset the increased risk of injury that comes with it. Quite simply, kipping is a skill, which should be built on a foundation of shoulder strength and stability. 4. The Kettlebell Swing — Russian vs American The Russians developed kettlebell swing techniques for the purpose of strengthening the posterior chain (back, glutes and hamstrings). When done correctly, this swing creates sufficient training stimulus to make any athlete better, stronger and faster and it also does so safely. Attempting to swing the bell overhead (aka the American swing), on the other hand, is a nightmare on the shoulders and can quickly lead to dysfunction or over-extension injuries. If building important rotator cuff and scapular musculature is what you aim to achieve from your kettlebell swings, take the time to learn a proper kettlebell clean or snatch techniques.

Strict pull-ups isolate the upper body, recruiting large muscle groups such as the lats, upper back and shoulders, to generate

w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

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umhlanga @seafoodhyperkzn


The community of Phoenix will be hosting the annual overnight CANSA Relay For Life supported PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: SEAFOOD HYPER

THIS EVENT will take place from 6pm on the evening of 7 March 2014, until 6am SATURDAY morning, at the Rydal vale Grounds in Phoenix...*because cancer never sleeps*. *CANSA Relay For Life* is part of an international movement that unites cancer survivors and the communities that care about them. For further information, please contact *CANSA Anria du Toit on 083 825 3235*

700 SM2 HYPER STORE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Offering under one roof Bulk Seafood | Retail Seafood | Fishmonger | Sushi bar | live oysters | live crayfish | Cooked seafood’s | international deli

HEAD OFFICE STORE 0861-fishhyper (347449) | Peter Road - Springfield Durban (1 min away from N2 off Inanda Rd) 68 | w w w. fa b m a g s . c o . z a

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