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As the sweltering heat and humidity slowly starts to subside, the estate is looking great even though it has taken a beating from the extremely dry spells plus the water restrictions instituted by Sembcorp Water. Newly-completed homes are fast filling the horizon and giving the new owners a piece of the successful development that is Simbithi Eco Estate.

An extensive overhaul of the nature trails on the estate has been approved by the Board of Directors and, pending authorisation from the relevant government authorities, these trails will no doubt soon be even better than ever before, with recycled plastic boardwalks and bridges replacing the old wooden ones.

Construction on the new Simbithi Office Park is under way near the Country Club and soon residents will have a variety of professional services and a number of retail shops right on their doorstep. The office park has proved to be a major draw card, as can be seen from the speed with which the office space has been snapped up by interested parties.

Enjoy this edition of your Simbithi Scene magazine, and remember, we always welcome input or articles written by our owners!

As 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Simbithi, we are gearing up for some exciting festive events to take place during the course of the year. More details will be relayed to residents in due course.

Steve Van Greunen General Manager SEEHOA and Simbithi Country Club

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Should you need to contact the estate please contact any of the following persons:


Steve van Greunen 032 946 8371 Malcolm Samuel 032 946 8371


Maril Subban 032 946 8366


Peter Coulon 032 946 8369


Terri Baxter 032 946 8364


Sitting with Steve and Liz at the beginning of the year, planning this year’s mags and looking back over the very successful past decade at Simbithi Eco Estate was just amazing. This estate has changed the face of Ballito in every way and, reading Tim’s article, you realise exactly how strong the Simbithi brand is and how much this family estate is appreciated. We can truly look back on an excellent 10 years! I remember coming down from Pretoria 10 years ago and stopping in at Ballito, being shown the stands at Simbithi and thinking, ‘WOW, this is going to be amazing!’ Now, looking at the estate, I firmly believe that it is even better than anyone ever expected. I’m sure that all the home owners are thrilled with their investments and, most of all, the family-focused lifestyle.


Elbert du Plessis 032 946 5412 032 946 5407 Charlotte Geyser 032 946 5404 Gerard van Staden 032 946 5405 032 946 5403

In this edition, you get to meet the Watson family and Peter Coulon, the new landscaping and environmental manager. Tim Driman also shares his knowledge of snakes, always an interesting read — you can never know too much about the slithering reptiles that are so much a part of our lives on the North Coast. 45076

Thank you to all the residents who have sent in photos of what is happening nature-wise on the estate — we loved being part of the process when an Egyptian goose laid her eggs on the sixth floor at Sabuti and we very quickly confirmed with Peter Coulon for Sharmila that these babies would be safe. We were happy to learn that Egyptian geese nest high up in places like large gum trees, so the sixth floor was not so unusual. Peter also told us that the goslings generally survive the jump to the ground from these high perches. So, how happy we were, along with Sharmila, when they hatched a little while later and she watched them leap down to their mommy with little or no effort at all! They are GORGEOUS! Keep the pics coming!

Enjoy your favourite autumn read (say what!), keep safe and enjoy the changing colours of the current season! Till winter ... Be blessed!

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From the Kitchen


Golf - Mastering Bunkers


Kids Bit


Simbithi SOcial Scene


History - Brand Simbithi


Snake bite in the bush


Meet the Neighbours


Nature - slip, slap, slop


Meet Peter Coulon


Hope cup 2014


Seen in Simbithi



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From the Kitchen Hake Tempura with German potato salad Deconstructed tartar sauce and pickled cucumber Serves 4

Gerard Van staden Executive Chef | Simbithi Country Club

6 | Simbithi Scene

Robertson’s Course Black Pepper Robertson’s Sea Salt Knorr Caesar Salad Dressing Crispa Oil (i.e. sunflower) Baby Lettuce Leaves Micro Herbs Sorrel Micro Herbs Mustard Micro Herbs Beetroot Dijon Mustard Seed Dijon Mustard Smooth Lemon Juice Limes Pancetta New Potatoes

15g 15g 60g 300ml 95g 5g 5g 5g 5g 5g 15ml 85g 65g 125g

Salsa Ingredients

Red Onions Red Peppers Yellow Peppers Green Peppers English Cucumber Sherry Vinegar Olive Oil Dill Chives Honey

30g 15g 15g 15g 125g 35ml 100ml 5g 5g 65ml

Tartar Ingredients

Helmans Real Mayonnaise Dill Capers Thyme Anchovy Fillets Lemon Rind Baby Onions Dill Cucumber Garlic

120g 5g 25g 5g 5g 2g 30g 30g 5g

Batter Ingredients

Flour Beer (lager) Hake Robertson’s Cajun Spice

125g 75ml 500g 15g




EST 1988

Salsa Recipe Cut the peppers, thyme, red onions and off-cut cucumbers into small squares. Add sherry vinegar, olive oil and finely chopped dill and chives. Sweeten with a little honey to taste, then season.

Tartar Recipe Thicken the Hellmans Mayo with more oil, then pipe neatly onto the plate. Slice all the tartar ingredients finely for visual purposes. Arrange the tartar ingredients on top of the Polkas Mayonnaise. Mix capers, dill cucumber, thyme, anchovies, lemon rind, onions and dill together into the Polkas Mayo. Slice one clove of garlic thinly and fry lightly and add to the tartar sauce. (Note: Polkas Mayo – thickened mayonnaise).

Batter recipe


Mix the flour, Cajun Spice and beer together and leave to bloom for 10 minutes. Clean and debone the hake and cut into 125g-portion size. Heat the oil, dip the fish into the batter and then fry until golden brown.

Cucumber Escabeche IS YO UR CHILD SAFE ?

Thinly slice cucumber and lay uniformly on the plate.

Potato salad Grill pancetta until crispy. Boil the new potatoes, peel and cut into jardinière. Finley chop the onions, chives and crispy pancetta and add both mustards with lemon juice and lime juice. Season to taste. Wash and clean the lettuce, vegetable off-cuts and micro herbs and place in a small glass bowl. Spoon Knorr Salad Dressing over the salad. Plate up the meal and serve.

Trends on cooking A new cooking style is dominating our top restaurants and try as I might I just don’t seem to understand what the chefs are trying to achieve ( landscaping) maybe I’m becoming a bit of a dinosaur and reading between the lines I am recognising my inevitable demise and extinction. I’ve always believed that if you use your imagination creatively you will always persevere, so I will not make pretty gardens on a plate and try to make food honest and identifiable. I love classical cooking it’s almost like a religion - it can be translated and understood by so many different minds and all of us will understand it differently. An indication of one of my more classical contemporary and more popular dishes is the Rosette of Sole filled with a Prawn Thermidor Ragout, which is on our menu at the Fig Tree Restaurant. Why not try it the next time you join us at Simbithi Country Club for dinner?

Ingredients of the month Artichokes are one of the most attractive vegetables. I love cooking this vegetable only because it is so challenging if you don’t know what you are doing. The artichoke is a large thistle that belongs to the sunflower family. The green vegetable has several thick pointed leaves attached to a central heart. It resembles a large flower bud on top of a slender stalk almost the same as our national flower the Protea. Where do Artichokes originate from? It is said that Artichokes are one of the oldest cultivated vegetables. Historians generally agree that artichokes started somewhere in the Mediterranean, some say it was Sicily and some have said that they originated in Northern Africa. The Artichoke is actually an improved version of the Cardoon which is smaller and pricklier and although the Cardoon buds were eaten, their stems were often more desirable. Apparently Artichokes were cultivated as early as the 5th Century BC. “Information comes from Wikipedia and Ocean mist Farms” Beetroot - From the Middle Ages, beetroot was used as a treatment for a variety of conditions, especially illnesses relating to digestion and the blood. Bartolommeo Platina recommended taking beetroot with garlic to nullify the effects of ‘garlic-breath’.

• • • •

Pumps & Filters Safety Nets Pool Supplies Free Computerized Pool Water Analysis • Pool Cleaning • Pool Maintenance • Pool Resurfacing WINNER OF NSPI BEST POOL IN KZN FOR 4 CONSECUTIVE YEARS!!


Address- 5 Garlicke Drive, Unit 3, Villa Commercial Park Simbithi Scene | 7

CHef’s Table

Saxon von Coller & Deborah Fisher

Riaan Venter, Charmaine & Jo Nell

Danie Dekker, Gerri Scheepers, Chef Gerard van Staden, Marina Scheepers, Annel Snyman

Leisl Venter, Megan & Danie Dekker

Simbithi Social Scene

Quiz Night

Winning team – Lindi & Grant, Jean & Barry, Peter & Charisse

8 | Simbithi Scene 8 | Simbithi Scene

SImbithi Social scene

WIne Festival

Turtle Talk

Linda & Andrew Duminy & Rosemary Ladlau

Verna Botha-Richards, Solett van der Merwe, Marilize Worst

Tom Basset, Dion & Catherine Steer

From left to right: Gary Frances – Vice Chairman of Amatigulu Honorary Officers group; Clive Watson – Chairman of Amatigulu Honorary Officers Group; Dr George Hughes (Guest speaker); Mabhida Ntenga – Officer in Charge Amatigulu Nature Reserve; Selvan Pillay – Conservation Officer – Coastal; Peter Coulon – Environmental & Landscaping Manager SEE

Kitty Phillips, Nicki Bowles, Fred and Laura Watts

Clint & Tracy Carmichael

Deon & Verna Botha-Richards, Bill Richards, Yvonne & Tim Driman

Lucky prize winner - Steve and Sandy Smith

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Meet the Neighbours

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Meet the Neighbours

Meet the Neighbours

The Watson Family We are the Watson Family, a whopping seven of us, although only three of our adult children are still living at home. Our eldest son is Caleb (23), a trained commercial pilot currently working as a flight instructor to get his hours up. He is also the worship leader at our church. Joshua, the youngest of our sons, is 21 and has just graduated with a BCom degree in Financial Management. He has a heart for business and ministry and ministers to the young adults at our church. He is currently in America doing an internship as a logistics agent. Our only daughter, Sarah-Lee, is 19. After spending a

few months in America looking after her nephew, she came home and started working in our business as an export co-ordinator, which she loves. She hasn’t looked back, although she, too, has a heart for ministry. My husband, Craig is, an exceptional man. He works seven days a week, but, his family are the most important thing to him. He started a clearing and forwarding business over 10 years ago called SOZO Logistics and it continues to expand. He has also dedicated his life to being a pastor to the nations and we were given a church in Florida Road to minister in.

Simbithi Scene | 11

Meet the Neighbours

My name is Janet and I am the mom in the Watson household. I work as the financial manager at SOZO and I also pastor at the church with my husband. Before we moved to Simbithi, we lived in Durban North for about 15 Years. God told us that we needed to move here and we have never looked back. One of the reasons that we love living in Simbithi is because it is so peaceful, a place that Craig and our family can ‘escape’ to — living here feels as if you are always on holiday. Even though we have our church in Florida Road and the business in Riverhorse Valley, we have got 12 | Simbithi Scene

used to the drive and enjoy it so that it doesn’t feel all that far now. We love how safe and family-orientated Simbithi is. It’s such a blessing to be able to take walks around the estate, to sit around the dam, or even to go and play soccer on the sports field so close to home. One of our favourite things is the wildlife that we get to see every day. We have an owl that lives in our area and it is amazing to watch him. It’s also exciting to watch Simbithi just keep on growing. We love it here and are very excited about the potential that Simbithi has — it really is a gem on the North Coast.

Simbithi Scene | 13

Take Note


imbithi Country Club hosted the Hope Cup on Monday, 6 January with a very impressive field of touring pros getting behind the Ingani Yami Children’s Home.

Brandon Stone shot the best score of the day with an unofficial 64 gross on the day. “Once again we would like to thank members for their support on the day,” added du Plessis.

The field included the likes of Charl Schwartzel, Daren Clark, Thomas Aiken, Daren Fichard, Tommy Fleetwood, Colin Smith, Jared Harvey, Peter Uihlein, Brandon Stone, Bryce Easton, Simon Hobday and Andrew Georgiou.

Designed by Peter Matkovitch as the first executive golf course in South Africa, Simbithi Eco Estate is certain to challenge top golfers and aspiring armatures alike. The courses unique design tailor made for estate living, has a par of 60 and 5 tee’s to choose from, fewer five pars’ and more three pars’ allow golfers to play eighteen holes in three hours or less.

For most of the players in this world class field playing Simbithi for the first time scoring was always going to be tough, according to Elbert du Plessis, Simbithi Country Club Golf Manager. “Although the format was a four ball alliance with two scores to count the amateurs found the scoring a little bit easier than the professionals” said Elbert du Plessis. 14 | Simbithi Scene

Synonymous with Peter Matkovitch designed courses, the preservation of coastal wetlands and indigenous forest surrounding the course were prioritised during its construction. An abundance of bird life and spectacular ocean

views from the 15th to 18th hole, make mornings on the course calm and brilliant in the tranquil surrounds of Simbithi, and being the perfect course for the time challenged golfer, it is common for corporate’s to play a round before work. Highlights on the course include the 6th and 17th hole, which are 3 par island greens offering an interesting challenge in the 5 star golfing experience. The 17th hole in particular, as the 70 meter tee off box has 30 meters of elevation from tee to green.


! . . . r e h t r u f o n or selling? Look

Ulwandle View & Ukhozi’s Nest phase 2 & 3 in Simbithi eco estate

now on Sale!!! 12 pre-designed luxury homes!!

Building Packages From: R2 980 000.00 to R4 900 000.00

12 Freehold Stands!!

Freehold stands available From: R850 000.00 to R1 400 000.00 NOT SECTIONAL TITLE & NO TRANSFER DUTY

Willie Barnard

Jules van der Velde

Ed Frank

Warren Abery

(CEA, NQF5, IEASA Member)

(CEA, NQF4, PDE4, NQF5, IEASA Member)



Cell: 082 966 4069 Tel: 032 946 1144

Cell: 082 646 9319 Fax: 086 604 4979

Cell: 084 600 7093 Tel: 032 946 3506

Cell: 082 990 7241

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Mastering the Bunkers


For most golfers, the word ‘bunker’ means hit and hope for the ball to get out of the bunker, but not over the green, and take it from there. When, in fact, a bunker shot is inevitable, it is the one shot where you have to pick your shot and believe in before you take a swing at it.

16 | Simbithi Scene


Elbert du plessis Golf Manager Simbithi Country Club

Step One: Setup Like all shots in the game of golf, the bunker shot starts with a good setup. In the picture below, you will see three balls in three different setup positions. However, if the same swing is used for all three balls, the results will be very different. The ball closest to the yellow line will go the longest distance and the further the ball moves from the yellow line, the more sand will come into play and the ball will carry less distance. When you play a bunker shot, remember that you are hitting the sand to move the ball. The yellow line illustrates the point at which you want to enter the sand.

Step 2: Tempo A good tempo is extremely important when you swing a club through the sand, but many golfers make the mistake of hitting a punch-type shot at the sand. The most important part of hitting any shot in golf is to keep your club head speed consistent through the impact and avoid decelerating and to always follow through. A very good drill to get more comfortable in bunkers is to take the ball out and make a full swing at a tee in the sand with 60 percent of your power — watch the tee fly out of the sand.

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Trees Shrubs Aloes Grasses Ground Covers

Trees up to 1000 liters

18 | Simbithi Scene

Invest I ntelligently Residential


EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Fiona Crago: 082 551 2607 Robyn Jackson: 072 453 8267 Office: 032 946 1439 | Fax: 086 607 8999





We offer:

Custom made furniture Upholstery and Reupholstery DĂŠcor Wallpaper Blinds and Curtains Interior Design Painting Flooring Renovating

Shop G53 | Ballito Bay Mall 032 946 2721 Simbithi Scene | 19


Brand Simbithi I n my line of work, I often get asked why Simbithi is such a popular estate and what has made it so successful over the last few years. I love this question because giving an answer allows me to wax lyrical about a place that has been so much a part of my life, but mainly because I have my own theories which are based less on economics and more on sentiment driven by what the Simbithi brand has become.

Of course, it would be naïve to suggest that Simbithi’s success has not been influenced by a number of macro and micro financial and socio-economic factors, but it is how these factors impact on people that I find more interesting to interrogate. After all, we can use our heads to analyse sales figures and market trends as much as we like, but when it comes to certain decisions, it’s the heart that ultimately wins. I suppose I really started to understand this when I had my first child, Todd. Every new parent goes through the stage where it seems nothing else matters in their lives and that they would do anything for their precious ones. It’s our innate parental instinct that kicks in and 20 | Simbithi Scene

from this point onwards our priorities change and certain decisions seem to have way more significance. Of course there are the immediate questions, some of which might be, ‘do we need a bigger family car, are we saving enough for education, and how many more kids do we want?’ As important as these things may seem to be, I am quite certain, based on my personal experience and my interaction with hundreds of families moving to the North Coast, that our families’ safety, well-being and lifestyle are at the top of any wish list. With this as a key driver for many people, the search for the ultimate place to live has led hundreds of families to our part of the world, and in particular, Simbithi. Early in the planning phases for the estate, Simbithi was always positioned as a family focussed estate. In the discussions between our family and the developers, we were very keen to see the estate turn out as something the farm had in fact always been, a place for families to live, work and play, as the marketing pay off line suggested. It was imperative to offer a balanced mix of amenities that catered for an active and outdoor lifestyle as well as to maintain, rehabilitate and in some cases

re-establish much of the indigenous forest and water ways. Having a number of community centres dotted around the estate was another important decision, making it fairly easy for everyone, particularly kids, to get to a pool, adventure putt-putt, the sports field, a fishing dam or the golf course without necessarily having to drive. This freedom and sense of adventure for kids, underpinned by a rare piece of mind for parents, has been an incredibly strong factor in the popularity of the estate. In many ways, offering such a diverse and secure setting has allowed the estate to achieve incredible property values that fly in the face of national property trends. Simbithi has become the benchmark against which many other estates have sought to measure themselves, and it has become an aspirational property brand that has many investors perhaps compromising on what property they can get for their money, just to be invested in the estate. That is certainly a strong position for any development to be in. I have to laugh sometimes when I’m at the Golf Club or one of the community centres and I overhear homeowners talking about the estate to visiting friends or family. There can be no



Buying Selling

Simbithi was always positioned as a family focussed estate.

prouder person than a Simbithi homeowner, (or brand ambassador as I like to call them), and it is another key factor in growing the popularity of the estate. In the same way that bad experiences and misinformation can often damage the reputation of any product or destination, positive word of mouth can do wonders for any brand. In sales and marketing, we understand that there is no more powerful a lead than a personal referral. It means we’re doing something right, and it makes the sale that much easier to conclude. Simbithi has been an excellent example of what can happen if you deliver on your promises as a developer, and make your homeowners happy and proud to have invested. Of course there will always be challenges and issues during the lifecycle of any large development, but Simbithi has delivered a lifestyle to families that make it easy to harp on about at your mate’s braai in a neighbouring suburb, estate or province. This momentum and word of mouth has been a critical success factor and makes our job of selling the estate that much easier. I think possibly the best indication of how ‘Brand Simbithi’ has had an impact on how

people have chosen to live, is if we look at the number of individuals that have relocated to the estate from Gauteng and surrounds, and commute during the week for work. Up country, people are used to spending time in their cars heading to work and back, but the new breed of dedicated family man or woman is prepared to fly on a Monday and return later in the week. The phrase ‘Semi-grators’ has been coined to describe these people, and with the King Shaka International Airport only a short drive away, these businesspeople are challenging the idea of ‘having your cake and eating it.’ It’s amazing the lengths that people will go to provide a safe and happy environment for their families, and it’s certainly a feather in the cap of our estate that so many families have chosen this special patch of the North Coast to call home.

for all your property needs

Accredited Agency

Karen Golby 082 326 6356

Accredited agent in Brettenwood NQF 4 / PDE

Shop G70a Ballito Bay Mall, Ballito

032 946 3046 Simbithi Scene | 21

Golf News


032 946 3430 | Shop 5A Lifestyle Centre, Ballito


R16 500 000



Beds 4 Baths 4 Garages 2

Web 1BA1112623

R9 800 000


Beds 5 Baths 5 Garages 3

Web 1BA1112563



Intelligently designed residence overlooking the Fish Eagle Dam. Serenely positioned on a 2,719sqm stand, this 861sqm North facing masterpiece offers everything a deserving owner requires. Immaculately presented en-suite bedrooms. Expansive country style kitchen. Fire pizza oven on the entertainment patio, wine cellar, central vacuum system, large generator

with picturesque outlooks over the Heron Dam and equestrian centre in an award winning estate. Elegant reception areas spill out to the rim-flow pool and entertainment areas, large theatre room, spectacular open plan kitchen flows into the dining area with Malaysian tiles throughout, TV lounge, bar and braai area, Jacuzzi, covered patio and triple garage.

and much more. Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten …. (Gucci)


R5 890 000



Beds 4 Baths 4 Garages 2

Web 1BO1163647

SPECTACULAR CONTEMPORARY HOUSE . This double storey four bedroom home which is situated on the golf side of Simbithi has distant sea, dam and golf course views. The double volume kitchen is fitted with the highest spec including white quartz stone, bamboo finishes and porcelain tiles. The covered verandah has a built in braai and flows onto a decked area and pool. The home is eco-friendly and sustainable using gas boilers and an inverter system. Due for completion in June 2014.


R4 400 000


Beds 4 Baths 2 Garages 2

apartment with private pool and large wooden deck, in an exclusive small complex. Distant ocean views and open plan living at its best. Price inclusive of all furniture. A double lock up garage and staff quarters makes this perfect for holiday or permanent living!


level, four bedroom apartment with private pool and large wooden deck, in an exclusive small complex. Distant ocean views and open plan living at its best. Impressive glass entrance and double lock up garaging. Perfect for holiday or permanent living!

Web 1BO1154858 SOUGHT AFTER PLOT ON GOLF COURSE. Gently sloping 1,679m2 land overlooking 3rd Fairway, including architectural plans. Enjoy the tranquillity, wildlife & top security this estate has to offer.

Bea van der Merwe 072 756 7753 | Belinda Souchon 082 849 3480 22 | Simbithi Scene

R2 280 000


Web 1BO1165972


Web 1BO1161270

STUNNING OUTLOOK. Beautiful and spacious 380m2 ground floor, four bedroom


Beds 4 Baths 2 Garages 2

R4 600 000


SIMBITHI 



  R1 585 000 SIMBITHI R810 000 











  

  

  






Land (1,331m2) - Eco side






One bedroom apartment (72m2) - Eco side

R10 000 000








House with sea views (720m2) - Golf side



R4 650 000

  







 

 

House (390m2) - Eco side




    R3 800 000 SIMBITHI 


R8 900 000

 


 

       

 

   

                                



    


 




   


 


Land, double stand (3,377m2) - Eco side


 



 


 House with sea views (644m2) - Golf side

     

              


R1 620 000

 


R3 250 000

 



         







   

   

  







Land (2,255m2) - Golf side



 




  



                   3 bed townhouse (245m2) - Eco side    

  

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Congratulations! Your indigenous garden is going to adequately survive the water restrictions. The effort and time it has taken to grasp the whole “indigenous only” concept is now paying off. A few more weeks into the water restrictions and you will look around and realise that indigenous plants are plants that genuinely can survive these extreme conditions. With little intervention from man, established indigenous plants have adapted to the water stressed conditions we experience, from time to time here in sunny South Africa. South Africa receives an annual rainfall that is nearly half the earth’s average annual rainfall, so we are classified as a water-stressed country. To complicate matters even more scientists predict that with global warming, South Africa will experience much wetter, wet seasons and much drier, dry seasons, resulting in an increase in floods and droughts. So before you pave your whole garden let me share some very practical steps you can take to care for your garden during the floods and the droughts.

Droughts: • Mulch, mulch, mulch your garden. Cover that 24 | Simbithi Scene

soil as much as you can. Be creative about what you use , never throw a leaf away again. Pour them back into your garden beds like a blanket over the soil. It truly does reduce water evaporation and creates a lovely little dew trap for the groundcovers. I often think of mulch as the garden’s factor 50 sun block. Make sure your plants are well fed by composting the soil and using organic fertilisers on a regular basis. You will be astounded how your indigenous garden can survive and be sustained if adequately fed. Being thirsty is bad enough but to be starved as well is unbearable and your plants will show it very quickly. Harvest your rain water. Never before has there been a time like this where every drop of water needs to be conserved and recycled. Maintain your landscape appropriately by either engaging the services of a professional or by taking good advice eg. Make sure you do not mow your lawn too short during the drought periods as it will dry to a crisp. Urgently remove noxious weeds as they guzzle ground water and will deprive your garden of its share. Learn water wise watering habits. Believe it

• •

or not, most landscapes are either overwatered, causing shallow roots and weaker plants, or under-watered when water is applied improperly, running off the soil and down the drain before it has time to soak into the ground. The most water wise manor in which to water your garden is via an automated irrigation system that has been designed around the hydro zones in your garden and that has an accurately set timer and professionally specified sprinkler heads and nozzles that throw the correct amount of water for each separate zone at the correct time. It is far more water efficient to irrigate a garden with a system than to hand water a garden. Plant trees to create shade that helps protect the undergrowth from the intense sun rays. Apply the recommended water wise garden principles to your garden where plants with the same water requirements are grouped together and the sprayers are set to water the appropriate zones and at the right time.

Floods: • It is hard to imagine flooding conditions in this scorching heat with little rain. Here’s what to


do in preparation for floods: • Take water retention measures in areas where water tends to run off, mainly on banks and even gentle inclines. These could be just simple soil burms or especially designed polimers or cloth that one installs in the garden before the planting is completed. • Ensure good groundcover coverage to reduce soil erosion in rain storms. • Make sure your drains are clean and in working order to avoid further erosion due to water overflows. • Preferable have gutters that firmly fit into the storm water system to avoid erosion close to the home. • Each time it rains have a critical look around

your home pre-empting possible flood areas, should the water volumes increase. • Flood water is extremely strong and destructive to a garden, especially on banks. A trick to save banks is to dig a trench on the top of the bank that can catch water run- off and slows it down before it cascades down the bank. • Tree logs or cut wild banana stems can be installed on banks or problem water run-off areas to slow the water down and help reduce soil displacement.

garden. If you are concerned simply call a landscaper who would more than adequately rise to the challenge of landscaping in a country that is water stressed: one day drought and flooding the next. In fact South African landscapers are internationally acknowledged as experienced professionals who are able to overcome a range of difficult climatic conditions in their bid to create beautiful landscapes.

Since you have made wise indigenous plant choices and hopefully embraced some of the water wise points, you need not fear for your

SLIP in a few trees; SLAP on a generous layer of mulch and SLOP your rain water into a storage tank

082 491 6447

So how about we all do a bit of Aussie and SLIP, SLAP and SLOP for our gardens?

Tracey Riley Eco Balance Landscapes

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kids section

r e n r o C s kid Healthy date and nut energy bars Method:

Ingredients: • 300g moist pitted dates – roughly • 250g cashew nuts • 100g raw almonds • 50g cocoa powder • 1 pinch salt • 2 – 3 Tbs cold water


non-stick spray. 1. Spray a cookie sheet/tray with a a powder and salt in a 2. Pulse the chopped dates, nuts, coco texture is coarse. the food processor and process until s a dough ball in the form 3. Add a little water at time until it still be fairly dry. ld shou food processor. The consistency Chill for at least res. 4. Press into the pan and cut into squa d in an airtight chille bars an hour in the refrigerator. Keep Stir the flour, e. recip bars container. Homemade rice puff l. Add the bow a in ther baking powder and sugar toge ine. Stir comb to whisk r, eggs, buttermilk and melted butte in choc chips.

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Q: What has 2 legs but can’t walk ? A: A pair of pants Q: What did one fish say to the other? A: If you keep your mouth closed you will not get caught.

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Snakebite Words by: Tim Driman

in the bush!


here are 169 different species of snakes in Southern Africa - Of which 96 are considered venomous , and of those 96, only 18 species are considered deadly. Even though the term “deadly” sounds scary, it doesn’t necessarily mean that once you get envenomated ( aka: Bitten ) that you will die immediately. Not all venoms have the same effect on all victims. What may be deadly for a mouse, may present no more than swelling, a headache and or discomfort for a human being. Again that also depends on the amount of venom which has been injected into the victim. Most snakes are able to control their flow of venom and usually will administer just enough to do the job which they intend, and not always do they actually release venom at all, resulting in a dry bite. It is NOT necessary to identify the snake which bites the victim. Should a person suffer a snakebite, you should always assume that venom has been released, and it is most important to check the symptoms resulting from the envenomation. IN THE EVENT OF A SNAKEBITE.....DO NOT try to kill the snake. A second bite would complicate

30 | Simbithi Scene

matters. Snakebite victims are treated according to the symptoms which they display, so while it would be handy to have a positive identification, it is not necessary. Expose the wound area: Cut away any clothing around the actual wound, remove rings, watches, shoes etc and gently wipe away any excess venom and moisture which may be around the wound area. Do not do this with your hand Do it with a cloth or some piece of clothing to avoid possible contamination of any open cuts or wounds on your own hand. DO NOT squeeze the wound area, nor try to administer any chemical such as Condy’s crystals ( Potassium permanganate). Do not apply any suction either by mouth. It may be acceptable to use suitable vacuuming equipment, even though it would only be to help calm the victim. However this would be wasting time which could be better used with more positive treatment. (Suction has no benefit and often causes tissue damage). Maintain the airway: Insure that the patient has a clear airway and can breathe freely. Neurotoxic envenomation( Mamba’s, Cape, Forest, and Snouted Cobra’s and Rinkhals (Forest Cobras, Rinkhals and to some degree Snouted

Cobras have as much or more cytotoxins in their venom than neurotoxins)) effects the nervous system resulting in pain at the point of snakebite; minimal/no swelling; drowsiness, vomiting; blurred vision; profuse sweating and difficulty in swallowing and breathing within 30 minutes to several hours, leading to gradual muscle paralysis and ultimate respiratory failure which actually kills the patient! Keep the patient warm, calm and as still as possible. DO NOT administer alcohol, a sedative or any shock treatment. It is important to keep the victim awake! Immobilize the limb: Venom into a vein or artery is largely a myth. The blood system is NOT the way venom finds its way around a body. Venom moves via the body’s lymphatic system, so immobilize the limb using a splint and keep the limb below the heart level of the victim. If it is a cytotoxic bite rather elevate the limb as it will be extremely painful if it is below the heart. Traditional thinking prescribed binding a tourniquet above the snakebite location in order to stem the movement of blood carrying the venom, also by making an incision either side of the punctured area and sucking the venom out-This is totally incorrect. Do not do

General Comments Most snakes are not interested in confrontation, and will move off when hearing or feeling the vibration of someone approaching. But, if a snake is cornered, with no escape option, they will defend themselves by either striking at the very last moment, or spraying/squirting ( Snakes do not spit ) venom ( Cobra’s and Rinkhals ) In the event of being sprayed in the eye/s by a cobra or Rinkhals, you should immediately wash the eye/s with fresh, cold water for no less than fifteen (15) minutes. Milk is NOT advisable, but in the absence of fresh cold water, other clean humanly consumable liquids can be used. As can human urine as a last resort.

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The adder family, usually identified by their beautiful diamond-shaped patterns and markings, are extremely well camouflaged and tend to keep perfectly still when approached. Often they won’t even strike until trodden on. No snake is capable of striking further than its own body length and while some snakes can rear up, this is usually no more than about 1/3rd of its body length...Stories of snakes (Black Mamba)standing on their tails and staring a man in the eyes are myths - It is physically not possible. this! Call for help: While you apply the above, someone else should call around to establish the closest hospital which has a trauma unit. More often than not, a hospital without a specific trauma unit will not have staff or equipment which could help, thereby wasting precious time. Evacuate the victim: Once you have established the location of the nearest hospital with a trauma unit, make contact with them and advise them of the symptoms which the victim displays and get them to that hospital without any further delay. Anti-Venom: Unless there is a properly qualified doctor available, with the correct anti-venom, it is advisable not to attempt to administer such treatment if you are not suitably trained.

Next Editon! Snake venom and symptoms displayed after envenomation, the three main categories of venom found in southern African snakes (CYTOTOXIC VENOM, NEUROTOXIC VENOM, HAEMOTOXIC NENOM) and how to identify them.

Snakes are more active after rain.

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Baby snakes are just as venomous as fully grown snakes. Be safe and treat all snakes as potentially dangerous. If confronted by a snake and you have no way of retreating, STAND DEAD STILL even though it is coming towards you. It is NOT coming to hurt you. It is simply headed to an area of its choice and could even crawl over a foot, but it will not harm you as long as you stand absolutely still and do not startle it! If you find a snake in your room and have no way of removing it yourself, simply close the door and call someone who can remove it safely.

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NEVER kill any snake. We live with snakes all around us and by removing one, you may be opening up a new territory for another to take its place.


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Landscaping and Environment

Peter Coulon

New landscaping and environmental managerer


ven as a young schoolboy it was very clear to me that what I wanted to be was a game ranger. This dream came true way back in 1983 when I joined the then Natal Parks Board as a young ranger and I can now look back on a career encompassing years in formal conservation with both the Natal Parks Board/Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and Msinsi Dams resorts and game reserves. We are privileged to have worked in game reserves like the Hluhluwe/Imfolozi Park and the Ndumo Game Reserve, where we had many amazing experiences. I met my wife, Helga, at the Natal Parks Board and we have two awesome children, Lara, who works on a horse farm in the Midlands, and a son, Tristan, who is married and has presented us with our first granddaughter, Isabella. I have a passion for wilderness and was fortunate enough to have been a trails officer in Imfolozi. Anyone who has not experienced wilderness should do so, as it changes who you are and your outlook on the value of wild areas. Our protected areas and natural open spaces are under so much pressure and what I believe is required is more awareness from the public of the impact that we have on these areas in our everyday living. Helga and I are settling down well in Ballito and the Simbithi Eco Estate. I have a little history

32 | Simbithi Scene

with Simbithi, as I left formal conservation for a short period some years back and was involved in Simbithi back in 2007-2009 when I was the land and wildlife manager for the eLan Group and this estate has changed so much since those early days. The forests are developing well together with their associated wildlife. I recall the first introduction of bushbuck at Simbithi, in which I was involved. The quality of the grasslands has, however, suffered due to the encroachment of Chrysanthemoides (Tickberry) and to manage the grasslands effectively we, together with the Simbithi environmental committee, have a vision — we want to establish healthy coastal grassland on Simbithi. To achieve this, a plan has been developed which we have started to implement. Biodiversity is important in Simbithi and that is why I want to ensure that we don’t lose our grasslands. I am very fortunate in that I have a wide range of responsibilities at Simbithi, which is what makes one’s work exciting — I could not work in a place with the same routine day in and day out. My first goal is to understand all the requirements of my portfolio and, once I fully understand the processes, I would like to take a critical look at how the environmental business is done and then, if required, make changes to ensure that the environmental section is more effective.

I have a number of roles, which include landscaping (individual gardens and the estate’s open spaces, which Servest manage), the management of the natural areas, trails, environmental compliance, encouraging environment-friendly projects like recycling and, lastly, ensuring that residents are aware of the environment. Environmental awareness is so important and it is essential that residents know, understand and, in some cases, assist in environmental projects on the estate. I have a great interest in landscaping and will enjoy this part of the job. I have met many of the landscapers that work at Simbithi and look forward to ensuring that we have gardens that not only add value to the wildlife, but blend in well with the natural landscape. I am also very fortunate at Simbithi to have an environmental committee that is so passionate about nature. I look forward to my time with Simbithi and will ensure that its environmental section adds value to the natural environment, its associated wildlife and residents.

Peter Coulon

Landscaping and environmental Manager


You only live once ... we’ll show you where

Currently still under construction, this minimalistic yet bold and extravagant home comprises 4 bedroom suites and a guest suite, 4 living areas, a wine cellar and beautiful outdoor living space. Blending elegance and class, yet maintaining a luxurious “less-is-more” ambiance throughout. Jana Vorster Web ID: ENV66862 082 430 5430 ZAR 12,5 million

Immerse yourself in this brand new, modern home. Hilights include timber screening walls, modern finishes, open plan lay out and large rooms. The outdoor entertainment area boasts a wonderful undercover patio, rim flow pool and garden area. The home offers 4 luxurious en suite bedrooms all with balcony access. Francois Verster Web ID: ENV 58486 083 386 3995 ZAR 7,995 million

Set high on the ridge, this wonderful apartment offers endless ocean views and large spaces to entertain. Open plan living areas complete with a wonderful modern kitchen opening onto a beautiful wooden deck, rim flow pool and manageable garden. Accommodation includes 3 luxurious en suite bedrooms. Vaughn Reiche Web ID: ENV 62607 083 386 3996 ZAR 4,6 million

Beautiful living in this single story home. Open plan living areas highlighted by a gourmet kitchen. A beautiful undercover veranda overlook a green belt and dam. There are 3 wonderful bedrooms, with an impressive master suite, a family bathroom and a double garage. Vaughn Reiche Web ID: ENV 68323 083 386 3996 ZAR 4,295 million

Brand new single story family home. Offering spacious living areas and a modern kitchen, all opening onto the level garden and swimming pool. There are 3 bright bedrooms with the master en suite. Excellent workmanship and high end fixtures and fittings make this family home a solid investment. Francois Verster Web ID: ENV 66926 083 386 3995 ZAR 4,1 million

Outstanding 4 bedroomed apartment with a warm ambience and magnificent sea views. A well-equipped granite and dark wood kitchen finishes off this open plan home. Flowing living areas open on to the large enclosed patio with Jacuzzi and gas braai.

Remarkable family home with beautiful views over the estate. This outstanding, warm and welcoming home offers open plan living areas, large kitchen with Caesar Stone counters and a private garden. There are 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. All topped off with a double garage. Francois Verster Web ID: ENV 52712 083 386 3995 ZAR 3,595 million

Beautiful and very modern 3 bedroomed apartment boasting great inland views as well as distant sea views. The open plan living areas open on to the large covered patio which also features a Jacuzzi. Swimming pool in complex.

Create and build your dream home on this large vacant stand set in the heart of Simbithi at the end of a cul-de-sac and overlooking a greenbelt. Approved plans, geotech report and survey details included.

Jana Vorster 082 430 5430

Vaughn Reiche 083 386 3996

Web ID: ENV 51118 ZAR 3,99 million


Jana Vorster 082 430 5430

Web ID: ENV 44112 ZAR 2,18 million

Web ID: 67648 ZAR 1,85 million

Ballito • Tel. +27(0)32 946 7777 • • Real Estate Agency

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GENERATOR SPECIAL! Automatic Diesel Generator

18kVA 230V / 25kVA 400V (FAW 21kW Engine)

y Onl








00 m

m 780mm

Super silent enclosure

4 Easy to install remote changeover with plug & play sockets

2 Stainless Steel Silencer to prevent rust

5 12 hour base tank (approximately 3 litres per hour @ 50% load)

3 Galvanised & powder coated with S/S nuts & bolts

6 Electronically controlled for complete protection & automation

High quality, locally built and supported in RSA


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Tel: Pat 082 410 9257 or 074 160 1331 has been specialising in holiday and permanent rentals in Simbithi Eco-Estate for the last 8 years and is situated at the Simbithi Security & Sales office. There is currently a shortage of rental stock in Simbithi and homes are URGENTLY required for both permanent and holiday letting. Let our professional team take away the hassle of property, tenant and guest management.




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SAVINGS THROUGH THE ROOF! STAINLESS STEEL DESIGN! Handsome styling. Plenty of power. A smooth gentle ride. And all the custom options you could ask for. Perfect for recreation, transportation, or just plain fun. Keep your social life on the right course. New and Reconditioned 2 or 4-Seater Carts available, as well as a backup service for maintenance and repairs.

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way from the hustle and bustle of city life, in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal’s northern coastline, lies Simbithi, a 430 hectare Eco-Estate. Simbithi Eco-Estate is a natural, coastal paradise with dense, indigenous riverine vegetation, lush valley wetlands, undulating hills and distant, breathtaking vistas. Simbithi is situated 30 minutes north of South Africa’s third largest city, Durban, on the Kwazulu-Natal coast. It’s a tranquil hideaway nestled between the coastal towns of Ballito and Salt Rock. The new King Shaka International Airport is only 10 minutes away. This has made the North Coast much more accessible for commuters, foreign tourists and investors.

423m2 335 m2 447m2 421m2

R4 495 000 R4 295 000 R4 550 000 R4 850 000

Contact us today for a Cappucino at Regency House, nishes and answer your questions.

3 Douglas Crowe Drive Suite 8 Regency House 032 946 2377 or Paul 0828778631 Please visit for further details 42 | Simbithi Scene

TYPE A:First oor

Type A Type B Type D Type F

TYPE A: Ground Floor

The Amphitheatre is comprised of 15 free-standing homes with 4 different floor plans in an exclusive development within the highly sought after Simbithi Eco Estate. It is beautifully positioned on an elevated site and borders on a green belt.






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R5 750 000


R2 600 000

FROM R925 000

MANDY CLARK 072 534 4875


R3 399 000



NATURES HIDE-AWAY WEB 317329 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 2 Garages 2 This penthouse apartment has sea & dam views and direct access from the double lock-up garage. Enjoy open plan living with built in braai on deck and a complex offering a pool and tennis court. A rare find!

PRIME COMMERCIAL SPACE Situated behind the Golf Club, the Simbithi Office Park is a unique and upmarket investment with a number of office and retail options. Letting opportunities will be available. RICHARD ANDERSON 083 358 5902


A HOME IN THE COUNTRY WEB 307096 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 4 Garages 2 Wonderful home with stunning views over the paddocks. All bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms and there is a large study with bathroom. Includes a swimming pool and large garage with extra space to fit a golf cart. GEORGE BAXTER 084 890 1822




WEB 317720 HOME SWEET HOME Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3 Garages 2 This stand-alone home is situated on the sought after Golf Estate. With an open plan kitchen leading out to your own private garden this is the perfect lock up and go investment opportunity. GEORGE BAXTER 084 890 1822

The Simbithi Smart Team

Mark Johnson Chairman & Principal Seeff Dolphin Coast

Andreas Wassenaar MD & Principal Seeff Dolphin Coast

Tim Johnson Sales Director Seeff Dolphin Coast

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Call Seeff Dolphin Coast on: 032 586 0170 // // 44 | 10, Simbithi Shop TheScene Well, Cnr. Albertina Way & Kirsty Close, Ballito

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