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10 Year Service Awards


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A Sobering Article by a

Resident Medical Professional

On average, globally, one in 15 people who contract COVID-19 die. That is a staggering number, many times deadlier than any flu we have seen for 100 years. Figures vary between countries, of course. In the UK one in 7 cases dies, in the USA it is one in 17. You can find global numbers here. In the Western Cape, only 1 in 50 cases have died so far. The fatality rate is probably still low because we are at a relatively early stage in the virus spread. Western Cape numbers are here. This

also means that social distancing measures have been working. These numbers show that this is an extremely deadly virus. On a clinical level, we are also starting to see that even in those who appear to make a full recovery, many have permanent scaring to their lungs, which can give them lifelong issues. So, what does this mean for us living among the beautiful vineyards of Croydon? Well, a few things are clear. If we don’t have any positive cases for three weeks, and no one leaves or enters the estate, we don’t have to worry and social distancing measures are not necessary. Unfortunately, people do leave and enter the estate every day. And this is our problem. The virus can


be transmitted by people who feel completely healthy and do not believe they have come into contact with the virus. In fact, contact tracing in South Africa currently shows that most new positive cases feel completely healthy when they are tested. And, the virus is spread in tiny droplets dispersed into the air when we breathe. They spread more when we cough, and even more when we exercise. So, how do we protect ourselves and our families? We reduce the chance of picking up the virus when we go out into the world so that we don’t take it back to our loved ones. We do this by wearing a mask, and making sure everyone else also wears a mask, every time we enter a space that

could be infected. This only works if we all do it, no matter how frustrating, and even if we believe we are not infected. I hope and pray that we don’t see new cases in Croydon. That way, this pandemic can pass us by and we can laugh about how the protection measures were an overreaction. That is unlikely, though. We are still at the early stages of the spread in the Western Cape and, as case numbers around us grow, the chance of it arriving in our estate increases. If COVID-19 does, God forbid, arrive at Croydon, it will do so quietly. No one will know about it, not even the infected person, for about two weeks. During that time, it will spread quietly to everyone the infected person comes into contact with, and without anyone noticing. After


that, as the first case begins to get sick, gets tested and contact tracing begins, we will all begin anxiously applying social distancing and wear our masks. But it will be too late. Contacts will begin testing positive, sick people will go to hospital, and some of them may die. 5

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1. Share a recipe with us in which you use Croydon wine as an ingredient, or a recipe of a meal with which you pair Croydon wines. 2. Let us know which one of the wines you use for cooking or to pair with. 3. Email the recipe as well as pictures to We will post one recipe per week on the Croydon Vineyards Facebook page. You will be credited on the post when your recipe or pictures are posted. To ensure that we can tag you in the post, please like Croydon Vineyards #croydonvineyards #croydonwines #sharingmycooking. Happy cooking or drinking‌ or whatever! Watch a video which was part of a marketing campaign for Wines of the World in the U.K.


10 Year Service

Congratulations to Justin Fredericks and John Philander respectively on their 10 years of dedication and commitment to Croydon! The service awards were presented by Arnold Bell, HOA Trustee and Chairperson.




Definition of a pre-drink: “Securing your party before the party starts”. Step one: Visit the website: Step two: Click on Croydon Vineyards, which will give you the drop down option to the Wine Order Form. Step three: Fill in all of your details. Residents receive a 20% discount on all CVE wines. Click here to view the cellar door price list.


A Short Biopsy of Croydon Homeowner

Maruis Meyer

Lecturing, research and consulting in the fields of HR/HRD/OD, mentoring, coaching and leadership development, as well as organisation culture change. Author of 14 books on the above aspects. Also works in the field of measuring the ROI of training programmes to show business impact of training. Goal is to help students and companies to optimise human potential and to ensure that they build the competence of their workforce. Regular conference speaker on these topics. Read his lockdown series of essays from Day 2 to Day 23 HERE

During the first 5 weeks of lockdown, Croydon HOA donated basic staple food items requested by the charity drive Macassar Unite, to make up food hampers for those in need. Shoprite/Checkers vouchers to the value of R2 600-00 (26 x R100-00) were also purchased and handed to Victor Isaacs, the DA Councillor for distribution to the needy in the community. Click here to view donation requests made by Greater Macassar Civic Association during this difficult time.

Congratulations Congratulations to Geoff and Debbie Els on the arrival of their grandson, Aaron Michael, born on 29 April 2020.

Click here for an article why HOA’s have rules. extract from Residential Estate Industry Journal, Volume 5


The Duck Pond’s

Lamb Neck and Rib Curry Serves: four to six people Preparation: 20 minutes Cooking: 90 minutes Can be frozen Ingredients • 1kg lamb neck (sliced in discs) • 1kg lamb riblets • 100ml cooking oil • 4 large onions (chopped) • 3 cloves garlic (crushed) • 2 tbsp curry powder (to taste) • 1 tbsp turmeric • 1 tbsp teera • 2 tbsp whole star aniseed • 1 tsp cumin

• Salt and course black pepper • 1 cube beef stock (dissolve in 500ml hot water) • Fresh thyme • 1 tin whole peeled tomato • 50ml tomato paste • 500ml Croydon Title Deed Cape Blend • 4 medium potatoes (cut in quarters) Method 1. Season the lamb with salt and pepper. 2. Braise lamb in half of the oil until brown and set aside in a separate dish. 3. Using the same pot, fry the chopped onions in the remaining oil. 4. Add garlic, curry powder, turmeric, cumin, star aniseed and jeera and make a paste. 5. Return the meat to the pot. 6. Cover with beef stock and Croydon Title Deed Cape Blend.

7. Cook the meat for 30 minutes over medium heat and add potatoes, thyme, whole peeled tomato and tomato paste. 8. Place a lid on the pot and simmer over low heat for approximately 60 minutes until the meat is tender. 9. Serve with basmati rice and sambals.

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