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Wessel du Toit

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Welcome to the Croydonite Family Transfer Registrations: Etienne and Izanne Pretorius Francois Theron and Isel Esterhuyze Arno and Adelle van der Merwe Richard and Louise Emond Andrè and Mandy Trollip

34 Sagittarius Lane 27 Sagittarius Lane 2 Scorpio Lane 8 Taurus Lane 6 Aries Lane

New Tenants: Rick and Nicolle Basson Pieter and Michelle Klynsmith Stephan and Suzette Wessels

12 Scorpio Lane 21 Pisces Lane 14 Cancer Close



Who would ever have thought that a pandemic would paralyse the world! One thing we can be certain of is that life as we knew it will never be the same! Whilst quarantined in the sanctity of our beautiful estate, some have looked at the glass half full and captured nature in all its splendor!

Steed Richardson

Wessel du Toit



Under the circumstances, until further notice, everything is conditional with a twist of COVID-19. These conditions will be communicated, at the time, together with the relevant event. • Food Truck Friday (weekly) • Heritage Day (24 September) - traditionally National Braai Day Standby for details from the Lifestyle Co-ordinator.


And the bonus: homeowners and residents receive 20% discount on advertised prices! Title Deed Range White Blend R86.00 Red Blend R102.00 Rosè R80.00

Chenin Blanc R145.00 MCC R214.00 Cape Vintage (375ml) R134.00 Click HERE to purchase online:

Covenant Range Pinotage R123.00 Merlot R123.00 Shiraz R145.00 Cabernet Sauvignon R198.00 Sauvignon Blanc R123.00


The landscaping and office staff, together with the Security Supervisor, participated in a half-day basic fire training course on 30 July, conducted by Enviro Wildfire Management. Each participant received a certificate of recognition. The focus was on two categories: 1. Theory which covered the fire triangle, fire terminology, dangers, PPE and communications. 2. A practical section which covered hand tools, hoses and fire hydrants. The training proved to be both interesting and enlightening. The most impactful lesson learnt was teamwork and that hand signals are critical to being effective and efficient! CLICK HERE to view the Fire Fighting Certificate




You would have noticed that our vineyards are bare. They have been pruned in anticipation of the 2020/2021 harvest!



The Community Schemes Ombud Service Act Explained (CSOS) On 7 October 2016, the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act 9 of 2011 (CSOSA) came into effect. This Act impacts anyone who owns property in a communication scheme. A community scheme includes sectional title developments, share block schemes, homeowners’ associations, retirement schemes or any other arrangement in terms of which there are shared use of and responsibility for parts of land and buildings. This is the first time that legislation has been enacted with a view of promoting good governance within community schemes in South Africa.



An ombud service (‘the Service’) has been established in terms of the CSOSA, which serves two main functions. Firstly, it helps to regulate, monitor and control the quality of scheme governance documentation and acts as a repository for scheme governance documentation to ensure that the public has access thereto. In the case of sectional title schemes, the Chief Ombud must approve all amendments to the management and conduct rules. The second function is to provide a dispute resolution mechanism. Disputes within a community scheme may be referred to the Service for adjudication. The parties are first required

to try to negotiate a settlement through conciliation but, if unsuccessful, the matter will be referred to an adjudicator whose decision will be binding and may be made an order of court. The factual findings of the adjudicator cannot be taken on appeal, with only points of law taken on appeal. Generally, legal representation is not permissible unless the adjudicator and all of the other parties consent, or if the adjudicator determines that a party cannot deal with the adjudication without legal representation. The type of relief that may be granted in the dispute resolution process is very

broad and ranges, for example, from a requirement that an association records a new scheme governance provision, or declares a resolution purportedly passed at a meeting void or invalid, to an order requiring the removal of an animal from a community scheme must pay all or part of the rentals payable under a lease agreement to the association and not to his or her landlord. There are a host of other types of relief that may be granted. Each community scheme must pay a monthly levy to the Service. The levy is calculated on a sliding scale, increasing in a ratio proportionate to the monthly levy charges to each property owner within the scheme. The scheme levy is to be

collected and paid by the body corporate or the association, and an additional fee is payable to the Service for making an application to refer a dispute. If a matter proceeds to adjudication, then an additional fee is again payable, although provision is made for the waiver of the application and adjudication fees in the case of persons whose gross monthly income is less than R5 500. In order to promote good governance, the CSOSA introduced the concept of scheme executives for any person who is a trustee, director or other person who exercises executive control of a community scheme and sets standards for their conduct over and above those

already applicable in terms of common law or any other applicable legislation, such as the Companies Act, 2008, and sectional title legislation. It remains to be seen whether the CSOSA achieves its objective. Much will depend on the strength of the administration of the Service and the quality of decisions reached in the dispute resolution process. Issue No. 23 / New Urbanisation Estate Living

Click HERE to read an interesting article on how to choose the perfect tree for your garden and our climate.


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Croydon Vineyard Estate Newsletter September 2020  

Croydon Vineyard Estate Newsletter September 2020  

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