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CHILDRENS ROOMS, BEDROOM SOLUTIONS, THEMED PLAYROOMS, CUSTOM-BUILT FURNITURE The magical experiences we create for our children now will be part of their memories in the future! 1

THE WORLD - A ROOM FOR IMAGINATION. Childrens rooms should stimulate fantasy as well as giving your child the calm and security they need for proper rest and sleep. The child’s own refuge - the place where they feel safe, with toys and colors they love around them.

a roo m to g row in It is important to include children in the consultation process when their rooms are being redecorated or remodeled. Adults have the rest of the house or apartment where we can decide everything from the colors, furniture and fabrics. In our experience kids can often come up with better solutions that originate from their own perspective and not ours. If they are included in the decoration process they usually are happy to take more responsibility for the solution; for example cleaning and keeping their room tidy. We want them to grow up and take responsibility - but not too fast - we must ensure that these early years are remembered. 2


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Build in solutions gives lots of storage space, it´s timeless and can fit into any size of space.

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When the children are small they love floor space. If you make room for all the toy´s, it is easy to keep it tidy, even for small hands.

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HARMONy Built-in solutions merge with the architecture and create harmony and order. Optimize your space from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. Colors play an important role in decorating children’s rooms. Children have their own favorite colors, but they also have different personalities. Introverted children may flourish in bright colors like orange and red, while children with high energy level will calm down and feel better in blue and green tones.



U N D E wat er A hand painted mural makes a special impact on a child. It introduces an element of surprise and visual impact to any interior space, and can be added to almost any size of room. Special attention is always paid to the longevity of the design. We want the family to be happy with the space for many years. When children have a space designed especially for them, they feel a sense of pride and ownership.


All elements in this room has been designed with the under water theme in mind.



fantasY We make children’s rooms and playrooms from design to installation. These often include murals and accessories, as well as specially made textiles and furniture in the form of headboards, pillows, curtains, chairs and tables.


When siblings shere a room they can both sleep in the bed as long as it´s long enough.



JUNGLE When you choose a general theme on a mural like “Up in space, Jungle, Under water and Artic sea” it will stay the age of time and keep your childrens interest even as they grow older. It´s a special experience for a child to have their own bedroom univers.


co lou r Warm colours can brighten up any room, especially if it is facing north. By raising the bed you can make space for a small sofa and a table so friends can come to visit. Girls rooms often need more shelves and drawers as well as closet space.


With some cotes of freash paint and furnishing from Ikea you can easily renovate a teeage room on a tight budget.


TEENS As children become teenagers their use of space changes. They need a desk for homework, more bookshelves, space for clothing and ideally a sofa for social get togethers. Cool colours and soft furnishings can create a powerful impact. Get them involved in the design process and they will be motivated to look after their room and may even keep it tidy!

Give them a trophy cabinet and lots of hooks, so that clothes don´t end up on the floor.


Here the colour choice have been denim-blue with cream and white and brushed steel on details. Invite the child to have input on storage solutions so they know where to put their stuff.


Moo n When two brothers had to share a room, we gave them half a moon each! Their cartoon universe had to be just as interesting from the top or bottom bunkbed.



Ni g h t and DAY We can all dream of floating in space. Looking at stars and planets before we fall asleep. We can even reproduce the positions of the stars on the day you were born. Your own personal horoscope, on your ceiling.


ro u gh & to ugh Young people like to have their own den, then a color palette of warm colors, a big bed with lots of pillows is a good start. If they can choose the decoration on a wall, they then have the opportunity to see a bit more of their personality. A wall can always be painted. In this case it was a young “rocker� who wanted an urban brick wall complete with graffiti to give the room a rough feel but still keeping the other colours warm and cozy.



childrens l i b r a ry Library Barnes Primary School in London had a pitched roof leading to a slightly cramped and not very welcoming impression. By using the mural as an important part of the decor, we created a new living area for the kids. We painted a sky onto the ceiling and shared room based on the four seasons in the calendar. There´s also «a little slice of heaven» to give the illusion of greater height, with the trees being the symbol of knowledge. Adventure rotates through night and day, and the motifs painted on the wall are from well-known fairy tales.



FabLab Design has extensive experience in interior design for children, both in the private and public space.



CHILDRENS ROOMS, BEDROOM SOLUTIONS,THEMED PLAYROOMS, CUSTOM-BUILT FURNITUREThe magical experiences we create for our children now will be pa...

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