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ll My Loving • All my loving, I love this song, my favorite band is the beatles, reminds me of that person who was very special to me. He liked a lot and we like to sing together.

ox • Life is like a box ... You have to have good defense to win .. Having our heads held high after a defeat ... Overcoming the problems of K.O. Via. and accept that your opponent can do the same as you in the draw.

hildhood • My childhood was very nice, each time I lived with my friends, best of all, I have managed to retain biggest that friends.

o not delay • do not delay, it's one of my favorite songs when I'm with my best friend I like to sing, the most fun is that neighbors come to your door.

nglad • Before I knew The Beatles and dreamed of knowing England, then had another dream in which I want to cross Abbey Road.

ear • My biggest fear is to large breed dogs, Although it is hard to believe when I have one near tremble & 'sometimes came to mourn.

Should Have Known Better •I Should Have? Known Better, when I hear this song I get excited. It's fun when I'm with my dad in the car singing.

unk Food • Every time I go out with my best friend spent a lot of money on junk food.

arch • March was a month amazing, I met a person who I impact their way of being, thinking, these outputs are nice and funny his smile just fascinates me.

ight • I like a lot the night, is the best time to reflect, a time of day that represents the mystery and elegance.

aul McCartney

• Paul McCartney is my favorite singer, his songs are beautiful, romantic and have that special touch of humor, his voice, his eyes, I would meet him and hear him sing Hey Jude.

ock &’ Roll • Is my favorite genre of music. I met him through my dad, one day we were alone at home was amazing to have the music loud & 'dance with him around the house.

even • The number seven is my lucky number, that díaes my birthday, the seven musical notes, the seven wonders of the world, seven days a week, is the PERFECT NUMBER

he Beatles • The Beatles are my favorite band, the knowledge a May 2010 at the wedding of my uncle and days later in the movie Love ABC.

eekend • The weekend song I find very funny because I relate so much to my personal life.

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