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focus : pruduct

LAMP Task: schoolproject, lamp made out of cardboard


How can the beam of light be transported and moved? Where is the end and also the beginning? Is it possible to stop the light defusing, by letting it float on the waves!

By using an organic shape on the outside cover and the clear compsition of the grid inside, the light gets a charismatic movement, which suggests the lamp is not complete. The aim of the lamp is to keep the limitations and the characteristics of the cardboard, but still increase its qualities without any pretences.

focus : furniture

BOOKCASE Task: Shelf-space for my living room


For my living room i tried do develop a bookcase, which should be very easy in the construction aswell cheap in the choice of materials. It should appear light (because of the small space) aswell harmonise with the existing interior. I tried to concept the bookcase in a way that it can everytime being adaptet to the circumstances (add or remove floors). By choosing an „U“ shape for the plates, the fragile wood construction is holden togheter and gets stabilised, also does the shape guarantee that the plates stick to its place and don‘t move.


Eatched steel plates which have been soaked in a special liquid to accelerate the process of oxidation. Special coat on the rust to protect the surface from outer influence .

focus : product

MUSIC Task: The wrap, a mixture of old jukeboxes and a modern feeling of music experience.


I tried to give my soundboxes a new look aswell an aura which can be adaptetd to the actual style of the music. The box is placed and covered in a wrap, which consists of a fixed hull onthe sides and a convertible front-plate.










focus : installation

SOUTH, EAST, WEST, ..... Task: Reykjavik arts festival, exhibition in kaffistofa

CONCEPT While looking through the window on the door, I could see a plant, which was fluttering in the wind, by approaching my ear to the tube, having some foreboding in my mind, the music would confirm my thoughts, its a dream, maybe even a desire, certainly somewhere below iceland.

I developed this installation as a kind of a self-reflection. Be and live outside my usual surroundings, trying to collect and assemble the reminders from back home in a modest integral whole, but always trying to keep a certain distance to not stuck in the past. I tried to thematise the senses by splitting the story, thus place the sound (tube) and the picture (window) in two different places, to effect the intensity of the impression, aswell the consciousness of the flow. Can you drive off with this mobile? Why is it like it is - standby? Is it arranged upside down and? How is it twisted and where is actually the bottom? Why is a side-wall ripped, does it smell - a third sense ? Further the materials and stuff i chose where all very strong connected to time, the plant grows but also withers, the steel rosts, and if it stops, is it still enough solid to keep everything togheter? Does the gold on top yield enough confidence and does the „gips bandi“ really cure?

Jamaican Steel Band - Mongoose

Please play the attached song

focus : installation

THE DOOR AS A LIFE CUTOUT Task: competition, exhibition in Solothurn „S11“


Within the scope of a public competition in the “Künstlerhaus S11” in Solothurn my project proposal was approved. The theme of the competition was “space and time”. My idea consisted in separate life, a system of place and time. The door symbolizes change, reorientation and the unexpected. The whole object which is split into two paths incorporates life. The right path symbolizes the untouched, numb and frozen life whereas the left one the active and energetic life. The impact produced by the simple moving of the doors, allows to leave one’s mark. These traces of a individual life will disappear as soon as another person touches the doors.

focus : object

RANDOM CONSTRUCTIONS Task: School project about sharing and expressing the own faszination


At the time of my employing as a technical drawtsman i was constantly surrounded by technical drawfts which where basicly based on the principles of the statics. In this project i got inspired by these principles, thus more by the way they look like, and less the „form follows functions“ rules. I tried to keep the look and shape of the results that the statics generate, but arrange the construction in a total random way, where the aesthetic stands above the function or any principals. On the other hand, i worked with different materials like concrete, steel and founded wood plates from stables which should set my objects alive and give them a certain character of evanescence.


focus : object or product?

WHAT A FEELING FOR ... Task: the environment as inspiration


What’s the essence of something? What or where is the barrier between functional and abstract respectively sculpural objects? The objects should raise the question about positioning and purpose but be identifiable at first sight.


focus : object or product?

MAYBE A TOOTH? Task: aesthetics above function


There is not much to say about this much. It is what it shows, apart that there is a light on the ceiling in the notch from the house aswell that the upper part from the rack can be used as a shelf space. Considering that the object would not be in my room, i would like to know if people would buy this object because of the sculptural aspect or more for a functional reason, and in case of the last one, how they would use and change it furthermore.


ocus : product

SHOPPINGBAG Task: competition from „Globus Switzerland“- design of a shopping bag


Without changing size and dimensions of the usual shopping-bag I tried to modify it and reflect the contemporary buying behaviour. Therefore I added a sort of ulcer that symbolizes the pursuit of property. Furthermore i positioned the handle in the inside of the bag so the carrier kind of melts with the bag and the shopping items and the whole apprearance becomes a touch of something strong and invincible.

ocus : object

... = ...? Task: individually, toy IDEA

By arranging stuff i founded and adding new parts has this interesting motiv, thus toy come out. Its the result of consumation, streams aswell the endless preassure of the society.

focus : art, performance

PIANO Task: Style and Design project, design the city of your own dreams CONCEPT

For my city of dreams I dealt with the urban city structure. I thought of a city coordinated by a greater force. Therefore I built a piano made of cardboard, Styrofoam, hard plaster, cement and wood. The greater force is represented by the pianist. Instead of single sounds I wanted to have a release of impulses in my “pianocity�. The pianist decides what happens in the city by pressing the keyboard, for example the release of petroleum or water.

focus : product

CANDLE IN THE SHAPE OF A MOUNTAIN Task: competition for „Haus Konstruktiv Zürich“


The „Haus Konstruktiv Zürich „ is a museum for constructive art based in zürich. It released last autumn a competition for the opening of the max bill show to develop a candle in the context with constructive art for the shop of the museum. I designed a candle in the shape of a mountain with two peaks. The idea was that the process of burning down would cause avalanches rushing down on the hillsides.

focus : concept design and performance

R.I.P - Rest in pieces Task: i had to design the stand for a group project outgoing from a schoolproject



Outgoing and supporting from a school-project, which was based on doing an intervention in the social life, some schoolmates and me did rent a space at the Blickfang 2009 in Zürich. Based on the controversies about the only country (Switzerland) in Europe, which supports assisted dying, we did interpret the corn of life in a new context, at least in a different way. We tried to find a way to themasie this taboo seriously but on the other hand, not to shock with standards like coffins and crucifix. Inspired from the freezed image on the tv, we built our stand in its look to approach the death. There we sold products, which were based on swiss proverbs and dealed with the death. „Bite in the grass“ We sold small brown cakes, which had on top green colored flakes for imitate the grass „Drop the spoon“ Inspired from dead bodies with their numbers sticking on their toes, we sold redesigned spoons in a chain which were engraved with an individual number, . and so on...


focus : public intervention

Africa Task: self initiated, by coincidence i found these rotten apples in the garden, which i arranged in the shape of africa


work fabio hendry


work fabio hendry