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Editorial BTT / Dirt Jump is a cycling type that is assuming its position in the national and international sports scene, having took part for the first time in the “X-Games” in 2013. Dirt Jump consists in the practice of riding bikes over jumps of dirt or soil and becoming airborne. The idea is that after riding over the 'take off' the rider will become momentarily airborne, execute different types of tricks and aim to land on the 'landing'. The athlete is evaluated by a team of 3 judges that assess the difficulty, the execution, the style and the fluency of the manoeuvre. In the 2013 season, Fábio suffered a serious injury that restrained him from achieving some of his goals. Even though, Fábio achieved the title of National ViceChampion, an important result for his athlete’s records, motivating him for this season. This achievement had a great projection of his sponsors in the media.

Biography Fรกbio Gil is 17 years old and he is from Guarda, Portugal. He is attending a secondary vocational course related to sports management which can be an asset to his sports career. As a student, Fรกbio has always practiced sports, having started to ride at his 11 years old. It started on Dirt Jump in 2010, with a big success by making some good results. In 2011 has integrated the team of DMRBikes/Skillbikes and nowdays has been obtaining a good evolution season after season.

Goals General Goal: •

Improve the brands that were achieved in previous seasons;

Specific Goals: • • • •

National Vice Champion; Regional Champion; Some caps in Europe; Patricipation in“FMB World Tour”;

Top Results Dirt Jump AMATEUR | 2010: •

3º Place/ Amateur;

Dirt Jump AMATEUR| 2011: • • • • • •

National Champion /Amateur; Development Rider 2011; 1º Place “Nationall Circuit Dirt Jump” at Seixal; 1º Place “Nationall Circuit Dirt Jump” at Guarda; 1º Place “Nationall Circuit Dirt Jump” at Porto de Mós; 1º Place “Nationall Circuit Dirt Jump” at Festival Bike (Santarém).

Dirt Jump PROFISSIONAl | 2012: • • •

6º Place General “Nationall Circuit Dirt Jump” ; 5º “Nationall Circuit Dirt Jump” at Porto de Mós ; 7º Place “Nationall Circuit Dirt Jump” at Chamusca.

Dirt Jump PROFISSIONAL | 2013: • • • • •

National Vice Champion; 4º Place (Internacional) at Festival Bike Contest Santarém; 3º Place General “Regional Championship Dirt Jump”; 3º Place“Regional Championship Dirt Jump” at Porto da Carne; 3º Place “Regional Championship Dirt Jump” at Alfarazes.

Exhition in the media •

TV Channels: RTP1, PandaBigs, SporTV;

Magazines: Bike Magazine, FreeBike, Boletim Municpal;

Newspapers: Jornal A Bola, Jornal Ointerior, Jornal a Guarda;

Internet:, Youtube, PTRadical, SporTV (Zona Radical), Facebook (Athlete Page with 2000 followers);

Sponsors -2013

Sports Project 2014 - Fábio Gil  
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