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Fábio C a s t r o Rafael Hello, my name is Fábio and I am passionate about design, brand devolepment and typography. I specialize in logo design, branding, web design, digital content and i’m passionate about typography and calligraphy. I offer design services to businesses of all sizes around the world, and my skills allow me not only to design but also to plan, budget control, negotiation, monitoring the production close to typographies, etc. I hold a bachelor in Graphic Design and i’ve been a former on Mind Mapping and Design Thinking in different companies. Now i’m traveling and working remotly, looking for new challenges to embrace on my career and personal evolution. mail: Please continue to my portfolio and get in touch especially if you’re phone: +351 914 264 335 linkedin: link in need of a distinctive brand identity.

Professional Experience 04/2018 - Present

03/2017 - 04/2018

Gap Year / Freelance

Brand Developer

South America


- Live fully immersed in different cultures; - Adapt and get solutions quickly in the face of challenges; - Planing everyday; - Budgeting control and negotiation; - Embrace different design challenges

- Creating visual cotent for different platforms, both printed and digital - Internal and external communication - Contacts with midia, press, suppliers, etc - Budget management and negotiation 07/2014 - 02/2017

10/2016 - Present

Brand Developer

Graphic Designer A Cascata Restaurantes (food chain)

XDOM - Brand development and image development - Creating visual cotent for different platforms, both printed and digital - App and website layout design

- Rebrand - Creating visual cotent for different platforms, both printed and digital - Monitoring the production, design object placement and it’s functionality

10/2016 - Present

05/2013 - 06/2014

Brand Developer

Store opperator


Pet&Plants (Pet Shop company - SONAE group)

- Brand development and image development - Image for brand products, such as XDOM

- Direct contact with client and brands - Understanding the consumer’s behaviour


Hard and Soft Skills


Adobe Photoshop

The Complete Digital Marketing Course Udemy

Adobe Illustrator

2009 - 2012

Adobe InDesign

Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design and Advertising

Adobe After Effects

ESEIG - IPP (Actual ESMAD) Graphic Design 2007 - 2008

Web Design


Institute UNICENTER Social Media

Formations & Workshops

Photography / Video



“Decifrar Pessoas” - Ler, interpretar e ________________________________ influenciar (Body language) Alexandre Monteiro



Public Speaking

Social Media Marketing Strategy EDIT

Decision making


Multi tasking

Calligraphy Workshop - Xesta Studio We Came From Space

Team Work



Letterpress Workshop We Came From Space

Work under pressure



Former in the Beautiful Branding Agency’ s course of Portuguese (Native) English (Advanced written and spoken) People Criative Management

Spanish (Medium written and spoken) Invictvs Game Jam - Event management and key visual French (Basic) and communication creation. Speaker in the event Plug In as FMQ’s Brand Developer

Personal Projects

Former in Design Thinking and Mind Mapping course

Volunteering Doctors of the world Portugal

Exhibitor at “WANTED 2012”, related to the European Capital of Culture programme, at Guimarães, Journalist (finnished) Portugal, 2012 Whisper Magazine (cultural blog) Recognized in the art collective Calligraphy Masters with Explore South the work “Inspiration” (page 39) Currently doing


“Jornal de Letras� is a culture related portuguese publication that deals mostly with literature and music. My aim was to create a grid system that could balance text and image organization and typographic and vectorial work. Work made in the 2nd year of University.

editorial re-design project


New layout design and image for the portuguese music magazine BLITZ. Besides the information’s objectivity, this work was made with one main goal: bring a little bit of the artist’s spirit to the editorial object and allow the reader to interact with it. Due to this, i’ve joined handcrafted work with digital manipulation and photo collage. Painting, textures, noise, calligraphy and drawing are some of the techniques that guided the project. Each page has it’s own particularities, the text is combined with the image and, at the same time, there’s a grid system that organizes everything to make an overall harmony.

page detail

3 of the 6 covers made to the project. The logo is different than the originala and it’s position in the cover, as the legal info and the bar code, it’s variable so they can be in harmony with the cover image. The info is now part of the overall image and it’s not a independent informative object anymore.

Some of the spreads in the next pages.



calligraphy collage distortion composition

The project “FYB - feel your body” was born with the development of a new fitness class in the north of the country called surfset. The product (which makes the difference to other fitness classes) is a surf board placed on top of 3 bosu and this launched the key visual for the brand. The choice of Freight Sans Pro as the corporate typeface was made because of it’s sans serif design, pretty chilled and already associated to the Surf culture.

The logo was developed with the name’s letters J and S and the sense of movement of the vitruvian man and a “jumping jack�.

Invictvs Game Jam was the first edition of an FMQ’s event. Besides being envolved with the organization, i had the pleasure to build the key visual and the communication. The winner’s medal, the double “V” used to make the medal stripes and symbolize the double V in the word “Invictvs” and the V of the word victory, the noble colors, confirmed it a young look and, at the same time, imponent.

merchandising & communication

Communication for Casino Game company based in Porto, Portugal. After deciding a brand language, the communication was made based on that. In this page you can ďŹ nd some examples of social media communication and internal communication. More on FMQ’s social media Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

social media

- Old fashioned - Typography doesn’t match the brand - Typography is not the same in every letter - No slogan - Whats up with the giant “C”?! - Where’s the food chain company here? - How do i know that it’s a restaurant without the word “restaurantes”?

The main idea was to show that the company serves good food quickly, out of the context of “fast food” (with this, the slogan and concept were born). The symbol represents the main dish of this food chain (and the main dish in Porto) called Francesinha. This dish was represented in the shape of a crown, showing that the company stands in the front line of the francesinha food chains. It’s one of the oldest portuguese food franchise’s (1992) and famous to the portuguese culture. The concept was designed in collaboration with but after that, i runned all the image activities, social media, print design, etc. - Proportional - Balanced - Strong Typeface - Slogan - Symbol that can work without the font and be recognized - Colours related to the brands origins and optimized to a contemporary look

stand ups

store designed

table advertising

campaign for Euro 2016 // sticker album

Comunicação web

Site & Facebook

One of my main goals in this challenge was to re-launch the children menu sales and invest in advertising campaigns for them. With the creation of this characters i had the chance of developing a versatile communication. The results appeared quickly with sales growth.

Facebook Carnaval posts

Valentine’s day campaign

Mother and father’s day campaign

This project was developed during the 2nd year of university. The goal was to promote the brand Pantone via mupi, magazine and book markers advertising. The concept was around the typography legibility and contrasting colours games.

This project was made on the 2nd year of university. The goal was to create posters for dierent kinds of dance, using only typography. Colour, opacity and distortion were the chosen techniques.

Creation of brand image, web content for social media, mobile app design and website layout. The project is related with domotics.

Branding, icon development for app layout and web content for social media. This project is related to proximity marketing.

Calligraphy and typography have always inspired my work and are a very important element in every communication. I’ve always invested in that subject, from personal study to workshops in the school/agency We Came From Space, guided by Hugo “Xesta” Moura. Seb Lester, Theos One, Pokras Lampas, David Carson, Neville Brody and many others are part of my inspiration

Illustrations made with dierent techniques, from oil pastel to vectorial image, digital collage and textures.

project with Glow Bar

project with Route 199 bar


Profile for Fábio Castro

Portfolio - ENG  

In this document you can find my world, my work, my life.

Portfolio - ENG  

In this document you can find my world, my work, my life.