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Fulton Area Business Alliance 1O-Year Anniversary Report


Dear members of the FAB FULTON community, It is my great pleasure to present to you the culmination of 10 FAB Years! Exactly 10 years ago we gathered together at BAM to celebrate the incorporation of the Fulton Area Business Alliance as it became one of the city’s 76 Business Improvement Districts after a multi-year effort by Fulton Street businesses, property owners, institutions, and other stakeholders. We started with just one employee and a summer intern. Now, we have two-and-a-half employees plus an amazing team of sanitation workers who continue to ensure a clean, welcoming, and walkable district. We are grateful for the extraordinary leadership of the FAB FULTON board of directors, who give of their time and expertise to support and guide this work. The board of directors is composed of merchants, property owners, and residents, united in their commitment to make Fulton Street a safe, inviting place to live and work. Here are just a few ways we’ve spent our time over these past 10 years: • Promoting, supporting, and advocating for the more than 200 small businesses in our area of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill • Working with partners in government and the community to bring resources and improvements that benefit the businesses and residents of the neighborhood • Collaborating with the officers of the 88th Precinct and Brooklyn North on crime and quality of life issues and seeing dramatic results, especially in Southeast Clinton Hill

Some of the results of our efforts over these past 10 years are more visible than others. For example, the work we did to enable the creation of the beautiful public spaces Fowler Square and Putnam Triangle is something our community can see and enjoy each day. Other efforts, including the ongoing work we do as advocates on behalf of our small businesses, are not always publicized, even though that work is constant. But sometimes the results of work by FAB FULTON on behalf of its small businesses does get attention. It did earlier this year in The New York Times, when the nonprofit performance venue JACK/NY was facing the potential loss of their lease. We introduced them to a property owner nearby with a situation we thought might be a good fit and FAB FULTON made it possible for the business to remain in Clinton Hill for the following 10 years. Despite all the energy and positive activity in FAB FULTON, the pressures on our small businesses are profound. As you know, conditions in retail are difficult across business districts in Brooklyn, throughout New York City, and around the world. So while we celebrate all that has been accomplished at FAB FULTON, we are also focusing on what is still to be done. We look forward to continuing that work with you and appreciate everyone in the community who has worked with us to enable the many highlights showcased on the following pages. Thank you for your support.

• Partnering with dozens of community groups and arts institutions to create free public events that drive foot traffic and positive word-of-mouth advertising for the district • Reducing storefront vacancy rate from 12% in 2009 to 7% in 2019, which is nearly 2 points lower than the average for business districts citywide.



What is a BID? BIDs in NYC




A Business Improvement District (BID) is a geographical area where local stakeholders oversee and fund the maintenance, improvement, and promotion of their commercial district. For more than 40 years, BIDs have been valuable and proven partners in ongoing initiatives of neighborhood revitalization and economic development across the five boroughs of New York City, making NYC neighborhoods cleaner, safer, and more vibrant.


What a BID is:

What a BID is not:

BID services are primarily funded by a special assessment decided by BID stakeholders and paid by property owners and merchants

BID services do not replace those provided by the City

BIDs are governed by a locally controlled nonprofit board of directors consisting of property owners, commercial tenants, residents, and elected officials BIDs serve as crucial liaisons between City government and neighborhood stakeholders 4

By law, City services cannot be reduced because of the existence of a BID BIDs do not control the rental practices/rates of property owners

“Through our network of 76 BIDs across the five boroughs, we know that communities thrive when they come together,” says Gregg Bishop, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Small Business Services. “For ten FABulous years, FAB FULTON has been helping to build a stronger neighborhood by supporting local businesses and creating opportunities and a welcoming environment for residents, merchants, and visitors.” Gregg Bishop (center) with Board Chair Claudette Macey (foreground) at a Putnam Triangle Youthmarket, presented by FAB FULTON, in partnership with Fort Greene Council, Inc., to provide fresh, affordable produce to the community.



FAB FULTON is able to support one of the city’s most dynamic business districts because it has never lost sight of its vision, and also because it continues to have dedicated partners, property/business owners, and residents who share our common interest in making our environment the best it can possibly be for everyone who lives, works, and plays here.



FAB is a strategic manager


FAB’s strategic management of varied aspects of the growing Fulton street district in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill from long-term planning and overall marketing to daily local business support and sanitation services— has supported and worked to enhance a vital and thriving business corridor for the community and visitors. FAB FULTON’s Event Manager, Craig Bannister, sharing one of the annual business guides with Nina Schwarz and Su Beyazit, founders of Relationships. A showroom and store for art and design, Relationships is a convivial space that includes a coffee bar and is located on Fulton Street in Clinton Hill. FAB FULTON’s four guides for Services, Health & Beauty, Eat & Drink, and Shopping promote the scores of small businesses that comprise the district. One can find the printed guides throughout the area in FAB FULTON businesses, distributed at local events, and even online via FAB FULTON’s website and social media feeds.



Sanitation services, graffiti removal, street trees and their maintenance, bike racks, and recycling are managed daily by FAB FULTON. The organization also administers long-term beautification efforts, opens and closes the public plazas, and oversees their maintenance, including snow removal, clearing of illegally dumped items, and watering of trees and plants.





With a dedicated team of two full-time and one part-time employees plus a hard-working team of sanitation workers, FAB FULTON keeps the district safe and welcoming to all through efforts to clean up and enhance all the public space, from the sidewalks and signage to the public plazas and triangles.

FAB Facts 2.5 FAB employees 1.4 miles district length 425 business and property owners represented 3 to 4 supplemental sanitation workers per day 76,999 hours logged by supplemental sanitation crew 8,455 instances of graffiti removed over the past 10 years

115 trash and recycling receptacles serviced by the BID, with 541,360 bags collected 125 bike racks installed 41 light-pole banners 45 trees planted 7% storefront vacancy rate 5 public spaces managed 30,922 people reached with annual biz guides 11

FAB is an effective problem solver

FAB FULTON solves problems by connecting the dots and bridging the gap between the local businesses it represents along the Fort Greene / Clinton Hill corridor and those who can help in the public sector.

Fulton Street Business Owner Pepe Urquijo of B’klyn Burro joined FAB FULTON’s Executive Director Phillip Kellogg at a rally on the steps of City Hall in support of pending City Council legislation that would enact a moratorium on fines and violations related to small business signs and awnings.


NYPD Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) of the 88th Precinct in Clinton Hill joining FAB FULTON in graffiti removal efforts.

FAB works on many levels to provide assistance to the small businesses that make up the district. That assistance can take the form of direct help on issues involving city regulations or agencies, connecting merchants with emergency assistance, creating crosspromotional opportunities, helping with neighborhood issues, and working with elected officials and city agencies on behalf of small businesses. There are also a wide range of services available from other nonprofits and government sources for small business, and FAB brings those to the merchants by providing information on free seminars and workshops to help them and their business; making referrals for pro bono legal assistance; giving tips on programs that help them save money on their electric bills—and more.

In 2018, businesses across NYC were hit with a wave of violations for signs and awnings over six feet in length that did not have mandatory special permits. FAB FULTON worked with BIDs across the city to get a moratorium passed to stop unreasonable fines and violations for signs and awnings. FAB FULTON successfully engaged elected officials and endorsed legislation that passed city council in January 2019 for a two-year moratorium on violations, giving relief to business owners as they worked to meet the new signage regulations. This legislation provided a reprieve for businesses already fined, and created a framework around which to create rules and regulations that will make sense.


FAB is a strong partner

FAB FULTON collaborates with other organizations, agencies, and hyperlocal groups to strengthen its ability to meet the goal of improving quality-of-life issues for those who live and work along the corridor.

FAB FULTON partners with The Brooklyn Music School to bring the BMS Jazz Music Series to Fowler Square. “It feels good to empower people through music. I cherish this so much and means so much personally. I have enjoyed studying, appreciating, listening and teaching music all my life” says Piruz Partow, executive director of The Brooklyn Music School. “Through our partnership, FAB FULTON helps us share the talents of our students and faculty with the community.”



Early in its existence, FAB FULTON began supporting the development of the community. In 2013, FAB FULTON partnered with the Pratt Area Community Council (now IMPAACT Brooklyn) to secure a competitive Neighborhood Challenge grant of $50,000 from the NYC Department of Small Business Services to close the “Cambridge/Classon Gap.� This funding made possible the creation of financial and architectural plans that would encourage responsible real estate development with affordable housing on key vacant lots and activate public spaces in the district. FAB FULTON was one of six organizations that presented the most creative and impactful economic development and revitalization projects to secure the funding. Strategic partnerships like these helped generate opportunities for local jobs, affordable housing for community residents, and improved services for local consumers.

What We Do FAB worked with the New York City Police Department and elected officials to have security cameras installed for the once notorious intersection of Fulton Street and Grand Avenue. Blatant criminal activity had been taking place at

that crossing for decades. FAB worked with BAM to offer free public Wi-Fi along the corridor, funded by the Wireless Corridor Challenge initiative by the NYCEDC. FAB continues to work on upgrading the service. 19

FAB is a resource generator

FAB FULTON has secured $9.1 million in funding in the form of grants, sponsorships, and in-kind support over the past 10 years for initiatives that will benefit the entire community for decades to come.

“I was skeptical. I have been here for twenty-nine years and I have seen a lot—good and bad. It’s really wonderful [to see] all the changes in the last ten years since FAB FULTON has been supporting the businesses. The Putnam Triangle Plaza is now a safe beautiful space for everyone.” Mohamed Saleh (right) owner of Forment Deli and Grocery at 25 Putnam Place with FAB FULTON Executive Director, Phillip Kellogg.



FAB FULTON helped secure $7.7 million for city capital construction projects within the BID, which includes various street improvement initiatives as well as new public spaces at Fowler Square, Putnam Triangle, 7-Corners, and Gateway Triangle. Each of these projects will be transformative in improving quality of life in the district for the entire community and they are key parts of New York City’s effort to ensure that all New Yorkers live within a 10-minute walk of quality open and safe spaces. Fort Greene’s Fowler Square at Lafayette and Fulton, is a beautifully designed public plaza space popular with lunch crowds, local neighbors, students, visitors to the popular Brooklyn Cultural District, and others. Putnam Triangle, at Fulton Street and Grand Avenue, was completed in 2019 with launch events in October, coinciding with FAB FULTON’s 10-year anniversary celebrations.

The plaza will be a wonderful open space with trees, and tables and benches for community events, activities, chess and checkers, jazz concerts, and outdoor movies. In the area known to the community as “7-Corners,” at the tip of Cuyler-Gore Park, sidewalks have been modified for safety concerns and pedestrian crossings have been defined and additional green space added. At Gateway Triangle additional lighting has been installed, areas for plantings and trees were created, curbs have been extended to improve pedestrian safety, and the tall fence removed. FAB, working with city agencies, the community, local civic groups and leaders, businesses, institutions, and elected officials, helped secure the resources to create valuable open space for everyone to enjoy and to bring people out to support the local merchants.

What We Do FAB secured pro bono services valued at $120,000 from three architecture firms to create the Fulton Street Vision Plan for the district’s public spaces.

AvenueNYC grants, totaling $240,000 from the NYC Department of SBS, allowed for more than 350 free public events and for FAB to grow its social media presence and marketing of the 225+ businesses it represents. 23

FAB is a passionate advocate

FAB FULTON advocates for local businesses, property owners, and residents along the Fulton Street Fort Greene / Clinton Hill corridor by leading, convening, and making the case for FAB stakeholders, which has resulted in positive changes and economic growth.

“It is wonderful to be part of the FAB FULTON district,” says Gabriella Mann, the owner of baba cool Café near Fowler Square. “We appreciate the work of the BID on behalf of businesses in Fort Greene.”


FAB FULTON working with the NYC Small Business Services mobile van to bring city services directly to the businesses in Clinton Hill.


Part of the beauty of the district, in addition to its architecture and public plazas, is its growing green infrastructure. In 2014, FAB secured a grant for “Green Infrastructure” from the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office to add street trees in the district and install tree guards in every

allowable spot through a partnership with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation and the NY Tree Trust. FAB FULTON used the funds to expand 158 tree beds as well to add 38 new trees and 32 tree guards.

What We Do FAB FULTON was successful in persuading the Department of Transportation (DOT) in 2018 to create more loading zones for businesses along Fulton Street and cut by 50 percent the number of hours of dedicated bus lanes on both sides of Fulton Street from what was in the original DOT proposal, reducing impact on local businesses. FAB FULTON testified to the DOT in 2017 in support of curb extensions to create a safer environment for pedestrians in the district and secured large planters, strategically placed to provide protective barriers for pedestrians.

FAB FULTON joined 20 other New York City Business Improvement Districts to launch “Hate Has No Business Here”—a campaign that aims to combat divisiveness and hate. In the words of Amanda Neville, the Clinton Hill business owner who conceived the idea, “I thought it would be powerful to come together with one message, one visual to signal that we stand together, for each other.” Businesses are invited to display posters, flyers, postcards, and window decals to help spread the message.


FAB is an engaged producer

FAB FULTON initiates and executes quality events and networking/social opportunities through its diverse events programs. The events have engaged thousands of attendees since 2009 while driving foot traffic, yielding positive media coverage and word-of-mouth advertising. They allow the people living and working in the neighborhood a chance to enjoy what the district has to offer.


Celebrating Culture & Community in Fort Greene/ Clinton Hill Driving foot traffic to local merchants and generating the interest of entrepreneurs is a key function of FAB FULTON. From outdoor jazz concerts and guided walking tours to summer movies and holiday caroling, FAB FULTON continually activates the spaces in the district and offers multiple opportunities throughout the year to engage the community, increase foot traffic to the district, and highlight the cultural identity of the area.

Art ART 360/FORT GREENE: A DAY OF ART AND DISCOVERY Every May FAB FULTON creates an opportunity for a self-guided exploration of Fort Greene. There are hundreds of visual artists living and working in the neighborhood. Participants in Art 360 can see live art in the making and visit art exhibits throughout the district. Past highlights have included demos at Urban Glass and BRIC, temporary tattoos by Electric Lotus Tattoo, and live mural-painting at local businesses.

Movies FAB FLICKS This outdoor summer movie series is a neighborhood favorite, with films curated by BAM Film that can be iconic or eclectic, but all draw a crowd. Past films have included West Side Story, Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary, Almost Famous, and School Daze.


Music BROOKLYN CULTURAL DISTRICT TOURS — WITH OPERA MUSIC! Co-presented by FAB FULTON and American Opera Projects (AOP), free Saturday walking tours deliver a lively and informative foray into the Fort Greene entertainment district of years past. And as participants stroll past street art, open plazas and lively brownstone-dotted blocks, live “popup operas” by AOP’s artists add to the experience. OUTDOOR SUMMER JAZZ CONCERTS Jazz966 at Putnam Triangle in Clinton Hill and the Brooklyn Music School Jazz Series at Fowler Square in Fort Greene provide free lively street jam sessions by professional musicians through the summer.

CONCERTS FOR KIDS Musical performances at Crispus Attucks Playground in Clinton Hill give kids their own show during the warmer months.

Holiday Each year FAB FULTON helps to bring the community together by organizing an outdoor holiday caroling event led by the Lafayette Youth Choir and the Lafayette Inspirational Ensemble. Between songs, singers and spectators can warm up with complimentary hot beverages and sweet treats provided by FAB FULTON and local merchants.


Sponsors & Supporters On behalf of the FAB FULTON and the community it serves, it is my great pleasure to acknowledge each of the generous donors who made gifts in support of the our work over the past 10 FAB Years. From business and property owners, sponsors, in-kind contributors, and program partners, to government agencies and officials, each of the individuals and organizations listed on this page has played an integral role in enabling FAB FULTON to achieve its goals. —Phillip Kellogg, Executive Director

The Hudson Companies


BRIC Media Share

The Business and Property Owners of FAB FULTON New York City Department of Small Business Services (SBS) Majority Leader Laurie A. Cumbo, Council Member 35th District New York City Department of Transportation Tish James, Former Council Member 35th District Marty Markowitz, Former Brooklyn Borough President IMPACCT Brooklyn (Formerly Pratt Area Community Council, Inc.)

Capital One Bank NY State Assembly Member Walter Mosley Fillmore Brooklyn Fulton Bikes Realty Collective Achievement First Endeavor Neighborhood Plaza Partnership TD Bank

DONATED SERVICES AB Architekten, Matthias Altwicker AIA LEED AP Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP Crowell & Moring LLP David Byrd Elvis Rosa GormanSchweyer Architects LLP Joseph Delgado, Edgewater Capital Inc. Latham & Watkins LLP Lawyers Alliance for New York Mapos LLC, Colin Brice AIA Materials for the Arts Nisha Mistry, Esq., MSc.

Brooklyn Academy of Music


Local Initiatives Support Corporation / MetLife Foundation

Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP

New York City Department of Parks & Recreation

SPONSORS Ridgewood Savings Bank St Josephs College Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center The Brooklyn Hospital Center Douglas Elliman Real Estate



Pratt Center for Community Development PrattSIDE Public Allies Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP White & Case LLP WXY Architecture + Urban Design Adam Lubinsky, PhD, AICP


The Cooperative Culture Collective of Brooklyn

ACORN Community High School

The Uni Project

American Opera Projects

Transportation Alternatives

BEAT Festival

University Settlement

Bethel SDA Church

Urban Glass


Walt Whitman Project

BRIC Arts Media

Young Minds Day Care Center

Brooklyn Children’s Museum Brooklyn Music School Brownstone Jazz Community Heroes Creative Outlet / Jamal Gaines Cumbe FDNY Fort Greene Council, Inc. Fort Greene Park Conservancy

PARTNERS IN GOVERNMENT NYC Department of Sanitation NYC Department of Transportation NYC Department of Small Business Services NYC Department of Design & Construction NYC Department of City Planning NYC Department Housing Preservation & Development

GrowNYC Youth Market

NYC Police Department / Brooklyn North / 88th Precinct

Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams

Irondale Center

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez


Brooklyn Community Board 2

John C. Scheffler, Set Designer

and so many more...

John Hanning, Artist Kingsmen Chess Club / Bob Ali Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church Make Music NY Mark Morris Dance Center Matt Dellinger, Historian MoCADA MoMA Outdoors New York City Police Department, 88th Precinct NYC Compost Project NYC Public Library / Clinton Hill Branch NYC Public Library / Walt Whitman Branch Omega Psi Phi Fraternity / Alpha Upsilon Chapter Pratt InterGreek Council Richard Zeroth Sarah Garcia South of the Navy Yard Artists (SONYA)

SPECIAL THANKS to former Board Chairs

Tamara McCaw and Wellington Sharpe; Deb Howard, former Executive Director of the Pratt Area Community Council (now IMPACCT Brooklyn); and Dale Charles, Director of Economic Development, for their vision in guiding the merchants of Fulton Street in the formation of FAB FULTON in 2009. The board of directors continues to be vital to the work of the BID. FAB FULTON recognizes the unique role each member plays in promoting and advocating for a vibrant district. Board members serve as advisers, decision makers, and problem solver. They are elected by each “category” of stakeholders to represent their voice and vision for the district. All board members are volunteers who put in countless hours in meetings and in the community advocating for the Fulton Street commercial corridor. We appreciate them for all that they do.


Financials EXPENSES


Program Expenses Sanitation Public Safety

$209,077 $5,970

Assessment Revenue


Government Grants


Marketing & Special Events $229,277

Program Service Revenue

Holiday Lighting

Interest Income


$21,250 $433

Beautification & Horticulture $12,728 Streetscape & Repairs


General & Administrative Expenses Salaries & Payroll Outside Contractors

$25,564 $2,438

Insurance $1,158 Rent & Utilities Supplies & Equipment Miscellaneous G&A


$12,875 $332 $1,311




Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2019. Unaudited. Cost allocation method.


$594,346 $28,770

Board & Staff BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chair Claudette Macey Executive Director Fort Greene Council, Inc. Vice-Chair Katrine Pollari Business Owner Olivino Wine Store Treasurer Keith Stubblefield Chief Financial Officer Brooklyn Academy of Music Ellen Leszynski, Alternate Secretary Max Nager Property Owner Jessica Stockton-Bagnulo Business Owner Greenlight Bookstore Caroline Beasley-Baker Residential Tenant Earl Bell Bethel SDA Church Lazetta Duncan-Moore Executive Director Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center Bernell Grier Executive Director, Strong LP Dale Charles, Alternate Emily Hyland Business Owner, Emily Michael Kahan Property Owner Jamie Kaplan Senior Community Manager The Ashland Gary Kon Property Owner Brandon Nygard, Alternate

Anthonie Marshall Branch Banking Officer Ridgewood Savings Bank Emmanuel Guerrero, Alternate Shirley McRae Property Owner Sara Pizer The Hudson Companies David Rivera Property Owner

Phillip Kellogg Executive Director

Craig Samuel Business Owner, Peaches Ben Grossman, Alternate Chris Sowers Property Owner Ed Tretter Property Owner Carl White Property Owner

NON-VOTING MEMBERS Michael Banach Community Affairs St. Joseph’s College

Angie Brown Marketing Manager

Carol-Ann Church Staff, Community Board 2

EX-OFFICIO Office of Mayor Bill De Blasio SBS Commissioner Gregg Bishop Office of New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer Office of Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams Office of Council Member 35th District Majority Leader Laurie A. Cumbo

Craig Bannister Events Manager

Consultant: Powell Mayas Report Design: James H. Monroe & Kevin Cadena Photos: Anthony Huntington


FAB FULTON is a community-based nonprofit that works to contribute to a safe, clean, welcoming neighborhood with high quality of life, beautiful public spaces, a diverse retail environment, and engaging programs that maximize local cultural resources, making it a destination for those living and working in the FAB FULTON district as well as visitors and tourists. 1047A Fulton Street  Brooklyn, NY 11238  718-928-3322      FABFULTON    FABFULTONBK  Contact Us at fabfulton.org