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Francis Leavey is a Dublin based artist. An established figure in the Irish art world he has become well known for his brand Fab Cow, which he established with his partner Bernie Cryan. “As an artist I am fascinated with creating work that encourages the viewer to find the beauty in themselves and the world around them. It is this single aspiration that drives my work whether it is my illustrative pieces, drawings or paintings. I choose subjects that draw me in and by their sheer beauty insist I recognise that beauty in myself and others. We launched this new series called ‘Inspired by Ireland’ in 2018 although it has been a number of years in the making. Over the years while travelling around Ireland I have been struck by the variety of colour that exists in the flowers, heathers and other fauna. These colours are easily lost under the carpet of green that is Ireland. (Not unlike the beauty in each of us sometimes). In the work I have pushed the greens back and brought the minority colours to the fore. It is this rebalancing of colour which creates the warmth and luminosity to each piece. I truly hope you enjoy the work.”

Print details: Giclée prints from original Watercolour & Ink paintings Available framed or unframed

Dimensions including Frame & Mount: 16” x 12” 
 20” x 16”
 30” x 24”

Larger sizes are available on request

Many rivers to cross Inspired by The Ha’penny Bridge Code: FA-001

“The Ha’penny Bridge is one of Dublin’s most iconic landmarks.
 One of our most fundamental needs in life is to connect with others and this is what bridges are designed to do. Perhaps this is part of the reason we are drawn to them.”

Where the heart is Inspired by the cottages of rural Ireland Code: FA-009

“Throughout the Irish countryside lie countless solitary cottages. Each one is a storybook of generations past and present. They are a constant reminder of the deep connection we have to that place each of us calls home�

Follow your own path Inspired by Irish countryside Code: FA-010

“A walk through the hills and forests of Ireland is to be constantly surprised. Each nook and cranny reveals a serenity and beauty that opens us up to the wonders of the landscape around us. As in life, when we find our own path, it will lead us home.�

Peaceful Inspired by Glendalough Code: FA-011

“Nested in the Wicklow countryside, Glendalough is a deeply moving place to be. The monastic site is surrounded by such tranquility that one cannot help but feel serenity and peace�

Explore. Dream. Discover Inspired by the landscape of Kerry Code: FA-012

“The landscape of the South West is rich and varied. There is a strength and warmth to it that is reminiscent of a proud mother. She nurtures her children and invites them to explore, dream and discover.�

Life is calling Inspired by The Sugarloaf Mountain Code: FA-013

“Mountains are nature’s cathedrals. Standing proudly in the Garden of Ireland is the beautiful Sugarloaf. She stands there, quietly surveying the world, a reminder to us of the glorious potential of life’s calling.”

New horizons Inspired by The Wild Atlantic Way Code: FA-014

“The West coast of Ireland has a spiritual quality that is unique. Perhaps it’s the age old battle against the Atlantic Ocean that has shaped not only the coastline but also the inspiring sense of strength and resilience.”

Adventure awaits Inspired by Benbulben Code: FA-015

“Benbulben is truly a gift of nature to the Sligo landscape. She lies there, stretched out like a sleeping giant under acres of sky. It is hard not to feel called to adventure when standing
 in her shadow.”

Home; where stories begin Inspired by Connemara Code: FA-016

“Few places inspire more than the landscape of Connemara. Her story stretches back in time
 to places of mystery and imagination. She is the root of so much tradition and memory. Being in her presence feels like going home.”

Stand tall. Aim high Inspired by Poolbeg Code: FA-017

“The Poolbeg chimneys were once considered an unworthy addition to the Dublin skyline. Today, they are regarded as an integral part of our personality and architectural heritage. We need to remember to be resilient, stand tall and aim high.�

Today is a new day Inspired by the Lakes of Killarney Code: FA-018

“Killarney National Park is a rich and beautiful corner of Ireland. It boasts three wonderful lakes and these inspired this painting. They remind us to reflect and remember that today is a new day.�

Standing tall Inspired by the Cliffs of Moher Code: FA-019

“It’s easy to understand why the Cliffs of Moher are a UNESCO World Heritage site. They are stunning to behold as they rise for what seems like forever above the Atlantic. They are a reminder to stand strong and tall.”

Reflections Inspired by Spanish Point Code: FA-020

“Sunset at Spanish Point is an experience to savour. As the sun falls into the Atlantic and night spills into day the colours are quite magical giving us cause to pause and reflect.�

Four Faced Liar Inspired by the Shandon Tower Code: FA-023

“The Shandon Tower is one of Cork’s most recognized and loved sights. It is a truly beautiful building. Locals, noticing that the four clocks were not always in agreement named it the ‘Four Faced Liar’.”

Watching over you Inspired by Blackrock Castle Code: FA-024

“Ireland is spoiled with beautiful castles. There are few finer than Cork’s Blackrock Castle. Perched on the banks of the River Lee, like a guardian, watching over us and protecting us.”

An ocean of possibility Inspired by the Irish coastline Code: FA-025

“The sea, stretching out to the horizon has a way of calling us to consider the endless possibilities that
 life has to offer. There is a sailor in all of us waiting to discover our unique potential and possibility.”

Resilience Inspired by Trim Castle Code: FA-026

“Set on the banks of the River Boyne Trim Castle is an impressive sight. Long gone are the battles and now, her work done, she rests there quietly as a reminder of our resilient hearts.�

Carry me home Inspired by Trim Bridge Code: FA-022

“The bridge leading into Trim is regarded as the oldest bridge still in use in Ireland. What attracted me to it was the idea of people returning. The bridge gives me a strong sense of being welcomed home.�

A calm heart Inspired by Glendalough Code: FA-028

“Early morning at the waters edge is always a beautiful place to find oneself. The colours haven’t fully come to life and there is a stillness coating everything. These are the moments when we can feel most at ease in ourselves and our place in the world. ”

Rise Inspired by Mount Errigal Code: FA-029

“Mount Errigal rises above the rich landscape of Donegal. Like all mountains it has a unique personality. Its sheer size impresses upon the skyline yet it is connected to and dependent on the lowlands to shine. Life and success are no different. It is upon each others shoulders that we rise.�

The journey begins Inspired by Trinity College Code: FA-030

“The arched entrance to Trinity College is an architectural treat as well as being a wonderful metaphor for all the young minds starting out on a new chapter in their learning. Through the darkness the light is clearly visible and is an open invitation to the embark on your own journey.�

Darkness into light Inspired by Newgrange Code: FA-031

“Newgrange is an incredible place to visit. It connects us to a time in history, which is lost in mystery and is a testament to mankind’s quest for understanding. I haven’t had the fortune to experience the illumination of the passage tomb at the Winter Solstice and can only try to imagine the beauty. ”

There is always light Inspired by the forests of Ireland Code: FA-032

“There is something magical about forests. I could never quite put my finger on what draws me to them.
 I do know that when the light streams in through the shadows it is reminds me of stained glass. It brings with it a sense of wisdom and peace. ”

Where I go, you go too Inspired by the Irish countryside Code: FA-033

“There is a wanderlust in the Irish heart and our influence can be found in all corners of the world.
 It doesn’t matter where or for how long we go, it’s impossible not to take our homeland with us. This painting was started abroad at a time when I longed for
 the Irish countryside.”

Bloom Inspired by Irish wild flowers Code: FA-034

“The Irish landscape is quilted in a rich tapestry of beautiful flowers. The colours are as rich and as varied as the people who inhabit the island. No-one has to tell a flower to bloom. It just does. Likewise, we don't permission from anyone to burst into full blossom. Worth remembering that!�

Shine Inspired by Lambay Island Code: FA-035

“Lambay Island is set off the north county Dublin coastline. Like all islands, it is an evocative sight. It is a unique individual, confident to stand alone and shine. Perhaps it is their individuality and the fact that they stand there, removed from the crowd, that draws us to islands. There is something in that which reminds us to stand out and be secure in our our shiny uniqueness.�

Malahide Castle Inspired by Malahide Castle Code: FA-036

“Malahide Castle is located in North County Dublin. It was home to the Talbot family for almost 800 unbroken years and it is still the spiritual ‘family home’ of the village.
 Growing up, the castle and grounds were my playground and hold a special place in my heart. The roots are strong.”

Home Thoughts Inspired by the Mourne Mountains Code: FA-037

“I grew up listening to the the Percy French song called ‘Mountains of Mourne’. It’s an evocative song and when you visit the Mourne’s you can see why. 
 This painting tries to capture the natural beauty of the area which one would understandably miss if far away.The title comes from the Clifford T Ward song ‘Home thoughts from abroad’.”

Going home Inspired by Irish villages Code: FA-038

“I can’t think of anything sweeter than returning home after a long absence. I’ve experienced it myself on more than one occasion in my life. 
 I often find myself reliving those times I pass through small rural villages and towns. So many of their sons and daughters have left but the call to go home rarely leaves.”

A Warm Welcome Inspired by Irish pubs Code: FA-039

“The Irish pub is truly at the heart of Irish culture. The beer may flow but it’s the tide of stories, song and slagging that makes an Irish bar such a unique place. It’s not hard to understand why there are Irish pubs in every corner of the world.
 It’s hard to be alone if you’re in one whether you want to be or not!”

Hope Inspired by the Irish woodlands Code: FA-040

“It doesn’t matter how long the winter lasts. It doesn’t matter how deep the snow may be. The sun will always rise and the snow will always melt.
 Life may be hard right now but there is always hope.”

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Inspired by Ireland  

'Inspired by Ireland' is a collection of Fine Art by Irish artist Francis Leavey. For inquiries please visit us at

Inspired by Ireland  

'Inspired by Ireland' is a collection of Fine Art by Irish artist Francis Leavey. For inquiries please visit us at