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IFMSA Regional Meeting of the Americas 2014


Proposed date of RM: January 5th-10th Location: Hotel El Panamテ。, Panama City Proposed date of PreRM: January 3rd-5th Location: Hospital Santo Tomテ。s and Hotel テ」ila, Panama City

Proposed date of PostRM: January 10th-12th Location: San Blas Islands and Gorgona Beach Cabins

Message from the President of IFMSA-Panama, Ms. Madeleine Luchsinger


ear PAMSA family:

It’s with great pleasure that we send you our Candidature Package to host the PAMSA RM2014. Panama has a lot to offer and tons of things to do! A modern city with a skyline worth admiring, amazing beaches just a few hours away from the capital, astounding views, huge shopping malls, traditions, history and of course, the Panama Canal. Certainly, a country where there’s something for everyone! Having our PAMSA family back in Panama for the third time would truly be an honor for our entire NMO, and rest assure that we will have an amazing time together! Hope to see you all soon!

Madeleine Luchsinger F. NMO President 2012-2013 IFMSA-Panama

Motivation Letter Let us announce what a great privilege it is for us to present our candidature to host the Regional Meeting of the Americas 2014. Before we fill you with breathtaking reasons to select our country as the official headquarter, we have to say our team is excited, prepared and full of desire to provide you with experience, knowledge and above all, to go beyond your expectations. Panama is not an option, it’s the best choice. So… Why Panama?  Panama was listed as #1, by The New York Times in “The 45 places to go in 2012”. This ranking shows that our country is much more than a simple association to the Panama Canal, that indeed is, the eighth wonder of the world. Panama has five centuries of rich history, combining European colonization with indigenous tribes that have not changed their traditions in millennia. Our country offers a mixture of lush nature with the largest number of plant and animal species in the world, not to mention thousands of miles of pristine beaches, both in the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean, and beautiful, impressive skyscrapers that translate into progress and advancement.  Between the years 2011 and 2012, Panama organized more than 190 International Congresses. This statistic is proof that other organizations trust in our country’s expertise to host assemblies, thereby, let’s take this opportunity in 2014 and make Panama the host of this major event.  This would be the 3rd time Panama hosts a Regional Meeting for the Americas. A writer once described the Panamanian Isthmus as "Center of the World, heart of the Universe”; it’s a big title for such a small country to carry. Regardless, the whole world has realized we’re not a mere bridge between both parts of the American continent, and validated us as a nation rich in history, filled with nature and culture. We exhort you to choose us as host. Panama is the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic; the only country with a capital city that has a rain forest within the city limits; the one with the fifth most economic city in the world according to The Economist. Many say that Panama is the best kept secret in the Americas and we can’t wait to share it; Panama is calling for you! We wish you a successful meeting, really hoping you grant us the honor to host the Regional Meeting of the Americas Sincerely, The Organizing Committee

OC Information Gladys Camaño

Geamfran Espino

OC President / NMO Vice President of External Affairs 2013 (+507)226-6690/ (+507)607-03002 Facebook: Gladys Camaño

OC Academic Sub-Coordinator /Training Coordinator (+507)6781-4137 Facebook: Geamfran Espino

Madeleine Luchsinger

Lisa Angulo

OC Vice-President /NMO President 2013 (+507)6981-4299 Facebook: Madeleine Luchsinger

OC Accomodation and Logistics Coordinator (+507)6090-1828 Facebook: Lisa Angulo

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OC Treasurer/ NMO Vice President of Internal Affairs 2013 (+507)/66702970 Facebook: Neal Sampson

Priscila Ávila OC Secretary/ NMO Treasurer (+507)6781-0709 Facebook: Priscila Avila

Margarita Estefanía Ríos OC Academic Coordinator /NORA (+507)6029-8032 Facebook: Margarita Estefanía Ríos

OC Accommodation, Venue and Boarding Coordinator (+507)6611-8598 Facebook: Shirley Nicole Castillo Douglas

Cristina Hurtado OC Pre RM Coordinator (+507)61509610 Facebook: Cristina Lorena Hurtado Chue

Estefanía García OC Social Program and Post RM Coordinator (+507)6781-7013 Facebook: Estefania Garcia

Elsa Rueda OC Social Program and Post RM SubCoordinator (+507)6655-4717 Facebook: Elsa Rueda Borrero

Patricia Chanis OC Webmaster/IFMSA Panama Webmaster (+507)6614-4340 Facebook: Patty Ch

Fabiola Hurtado

Mario A. Morales Fletcher OC Transportation Coordinator (+507) 6673-3144 Facebook: Mario Morales Fletcher

Carlos Rovira OC Transportation Sub-Coordinator (+507)6948-2850 Facebook: Carlos 'Casthy' Rovira

Nic贸laos Protehiros

OC Publicity Coordinator (+507) 6151-7248 Facebook: Fabiola Hurtado

OC Pre-RM Venue and Accomodation (+507) 6090-1119 Facebook: Nico Protehiros

Taihriris Beluche

Fernando Candanedo

OC Publicity Sub-Coordinator (+507) 6674-7055 Facebook: Tai Beluche

Adri谩n Torres OC Multimedia Coordinator (+507) 6378-2748 Facebook: Adrian Torres Lanuza

OC Sponsorship Coordinator (+507)6252-4924 Facebook: Fernando Candanedo

Addys Vergara OC Sponsorship Sub- Coordinator (+507)6672-8320 Facebook: Addys Vergara

Proposed Theme:

HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT IN THE POST-2015 AGENDA The eight MDGs - ranging from halving extreme poverty to halting the spread of HIV / AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by 2015 form a blueprint agreed to by all the world's countries and all major development institutions in the world. Achieving these objectives involves unprecedented efforts aimed at meeting the needs of the poorest people on the planet. Now as the MDG’s era is coming to a close, Latin America and the Caribbean Countries are walking in the right direction in the hope of achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). But also remain the most unequal region in the world—and the most violent. The UN has been developing thematic consultations around the world, organized jointly by various agencies of the United Nations family with the support of civil society organizations and other international organizations will help guide the thinking about how to include issues urgent and emerging development agenda beyond 2015. Regionally we have set the basis for the involvement of youth in actions on SDH (RM 2012) and Health Systems in America and the Caribbean (RM 2013). The MDG era is soon to be concluded, and already processes leading to the design of a successor framework has been put in place. And it is not only the right of young people to be actively involved, it is in fact a meaningful avenue of contributing to their development. If the processes towards a post 2015 agenda will present the opportunity for young people to achieve optimal functioning, it should be inclusive, integrating young people’s own account of their aspirations and values. IFMSA, as the largest Federation of medical students’ associations is at the frontline of enabling future and present solutions through awareness, education, trainings, advocacy and policy work to go beyond the mere numbers, and addressing health inequities, gaps in distribution, competency, quality, motivation, productivity and performance of the new generation of global health workers.

We held the price of the materials required for the meetings and made the revision of the rooms used in the Hotel El Panama. On 25 June we had a meeting via skype with Altagracia Mares De Leon who give us ideas for to the academic agenda, among which we highlight: - Having conferences during the first day and the fourth day. - Conduct a panel that we decided to call Post2015: the challenge, we would like to have IFMSA committee leaders who wish to be panelists. - On the third day conducting workshops for each committee IFMSA in which they will be assigned a target of 2015 related to the agenda of each committee work and proposals to achieve it. We extended the invitation as exhibitors to: - Dr. AdĂĄn RĂ­os: is a Panamanian physician. He is recognized for conducting research to develop a vaccine to combat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). - Dr. Calude Verges Lopez: He serves as a member of the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Medicine since 2006 Performs tasks in the Children's Hospital of Panama, performing the following tasks: since 1984, Pediatrician - pulmonologist, from the Commission 1999Coordinadora Institutional Bioethics; since 2002 Head of the Division of Teaching, since 2003 Member, Committee on Bioethics in Research. We are awaiting confirmation of previous exhibitors, plus we are extending the invitation to Dr. Enrique Mendoza: The main areas of research of Dr. Mendoza have been in diabetes, breast cancer and sickle cell anemia. In France, Dr. Mendoza worked in type 1 diabetes using an extracorporeal artificial pancreas. In Belgium, Dr. Mendoza studied the role of glucagon in diabetes. Miami, Dr. Mendoza made research aromatase inhibitors and their use in breast cancer. He also did research on sickle cell anemia.


Panama is a country in Central America, located in the southeast. Its official name is Republic of Panama and its capital is Panama City. The Republic consists of 9 provinces and 5 indigenous tribes, bordered on the north by the Caribbean Sea, south by the Pacific Ocean, on the east by Colombia and on the west by Costa Rica. Located on the isthmus that connects Central America to South America, its mountainous 75,517 km ² terrain is interrupted only by the Panama Canal. According to the Panamanian Constitution, Spanish is the official language. The official currency in Panama is Balboa (PAB) but it is allowed to use the U.S. dollar. The official currency exchange rate is: 1 USD = 1 PAB To give you an idea, a Coke can cost around $ 0.70 and a McDonald’s meal less than $5.00. Its status as a transit country became a meeting point of cultures from around the world. The country is the geographical setting of the Panama Canal, designed to facilitate communication between the coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans that significantly influence world trade. The strategic geographical position currently offers the world a broad platform of maritime, commerce, real estate and finance, including the Colon Free Zone, the largest in the continent and the world's second.

With a population of over three million inhabitants, it has a privileged position in various rankings of growth and development in Latin America, such as the Human Development Index 2011, (first in Central America and sixth in Latin America). The country is listed in absolute terms, as of midhigh income. Furthermore, according to the Global Peace Index, Panama is the second safest country in Central America.

PANAMA CITY, location of the RM As the largest and most populous city in the country, reaching up to 1,206,792 inhabitants in its metropolitan area, it houses Government headquarters, together with other institutions and a large number of embassies and consulates. The city is the main cultural and economic center of the country, with an intense financial activity and an international banking center, currently occupying the 7th position in the 2010 version of the classification of Most Competitive Cities in Latin America. Tourism and transit through the Canal are also significant sources of income. Panama City’s tropical climate, attractive parks, cultural and gastronomic perks made it chosen as the American Capital of Culture in 2003, along with Curitiba, Brazil. Ranks No. 93 in the world and 6th in the region, in cities with best quality of life in 2010. Panama has a wide variety of interesting touristic places such as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Panama, Panama Canal, Presidential Palace (Palace of the Herons), Cinta Costera (Balboa Avenue), Amador Causeway, Panamá La Vieja and many others. Panama is an eco-friendly city, concerned about the environment, with over a hundred natural reservoirs and several protected parks such as Metropolitan, Soberanía, Camino de Cruces and Cerro Ancón. Amazing and huge shopping malls like MultiPlaza Pacific, Multicenter, Albrook Mall, MetroMall, Plaza Tocumen, Los Pueblos, among others will cover all of your necessities.

TRAVEL Panama's excellent location, contributes to the availability of a wide range of options to reach the country. In just a few hours, you can arrive from any city in North and South America. Additionally, there are many airlines to choose from for the trip. Most arrivals will go to Tocumen International Airport which is in Panama City. Official Airlines that travel to Panama: Copa Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Aires, Avianca, Taca Group, Boa, Iberia, Continental Airlines, KLM, Copa Airlines Colombia (before Aero República), LACSA (Lineas Aéreas Costarricenses S.A), Mexicana de Aviación, S. A., Rapsa Venezolana, Santa Bárbara, Spirit Airlines. Bus routes There are buses coming directly from Costa Rica, non-stop, to Panama. Traveling by land is also possible from El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico, but connections are needed. For more information visit Tica Bus' webpage ( Sea routes From Colombia. Documentation required to enter Panama: When entering the country, you must show the following documents to the Inspector of the National Office of Immigration and Naturalization: •    

Passport with visa, valid for at least 6 months (if necessary) International boarding card, properly completed Tourism Card or Visa, authorized accordingly. Fare or return trip ticket to home country or next destination. Required financial solvency should not be less than five hundred balboas ($500.00) or its equivalent in credit card, bank reference, letter of employment or travelers checks, in addition to an additional amount, according to nationality. (Resolution 1017 bis of March 22, 2000)

VISAS List of countries that do NOT require a stamped visa to enter Panama: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Guatemala, Venezuela, Perú. If your country does not appear on this list, you can obtain a tourist visa in the Panamanian consulate in your country. In case you need a tourist card to enter Panama, you may purchase one for $5.00 from the airline when you check-in your luggage. If it is not sold there, one can be purchased from the Immigration Authority upon arrival at the national airport. The tourist card is valid for 30 days. If you choose to stay longer, request an extension 7 days prior to the expiration of the first 30 days at the migration office. For more information visit: List of countries that require a stamped visa to enter Panama: Ecuador, Haiti, Peru, Dominican Republic. Embassy of Panama in: Ecuador Address: Calle Antonio Flores Jijón 286 (N34) y Manuel Sotomayor (N34), Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador. Telephone: 593 2 333-0640 Haiti Address: 73 Rue Gregorire petion-Ville, Haití Telephone: 00509-251-31844 Dominican Republic Address: Calle Benito Moncion 255 Gazcue. Sto. Domingo, República Dominicana Telephone: 001809-688-3789

List of countries that require visa or tourist card to enter Panama: Canada, Colombia, United States of America, Granada, Jamaica, Mexico, St. Kitts and Nevis. Embassy of Panama in: Mexico: Address: Socrátes 339, Polanco, 11560 Ciudad de México, DF, México Telephone:+52 55 5280 7857 Jamaica: Address: 1 Norbrook Close. Kingston 8, Jamaica. Telephone: 001876-924-5236 United States of America Address: 2862 McGill Terrace NW. Washington D.C. 20008 Telephone: (+001) 202.483.1407

Canada: Address: 130 Albert Street, Suite 300, Otawa, Ontario K1P 5G4, Canadรก. Telephone: 001-613-236-7177 Colombia: Address: Calle 92 7A # 40, Bogotรก, Cundinamarca, Colombia Telephone: +57 (1) 257-5067

TOURIST INSURANCE If you are a tourist in Panama and have a medical emergency while in the country, you will be covered by a 30-day free health insurance policy. In Panama we will take care of you as if you were at home. You will be covered for hospitalization and medical expenses reaching up to $7,000, to treat injuries caused by accident or disease contracted in Panamanian territory. In case of a medical emergency, all you need to do is show your passport upon arrival at the hospital. The medical emergency will be covered by Axa Assistance, in partnership with Generali, if it occurs within the first 30 days of entering the country. For more information visit:


Venue The pre RM will be held in one of the most important and historical monuments of Panama: the former “Hospital Santo Tomás”. This building, also known as “Elefante Blanco”, was built in 1924 by the initiative of Belisario Porras and became a Historic Monument in 1986. Remodeled, it now counts with rooms and auditoriums of large capacity, wireless internet access, comfortable seats and air conditioner, fully equipped for conferences, medical conventions and sessions. In addition, it provides a beautiful view, since it is located oceanfront, less than 10 minutes from where we will be staying.

Accomodation The accommodation during the Pre Regional Meeting will be at the Avila Hotel in Panama City. This modern hotel has 6 floors and 63 comfortable rooms that will make you want to extend your stay. The hotel provides a strategic location, within 5 km of the Bridge of the Americas and the Panama Canal gate, and a 15-minute drive to Old Panama City. Tocumen International Airport is also nearby, and shuttle services are available. Each guest room features a 32-inch plasma TV, direct dial-phones, private bathroom with robes, laptop compatible safes, in addition to complimentary wireless internet access and air conditioning throughout the hotel. Room service and shopping center shuttle are also at one’s disposal.


Panama, Central America’s palate pleaser par excellence Food here is so delicious it will make your palate burst into flavors. Panamanian chefs have always been dazzlingly creative, their food highly varied and, as more and more critics are acknowledging, just plain delicious. Breakfast and dinner will be taking place at the hotel; lunch will be provided where conference is going to be held. The hotel offers a restaurant called “Olivos Grill and Café”, open twentyfour hours a day, and serves international and local cuisine as well as a full buffet breakfast. It also has a bar/lounge to relax during free time. Renowned for its authenticity, flavor and variety, Panamanian food delivers a slew of delicacies that beautifully emulates the country’s diversity and abundance of culture. Influenced by a host of diverse ethnicities such as Native Indian, Spanish, European and Latin American, our country’s food offers a unique culinary delight for visitors. Some of the most popular specialties enjoyed by the people of Panama and tourists alike are “Tortillas”, “Hojaldres”, “carimañolas”, “Arroz con pollo”, “sancocho”, “arroz con güandú” and “patacones”.

Social Program Introducing you the most amazing nightlife

Day 1 (Friday 3th): Welcome to Panama! We are going to introduce you to the most amazing nightlife. We will take you to “La Tasquita”. This place is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. You will have the opportunity to choose between 50 different cocktails and shots, the prices and flavors will BLOW YOUR MIND. DJs rotation and party till the sun comes up. The best way to start the RM. Plus, you will receive a welcome mystery shot!

Day 2 (Saturday 4th): Casco Viejo  Tour and nightlife It´s time to meet Casco! We will walk through this beautiful, full of history streets. This place offers you everything, from a lovely walk to an amazing sunset, ending with the most amazing nightlife in Panama. In 1671, after the Pirate Henry Morgan attacked, looted and destroyed the Old City, Panama Viejo, its residents and settlers, desperate for a safer and easier location, decided to relocate on what is now Casco Viejo (The Old Quarter). Essentially, Casco Viejo is a melting pot of many cultures converging in one place which is truly unlike any other! The plazas are social meeting places for residents and visitors alike. There are restaurants, cafes, boutiques, shops, beautiful buildings surrounding the plazas. You'll meet vendors selling everything, from Empanadas and Enchiladas, traditional accessories and decorations, to flavored shaved ice called "raspao", the perfect way to cool you down from the warm summer breeze.

Nightlife in Casco Viejo is possibly the best night life in Panama City (depending on what you're looking for). All you have to do is walk out into the street and you'll feel the energy. Just follow your ears to whatever is on for the night; THE FUN NEVER STOPS IN CASCO! Casco Viejo is something you cannot miss in Panama... once you see it you may not want to leave! Wear something white for the night; you will enjoy a typical party dinner, the theme is a secret. Believe us, when the night is over you will be begging for a bath ;)!

Transportation The Organizing Committee, with no additional charge, will provide transportation from the airport to the Pre-RM, along with social program activities that take place outside the venue. People assisting to the Pre-RM that require transportation to the RM venue, will have the chance to pay an additional amount of $10 for the bus.

Budget Pre-RM General Budget for 50 people.

All Included 3 Days and 2 Nights USD Venue University sponsorship Venue Sub-Total


Hotel Triple Rooms Hotel Sub-Total


Meals Breakfast Lunch Dinner Meals Sub-Total


Workship Supplies Workship Supplies Sub- Total TOTAL

150.00 5,000.00

Resources provided by our Universities:  Multimedia  Audio equipment  Transportation The social program of the preRM will be sponsored by companies related to the entertainment industry, with no further cost for delegates. Rate: Fee per person: $

100.00 USD


Venue & Accomodation Hotel El Panamá is the hotel chosen to host the Regional Meeting; a five star hotel in the heart of Panama City, 30 minutes from Tocumen International Airport. It was built in 1946, making it the first hotel ever built in our city. It was recently remodeled with both modern and traditional decorations of the Panamanian culture. The hotel has a spectacular lobby full of commodities, perfect for arrival day, and the Fiesta Casino, in case you want to tempt Lady Luck. Relax, enjoy yourself and the warm summer sun, surrounded by green areas, tanning chairs and minibars, at the largest outdoor pool in the city. Vasco Nuñez de Balboa Convention Center, a big conference room that seats up to 3000 delegates. It also offers:  A multilingual staff  Shuttle service to the airport  Valet and self-parking  Ice machines  Guest laundry  Assistive devices for guests with disabilities  Dry cleaning  Safe-deposit boxes at the front desk  Gift shop  A full-service spa with state-of-the-art exercise equipment  A Massage parlor with personal trainer

Hotel rooms: We will offer quadruple rooms, most of them with a view to the pool or the city. All of them provide comfortable and spacious double beds, bathroom with bathtub and showering implements. Also included: - A/C, - Telephone, - Cable TV, - High speed WiFi internet and - Room service

Conference rooms: We will have a large room for the welcome gala and special activities, 6 more meeting rooms for the presidents’ sessions, standing committee sessions and trainings and 1 more dining room. The whole establishment offers high speed internet, which will facilitate the connection at the common areas, meeting hall and bedrooms. All conference rooms and halls are included in the hotel rate. The Multimedia Committee will make sure to provide a set of one projector, one laptop and one microphone. In order to avoid imperfections and delays in the course of the day, conditions of the equipment will be double checked before every session and/or activity; furthermore, a backup set of microphone, laptop and\or projector in case of need. Depending on the time, days and location of the conference we will be equipped with the supplies listed below.

Rooms availables 1 2 3 4 5 6







Meals Enjoy a variety of restaurants and meals every day! We want you to experience one of the greatest culinary arts of the world, so we will offer Panamanian and international food buffets. The hotel will be in charge of the food and soft drinks. Any special requirements can be fulfilled by the hotel’s restaurant. All three meals will be provided by the hotel's restaurants, including: Breakfast: in a buffet kind of way. Lunch: will be international food.



Dinner: will be serving it as a buffet. On the day of arrival day we will be offering a gala dinner to welcome all delegates.

For lunch and dinner, the hotel counts with varied restaurants. - CafĂŠ Flamingo: At lunchtime it serves innovative international and local dishes and provides a full Salad Bar. - Las Palmas BBQ: the menu features everything from juicy native and imported meats, to seafood, as well as a Salad Bar. - Pool Bar: pamper yourself with a cocktail in the cheerful tropical surroundings of the Pool Bar.

We had meetings with the hotel to discuss a few things and get prepared for the RM! In past meetings we agreed some things that I will detail below: 1. There are 6 meeting rooms for us at the hotel from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for the sessions, and they all count with audiovisual equipment. 2. Completely non-smoking hotel rooms, in the room where they smell cigarette smoke, they'll put a penalty fee of 200.00 dollars. 3. They are going to give us shopping cards to get some sales in the most important malls in the city. 4. For parties and activities at the hotel, we were granted stay until 3:00 am without any problem for us, to enjoy our social hours at the hotel. 5. At the moment you Check in the Hotel, it is mandatory for you to leave your credit card in the Hotel Reception or to pay a $50 deposit per room, in case that any inconvenience arises. 6. They show us the menu for those days, and believe me‌ It all sound delicious!!


Day 1 (Sunday 5 ): Opening Ceremony

Social Program

Officially RM begins! Finally! Dress code: Semi-formal or cocktail. Ready to rock the red carpet with your best outfit? Both men and women must wear an elegant attire. Don’t fool yourselves; just because it’s a fancy night doesn’t mean it’s going to be a quiet one!

Day 2 (Monday 6 th): Cultural Night: NATIONAL FOOD AND DRINKING PARTY Here it is. The famous cultural night. This time you will have the opportunity to demonstrate the best, most exquisite and representative food and drinks of your country. Every country will have their own space, so you are free to decorate and represent yourself as you want. We will show you how we do it in Panama and we want to know how you live too. But we have a condition… All of the different cultures have to prepare a game for the others. You´ll have to use your own food, drinks or desserts in this game. Use your imagination, the game have no restrictions, so feel free to do what you want. Wait for another surprise =)

Day 3 (Tuesday 7 th): Color Blast, BRACELET, SEMAPHORE and Feast on wheels It´s time for something different. In the past, here in Panama, the only public bus was the one called “Diablo Rojo”. We can call it now, almost extinct species. Instead of destroy them, the people decided to make an amazing transformation to those monsters and create what we know today like “Chiva parrandera”. This party is in a closed place, so choose light clothes. For today, we have another condition… Our feast on wheels theme will be SEMAPHORE & BRACELET PARTY! So, you will have to wear a band in your arm with the color (green, yellow or red) that you decide or defines you. BRACELET: This activity was created between SCORP and SCORA in order to speak up against discrimination and raise awareness about LGTBI rights. According to the rainbow flag, we will assign each color bracelet a meaning. The person then chooses whichever he or she feels identified with. It will be a fun way to express respect to gender and sexual diversity. GO ON AND ROCK AND ROLL! Our night will end at the Hotel, so you can choose between your sleep or keep the party alive. We will make you wish to never end this Color Blast Surprise.

Day 4 (Wednesday 8 th): KARAOKE & Casino Night Time to be a star, have fun while singing your favorite songs! You´ll be free to play, sing or dance. Sharpen your vocal cords and do not forget your lucky charm. Tonight there will be no barriers, get your inner star. Who knows, you could end up with a group of fans.

Day 5 (Thursday 9th) CLOSING CEREMONY AT RESTAURANTE INTERNACIONAL DE LAS ESCLUSAS DE MIRALFORES/ZOMBIE INVASION The closing ceremony will be in the great Miraflores International Restaurant at the Miraflores Visitor Center. It offers a view of the Panama Canal locks of Miraflores and boats passing through the locks on their way through the Canal or to the Pacific Ocean. Because everybody knows zombies only come out at night, we’re going to have a zombie party in our closing ceremony. Prepare your creepiest outfit and just be prepared for this apocalyptic night! Be ready for a Who wore it best? And a Thriller Dance Contest. This night will be to die for!

We have additional plans for you including a visit to the majestic Panama Canal, but so far we do not have the confirmation, as soon as we have it, we will inform you, so STAY TUNED

Transportation Transportation for the Pre-RM, RM, and Post-RM has been confirmed with the University of Panama and with the other transportation service company. We will have, as said before, transportation from and to Tocumen International Airport. At all of our Social Programs that take place outside of the Panama Hotel, we will provide secure transportation.

POST- RM Two days, two oceans

Day 1-2-3 (Friday 10th - Sunday 12th): Finally, we have the opportunity to relax and go take some vitamin D. PanamĂĄ is one of the few countries that will offer an opportunity like this ... In just three days, we will show the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. Get ready, there will be three days full of sun, beach, sand, the best atmosphere and company you will want to return back.

SAN BLAS The islands of the San Blas Archipelago are strung out along the Caribbean coast of Panama from the Golfo de San Blas nearly all the way to the Colombian border. San Blas is a series of 378 islands of which only 49 are inhabited by the fiercely independent Kuna Indians. The Kuna Indians have maintained their own economic system, language, customs and culture, with distinctive dress, legends, music and dance. The area is surrounded by reefs, some of the oldest in the world, and offer wonderful snorkeling opportunities. APROX:

 ONE NIGHT $70.00 (food included).

GORGONA "GORGONA" BEACH CABINS is a source of health, energy and entertainment. Discover a small beach corner in the province of Panama, Republic of Panama. At only 60 minutes from Panama City, you will find "GORGONA" BEACH CABINS located in Nueva Gorgona Beach, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. APROX: ONE NIGHT $60.00 (no food included)


Transportation The transportation will be sponsored by the University of Panama. For the meals of the days that we will be spending in Gorgona Beach, we will offer a traditional menu prepared by one best restaurant near by the beach.

Budget Fee per Person: $175.00 USD.

All Included 3 Days and 2 Nights USD

San Blas Accomodation for 1 night Meals Breakfast


Lunch Dinner Sub-Total


Gorgona Beach Acomodation for 1 night Meals

65.00 25.00

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Sub-Total





General Budget for 200 people.

All Included 6 Days and 5 Nights USD Hotel and Venue Boarding and Lodging 50 Quadruple Rooms Daily Buffet Conference Rooms 1 Large Conference Room 6 Conference Rooms 1 Dining room



Marketing and Advertising Banners Posters and Stickers Video Production Welcome Package



Workshop Supplies White board markers Paper Sheets Pens



Transport RM Social Program

Sub-Total OC Transportation Sweaters Miscellaneous Expenses Sub-Total Emergency Fund



300.00 10 000.00

76 512.00

Resources provided by our Universities:  Multimedia  Audio equipment  Transportation The social program for both pre-RM and RM will be sponsored by companies related to the entertainment industry.

Rates:  

Early registration: $250.00 USD + 13USD TOAF* + 10USD TAF* Late registration: $300.00 USD+ 13USD TOAF* + 10USD TAF* TOAF* Team of Officials assistance fund TAF* Travel assistance fund, every delegate has to pay it, except the first two of each NMO

We will be offering 8 early sports and 8 late spots per NMO. Registration fee Income: $ 54,000.00 USD *Early registrations will be reserved for members of the PAMSA team. We decided to keep an emergency fund in case any problem arises during the Pre-RM and the RM, in which case such fund is not used for emergency purposes, will be used to pay the registration fee and for any other expense of the OC members. Emergency Fund: $ 10 000.00 USD.

To fundraise: $ 22 512.00 USD.

REGISTRATION And about registration, payments, refunds and substitutions, we conclude that: 

EARLY REGISTRATION FEE: $250.00 USD. + 13USD TOAF* + 10USD TAF* TOAF* Team of Officials assistance fund TAF* Travel assistance fund, every delegate has to pay it, except the first two of each NMO - Registration: o Start: September 8th. o Deadline: October 8th. - Deadline to Pay: October 15th. - Refunds: o 100%: October 15th to October 25th. o 50%: October 26 to November 15th. o From November 16th, early do not get refunds, only substitution. - Substitutions up to December 15th


LATE REGISTRATION FEE: $300.00 USD. + 13USD TOAF* + 10USD TAF* TOAF* Team of Officials assistance fund TAF* Travel assistance fund, every delegate has to pay it, except the first two of each NMO Alumni and people from other regions pay late. - Registration: o Start: October 9th. o Deadline: November 8th. - Deadline to Pay: November 15th. - Refunds: o 100%: November 15th to November 22th. o 50%: November 23th to December 2th. o From December 3th, late do not get refunds, just substitution.

- Substitutions up to December 15th The entire registration process will be carried right through our website, which we will be posting later on our social networks and different servers of IFMSA. The payments will be through bank transfers, and for a better management of the finances we will be only accepting one payment per NMO. All the information about the account will be post with all the information of the website.

Sponsorship Commission General Guidelines Sponsorship Goal: $ 22 512.00 USD. Sponsors are classified in three categories according to the sponsorship amount in cash or its equivalent in goods :  Platinum: Over $2000  Gold: $500 to $2000  Silver: Less than $500 Sponsors Benefits:  Publicity exchange according to category. (To determine). Probable Sponsors: Institutional:  Panamanian Ministry of Health (Confirmed)  Panamanian Ministry of Tourism (Confirmed)  National Social Security  University of Panama (Confirmed)  SENACYT (Science and Technology Government Institution)  OPS, UNAIDS, UNFPA * Private:  CTO Group (Private Educational Institution)  Casa del Medico (Bookstore)(Confirmed)  Agencias CELMAR (Medical utensils)  Others Personal:  Mostly graduate doctors without political affiliations. (Confirmed almost all of them) * We have had several meetings with the directors of these organizations and they are very interested in helping us, both financially and with the logistics of this RM.

The logo:

Bridge of the Americas “Where the North and South meet”

The design of the logo is based on the traditional art form called “mola”, made by one of our indigenous tribes, the Gunas.

Like us on Facebook Regional Meeting of the Americas 2014 Panama Enter starting September 8th and check in for early registration!

Invitation Package PAMSA RM 2014  
Invitation Package PAMSA RM 2014  

Official Invitation Package to the 2014 Regional Meeting of the Americas