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childhood spaces joakim knutsen dale NKD villa bas master course spring 2014

My room

Up 25 steps, around the corner and in under the roof. 7 meters ahead, right, up one step and through the door. Inside. From this point you see through the house, towards the water. 5 meters, then a bigger space opens up. On the left a double door in to the most popular room in the house. In the east end of the room a meeting place and in the west end the working area. On the right side a big space that was used a lot earlier, but now only on bigger occasions. Back to the door. Left. Up 20 steps. Left again and in through the door. All wood, two windows. One window in the north wall and one window in a box, sticking out from the roof. It is a squared room. The ceiling is both horizontal and diagonal, making a bigger space on one side of the room then the other. One bed, one closet, one bench, one desk, two shelves and two drawers. A big, but dark space.

plan - the road up to the house and the one next to

plan - car territory

plan - extra spaces

plan - unfolded

diagram - meeting the house

section - from the car up to my room

plan - outside materials

plan - spaces for playing

plan - movement outside/inside

diagram - different levels outside

plan - outside areas

plan - outside stone floor

plan - flooring around my room

plan - rooms I’ve lived in

plan - top of the outside stairs

section - different levels inside/outside

section - inside/outside space

plan - floor

plan - the rooms in the house

section - looking north

section - heating

section - materials

section - the top

plan - directions in materials

section - my roof

diagram - my space

diagram - outside private space

section - 2nd floor

section - from outside in to my room

plan - my private space

plan - the hidden space

plan - the furniture

section - my room

plan - seperation between my space and common

plan - static furniture

plan - non-static furniture

diagram - the outer shell

plan - placement of the bed

section - favorite space

picture of model

picture of model

Childhood spaces  
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