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VOL. 12, ISSUE 7 | JULY 2017



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Fredericksburg Area Builders Association

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Parade of Homes 2017 The 2017 Parade of Homes promises to be the best two

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weekends of the year to buy a new home. The Parade will feature our area’s finest builders showcasing design, special features, fantastic floor plans, and superb craftsmanship. We have builder entries in the City of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County, and Stafford County so far. In addition to new homes, this year we will also feature a Virtual

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Remodelers Showcase! Remodelers can feature their projects on the Parade of Homes website and mobile app. Also new this year is the “Shop Where Our Builders Shop” Vendor showroom listing that is open to the public. The Parade occurs from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday, September 30 and Sunday, October 1 and again the next weekend on Saturday, October 7 and Sunday, October 8. Dates to keep in mind: ● ENTER by July 17, 2017 to be featured in the Parade of Homes Directory


● LAST CHANCE entry deadline: September 1, 2017 ● Pinnacle Builder Entry deadline: September 22, 2017 ● Realtor Open House/Judging: September 26, 2017 ● Parade of Homes Celebration: September 29, 2017 ● POH Tour: September 30 & October 1 and October 7 & 8, 2017


The Parade of Homes Guidelines and Application are posted on the

What's changed?

FABA website with our new Builder Benefits List for the parade.

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Contact Chrissy Urian at fredparade@fabava.com or 540.898.2730 for questions, comments, or concerns.



President's Pen Dave Phelps FABA 2017 President

Wow, it’s July already, where is this year going! We just got back from the Home Builders Association of Virginia installation of new officers. Dan Sandoval, past FABA President and current Builder Director, is now the 2nd Vice President of HBAV, congratulations Dan! The installation was held at The Greenbrier, we had a great turnout to support Dan. It was brought to my attention FABA has a very unique coincidence within our association. Among our membership we have the State President (Shawn Callahan – Metwood, Roanoke HBA), First Vice President (Rob Frogale - Annandale Millwork and Allied Systems, Winchester HBA) and Second Vice President (Dan Sandoval – Republic Homes) We believe this is the first time an association has the top three state positions in their membership. The Legislative committee, led by Bruce Reese, is busy with the elections coming up this year. We will be interviewing local and state officials in the next few months, more to come on how to get involved with this process. We are actively growing our FACT-PAC for this election cycle. It is so very important to have elected representatives (local and state) who are supportive of our industry. The CrabFeast is August 4th; we are expecting a large group attending this year. Make sure you get tickets soon. It will be held at the Rod and Gun club again this year; I am really looking forward to see everyone! The Parade of Homes is off to a great start; get your house(s) in soon. What a great way to showcase your homes and talent!! Have a great Summer! Dave

Thursday, July 20 5PM - 7PM Don Moncho



July Calendar of Events and Meetings July 10 SMC Taskforce Meeting - 3:00pm July 12 Associates Committee Meeting - 9:00am Membership Committee Meeting - 10:00am Full Board Meeting - 3:00pm July 13 Using the Performance Path for Compliance in the IRC and Energy Code Webinar - 2:00pm July 19 Parade of Homes Taskforce Meeting - 10:00am July 20 CrabFeast Taskforce Meeting - 12:00pm Hard Hat Happy Hour - 5:00pm (Don Moncho) Aug 2 FAB Foundation - 9:00am Aug 4 CrabFeast and BBQ - 5:00pm All meetings are located in the FABA Boardroom unless otherwise noted

w o N s t e ck i T Buy Crabs






Fredericksburg Rod&Gun Club 5pm - 9pm http://www.fabava.com/events/crab-feast/




TECH ON THE WORKSITE Jewels Jarrell Do you know where your workers are and how long they’ve been there? This new product allows you to know who is onsite and where they are. Spot-r by Triax is a wearable sensor that connects workers to your network. This sensor provides real-time specifics including the location of all on-site workers. It saves the supervisor time and money by tracking workers online rather than performing visual checks. It is designed to work on all sites, big and small, large construction sites to multi-floor buildings. It also allows workers to report potential dangers and injuries. Site-wide alerts are able to be sent out by authorized personnel. Read more here.


The US Census Bureau shows that although American movers declined this past year, the greatest number of people who did move in 2016 moved to the South. While large cities like New York and Los Angeles are still popular places to move to, many smaller cities in the South have gained traction amongst young adults. Richmond, VA and the Virginia Beach area saw the greatest percentage change in their millennial population between 2010 and 2015. Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Tennessee weren’t far behind Virginia. Click here for Americans moving stats. Click here for millennials moving info.

SPOTSY COUNTY UTILITIES DEPARTMENT Visit the County website for information on the 2016 Water Quality Report and new water/sewer rates effective July 1, 2017. www.spotsylvania.va.us/WaterReports




Industry Intuition Comply with the 2018 Building Codes

States are planning to adopt the 2018 International Residential Code

When Builders and Postmasters Disagree Cluster Box Units are pushing door and curbside deliveries out of the way

AIA Home Design Trends Survey - First Quarter Emerging trends in home and property design

Consider This Before Buying a Vacation Home A second home can mean headaches, unexpected costs, and shattered plans

Trendy Times "Connected" Homes are the New Standard Smart homes are now expectations, not just dreams

Why One Small Business Uses a 32-Hour Week Invest in your employees first and good things will come

Co-Living Goes Mainstream Strangers have begun to rent private rooms, but share common spaces

A New "Solar Paint" Lets you transform your entire house into a source of clean energy



Smart Home - 1895 Edition Dumbwaiter In New York City in 1887, George W. Cannon filed the first patent for the mechanical dumbwaiter. These small elevators were found in the houses of the rich and privileged, but also in large apartment complexes. Dumbwaiters can be made out of wood and rope or electric motors and fireproof walls. To (n) a small elevator, manually or electrically operated, consisting of a box with shelves, this day, they are found in many city restaurants, private used in apartment houses, restaurants, and large private dwellings for moving dishes, homes, libraries, and larger ones in office towers. food, garbage, etc., between floors

Milk and Package Receiver

(n) a small insertion between the exterior and interior of a house for easy use of dropping of milk and packages

Back when milk was delivered and left on the stoop, the Milk and Package Receiver allowed goods to be delivered and left in a protected space. It provided protection against weather, theft, and unwanted interaction. The receiver was only able to be unlocked from inside once the delivery man deposited the goods.

Call Bell Systems As the class system became more defined, the middle class grew and servants were placed in the attic or in the basement to be kept unseen. These call bell systems were created to keep the servants out of the picture, but able to be on hands at all times. As servants were phased out, the call bell system was out-dated and now we have cell phones.

(n) started as ropes and bells set up in each room, transformed into electric bells, like our door bells today


Maria Moore Executive Vice President mmoore@fabava.com

Tina Perryman Permitting permitting@fabava.com

Debi Frederick Accounting accounting@fabava.com




ABOUT US The Fredericksburg Area Builders Association, chartered in 1968 and incorporated in 1980, represents thousands of people whose livelihoods are directly tied to the building and building- related industries. FABA, a tax-exempt trade association, is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Home Builders Association of Virginia (HBAV). With its main purpose to create and maintain a favorable climate for the growth and development of the building industry, the Fredericksburg Area Builders Association seeks to develop and maintain high professional business standards with the ultimate goal of providing home ownership to all individuals and families in our area. Centrally located between Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital, and Richmond, Virginia, the state capital, FABA serves the historic Fredericksburg, Virginia area including the surrounding counties of Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George, Caroline, and Orange.

Fredericksburg Area Builders Association

199 78 6 3

Fredericksburg Builder

THE MEMBERS 17% 36% 20% 5% 22%




Fredericksburg Area Builders Association






What's Happenin'? Fred Parent Magazine Fred Parent is hosting a Back-to-School Expo at Spotsylvania Towne Centre on Saturday, August 5th. They are looking for members to attend and host a tabletop. Contact Megan Walsh at 240-475-8759 for more details.

Atlantic Builders Gene Brown, a partner at Atlantic Builders and 1st VP at FABA, will lead their efforts in 2018 to build a home with proceeds to benefit the YMCA on Butler Rd. Adam Fried's brother is an elite tennis player in the Special Olympics, and the YMCA will name new tennis courts in his honor.

Union Mortgage Group Union Mortgage Group offers a grant to military personnel (active duty or retired) up to $10,000 that can be used for down payment or closing costs. Additionally, they offer a $7,500 grant for teachers, firefighters, police officers, and certain medical personnel. Income limits apply and are available while supply lasts. Call 540-898-1110 for more info.

Send Company Happenings to admin@fabava.com to be included in our weekly emails and monthly newsletters!

Builder Spotlight What is your favorite FABA event?

CrabFeast - it brings a diverse group of members and their EEs together.

What makes Fredericksburg so special to you?

Adam Fried

It has been a great place to raise our family and be successful in our homebuilding business. I love all the many people and relationships that our family and team at Atlantic Builders have established.


When you were a kid, what was your dream job?

Member since 1988

I would daydream in school quite a bit and I recall being a professional basketball player, movie director, and President of the USA as top of my list.

Atlantic Builders

Guilty Pleasure: What can you not live without? I recently decided to try being a vegan. But I still love sweets too much.

In what spare time you have, what do you like to do?

I believe many entrepreneurs have a tough time, especially in today’s smart phone world, from not acting and thinking about work except when actually sleeping. Advice on that is to perform best, make sure you sleep 7½ hours nightly. I find that hiking in the mountains and parks is the best way for me to clear my mind. I also like to play basketball and exercise. I love to read all sorts of books. I enjoy theatre and now opera since one of my daughters is studying at a conservatory to become a performer. I like serving as upcoming Chair of Loisann’s Hope House and Vice Chair of the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce.


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Ad Rates: Full $150 Quarter $75 Half $100 Business Card $50




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Builder & Remodeler Rebates Call FABA at 540-898-2730 to help you get started today!



Membership 101 NEW MEMBERS AKB Designs Krista Henry, Affiliate of Spartan Homes Megan Henry, Affiliate of Spartan Homes M/I Homes of DC, LLC Shelton Farms and Auctions

RENEWALS American Heritage Homes BB&T Mortgage Builders FirstSource CORELOT Jarrell Properties Jon Properties Sears Commercial Summit Electrical Service Company, Inc.

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Got Swag? FABA needs marketing materials to hand out at the office, put in new membership bags, and distribute at our events. Bring us anything you have with your company name and logo and we'll put it to work for you! FABA Office: 3006 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Why join FABA, HBAV, and NAHB? Watch the video below for why you should join! https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=_p1nfrH00rQ

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2017 Board of Directors Dave Phelps

Dan Sandoval

President ICF Homes of Virginia, Inc.

Builder Director Republic Home Builders

Gene Brown

John Gasque

1st Vice President Atlantic Builders, Inc.

Builder Director Toll Brothers, Inc.

Marc Simes

Tim Hall

2nd Vice President W.J. Vakos

Builder Director Tricord Homes

Sean Halsey

Brandon Serbay

Immediate Past President Halsey Homes Corporation

Cornerstone Platinum

Builder Director Built Right Homes, Inc.

Sara Cushing

Conrad Labossiere

Secretary Legacy Engineering, P.C.

Associate Director Builders FirstSource

Scott Hine

Bruce Reese

Treasurer Assurance Financial Group

Legislative Director Legacy Engineering, P.C.

John Reid

Stacey Lampman

Associate Vice President Embrace Home Loans

Associate Director Spaces Design Studio, LLC

Charlie Payne

Maria Moore

Legal Counsel Hirschler Fleischer

Executive Vice President FABA

Cornerstone Partners