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Fashion . . . Neiman Marcus at Target Stores ..........................................3 Addicted to Boots .................................................................4 Campus Street Style ............................................................5 Fitness Fashion ....................................................................6 Women’s Fall Fashion Trends ..............................................8 Iconic Beauties ....................................................................10 Online Fashion for Online Shoppers ...................................22 A Man’s Guide to Fall Fashion ............................................23 Denim, Denim, Denim! ........................................................25 Fashion is Real Time: Teen Vogue’s Fashion University .....26 Do-It-Yourself Clothing ........................................................31 Captivated by Culture ..........................................................32 Daytime to Nighttime Fashion .............................................34 Get the Look: Celebrity Fashion on a College Budget ........36 Vintage Fashion Past to Present .........................................38 Designers Who Have Left Their Mark .................................40 Fashionable Men at Stout ...................................................42

ART . . . Get Pin-spired .....................................................................54 Dorm Decor Ideas ...............................................................55 The Art of Tattooing .............................................................57 Simple & Convenient Homemade Gifts ...............................60

Beauty . . . Heat Free Curls ...................................................................61 Pantone: The Inspiration Behind Fashion & Beauty Color Palettes ...............................................62 Amplify Your Eyes: Best Eyeshadows for Your Eye Color .............................................................64 Beauty Wishlist ....................................................................65 DIY: Masks, Scrubs, and Washes .......................................66 Polished Designs .................................................................68 What’s in Your Box? Beauty Subscriptions .........................69


from the

EDITOR Kicking off the school year I wanted to make sure F.A.B. was ready to share our vision and recruit new members. I was excited with the direction and ideas we had for the year and wanted to be able to share the whole process with more members. After the Backyard Bash on campus, I was extremely excited to see the amount of names signed up who were interested in learning more about our magazine. Then came the first meeting and we had a better turn out than I could have expected. New members meant new and fresh ideas for the magazine. I intended to focus this issue on the idea that F.A.B. is diverse and meant for any students on campus who was interested in fashion, art or beauty, including female AND male students. It is typical to stereotype that fashion magazines are meant for women, but our intentions are to gear to all students on campus and simply share passions and interests. So when we recruited our first guy member, I was thrilled! From there I knew I wanted our Fall 2012 Issue to highlight men’s fashion. Who said that guys on campus didn’t have an interest on what they wore or how they presented themselves? In past issues we have showcased male art students or asked for their opinions on issues, but this time we wanted to let them know that F.A.B. does recognize and care about men’s fashion. We were on a mission to break the stereotypes that guy’s don’t care about fashion, because, if you look around, Stout has plenty of fashionable guys walking around campus! This issue has been meaningful and I am so proud of all the work that has been put into this publication. The organization has tripled along with the size of the magazine and I am excited to continue see it grow and become known all over campus. As my last semester as Editor in Chief, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has help create the magazine and help me get it to where it is now. I am so happy to see my dreams for the magazine soar and can’t even wait to see what is in store for F.A.B. in the future. It is a bittersweet goodbye, knowing that I have given all I can for F.A.B. and hoping I left my mark.

BE YOURSELF AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN FASHION I want to leave everyone with a quote I came across that I believe is true, “Be yourself and you will always be in fashion.” Yes, simply be yourself. Be passionate about something and don’t be afraid of sharing that with others. That is why we are here, to embrace similarities and passions and transform it into something amazing, the result being F.A.B. Magazine. So best of luck and I will miss being part of this organization. But I know the next chapter for F.A.B. is going to be one to look forward to.

Abrianna Thao Abrianna Thao Editor-in-Chief

OUR TEAM EXECUTIVE BOARD Editor-in-Chief Abrianna Thao Assistant Editor/Secretary

Rachel Policano

Treasurer Xanath Guzman Layout Design Director

Monika Perkerwicz

Photography Director

Carly Williamson

Journalism Director Laura Bauman Advertising/Marketing Director

Anna LeVahn

Fashion & Beauty Styling Director

Drew Cheyenne Meyer

CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS LAYOUT Ashley Springstroh Trek Frantti Rachel Kolias Jordynn Beckman Selina Vang Mariah Pellowski

JOURNALISM Alex Floersch Grace Rowland Stacey Springob Chloe Carlson Jessica Johanson Megan Dwyer Anna Loew Marlena Xiong Katelyn Osberg Katelyn Theis Taylor Marker Jamie Hopko Ashley Wentworth

PHOTOGRAPHY Brittany Horwath Abby Johnson Danielle Green Morgan Ondrejka Yasmine Coulibaly Liz Klein Alice Kossow

MARKETING Amanda Fenske

STYLING Daisy Lopez Christy Pate



BY Stacey Springob Target’s holiday projects are just one of the reasons Stout students love shopping at this store. This December, Target is partnering with Neiman Marcus to bring CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) designer collaborations to the sales floors. Target is known for its previous collaborations with notable designers like Proenza Schouler, Zac Posen, Anna Sui, Rodarte, and many more, but this year’s big collaboration takes the cake. Rather than bringing one designer into the store, both Target and Neiman Marcus will open their doors for 24 designer collaborations. The CFDA designers, ranging from Marchesa, Judith Leiber, Robert Rodriguez, Tracy Reese, Alice & Olivia, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Jason Wu just to name several, are working together to create over 50 looks and products for the holiday season. “Bringing 24 designers together and letting their imaginations run wild gave us the opportunity to develop some of the most fantastic items I’ve ever seen,” says Stacia Anderson, SVP of Merchandising at Target, “this collection includes more than fifty of the most amazing gifts that you could find in one place.” From trendy “best friend” knit hats to even a chic bicycle, this project will bring a gift for every person on your list into the Target and Neiman Marcus stores. Target is known for its chic, effortless style with affordable price tags, while Neiman Marcus is the goto department store for higher-end designers. “Target and Neiman Marcus are two stores that people look [at] to

be on the cutting edge of what’s going to be next,” Ken Downing, fashion director at Nieman Marcus, explained. Together, these two distinguished companies are uniting the best of both worlds. The collection prices will range from $7.99 to $499.99, with most pieces under $60. There will be a variety of products such as clothing, accessories, and home goods. Target and Neiman Marcus wanted to reach out to a wide audience, especially the younger crowd. “There’s such a great young generation coming up doing exciting work, that I think it’s made the world stop and take notice,” noted designer Philip Crangi. Retailers are finding trends amongst consumers in the interests of high-end brands with affordable pricing, attracting designers like Derek Lam and Tory Burch to introduce lines in mass markets. “It’s very exciting right now for American design,” says the famous Diane Von Furstenberg, “a collaboration like the Target, Nieman Marcus, and CFDA is exactly what is great about American fashion.”

So as you start making your lists of winter fashion musthaves, you might just want to hold off until December 1. After seeing the exquisite collaborations Target has previously brought to its stores, this epic teamwork between them, Neiman Marcus, and 24 CFDA designers can only create one of the most incredible fashion collaborations yet in retail. “When they get into the stores, when customers see them online, they are not going to believe how amazing it is,” states Downing. Expect this upcoming season to be one of the most stylish and easiest on your bank account yet.

Works Cited: 1.(2012). Target, neiman marcus enlist 24 cfda designers for joint collaboration. Huff Post Style, doi: 2. Target. (2012). Target neiman marcus holiday 24 collection [Theater]. Available from http://www. Zimmerman, A., & Mattioli, D. (2012). Retail. The Wall Street Journal, doi: Sources cited for photos: Scheidnes, J. (Producer). (2012). Neiman marcus target: The products!. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from Malkias, M. (Producer). (2012). Neiman marcus and target team up to wow holiday shoppers with gifts from two dozen designers in an unprecedented deal. [Web Photo]. Retrieved from http://bizbeatblog.dallasnews. com/2012/07/neiman-marcus-and-target-team-up-withdesigners-to-wow-shoppers-this-christmas-with-giftsfrom-two-dozen-designers.html/





r inte t w / l l y fa ing ou r e v d in e re com ix an t e c m ’ n l pie n they style, onfide a i t r n c o sse seas up you walk e n e a d this Amp s, and r a ts s! an tfit er! Boo drobe an ev nt ou y shoe e h war nger t differ t trend h stro ch wit perfec t ma these with

S T O O B by




This favorite fall/ winter piece is essential for those chilly nights and trudges to class in the snow. Pair with basically anything and you’ll be ready for the winter! $155


Deep, dark colors have been frequent on the runway this season and make great statement pieces for an outfit. Experiment with dark reds, purples, and greens. - $31.70

COWBOY Transition this summer style to an awesome fall/winter piece. Pair with dark-washed jeans and a knit sweater and you’re ready to take on the cold! JcPenney - $70

Tall knee-high

This classic pair of shoes never fails for the chilly season, frankly because it is so versatile. It can be used with practically any fall outfit and will be sure to never fail you. Forever 21 - $39.80


Laced up boots are overtaking the runways and web this season with their structured design and cool, edgy vibe. Pair with a cool pair of patterned tights and a mini dress. Forever 21 - $36.80



Students show their eye for fashion as they display their outfits on campus

Anna Arnold, a Studio Art sophomore spotted in the Applied Arts building wearing an H&M coat, Urban Outfitters corduroys, and an Anthropologie scarf.

At the Raw Deal, junior Danny Jay, a Applied Social Science major, wears Levis, H&M flannel, H&M cardigan, and a hat and scarf found at Goodwill.

Computer Science and Applied Math junior Siren Li, spotted in the Skylight Market, wears a Wet Seal top and skirt.

Her secret:

His style:

Her system:

“I usually wear a dress, tights and heels because they are so much quicker to style in the morning.”

“I layer a lot of plaid shirts under solid cardigans.”

“Most of my pieces are black. So in the morning, it doesn’t take long to throw together matching outfit.”


Fitness Fashion By Jessica Johanson

Fitness is becoming a rising trend in everyday life which means the awareness of fitness fashion is starting to be noticed. The importance of body image and being healthy has become more essential to women and men. So why not be fashionable while working out?

Under Armour is an up and coming brand that has been growing sinse 1996. Today many professional athletes are sponsored by Under Armour and wear the performance gear. Under Armour is known for cold gear, heat gear, and all season gear. Cold gear is for the cold weather, heat gear is for hot weather and all season gear is for the in between seasons. Other than the different weather conditions, Under Armour has different fits. There is compression, fitted, and loose fit. No matter what fit or weather the product is it will wick away moisture, control odor, and keep you cool or warm. Under Armour has many different products available like Charge Cotton, Catalys and Touch, just to name a few. Each product does something unique and performance enhancing.

Nike is one of Under Armours biggest competitor. Nike has been around sinse 1950 and is well known across the world. Over the years Nike has become more fashion forward. Nikes shoes have been a huge hit with the different styles and colors offered. Nike offers training, running and much other athletic gear. NikeiD is the option of customizing their products and making it your own. Nike is very innovative with using technology with the new Nike Fuelband which calculates calories burned, steps taken and keeps track of your personal fitness goals. Not only are athletic brands becoming more fashionable, but even other retailers are coming out with their own work out lines. For example the discount store, Target, has their own section in the store specifically for work out clothing at a cheaper price than what you would find at a specialty store. The brand is called C9 by Champion and is very affordable. Another example is Forever 21, which targets young women and men who are very trendy and on a budget. Their work out line is very trendy and always priced on point.

Women ’s Fall Fashion Trends BY Drew Cheyenne Meyer From New York to Milan, the big bold and beautiful seemed to be the mantra for fashion designers this fall season. Whether in the form of; calf skimming coats, ornate baroque print or large structured purses-the bigger, the bolder, the better.

In a perfect world everyone could afford to keep up with the latest runway trends. Sadly though, reality is not perfect, and credit cards have limits. Fashion is constantly changing and keeping up with the latest trends may seem like an impossible task, especially with a limited budget. And feeling bored and uninspired by our current fall wardrobes can be discouraging. So what can we do? We can shop smarter by investing in a few statement pieces. For this season, one rule reigns supreme. Whether it’s a calf skimming coat, baroque print, or a large structured bag just remember, the bigger, the bolder, the better. Too often, I am disappointed by a designer’s ability to incorporate warmth in their fall collections. This year, I was pleasantly surprised by all of the new styles of coats on the runway. Collections across the board relied heavily on using wool in seemingly endless ways. One of my favorite runway looks last season was from Jason Wu. He placed oriental wool capes on top of sleek leather pants. Jason wasn’t the only designer to try out this new combo of polar opposite fabrics. Versus’ and Topshop Unique’s recent fall collections both featured individual pieces of mixed leather and burgundy wool, creating an unexpected element of edgy surprise [1]. Layering continues to be a staple strategy for keeping warm throughout the chilly months ahead. Structured jackets were placed on top of flowing skirts and colorfully knit tights. Thigh

high sweater-dresses were covered by long calf length coats. Want to winterize your wardrobe? Start with a wool coat. A basic wool garment will generally last a lifetime and can easily mesh into your trendy fall wardrobe year after year. The Graphic Print trend for fall and winter 2012 is not one for the withdrawn wallflower. These powerful prints are meant to be worn with a great deal of confidence. Designers used strong geometric shapes, quirky patterns and juxtaposed scenes taken straight from nature. This created a fun look with a serious statement [2]. The ornate baroque print was all over the runways this fall season. Printed pants have been making their mark on both the runways and the streets for several seasons now. Graphics are a

Layering continues to be a staple strategy for keeping warm throughout the chilly months ahead.

great way to liven up an otherwise dark and dull fall wardrobe. Next time you go out, instead of throwing on the usual boring jeans and fun top combo, whip out your favorite dyed floral or printed pants. Balance your look off with a basic blouse or tee. When you choose such bold pieces, there’s no denying the fun! We all know accessories can either make or break an outfit. A boring, basic, look can be entirely transformed with the addition of a few pieces. The beauty of accessories is that they’re relatively inexpensive! Faux- Peter Pan collar necklaces are currently trending and can easily jazz up any solid top. Oversized framed “doctor” bags will become increasingly functional in the cold winter months ahead. Hopefully by now, you are all prepared for the snow season with a stylish pair of boots. Needless to say, I don’t mean Uggs. Invest in a basic black or brown pair of riding boots instead. If you’re sick of your go-to riders, opt for this season’s hottest sneaker wedge or “chelsea” boot. These ankle grazing shoes will save you from freezing toes and soggy socks come snowfall. Designers around the world work hard every day to ensure that guys and girls alike have fashionable trend options. So next time you shop, keep in mind F.A.B’s fall 2012 runway favorites. Whether it’s a faux collar, printed pants or a basic wool coat, these pieces will keep you fashion forward all winter long.


Faux Peter Pan Collar Necklaces

A boring, basic look can be entirely transformed with the addition of a few pieces

Oversized Framed Doctor Bag

Chelsea Boot


Iconic Beauties Whether we know them by name or simply by face, these women have inspired us through their fashion, beauty, way of being, and beyond. No matter if we adhere to society’s “standards” or choose not to, there are no doubts that these ladies have shaped our ideas and ideals throughout the generations regardless of our own personal style. From Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn’s class and elegance of the 1950s… Madonna’s blonde ambition of the 80s and the 90s waif style made famous by Kate Moss… To today’s “First Lady of Fashion” Michelle Obama and the “Kate Middleton effect” from across the pond… Each woman was (and is) a trendsetter of her time period in more ways than one, and each continues to be timeless favorites worth emulating no matter the year.

Join us as we honor some of the most iconic women of the last sixty years!


Photo BY Carly williamson

jacki tarrence as

Grace Kelly

Audrey Hepburn

Photo BY Carly williamson

kamie hoover as

Photo BY liz klein

sarah ruth Handley as

Marilyn Monroe


Photo BY liz klein

1960s Emily gross as


Photo BY Carly williamson


Farrah Fawcett

Photo BY Carly williamson, Edited by Liz Klein


Princess Diana

Photo BY Carly williamson

Jennifer Delikowski AS


Photo BY Alice kossow


Karah Wicklander AS

Kate Moss

Photo bY Carly williamson

mackenzie koss as

Victoria Beckham

Photo BY Liz klein

2008 Joylin munro as

Michelle Obama


Photo bY Carly williamson


Kate Middleton



Let’s face it. We live in Menomonie. The closest mall is in Eau Claire and I couldn’t even tell you where a Target is. Although Menomonie does have some great shops to meet our retail therapy needs (thank you Cherry Pickers, Iris Boutique, and Leissa’s) it does lack in variety. That is where we turn to the Internet. Online shopping is very popular, convenient, and can be a huge distraction (oh, like you never have Facebook and Twitter and open on your computer during class?) There are so many different shopping sites out there but it can be difficult to find ones that offer unique items. So, for all of you fashion lovers out there I have come up with a few sites that you need to check out.

UrbanOg is for you cheapchic girls out there who love a bargain. has everything from amazing denim, adorable day and night dresses and shoes to beauty and even costumes (Take note for next Halloween.) Most boots are under $40.00, which is reasonable for a nice pair of boots and everything is under $100.00. Whether you are looking for basic items like bodycon dresses or cotton tees or unusual cutout blouses and printed jeggings you can find it here.

Beware: Nasty Gal is a very dangerous and addictive site. Stay clear if you are prone to obsessing over things you can’t afford. But, if you are looking for some inspiration, or are blessed with an abundance of cash then Nasty Gal is your new best friend. Nasty Gal is a fashion forward online store that originally started as a small selection of vintage items on Ebay. This site offers high and low prices of unique, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that will make everyone jealous. They also offer a very large selection of sale items that are just as envy-worthy.

Ever wonder where all those cute outfits on Pinterest come from? Right here, you are very welcome. is one of the largest online stores that offer a variety of different styles with an affordable price tag. Looking for a cozy sweater or poncho this fall, or a new dress for the upcoming Holidays, or how about quirky jewelry? You can find it here. You could spend hours on this site because each category has at least 20 pages of adorable, unique and eccentric items. Another bonus? New customers receive fifteen percent off their first purchase. SheInside also offers free shipping on literally everything, and usually offers a weekly special on popular items.


for trendy items and accessories for vintage pieces

for basics and high quality

A Man’s Guide to Fall Fashion BY TREK FRANTTI


Ok guys. Here’s the deal: we know a LOT more about fashion than we would like to let on, and we certainly know about style. Every day we dress from a closet of clothes that we’ve picked out because we like how they make us look or feel. Our fashion reflects our mood, lifestyle, and values. Now, get ready because we’re about to apply some of the basics that we all know about fashion (or should know). Know that pair of jeans in your closet? The ones you wear twice weekly and have been holding on to for years? Toss ‘em. Why you might ask. Well, you better hold on to your seat, this one’s mind blowing. Fashion changes. Hopefully I didn’t lose too many of you on that, because trend is a critical point in the industry of fashion and apparel design. The reason we see new styles of jackets each time we walk in a store is because the fashion market is always adapting and changing, and if you’re not moving with it, it’ll leave you behind. This season, the looks that stuck came straight from the runway, both European and American designs. What stood out were the slim cut pants, croppeddirectly above the shoe. This look lengthens a man’s figure and alludes to a taller silhouette. Keep in mind when we say slim we mean straight leg; we’re not talking about skinny jeans that cut off right below your butt (P.S. those were never in). Pair your pant with a woven shirt and skinny tie for a classic prep look, or a light-weight sweater and V-neck for your casual day look. Turn up the heat at night by layering on a trench before you head out or by adding a colored blazer for a hint of fun. If your style is more casual overall, you might like to wear a colored jean. Red is the color this season, and a red pant is the perfect wardrobe piece. Dark navy and black are jean colors that help tie together an outfit, so pair them with a thermal or a lightweight sweater. As winter sets in, jackets become a necessity in your wardrobe. Try to avoid bulky puff coats and snowmobile jackets, unless that’s your signature look they need to go. Instead of heavy, cumbersome, heatstroke-inducing garments try a wool pea coat or a leather jacket. These forms of outerwear are warm enough to allow you to wear minimal clothing underneath, but still breathable so if you need that sweater you won’t suffer from an absence of air circulation. Accessorizing; the fine line between over-the-top and just enough is always a problem for guys. You should always use the rule of thumb that if you can’t fit your accessories into a fist-sized grab you’re probably going slightly overboard. Tacky and stylish are two completely different things. Try adding a simple scarf under a jacket, or a watch with your shirt. If you have to question if you’re wearing too much, then you most likely are. Sunglasses are a cost-effective way to boost your appearance. Besides hiding tired or bloodshot eyes, sunglasses can help define the end result of how your outfit is perceived by others. Oakley’s and other sport glasses are definitely casual in style, along with some forms of wire-framed aviators. Ray-Ban style glasses and other name-brand inspired pieces help take your look to a more classic level of style. Looking into your wallet, you might be thinking that this season you’ll have to sacrifice style for other needs; it’s a shame that appreciating style and being able to purchase style are two separate things. It can be tough, especially for college students, to try and make the best out of a minimal budget. Retailers such as Kohl’s, Target ,and JCPenny often run sales on merchandise throughout the season, so keep yourself in the loop! Make a point to know when stores are running promotional savings and extended deals. This season, experiment with whatever wardrobe you already have. Try tucking in dress shirts instead of always letting them hang out. Create a small double cuff on the hem of your jean leg and add a colorful dress sock to your shoes. Remember that being you is the most important aspect to fashion. It’s your approach to style that inspires you to dress the way you do. Your idea of style that causes you to choose the looks that make you stand out. But most of all, it’s what you do you with your style that defines your personalities and creates your own unique sense of self.


DENIM, DENIM, DENIM! When most people think about the origins of denim, they think of the iconic blue jean developed by Levi Strauss in 1853 during the California Gold-Mining Rush. While this was definitely the introduction of blue jeans, denim is a fabric that the world has known since the middle ages, originally developed in Nimes, France. Over the course of modern “denimization” there have been hit trends that have taken over the country in their time. So, here’s what’s hot and what was hot throughout the course of American history.


“Wild West” Era

illustrations and movies featuring cowboys brought denim mainstream in American culture. Trend: classic blue jean.

40s “War” Era

often soldiers would wear jeans around when they came home on military leave. Trend: Americanized blue jean.

50s “Rebel” Era

denim became the image of young, unruly teenagers and infamous on-screen rebel James Dean. Trend: denim pants and jean jackets.

60s, 70s “Counter-Culture” Era hippies, painting, bell-bottoms,

embroidering, and psychedelic petterns. Everywhere. Trend: worn-out look.

80s “Designer” Era

brands like Gucci, Dior, and Chanel started adding the label of luxury to the denim industry. Trend: Form fitting, solid dyed pieces.

90s “Recession” Era

kids of the Children Born in Blue didn’t want to be associated with the outfit that their parents wore, and so for a brief period the world was absent of denim as a popular trend choice.


“Re-Popularization” Era

recently denim has made it’s comeback in the form of studded high-waist shorts, skinny jeans, and new versions of old designs like vests and jackets can be seen everywhere. Experiments with printing, ombre, dip-dye, color and embroidery are trendy versions that are being flaunted by the denim and jean industry, especially in niche markets.



through the eyes of F.A.B. journalist, LAURA BAUMAN Teen Vogue is responsible for what 500 high school & college students each year call a weekend of a lifetime. 1,600 students apply and only 500 are accepted to the annual Teen Vogue Fashion University and this year, I was one of the 500. Teen Vogue Fashion U (TVFU) is a weekend in New York City full of seminars taught by designers, stylists, editors, and major moguls in the fashion industry. Some of this year’s speakers include Rachel Roy, Erika Bearman (Oscar PR Girl), and representatives from TOPSHOP, Guess,, Teen Vogue, and many other well-known brands.

I got the privilege of hearing from seventeen of the industry’s most notorious designers and editors. What they had to say was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and ultimately helped me decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. Even though a majority of you have probably never experienced this event, I still want to share what I learned from the window. So bear with me as I sum up two days’ worth of information! KEEP READING FOR SESSION DETAILS!

SESSION 1 The Visionary by Grace Coddington If you are an apparel/retail student (or highly interested in fashion at all) and you don’t know who Grace Coddington is, you’re a little behind. The model-turned-editor is the brains and creativity behind every photo shoot that’s ever been in American Vogue since 1988. As the Creative Director of Vogue Magazine, Grace is responsible for all of the photo shoots in the magazine from the styling to location and photographers to models. But before ruling the fashion industry in America, she spent nine years modeling and nineteen at British Vogue. Grace said the transition from modeling to editing was all because at photo shoots, editors would notice how critical she was when they would try to style her for the shoots. She was in her late 40’s when she moved to New York City and would forever say that “it’s fabulous”.

“[FASHION] IS always evolving, surprising, and changing.” If you’re familiar with Grace’s work, you will know that 99% of her shoots are on location. She feels that, “there’s a different approach in-studio” & that there needs to be a story with the photos. She tends to take inspiration from fairytales and says that her alltime favorite shoot was an “Alice in Wonderland” inspired theme featuring designers as characters. Grace says that her favorite part about fashion is how it’s always evolving, surprising, and changing. Though, she doesn’t like “computer Vogue”. She says that she gets emotional when it comes to fashion; she likes to be at every shoot, show, etc. She also loves to talk with designers and look at how carefully an item is made. She “[doesn’t] like something that’s badly made.” My favorite thing about TVFU was hearing Grace talk about fashion. It was awe inspiring to hear her talk so humbly about her position and views on fashion. She says it’s mesmerizing and it “makes you feel happy…it’s an international language.”

SESSION 2 The Glamour Guru by Prabal Gurung Born in Singapore, American designer Prabal Gurung wasn’t the typical student. After going through high school as the ‘outcast’, Prabal traveled all over the world and finally ended up at Parsons New School for Design in New York City. He won the Fusion Design Competition and interned for Donna Karan before working with the wonderful Bill Blais for five years as the design director. In the fall of 2009, Prabal and a few friends went into unemployment and launched his very first line with no money – just support. He was also supported by Mac and Bumble & Bumble who donated products for Prabal’s first runway showcase. From then on, its history! All of Prabal’s first employees were old co-workers and friends who believed in him. His first collection did so well that it covered Women’s Wear Daily’s Valentine’s Day spread, modeled by his good friend, Zoe Saldana; and if you know WWD, that is HUGE! But despite his outrageous spring to fame, Prabal owes his real jump to the top to Demi More. Demi wore one of his gowns to Fashion Week and then tweeted, “a wonderful designer to look out for.” This tweet changed the course of his business (and also increased his follower count by a lot)! Like mentioned before, Prabal was independently financed. His mother was not impressed that he decided to design clothing instead of an alternate option. She said to him, “when the First Lady wears your clothes, let’s talk.” Two seasons later, none other than Michelle Obama wore his gown to the Smithsonian. Prabal was at Paris Fashion Week at the time and called his mother saying, “Mom, let’s talk,” and she knew exactly what he was going to say. Now she and his family are extremely impressed and Prabal is up to designing eight collections per year.

“He still has his love, passion, and talent for fashion. If you have that, you have the right motivation.” One of my favorite things about Prabal’s session was the way he talked about women. So many guys these days disrespect women but Prabal is intrigued and inspired by the women he designs for, “my process is always the girl.” He also talks about fashion in the way he talks about women; “you have to love it.” He, as well as Ms. Coddington, say that working in fashion is 95% hard work and “you have to think about your intention;” he doesn’t want to hear about people going into it for fame or delusions of grandeur. One student asked him how he got his overnight success and how he dealt with it. He responded, “My overnight success was following 10-plus years of hard work.” He says that if everything is taken away, he still has his love, passion, and talent for fashion. If you have that, you have the right motivation. When asked about the pros and cons of the fashion industry, Prabal gushed about the amount of support in the fashion world, “there are a lot of fairy god mothers in the industry.” Even after leaving Donna Karan, Bill Blais, & Carolina Herrara, he still had support from those companies to being his business. He stressed that the fashion industry isn’t always like the Devil Wears Prada, but he would change the fact that is till is superficial and not very isolating. But his work and the outcome of each show is “so fulfilling”, it’s worth it.

SESSION 3 The Entrepreneur by Nicole Richie I’m sure everyone remembers Nicole Richie from her Simple Life days. But since then, she’s closed off the media and has focused on her family while still creating a wonderful set of businesses. Nicole grew up on tour with her father, Lionel Richie, and although her first love was music, followed by figure skating, Nicole’s love for fashion sparked with her father’s costume designer. The woman would make costumes for Nicole to wear all the time and Nicole even started to create them herself. Now as an adult, Nicole has created two lines, Winter Kate & House of Harlow, which reflect the traveling she’s done through her life, as well as inspiration from the 1960’s and 70’s. She was drawn to the fact that in that time “clashing didn’t exist.” Throughout the hour session, Nicole stressed that “fashion…is the ultimate form of self-expression.” She was also extremely focused on the merchandising aspect of both of her lines (this is for you Apparel & Retail majors). She says “it’s always important to study who your customer is.” She says that she tends to go into the stores where her lines are sold and study the way her items are displayed and how her customers are reacting to it. She is extremely hands on with her business and tends to study A LOT before launching a new one. She also likes to take her time with each line because her family comes first. Nicole likes her designs to grow with her and when she’s at a point in her life that she’s ready to create a new line, she will; “I’m not just going to throw my name on something to add another category.” Basically saying she’s not a Kardashian, Nicole says that she doesn’t associate herself with either of her brands. She’s not the face of them, the clothing speaks for itself and then she benefits from any criticism she gets from it, “there’s a difference in being an artist and being a brand…in this business, you have to be both”. Soon, Nicole will be launching a fine jewelry line and wants to eventually do a home goods and children line. Her and husband, Joel Madden, have also started a foundation for children called the Richie-Madden Children’s Foundation.

SESSION 5 Phillip Lim

“FASHION IS THE ULTIMATE FORM OF SELF-EXPRESSION.” SESSION 4 The Flower Child by Erin Featherston I’m going to be honest, I hadn’t heard of Erin Featherston until I was switched into her seminar. Erin had a pretty untraditional beginning to her career. She got a liberal arts degree at the University of California – Berkeley and then went to design school at Parsons in Paris. She launched her first line in 2004 in Paris and then moved back to the states. In 2009, Erin was inducted to the Council of Fashion Designers of America. When Erin started, the look was very boho grunge and celebs were seen wearing trashy outfits without underwear (ehem, Britney Spears). But she has never been too concerned with current trends and stuck with her aesthetic which if you didn’t know, is VERY girly! Plus, her favorite part about being a designer is the inspiration and creation process Erin said that even though she didn’t live in a very fashion forward area, she did everything to do with fashion. She stresses doing internships and interview with the attitude of “I’ll do anything”. She says that she loves interns that are outgoing yet tenacious and have that type of attitude of “I’ll do anything.” She also says that when you dress for an interview, dress for the job. For example, if you’re interviewing with Erin Featherston, dress like what her brand represents. You don’t necessarily have to wear her brand head to toe, but don’t dress boho-edgy when her style is girly-romantic. Erin also talked about criticism and what she said is now one of my favorite quotes: “Just count the lines. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad – they’re still writing about you.”

I was originally in Rachel Roy’s seminar at this time, but she cancelled and they sent everyone to Phillip’s seminar and I am so glad they did! Phillip is one of my favorite designers and I’m not sure why I didn’t see his seminar when registering, but anyway… Phillip Lim has “always had a love affair with clothes.” After getting a degree at Cal State in Home Economics and an emphasis in Merchandising and was skip his last year of college to pursue an incredible opportunity as an intern-turned-design assistant at Katayone Adeli. In 2000, he co-founded a clothing line and left Katayone Adeli. Since then, 3.1 Phillip Lim has been a revolutionary brand Phillip was so incredibly humble and had a wonderful sense of humor. He describes his style as grunge and says, “Taking something linear and making it nonlinear, that’s grunge.” If any of you are familiar with Phillip’s work, you know this is exactly what his designs represent. He says that grunge is “Taking a line and cutting it up and rearranging [it]” and that he is grunge as well, “I’m all mixed up, all layered.” Phillip stressed that traveling, interning, & making experiences for yourself is essential, “there’s nothing that can replace a direct experience. You can’t look that up, you can’t Google that.” He also says to never say never because there are no absolutes. He, like Prabal, had parents who expected him to be a doctor or lawyer – anything but a designer. But he continuously says that there is a “simple love story between me and clothes.” That’s something a true designer would say. He also says that he is “not a revolutionary designer, I’m an evolutionary designer,” something that his fans might disagree with. The man is revolutionary whether he sees it or not.

“There’s nothing that can replace a direct experience.”

SESSION 6 Amy Astley + the Teen Vogue Editors The whole session by Amy Astley and the Teen Vogue Editors was a Q&A session so a lot of the questions were very specific but I decided to introduce each of the presented editors, the most memorable thing about them, and some advice they give for interns! Amy Astley Editor-In-Chief Amy is the founding EIC of Teen Vogue, hand-picked by Anna Wintour herself! She has been named one of Forbes magazine’s most powerful U.S. fashion editors. A 23-year veteran of the Conde Nast brand and opened up yearly Teen Vogue events such as TVFU, the Young Hollywood party and the Teen Vogue bedding collection. Gloria Baume – Fashion Director Born in Italy, Gloria moved to New York and now works as the Fashion Director of Teen Vogue. Her accent is to die for and she has the cutest style! Many style blogs such as the Sartorialist have mentioned her countless times. Elane Welteroth Beauty Director Elane has actually only been working for Teen Vogue since the Monday before TVFU! The editors joked with her during the interview that they already had her working weekends. But Elane has worked at many other fashion publications in and out of the Conde Nast company. She was extremely sweet and knew a lot about fashion and journalism. The whole panel talked a lot about being a kid and staying a kid for as long as you can.

SESSION 7 The Digital Panel This session focused on fashion in the digital age and featured six people who work in the digital fashion market. This was also a very Q&A focused session so I’m going to list some of my favorite quotes and advice from the panel. “There’s a way to be loud and proud… without insulting someone.” - Treena Lombardo, Shopbop

“Do be honest & try to keep your information private.” - Huan Nguyen,

Elane added to this by saying, “One of the most valuable intern experiences I had, was at an internship I did not enjoy because it taught me everything I don’t want in my job.” Jane Keltner de Valle Senior Fashion and New Editor Jane was an English and Art History at Barnard College & Columbia University. Jane says to Teenvogue. com “I would encourage pursuing a liberal arts degree over a fashion one. Unless you want to be a designer, it is absolutely not necessary to go to fashion school.” She was dressed so cute at the interview and was extremely knowledgeable, especially when asked about college/career topics. Sheena Smith – Accessories Director Sheena is one of Teen Vogue’s faces on twitter as well as in the magazine. The stylish editor posts hundreds of tweets surrounding the daily life at Teen Vogue. When the panel was talking about being and staying a kid, Sheena added, “This is a good time in your life to explore those other opportunities that you won’t get a chance to do when you all of a sudden work in an office everyday.” Andrew Bevan Style Features Editor Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. Google him, seriously. This guy is such a character and so sweet! He was the person who interviewed Erin Featherston for her session and their friendship showed through so much during it. They joked around like little kids – maybe because he still is on? Or he wishes he was! Because when the panel was talking, he jumped in and said, “Be inspired by being a kid. There’s so much pressure on internships as if it’s your only chance to make things happen, and it’s not.”

Laura Bauman (right) with fellow UW-stout student, dalton jacobson

The experiences I had going to TVFU have truthfully changed how I view the next 3-4 years of my life as well as my career after that.

It’s crazy to say that one weekend changed so much but it really did. Teen Vogue Fashion U is such an incredible event and the opportunities I was given were so unique. I suggest anyone interested in fashion, Retail and Apparel major or not, to apply for TVFU next spring! The event is life changing and inspiring. I had to pull a lot of strings to get myself to NYC, but it was so worth it! “

Do-ItYourself Clothing


BY Megan Dwyer Within the past year and a half, Pinterest has swept the nation from humor ecards to cheer you up, to ideas to your home, to fashion ideas to DIY (Do It Yourself) art and crafts projects. All ages have been hitting up this website for the latest fashion trends. And thanks to their DIY section, you can make looking great; look great on your bank statement. DIY is also a great way to go green. By doing DIY projects you can make almost anything out of date to look like the latest trend. These projects are so easy because they give you step by step instructions on how to do your project. The runway has helped create these ideas. This fall we have seen trends for Rocker Chic to Girly Girl and everything in between. Pinterest has DIY projects for everything. A few trends that we have seen are patch work on elbows, cropped tees, color-blocking shoes, and infinity scarves. We have turned that t-shirt that you love, that doesn’t fit you quite right into something that you will wear all the time. We will also give you the same shoes that you have been eyeing in the store.

Crop Top •

Take the tee out of your closet, and lay it flat on a wide table

Cut along the hem line of the sleeves. If you want a more tank top look, cut more off. Also, cut along the outside of the hem on the collar.

Neon Toe Shoes •

For the bottom, decide on the length of your top. That will be the place you will cut a straight line in the back side of the shirt.

The front side will be comprised of your tie bottom. To do this start from the bottom of the shirt at the center and cut to the length of your shirt at a diagonal. Do both sides creating two triangles

Now you can finally you can have that tee back that you have always wanted to wear.

You will need to take those shoes out of your closet, you will also need a neon colored spray paint, packing tape, and old towels.

Infinity Scarf •

Tape everywhere but the part of the shoe where you want the color to show up. (We did the color on the peep of the toe).

Take that old tee in your closet and lay it flat on the ground.

Cut the off the body of the shirt.

Cover the shoes, and take your shoes outside and spray two to three coats of paint on them. Then spray them with sealer to help protect the pain color.

Cut the body of the shirt into thin loops, so by the time it’s all cut up you have several loops.

Take one of the loops and cut it in half, take that string and wrap it around all of the loops so that string is holding the scarf together.

You now you have a brand new infinity scarf to wear around!

Wait for the color to dry, and remove the tape, and you have a brand new pair of shoes that you have been waiting for.



BY Alex Floersch Have you ever thought about why we dress the way we do? Sure, we see style in magazines and fashion on television, but where does it come from? Who decides what’s in and what’s out? How do seasonal trends begin? Style is a way to express oneself, whether it is by mood, interests, or culture. Our sense of fashion—whether the norm or not—identifies us. Designers also tend to design by the same characteristics. They get inspiration from objects, structure, elements of nature, color, and pattern. Among these many inspirations is culture. Without noticing, we see ethnicity and culture in the streets every day and in the runway collections each season. Spring 2012 revealed baroque finishes in the collections of Thakoon, Aquilano e Rimondi, and Stella McCartney—inspired by the damask fabrics used in many Asian costumes. Other designers—like Versus— used modern digital prints to encompass tribal-like patterns in their lines. And still other designers, such as Balenciaga, Miu Miu, and Victoria Beckham, were inspired by matte satin that had metallic highlights much like traditional Egyptian apparel. Even the smallest details—such as buttons—can reflect culture, but our eyes must be open to see and appreciate them. Religion, climate, and customs of a culture are often exposed through their apparel. Consider London, with its power to establish trends, it uses culture to its advantage. highlights London’s fashion setters in their section “Winning London” and their online runway galleries. Cultural inspiration rings throughout the city; these are merely some of them: Ceremonies have helped to uphold the African culture throughout the years. The ceremonies consist of dancing, singing, chanting, and story telling. The extravagant entertainment also calls for different costumes revealing the culture at its finest. Many women today use the African Sahara as inspiration in their wardrobe. Snake, cheetah, zebra, leopard, and tribal prints are used consistently mimicked with a modern twist. Animals of the environment also appear on screen print tees and in graphics. Like many Native American chiefs have over the decades, designers incorporate

33 feathers and beading into their collections as seen in the infamous headdresses worn by the men of power. Pieces of the tradition, such as ponchos, have also been adopted throughout years of fashion. Feathers are used with accessories for texture, while prints and natural colors remain strong as the basics of a wardrobe. Both brocade and damask fabrics, seen in traditional Asian garments, originated from China around the 12th century. The fabrics are expensive and usually made of rich fibers, such as silk, woven on a Jacquard loom. The fabrics represented the high-class. Today, brocade and damask, embroidery and embezzlements, and specialty prints previously resonated throughout Asia are accepted and cherished throughout many countries. Just as the weaving technique was passed from China to the Middle East and onto Europe, so is the trend of using these cultural characteristics in our wardrobes. Climate often determines the traditional apparel of a culture—especially if it’s the harsh weather of the arctic tundra. Inuit groups gather in the Northwest Territories of Canada, upper Alaska, and in Russia where the warmth of clothing is imperative. Traditional Inuit clothing was made of animal skins and fur and so the tradition continues. In the Midwest and Northern U.S., winter also becomes frigid and the apparel of the Inuit people is inherited. Fur, faux fur, and suede from the culture are incorporated into winter parkas, sweaters, boots, scarves, hats, mittens, and more. When color trends hit, the bold palette and embellishments of Hispanic tradition flood the runway. Much of the fashion can be attributed to the passionate music and dance of the culture. Women would dress in colorful, flamboyant, full dresses for folk dancing— revealing the whirlwind made by their motions. Members of the traditional mariachi bands wore similar outfits with embroidery and bold color as well. The richness and metallic accessories of Egyptian culture often enhance 21st century fashion. Ancient Egyptian clothing consisted of loincloth wrapped kilts and escalated to pleated skirts, dazzling jewelry, and metallic accents; Egyptian weddings encompass all of these. By adding the slightest touch—metallic fabric, gold sequins, or bold appliques—the culture shines throughout an outfit. The ever-famous tartan fabrics—known as plaid in America—are often associated with Scotland. The pattern originates from the 16th century Scottish Highland men and boys who wore it for traditional dress. Today, the pattern is seen throughout many garments.



Friday’s can be chaotic and when classes interfere with your plans it can be helpful to know how to transition your daytime, class-wear to evening, party wear. Transitional outfits are all about adding or taking away small accessories that could easily fit in a bag.

“Transitional outfits are all about adding or taking away small accessories that could easily fit in a bag.” The steps to transition from daytime to evening wear for women are actually a lot easier than expected. By taking a simple pair of colored or black jeans and cuffing them will make more of a daytime statement. By simply uncuffing the jeans and adding a pair of cute pumps will change the look to be more of a going-out outfit. The classic black dress has been known to be the must-have item for every girl’s closet. A simple black dress is timeless and can easily change looks with simple accessories. By wearing a cardigan or blazer with a fun, colored scarf will make the black dress a daytime look. The last way to change your look is the simplest, most space efficient method: your make-up. Applying some red lipstick and a cat-eye with some liquid eyeliner will take your look from daytime to evening in the matter of 30 seconds.


For men the task is not always as easy. Wearing make-up or adding a lot of accessories isn’t really an option, so how can they transition from daytime to evening? The same idea is still present through adding and taking away; only the focus is more on the content of the cloths rather than the style.

When a guy goes to class it is usually all about comfort. A guy can wear a button up under a comfortable zip-up sweater paired with jeans and a hat. Men can easily transition this look to fit the night scene by taking off the zip-up and hat and adding some gel to his hair. It is a very common trend at college parties for guys to wear clothes with a color theme. Matching their shoes with their t-shirt has become the new trend. Shirts with sayings on them are huge when going to a college party. But this is not a look that should be carried out through the day in the 8 a.m. classes. To make this look more daytime appropriate, add a North Face jacket or sweatshirt. Accessories can be added as well. A matching hat and/ or bright sunglasses are perfect for going-out wear.

“Matching their shoes with their t-shirt has become the new trend.” College can be so stressful with class schedules alone. The last thing a college student wants to worry about is their outfit after the last classes on Friday. Having the knowledge of how to transition your look is an easy way to save you from making that extra trip home.


Get the Look! Celebrity Fashion on a College Student’s Budget

BY Katy Turnacliff Celebrities seem to look flawless all of the time. Their looks are unique, high-fashion, and typically expensive! These looks may seem completely unattainable, while in reality they can be recreated by remembering a few simple rules. Start with basic pieces found right in your closet and add unique statement pieces to show your own personal style. Interpret the look in your own way, add your own flare, and show your personality. Don’t worry about being a perfect match, and make it your own! In no time at all you’ll look like you belong next to the celebs in glossy magazines. Here are some great examples of how to make these looks your own.

Rachel Bilson Rachel Bilson looks classy and chic in her simple black and white ensemble. This look would be perfect for a dinner date or, with an added blazer, a fashionable look for the office.

BLOUSE: $40.00, PANTS: H&M $17.95, SHOES: $87.95, EARRINGS: Forever 21 $4.80, RING: Forever 21 $5.80

Olivia Palermo Olivia Palermo shows off a casual look for fall. She layers her pieces to perfection and looks effortlessly cool creating the perfect look for a full day of classes on a beautiful fall day.

JACKET: $54.99, CARDIGAN: H&M $34.95, BLOUSE: $35.00, LEGGINGS: $44.99, BOOTS: $27.80, PURSE: Forever 21 $32.80, BELT: $12.00

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift rocks a look that’s both girly and edgy. Her soft flirty skirt and lace up oxfords give a playful vibe while her black leather motorcycle jacket adds a touch of rock’ n’ roll.

JACKET: H&M $49.95, SKIRT: Urban Outfitters $39.00, SATCHEL: Target $24.99, SHOES: Charlotte Russe $22.80 TIGHTS: Target $8.00


Motorcycle boots, ankle boots, knee and over the knee, mid-calf, and riding boots are just a few that have made a comeback for fall 2012. Chukka boots, for example, were made for the game of polo, but were later worn by British soldiers during World War II in their desert campaigns. While vintage is such a vague term, this fall it is defined by the Baroque period. The color of this season is the dramatic Oxblood as well as other values of red and some gold. The floral and brocade prints you find on blouses, denim, and leggings are inspired from this 17th into the mid-18th century era also. Prints are bold and can be found not only on leggings but suits as well. For those of you wondering about paisley prints, it is making a comeback on blouses this season. It was a style popular in the 70s, but may have very well originated back from the Safavid Dynasty of Persia of the 16th century. Leather, plaid, and corduroy coats and jackets with a trim of fur or shearing never leave the stores or our closets for that matter, no matter the time period. One such coat style is the trench coat was first worn by the soldiers in the trenches during World War I, but had previously been created by Thomas Burberry before the turn of the century. Then there’s the notorious bomber jacket which first appeared when worn by American pilots in World War I when planes were first used in warfare. The jacket, made of horsehide and lined with shearling, served a functional purpose to keep the pilot warm of course. Then there’s the classic blazer. Style, independence, and professionalism are associated with it, but why? It is possible that the blazer is of British Navy origin and was the uniform worn by British sailors on the H.M.S. Blazer to impress the queen during her inspection of the ship. Boots, jackets, and brocade prints have hit the stores this fall and winter as well as the dramatic oxblood. Each carry a tidbit of history that emphasizes the high fashion the styles are today. What’s great about fashion is it not only looks good and expresses our personal style, but it also serves as a view into the world’s history: our story as human beings.


Anna Leow When you slip on a pair of suede ankle boots or throw on that leather bomber, you catch that glimpse of the past: vintage! Really, when we think about it, much of what we wear today has come from back from the past as high fashion.


Women in the earlier 1900’s wore very constricting corsets and hobble skirts, skirts that were bulky around the waist then taped down.



The 1930’s brought about different fashion advances. After the depression, many women had to learn resourceful ways to make clothing look nice without buying new. An example of this was making jackets out of blankets. The movies were also becoming very popular during this time period, which introduced a whole new world of glamorous outfits and sex appeal. The padded bra was introduced as well as sexy silhouettes.

Due to the war in the 40’s many of the fabrics clothing had been made from where needed in the war, rayon then became a popular fabric. Women’s fashion resembled menswear and military war; women started to wear pants on a daily basis and shoulder pads were introduced to give women a more masculine looking upper body. Another popular trend, the headscarf, started with the “Rosie the Riveter” icon during the war. In the latter part of the 1940’s a brand new silhouette was introduced by Christian Dior, the hour glass shape. The hem line was dropped on the dresses and they were made with excess amounts of fabric.


A new concept in beachwear was introduced the corset style bathing suit; a one piece bathing suit that contained boning for shape and the hem cut across the upper thigh. The 1950’s was all about women’s silhouettes and embracing their curves. The dresses were much slimmer fitting and women’s suits became much more tailored to display an hour glass shape. One of the most often worn casual garments of the 50’s is the “shirtwaist” dress. A few other popular items during the 50’s were cat-eye glasses, poodle skirts and scarf tied ponytails.


Skinny jeans, stilettos, and maxi-dresses were very popular. This was the start of the “hippie” era! Color-blocking and psychedelic colors were also becoming the popular trend. The dresses were waist less & shape less, otherwise known as the “bag” dress.


Once the 70’s hit, men wore bell bottom pants, women started wearing high-waist pants and colorful jumpsuits were in style for both sexes.


Acid wash jeans and bright spandex hot pants became the new thing. The stir-up pants, leg warmers, oversized sweatshirts and parachute pants were much different trends then seen in earlier years. Jelly shoes, spiral shoe laces, and fingerless gloves were some other fads.


“Grunge” was the new trend consisting of cutoff jeans, flannel, choker necklaces and belly shirts. Not so into the darkness of “grunge” some more casual trends were halter tops, denim skirts and cargo pants were Thank you 90’s for capri pants, knee-high boots and leather jackets!


Designers Who Have Left Their Mark BY Chloe Carlson Fashion influences us in ways we cannot comprehend. Whether we realize it or not, fashion reaches all of us. From the couture fashions off the runway to styles and trends found on the streets, fashion represents art, our individuality, and our personal expression. Few designers have created clothing designs that are still seen today; original designs that have withstood the test of time and impacted our fashion today. 4 Let’s take a look at which designers have paved the way for future designers.

Ralph Lauren

Giorgio Armani CoCo Chanel

Marc Jacobs Vivienne Westwood


Giorgio Armani is one of the most celebrated Italian designers. After his time spent in the military, Armani started his career as a window dresser for a department store. There, he began to challenge fashion policies. For example, when he was sent to London to look at designs, he noticed yellow cardigans sold in boutiques and brought them back to the department store. People thought he was insane; cardigans weren’t worn by average people, only by the Duke of Windsor. Armani’s talent was later sought after by Nino Cerruit’s men’s clothing company where he worked as a designer before he launched his own label, Giorgio Armani. Armani is known for revolutionizing menswear. With over 10 clothing lines under his label, Armani has designed everything from haute couture, jeans, winter sportswear and other designs introduced to the U.S. He is known for his elements in menswear such as unstructured jackets, tailored lines, and women’s suits. Giorgio Armani’s excellent elegance and sophistication is what has made him an international trendsetter and leader in the fashion world. Giorgio Armani’s excellent elegance and sophistication is what has made him an international trendsetter and leader in the fashion world.

Like many other designers before him, Marc Jacob’s journey reflects his hard work and many talents. He is best known for his highend label Marc Jacobs, his diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs, and his work with Louis Vuitton as creative director. Jacobs spent most of his life living with his grandmother who supported and encouraged him throughout his career. While studying at Parson’s School of Design, he was awarded three of the school’s highest honors thanks to his collection of sweaters hand-knitted by his grandmother. The sweaters caught the eye of a boutique owner who placed an order of them to

Gabriel Bonheur Chanel, a.k.a. Coco Chanel, is credited for creating luxurious, sophisticated women’s clothing. From the Little Black Dress to her famous women’s suits, Chanel’s designs have influenced women’s fashion today. Chanel was always a very independent woman. At a young age, her mother died of pneumonia before father abandoned her. She created her own look, never following the latest fashion trends, and was often seen dressing like a boy. When she was about 18 years old, Chanel decorated hats, creating beautiful and unique designs admired by many women. From the financial help of her “one true love,” Boy Capel, Chanel opened her first store in Paris called “Chanel Modes.” Chanel broke many rules in the fashion world. She started making garments out of jersey fabric, which was originally meant for underwear only. She eliminated fills and excess of women’s clothing, believing that a garment must be logical, and offered styles with comfort and practical use. Chanel is also known for incorporating elements of menswear into women’s fashion. She did this by introducing pants for women and eliminating the corset by letting go of women’s waistlines. Chanel was not a trend-setter. She was a designer who revolutionized women’s fashion. Coco Chanel died in 1971 but continues to be a symbol of traditional elegance and style.

be professionally produced and sold in her boutique. The sweaters were under the label Marc Jacobs. In 1993, he and his business partner launched their own design company titled Marc Jacobs International Company. Jacobs collaborated with Louis Vuitton as creative director, furthering their success with their first ready-towear clothing line. His designs are simplistic and understated with muted colors and classic cuts. Marc Jacobs is also known for combining different styles into one; opposites are his trademark. The international fashion designer has been granted many awards and continues to be one of today’s most successful designers.

Vivienne Westwood is the woman responsible for bringing us punk fashion. Westwood began her life married to an air steward and teaching in an elementary school. That all changed when she met and married Malcolm McLaren, manager of the Sex Pistols, a famous punk rock band of the 1970s. With his lectures on the political power of art, Malcolm influenced Westwood’s decision to design. She began designing garments that were skin-tight, covered with leather, chains, and spiked dog collars. All of her non-traditional designs imitated bikers, prostitutes, and fetishists. Her later grunge collections were seen popular by punk rock musicians and the youth. Vivienne Westwood truly broke the rules for what was thought to be “acceptable” fashion and is credited for introducing modern punk into everyday street wear. Today she continues to shock us with her cutting edge designs for men and women.

We all have seen the signature Polo horse or the embroidered RL; both are symbols of the most widely recognized label in the American fashion industry. Ralph Lauren is known for creating the preppy-casual look. You might be surprised to know that Lauren never went to school for design.6 In fact, he didn’t graduate from college at all. But that didn’t stop his drive to become the epitome of American fashion. Always intrigued by fashion, Lauren used his money from an after school job to buy expensive suits.1 He started his career as a salesman at multiple retail shops. With a $50,000 loan, he founded Polo Fashions and began designing wide ties. Lauren went on to conquer the American fashion world. His “look” was a recreation of English aristocracy and sporty elite. From his original collection, he is known for his tweed men’s suits and feminine tailoring for women. Ralph Lauren remains to be a true household name around the world.



BILL BRONEC Photo by Carly williamson

TOM BLOCZYNSKI Photo by Carly williamson

JACK LAZORIK Photo by Carly williamson

TAYLOR KOEPKE Photo by Alice kossow

DUSTIN STEUCK Photo by Carly williamson

PETER VAN DUSARTZ IV Photo by Carly williamson

LUCAS DELANEY Photo by Carly williamson

ROBBY SWESSEL Photo BY Carly williamson

DALE MORD Photo by Carly williamson

AARON JOHNSON Photo by Alice kossow

ANTHONY LAPENSKY Photo by Carly williamson

PATRICK PAPIERNIK Photo by abby johnson



GET Pinspired By Katelyn theis Think of a place where you can find famous quotes, witness the latest fashion, search a new DIY project and so much more; enter Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing websites on the Internet today. There is an abundance of information and ideas circulating throughout this website for just about everyone. Pinterest is a tool used by many for image sharing and also a source to help stimulate ideas for various projects. Projects on Pinterest differ from art to food to jewelry to clothing. For many others like myself, Pinterest is more than just pictures of beautiful things; it gives me motivation to embrace my creativity. Since becoming one of the many members on Pinterest, I have attempted various projects that I have found on the site and find that it takes no time at all to find a worthy project. Recently, I have undergone a few new projects of my own.


The first project I saw circulating throughout the website was how to make chalkboard frame. My curiosity led me to attempt the creation of my own frame. I found the items needed; a wood picture frame, chalkboard paint, paintbrush, colorful chalk and white paint for the frame. I was fortunate to have an old frame in my house already but they are easily found at Goodwill for only a few dollars. I decided to paint my frame white and so I separated the frame from the wood back. While the white paint on the frame was drying, I applied the chalkboard paint to the wood back of the frame. The first coat of the chalkboard paint was a little thin so I used two coats. Once all of it was dry (wait about two hours) I simply put the frame back together and voilĂ ! The chalkboard frame turned out purely beautiful and was very easy to complete.

DIY crafts from one of today’s fastest growing websites

Before Pinterest has added a lot of inspiration in my everyday life and has opened the world up to new possibilities regarding art and creativity. Not only is Pinterest a great place to share images, it also is a place where the beginning of new creativity derives.

My second DIY project was a bit trickier. The project was to transfer an image onto a canvas using a gel medium. My supply list included an 8x10 stretch canvas, glossy gel medium, a paintbrush, and a laser copy of the image I wanted to transfer. I found the gel medium (I used the brand Liquidex) at Crafts Direct. The first thing I had to do was to cover the canvas completely with the gel medium. I laid the image facing down on the canvas and let it dry overnight. When it was dry, I then wet the back of the image and gently rubbed the pieces of paper on the back of the image away. This was the difficult part because I had to make sure I did not rub too hard or the image would have been taken off. In the end the image was revealed and covered with gel medium to seal it. This project was successful and added a unique touch to my bedroom wall. Before I saw this project on Pinterest, I had no idea transferring an image onto a canvas at home would turn out so well!


DORM DECOR IDEAS In a dorm room you don’t always have a lot of space to work with, a good way to get everything to fit is to move vertically. You could loft your bed leaving room for a futon and mini fridge underneath. If you don’t want to climb a ladder to bed every night, even elevating your bed a few inches allows you to store bins and books underneath. Hanging shelves on the walls instead of using a bookshelf could also free up floor space. A great way to get the most out of your space is to buy multifunctional pieces. A filing cabinet can store all your important papers and serve as a great night stand. Another creative idea is to use a magazine holder as a corner shelf. Expandable closet organizers are a great way to add shelving units in a closet to keep things organized. A different but creative way to clear up clutter is to use clothing or desk items as the décor themselves. For example you could hang purses or shoes on the wall; they would be in arms reach when needed but don’t take up any closet space. Dorm rooms sometimes look boring and dull because of all the white walls and generic furniture but there are some easy ways to add color to your room! Something as simple as adding a large bright colored pillow to your bed or a patterned colorful rug can make a huge difference. Lamps are an extremely good way to add color and personality to a room, plus they are essential for studying. Curtains can also bring color or pattern to a room. Something fun to try would be to keep your room basic colors, whites and tans, and hang large bold patterned curtains for a clean modern look.

By Ashley Springstroh


DIY decorations are a great way to save money and add your own personal touches to each piece. Custom headboards are popular and a simple way to make your dorm look more like home. Headboards can get pretty pricey at furniture stores, but you could make one for less. Many thrift stores and second- hand furniture stores have headboards for around $10- $20. If you purchase a wood headboard you could paint it a bright color or paint a pattern to make it come to life again! If you feel really crafty you could reupholster fabric headboards to match the theme of your dorm. Old barn boards and wood pallets can achieve a rustic look. You could also make a bulletin board to be a focal point in your room. If you have an old ordinary bulletin board you could cover it with fabric or even paint patterns right on the corkboard. This could give your room that personal touch and be a great way to keep all pictures and papers organized. You can turn any item into a fun interactive piece in your dorm with chalkboard paint. Jars, clipboards, trays, or plates could be turned into a chalkboard, a great way to remind yourself of important meeting and assignments due.

Another idea would be to coordinate the color scheme with your roommate to make the dorm room even more colorful. Wall adhesive decals are another great way to customize your dorm room. They save the wall from nail holes and if you want to change up the décor in your room you simply peel them off!

Conceal Shelf $10.00

Bird Mirror Wall Decals 6 pc. Set $19.00 Target


Look how students at UW-Stout decorate their dorm rooms!



TATTOOING By LAURA BAUMAN Whether you think that tattoos are trashy or a form of artwork, there is no denying that the trend is hotter than ever. Though tattooing seems to be at its peak, it has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the Egyptian and possibly the Icemen. Today, tattoos are a form of art, self-expression, and memorial. Some people may see tattoos as tasteless or unattractive, but others use them to express themselves and honor their loved ones.

Mackenzie Bennin is a junior at Stout studying Art Education and got a tattoo to represent her love for Egypt and her faith to her religion. Mackenzie says, “I've loved Egypt and Egyptian mythology since my elementary school days, and I have always loved the meaning and use of the ankh in Egyptian art and stories. Typically ankhs stand for life and afterlife, but in some, there are scarabs in the center, which represents rebirth and is more closely related to the old Egyptian religion. I'm a spiritual person myself, so instead of a scarab, I put in a dove, representing my Christianity. "In the end, to me it means live today, but stay true to who you are. This is not 'YOLO’, this is being true to yourself and carpe diem.”


Kalie Tracey is a freshman majoring in business. She got this tattoo for her grandfather after his death two years ago. He had the same anchor on his wrists but the added wings to symbol his death and going to heaven. She also had the red and orange colors added to represent the last sunset she saw with him alive.

Measha Vieth has an Art major and Disability Services minor and got a tattoo sleeve in memory of two people. The anatomical heart says “Twin” across it. Measha had a twin sister until the age of 12; she had undergone surgery for her cerebral palsy and did not come out of anesthesia. She says, “My sister was a wonderful person and though I did not spend as much time with her as I would have liked she will forever be in my heart, which is why I decided on the anatomical heart”. The second part is a peace symbol that says "don't think just be all the way alive." A kid from Measha’s high school always said ”all the way alive” and lived by the saying. He got hit one day crossing the highway on his bike and it had a huge impact on her high school; everyone was affected, teachers and students both. Measha explains the quote saying, “on his Facebook were the words don't think just be, so I put that together with the other quote. Around the two pieces are forget me knots because I will never forget these people and both of these happenings had a huge impact on my life”. She says that this tattoo is her favorite piece and loves to talk about it with people even though talking about death can be an awkward subject. Measha believes that tattoos should have meaning if it is going to be on your body permanently. This piece was designed and done by Keith at Skin Prints of Eau Claire, WI.


Mark Mainz

is a transfer student and starting his first year at UW Stout. Before coming to Stout, Mark received a two year degree at the Waukesha County Technical College in Culinary Arts. Because of his love for cooking, Mark got a very unique tattoo this summer. The tattoo is of a knife and when his arm moves different ways, it shows three different types of knives: a chef, boning, and sankotu.

Paige Berg is a freshman at Stout and this is her fourth tattoo and has had it for about two months. Paige says that her tattoo is unique but also very significant. On July 19th 2012, Paige’s best guy friend, Dylan, was killed on impact by a drunk driver. Paige and Dylan had a very strong relationship and considered each other to be “bester friends.” Paige felt the need to get another tattoo after the incident and wanted something different and sentimental. She found a drawing in an old sketchbook that was drawn on a bus ride to Nashville during her sophomore year of high school. Dylan drew the giraffe and the phrase, “You’ll always be my bester friend” which is also a quote of a text he sent her months ago. The tattoo artist paid direct attention to the imperfections of the drawing to get it as accurate as possible. The spotty-ness was intentional because in the picture, the yellow is colored with marker so the artist attempted to imitate it.

Simple & Convenient

60 When that time of year comes around, whether it’s Christmas, someone’s birthday, a special holiday, or an anniversary, and your wallet is probably looking a little empty. However anyone can give a gift without it costing a lot of money, and still look great. Bring out your imagination and creativity, and try some of these simple and convenient homemade gifts!


Story Stones What you’ll need for this gift is a jar, stones from outside, sharpies/ puffy paint/or anything with a small tip to write with. First, go outside and fill the jar with rocks with as many as desired or as many it takes to fill the entire jar. Then, all you do is take your preferred writing option and write memories on each rock. The jar can also be decorated if pleased. This personal and sentimental gift gives the receiving person momentos to remember forever. No one should sweat over giving someone an awesome gift by spending a lot of cash. Homemade gifts give your present a more personal feel, and that means much more to the person receiving it knowing it took time, and it was from the heart.

Coupons All you need for this gift is paper, scissors, markers, glitter, and/or any other decorating utensils. Cut out the paper is wide strips, like a ticket kind of size. Then, think of tasks you could do for the person receiving this gift. For example, if it’s for a significant other you could put “Free back massage,” or for a parent put “Good for one house cleaning.” Make it pretty with glitter, or stickers, or anything! Be creative.

The items you’ll need for this gift are a clean glass bottle, tissue paper, bottled glue (Elmer’s), scissors, and pipe cleaners. First, clean the inside of the bottle and let dry. Then soak the bottle in hot water to help peel away any labels. When the bottle is clean and dry set it on top of a piece of paper or newspaper in case any glue wants to stray. Then pick out the colors of tissue paper you’d like on the bottle. There are no limits to colors, even multi-colored madness. Cut the tissue paper into the size squares desired. Then, simply apply small amounts of glue on the bottle where the square will be placed. Some squares can be thinner than others, so just glue another square on top. Once the bottle is completely covered in tissue paper, set aside to let it dry. Next, take more tissue paper and cut into any shapes and sizes you want; like squares, triangles, circles, or any made up shape. Don’t worry about messy cutting, the more jagged edges, the more unique. Take a pipe cleaner and curl one tip into a spiral. Then, take your tissue shapes and slide them up the pipe cleaner on the opposite side of spiral, in any order you desire. When all pieces are on, cup a hand around cut outs from bottom and scrunch up; your hand should be in a fist. You have made paper flowers; you can put them in the bottle as a crafty vase. And to add one last touch, grab any type of body spray and spritz the flowers once, to give them a flowery scent.

Candle Jar The items you’ll need for this gift are a clean jar, tissue paper, scissors, glue, and a candle. This process is the same as the decorating the bottle, except instead of a vase feeling with paper flowers, you put in a candle to make the colors glow, and make your dark room come alive. This gift uses sewing. The items you’ll need for this gift are felt, and scissors. If you prefer to hand sew, you’ll need thread, and a hand needle. If you prefer to use a sewing machine, then you’ll need pins! First, find small samples of green, yellow, pink, white, and black felt. Then cut out a white circle about the size of your fist. Next take the green and cut out a slightly bigger circle than the white, as well as small triangles. Sew the white circle on top of the green around the edges. Then sew each triangle around the edge of the white circle. You can repeat this process, substituting the green for yellow to make a lemon instead of a lime. Or cut out half circle shapes of green and pink, and little pieces of black to create a watermelon. Yours might turn out a lot better looking than mine.

Homemade gifts give your present a more personal feel, and that means much more to the person receiving it knowing it took time, and it was from the heart.

61 There are many heat-free ways of curling your hair, but for now we’ll just talk about one method in particular, and that is the sock curls method! Yes, you saw that right, socks. No, not the icky, smelly socks that you see on laundry commercials, but clean and nice smelling ones. By doing the sock curls method at night, not only does it save you time in the morning, but it’s also healthier and very easy and quick to do. Not to mention economical as well.


Want soft and luscious curls without having to fry your hair? Now you can without turning on your curling iron! STEP 1:

Start out with damp hair (90-95% dry if you’ve taken a shower already).


Use some anti-frizz hair serum to prevent any frizz and distribute evenly throughout hair.


Split hair into two sections (or more depending on thickness of hair). Position the sock horizontally by the ends of your hair and start rolling it towards you while tucking in the ends of the hair securely.


Stop below your earlobe and secure it by tying it. You can tie it again for extra security. Repeat for the other side.


Sleep in them and when you wake up, you’ll have beautiful curls just like how you would with a curling iron.



The Inspiration Behind Fashion & Beauty Color Palettes

BY RACHEL POLICANO Have you ever wondered where designers in both the fashion and beauty industries receive inspiration for their color each season? We all notice multiple designers using similar color palettes throughout the year, realizing there’s a shared source in the midst, but most consumers are unaware of the origins for their favorite wearable colors. Within the print industry is a company called Pantone, which has “been inspiring design professionals with products, services, and leading technology for the colorful exploration and expression of creativity” since its foundation in 1963 by Lawrence Herbert. It is home to a standardized color reproduction system – a system that allows manufacturers in locations all around the world to make sure that colors match without direct contact with one another through the use of standardized colors in the CMYK process. In simpler terms, this system provides codes that, when utilized in certain programs across vast creative fields, will mix inks or dyes together using a specific formula, thus creating colors. Using these codes ensures that, even if people are on opposite sides of the earth, the final colors in all parts of the project will be consistent. Pantone’s color system, comprised of roughly 1,114 “spot colors,” has now expanded beyond print to encompass digital technology, textiles, plastics, architecture and contract interiors, and paint– all industries where color is critical. Pantone constructs fan-style booklets that resemble paint chips for industry professionals within the color-critical fields to purchase and utilize. More specifically, the Pantone Fashion + Home Color System “is a vital tool for designers in the apparel, home furnishings, and interior design industries,” and “consists of 2,100 colors in cotton or paper format,” which is best for “assembling creative palettes and conceptual color schemes, and for providing color communication and control in the manufacturing process.” Another popular tool of the Fashion + Home aspect of Pantone’s colorful universe is the Pantone View Color Planner, “a biannual trend forecasting tool that offers seasonal color direction and inspiration 24 months in advance for multiple usages, including menswear, women’s wear, active wear, cosmetics, and industrial design.”

However, it is by surveying designers at New York Fashion Week in February and September of each year and conversing with other color standard professionals across the globe that Pantone presents a series of ten of the most important and inspiring color trends for the upcoming spring or fall. This includes color trends for both men and women’s fashion, though they are essentially the same for both; men’s color trends are tweaked slightly for a less vibrant palette suitable for male attire. Within these sets of color trends, one in particular is dubbed “Color of the Year,” consistent for both women and men. For the year 2012, this top color is Tangerine Tango. These colors, or at least the Color of the Year, also extend to textiles and interior décor, alongside its role in fashion. Recently, Pantone has announced that the top color for Spring 2013 is Monaco Blue, a “navy and cobalt hybrid.” Other colors chosen for Spring 2013 include Emerald, Dusk Blue, Grayed Jade, African Violet, Linen, Lemon Zest (Sunflower for the men’s swatch), Tender Shoots (a form of green), Nectarine (Vibrant Orange for men), and Poppy Red. These color trends are described in detail, including the designers that inspired the choice, within the season’s corresponding Pantone Fashion Color Report. These color reports consist of the following segments: Color Snapshot – An overview of the concepts and ideas that present themselves within the color palette for that particular season for women’s fashion Men’s Colors – The same overview as the Color Snapshot, instead describing the colors in relation to men’s side of the fashion world Designer Outlook – It is here that readers can discover the inspiration, colors, and must-have items for individual designers, as well as a question posed by Facebook Pantone fans for designers to answer. Here, one can click on a picture of a specific designer to read about that one person’s influences, prominent and signature colors, and his or her answer to that season’s question Must Haves – A direct link to a list of all items designers recommend for the season

63 Fashion Influencers – While this section is reminiscent of the Designer Outlook, it instead raises a different question to other people in the fashion world, such as fashion forecasters, fashion directors, journalists, makeup artists, and more. The particular question for the Spring 2013 color report is whether there is a color that compliments all skin tones. Why Fashion Matters – This final bit of the color report reflects the question asked by the Facebook fans, “Why does fashion matter, and how does it help the world?” It provides a review of all answers from designers in one location. As proven, Pantone has played a substantial role in the various industries for years. However, this year, “the global color authority” that is Pantone has broken new ground with its partnership with “leading beauty specialty retailer,” Sephora, to create a makeup line utilizing the 2012 Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango, as well as other makeup inspired by other color palettes from Pantone (ex: the Plus Series Metallic Book inspired a set of waterproof eyeliner). This collaboration, simply named Sephora + Pantone Universe, provides a “color-saturated… collection (featuring) lipstick, eyeliner, nail polish, blush, lip gloss, false eyelashes, eyeshadow, a brush set, eyelash curlers, and a makeup bag,” writes PSFK writer Emma Hutchings. According to the Sephora page showcasing its collection with Pantone Universe, the two companies “(share) an affection for how color can transform a face, mood, or even an attitude… (and) will change how you wear, feel, and think about color.” The description continues to say that, “You’ll be introduced to playful shades that will inspire experimentation and exhilarating new products you’ll impulsively want to sweep on. It will reawaken and reinvigorate your own passion for color – or ignite a new found love.” If that’s not the passion for color that unites these brands, I don’t know what is.

Pantone and Sephora have also created the “most advanced (makeup) foundation matching solution available in North American beauty retail… by using Pantone’s color capture and measuring technology… to scan the surface of the skin, assign an official Pantone SkinTone number, and match a scientifically precise foundation shade from Sephora’s 1,000 foundations, brands, and formulas.” Unfortunately, this “exclusive Sephora foundation service,” called Sephora + Pantone Color IQ, is only currently available in Manhattan and San Francisco. Pantone has managed to make it to the top of the line for color management and remained strong in that position for some time. As stated on Pantone’s website, “Each year, innumerable products and services are sold by Pantone and its hundreds of licenses in over 100 countries in the graphic arts, fashion, home, interior, plastics, architectural, paint, industrial design, and consumer markets.” It may have gotten its start in the print industry, but Pantone has made a name for itself within all of these industries as the leader for color standards, a “worldwide… standard language for accurate color communication, from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.” As Pantone “continues to develop color communication and inspirational tools, and aggressively (adopt) new digital technology to address the color needs of the creative community everywhere,” it will continue to remain top of the line as inspiration for fashion, beauty, and more.


Amplify Your Eyes

the Best Eyeshadows for Your Eye Color BLUE


Blue-eyed girls should experiment with greys and the blue undertone is a great match to the eye color.

For the ladies who are overwhelmed with the plethora of shadow colors overtaking their makeup bag or those of you who simply don’t know where to start, here are some tips about which shadows look best with different eye colors. Use these guidelines to bring out the beauty of your eyes.

Brown Bronze and gold colors really bring out the natural lighting in brown eyes.

GREEN Green eyes are a unique beauty and with charcoals and dark greens, it will amplify them even more.

HAZEL Experiment with dark greys and purples, hazel ladies. The different colors will give a cool look.

DARK BROWN or BLACK Try bright colors mixed with dark greys and blacks for a unique and interesting look.




BareMinerals Ready Foundation SPF 20 Urban Decay Naked2 Eye Shadow Palette Sequels don’t always have the best reputation. Naked2, the sequel to the oh-so-popular Naked Palette, breaks that stereotype. What is it: Featuring twelve gorgeous, pigmented taupe and gray-beige neutrals this palette can create any look from smoky eye to neutral and anything in-between. Satin texture makes these shadows easy to blend and customize and the matte and sparkly finish lets you go from day to night. Why we love it: If I were to tell you to buy one item, ever, it would be this. This palette is so versatile and customizable there is no reason to pick up any other eye shadow again! And, it comes with a shadow brush and beautiful pinky neutral lip-gloss.

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette; $50

BareMinerals mineral foundation has always been a huge favorite among many and now they have come out with a new, solid mineral foundation that doesn’t look like or feel like a foundation at all! What it is: An invisible, longwearing, medium to full coverage foundation that lasts up to 12 hours without retouching and comes in 20 different shades for the perfect skin tone match. Why we love it: This foundation is formulated without parabens and sulfates and other harsh chemicals, leaves skin looking natural, soft and smooth and increases hydration by 108 percent. Need I say more?

BareMinerals Ready Foundation; $29

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension System Want thick, dramatic, Kim Kardashian lashes without the trouble of applying fake lashes? Meet this innovative three-step lash extension system from Too Faced. What it is: Don’t be scared by the “threesteps extension system.” Basically it’s a fancy name for an amazing mascara. Apply the first coat of mascara to lashes just like you would with your regular mascara. Then, apply a second coat with a weird looking white mascara, which is really just nylon lash fibers that bind on to the mascara and add length and volume to your lashes. Finish with another coat of mascara and voila! They’re real! Why we love it: Unlike applying false lashes, this system is fast, easy and effortless. Lashes will look thicker and longer than ever and feel hydrated and flexible all day long. This product creates a 98 percent increase in lash volume and 42 percent increase in lash length. If that isn’t enough, try it yourself and be amazed!

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Lash Extension System; $35


, s k s a M : DIY & , s b u r Sc s e h s a W

Did you know you can make your own face masks, scrubs, and washes right in the comforts of your own `the necessary ingredients, you will need to figure out what skin type you have. There are five skin types: Normal, Dry, Oily, Combination, and Sensitive.

ERG B S O TIE BY KA For more amazing masks, scrubs, and washes, visit the Eco Crazy Mom, Sassy Bella, Daily Glow, Whole Living websites, Pinerest, and so many more!

If you have “normal” skin, your face probably doesn’t show any traces of oil, it should look and feel clean and smooth. Normal skin is the least problematic, and the easiest to take care of. If you have dry skin, your face might feel flaky, and tight. You are also more prone to wrinkles if you don’t take good care of your skin. If you have oily skin, your “T-zone”, which is your cheeks, nose, and forehead, will look greasy, or shiny. Oily skin is problematic because of the larger pores; it is more prone to acne. But, there is a good thing about oily skin, you are less likely to have wrinkles or show aging in the future! Combination skin, is simply a combination of oily and dry skin. It’s most common that your nose and forehead will be oily, but your cheeks, chin, and eye areas will be dry. Last, but not least, sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is the most problematic skin type to have. It is usually dry, itchy, and prone to breakouts. Sensitive skin requires very special care. To learn more about what kind of skin type you have, and other beauty tips, visit!

l a m r o N Skin

Dr y Skin

Oily Skin

o Comb Skin

e v i t i s n Se Skin

You have one of the easiest recipes, all you need is a few green tea bags! What you do is make it as of you were making a cup of green tea, but use 2-3 tea bags. Rinse your face with warm water to open your pores, then you can either splash the tea on your face, or use a cotton ball and dab it on. The tea will clean out your pores, and moisturize your skin. Afterwards, rinse your face with cold water to snap your pores shut. Your face will feel clean, and your pores will be smaller!

It can be hard to find anything that won’t dry out your face. This face wash/ scrub will keep your face clean, and hydrated. All you will need is 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar. Mix the ingredients together rub on your face for 1 minute then rinse off with warm water. The brown sugar takes off all your make-up (even eye make-up!) and the olive oil will moisturize your skin. After you rinse it off your face may feel a little greasy from the olive oil, but once you dry your face it will feel silky smooth and look clean!

There are only three ingredients, Plain Oatmeal, one egg, and some olive oil. First, cook ½ cup of oatmeal, then stir in one egg white, and add 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Mix the ingredients together and rub on your face. Leave the mask on for no longer than 15 minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water and a washcloth. The oatmeal in the mask not only takes away the oil on your face, but it cleans pores and it’s also a natural moisturizer. You can mix oatmeal with so many other ingredients, like: Honey, milk, baking powder, etc. even by itself it works great!

Face scrubs are really good for your skin, they moisturize and exfoliate! Here’s a great scrub recipe that works great. It’s called the milk and honey scrub. What you’ll need for this is: 1 teaspoon of 2% milk (or 1%), 1 teaspoon of honey, and 1 tablespoon of ground almonds. Mix the ingredients together (it shouldn’t be runny so you may have to add more ground almonds or honey) then put on your face like you would a face wash. Don’t scrub too hard, because you don’t want your skin to get irritated. After about 1-2 minutes of scrubbing rinse your face with warm water, and voila! Your face should feel and look clean, smooth, and vibrant!

The avocado mask is best for you! Here is what you will need: One ripe avocado, 1 Tbsp of honey, and if you choose, a little bit of aloe vera. Mash all the ingredients together and spread on your face, let it sit for no longer than 15 minutes, wash off with warm water and your face should feel rejuvenated and look clean!



Ombre Nails This fun look is colorful and unique. It may look difficult though it is fairly easy to recreate. For this look you will need 3-4 tonal polish colors (light to dark in one color family). You will also need a triangle make-up sponge, a cup of water, a piece of paper, a paint brush, and nail polish remover. 1. Start by soaking your makeup sponge in water then squeezing it out so it is damp. 2. Apply a line of the darkest color near the tip of the sponge. Go back over the color two more times to get enough polish on the sponge. 3. Repeat these steps for the lighter colors working from darkest to lightest and applying them directly next to each other on the sponge. Make sure to work quickly so the colors don’t dry out. 4. Next dab the sponge on a piece of paper to test the colors. Dab it up and down multiple times in the same spot to blend the colors. 5. Line the tip of the sponge up with the tip of your nail and press firmly. Dab the sponge up and down to blend the colors. It’s ok if it is slightly off each time and will actually help blend the colors. 6. Reapply the polish to the sponge for every nail and repeat the above steps. 7. There will be quite a bit of polish around your nails so use the paint brush dipped in nail polish remover to clean up the edges. 8. Finally apply a clear top coat to finish this trendy look.

One of this season’s hottest beauty trends is nail art. The trend was all over the runways this fall and was also seen on some major celebrities. There are endless possibilities to what you can create on your nails. Think of them as a tiny canvas and let your creativity run wild! To get you inspired we have featured some of our favorites. Whether your glam, edgy, girly, or quirky there is a style out there for you. Nail art can be intimidating so we’ll take you through it step by step.

Newspaper Nails This first look is perfect for your first try at nail art. It requires just a simple coat of polish and is fast and easy to create! 1. Start with dry white nails. 2. Next dip your nail in alcohol and wait a few seconds. 3. Pick a piece of newspaper that you would like printed on the nail and place the piece of newspaper print side down on the nail. 4. Gently press on the nail making sure to press down on the entire nail. Try not to shift the paper around during this step. 5. Then, gently peel off the piece of newspaper and finish with a clear top coat for a look that is sure to get some major compliments.

Lace Nails These gorgeous nails are sure to get a few envious stares. They are girly and pretty with an edge, perfect for a standout look! 1. Cut pieces of lace to the size of your finger nail. 2. Apply a base color and wait for it to dry. 3. Next, apply a clear coat and use a tweezers to place the lace on the nail before the clear coat dries. 4. Finish with another clear coat to prevent the lace from coming up and you have a glamorous look for any occasion.

What’s in your box?


The Rising Trend OF Beauty Subscriptions

BY RACHEL POLICANO Beauty subscriptions are the latest trend when it comes to beauty products. These subscriptions, which act just like the ones you have for magazines, provide beauty lovers with samples of various new products, sent via mail, for a small monthly fee. These “beauty boxes” are made especially for the subscriber and span across various beauty categories. From makeup and fragrances to hair and skincare, these boxes include some of the best products available in beauty today. Of these beauty boxes, the most popular and well-known subscription is Birchbox. Birchbox is the “best way to discover new grooming, beauty, and lifestyle products.” With brands such as Smashbox, Stila, Tarte, Philosophy, and Benefit intermingled amongst a diverse selection of various others, subscribers are sure to receive some new products from their best-loved lines, as well as discover new favorites from up-and-coming niche brands along the way. These beauty boxes tend to include at least five products each month. After a subscriber has joined the Birchbox website, they fill out his or her profile to specify their beauty and product needs. However, there are products that are sent to everyone – products that are ensured to work for “a wide range of styles, skin types, and colorings.” Birchbox also makes the promise to never send you the same samples twice. Should subscribers not know how to use his or her sample, the Shop section of the Birchbox website has a product page that correlates with the samples received. These product pages describe how the product works and how to use it, as well as product reviews and sample feedback from other subscribers. These product pages also allow subscribers to purchase full-size versions of

their new favorite products; through every dollar spent in the Birchbox Shop, a point is received. Points can also be received when subscribers refer a friend. Fifty points are received per person referred. For every 100 points earned through purchase or referrals, subscribers receive $10 in the Birchbox Shop. Another way to receive points is to complete product feedback surveys; this method allows you to receive 40 or more points per month. These points can be redeemed in increments of 100 and are only used towards the purchase of full-size products from the Birchbox Shop; simply choose the “Use my rewards points” during checkout. However, points are not redeemable for more than the total amount of your purchase, and these points do expire one year from the date they were first earned. The Birchbox website also features “The Magazine,” “The Guide,” and individual blogs for both men and women. Amongst these sources, which anyone with Internet access can peruse (except for Internet Explorer, which does not always work with, readers will find “inspiring articles and videos,” as well as “industry secrets, beauty and grooming news, exclusive interviews, and how-to videos.” The blog pages also include “day-today discoveries and behind the scene peeks.” `Similar beauty subscriptions include those such as: GlossyBox, Test Tube, Crave Box, and The Look Bag If you are a beauty nut, websites and subscriptions such as Birchbox may be of particular interest to you. The suspense of not knowing what products are coming your way, or simply gaining knowledge of current products and tips in the industry from their websites, Birchbox and other subscriptions will help you on your way to becoming a beauty guru.

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