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from the

Once upon a time, there existed an enchanted place where people from all over gathered to learn how to share their talents and passions. This place was known as the University of Wisconsin-Stout. It was here that a young lady dreamt up the idea of creating a platform for her peers to share their interests, passions and talents. The dream transformed into a publication now known as Fashion, Art, and Beauty Magazine. Here we are today, with our fourth issue published, but our very first issue as a new and reinvented organization. There was a time when the magazine would have been discontinued, but I couldn’t let that happen. This dream no longer belonged to just one person but to several others as well. As a group, we reconstructed and reorganized the publication with a new identity; an identity that would reflect the members and the student body of Stout. Our mission is to “capture the creativity of students exploring a diversity of ideas involving fashion, art and beauty. F.A.B. Magazine also serves as a platform for students to confidently express their artistic ways and bring a greater awareness to fashion, art and beauty in the University of Wisconsin-Stout community.” We present the opportunity for students to get involved, promote, and share what they love doing with other students. At F.A.B. Magazine we welcome anyone; it doesn’t matter what you are studying. We just encourage you to share your skills and passion through writing, photography, layout design, modeling, advertising, and many other areas involved in the creation of a publication. In this issue, we highlight the idea of discovering and becoming your own princess by capturing certain characteristics and morals from Disney princesses, and learning to appreciate yourself in a better light. A princess should have healthy and glowing skin; you can learn what beauty products would work best for you with Rachel. Read Kelsey’s article to learn how to give back to your community and treat yourself to fabulous finds. Whatever articles you choose to read, you learn more ways to embrace and appreciate beauty in all of its forms and that’s what we believe a true princess is. It’s not about the crowns and jewels, or the knights in shining armor and finding true love. It is accepting who you are and embracing your beauty and your passions and sharing that with everyone. The majority of girls grew up dreaming of becoming a princess. Now you can embrace your inner princess and wear your own tiara confidently. We as a magazine discovered our own Cinderella story and overcame our struggles. We created our own fairytale and designed our own happily ever after. Now it’s your turn!


FASHION Photoshoot: A Modern Twist on Your Favorite

Disney Princesses

Fashion That Gives Back by Kelsey Penrod

For the philanthropist in all of us, learn new ways to help those less privileged by purchasing goods from five of our favorite “give back” brands, including the ever-popular TOMS.

Spring Trends

by Abrianna Thao Test your style in this spring’s favorite fashion trend. From clothing and shoes, to jewelry and handbags, pastels are in! We’ll even provide some outfit ideas to get you started.


Rainy Days: Luis Santiago by Amanda Soine

Check out what Luis Santiago, a senior studying industrial, has been up to. From being a student, to designing for his own company, Luis has been busy establishing his career. Take a look into a recent project he designed as “Rainy Days.”

Art Student Showcase: David Nett by Abrianna Thao

Here is a great opportunity to get to know your peers and see their hard work displayed in the Furlong Art Gallery. David Nett is an industrial design student who is pursuing his dreams of being able to share with everyone his talents and skills.

BEAUTY How to: Choose the Right Makeup for You by Rachel Policano

Trying to choose the perfect foundation for your skin type? Wanting an eyeshadow to the make the color of your eyes really pop? This how-to provides tips and tricks to help you truly find the best foundation and eyeshadow specific to you.

The Evolution of Tattoos by Rachel Policano

Whether you’re looking to commemorate a loved one or want one simply because it’s looks cool, tattoos have become more popular than ever in today’s modern world. But they were not always that way. From their roots in ancient times to their current purposes, discover how tattoos have evolved.

Must Have Makeup Items & Tools

Product Reviews

A modern twist to your favorite

Disney Princesses

Have you ever wanted to be a princess? Well here is your chance! Being a princess isn’t just about wearing tiaras and dancing at balls, but learning to embrace who you are and highlighting your qualities. Each Disney Princess contains a characteristic that every girl should live out. From Cinderella to Mulan, you will learn that there is more to being a princess than beauty. You don’t need to wait for your prince charming to save you or have to marry a prince to become a princess; you can define yourself on your own terms. Take what is special about you and display it to the world. Whether it be music, art, dance, singing, or sports, it’s anything that makes you happy. Being a princess is capturing who you are and graciously sharing it with everyone around you. Here is your opportunity to write your own fairytale and make it special according to you. Each and every one of us unique in our own way. Embrace it!


DREAM BIG: don’t only dream big dreams, but go after them. turn those dreams into reality

and you will be rewarded.


the world is a big place so

learn to appreciate diversity. you can learn so much from other cultures.



it takes some hard work to get to

where you want to be and to achieve your goals. don’t be afraid of the challenges that will get thrown

your way. the effort you put into anything you do will pay off.



find something you are passionate about. sharing your passions

is one of the greatest ways to connect with others.

snow white TRUE FRIENDSHIPS: appreciate your true friends because they

will embrace your true colors and accept you for everything you are.



there is more to a person than their outward appearance.

What lies

within us is what you should look for in people. learn

not to judge others based on first glances.


BE COURAGEOUS: discover your inner

strength. fight for what you believe in.

jasmine BE YOURSELF: don’t change who you are for anyone. instead, treasure yourself and others will too.


BE ADVENTUROUS: don’t be afraid to explore and try new things. throught these new discoveries, you might find something you love.



that gives back

by KELSEY PENROD Some hate to admit it while others just go with it. Several people have been caught doing “the dirty” under the sheets and even in public! Yes, ladies we all do it. We love…TO SHOP! Whether it’s for you or for someone else; from in-store to online, most girls can’t get enough shoes, clothes, and accessories. Sometimes you may feel guilty, but we all hit those hard times when weekly groceries are put on hold for that new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing for weeks. Since most can relate to the three D’s of impulse fashion buys: the deep, dark, and desperate, why not erase those worries for something feel-good? I’m talking about fashion that gives back.

TOMS – One for One

Founded in 2006 by American traveler Blake Mycoskie, TOMS shoes is now one of the best known companies for its philanthropic efforts. For every pair of shoe sold, a corresponding pair goes to a child in need. This fashion movement became known as “One for One.” Many people have wondered about this “shoe movement.” Children throughout developing countries grow up barefoot. This causes the development of disease because of soil transmission. Cuts, sores, and bruises also develop which can cause infection from improper foot protection. Also, in many instances, children are not allowed in school because of this barefoot issue. Shoes are a part of many school uniforms so those who can’t afford shoes, don’t receive an education. Now thanks to TOMS shoes, many children in developing countries have a pair of shoes on their feet. Toms has recently branched off into eyewear. TOMS eyewear is “The new One for One.” With every pair of sunglasses you purchase, TOMS will help give sight to a person in need. How they give: • Prescription Eyeglasses – Patients select their own frames and receive brand new prescription lenses. • Sight-saving Surgery – Surgeons treat conditions like trachoma, pterygium and cataract (the leading cause of curable blindness in the world). • Medical Treatment – Medical professionals provide the needed prescription medications, removal of foreign object or clinical attention to treat eye infections, injuries or diseases. (Found at On April 10, One Day Without Shoes helps raise awareness of TOMS shoes and their mission. This day is used to show others the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life. All you have to do is go one single day without shoes. Spread awareness and register at to become a part of this annual event.

Today, there are many organizations and foundations which aid others who are less fortunate around the world. There are also several charities aimed at conserving our planet and creating a better world for all. Don’t you want to start making a difference? You can by shopping! It’s as easy and as simple as that! Doing what you love, while helping others and our planet for a good cause. Several clothing and accessory brands have paired up with organizations which bring aid to others worldwide. Here is an inside scoop on the latest philanthropic fashions and how your dollar makes an incredible impact on our planet and the lives of others.

Hard Rock Café

Cherry Pickers

Many know of the Hard Rock’s classic shirt design. Did you know that they have now branched from the classic into the philanthropic? Today the Hard Rock Café has created new signature tees which benefit charities and foundations. The Hard Rock has spotlighted many talented artists throughout the years. Since they are always coming in contact with these stars, they began to get them involved in their mission. Each artist donates an original piece of artwork which is then reproduced into a T-shirt. These shirts are sold at Hard Rock locations worldwide as well as online. The profits from these purchases go to charities of the artist’s choice. Some stars who have contributed to this cause include: • Bono, benefiting: Wildlife Conservation Society – helps protect many iconic creatures: gorillas in the Congo, tigers in India, wolverines in the Rockies and ocean giants in the seas • Green Day, benefiting: Amnesty International – The Campaign to Save Darfur • Shakira, benefiting Fundacion Pies Descalzos – Foundation by Shakira, focuses on helping Colombian children who have been victimized by poverty and displacement • Bruce Springstein, benefiting WhyHunger – Fights hunger and poverty in the United States and around the world. • Matchbox Twenty, benefiting Matchbox Twenty Foundation – Supports a number of no-kill animal shelters and rescue centers. They help other causes such as childhood health and the fight against homelessness. • Micheal Stipe, benefiting Artist For A New South Africa – Fights to combat HIV/AID, assist children orphaned by the disease, advance civil rights, educate and empower youth and build bonds through arts, culture and shared pursuit of social justice. Other artists include: Aerosmith, Stevie Nicks, Bon Jovi, Sting, Peter Max, John Lennon, Queen, Megadeth, Elton John, John Mellencamp, Jerry Garcia, Don Henley (Eagles), Garry Trudeau, Peter Gabriel, Santana, Creed, Elvis, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springstein, Ozzy Osbourne, The Who, Ringo Starr and Jimi Hendrix.

Located around the Wisconsin area, including a Menomonie location, Cherry Pickers is a boutique made to promote “green fashions.” The store’s motto is composed of the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The stores’ founder, Dan Coleman owns all of the Cherry Pickers. He took the idea of recycling fashion and turned it into a growing trend. Anyone can bring in gently used clothing to exchange for some extra cash. Some of these clothing items haven’t even been worn! Cherry Pickers excepts both mens’ and womens’ clothing, shoes and accessories, all are marked at discounted prices. The Menomonie location, located on Main Street, opened in August 2011 and promotes this recycling fashion phenomenon.

Krochet Kids – Buy a hat. Change a Life. Krochet Kids began with three high school friends from Washington: Travis, Stewart and Kohl. All snow board enthusiasts, they began crocheting due to their desire for unique headgear in the mountains. What began as a hobby, soon branched into something big. They began creating custom orders and were soon featured in a local newspaper article. In this article the guys were officially dubbed as the “Krochet Kids.” The guys then launched their crochet success into something philanthropic. After their world travels, the three wanted to reach out to those in need. An opportunity arose to travel to Northern Uganda to help transform a village through the use of hook and yarn. The guys began to teach women of the village how to crochet. Krochet Kids Intl. received non-profit status in January 2008. The foundation serves over 150 people in Uganda and Peru helping them to receive employment, education, and a brighter future.

Sevenly – One design. One week. One cause. Sevenly began with the knowledge of many different charities in several different categories. The problem was that these charities lacked 26% in awareness, 56% in funding and 18% in following. This solution brought about Sevenly. Sevenly is an organic funding movement which raises money and awareness for some of the world’s greatest causes. They have partnered up and built 52 charity t-shirt campaigns per year, equaling one per week. Each week Sevenly has a new T-shirt design which goes to benefit a different charity. With every shirt purchased, $7 goes to that week’s charity. (Get the deal with all the 7’s yet? 7 = SEVEN-ly – just for you slow pokes) $7 of each purchase benefits one of the seven charitable causes: slavery, water, hunger, aid, poverty, medical and disaster. Sevenly’s purpose: “We believe in the value of the human being, and that there is no greater calling than to provide, heal, rescue, and serve others.” Along with this purpose and the purchase of a charitable shirt, the site is actually pretty neat. Each week there is a countdown on how much longer the shirt will be available. After that, it is gone. It is a pretty rare shirt and you will almost be guaranteed that no one will show up in the same shirt as you to the party! That’s a plus! On Sevenly’s website, it continuously updates on total money raised and total money shared for that week’s charity. Sevenly is an online shop only. To check out this week’s shirt and charity go to, or check out Sevenly’s blog at tagged/sevenly.




Fashion designers have set the mood for spring 2012 with several trends including dropped waist silhouettes, color blocking, peplum skirts, to bold prints. One trend that works well for this year is the shades of pastel. Designers such as Carolina Herrera and Narciso Rodriguez showcased their lines with several shades of pastels on the runway. Here are some ideas on how to capture this spring trend with fun and flirty finds that are versatile.

Pretty Pastel Outfit 1-

Blazer: Coral Shawl Collar Blazer $70 ( Top: Chiffon Bow Front Top $19.99 ( Skirt: Tibi Skirt $325 Shoes: Carvela Kurt Geiger Pumps $160 ( Earrings: Irene Neauwirth Mint Teardrop Earrings $9,660 Bag: Chloe Small Elsie Shoulder Bag $1,280 (

Outfit 2-

Blazer: Lemon Structured Blazer $130 ( Dress: Chiffon String Back Dress $49 ( Shoes: Asos Ablaze Wedge $109 ( Earrings: Irene Neuwirth Rose Gold Teardrop Earrings $2,620 Sunglasses: Oversized Balenciaga sunglasses



of tattoos


You would think with the sudden uproar of people getting tattoos in the modern world that tattooing was a brand new phenomenon. While it has become a contemporary rite of passage amongst youngsters within the past twenty years, it is nothing new. The meanings and usage of the markings have changed quite a bit, but tattoos have been around since the dawn of time.

Ancient Purposes The first occurrence of tattoos that historians discovered was present on the skin of “Ötzi the Iceman,” Europe’s oldest natural mummy dating back 5000 years ago; his body was found in 1991 in the Ötz valley near the border between Austria and Italy. Although his 57 tattoos were merely dots and lines on his lower spine, behind his left knee, and on his right ankle, they were still believed to have a specific purpose. It is thought that his tattoos were for medical or healing purposes; the placement resembles that of acupuncture, and some will go so far as to say the tattoos were possibly used for treating arthritis. Mummies found in Siberia, originating from 2400 years ago, were also found with a wide variety of tattoos; These may have had magical significance, but others were believed to serve more of a decorative meaning and that the tattoos more indicated the status of the individual wearing them. Moving further down the timeline, one might find that tattooing was also popular amongst the Egyptians before and during the time of the great pyramids. The Egyptians used tattoos in more traditional ways, such as to aid in connecting with the Divine, as a tribute or act of sacrifice to a deity, as a permanent talisman that cannot be lost, or to provide magical or medical protection. After Egyptian use, tattooing spread to Greece and Rome, through Africa, and across the Pacific Ocean to South America – taking on different meanings in each place. The most information is found about the Greeks and Romans, where tattooing was used as a way to mark slaves and criminals in case they tried to escape. It was also used in other ways for identification, but typically had an unfavorable denotation. Authors of the time period, such as Plato, also mention tattoos being used as a form of punishment. Amongst the ancient British Isles, the Celts are best known for their tattoos. The culture celebrated body art and permanent body painting that were symbolic for the different aspects of life. While tattooing in Japan was originally considered barbaric, used as a form of punishment, and eventually used

as identifiers similar to the Greeks and Romans, it eventually took a turn towards popular. It later acquired religious, ceremonial, and social meanings, even used to induce the sexuality in a person. Tribal tattoos truly started the widespread popularity of tattoos in the world. Tribal tattoos were used by the indigenous for art and spiritual reasons, emphasis on the spiritual. Pain, Permanence, and the Loss of the Life Source (aka blood) endured when tattooed made it more than mere art and transformed it into something sacred. These tribal tattoos originated in Borneo, where they were also used to denote status and the place in life of the owner. We can thank French sailor and explorer of the South Seas, William Dampier, for introducing tattoos into the more modern European and Western world. He brought the “Painted Prince,” the heavily tattooed Prince Jeoly, back to London with him from the Spice Islands (Indonesia).

Modern Intentions Those who frequent tattoo parlors know that the reasons people get tattoos in the twenty-first century are as unique as the people who get them. These modern motives, more specifically to the United States and Europe, include but are not limited to: •

• • • • • •

A form of expression and artistic freedom, such as: inner feelings, deep emotions, something with special meaning to the person something he or she is passionate about or in memoriam/a tribute to a loved one (usually that has passed away), etc. As a form of rebellion against society A show of military service Permanent cosmetics (usually eyeliner) Identification in a particular group (usually gang related) Spiritual or Religious reasons Just for fun

Tattoos have been a part of the counterculture movement for some time, appealing most to those seeking their brand of individualism. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, its popularity was due in great part to the circus. Only in the more recent past have tattoos really become socially acceptable. In fact, in the United States and Canada, one in seven people across the generation gaps have a tattoo. However, there are parts of the world that still tattoo for traditional reasons with the traditional materials. Tattoos have withstood the test of time, remaining one of the oldest forms of art in the world. Deviants will find freedom in this art form for years to come. Don’t worry those of you that aren’t ready for the permanency of real tattoos; being so fashionable, clothing designers have created items that imitate tattoo sleeves that take up your entire arm! Also, Henna tattoos provide semipermanent solutions to help test the water for content and placement.

DO’S AND DON’TS OF TATTOOS DO’S: 1. Go to a pro 2. Do your research- on tattoo content AND the shop you plan to go to 3. Know that it will hurt 4. Be original and creative 5. Be strategic & choose an appropriate location 6. Listen to your artist 7. Care for your tattoo properly 8. Tip your artist 9. Make sure the design has some sort of meaning 10. Know that there’s more art than what is on the parlor walls. You can find inspiration everywhere. 11. Take your time choosing! 12. Remember that tattoos are permanent

DON’TS: 1. Administer self tattoos 2. Go swimming or soak your new tattoo 3. Re-bandage your tattoo or leave the bandage on longer than you’re told 4. Expose your new tattoo to sunlight or artificial sunlight – No tanning booth! After it heals, use sunscreen if you are in the sun. 5. Put a name on your skin, unless in memoriam or a child’s name 6. Get one when you’re drunk or high 7. Be afraid to ask your artist for help creating designs 8. Go through with it if you feel unsure about ANYTHING at all 9. Get a tattoo when you’re sick 10. Shave until the tattoo is healed 11. Use lotion or ointments with dyes or fragrances 12. Pick at the tattoo when it scabs or peels

PLACES FOR TATTOOS NEAR MENOMONIE Wisconsin: • Rogues’ Gallery (Menomonie) • Feed My Addiction (Eau Claire) • Karma (Eau Claire) • Midwest Tattoo (Eau Claire) • Vault Tattoo (River Falls) • INk Factorry (Hudson) Minnesota: • Tatts by Zapp (Stillwater) • Rose of No Man’s Land (Woodbury) • A1 Tattoo (Oakdale) • Black Lotus (St. Paul) • B Cool Tattoo (St. Paul)

rainy days

Luis Santiago


Spring is just around the corner and for University of Wisconsin-Stout seniors that means only months away from graduation; the end of one chapter and the start of another. UW-Stout senior Luis Santiago has already begun a new chapter in his life. Santiago will be graduating in May from UW-Stout with a degree in industrial design, but that is not stopping him. Santiago is not only preparing for his life outside of a college student, he also continuing to build his brands. As of right now he runs and designs for his own company: Euroclub, which offers urban street clothing for both men and women, and Luis Santiago Designs. Those two companies gave him the background he needed to face his next design challenge, design a pair of sunglasses for two New York models, Coco and Breezy. Look no further and there is Santiago the driving force behind the “Rainy Day” Sunglasses. The models had an idea for sunglasses that blocked out the people who judge and stop you from being the person you want to be. After hearing the models ideas, Santiago was quickly inspired by the basic shape of an umbrella, “An umbrella I saw somewhere. I gravitated to the edge of the umbrella and the shape it makes as an umbrella and the shape it gives in its negative space.” The design process only took five days, and the overall production of the sunglasses took a year, the end product was a great pair of sunglasses that are timeless, unique and will block out the negativity in your life. The shades are not just meant for one gender, he made sure in designing process to make them unisex. Santiago designed these glasses with everyone in mind “Everyone in the world!!!! I think I would just like to see more people with them on rather than a specific person.” They sunglasses retail for $125 and can be purchased at either or Umbrellas are not the only source of inspiration for Santiago; he often looks back on his childhood, and to his mother. As for the future Santiago sees more sunglasses, sneakers and clothing. He is going to continue designing for Coco and Breezy. Rainy Days 2 may happen in the future, but for now he is quite content and proud of the original Rainy Days. He also has a list of people he would like to collaborate with, including two of the worlds highest shoe manufactures: Adidas and Nike. Santiago hopes to end up living either on the east or west coast, and having a design job. He not only leaves behind his creative legacy at UW-Stout, but he leaves behind these words of wisdom, “Don’t ever think you can’t do something because it seems too hard or out of reach. You can do whatever you want to do, you just have to go after it and get it. And if an opportunity arises for you to succeed, take it. Don’t beat yourself up about things either, everything you do is a learning experience, take that experience and grow from it. Finally, have fun and enjoy what you do, it only makes life that much better.” Whatever the future holds for Santiago, he will be prepared for it. After all, he did make it through the “Rainy Days.”

Art Student Showcase

david nett


Have you ever taken the time to visit the Furlong Art Gallery on campus and check out all the creativity that is displayed? Currently, David Nett a sophomore studying Industrial Design has two pieces displayed in the exhibit. I had the opportunity to get to know and interview one of Stout’s very own aspiring artist.

At what age did you realize that you were interested in art?

I’ve been interested in art since 2nd grade when I was always considered the good “drawer” in the class; That title always seemed so odd to me.

What inspires you the most?

What inspires me most? Well, lots of things I suppose. Fashion, nature, architecture, fine art, art history, even engineering and technology can be inspirational.

What artwork pieces or projects are you working on?

Right now I’m working on a product redesign for a wireless mouse. I also just recently finished up a branding exercise for developing a company logo/image. I guess that’s not much for projects right now but we’re in between projects so there’s a little less going on, I suppose.

What major are you in? And what do you want to do with it? Overall dream career?

I am going for my BFA in Industrial Design. I hope to work my way into a consulting firm and design for many different industries. Basically anything that consumers can buy an industrial designer can help design. Ergonomics, style, and visual brand language are a few things that industrial designers are responsible for.

What piece is your favorite?

What is my favorite piece? That’s not a fair question, haha. No seriously though, pieces I like the most tend to be pieces that were challenging and ended with a strong piece.

Who inspired you the most with art? Any famous artist you look up to? I haven’t really been one to have an absolute favorite artist. I would have to say my high school painting and drawing teacher, Mrs. Birschbach from Fond du Lac High School, has influenced me the most because had she not been there to develop me I might not have pursued an art/design career.

What’s your favorite medium to work in?

That’s tough! I really like a lot of mediums. In high school I painted with acrylic a lot, but I also really enjoy pencil, pen, pastel, and charcoal for 2D pieces. For 3D, plaster, clay, foam and other materials are also fun to work with.

What are some tips you would give to incoming freshmen going for the same major? What should they expect their first year?

Incoming freshmen tips? Well, this major is not for everyone. Set up a job shadow with an industrial designer or three just to get a feel for the profession. If you still like it then get used to working very hard and spending lots of time on projects. The first year is going to be introductory drawing, 2D composition and fundamental 3D skills; basically to get everyone on the same page as far as skill sets go.


how to


Choose the right makeup for you


Whenever a girl becomes interested in makeup, the first question she has is “Which color or type will work best for me?” Whether it be blush, foundation, eyeshadow, or even lipstick, there are numerous tips and tricks in discovering the perfect makeup for you. Here, we tackle the most popular and most questioned kinds- foundation and eyeshadow.

Foundation The first key to picking a foundation is the formula - determine whether you have dry, oily, normal, or combination skin, as well as your sensitivity. Oil free is best, and moisturizing cream to powder formulas work great for combination. Mineral foundations work well on all skin types, especially sensitive skin. You will also want to decide what kind of coverage you want - Light vs. Medium vs. Full. How much of your natural skin do you want to cover with makeup? Full coverage tends to be thicker; light and medium will give you a flawless look enough to cover up blemishes and minor details of your skin. The biggest dilemma when choosing a foundation is determining the undertone of your skin. Fortunately, there are three “tests” to help discover your undertone. • • •

Vein test – looking at the inside of your wrist to see what color your veins seem to be. Blue veins will indicate a “cool” undertone to your skin; a greener colored vein indicates a “warm” undertone Silver vs. Gold – based on the color jewelry you believe looks best on your skin. “Cool” undertones look better in silver jewelry, “warm” in gold Genetics – typically, blue/green/grey-eyed people with blonde, black, or brown hair have a “cool” skin tone. Those with “warm” skin tones often have brown/black/hazel eyes with black, brown, blonde, red, or strawberry blonde hair

Cool undertones should find foundations with pink, red, or even bluish undertones – but go for the pink based foundation. Warm undertones will want a foundation that is more yellow, gold, or peach based. After you’ve determined your undertone, test the shades you think will match your skin by matching the color to your jawline. This is because you generally want to blend the tone of your face with your neck; if you don’t, a makeup line will be visible around your jaw after you have applied it. Your foundation should match your skin almost exactly. You will also want to buy a new foundation for every season – Your skin changes shade and texture from winter to summer.

Must Have Makeup Items & Tools Concealer Foundation Blush or Bronzer Moisturizer Eyeshadow Nude Lipstick Highlighter Eyeliner Mascara Powder

Eye shadow (based on your eye color) Suitable eye shadow color depends on eye color and skin color. Contrast colors for eye shadow will make your eyes stand out more. For contrasting colors that will emphasize your eye color, try the following: • • • •

Blue eyes- warm browns, peaches, rosy pink –Earth tones Gray eyes- cool browns and purples Green/hazel- warm orange/brown or violet/purple – Earth tones, gold Brown eyes- almost any color would work (including brown eyeshadow), try greens, pinks, and blues

Other suggestions that may not follow the “contrast” guidelines include: • • •

Blue eyes – taupe, gray, violet, purple, deep blue colors For bold funky looks – silver, turquoise, and fuschia Green/Hazel – brown, apricot, purple, plum, forest green Experiment with gold, lime-green, very light green, and bright purple Brown – copper, bronze, champagne, beige, forest green Add a punch with – tangerine, royal blue, hot pink, lime-green

Eye shadow colors that can be used for all eyes are navy and charcoal based shades with powder blue highlighting color or silver sparkles.

A Good Brush Set –including eyebrow comb/lash brush Sponges Powder puff Eyelash Curler Lighted Magnification Mirror Eyeliner Pencil Sharpener Tweezers Makeup Remover/Remover Towelettes Cotton Swabs/Q-tips – to apply or remove makeup Your hands and fingers

A General Order to Apply Your Makeup Moisturizer Face Primer Concealer Foundation Powder Blush/Bronzer/Shimmer Detailing: Eye Primer Eye shadow Eyeliner Mascara Lip color

The best thing you can do to decide on an eye shadow is to experiment with colors, despite rules that say not to wear the same color eye shadow as the color of your eyes. While the colors suggested above may help really emphasize your eye color, personal preference is really what matters. Different makeup artists and Internet sources will tell you different things- so experiment and test out all those theories you’ve read or heard about! Eye shadow is the most versatile and playful part of your makeup; you shouldn’t limit yourself because of someone’s “rules.” Application of the lightest color helps your eyes look more open and brighten your eyes (highlighter for your eyes); medium color can add slight depth; darker and contrasting colors give both depth and shape to your eyes. Powder eye shadows are more popular because they are easy to use and blend.




Painted Love & Foiled Lipstick Set (of 6) by Kat Von D

PRICE AND SIZE: $28, Set of 6 mini (0.042 oz) lipsticks ACCCESSABILITY: Sephora or RECOMMENDED FOR: Inside the lip line to achieve rich exuberant full lips WHAT DOES IT DO/DESCRIPTION: “a set of six mini lipsticks in matte and foiled finishes,” includes peach beige, hot pink, blood red, shimmering candy apple red, pinkish brown, and medium brown; “Make a statement with your lip color,” “will give you a burst of high-pigment color that lasts” KEY INGREDIENTS: Natural moisturizers (castor seed oil) and antiaging properties (vitamins A, C, E) keep lips healthy WHY I LIKE: It is the perfect way to test out 6 of Kat’s lip colors, to see which suits you so you can go back and purchase the normal sized tube. They are creamy and it doesn’t require a lot to cover your lips. Perfect if you like bold lip colors. WHY I DON’T LIKE IT: Some of the colors are not best for everyone, and can somewhat make your teeth seem yellow due to their undertones. I know there is at least one or two that I don’t necessarily plan on wearing. These lipsticks can also be a bit drying. MY RATING: 3 out of 5 – It’s really a hit or miss with the colors; they either work for you, or they don’t. I have a habit of testing a lipstick with a outfit and changing my mind; the drying effect they have on my lips is emphasized when I wipe it off, the same effect you might feel as it slowly wears off during the day.

EcoTools Bamboo brushes PRICE AND SIZE: Prices vary ACCCESSABILITY: Walmart RECOMMENDED FOR: Applying different types of makeup WHAT DOES IT DO: “versatile, must-have eye brush,” “essential for applying shadow base, it can be used for shading, highlighting, and blending,” “features soft, cruelty free synthetic taklon bristles, a recycled aluminum ferrule, and a sleek, bamboo handle” WHY I LIKE: A group of this brand of brushes have become my first set of real quality makeup brushes and the best part is that they don’t cost you an arm and a leg for quality. The bristles are so soft and the bamboo handle is just the right length. The fact that the EcoTools brand is environmentally friendly and such adds an extra positive about using their tools. WHY I DON’T LIKE IT: I love everything about these brushes. For some of them it seems to me that the brushes do not pick up a whole lot of the product they are meant for (such as eye shadow or blush) when I’m using them, but once I apply my makeup with brushes, it seems that they do well. MY RATING: 5 out of 5 – I may be a bit biased because this is my first true brush set, but for starters, you can’t beat the price. Add to it that they are super soft, pick up pigments and powders very well, and are earth-friendly and you’ve got yourself one amazing brand of brushes.

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